Easy Fitbit Water Lock Activation in 30 Seconds( & How To Get Fitbit Out Of Water Lock Mode)

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Want to further protect your Fitbit against water? There are amazing feature with some Fitbit device called water-lock. When enabled, it will show a water lock icon on your device screen to mean that your Fitbit watch is now non responsive even to accidental touches and presses. This guide shows how to turn on Fitbit water lock feature and how to get Fitbit water lock turned off.


What is water lock on fitbit devices?

Most Fitbit devices are water resistant and not fully waterproof, but you can swim and shower with them. Some of the models come with a water lock mode. A water lock mode helps to shield the Fitbit from accidental button press or touches on its display when it is worn in water.

The water lock features automatically turn off (locks) the tracker or smartwatch display when it detects presence of water. This makes the Fitbit device screen unresponsive when swimming or showering.

If you already started your surface water sport and can’t get your Fitbit out of the water lock mode, there is a way to get the device out into its normal state.

Fitbit water lock benefit

When swimming, showering or doing any other surface water sports, the presence of water can activate your Fitbit device screen.

To prevent this, Fitbit chooses to install a water lock mode in their wearables. This water lock features is aimed at disabling any accidental swipes, unintended screen touches or opening apps when the Fitbit tracker watch is inside water.

Know that when your Fitbit water lock is activated, the locked Fitbit screen will show water lock icon, as well as other notifications and alarms, but it would remain unresponsive to any interaction.


Fitbit water lock features- How to turn on fitbit water lock and see the water lock icon on your screen.
How to turn on Fitbit water lock- see the water lock icon on your screen.


How to activate water lock in Fitbit devices

There are two ways to turn on water-lock function in your Fitbit watch–manual or automatic. Some Fitbit watches will automatically turn on the water-lock features the moment you hit the water surface for a pool swimming.

An accidental splash and wetting of the Fitbit device during a hand-washing may also turn on the water-lock feature automatically.

You should not be surprised if you suddenly find that your Fitbit device display has gone unresponsive after you finish washing your hand or swimming.

How to Turn on water-lock Manually in Fitbit trackers

To enable Water-Lock on Fitbit by hand,

  • Open your Fitbit device interface
  • Go to the Fitbit’s Quick settings,
  • Tap the water lock icon,
  • Tap your Fitbit tracker screen two times.
  • The water lock is activated. You will see water-lock icon on the screen.

To deactivate the water lock, double-tap your screen again



How to Get Fitbit Out of water lock

You are done with your showering, swimming exercise or some water sports, you have to turn off the water-lock system and return the gadget to normal state.

If pressing the side buttons, do not get your Fitbit tracking device out of Water lock mode. Try these new ways how deactivate water lock in Fitbit Trackers.


1. Clean the Fitbit device as it is wet.

To completely make the device dry faster, use a clean cloth to wipe off water droplets. One way is to put your wet Fitbit tracker inside dry rice for an hour, so that it sucks moisture away from it. Also, make sure your fingers too are clean and dry.


2. Tap Twice on the device screen

Double tap on your Fitbit device with a little effort, using one or two of your fingers. If it deactivates it, you will see an on-screen message about turning the water-lock off. Devices like Fitbit Inspire needs that you double-tap the screen while at the same time, press on the side button.


3. Charge the Fitbit tracker

Charging can get the device off water-lock mode.


4. Switch your Fitbit’s clock face

Temporarily change the current clock face to a new one in the Fitbit app. When the device enters the normal state, you can revert to the original clock face.

  • Launch Fitbit app
  • Open today’s Tap
  • Open your profile picture
  • select your favorite clock face title by Fitbit
  • Install the clock face


5. Manually restart or reboot your Fitbit

You have to reset your Fitbit to deactivate water-lock mode. For the models like Fitbit Luxe and Charge 5,

  • first connect to its charger,
  • press the button on the charger 3 times
  • Wait till the Fitbit logo

Check out how to reset Fitbit watches if they are not charging.



Some Best Fitbit models with water lock features

Not all models of Fitbit come with water lock features. Here are a few of the Fitbit wearables which a lock to have the water lock system.

Automatic water-lock Fitbit devices

  • Fitbit charge 5 (activates automatically when you start a swim activity)
  • Fitbit Sense (activates automatically when you start a swim activity)
  • Fitbit Versa 3 (activates automatically when you start a swim activity)

Manual water lock Fitbit devices




How to activate water lock in Fitbit charge 5

Does the Fitbit charge 5 have water lock feature? Yes. Fitbit Charge 5 is a brilliant little fitness tracker which comes with a water lock function. Let us see how to turn on water lock on Charge 5 watch.

  • tap swipe down from the clock screen,
  • tap water lock icon,
  • firmly tap on your Fitbit screen twice.

To turn off the water lock in Fitbit charge 5, firmly double-tap the middle of the screen with your finger. You should expect to see “Unlocked”  message on the screen. See detailed Fitbit charge 5 review with full specifications.

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How do I activate the water lock feature on Fitbit Ace 3?

  • Press and hold side button
  • Tap water lock icon
  • Tap Fitbit device screen two times


How do I activate the water lock feature on Fitbit Inspire 2?

Fitbit Inspire 2 can turn on water-lock feature automatically when you initiate a swim in Exercise app. Now, my Fitbit device is Inspire. How do I put my Fitbit into water mode?

  • Press and hold the side buttons
  • Tap water lock icon
  • Tap on the screen twice

To turn off the water lock in inspire 2: Try wearing your Inspire 2 higher on your wrist or wear it loose. Also try turning on Button Lock in the Settings app. This helps to prevent the buttons on your Fitbit tracker from activating when the screen is off.


How do I activate the water lock feature on Fitbit Luxe?

Water lock turns on automatically when you start a swim exercise. But here is how to enable it in Fitbit Luxe.

  • On the Fitbit clock screen, tap swipe down
  • tap water lock,
  • firmly tap twice on the screen
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Why does my Fitbit keep activating water lock?

Are you obsessed with Fitbit constantly prompting if you want water lock feature, when you are not showering or swimming?

May be your Fit bit tracker is still be wet after you left the shower or you are wearing it down the lower part of your wrist or outside of your wrist.

Sometimes, this malfunctioning occurs several times in a day, that gets incredibly annoying. In that case, you have to lock it to clear the prompt.

If my Fitbit keeps turning on when not in water, what should I do? If your Fitbit may keep turning on the water lock when you aren’t in contact with water.

  • Wear the tracker inside the wrist.
  • Update the firmware for your Fitbit tracker if it does not have a current version
  • For Fitbit Inspire 2 model,  turn on the Button Lock to get it disabled.



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