Fitbit Sense Smartwatch Specs Review 2023

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One of the very best Fitbit smartwatches that seems to come close to challenging Apple watch is the Fitbit Sense. Fitbit – a consumer electronics company founded since 2008, has been in the business of making fitness trackers and smart wearables. Recently, in 2020, the brand’s  very first smartwatch was released as Fitbit Sense. This smartwatch is richly loaded with smart fitness and health sensors. When you consider the number of fitness focused and health focused features, you find that it is the most sophisticated Fitbit smartwatch. Don’t think is falls inside those cheaper line of Fitbit fitness trackers.


fitbit sense smartwatches review and specification


Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch Benefits and drawbacks

Pros – Reasons To Buy:

  •  Good, easy-to-read display screen which is more responsive to touch,
  • Attractive, slim and Lightweight design, great for smaller wrists
  •  advanced health tracking plus ECG and temperature monitoring.
  • good fitness workout tracking,
  • premium-only Health Metrics Dashboard available to new Fitbit owners for up to 6 months
  • onboard GPS is great for outdoor,
  • You can use voice commands for Google Assistant/Alexa,
  • Sense has got a solid smartwatch battery life (6 days)
  • Durable and Swim-proof
  • Sense has NFC – mobile payments via Fitbit Pay,
  • More motivation with many songs and music playing.
  • Has a microphone and loudspeaker for talking and listening
  • The temperature and oxygen saturation sensor are vital in this COVID-19 pandemic
  • Has a Find My Phone app
  • Offers  customizable widgets


Cons – Reasons to avoid:

  • additional monthly subscription
  • no advanced fitness tracking
  • GPS not very accurate around corners
  • Limited watch faces
  • cannot send customized texts or make phone calls
  • No camera for picture taking
  • No installation of apps from watch
  • LTE/Cellular are missing



FITBIT SENSE Design/Description

The watch is average sized, with a case measuring 40.5mm in diameter and about 12.5mm in thickness. This looks pretty slim, has a stylish and sleek watch face, and has the same dimension as the Versa 3.

While other smartwatches get larger display screen, this Fitbit Sense is more of a small smartwatch with a OLED display screen about 1.6 inches. The screen is also designed with Always On and an Automatic Wake display which turns it on when you tilt the Sense towarsds your face.

The stainless steel bezel is part of the electrical connections, especially for the sensors. Yes, stainless steel is heavier metal, but that does not make Fitbit sense bulkier. The Watch design is in 2 styles – Fitbit sense with a black silicone band with a graphite, stainless steel bezel, and Sense with a white band plus gold stainless steel bezel.

The body is made from aluminum metal, which is more lighter than steel, and the strap is silicone material. There are many accessory bands(leather, nylon, steel, silicone, and sport options) from the company, which you can purchased separately. You won’t lack your favorite, because some of them like afinity band comes in a variety of colors, – pink and navy.

The Sitbit sense screen is protected by a Gorilla Glass 3 which is not more durable as sapphire crystal. You may likely get a small crack on the screen if you drop it from 3-feet level to a hardwood floor.

Like most advanced smartwatches, Fitbit sense smartwatch is equipped with a touchscreen, so you won’t be pressing physical buttons to access the menu. For a better user experience, the device has close to 5 different watch faces which are customizable.

Thinking of the aesthetics, the Fitbit sense is premium built smartwatch with white gold and carbon graphite colors. This can suit most dressing styles and tastes–both formal and active lifestyles.

Earlier models of Fitbit Sense had side buttons, which were even too fiddly to operate or respond. The new update has eliminated the button and left the Fitbit Sense, with just a weird single indentation on the left with capacitive sensing.

If you press sunken spot with your thumb or finger, the smart watch vibrates. This is high tech, at least it gives users the impression that they pushed a physical button.


