12 Best free and fast YouTube downloader for android devices

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Do you want to stream, play or download online videos from YouTube channel, in your android phone? A youtube downloader app is the right tool. Many available tools will constrain you, by taking several hours, to download your favorite YouTube video so that you play it offline. We searched, tested and we can tell you the right youtube downloader for android, that you need to use in your phone. We will show you suitable YouTube video downloaders which offer the quickest way to play music and videos offline in android phones. A majority include the most popular free YouTube video downloader for Android fans, but we also included newer ones.


How to download YouTube videos on Android Device

  • Install the YouTube downloader android application file on your mobile phone
  • Launch the app
  •  Search for your favorite video. Use the search bar.
  • Many results will come up, Click on your desired video
  • Depending on your app supports, you an select how to output the file. Also, choose the highest quality you expect.
  • If need be, and the downloader platform supports it, rename the file and choose a download folder in your phone.
  • Tap on the download button
  • Some apps like generate a download link automatically, but most will just get the file to download immediately to your smartphone.

If you want to play your audio music, podcast or audiobook from YouTube channels, here are the best youtube to MP3 converters for all devices .


Beat YouTube downloader app
Img: Best YouTube downloader apps for Android devices

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Best YouTube downloader apps for Android devices

Many online YouTube video downloader for Android are disappointing. You don’t want to have your mobile flooded with irritating ads, because that will offer no value or a better YouTube watching experience.

So if you want to download, and view your YouTube videos online, here are the best YouTube online video downloaders built for android devices.

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1. Snappea – powerful online YouTube video downloader for Android

This is best free YouTube video downloader online for Android fans. Snapped YouTube video online downloader for Android is incredibly free and simple to use.

It supports all kinds of video, and you can get high definition(HD) YouTube videos directly. Apart from HD resolution, snappea offers more other video qualities like 2k, 4K, 1080p, 720p and more.

To save time, you can launch the snappea in your android device, search for YouTube video and save them into the device storage as MP3 audio music or as MP4 videos.

Get Snappea YouTube Downloader online



2. ClipGrab – online YouTube downloader for Android phone

If you are looking for YouTube downloader app to save videos from a variety of websites including YouTube, ClipGrab is just the right android program to try.

The app allows you to output your resulting downloading files either in MP3, MP4, WMV as well as OGG file formats.

Because YouTube is filled with millions o quality videos, you will earn the best quality downloads, and you can also keep the original file format if you desire.

Some sites have poor video encoding, so if you grab video URL from such websites, and download it in this ClipGrab YouTube downloader software for android, you are going to regret the quality you will get.


3. 4K YouTube Downloader online – for video subtitles

4k YouTube Downloader, as most people know, is one of the free YouTube to mp3 converters online. Few people know that it is also a YouTube video online downloader for android.

It is straightforward to pick and Install the 4K YouTube downloader apk file, on android phone. The video android application support 3D and 360 Degrees videos, and video subtitle download.

One of the best advantages is the app can pull down videos from popular social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, tiktok, and finally YouTube.

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4. KeepVid Video Downloader

I you don’t want to spend a cent buying a YouTube downloader for android phones, KeepVid is a must-have app. Install the app and launch it, you will discover it looks simple, and performs faster downloads from YouTube.

The YouTube downloader is a suitable android app if you target to downloading online 4k videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and many other video-hosting websites.

keepVid will store your downloaded files in your smartphones local memory storage, for anytime offline playback, when there is no wifi or Internet.

This YouTube downloader app does not have any size limit to the online video. Moreover, the absence of Ads makes the interfere very user friendly.

You won’t find this YouTube downloader apk from google play store. This means you must download it from the official site at KeepVid.com.



5. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader for Android

Most YouTube Downloader for Android only output video, but this iTubeGo is the best free video/audio downloader app to try out.

Quite amazingly, the YouTube downloader app works within over 1000 websites and any video it downloads, outputs it in Mp3, HD, 4 K mp4, and m4a file formats.

This app has impressive performance. You can play, listen, browse, store video links, in addition to downloading the videos.

Most apps turn to be slow when working asynchronously, but this YouTube video downloader app is quick, to produce high-quality video, in a shorter time.

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6. TubeMate Youtube downloader app

TubeMate, is one of the best YouTube downloader app for android, which helps save your favorite YouTube videos directly on your smartphone.

The video file quality is great, in different resolutions. In addition to that, TubeMate YouTube downloader app supports multiple video downloads, and background file download.

It’s not only video that you can download into your android smartphone from YouTube channel. You can also convert those YouTube video to MP3 audio files.

