Does Fitbit Track Blood Pressure? & Which Fitbit Blood Pressure Smartwatch Can I Get?

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Can Fitbit check your blood pressure? Health features have been the latest catch in the smartwatch industry, and lots of people are wondering if the well-known Fitbit brand makes blood pressure smart watches. You are not the only person Fitbit fans have enjoyed using Fitbit smartwatches with heart rate and blood oxygen monitor. But they have been asking if Fitbit also monitors blood pressure and if there’s a Fitbit blood pressure watch.


Let’s quickly go figure out the answer in few lines!

According to reports, Fitbit has started to gear up , engaging in research to find Fitbit smartwatches can measure blood pressure. I guess the traditional arm-cuff may go out of popular use in the event, they successfully make an easy to use Fitbit blood pressure watch.


Why should Fitbit worry about tracking blood pressure?

According to CDC, just slightly under 50% of Americans have high blood pressure. Some potential consequences of hypertension is stroke and heart disease, so if care is not taken, many people will die from this condition.

It suffices you have to regularly monitor your blood pressure but I also think that regular visits to Hospitals are really inconveniencing. The best solution, is to wear an accurate smartwatch that checks blood pressure, which is a great relief for busy persons.

Another thing is, people want to move away from traditional arm cuff blood pressure readers and use a smart wearable device. Moreover, the arm-cuffs has errors in measuring human’s blood pressure, perhaps, due to stress or ill-fitting bands.

Patients stress is another source of error according to another research, which occurs, when they get through the scary medical procedures and complex medical set ups. As a result, a smartwatch can make the most suitable continuous blood pressure monitoring device in the medical world.

Again, like Obesity and overweight, Hypertension is growing in the united states, and statistics show that high blood pressure affects 1 in 2 Americans. Only a few people regularly check blood pressure every day, I guess it because of the cumbersome cuffs.

A study has reported that up to 30% of Americans having hypertension can measure their blood pressure, and they even just do it a few times in a year. Less than 5% measure their blood pressure multiple times in a day.


does fitbit track blood pressure? does fitbit measure blood pressure does fitbit monitor blood pressure
img: does fitbit track blood pressure


Does Fitbit track blood pressure?

First, is there a Fitbit that monitors blood pressure? Unfortunately, there is no dedicated Fitbit blood pressure smart watch for now. If you were looking for a full time Fitbit watch that takes your blood pressure, you won’t have one yet.

So at the moment, there isn’t any Fitbit that checks your blood pressure. But if you are an eligible Fitbit user, be expecting to se a notification asking you to take part in one of the Fitbits extensive study to get real-world data. Fitbit found a correlation between pulse arrival time and blood pressure, for more finding, they ‘ll engage a diverse group of people, including you.

There have been lots of questions about Fitbit blood pressure monitoring by a good deal of health focused fans. However, Fitbit has a way to estimate blood pressure using by Pulse Arrival Time(PAT). If this method provides accurate data, a good Fitbit that takes your blood pressure would cost even under $500.

Fitbit had announced to start trials, to make sure its devices – smart watches and trackers arrive with blood pressure measurement features. It has been sometimes since Fitbit lab started the trial on Fitbit Sense smart watch.

If they develop the technology and include the feature into a smartwatch, wearing a blood pressure smartwatch will make life for hypertension patients much easier than before.


The Fitbit blood pressure Technology  – PAT

Fitbit blood pressure monitoring technology aims to measure the time blood takes to reach your wrist, after leaving your heart. They talk of Pulse Arrival Time (PAT), which is how quickly blood flows, from when it gets pumped out of your heart, till when it gets to your wrists.

They are still working to gather more useful data from a large-scale user study, however expect Fitbit smartwatch users in United States to be among the first to wear the first blood pressure monitor watch Fitbit makes.

Fitbit Lap intends to use apps that will link the effect of PAT on your activities like eating, showering, meditating, sleeping. Perhaps, different user activities cause different levels of blood flow or pressure in the veins.


Why is no fitbit blood pressure tracker at the moment?

Just like, it is with many other technologies, it has been a hard scientific challenge to come up with the best way to track blood pressure in the body.

“If high blood pressure was easier to measure, people could manage it earlier, which might help avoid preventable deaths from heart disease and stroke,” said S. Yuen – a principal scientist at Fitbit.