Fitbit Sense advanced smartwatch Main Features

fitbit sense smartwatch specs review
fitbit sense smartwatch

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch Key Features

  • Operating System: Proprietary Fibit OS
  • Display: 1.58″ inch AMOLED
  • Interaction: touchscreen.
  • Battery life:  6 + days
  • Sensors:  optical heart rate
  • Body:: Aluminum/Stainless steel
  • Memory/Media: 4GB, Microphone, Loudspeaker.
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS (no LTE/Cellular)



Fitbit Sense Review – Fitbit Sense Fitness Features

Outdoor tracking

The primary way the smart watch is designed is to track your daily fitness activities. Unlike simple fitness trackers with just basic function, Fitbit sense is more advanced and equipped with navigation GPS that allows users to comfortably track outdoor activities.

For example, Sense can record your number of steps, blood oxygen during exercises, the number of floor climbed, routes, location and distance.

Workout Tracking

You get more than 20 preloaded sports modes on Fitbit Sense exercise widget. They including running, walking, weightlifting, swimming, cycling, yoga, circuit training, golf, tennis, hiking, and spinning.

The on-screen animated workout modes would offer to guide you through some of the favorite workout modes you choose. But you can also auto track with SmartTrack.

What is stunning is its ability to automatically track these vigorous activities. One thing, for the sake of preserving the battery, is it does not automatically turn on GPS navigation for your route map, but your pace, laps, and other parameters are recorded.

Users depend on the Active Zone Minutes to decide whether to keep their fitness levels moderate, low intensity or vigorous. You can customize the Active zone minutes based on your individual ideal heart rate and age. When you are done working out, you can read how much time you spent in the fat burning, cardio, and peak zones from the Active Zones chart.

Moreover, the watch can guide you on some breathing exercises to reduce stress. This is more helpful if you are one of those avid outdoor runners, walkers, or cyclists.

Finally, Fitbit sense tracks your VO2 Max, which helps you, at the least, to understand your fitness level and how to improve steadily on it. The personalized in-app Cardio fitness score is a wonderful fitness metric in this case.



Fitbit Sense Review – Fitbit Sense Health Features

Fitbit is not only Fitness-focused. The smart watch is also an excellent health monitor, heavily loaded with health sensors. For example.

ECG Scan

Fitbit sense is not a medical device, but it can record your electrocardiogram using the ECG app, right from your wrist. This health metric is one that cardiologists used to assess a patient’s heart for atrial fibrillation.

The added EDA Scan app would help to quickly detect any electrodermal activities going on in your body, especially when you get stressed up. It takes less than 30 seconds, but you have to enable the ECG widget in your phone app.

Fitbit sense’s ability to perform a quick ECG scan is the more reason why is stand out from other health watches. The EKG data and the report can be found accessed in the Fitbit App. You just have to let a healthcare professional to interpret it for you.

Skin temperature

If Sense can give your ECG and use the stress monitoring app to tell when you are stressed, won’t it also be able to record your body temperature?. Measuring the temperature, medically, is a way to check overall wellness.

If it detects any abnormal body temperature, the variation in the internal energy of your body indicates potential health issues. It would monitor your skin temperature even each night as you sleep and keep a record over some time.

The trend can give you a baseline of your general body health, like upcoming menstrual flow, pregnancy, illness or fever.

Stress management

The best stress management tool Fitbit sense uses is the EDA scan. It helps to measure electrodermal activity and also asking you to take a deep breath for 2 minutes. Doing this exercise is vital if you got a hectic day. Based on how the EDA analyses your responses, it will register less stress if you feel calmer.

Heart rate

Fitbit sense is the best advanced smartwatch for heart health, stress management and skin wellness. With its Pure Pulse 2.0 sensor, Sense watch can calibrate your heart rate and use it to detect if you get irregular heart rhythm or not.

The watch will even buzz when you enter your target heart rate zone during workouts. BUt fans are wondering if Fitbit Sense’s heart rate monitor is as accurate as that from an Apple watch.

Sleep Monitoring

Sense smartwatch is very intelligent to know when you are asleep. It uses your motion patterns and your breathing rate to know if you are sleeping or awake. From there, it tracks your sleep stages throughout the night time.

Your sleep report can reveal an underline illness in your body. The watch will issue a full breakdown of how you slept, giving you the time you spent asleep, time spent in deep sleep, and time you passed while in REM sleep.