You just need to launch the TubeMate YouTube downloader application, search for YouTube video, and press the button below the screen to download.


  • Download both video into both MP3 and mp4 format
  • Supports background video download


  • Cannot download 4K videos from YouTube
  • Cannot download the original YouTube video. What you get is the YouTube encoded video, which may not playback.


 7. Dentex YouTube Downloader APK

Another handy YouTube video downloader for Android is Dentex. When you install this Dentex YouTube downloader apk, the app allows you to get YouTube videos within seconds.

The android YouTube downloader can search YouTube videos, offer various quality and file formats. The android app will help you to extract both standalone video and MP3 audio files from YouTube with ease.

The stunning benefit of installing this YouTube downloader apk for android is, you can change the lie format, even after it has been downloaded.

While it supports remote download through SSH, you will need an addon, or additional plugin to change video format to suit your taste. Again, the Dentex YouTube video downloader app is compatible only with higher android versions.

Downloader Dentx YouTube downloader



 8. InsTube Free Video & Music Downloader

We have reviewed many YouTube downloaders for android and PC, but we haven’t seen one that allows you download videos and keep them for private access.

InsTube is Free Video & Music YouTube Downloader which delivers you files in MP3, MP4, 3GP, and M4A formats. It has a built-in locker, which would guard and protect your downloaded files for private access.

It costs you nothing, except 1 minute of you time, to enjoy your killer playlist while exercising and burning calories on a home treadmill for weight loss. Besides, the limited access to the public is a great feature.

The instube is a great downloader for YouTube videos in HD, Full HD, or 4K quality , from over 40 video websites.

Unfortunately, the interface is loaded with annoying ads that pop up so often. You also get frequent alert for you to make updates. Check our article how to stop block ads and remove viruses from device.


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8. WonTube best YouTube downloader and merger

This WonTube is one video app I love for android. It will download your  favoriteYouTube videos, in a batch, and even merge them into one if you choose to combine them.

It does not only merge multiple videos into one, it will also convert the final output file into any format including AVI, MKV, FLV, 3GP, WMV, MP4, and MPG.

The conversion, and download speed is impressive. Even with poor internet connection, you can still stock and save plenty YouTube videos in your Android Smartphone.

Since it allows downloading multiple videos, it is descouraging that the batch videos can only be converted and output to a single format.



9. YouTube Go – Best Android Video Downloaders For YouTube

YouTubeGo is a lightweight YouTube video downloader Android app created by Google. It works well for low-performing android smartphones. Google does not allow people to download or make copies of copyrighted content illegally.

But if you want to download YouTube videos freely and legally, this YouTube Go downloader is the best app to try out.

You can also share your favorite high quality videos to other platforms on the Internet. Unfortunately, you are never going to use it to download videos from other websites like Instagram or Facebook.

Despite the restriction, YouTube Go is not like other YouTube video downloading application that don’t show download buttons on some videos. It does not even oblige you to subscribe YouTube premium services.


Best YouTube video downloader for Android
Img: Best YouTube video downloader for Android.


10. Videoder Youtube movie downloader app

Videoder is not only a powerful YouTube video downloader for Android, but it’s also the best YouTube video streaming tool, most music lovers use.

Whether the video is hosted in Facebook, Instagram or whatever site, you can get them downloaded in various formats.

The video downloader app has the ability to copy videos at high speed. It also lets you share your favorite clips, movies to others, within the app.

The user interfere is quite captivating, has night mode, has build in video players featuring high-quality videos resolution.

You want to get the YouTube downloader apk file, that is not available on Google Playstore, you can only grab the installable apk android file from their official site.

There are some ads displayed in the interface, but if you don’t want to see them, buy a Videoder premium plugin From Google Playstore.

  • Can download videos from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Hotstar
  • Outputs video into MP3 or MP4 format. It is a breeze to convert videos to MP3 format.
  • Easy to personalize the app by using themes, you can change home page
  •  with tag editor, you can organize your playlist to be look visually attractive
  • Supports YouTube video search, video file format selection, and file rename,
  • Has tabbed navigation
  • Offers HD quality viewing like 4K quality videos
  • Multiple and parallel downloading is allowed
  • Multiple language support
  • Videos can play with any media player


  • There are many app functionalities.
  •  Frequent audio encoding pop-up asks you to install a plug-in.
  •  It supports only MP3 and MP4 File format.


11. NewPipe – beat open source video downloader

NewPipe is an open-source video downloader Android application designed to be pretty lightweight (merely 2MB in file size) and free.

