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Does Apple watch have Sim card Slot[How do I put a SIM card in my Apple Watch]

Does apple watch have sim card slot? Apple watches are known for making and receiving calls, do they have sim card slot where to insert a sim card?

When you hear of a smart watch as high-quality gadget, Apple watches are amongst the few. Apple watch series 6 can text, make and receive calls, but Apple fans have been asking whether the Apple Watch has a SIM card slot?

Apple watches have a lot of potentials to work without the phone and i believe it would make a nice accessory to own. At the moment, there are a lot of functional feature that one would love in apple watches.



About Apple Watches

There is availability of a built-in GPS for navigation, which is independent of  the iPhone. The apple watch core processor, offers increased speed; fast texting, quick cellular connections.

Apple watches are waterproof, rated at 50m water resistance. This allows users to swim in the pool, shower with it and may dive to shallow depths of maximum 1 meter;

In terms of design, Apple watches comes with unisex casing that could me made of  aluminum, or stainless steel. But there are tones of bands that can go with the apple watch.

Apple watches have ECG, Fall detection, blood pressure and oxygen sensors, text messaging(scribble, voice to text), make and receive calls.

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All these Apple watch functionality is also supported heavily by iPhone. But many of these functions make  Apple watch, more autonomous if they could work fully without being dependent on the smartphone.

does apple watch have sim cad slot? how do i insert sim card into series 6 - New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) - Blue Aluminum Case with Deep Navy Sport Band
img: New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) – Blue Aluminum Case with Deep Navy Sport Band

Does apple watch have a sim card slot?

NO. Apple Watch does not support a micro-sim or a phone-like SIM card slot. The lack of a physical, mobile phone sim card slot, where a removable cellular sim can be inserted, is really regrettable for most fans of Apple watches.

By envisaging an iphone-free standalone apple watch, most people expect Apple to build smartwatches with a sim card slot, unfortunately, not a single version of the Apple Watch supports a SIM card slot.


How does apple watch make calls and text without phone?

Although Apple unfortunately has never implemented support for the SIM card in a newer versions of the Apple Watches , it offers an alternative solution.

Apple watches make standalone smartwatch calls without phone, thanks to the digitally electronic embedded sim(eSim) built in to it. The point is that, your chosen carrier must activate and set up the eSim before you can use the smartwatch to call without need for phone.

Can we insert SIM in Apple Watch Series 6 then? No, you cannot insert or remove SIM from Apple watch. The Apple’s cellular watch has a built-in Esim that uses your phones number, there is no physical sim card and with an electronic embedded SIM (eSIM), it can’t be removed but it works with multiple cellular carriers.


More on the eSIM

An Apple Watch that comes with an eSIM but does not have an (integrated circuit card ID) ICCID, only normal SIM number do. An ICCID is a unique number assigned to a sim card in a GSM cellphone.

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The electronic sim card is represented by a 32 digit EID number. If you want to find where this EID number can be located, there are three possible places to check.

You can Check back of the Apple Watch box for the EID OR use you iPhone, go to the Watch app and navigate to General > About > EID.

If you don’t have your iPhone available, you can find the EID number right inside you Apple watch by navigating to Settings > General > About > EID.


What should I do, Verizon is asking me for an iCCID number?

Some phone companies like verizon, T-Mobile may ask for your apple watch’s sim card number or ICCID number to activate the watch cellular. Without these numbers, they won’t activate your watch cellular. Here is where to get it after activation.

Go to your iPhone, General > About > ICCID. The field may be empty and has no value yet, but this happens when your carrier has not yet activated it.

It is only when your watch is activated on a line of service, can you then view the ICCID. On your Apple watch, navigate to Settings > General > About > ICCID.

If apple watch had a sim card slot, it could make and receive calls, text, and reply messages with any carrier, anywhere on earth. A Sim card slot could eliminate the need of choosing to pair or route some task to the iPhone.


What is the most affordable Apple Watch?

If you are looking for a low price apple smart watch , go for older models. Apple watch series 3 is the cheapest apple watch while apple watch series 4 are also really affordable than the newer models like Apple watch series 6.

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Wrap Up

If Apple watches were completely autonomous from iPhone, the devices would work independently from any smartphone and here could be improvement in both the watch’s response and application functionality speeds.