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Got Small Wrists ? Try How To Get Bigger Wrists With Simple Exercises in 2 Weeks – No risk!

If you are looking for simple ways to deal with your small wrists, you are looking right at the solution here. We understand that people with wrist under 6.7 inches face so many challenges in terms of finding fitting watches, boxing, wrestling, bodybuilding and fitness workouts. It does not matter any longer. We will give you permanent solution to having skinny forearms and small wrists with exercises.


how to increase wrist and forearm size - how to make forearms and wrists bigger -
Img: Guide how to get bigger wrists –  do weightlifting wrists and forearm exercises to make forearms bigger and get thicker wrists too.

How did you get skinny body anyway? Is it naturally your size, or you did burn thousands of calories to lose those chunky body fat? Many people desire to be thinner with petite wrist like you. They want to lose weight and get skinnier cheeks, skinny waistlines, skinny thighs, for a more active and flexible lifestyle. If you really want to have a bigger arm size, you definitely need to do the opposite –  to gain weight.

From today, having small wrists and forearms would never be an issue for you again. We will show you how to get bigger wrists for watches and bracelets. More importantly, this solution includes some simple exercises, and dieting to gain more weight on wrist.

But is there anything like spot weight gain? Not really. It is not practical to gain weight only on your arms, and get bigger wrist. So if you focus on having thicker, bigger wrist and arms, you must gain your overall body weight.

One thing I know is that fitness exercises can tone your arm muscles to look chubby, and bigger and make them ready for gripping, boxing and more.


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Why are my wrists so small?

People with tiny wrists face a lot of challenges and many of them don’t realize the main reason for the thin wrist is genetical. You obtained it through a gene from one of your parents, even if they aren’t physically having observable traits of a slim wrist.

Luckily, one thing is practical here, you can make your wrists, hands and forearm grow in muscle mass, strength and look bigger.

Because I was born with it. Bone size is genetic and you may do little to change it when you reach adult age. This means if you have a slim bone structure, that also helps to limit the size of your wrists.

Things could be different if you are still a teenager, but beware that the growth lines fall to zero between ages 18 and 20.

Bones and muscles at a childhood age still grow, and a little growth hormone or a little physical activity like weightlifting or strength training exercises can grow your arms enormously with average or big wrists before you reach adulthood.

Biologists say that after 21 years, your height never changes again. This means also that your radius and cubitus bones remain unchanged.


Challenges of small wrists

  • People, even kids, look huge and bigger around you. It’s sometimes intimidating, right?
  • Luxury watches insanely come hanging down on your wrist, like you were a toddler
  • It looks so challenged when skinny boxers with smaller muscles in the arms stand to fight a giant, uh, very scary.

For more about living with a small wrist, look at how to deal with challenges of small wrists


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How to get bigger forearms by dieting

You have probably heard of gaining weight through special food intake and lifestyle changes. You know, it is practically impossible to gain weight on a single body part like the wrist or hands only.

The key to growing more muscles around your petite arm is to increase overall body weight. This will help the body to redistribute the excess weight to the entire body, including bony wrists.

Muscle gain is opposite of muscle loss, and if you are going to double your muscle size, avoid eating food that will cause you to lose weight. The main secret to weight gain is to eat foods very rich in protein for muscle building. You also have to consume high calorie energy foods.

The rule is that, as you take in more amount of calories each day, more than the calories you burn during activities, the extra calories are converted into fats and stored in muscles. The more fats that your body stores underneath your skin tissues, the more your muscle mass increases.

If your body burns 3750 calories to burn and provides you energy every day, you must consume more than this quantity if you want to grow muscle size. In that case, you should eat:


how to gain muscle mass from dieting

Img: How to get bigger wrist by dieting – eating muscle building foods, snacks or pre-workout meals


Protein-rich foods – this nutrition that is packed with protein actually goes to build your body tissues. Check dairy products, protein powder and more carbohydrate. If you eat more protein without taking enough daily calories, you mey end up getting a skinny body.

They provide immediate energy resource or glucose that your body needs when you are exercising or just resting. Consuming enough carbohydrate rich foods means your muscles are never going to cut down on the fats already stored in tissues, in order to provide you with energy.

The more starchy foods you eat, the excess of it will be converted into glycogen or fats and stores. Storage foods add muscle mass significantly.

