Affordable Home Depot Appliance Warranty [Insurance To Cover The Cost of Repairs or Replacements]

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Are you looking for full coverage on your home systems and home depot appliances?  Home Depot Appliance Warranty is the way out. I understand there are plenty of home warranty companies in the market and it is confusing which one to go for. Home depot extended warranty protection is what we recommend, because it will offers your gadgets, a comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price.

When it comes to home equipment, every man and woman wants the best appliances with optimal performance for the family. But sometimes, bad things happen, and the appliance stops working and may require a costly maintenance.

A home warranty helps to supplement homeowner’s insurance by providing coverage for the cost of repairs or replacements, where a major appliance and system in your home fails.

Your cost of replacement or maintenance will be covered by the manufacturer or dealer, if the product warranty is still valid. But how do you keep protecting your home equipment after the appliance manufacturer warranty expires? You will need to find one of the home warranty companies to give you protection. But many homeowners get hard times figuring out which company is right for them.

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Home Depot Protection Plan – Insuring appliances

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What is Home Depot Protection Plan?

The Home depot protection plan will ensure that a homeowner’s appliances will get preventative maintenance or replacement, so as to ensure an optimal performance. This is conditionally applicable if your home systems and appliances were purchased from any of the nationwide Home Depot’s Stores.

According to home depot, if your home gadget does not come with a factory warranty protection, you can purchase the home Depot Protection plan within the first 3 months (90 days) from the day you acquired the equipment.

I can say that home warranty can supplement homeowner’s insurance and help cover the cost of repairs or replacements when major appliances and systems fail.

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How do they do these?

Home Depot works with the insurance company(an insurance provider like Asurion) to offer or rewards homeowners with extended appliance warranties.

In case there was a warranty covering on the product, the home depot’s protection kicks in immediately when the manufacturers warrant expires.

Consumers are expected to purchase protection in the first 90 days when they buy an appliance. But with various tiers of insurance protection and coverage available, yours only depends on how much you paid for the appliance.

Don’t worry, Home Depot extended warranty will provide your family, an extended warranty on any appliances sold from their store after factory coverage has expired.

The usual thing is that the protection starts immediately following the product’s expiration date according to the retailer’s in-store return policy.

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Home Depot Extended Warranty Plans, Cost and Coverage

Home Depot’s Extended Warranty pricing is a factor in how much you paid for the item you want to get it protected. Besides the cost value of the appliance, the length of the policy is an important parameter.

There are plenty of protection plans at Home Depot, but their protection plans have an average cost of $250 (range is $2 – $500).

A Home Depot, protection for equipment like a Kitchen appliance sold within between $500–$1000 for example, will probably require a five years plan offered for $160.

Also, if your bath appliance costs from $1,500–$2000, a five-year insurance coverage may be purchased for around $200 to $250.

A shorter coverage period like 3 years is pretty cheaper than for 5 years. The same Kitchen appliance that costs 600 to 1000 US dollars may be bought for a round $100.

The general rule of thumb is that the more expensive a house equipment is, the costly the warranty payment will be. Note that at Home Depot, the extended warranty payment for the equipment is due at the time of purchase, but not more than 90 days after the receipt.



Home Depot protection plans

There are two major plan coverage durations , 5-year major appliance plan or 3-year major appliance plan.

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Indoor garden
  • Outdoor garden
  • Water heater


  • Furniture
  • Hardware
  • Millwork
  • Area rugs
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Bath appliances
  • Exercise equipment


  • Tools
  • Lighting
  • Building materials
  • Decor
  • Paint
  • Flooring
  • Lumber


Major Appliances covered under The Home Depot warranty include

Coverage for these significant home appliances may include certain terms that are valid for 3 or 5 years. It just depends on the length of protection purchased, however.

  • Compactors
  • Wall ovens
  • Dishwashers
  • Freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • Clothes washers
  • Clothes dryers
  • Built-in microwaves
  • Cooktops
  • Over-range microwaves

But here are some optional add-ons that can be included with individual fees and terms. You can simply just include them onto your Home Depot Extended warranty . Indoor garden protection, furniture protection, hot water heater and tool protection.



Specifics regarding Coverage

There are some exceptional conditions when it comes to coverages under the Home Depot protection Plan.
Understanding the coverage policy is key. It is vital that, as a consumer, you should make sure to review the extended warranty agreement and ensure you fully understand the coverage and the expectations highlighted in the contract.

Coverage Exclusions

Understanding coverage exclusions is very important. Your Home Depot appliance warranty will not be held responsible for a homeowner’s problem caused by a factor excluded in the policy agreement or contract.

They won’t make any repair or replacements if equipment breaks due to abuse of usage, or misuse, of the appliance contrary or outside manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.

For example, if your refrigerator or freezer under warranty breaks down, your policyholder would have to pay for the repairs or replacement. But they may deny the claim, if don’t use it according to manufacturers specifications.

Proof of loss

Also, you will need documented proof of your losses, in the form of videos, pictures, dated purchase receipts from the store, as well as a letter from the responding repairman or technician.

As concerns deductible, Home Depot extended warranty has no deductible or service fee after you claim an issue or receive service, and the transfer fees are waived when you decide to sell your home.