You know, one most important wellness parameter is sleep. Fitbit monitors up to 4 sleep stages – awake, light, deep and REM sleep. Sleep quality is a factor of good health and Sense smart watch can offer your daily sleep score on the Fitbit app. Your overall sleep score comes within 1–100, where high score shows you got a high-quality sleep.

SpO2 monitoring

SpO2 sensor measures your blood oxygen level.  For your Fitbit smart watch to measure your blood oxygen saturation, you would have to install a Fitbit sense clockface with SpO2 else you download and install the SpO2 Tracker app.

SpO2 blood oxygen measurement is an important healthcare metric to regularly check after exercises. This Fitbit Sense health SpO2 clock face will display your blood oxygen saturation levels.

Unfortunately, the watch does not check your blood oxygen all time. It monitors SpO2 only while you sleeping. Whatever, you should use the health data to figure out any important health and fitness changes going on inside your body.

Menstrual Cycle

One gender- based feature of Fitbit Sense Smartwatch is its reliable ability to monitor a woman’s menstrual cycle. The device allows ladies to log periods, records symptoms, tracks ovulation, and detects if there is any pattern in the menstrual cycle data. All is done inside the Fitbit health app.

All the health tracking you could want

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Fitbit sense review – Smart Fitbit Sense Features


The built-in microphone and loudspeaker are great features that allow you to make and receive calls directly from your wrists. The microphone works with Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa to help you use voice commands to do pretty simple tasks.

Fitbit has the ability to stream from Spotify, download your Deezer playlist and Pandora stations, and play music on the go. Moreover, The storage is large enough to hold or store over 300 of your favorite tracks.


Google Features include Google Fit, Google Assistant. For shopping, Fitbit sense has a Wallet app that supports Fitbit Pay that accepts NFC contactless payment method. This is similar to Google or Apple Pay.

This is a great feature for those who want to go out cashless. You may need to pay for food in a local restaurant if you go camping or hiking far from home. With credit cards, you can still do without using the NFC payment methods.

Wallet app requires your credit card information but will it be secure when your Sense is stolen ?

Battery life

Fitbit Sense has an impressive battery life than its predecessor. The battery would last slightly longer, go up to 6 days or more from a single charge.

Smart notifications

Fitbit sense helps you never to miss important notifications. You can receive text messages, and set preset replies, or answer the message with voice or emoji.

The “do not disturb mode” is helpful to mute all calls and text notifications coming from your smartphone. That is great if you don’t want to get distractions at your job or at bedtime.

This is similar to the Sleep mode that allows you to automatically mute smartphone notifications at night and turn off smartwatch screen so you can catch uninterrupted sleep.

Water resistant

Fitbit sense is swim proof thanks to its 50 meters water resistance rating. Shower or swimming, Fitbit sense does not go wrong, but not for diving.

Apps and compatibility

In addition to the Fitbit Health App, you can choose other favorite apps for fitness, sports, news, and travel, all from the App Store. Fitbit sense is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and allows easy syncing or sharing between them.



Fitbit Sense Review –  Smartwatch Performance

Let us check how the Fitbit OS 5.1 performs.

Fitbit sense heart rate data has a slight variation from Garmin and Apple watch, which should not be overly disappointing because they level up to a very close average value.

ECG has now been in Fitbit Sense. It just takes 30s, and you are done. To check your electrocardiogram, just place your thumb and forefinger around the opposite sides of the bezel. In about half a minute, it will either tell if your heartbeat is fine or is “inconclusive”.

For outdoor, distance and pace tracking offers accurate results along a straight path and around corners. When you compare to other competing smartwatches, Fitbit Sense measures distance around bent route and the data appear smaller by several meters.

If you are an athlete, you may be disappointed to find that Fitbit Sense does not offer advanced running dynamics information.

If you are not within a bluetooth range of your phone, the google voice assistants and Alexa won’t work, albeit properly. Sometimes, a battery saving mode may cripple some functionalities and won’t give the watch the power to pair at great distances.