Example includes whole grains, rice and other foods like beverages, fruits, egg, dairy products, vegetable oils like olive, soybeans oil, Avoid food that is rich in fibers, as they will only contribute to weight loss instead of weight gain.

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How To Increase Your Wrist Size with home Exercises

With the best forearm workout tools and machines, you can comfortably train at the convenience of your home and strengthen your wrists, hands and forearms. Exercises are amazing ways how to get bigger forearms, in addition to dieting protein rich and high-calorie foods.


Do wrists get bigger?

Not really if you are over 21 years of age. But you can get thicker bones while you are still younger. Adults can only have their wrist just appear to look bigger if they use wrist strengthening devices and wrist strengthening tools train hands and forearm for mass gain.

When you are doing forearm muscle strengthening exercises, you are actually training your biceps and triceps, not your wrist. Since there’s no actual muscle present in your wrist, the shape of your wrist isn’t going to change an inch.

This means it is near impossible for your wrists bone to grow in size. To get really bigger wrists, you would need to have thicker bones or change the structure of your forearm and hand.

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But Can you actually get thicker wrists?

It’s pretty hard to get thicker wrists, but not impossible. Think of Anold Scharsnegger, With time, effort, persistence, you can train your forearm, wrists and hands, with strength workouts, to be stronger, and also do some wrist extension exercises to thicken your wrists. Although it may have just minimal results but that is better than nothing when going for bodybuilding or boxing competition.

I said the result will be minimal because, unlike your forearms with triceps and biceps muscles, no muscles are in your wrists. If a good size muscles were attached to wrists bone, you can blast your wrists easily.

So it is almost impossible for your wrists to grow in wrists size when you are adult. At a teenage boy age, to get really bigger wrists is a possibility. All you would need is to train, take hormones and have thicker bones or massive structure of your forearm and hand.

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So Any hope for small wrists adults?

Many people are asking what they can do? Eat, gain more weight and store more fats all around your body. Or, you should buy wrist and forearm exercise equipments and train your forearms bigger.

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We will show you good workouts for forearm and the kind of exercises you can do every day to get thicker wrists and muscular arm. Proper training can get your forearms to actually grow quite a lot, but you will not be enjoying the training if you are not serious.

I have wondered how to make forearms bigger, so that my tiny wrist looks larger and normal, and it boiled down to taking daily fitness exercises to make forearms bigger.

When I first tried it out, I got really small but great results. My wrists grew by a 4mm increase. Although It might not look so much, I felt my wrist thicker than usual.

I also noticed that the exercises also helped to strengthen wrists and develop muscular forearms, but I trained purposely for my forearms and wrists to wear bigger watches. unfortunately I didn’t persist.

As for your case, be certain you will make huge forearms. Here are wrist forearm workouts to make your wrist stronger:

  • Knuckle push-ups workouts
  • Curls and extensions exercises,
  • grip strength training – any exercise that squeezes your wrists so hard
  • pull-ups, chin-ups and deadlifts.

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Surprisingly Simple Exercises How To Get Bigger Wrists

If you can’t accept having super thin wrists, engaging in workouts to make forearms bigger is one of the few alternatives. Many skinny fitness and sports athletes sometimes don’t feel confident about their small size wrists, and they believe thicker wrists mean more strength and more power.

This may be true, but not always. If you are a boxer in bodybuilding or weightlifting sport activity, you may want to try to get bigger wrists with muscular forearms.

Based on an average wrist sized to men in boxing games, many potential boxer thinks they aren’t fit for a thicker wrists bodybuilding for boxing. Because of that , they choose to have a look for ways how to get bigger forearms and wrists.

The key to growing arm muscles with exercises is that you should not over-train, like professional athletes do. There are many tough exercises for bigger forearms and wrists that can instead damage your arm and impair your everyday life.

Also, beware that you may gain muscles mass on your arm, but that won’t be much, except you want to be a wrestler.

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how to make small wrists bigger with dumbbell weights

A Woman doing curls and extensions to make wrist bigger, muscular and stronger.


1. how to workout forearms with weights – Curls and extensions exercises

Curl and extensions are hand weight workouts, which are typical weightlifting exercises to build up forearms and wrist. But what muscles do wrist curls work?