If you are doing preventative maintenance to ensure that the protected equipment functions with optimal performance, Home depot rewards owners with a 50% discount. The credit is available on:

Supplies including

  • Dryer lint brushes
  • Water filters and lines
  • Air filters
  • Water fresheners and hoses
  • Aluminum vents

And Cosmetic parts including

  • Drip pans
  • Range and oven knobs
  • Refrigerator shelves and doors
  • Range heating elements or grates

In reality, you must have to make full price payment in-store and then present the receipt of the purchased products to Asurion . As long as your Home Depot warranty is still active and valid, you may get a reimbursement even up 500 US dollars.


Coverage length and limits

If you are going to buy coverage protection from Home Depot, the plan can last for one, three or five years. Other home warranty companies may sell their own protection plans for durations different from these, but one thing is that the insurance coverage starts the day you sign up or buy it. At home depot, you will probably receive appliance power surge protection on the first day you purchase your coverage, but you would more than be given help from their 24/7 customer support.

The only coverage limits I see is the restriction to purchase Home Depot coverage within a range of time, limited to the first 90 days.


PROS of Home Depot Extended Appliance Warranty

Home Depot appliance protection has the following advantages:

  • Offers a full reimbursement or replacement on items
  • Provides dust, heat, and humidity coverage
  • Benefits start the first day of coverage
  • do not have a deductible like other home warranty companies.


CONS of Home Depot Extended Warranty

Home depot protection also has some disadvantages. Protection plans may only be purchased on eligible new products within 90 days of purchasing from Home Depot. Coverage begins when the manufacturer’s labor warranty ends.



My Suggestions

If you want to buy a Home Depot protection plan, the benefit or lack of it depends on the item under considerations. It is the best choice to purchase a home depot appliance protection if you have appliances bought from Home Depot stores. It is also beneficial when you are buying home depot appliance insurance coverage for fitness exercise equipment, building materials, or other tools.

If you have obtained or recently bought your home systems, appliances or to be specific, your home rower or apartment running treadmill exercise equipment, from another manufacturer, registering for a Home Depot protection plans may not be a good choice for you. Just understand that a home depot insurance policy will not offer a better comprehensive coverage for your home items.


Some Best Home Warranty Companies to check

You would definitely be asking which are the best Home Warranty companies to choose. Apart from Home Depot extended warranty, there are some alternatives to Home Depot protection plans.

  • First American Home Warranty This one does not have any coverage limits, it offers best quality customer service, and runs a large network.
  • Select Home Warranty. You will enjoy fast claim processing, low price coverages. if you are never going to pay expensively, then, the Select Home Warranty is the best comprehensive coverage available at affordable prices.

By checking more than one home warranty group or insurance , you may likely stubble on the cheapest home warranty coverage. But other alternative include:

  • Choice Home Warranty
  • American Home Shield
  • Amazon Home Warranty
  • Total Home Protection
  • AFC Home Club


Some Products at Home depot


Home Depot Company information

Here are some information about Home Depot

  • Started since : 1978
  • Business Experience: 42 years
  • Telephone: 844-529-2701
  • Address: 2455 Paces Ferry Rd.
  • State/province: Atlanta, GA
  • State availability: 50 states


Home Depot Resources



Frequently asked questions

What is a Home Depot protection plan, anyway?

A Home Depot appliance protection plan is a kind of insurance against events of breakdown of home systems and appliances in a home. The protection also covers tools, home improvement items, fitness exercise equipment, and more.


How do I register my Home Depot home warranty?

The first step is to check on the Home Depot extended warranty service online. You have to visit the website and register for your home Depot’s appliance extended protection plan website.

Click register and select the appliance you want the warranty to cover and fill the necessary information, especially about your purchase of the equipment.

You would have to use the home depot extended warranty login, when you need to sign in to your account.


Can I transfer my Home Depot protection plan?

YES, if you buy a home insurance policy, the Home Depot protection plan may be transferable to other persons, who subsequently owns the product.

The good thing is that, this transferable appliance protection plan can be done at no additional cost to the parties involved.

All you need, is to place a call to this home depot extended warranty phone number ; 1-800-466-3337 (1-800-HOMEDEPOT) and they will help you begin the transfer process right away.

However, you need to present proof of ownership(Proof of purchase receipt), any service repair receipts that you had made. All these need to be passed onto the next owner of the appliance.

With all the benefits of purchasing a home depot appliance protection plan,, one sad news is that the Lifetime Service Plan is non-transferable.


How do I File a Claim with Home Depot if my appliance malfunctions?

Protection plan owners file claims by submitting it online, through the Home Depot Appliance insurance company – Asurion. If you want to get your claim for loss, file quickly, you may call the home depot insurance phone number here : 844-529-2701. After you make the call, the insurance company will send a technician or an expert.

If you choose to file the claim online, make sure that your appliances and protection plan are fully registered. You will also have to produce permanent records my uploading a copy of receipt to the warranty provider (always keep a copy for backup)

When it comes to filing a claim, customers behaviors shift. Other people compliment the Home depot’s as having a quality customer service. From the experience of some users, some customer’s representatives are unprofessional.

SO make sure you study the home depot insurance policy well, to see what is included and what is excluded. if you don’t provide clear proof of loss, you may get frustrated to have Asurion unexpectedly denying your claims.




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