But trust the current advancements in technology, it would make Fitbit that takes blood pressure, like other health metrics (HR, Sleep, SPO2) available to every user. The amazing thing is, that will be done right from their wrist.

There are other companies in the fight too, so don’t think Fitbit has got it all, only on their shoulders. A Swiss startup Aktiia is also working to develop a continuous blood pressure monitor.

The wrist-based device will regularly measure your blood for hours, days, without disturbing your sleep. Samsung too uses heart rate monitoring to do pulse wave analysis, for blood pressure and ECG monitoring. You have to access them through Samsung Health monitor App, but you require calibration from a blood pressure cuff device, nearly every month.

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Alternatives to Fitbit that tracks blood pressure

Since There is no obvious answer to which Fitbit tracks blood pressure, know that there are some of its smart health watches that track Heart Rate, and perhaps, blood oxygen. Fitbit Watches are the go-to option for most athletes and fitness enthusiasts who find an interest in staying healthy while exercising.

While the Fitbit smartwatches can measure fitness workout stats, they also measure heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels. Some of the fitness health smart watches even track women’s menstrual cycle, but not measure blood pressure.

With no blood pressure monitor watch Fitbit makes, the better alternative is that you pick an ideal Fitbit watch for everyday indoor or outdoor workouts, heart rate tracking, pulse measurement. Then find a standalone or dedicated medical device that measures blood pressure.

There is no fitbit blood pressure monitor for now, get this Blood Pressure machine For upper Arm
Img: Amazon – Dedicated Blood Pressure machine

does fitbit track blood pressure - Does Fitbit Track Blood Pressure? & Which Fitbit Blood Pressure Smartwatch Can I Get?Shop on Amazon: Blood pressure machine for upper arm 3.4 – with

  • Tri-Color Backlight Screen PANACARE
  • Automatic Electronic Blood Pressure Meter Monitor,
  • BP Monitor Machine,
  • Audio Reading,
  • 8.7-16.5” XL Cuff for Home Use



The Best Health Monitoring Fitbit Watches

There are smartwatches that check heart rate, blood oxygen, but there is none for blood pressure. I am surprised, and it may surprise you too, how blood pressure, blood oxygen and heart rate are closely related. Amazingly, your heart beats and pumps oxygenated blood flowing from lungs, through the arteries and to the entire body.

All of them are just a few of the several health indicators, so closely connected. My advice again is that for blood pressure issues, buy a medical device that accurately measures your blood pressure, and risk of hypertension.


Fitbit Sense Advanced smartwatch – best Fitbit health Watch with ECG, SPO2


Does fitbit track blood pressure? - Sense is not a fitbit that tracks blood pressure but it is the Best Fitbit health Smart Watch with ECG, Blood oxygen, Sleep, Stress, body temperature
img: Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch with Tools for Heart Health – Carbon/Graphite, (S & L Bands Included)

>> Check Price & Ratings

Sense is not a Fitbit that tracks blood pressure but it is the Best Fitbit health Smart Watch with ECG, Blood oxygen, Sleep, Stress, body temperature. Other Sensors included are weather, sleep, stress detectors, GPS, heart rate, skin temperature, voice, blood oxygen, fitness tracker, menstrual cycle monitors.

If you have been inside the Fitbit ecosystem, you know Fitbit watches all carry the absolute potential to stand great. Fitbit sense is one of the Fitbit smart watches that is heavily packed with sensors, most of them geared for fitness and health monitoring.

Beyond health, they designed Fitbit sense sleek, not bigger, not smaller, but lightweight enough to fit and wear all-day long, on a woman’s wrists, and people with skinny wrists.

It’s a health watch, one of the greatest delights amongst fitness enthusiast and athletes. The Fitbit watch measure body temperature, blood oxygen levels, sleep, and stress. With Fitbit Sense, if you want to make phone-free calls, buy, swim or shower, the device has got your back every step of the way.


Does Fitbit Sense Measure ECG?

ECG is added already to Fitbit Sense, and Fitbit fans are glad as the device is FDA-approved and cleared for electrocardiograms. You won’t take more than half a minute to know your electrocardiograph result. You can regularly check your ECG with no immediate need for a physician.

Just position your thumb or forefinger around the opposite side of the watch bezel, and a few seconds later, you see your heart rate. Hard to tell if it’s accurate but with good estimate, the installed ECG app has helped users detect irregular heart rhythms (Atrial Fibrillation) by abnormal heartbeats.