Well, the benefits of hand, forearm and wrist curls are many, especially as it can help to grow any part of body. Wrists extensions exercises work particularly very well on the outer part of the forearm.

To have great forearm workouts with curl and extensions, doing 3 to 5 sets of 8 to 12 reps works so well, but some people like to take 5×8. Since they are wrists and forearm workouts with weights, all you need is to grab a weight and rest your forearms flat on a surface, while your hands come hanging over with the palms facing down.

You can use a table as a flat surface like an exercise bench for home gym, if you are standing, but if you like to take a sitting position, a more convenient way is to place your forearms on your thighs.

Maintain that forearms-resting-on-thighs position and lift your hands upwards without moving anything else. This forearm wrist extension exercise mimics the usual way to turn a bike’s throttle handle.

To do forearm wrist curls, you need to grab a weight, rest your forearms on your thighs or on any surface. And while your hands are hanging over on the edge of the surface, turn your palms to face upward.

At that position, just like typical biceps curls, grab a weight and lift your hands upward in repeated cycles. For the forearm curls to effectively work, avoid moving any other part of your arm.

Letting your arms and wrist hold a heavy object or weights like dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells, and lift it up and down is an amazing way how to grow forearm muscles, increase forearm size and have strong wrists.

For dumbbell forearm curl to increase the girth of wrist and forearm faster, you can vary the weights you are holding. Although it is very hard and may be painful for beginners, a good match for the masses you grab will consistently increase wrist size and develop thick forearms, eventually.

It is a complete possibility that you can increase your wrist size without weights, but this way, how to get bigger forearms and wrists with dumbbells is probably better and quicker. Just to note, weightlifting workouts do not make you to get bigger wrist bones, but you get stronger and gain muscular arms and hands.

how to get bigger forearms and wrists with heavier dumbbells

Here is a video that shows forearm exercises with weights. With this wrist exercise with dumbbells, you can make your arm stronger for boxing and wrestling sports, in addition to making the size bigger for wearing watches. Try out the hand weight workout and measure your wrists in few weeks.

Watch this Wrist Curl Dumbbell Flexion/Extension workout.

YouTube player

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2 how to get bigger wrists with weights – Pull ups, chin ups and deadlifts

Pull-ups, chin ups and deadlifts are another set of wrist weight exercises to help a wrist get thicker, without dumbbells. The wrist thickening workout demands that you lift a heavy weight by squeezing a bar really hard. The bar is stacked with weight-weight plates attached to it. As you lift it, your forearms muscles get worked and grow in size.

You do pull-ups exercises from a standing position, thus helping to work the upper part of your back while Chin ups is another weight pulling arm and wrist exercises that work particularly the biceps muscles. Deadlift, on the other hand, torches and tones major muscle groups such as abdominal muscles, back muscles, glutes and your thighs.

If you are dead serious about getting bigger wrists, you need to mount a home gym where you can always squeeze the weightlifting bars as you like. If you can’t, maybe you can partner with someone in your city, with a home gym or you just go get your gym membership.

how to strengthen wrists without weights by doing Pull ups, chin ups and deadlifts

Pull ups and deadlifts have been the go-to exercises on how to strengthen wrists for weightlifting, boxing and wrestling sports. Check the video below and try out the exercises to strengthen your forearms without weights.

YouTube player

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 Weight exercises how to grow up your forearm at home

You have seen Single Dumbbell Wrist Extension. Let us consider some workout routines to get big, ripped forearms and wrists. Even though they seem unconventional, they are going to deliver you thicker forearms and big size wrists in few weeks.

I guess you might be thinking, “uuh so many exercises again?”, Well, if you are going to get bigger wrists for fitness and sports, get ready to pull off your long-sleeved shirts.

You know, wrist curls are good forearm exercises, but there are some easy to do, different and better exercises for blowing up forearms

1. Farmer’s Walk

The farmer’s walk is one of the main workouts that produces impressive forearms in heavy guys. The benefit of taking this walk is that it offers great overall strength on your wrists, forearms and builds your grip with heavy weights like heavy duty dumbbells.

  • Place a very heavy set of dumbbells on your left and the hand sides.
  • Carry them up with both hands and hold them at your sides.
  • As you stand tall , walk with them for about 20 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Rest another 60 seconds and do 3 sets more.


