what are the disadvantages of fat body(12 Dangerous health risks of excess body fat )

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There are many health risks of excess body fat if you are obese or overweight. What happens when there is too much fat in the body? The most common consequences of excess fat is overweight and obesity. But there is more into having too much fat around your body. In this article, we find out what are the disadvantages of fat body.


Health risks of excess body fat

I am sure you are not comfortable carrying those heavy, excess fat on your waistline every day. Unhealthy eating habit, and genetics can contribute to fat accumulation in your lower abdomen and there is big danger associated with overweight belly and hips.


1. Dressing challenges.

If you got a chucky waistline, your jean trouser hardly fits. Most fat ladies try wearing oversize crop top dresses to hide their large chubby tummy.


2. High blood pressure

Fat hurts your heart dangerously. In increase weight around your belly, waist, hips, butts makes cholesterol to build, blood pressure to increase as blood arteries get clogged. Also, heavy fat makes blood cloth difficult, leading to risk of stroke. Hypertension or high blood pressure adds to the high risk of getting damaged blood vessels and potential death.

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3. Heart relates issues

Excess body fatness is associated with an increased risk of heart related issues. Heart failure is most common endpoint of overweight people. Sometimes, really fat people get sudden cardiac death, and you are susceptible, you would often notice you have irregular heart rhythm. Actually, blood lipids (HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides constitute abnormal levels of blood fat. Learn how to track heart rate irregularities


4. Stroke

When blood sent to your brains suddenly stops, you get stroke. This is often caused by ruptured or blocked blood vessels around the neck. A little bursting of one blood vessel can make stroke damage your brain tissues adversely. Most people who suffered stroke hardly speak and move the other body parts.


5. Diabetes

Apart from high blood pressure, fat creates an increased risk of one major weight related health problems including diabetes – type 2 diabetes occurs when you get high blood glucose. Having diabetes increases heart diseases, kidney diseases, eye problems, nerve damage and everything moves in a circle.


6. Sleep disorder – apnea

Too much body fat ruins sleep. That is why most overweight adults have sleep apnea -breathing stops many times at night, which leads to a reduced amount of oxygen in the blood. Low oxygen leads to stroke, affects heart.

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7. Lower join problems

Knee pains and arthritis are some of the most common harmful effects of fat. Fat plays much strain on your knees and hips. There is a shear impact on your lower limbs leading to bone-thinning,  like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, back problems and other diseases caused by fats. Overweight people sometimes develop swellings around the knee joints, and that makes movement quite painful for most of them. Lose weight and avoid pressure on your joints and cartilage please.


8. Low activity performance

Excessive fat stored under the skin weighs your beautiful body down and causes your show poor performance in many physical activities. Fat guys are sluggish and have decreased efficiency ion many tasks.

You now know that excess fat also weakens your immune system. Too much body fat affects hormone balance and plays a role in insulin resistance development. Avoid eating unsaturated fat or dietary fat.

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9. Kidney diseases

Kidney problems are one of the harmful effects of fat. Having excess body fat increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, which all turn round and causes kidney diseases.


10. Metabolic and liver damage

Fat increases your blood sugar levels. Many obese and heavy guys have high levels of triglycerides in their blood, which is just unhealthy and one of the harmful effects of fat in the body.

. Excess unsaturated fat alters your Metabolic conditions and causes liver diseases of liver damage. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is an example.


11. Social challenges

People with huge body tend to suffer a lot of stigmatization in the society. It is common in to have bias when a chubby person pays the same taxi rate as a skinny passenger. How people behave towards oversized people often result in depression, shame, and poor mental health.

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12. Pregnancy /Childbirth complications

An adult woman with excess body fat in pregnancy leads sometimes gets a cesarean section at child birth. This is a painful health condition because, it takes pretty long for a woman in this condition to regain or recover.

what are the disadvantages of fat body - there are many health risks of excess body fat
what are the health risks of excess body fat


some foods that are high in saturated fat.

  • Backed foods like cake
  • Fried foods like French fries, fried chicken. Fried sea foods.
  • Whole-fat milk products like cheese, butter, ice cream
  • Oils like coconut oils, palm oils, kernel oil

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Healthy Weight Recommendations

1 Lose weight

Lose about 7-10 percent of your overweight and you would have reduced chances of having heart disease. If you weigh 300 pounds, try to downsize by 20-30 pounds and you will avoid high blood pressure and diabetes.

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2. Check food information

Read nutritional labels on food packages. If you enter a restaurant, don’t just bite your burgers as you like it. Check on the nutritional information on their menus and good labelling first. This is one good way to keep track of how much saturated fat gets into your body.

If the total fat in just one serving is high, avoid the food. I think that if the fraction is as low as 5%, the daily value from fat or cholesterol is pretty low.

3. Practice Healthy dieting

  • Replace red meat with fish, skinless chicken
  • Include olive oil in your diet instead of butter
  • Eat low fat or non-fat milk instead of whole fat dairy products
  • Consume fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat foods

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How much saturated fat per day

Dietary guidelines for Americans suggest how much fat you have to get per day

  1. Allow only a max of 30% of your daily calories come from fat
  2. Keep saturated fat to supply under 10% of your required daily amount of calories. To avoid heart problems, reduce your saturated fat to below 7% of your total days calories.
  3. You can further limit the quantity of your saturated fat intake if you already have heart diseases, high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels.
  4.  Saturated fat good or bad? Consume saturated fat according to suggestions from your healthcare expert.

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