The downside is that ECG is available in just few countries, and they intended the device for use only if you age 22 + years.


Does Fitbit Sense track fitness?

Fitbit has evolved from just being a simple fitness tracker to being a noble companion for health checks and smart fitness watch with built-in GPS. Whether outdoor or indoor, you got your performance metrics ready from your wrist with Fitbit Sense Smart watch.

Those ladies and guys who look pretty chunky around the waistline can use Fitbit sense to check how much calories they burned or how much weight they lose on their belly. At least, wearers get to know how they improve their cardiovascular health, and how much to hit the peak and reach their fitness goals.

It can track sporty activities, including hiking, bicycling, and running more accurately. In any of these, you get a real-time insight into how your heart works in your exercise-driven adventure and how to are doing in your target heart rate zones.

Alternatively, Garmin and Huawei are offering good fitness tracking and athletic capabilities. It is a good choice if you can catch up with their prices.


Best of Features

  • GPS navigation
  • NFC payment
  • ECG app
  • Advanced sleep tracking
  • Skin temperature sensor
  • Blood oxygen,
  • heart rate,
  • sleep tracker
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Voice assistant, & microphone
  • Battery : Li ion, 6+ Days battery life

Reasons to buy

  • Here are some main, or Key decision factors why I can order this smartwatch
  • Budget friendly health and fitness watch
  • You have got smartphone notifications
  • Ability to control music
  • Temperature resistant in the range -10 C to 45C
  • Best for running, hiking, and riding.
  • Helps users to identify irregular heartbeats.
  • Fast charging battery, with battery life up to 12 hours in GPS mode
  • Has bezel that can do ECG & EDA test. The Scan app can detect electro-dermal activity.
  • Google voice assistant, speaker, microphone is a bonus, along with Alexa

Reason to avoid

Here is the downside of Fitbit Sense smart watch

  • Text and cellular phone calls are not customizable
  •  It is not a Fitbit that takes blood pressure




Fitbit Versa 3 – best Fitbit smartwatch for fitness tracking

Not the best fitbit blood pressure watch, but it sure works as a great heart rate and blood oxygen tracking smartwatch. Best used for athletic health measurement
Img: Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch with GPS, 24/7 Heart Rate, Alexa Built-in, 6+ Days Battery

>> Check Price & Ratings

If you want to accomplish your fitness goals whenever you go out, Fitbit Versa 3 is your best friend. The onboard GPS, the active zone minute, the readiness score and cardio fitness insights are just few premium features this Fitbit offers.

The smart fitness watch can analyze your body to gauge if you are ready to conquer your workout challenge. So you have got a perfectly good fitness watch to optimize your workout routines and to focus more on your post-exercise recovery.

Fitbit Versa goes way too advanced, than many fitness wearables or gadgets around the market. Just imagine, the watch with tell your workout intensity map, allowing you to clearly see your heart rate zones throughout your outdoor activity.

Even when you have a busy schedule, you can wear this lightweight, sleek Fitbit smart watch all-day long, and it will monitor your every move, including steps, distance, floors climbed, calories burned. From the results, you can easily understand your active lifestyle, right from your wrist.


health benefits of this watch

Although this Versa is not a Fitbit blood pressure monitoring watch, it has more to health than fitness. Starting from the 24/7 heart rate tracking, with Fitbit’s enhanced PurePulse® 2.0 technology, you’ll always see your resting heart rate trends and cardio fitness level in anything to do.

Your heart beat has always been key health indicator, so Versa 3 can tell if you’re having a high and low heart rate. Wear it and you’ll always get the chance to check if your heart beats above or below threshold.

Your heart rate variability is trackable, with ability to show the trend of your heart health for the past weeks. This metric is absolutely great advantage for people who want to regularly check their body for potential stress, and fatigue.

Most people love Versa for sports because of the Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Monitoring during gym or outdoor exercises. Most athletic guys depend on this feature to estimate level of oxygen in their blood during long runs and highly intense trainings. The SPO2 data is an indication to make important changes, like resting between activities.

Your oxygen intake is absolutely vital too. This health watch can automatically measure your breathing rate as you run on a treadmill, as your work and as you sleep. With guided breathing sessions, you understand your wellness pretty much easily.