Unlike other smart fitness trackers that rely on step metrics, Fitbit goals depend on your heart rate zones. This is great since your number of zoon minutes actually depends on the intensity of your activity. It is high intensity exercises that drive up heart rate.

Another impressive performance is the guided exercises from the Fitbit coach. Breathing exercises can ease your recovery after an intense workout. I think the fitness tracker offers guided mindfulness by using the EDA sensor so that you get more relaxed after some basic breathing exercises.

ECG  can detect heart’s rhythm for irregularities that lead to stroke. It would be very practical for health focused Fitbit fans to purposely take up to 2 minutes each day to do the test. It is much good for mindfulness and relaxation. If you are on a weight loss journey, Fitbit counts calories, even though Fibit calories accuracy slightly close to Apple’s.

Fitbit performs more than we can describe if you pay for their monthly premium subscription. Its only Fitbit premium that allows you to get advanced tracking and analysis like heart rate variability, sleep, skin temperature, health metrics and guided workouts.

Luckily, Sense smart watch comes with up to 180 days of free Fitbit premium Free trail if you are a new user or customer.

You can download, store and play music via Bluetooth headphones. However, the music controls, including playback, volume and others, do not appear automatically. You need to press the side button twice to access some quick shortcut for music and other functions.

What is observed is that Fitbit Sense offers good notification and message reply. It just does not have images, charts or camera.

Considering the heart rate Sensor and the PurePulse2.0 sensor, allegedly they are more accurate, but I doubt if it is more accurate than the Ionic. If you are only monitoring your resting heart rate and steady state cardio, all perform fine. Unfortunately, performance issues arise if you are tracking cardio HIIT activities.

The blood oxygen sensor only works now when you go asleep. Also, the Fitbit Sense OLED displays are very energy efficient, but the Always-On feature would exhaustively cut the battery life in half, from claimed six days.

Using the interface is tricky. If you don’t use the touchscreen, you can use the capacitive sensor which replaced the button. A single press on it takes you to the home screen. A long press opens up your favorite app like Amazon’s Alexa and Google virtual assistant.

A double-press opens a shortcut to your best four favorite apps. In terms of fitness Fitbit Sense smartwatch is actually lagging behind their competition a bit.



Fitbit Sense review – Users’ Perspective

Fitbit is one most advanced health and wellness wearable from Fitbit. Users have had their own experience using it.

According to some users, the Fitbit Sense has lots of bugs that affect performance. This can surely affect your fitness and overall health. Some features don’t seem to be fully integrated.

For example, in some Sense smartwatches, the older Fitbit sense models had solid-state button by the side that sometimes got fiddly.

The truth is that, unless you let your finger to completely cover the entire button when pressing, the effect won’t register, and I am pretty sure that is what is causing a lot of fiddling.

The recent update makes the Fitbit Sense a FlagShip Model, where the button has been eliminated–a worthy upgrade, anyway. What is there is essentially a small, sunken area with a capacitive sensor.

Again, Fitbit Sense UI struggles sometimes to scroll smoothly. Some wearers still find it a bit lumpy and may get worse if Fitbit and Google only concentrate on adding features without checking risk of user experience being compromised.

Perhaps, it could be because they only use the watch for few days. It is very appropriate to continue wearing it for about a month, to see how the watch performs.

Some users complain of the short charging cable.



Youtube Video Fitbit Sense review – User Experience with Fitbit Sense Smartwatch

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Fitbit Sense Review – Fitbit sense Price

Fitbit Sense smartwatch retails for about $299.95, with watch face, water resistant band, one charger included in the package.

The Fitbit Sense was first launched for under $300, in September 2020. This price came a bit lower than how Apple Watch Series 7 starting price (at £369/US$399) and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic( £349/$349.99).

Although the Fitbit sense smartwatch is a flagship model and the most expensive Fitbit device to date, it still remains the best feature-packed health smartwatch you can get at an affordable price.