With community support, the NewPipe downloader still works well with phones that don’t support Google Services. This means the app doesn’t use any proprietary YouTube API or Google’s Play services.

It is so far the best video downloader for phones, which gives you an original YouTube app experience. There are no display ads in the interface.

One excellent and notable feature that comes with the NewPipe is the background video player. You can play your YouTube video and music while manipulating other installed android apps.

You can only download the NewPipe YouTube downloader apk file directly from F-Droid or from its official website. More to that, the android mobile phone downloader can search videos, and open them in Kodi.

The downloader app maintains a Good privacy protection: the android app does not save user data or keeps a history of your user behavior on choice of videos

best free YouTube downloaders online with no in-app purchases or ads.

  • Offers Tor, Orbot, 1080p, 2k and 4k file support
  •  Can save Subtitles, download playlists, and do queuing,
  • Fast download speed for YouTube videos and audios.
  •  Offers different file formats and resolutions
  •  remarkable features : channel subscriptions, video pop-up mode, 4K support, multiple themes.
  • No log in option, so cannot view your browsing history.
  • Needs additional settings.


 12. arkTube – youtube video downloader app

If you have known YouTube-dl command-line program, then you will use this android YouTube video downloader to its full strength.

The arkTube is an ads-free, and lightweight designed YouTube video downloader for Android phones. It helps you get your videos downloaded through the official YouTube app.

Before you begin the video download, you can set a default resolution for your output video files. If you like, choose to download it in MKV format or audio codec.

There are many amazing features built into this android video downloader app, but you can unlock them by buying a donation package from Google Playstore.

When downloading YouTube videos on Android using arkTube, make sure you give it the necessary permission to access your phones media folders.


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13. SnapTube – YouTube Video Downloader App Supporting multiple video site

SnapTube a multiple source video and audio downloader app. If you need to download online videos to audio in MP3 format and video in MP4 format, SnapTube is the best installable app to check out.

One unique feature it utilizes, is that ability to search, classify and organize results into popular videos, the most viewed videos and recommended videos.

Snaptube YouTube video downloader android app has a user-friendly interface with video categories sectioned into blocks.

If you want to get any video downloading from many sources, your multimedia does load is easier and quick. Just chose YouTube, and some popular social media sites like Instagram and Facebook and all the videos will download in one batch.

Although you are going to have it if you live in Major Asian countries like China, and India, the app is perfectly malware – free.

  • Supports multimedia sharing of the downloaded videos on Facebook, Twitter.
  • downloaded media files are grouped into music and video categories.
  • You can Get the Snaptube downloader application from its official site, with no in-app purchases



14. VidMate Youtube Video Downloader App

VidMate is another remarkable Android video downloader app for multimedia including movies, videos, music, and tv shows.

VidMate is pretty fast, and can get you favorite video music downloaded at high speed under a minute.

You can customize the download rate, pick a preferred download location and create an encrypted space for privacy. You an secure, store and hide, your private video files within the app and no public uses is ever going to access them.

The built-in video player, and the music player are a bonus value to he app.

Download VidMate YouTube downloader App



 15. YT3 YouTube Downloader online

Do you want an android based YouTube video downloader that allows you to preview your videos before downloading?

YT3 is an android application that offers you that option. Don’t mind, it can get and send out your YouTube videos in MP3 and MP4 formats.

Although it downloads medics and videos only from YouTube, it remains a great platform that displays lyrics while playing music.

Besides, the YouTube MP3 downloader is user friendly, has faster download speed and has options to download both poor quality and high quality videos.

Here’s a simple step by step way to download YouTube videos using YT3 downloader

  • Launch the app
  • Search for the best YouTube video you want
  • Pick either the MP3 or MP4 as output for the downloaded file
  • Make a video or audio preview before you start the download command
  • share a video from Youtube app to YT3 downloader to download it



Wrap Up

Whatever is your best choice, security and privacy should be your priority. Most users have experienced that youtube downloaders with installable scripts, android apk, and extension, some times come loaded with malwares and spyware that steal users personal information.

The best app is the one that helps you to download youtube videos safely, without disturbing pop ups, many  ads, and virus infections in your android phone. If you are not so sure about the security of your youtube dpwnloader android app, I recommend you use the web-based youtube converters and downloaders that need no installation.

While on the web page, be cautious not to click on those annoying apps, don’t allow installation of any browser extension or accept any notifications. Most malevolent sites will infect your device in these ways. We have some best safe youtube to mp3 and video converters and downloaders, you can check them out.

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