2. Wrist roller weight workout

  • Hold a wrist roller with a palms-down grip. Let it be in front of your body.
  • make a forward hand roll by an alternating move until the rope winds up the dowel and the weight
  • When the weight is raised, do the reverse motion to lower it down.
  • Repeat the exercises in several reps

3. Towel Pullup forearm training

This is one of the body weight wrist exercises. You just attach a towel to a pullup bar or a branch of a tree outside your apartment if you have no stretch bands.

By grabbing the ends of the towel with both hands, you should hang from the towel, pulling yourself up until your face is higher than your hands.

This action is to pull up your own bodyweight, which is hard, obviously! But you can do it for 30 seconds to 60 seconds if you can. You can always do this body weight workout every day in 3 sets and many reps as you like.

A towel pull up is a great way how to get bigger hands.


4. Cable Supination and Pronation

This forearm workout uses a single cable machine to workout with one arm. If you like, you can get a dual cable gym machine and use both hands. If you have got none, try going out to the gym. All you need is to attach a workout rope handle to the cable machine pulley system.

  • Grab the rope ends with left hand, making sure your thumb points to the machine while your palm face upward.
  • sit on a bench, with your elbow bent at right angle(90 degrees)
  • make your wrist to rotate inward until your palm is facing downward
  • switch hands and repeat it in 2 sets, and about 10 to 15 reps on each side.
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Exercises to strengthen forearms without weights

There other ways how to make your wrists bigger without weights and without forearm workouts with dumbbells. Many people get frightened when they hear of lifting standard weights and so their fear limits them. Also, if you are bored with dumbbells lifting exercises, you would want to try out another strategy how to get bigger forearms, wrists and hand.

But can wrists get bigger without use of weights? The right question, because most people are accustomed to seeing muscular people like boxers, bodybuilders and wrestlers lifting heavy duty weights in the gym.

That is why Gear Smartly is here, to answer your questions. It is totally possible to increase your wrist size without lifting any weights, and they will still get you thicker wrists very quickly.


1. how to get bigger forearms and wrists without weights – Use Resistance bands

If you can’t carry weights to your home for fear of them falling and ruining your apartment floor, training at home with bands is a real no-brainer exercise to make small wrists bigger.

Moreover, if you have a tight budget plan, and you can’t afford weights, resistance bands are cheaper and offer easy home fitness exercises to build wrists strength and mass, with no gym membership.

IF you don’t want to hold weights to get your skinny wrists and forearms thicker, you can take wrist workouts without weights by working with resistance bands, instead of doing wrists and forearm weight exercises.

Besides, you can use them to train anywhere you go – be it at home while watching your favorite TV series or in the office while attending to business clients.

Some beginners start with weight and give up later. This because they are not aware that it is pretty easier to use bands for at-home forearm workouts without weights. You just need to have bands from lighter ones to tough ones which have more resistance and need much strength.

The Lightweight bands are good for teenagers and beginners or people who are still starting out. If you use them and get more experience, you can then switch to pull high weight bands which need much strength to work forearms and wrists.

Also, when you are comfortable stretching tough bands to work your forearms, you can switch to weight lifting exercises to build wrists and forearms muscles.

Experience shows that resistance bands do work greatly for wrist training. The look bands are the best recommendation for entry-level persons, since they are easier to grab. The thin regular bands are awesome. Unfortunately, they are easy to slip and harder to grab.

Amazon: resistance loop bands with a carrying pouch


How to do resistance band forearm workout at home

If you want wrist exercises with resistance band, to build muscle around wrist and also make wrist stronger at home, watch this video about how to do resistance band wrist exercises. Increase your wrist strength and grip strength with resistance bands’ forearm workout. Here’s how to exercise the forearms With Bands.

YouTube player


2. how to make strong wrist and forearm – Knuckle push-ups

There is another type of push-up exercise, but the knuckle push-ups is a stunningly awesome way to make your arm from elbows and wrists bigger and strong at the comfort of your home.

In a knuckle push-up to build stronger wrists and large forearm muscles, you need to get your fists closed and your knuckles rest on the floor – you can also hold but push up handles(Strength Training Pushup Stands) for painless pleasure.

This workout places stress on wrist and forearm muscles, thus it is harder than the regular push up fitness exercises where your hand is let opened while the palm rests on the floor.