If you have the money, the brands’ website, and online markets like Amazon, are some favorite places where to buy Fitbit Sense. If you can’t afford that selling price for the Fitbit sense, you can pay installmentally with Quadpay- in 4 zero-interest payments over 6 weeks.

We have to wait and see how the future Fitbit Sense 2 will cost, but as we currently write, $299 is  actually mid-tier price for the smart wearable.

In case you don’t find the health watch satisfying, you can return the Fitbit device. In that case, you have to request a return authorization in 45 days starting from the date the Fitbit Sense was shipped.

One advantage of the of purchasing Fitbit Sense is the 12 month limited warranty. But you can spend additional $60 to buy a 24 month protection plan if you fear any accidental damage may ruin it. In retail shopping, extra warranty is always best protection to have.

I think Fitbit Sense is the First Full Smartwatch ever designed by the brand. It has a lot of potential, and in a couple of months or a year, further upgrade and additions will make Fitbit the best smartwatch, competing directly with Apple and Samsung. So Fitbit sense is well worth the price.



Is it worth getting Fitbit Sense?

Fitbit Sense is the best health smartwatch close to Apple with the overwhelming health tracking. If you want a perfect health monitoring smartwatch to keep tabs on your everyday health status like sleep, calories, blood oxygen, skin temperature and heart rate, Fitbit is worth every cent you invest in it.

To set it up is pretty effortless, and you shouldn’t fear to take full advantage of the benefits this Sense can offer you. Health monitoring is a priority to staying active and healthy, but other features like “Find My Phone” and the many call and text smart notification come very handy.

If you are athletic, Fitbit sense tracks exercises and Active Zone Minutes, which other watches don’t. These sports and workout data make the Sense worth buying as an athlete.

At the least, buying Fitbit Sense for health monitoring will cut down your regular fuel expenditure to see the doctor. Moreover, a busy person won’t even have to spend 5 minute or queue up on a line to take your ECG reading, check heart rate variability, management stress in front of doctor’s office.

Fitbit Sense Is A Feature-Packed Health Smartwatch At An Affordable Price Point



What Your Fitbit Sense Purchase includes

For every purchase you make for Fitbit Sense, you receive one charger, free trial premium account and One fitbit sense advanced smartwatch.

Fitbit Premium account

The 6 months of free Fitbit Premium account, will help you have personalized insights and detailed analysis of your sleep score, health. It will also give you access to health tips, workout videos, recipes and more.

You will also use the Fitbit premium to get wellness report, and track all your important fitness and health data in 1 year, 6 months, quarterly and monthly increment.

When the 6 months free premium trial access expires, you will start paying monthly subscriptions of 9.99 dollars so you continue to have detailed sleep tracking.



Interested on Fitbit Sense Gold Smartwatch?

Fitbit Sense Gold Smartwatch
Img: Fitbit Sense Gold Smartwatch
Order Fitbit Sense Smartwatch TodayFrom Amazon US Order Fitbit Sense Smartwatch TodayFrom Amazon UK




Fitbit Sense Specs Review


Screen Size1.58″ inch
Display TypeAMOLED
Resolution336 x 336 pixels

Fitbit Sense Size Construction

Shape/Form factorRectangular
Dimensions1.59in l x 1.59in w x 0.49in h
Item Weight45.9g
Case Diameter40.5mm Aluminium
Case Thickness12.35mm Aluminium
Band Sizesmall size(140 – 180mm), big size(180 -220mm )
Band MaterialPolyester or  Silicone

Fitbit Sense Watch Aesthetics

(**Black/black, Blue/gold, Pink/Gold, Thistle/Gold)

Case colorAluminium
Band colorsCarbon/Graphite stainless steel &  White/Soft Gold stainless steel (small and large bands)
Watch faces5 custom watch faces
Gender designunisex (Masculine & feminine)

Fitbit Sense Watch Protection

Water resistanceIP68, 50 meers
Dial ProtectionCorning Gorilla Glass 3

Fitbit Sense Operating System

OS PlatformProprietory Fitbit OS 5.1

Fitbit Sense Internal Processor

CPU Type
CPU Speed

Fitbit Sense Connectivity

BluetoothBluetooth 5
WIFIWi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz)
NFCYES, Fitbit Pay
LTE/Cellularnone, no sim card

