Seriously, Does home depot take apple pay? [Home Depot Methods Of Payment in 2023]

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My Mother has been buying her home improvement products – furniture and hardware from Home Depot. Knowing that Home depot is the largest retailer  in American, I found it convenient to shop from their wide spread stores around United States.

Knowing there could be various Home Depot methods of payment, I decided to add my home depot credit card to apple wallet. Unfortunately, the last time I went shopping, Home Depot decline my apple pay. Sad to give details, but I borrowed some dollars from a friend and completed the transactions. Home Depot accept other forms of payment, but does home depot take apple pay as they did when the Apple pay was lunched?


Does Home Depot take apple pay from customers?

does home depot take apple pay? does home depot accept apple pay

Unfortunately No. Home Depot does not accept Apple Pay as a payment method .Home Depot does not take Apple Pay at any of their home improvement stores. Apple pay, is no longer a valid payment option at Home depot since 2012.

Is it shocking to find that the largest retailer does not support the widely used Apple pay? Aren’t they making their biggest mistake refusing to accept Apple pay option? One never knows, but they certainly know what they are doing.

Most retail stores in United States use Apple pay – a contactless payment via tap-to-pay from iPhone. So what payment options are left at Home depot then?


Will Home depot accept Apple pay in future?

Home Depot might not give any official support for Apple Pay in all its retail locations in the United States soon. Let us hope they change their mind.

If they aren’t going to accept Apple pay, What payments does Home Depot accept then?

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What payments does Home Depot accept?

So what payment options are left at Home depot now that they ahve stopped using contactless payment options? Well, i guess the traditional physical payment methods available. You can still pay by cash, check, PayPal, or Credit/Debit card at Home depot stores.

Does home depot take checks?

Yes, cashier;s checks like the Personal or business checks, are a good physical payment solution at Home depot. Don’t forget you need valid identification for check clearing and confirmation.

Does home depot accept credit cards?

Credit card and debit cards that home depot accept include Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and of course the American Express. Home depot credit card is also available for customers. Check what are the special perks and benefits of using the in-store Home depot credit cards. One thing: you can only use the HF credit card except on Home depot app purchases.

Does home depot take paypal?

Another home depot method of receiving payment is paypal digital wallet. Home Depot accepts PayPal at all of its stores for any purchases. Even so, there;s a unique card – the PayPal cash card which is a debit card you can only use to withdraw money from your PayPal account.

I though you should know that neither the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card nor The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge Card can be accepted as payment for a Gift Card purchase.

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Can I still make contactless payment at home depot?

Home Depot does not longer accept Apple pay since 2012, but they still allow other means of contactless payment. You can only use your PayPal digital wallet to purchase your products at their stores. This digital wallet is PayPal’s mobile payment option that most customers have been relying on since 2017.

One aching thing is, Home Depot does not accept no-contact method of payment through the PayPal’s mobile app. However, Home Depot customers could initially shop and pay with their phones.

But not now! PayPal’s mobile payment service was previously available to all the HD stores but was discontinued in 2018.

I regularly used Apple Pay at one Home Depots store near me, around the Boston area. All of a sudden , when I try to use it,  the register pops up a message along the lines of “Tap to pay not supported. Customer must swipe credit card to continue.” Why?


How to make contactless payment at home depot

  • Use your phone to lunch open your PayPal’s mobile app
  • Long into your PayPal account and click “in Store”
  • Find Home Depot
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Make payment for your purchase

If you don’t want to go through this long procedure, you can try the Quick Response ( scan the QR code) at your local Home Depot store.



Why won’t home depot use apple pay or apple wallet?

Here is a story from one Home depot customer – “After using Apple pay successfully many times at Home Depot, I reached out to them after my last attempt failed. They replied “they do not currently accept apple pay in their stores“.

Why does Home Depot stop accepting Apple Pay contactless payment?

One plausible reason why Home depot decline Apple pay is because they entered into strong partnership with PayPal. With a digital wallet, Home Depot customers can shop and make payment through PayPal.

Why  would Home depot choose PayPal and kick out Apple pay, when all are contactless payment options? Well, I think, Home depot choose to partner only with PayPal and restrict payment with non-partners like Apple.

Home Depot has a partnership with PayPal (a competitor to Apple Pay). Until Home Depot and PayPal part ways, it’s unlikely that Home Depot will accept Apple Pay in the future.

Home Depot is the largest company I know that takes PayPal directly from the credit card terminal. Yet, the consequences is that Home depot clients are now given just fewer payment options.

I do feel, kind of frustrated to find that the biggest US home improvement business like home Depot does not support NFC and refuses apple pay. So, why Home Improvement stores are anti Apple Pay / contactless payment NFC) or they don’t just care to get more home depot payment methods.

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Possible reasons why Home Depot refuses Apple Pay

Home Depot might just be considering how secure Apple Pay is to avoid something similar to the Home Depot’s recent data breach of their credit card system.

Could Apple be charging merchants who accept Apple pay? May be Apple pay carries a higher fee to make or accept a pay. If credit cards in stores are charged at say 5-6% apple pay might just be tagging more, I guess. If it is cheaper to use physical credit cards, that is the more reason why most Americans, including home depot, are in no hurry for implement Apple pay and other contactless payments in their stores.

Home depot first installed some new ingenico lane 7000 pinpads which supported NFC somewhere in 2020. What I don’t understand is why they disabled the NFC payment support, but I guess they had their reasons. If you have been to Home depot Mexico stores earlier than 2020, you would have noticed they stopped collecting payment by NFC.