Now, squeeze your fists hard , place the knuckles of your both hands on the floor and make sure you stay balanced. Slowly bring your chest near the ground, to allow lateral movement to work your forearms. Since this exercise sucks painfully, leave out your thumbs outside your wrists.

The question is, are knuckle push-ups better is growing arm muscles? YES, knuckle push up is a better version of regular push up because of the range of motion they offer during movement. When you are doing push up on your knuckles, it places your wrists in a comfortable, neutral position, and you are not going to bend your wrists.


What are knuckle push-ups are good for?

Besides wrist thickening, on multiple sets, your knuckle skin gets calloused, toughened and stronger and helps to build you plenty of strength for boxing. This offers you beneficial throwing of punches in the sports, if you are a small wrists bodybuilder or a skinny boxer.

Thin wrists wrestlers, need a lot of pressure on their fists and knuckles, and thanks to the fact that this push up exercise works the chest muscles, the shoulder muscles and the triceps so well that, you can easily deliver fast, swift and high-speed punches on your opponent.

But how many push-ups a day is good? Actually, there is no limit, but you can do more than 250 sets a day if you want to get your wrists thicker and larger faster. On the average, many people do 50 to 100 push daily, for a good body workout. My recommendation is that you can always start from 25 push-ups a day.

Remember, boxers push- up every day, but pull-ups have quicker influence of forearms and wrists than pushing exercises. It also works on biceps, but full body push ups serves as a killer move for an upper body strength.


How to do Knuckle push ups to get bigger wrists stability

  • push your hands forward or make them parallel but closer
  • Make a fist on each of the hands and rest your wrists on the floor
  • Bring your chest to the floor downward, then upward in repeated cycles
  • You knuckle will hurt because the floor is hard but it will work your your forearm work . You can choose to have push up handles(Strength Training Pushup Stands) for pleasure when working out.
YouTube player


2. Strength training to thicken wrist and grow forearm muscles – Hand grip

Another fitness training equipment that causes tendon to thicken and make wrists bigger his hand grip. Hand grips tools allow you to squeeze something really hard, this causes the arms connective tissues, and forearm muscles engaged and thicker.

Here is a variety of hand and wrists strengtherners ranging from instruments such as handgrip dynamo-meters to grip strengtheninig tools.

how to get bigger wrists and muscular forearms with hand grip strengthener equipmenthow to get bigger wrists - Got Small Wrists ? Try How To Get Bigger Wrists With Simple Exercises in 2 Weeks - No risk!
GD Iron Grip Metal Hand Grip Exerciser Strengthener (Adjustable Hand Gripper) Wrist and Forearm Strength Trainer

how to get bigger wrists with digital hand grip dynamometerhow to get bigger wrists - Got Small Wrists ? Try How To Get Bigger Wrists With Simple Exercises in 2 Weeks - No risk!
VAlinks Digital Portable Hand Dynamometer Grip 198 Lbs / 90 kg Strength Power Measurement Meter Auto Capturing

If you are in CrossFit training exercises, wrestling and boxers as a beginner, measuring your wrist and hand grip strength, using a handgrip dynamometer is the first step. There is a maximum isometric strength of the hand is related how strong your wrist tendons and forearm muscles are.

Like athletes, you can always test your handgrip strength after every week of wrist thickening exercises or strength training. Small wrists, sportsmen, tiny arm weightlifters, gymnastic fans, skinny tennis players as well as slim rock climbers often have a need for tracking improvements in strength training workouts rehabilitation.


3. Wrist Flexion and Extension Stretch

  • Bend your right arm elbow
  • clasp your left hand over the right hand fingers
  • Make a wrist bend so that your hand comes closer to the forearm
  • Now extend your right arm in a stretch for about 1 to 2 minutes in each set
  • Do same to the stretch the opposite forearm muscles

4. Finger exercises – Band Finger Extension

This workout is on how to get bigger wrists and fingers using heavy-duty rubber bands around your fingers. Using both hands, place the resistance bands on fingers, then spread the fingers of each hand far apart and then slowly bring them bring them closer. You can do 2 sets with about 24 reps on each hand.


Bone Hypertrophy and blood flow restriction training

Here is another way how to get bigger wrists without a wrist trainer or weight. It doesn’t look like a way how to increase wrist size naturally tough.