Fitbit Sense Tracking Features

(** No blood pressure monitoring, no fall detection, no cadence tracking)

Health FeaturesECG, Heart rate, Sleep, blood oxygen, stress, menstrual cycles,
Fitness FeaturesSteps, distance, calories, swim, runs, on-screen workout, 20+ sport modes, VO2 Max

Fitbit Sense Navigation Tool

GPSAvailable(built in)

Fitbit Sense Sensors

Built-in SensorsAltimeter, Barometer, Thermometer, Compass, Heart rate, Accelerometer, Ambient Light, EDA, ECG, gyroscope, vibration, Pulse Oxymeter(SpO2)

User Interface Input

UI InputPhysical button(now capacitive sensing), Touchscreen

Fitbit Sense Battery Life

battery typenon-removable Li polymer
battery capacity
battery ChargingMagnetic Charging Cable
Battery Life6+ days

Fitbit Sense Media Features


Fitbit Sense Device Memory

Internal Storage4GB

Fitbit Sense Device Compatibility

Android CompatibilityYes
iOS CompatibilityYes

Supporting Applications

AppsWeather, Sleep Monitor, calendar, Reminders, Voice Assistant, Alexa,  timers, alarms,

Smart Notifications

Call AlertsAvailable
Message AlertsSMS, Email,
Other AlertsThird Party app, Event reminder,



Camera sizenone

What’s Inside The Packaging?

AccessoriesFitbit sense watch, charging cable, Fitbit Sense manual, wristbands

Download : Fitbit Sense Specifications


How do you charge the Fitbit Sense?

To power up your Fitbit Sense , you have to use the proprietary charger that ships with it. The Fitbit sense charger can connect with USB port and magnetize onto the back of the Fitbit Sense watch.

If you ever lost your Fitbit Sense charger, 20 dollars is enough to order a replacement Fitbit sense charger from Amazon, or on the Fitbit website.


How often should I charge my Fitbit Sense?

First, how long does it take to charge a Fitbit sense? Charging the Fitbit sense smartwatch fully will take from 1 to 2 hours before it can serve you for up to 6 days of battery life.

If you’re in a hurry, the Fitbit Sense charging for 10-20 minutes will get enough power to last for 24 hours. Make it a practice to always charge your Fitbit while you’re going to bath or shower.

However, if you are going on outdoor adventure or fitness training, you may need to turn on the built-in GPS.

GPS tracking and music playing or streaming are battery-draining and you’ll likely need to recharge your device after every 12 hours.


How to set up Fitbit Sense smartwatch

If you want to get the most out of your Fitbit Sense, you must set it up properly. Here is how to get started with the Fitbit Sense.


Getting used to the Interface

Master the under interface and how to interact with the watch. Fitbit sense has two ways of input- touchscreen or the side button.

With a responsive touch screen like that of a smartphone, you can swipe left, right, up, or down to access the smartwatch widgets.

Fitbit sense Smartwatch also have side button, like a phone. Older models of Sense had a physical button, but the recent upgrade of Fitbit Sense eliminated and replaced the physical button with a capacitive sensing (haptic button). It looks like an indent. When you press on it(not a real button), Fitbit sense vibrates.

To turn on the Fitbit Sense screen, press the haptic button once. If you make a double pressing, that brings up shortcuts to favorite apps.

A long press on the button brings up the voice assistant. You can customize the long press to bring up something else you find important.


Setting up Fitbit Sense

First, get the Fitbit App installed on your Fitbit compatible smartphone. Make sure the Sense watch is fully charged to have enough energy to pair wirelessly.

Make your Sense to pair with a nearby phone’s Wi-Fi network, but this would require you to provide your WiFi password.

Once that is ok, the next thing is to customize your Fitbit Sense smartwatch. You have to download your apps and create your user profile. You can choose to provide much personal details or just a little information in the profile.