The watch Design

Overall, Fitbit charge 3 is more advanced in health, fitness with good long battery life, more than the previous model like Fitbit charge 2. The watch recharges faster than the Fitbit charge 2.

The thoughtful design has always-on display, hundreds of attractive clock faces, Fitbit app and 90 days free trail for Fitbit premium. This bonus to boosting well-being or health routines, and fitness stats.



  • GPS , Built-in Alexa
  • Support Spotify
  • 24/7 Heart Rate,
  • 6+ Days Battery,
  •  Active Zone Minutes
  • Weather,
  • wireless : bluetooth
  • Sleep Monitor,
  • Reminders,
  • Voice Assistant

Reasons you’ll love Fitbit Versa 3

  • received FDA clearance to provide ECG
  • menstrual health tracking for active ladies and girls
  • has skin temperature detection
  • Zero-cost 90-day Fitbit Premium trial
  • sleep tools and modes, stress management core
  • has a speaker and microphone to make and receive calls
  • has Bluetooth connectivity feature
  • can make and receive calls,
  • you can manage music and podcasts,
  • smart notifications, and Fitbit Pay
  • good battery, which lasts up to 6 days.
  • Bands are easier to swap than before
  • monitors how you sleep (light sleep and REM sleep)



Fitbit Charge 5 – best Fitbit fitness Tracker with advance health sensors

best fitness tracker with advanced health monitors
img: Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness & Health Tracker with  24/7 Heart Rate – Lunar White/Soft Gold, One Size (S &L Bands )

>> Check Price & Ratings

Released just few years, the Fitbit Charge 5 is the latest upgrade from Fitbit Charge 4. They all are the best Fitbit trackers that are not a smartwatch, but Fitbit charge 5 comes with a slew of improvements from the predecessor.

The Fitbit Charge 4 featured on-board GPS, Activity Zone minutes, heart rate, but the upgrade to Fitbit charge 5 trackers has included an ECG reader and redesign.

We can find all these functions in Fitbit’s premium smartwatches, but if you want a more advanced performance, look into this Fitbit fitness tracker watch.

For sports persons, athletes or anyone serious about exercising, who are asking for a need to upgrade to the Charge 5, I say YES To UPGRADE. Fitbit Charge 4 can help, but Fitbit Charge 5 boasts the most advanced tracking features among all Fitbits smart fitness trackers.

Beginning with onboard GPS for real time pace tracking during outdoor, to the workout intensity map on the Fitbit app, you are ready for running through any route. The 20 exercise modes are a great boost to personal fitness goals, whether running or riding.

One of my friends who loves outdoors with passion, said Fitbit charge is the best device to maintain your target heart rate zone during workouts.


Can Fitbit Charge 5 measure blood pressure?

No, Charge 5 is not equipped with Fitbit blood pressure sensor, and it can’t take your blood pressure reading. However, it comes with EDA scan app, and a Fitbit ECG app for checking and assessing your heart for atrial fibrillation—a heart rhythm irregularity. No need to pay frequent visits to hospital, just send the Fitbit generated ECG report to your Doctor.

You don’t need to be an athlete to wear Fitbit 5. The stress management score has much to say about how your body’s response physically to stress. One thing I love here is the reflections and mode tracking. I won’t tell, because I haven’t used it yet, but if you log in your mode from Very Stressed to Very Calm, you will see changes.

Added to all this health and fitness monitoring functions, the oxygen saturation (SPO2) is an amazing guide to how much oxygen is in your bloodstream. To a health-focused individual like me, this feature is so important as a health indicator for my overall wellness status.

What I can’t ignore to mention is the accurate heart rate variability. It’s vital health tool if I want to detect early signs of stress, illnesses and fatigue. Based on past data, you can get the average variation in time between each of your heart beats.

There is more Fitbit health tracking in this slim wearable. A runner can determine his breaths per minute (breathing rate) and the trends, daily sleep score and stages (Deep and REM).

The skin temperature sensor is a wonderful feature for athletic women because body temperature changes could indicate fever, ovulation and menstrual disorder. The Fitbit app can log periods, record symptoms and help you not miss out following the patterns of your menstrual cycle.

How is Fitbit Charge 5 designed?

About design, Fitbit charge 5 has a colored AMOLED touchscreen, is swimproof, and supports notifications for calls, texts, calendar, Gmail, social media and quick replies for android devices.