While you are still young, it is possible to stimulate wrist bone growth with physical impact. You will notice that people who do martial arts develop muscular arms as they keep whacking their wrists against objects(punch or sandbags). Such activities create a tension force as the forearm tendons keep pulling on the bone. This can exert an enough force that will stimulate bone growth. I discourage this method for beginners.

As long as you are still a teenager, one most effective way to add muscle mass around your wrists is to take growth hormone(GH) modulating peptides. Human physiology allows bone growth, which stops when children get up to 19-21 years.

If your son is going to be a boxer, giving him growth hormone is a working solution than trying to target tiny forearms muscles with top exercises using forearm muscle building equipments. One effective way to get a massive GH boost is by blood flow restriction (BFR).

Generally, GH would have greatest effect on wrists bone but never forget that you can stimulate your bone growth with physical impact exercises.

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Precautions on How to get bigger wrists and muscular forearm

The methods we have shared on how to get bigger and stronger wrists are mostly practiced in hand workouts including stretching a resistance, lifting, or puling weight. If you have got no weight, you certainly are in for a body weight wrist exercises like the knuckle push up.

But you should know that when talking particularly of hand exercise program, your forearms, wrists, palms or fingers are the main targeted muscles.

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This is for the simple reason that your hand movement is directly connected to, and aided by your arm . Awesomely, when you take any hand muscle training, it also torches forearm and wrists.

Follow these tips if you want to blow up muscles arms:


Before any workout to bulk up your wrists, forearms and hands

Before you try out the first method of how to get bigger wrists, make sure you follow these pre-requisites.

1. I have guided you, but not as your personal trainer or doctor, so before you start taking your forearm workout at home, get advice from a fitness or health professional. They are the best experts to decide on your forearm physical therapy.

Your doctor will also be able to confirm if you are physically healthy for some kind of exercises. All you need is to make sure that there is no condition like carpal tunnel issues, that can prevent your arms, forearms, and wrists training. I can tell you won’t want to add more pains to an existing injury, or get injured anyway.

2.Before you begin each workout session to get thicker wrists, stretch your fingers, arms, and general body before exercising. This helps to prevent sore muscles.

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Doing any good forearm exercises to get bigger wrists:

You have seen ways how to get bigger wrists, but what are you supposed to do when working out? Lets see some tips recommended by experts:

1 Full Motion

Always do full range of motion in both directions because small movements won’t take you anywhere in forearm blaster exercise for strengthening wrist.


2. Exercise Slowly

Take enough time, for each cycle (set/rep). For example, when doing building forearms with grippers, squeeze it slowly with fingers, then release it fast, and then squeeze slowly again.

Similarly, during hand weight exercises at home, a quick move(1 second) to full arm extension and a slow curl about 3 seconds) is an effective way to blast forearm muscles faster.

The slow hand weight lifting, without any pause along the way, also helps you gain good grip and wrist strengthening in addition to hand and wrist physical therapy if you had forearm tendonitis.

The method goes same for pulling exercises. Pull your resistance band slowly as it stretches, then release it faster, then pull to extend the band slowly again.


3. Max 3 times weekly

We recommend your training frequency should be maximum 3 times a week . This allows you enough time for your muscles to get relaxed and recover.

Over-training may tear your triceps or biceps,, and continue arm twists may affect your arm tendons and set you several weeks or months behind.

Never take wrist tendon injury exercises more than 2 times weekly , because the pains may aggravate. This is true for any other physical therapy exercises for wrist tendonitis.


4. Pause or stop when it’s painful

I understand when you feel your wrist is too skinny for a watch, but pronation, supination forearm exercises should only be hard, AND NOT painful.

If your wrists bone hurts, I advise you pause the forearm workout immediately. It if is very hurtful, visit your doctor and if that is not necessary, Switch training into light resistance band wrist exercises, or an easier forearm weight training.

The secret to make skinny forearms, wrists, hands, fingers and calves bigger, is to be patient and steady in your wrist flexion and extension exercises.

Don’t think that few days of using a forearm strength equipment will produce measurable gains easily. Just consider that, it will take you weeks up to months to get observable results and remember that wrists do not get much mass, because they have got no muscles.