It is usual you can’t create a good profile without a user name. But depending on your health tracking objective, sex, height, weight, day of birth, contact details are worth entering, especially if you want to track menstrual periods, or monitor calories burned each day or manage your weight (BMI)

There are many options of apps to choose, but Spotify is worth downloading if you want to stay motivating with audio music, while carrying out your daily activities. The installation and the general setup can take no more than half an hour.

You may need to connect up with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, in order to activate some voice-specific features.

To have data show up on your Fitbit Sense, and also allow you check your detailed reports, you must have Fitbit App installed in your smartphone.


Fitbit Sense Bands Replacement

If you want to interchange a Fitbit Sense band to the one that gives you the best aesthetics, here are few options. First, they are easy to clean and easy to wipe off the sweat. They are lasting and offer a comfortable feel, which makes them convenient to wear.

Some best fitbit sense bands

  • Joyozy Thin Leather Bands
  • Daika Metal Bands – metal wrist strap
  • Wonmille Adjustable Elastic Band – breathable nylon material
  • Hapaw Nylon Bands – has velxro strps and metal buckles
  • Ezco 4-Pack Sport Bands – silicone made bands for strenuous exercises or intensive workouts
  • Qibox Sport Bands – soft, flexible and durable fitbit sense band
  • Fitbit Sense & Versa 3 Sport Bands – in-house sports bands for the Fitbit Sense and Versa 3



Some Fitbit Sense Smartwatch Questions

When did Fitbit Sense come out?

September 2020. The original Fitbit Sense smartwatch first arrived in September 2020, and fans are still waiting for Fitbit Sense 2 release date.


How many Fitbit Sense are there?

Only 2. The Fitbit Sense health and fitness smartwatch is designed, and is available only in two styles

  • Fitbit Sense with a black silicone band graphite, stainless steel bezel,
  • Fitbit Sense with a white color silicone band and gold, stainless steel bezel.

The watch has lightweight aluminum case, touchscreen and interchangeable straps.


Is Fitbit Sense the newest model?

The Fitbit Sense is the newest Fitbit Fitness and health tracking smartwatch released since September 2020. It uses advanced sensors and is packed with so many features including stress management, electrocardiogram (EKG), sleep, heart rate, menstrual cycle, and fitness tracking capabilities.


Can you answer calls on Fitbit Sense?

Fitbit sense has no built-in LTE connectivity or standalone cellular function or sim card slot. It can’t make a call, but by pairing with your smartphone, it can receive your phone’s calls. The Sense smartwatch has a built-in speaker to listen to calls and a microphone to talk into answer calls directly from your wrist. If your phone is out of wireless connection range, the smart tracker can’t answer any call.


What can you do with a Fitbit Sense?

Fitbit sense can stream and play songs and music files in addition to tracking and providing deeper insight into the following:

  • Active Zone minutes
  • steps
  • stress
  • temperature
  • breathing rate
  • calories burned
  • menstrual cycle
  • sleep stages
  • SpO2 (oxygen saturation)
  • water consumption
  • weight
  • cardio fitness score
  • food intake
  • heart rate
  • distance
  • floors climbed



Can you text on Fitbit Sense?

Like Fitbit Charge 3, Fitbit Charge 4, and Fitbit Charge 5, Fitbit Sense, can reply to messages if pared to your smartphone. You can even set up preset responses for incoming messages ad the device will automatically reply where need be.


Does Fitbit Sense do blood pressure?

No. Fitbit Sense does not have any dedicated sensor for blood pressure monitoring. However, Fitbit sense measure blood oxygen saturation level and it could use a PAT(pulse arrival time) technology to track, how long it takes for blood from your heart to travel to your wrist. That can give an idea of what blood pressure is in your veins.


Is Fitbit Sense good for running?

Fitbit Sense is not as good as Garmin watches for running. As a lifestyle smartwatch, it is equipped to track running basics such as time, steps, pace, and distance reliably.


Can Fitbit Sense answer calls on Iphone?