I also heard Home depot also actively blocked Samsung Pay MST. I understand that with NFC and Apple pay, you don’t have to carry your wallet or dollars in cash, anymore. It is been a feeling for centuries to carry money around, but I guess some people don’t just want to allow this age of technology to change that way of life. Go to Europe and you will find that contactless payment is accepted in most of the European stores.

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Customers experience

Since the initial Apple Pay launch, Home Depot customers paid with Apple Pay. Apple pay and other contactless payment option were supported the first few months on their readers. Ultimately, Home Depot stopped and every Apple Payment failed, allowing customers to rely on their traditional credit cards.

Home depot stopped accepting Apple pay and their phone readers for contactless payment were turned off. It was no doubt that the HD cashiers always mentioned they were waiting on an update to the Home Depot payment system.

Home Depot could become the largest retailer in The United States and the world to accept Apple Pay. Unfortunately, Customer Service aren’t supporting many contactless payment methods (Apple, Samsung, Google Pay)


May be customers have lost  one with Apple Cash

Apple Wallet or Apple card might just be having hard time processing financial transactions accurately. And that might have been the reasons  why Home depot declines using Apple Pay. Here is a comment from one Apple Wallet user :

I used Apple Pay last month to send someone 80$. I got charged two times for a grand total of 160$. On the text message screen with said person it only showed me sending money one time for 80$. I called Apple and told them what happened and they told me both transactions were legit bc they have “transactions I’d”. I called my bank and they said it was weird my card got charged two times for the same amount at the same time. On the Apple Pay statements it shows both of the 80$ sending with unique transactions id. On the first one it says sent from chase debit card like it does with every other receipt I have. Now with the second 80$ it says it was sent from visa ending in 8201. No other Apple Pay statement shows up like that. Said person said she didn’t receive 160$ only 80$. I don’t know her like that should could be lying but I didn’t send her 160$ either

Invalid card in Apple Pay. My card was an Apple Pay forever and one day it just stopped working and said it was invalid and payments were getting turned down. I’ve done everything to fix it. Went to the bank called the bank, called the bank visa side called Apple support, and no one can help. HELP?!

I have an iPhone with my wallet on it. I have a few cards on it, including my Apple Credit Card (issued by Goldman Sachs.) I recently was asked to verify my “Apple Cash” account (issued by Greendot corp) via the wallet app. It loops around 2x and my account got restricted? I call apple support. NO reason given, they can close/deactivate your account for no reason at all. Great, don’t really send $ via messages unless it’s to split bills with friends/family occasionally. Apple can’t answer where the cash back from my credit card goes, so I call Goldman Sachs. I was not the first call about it. I love apple, but they need to be sued for false/misleading advertising. In no way should a credit card cash back benefit be split amongst 3 different entities. I will be reporting to the consumer finance protection bureau and BBB. Any course of action recommended (I’ve reached out to apple 3x and just got off the phone with Goldman Sachs) as my cash back question is still unanswered.

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Does Home Depot Competitors accept contactless payment?

ACE hardware accepts and supports NFC.  Ikea which can also be considered a home improvement business, also accepts payment through NFC too.

I came in contact with one customer and he told me he went to shop and ACE accepted  his contactless payment without issues. He fell so lucky and glad. Since then, he has been shopping at ACE over and over.

Walmart has different grocery stores that support the payment.

What stores take apple pay?

Other Home Depot alternatives that accept Apple Pay include:

  • Target
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Costco
  • Best Buy
  • Bomgaars


Does Home Depot take PayPal?

Does Home Depot accept PayPal? Yes, Home Depot accepts PayPal at all of its stores for any purchases. According to their new policies designed , home depot customers can shop through PayPal cash cards at the Home Depot exit. The only thing is, they cannot pay using a PayPal through a mobile number.

The PayPal’s mobile payment service was previously available to all the HD stores but was discontinued in 2018 because of some discrepancies. Also, Home depot also allow pay pals payment to be accepted on their website as Home Depot apps. So, customers can make payment to home depot on an online platform.

Does home depot take online pay?

Yes, you an buy from Home depot stores from the home depot website and app and your purchases will be delivered to your home.

All online payments that Home Depot support are contactless. All that is required is, you enter your credit card information at the payment gateway.

Another online payment that Home Depot accept is using PayPal’s digital wallet.

Does Home Depot accept mobile pay like NFC?

No. Home Depot does not currently accept any form of NFC-based contactless payment. They only accept the PayPal’s mobile payment.

Does Home Depot have touchless pay?

Yes, Home Depot takes contactless payments, mainly through website and app. They have NFC terminals at certain locations across United States but they only accepts PayPal contactless payments via the Home Depot app. You want to pay at Home Depot with PayPal, you can either use the PayPal’s digital app, your PayPal Cash Card, or PayPal credit card.

Does Home Depot take afterpay?

Does home depot have buy now pay later? No, home depot does not accept or take Afterpay as one of their payment option. Dont just think of trying it, because there is no pay later option in home depot payment options. As of now, there is no home improvement stores that accept afterpay. Check above you will see what methods of payment home depot accept.

Does Home Depot take checks?

Yes, home depot gladly accept physicall payments like checks at their store checkout. They have been cashing check for customers for years and that has been the traditional payment option to them. But what kinf of checks does home depot accept? Home depot accept cashier’s checks – personal and business checks in their home improvement stores.

Does Home Depot google pay?

Home depot does not accept google pay, and apple pay. because theese companies use near field communincation NFC to process contactless payments. Home depot point of sales are not equipped to support NFC contactless financial transactions.

Does Home Depot take American Express?

Absolutely correct! Home depot accept credit cards including American Express, MasterCard and Visa. They also have their own credit cards for in-store purchases.


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