You can shop and make contactless payments with Fitbit pay. The slim design of Fitbit plus infinite bands and quick release mechanism makes this fitness tracker watch just more comfortable.

I assure you, it’s incredibly attractive, actually irresistible when you see it.



  • GPS
  • Advanced Health and fitness trackers
  • Slim design and lightweight
  • Touchscreen interface with colored display
  • Supports mobile payment



  • It has no music features, speakers, Spotify
  • Not a full made smartwatch
  • has limited exercises


More Smart Watches


Different Blood Pressure Monitoring Smart Watches

  • YAMAY Smart Watch
  • FITFORT Fitness Tracker
  • OMRON HeartGuide Smart Watch  Blood Pressure Monitor
  • MorePro 2021 Activity Fitness Tracker
  • DoSmarter Smart Fitness Watch
  • FITVII Health & Fitness Smart Watch


Can an Apple watch take your blood pressure?

The Apple Watches do not take blood pressure without being paired with a separate device. You can link Bluetooth and wireless blood pressure monitors, like QardioArm or Omron Evolv, through the Apple Health App. These wireless blood pressure monitoring devices are more accurate, and FDA-approved.


Do Fitbit fitness trackers actually improve your health?

There is no evidence that fitness trackers actually improve your health, first because it is not a dedicated medical device. Second, Fitbit health watches track trends like heart rate variability, oxygen saturation in blood, number of breaths per minutes and more.

However, Fitbit watches can improve your health indirectly when it records your daily activity progress. Such data helps to motivate you to develop a positive attitude towards management your health.

For example, a Fitbit step counting watch will motivate you to walk more steps each day, and that is pretty good for slimming belly fats, and chunky waistline or butts.


Can Fitbit detect health problems?

YES, Fitbit health monitor watches, like the Fitbit Sense smartwatch, can detect irregular heart beat, stress, fatigue, SpO2, skin temperature changes. All these can give you potential signs of illness.


Should you wear your Fitbit all the time?

You want a Fitbit watch to give you an accurate health and fitness data? Then wear it often. If you want to count your daily steps to the office or how many calories you burn each day, you must wear your fitness tracker from Fitbit.

The health watches will offer you a better sleep tracking information, if you wear it every night. In the same way, it would track your exact location, if you don’t wear it all times and when going outdoor.


Should you wear Fitbit to bed?

I see nothing bad about sleeping with your Fitbit on the bed. To monitor your sleep patterns, smartwatches must track the time you spent awake, restless, and asleep.

Fitbit sleep tracking watches are wrist-based devices, they will automatically detect when you fall sleep only if you wear one to bed. I recommend the one with a snug wristband, rather than wearing it in a clip.


How does Fitbit know how many calories I burn?

Fitbit uses simple mathematics in this case. Your Fitbit device first calculates the number of calories you burn while resting (basal metabolic rate or BMR) or the calories you need, while doing nothing, to maintain your vital body functions (breathing, blood circulation, and heartbeat).

It then sums up this BMR with the amount of calories you burn doing other activities, like walking, lifting, running or exercising.

Absolutely, the amount of calories you burn each day depends on your weight (body mass index–BMI). For more, Check how a smartwatch or device calculates calories in all your daily activity.


How Do I Set up my Fitbit App?

If its your first time to use Fitbit app or Fitbit Connect, don’t worry, the procedure is pretty simple. With your Fitbit credentials, here are straight forward steps to set up the Fitbit app on your phone.

  1.   First, download and install Fitbit
  2.   Tap on ‘Join Fitbit.’
  3.   Ensure that the Fitbit is the right type before setting it up.
  4.   Click the button to continue.
  5.   Enter your username and password for your Fitbit account.
  6.   You see, a checkbox? Check it, to agree with the Fitbit terms and conditions.
  7.  Click on “Create Account”
  8.  Confirm the “I Agree” after the legal write up.

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Wrap Up

As we first saw, Fitbit watches do not currently monitor blood pressure. But Fitbit is on a mission to include blood pressure sensor in their devices. You can see from their R&D on PAT.

Those who are health-focused only that Fitbit succeeds to develop a Fitbit blood pressure smartwatch soonest. Trust me, since Fitbit watches record heart rate and checks blood oxygen saturation levels, there will come a Fitbit blood pressure monitor watch.

At the moment, while waiting to wear a Fitbit that measures blood pressure, you can use a dedicated blood pressure tracking medical devices.

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