Like the Fitbit Versa 3, Fitbit Sense smartwatch can take phone calls if the paired smartphone is nearby. The built in speaker is great  for free call listening right from the wrist, and the mic helps when you are talking back to respond to the call.


What apps are available on Fitbit Sense?

Fitbit sense support many apps including Agenda, Alarms, Deezer, Relax, Settings, Spotify, Starbucks, Strava EDA Scan, Exercise, Find My Phone, Pandora, Alexa, Clocks, Coach, Timer, Today, Wallet, and Weather. Tap on the side button twice or swipe the touchscreen left to bring up the apps.


Does Fitbit Sense have always on display?

Always-on display is one of the Fitbit Sense specs reviewed above. You can turn it on and off to save battery power. If you allow Fitbit sense to have its always-on display is turned on, the battery drains faster and  requires more frequent charging.


Does the Fitbit Sense have Spotify?

Yes. You can use your Fitbit sense to stream music online. Through the Fitbit app running in the background and connected to the internet, your Fitbit Sense watch can pair with your phone and stream Spotify music seamlessly. One drawback is that, you can’t get offline music playback.


How does Fitbit sense save music?

You can save your audio music into the 4GB internal memory of Fitbit Sense. The 4G memory capacity is able to hold up to 300 songs. Again, you can also save your music files to computer or smartphone.


How do I turn on fitbit sense controls?

YouTube player


Does Fitbit Sense ECG require premium?

ECG does not need premium Fitbit account to access


Fitbit sense vs Versa 3, which is good?

Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3 are all from one brand–products of Fitbit but there are some differences between them. Fitbit Sense is the company’s advanced health smartwatch with ECG.

Fitbit sense is also equipped with skin temperature, blood oxygen(pulse oximeter), and stress sensors. These features are lacking in Fitbit Versa 3. The Fitbit sense will be a simple fitness tracker like a Fitbit Versa 3, if it is stripped of these bells and whistles.

Read More:  How to set time on Fitbit Sense and Versa 


Fitbit Sense vs Apple Watch 6, Which is better?

Fitbit sense and APPle watch 6 both have 12 months warranty period and a water resistance rating of 50m (165 feet). They also track heart rate, menstrual cycle, sleep, calories, floors climbed, distance, steps and pace. However, there is a lot of difference between them in terms of features.

Apple claims series 6 has 18 hour battery life while Fitbit claims 6 days of normal battery use (12 hour with GPS).

Fitbit sense tracks active zone and breathing rate, while Apple 6 does not. In the same way, Apple watch monitors noise and sedentary time, where Sense smartwatch is not capable yet.

Both a great health monitoring watch but Fitbit sense offers both ECG and EDA scan while Apple watch 6 offers ECG only.

One other difference is you can measure your body or skin temperature with Fitbit Sense but apple watch does not. Where apple watch detects when you take a hard fall, which is useful for people with mobility problems. Infortunately Fitbit Sense does not alert fall.

For multiple sports modes, Apple watch is the winner for its good multi-sport fitness tracking capability.


Why won’t my Fitbit Sense charge?

Why won’t my Fitbit Sense charge? There are some possible causes of Fitbit not charging and one possible issue could be a software glitch. We recommend you check out how to address Fitbit not charging problems. On a quicker note, you have to restart Fitbit sense in case you encounter a charging issue. Generally, if you encounter performance issues, first reset the Fitbit Sense – turn off Fitbit sense and a few minutes later, turn on Fitbit sense again.

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Is Fitbit Sense waterproof?

Fitbit sense is water protected but not fully waterproof, since it is IP68 rated for water resistance of up to 50 meters (5ATM) or 165 feet. This is same to up to 164 feet (50 meters) water resistant Apple watch series 6.

This does not make Fitbit Smartwatch fully waterproof but the 50m offers some good level of swim-proof ability. So you can shower or swim with the Fitbit sense, just for a very short length of time. If you immerse it under a pool of water, it should not go more than 100 cm deep.

Most models of Fitbit devices are slightly waterproof and few of them including sense, come with manual or automatic water lock features. Check here how to turn on water lock on fitbit and  get fitbit out of water lock mode.

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