More importantly, and for the sake of growing your forearm muscles and making your wrists circumference appear larger, pick the right wrists, hand and forearm exercise equipment.

You can’t get bigger wrists even with the best cardio workout machines. So, get the fact settled that you pick any of the forearm workout devices, which include workout tools like dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands.


Read More



FAQS on how to get bigger wrists

Do you have small wrists?

Someone might have told you that “hey, you are skinny, you can’t box here” and you believed it. Or, you might definitely have tried wearing various sizes of wrist watches and unfortunately, all of them came hanging down from your wrist like a bracelet on a child’s arm.

Apart from these, what makes you think you have petite wrists size? Well, most people know they have slender forearms because most modern watches look huge on their wrists. This means they can’t wear any timepiece or wrist watches over 40mm in case diameter from reputable fashion brands.

If the watch bands come hanging with a long tail at the end, definitely, the strap length is way too long for the wrist or it was tightly fastened.

Also, a bigger watch leaves the lugs to come hanging over a small forearm. Bracelets, fitness bands, beads and other wrist wearable look too loose on a tiny wrist, even when it is tightly pulled to the last band hole.

Whatever the situation, the first step is to measure your wrist circumference just above your wrist bone. If your wrist size comes smaller than 7 inches (17.8cm) , you are considered having small wrists.

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Is having a small wrist bad for muscle gains?

No, you can have thin wrists and still grow your muscles in the forearm area, which will eventually make your bony wrist look like they are large.

A small wrists guy can become a bodybuilder if he chooses to be. So except for the smaller looks, having tiny wrist is not too bad for watches or for fitness workouts.


what diameter watch face should a small wrist use?

A watch with case size under 40mm is a bit perfect for thin wrists. The best watch face diameter for small wrists is averaged at 38mm for skinny men and 34mm when you considered a small wrist for a woman.

Some people have pretty extra small wrist, so 35mm is great for extra skinny and slim guys while 33mm for petite wrists ladies. A 40mm may look too big for extra small wrists, but it is OK for 6 – 7 inches wrists. So then, most 42mm watches are too big for small wrist.


Should you get large watch for small wrists?

No ! Don’t try buying a 42mm or a 44 mm watch with small wrists except the watch face is really small like under 40mm. The watches with over 40mm case size will come hanging on a small wrist like a bracelet on a girl’s arm.

Except the watch face is pretty medium-sized and you are lucky to have near 6.74 inches wrists, I can’t recommend you choose a bigger face timepiece for a thin wrist.

That is never going to wear comfortably, it will look too loose and comic. Just avoid it. Some modern watches like apple watch series 3 have 42mm dial which perfectly goes well on slim wrists for men and women.

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Are 7-inch wrists small?

Not really. A 7-inch wrist size is the normal medium sized circumference, almost the average size of a man’s wrists . If you take your accurate wrist measurement and it falls below this value, your wrist has a small frame.

This actually means a guy with 6 inch wrist circumference is considered having a small wrist–which can fit a small fitness tracker. An 8 inch wrist is bigger and can’t fit the world’s thinnest watch. Let me ask you this question – is a wrist size of 6.5 inch small?

If you have under 7 inches wrist, your best option is to wear slimmer watches with under 40mm case. In the same light, if you are going to wrestle victoriously, you must train your tiny wrist to deliver high-speed punches(high momentum) with great strength.

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Wrap Up

You have seen how to get bigger wrists but tendon hypertrophy is the reason why you should workout hard on your fitness training. Physical or heavy eccentric training causes arm tendons to thicken and make wrists bigger. Even-though it is not an easy task, the forearm exercises above are meant to target your connective tissues, since it is practically very hard to get your wrists bone grow thicker.

Again, the physical therapy you get from using forearm exercise machine just helps to organize the fibres in your wrists and forearms. While this helps in increasing your strength and conditioning, it does not actually increase the size of your skinny wrists, rather; it makes the thin wrist appear bigger.

People do not notice your small wrists to be a problem, they may get to be aware because you bring the subject to the table and nobody had outrightly told you ” hey, you have small wrists!”.

The real problem lies in your head anyway, it is psychological and you need some mental practice to fix it. But this does not means if you wear bigger watches, you can’t get away without attention or guys around. Do your best to pick the near-appropriate watch for your wrist, the one that you love all the time – a luxury if you can.

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