How To Deal With Challenges Of Having Small Wrists In 2023

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If you are looking for simple ways to deal with your small wrists, you are looking right at the solution here. We understand that people with wrist under 6.7 inches face so many challenges in terms of finding fitting watches, boxing, wrestling, bodybuilding and fitness workouts. It does not matter any longer. We will give you a permanent solution to having skinny forearms. From today, having small wrists and forearms would never be an issue for you again. We will show you how to get bigger wrists for watches and bracelets. More importantly, this solution includes some simple exercises on how to get bigger forearms for an active fitness training and performance.


People have different sizes of wrists, hand and forearm and the size of one is related to the size of the other. People with petite wrists also have smaller hands and forearms and vice versa. It is pretty frustrating to have a skinny forearms and small wrist when you really want to get into bodybuilding, boxing, lifting and other forearm athletic sports.

A small wrist obviously will make an athlete feel he is mean, weak and less powerful. Actually, there are many challenges of having slender wrists and hands for both fitness enthusiasts and for skinny guys who want to just wear an elegant wrist watch.

If you have less than 6.5 inches wrist size, that is considered a petite wrist, sometimes you also feel like you are never going to have the best comfortable watches. But you don’t need to worry, there are practical ways how to strengthen wrists or how to deal with it, if you think your tiny wrist is not a blessing for you.


What they consider a skinny wrist?

What is the small wrist first of all? According to standard wrist sizing charts, if you measure your wrist and find that the circumference falls less than 6.75 inches, you are in small wrists category. A smaller wrist looks tiny because the arm has fewer muscles and perhaps a small wrist bone.

Even when you have a smaller wrist bone and a huge mass of muscles around it, your forearm and wrist appear to be bigger, obviously. In that case, normal size watches would just fit comfortable, and properly on your wrist.



Average Wrist sizes

As a rule, it is good you know what is average wrists size for men and women. This can help you determine where your arm falls – small, medium or larger category. The average wrist size of a man is about 7.25 inches(18.42 cm) and more than half of men have wrists bigger than this average value.

Moreover, when you consider a smaller circumference, about 80% of men have wrist dimensions greater than 6.75 inches(17.5 cm) while just about 20% men live with wrist over 7.75 inches(19.67 cm)

I am sure an athletic lady would want to understand what is the average wrists size women have. The average size of a woman’s wrist is 5.5-6.5 inches.

A majority of females fall in the thin wrists category, with an average wrist size of 7 inches or 17.78 centimeters. Under 38mm watches are very suitable for these wrist dimensions.

This may not look like an extra small(XS) fit for men, but that is a nice normal wrist size for ladies. A 6.5 inches or 16.51 centimeter is a beautiful fit for most skinny ladies. Whenever you determine your wrist size, check against these values if you are extra small, small, mid-size or large wrists.


You got skinny forearms and wrists? Check this guide on how to get bigger wrists , forearms , hands and fingers. - don't worry if you have small wrists - thin ankles - slim hands - small forearms - What are ways how to get bigger wrists for watches? What lower arm exercises should i take since my wrist is too skinny for a watch
Img: Guide on how to get bigger wrists –    Even small face under 40mm watches still look comically large on thin wrists

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Why are my wrists so small?

People with tiny wrists don’t realize the main reason for their thin wrists. There are many reasons I got to know, which i shared in this article – why my wrists are so small. Here are a few reasons, anyway.

  • Its DNA or genetical. You obtained skinny wrists through a gene from one of your parents.
  • You’re having a small frame, and
  • You live an live an inactive lifestyle,

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Do small wrists mean anything?

Before we step in to highlight how to get bigger wrists, it suffices to understand what it is meant to have thin wrists.

1. Small frame

What do small wrists mean, anyway? A 5 inch thin wrist means you have a small frame arm, with smaller muscles around the ankles, the lower part of your arm. Small wrist also indicate skinny hands and slimmer fingers. If you have chubby hands, here is How To build Bigger Hands In 14 days  and if you want to know your body frame size, check how to calculate your frame size.


2. Fewer muscles does not mean you’re weak

But having a small frame is not bad. If you are into boxing and wrestling, you can do skinny wrists workout to get massive forearm muscles. That will look as though your wrists have increased in size and you can deliver faster punches than muscular arms.


3. No good fit for big face watches

You will also not fit well in larger wrist watches. Most skinny watch enthusiasts find that modern watches are just too big for them.


4. It doesn’t mean poor health

Having a smaller wrist does not mean you have got a bad shape or unhealthy. A thin wrist does not also mean you have got little strength, as some people believe. It simply means you have got a smaller body size in general.


5. You appear skinny, near heavy guys

One thing, when you stand beside tall and heavy body friends, it may appear like your forearms are not “big” compared to theirs.

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Got petite hands, wrists, forearms? Here is How to get bigger wrists - Arm Wrestling Thin Hand And A Big Strong Arm
Img: Guide on how to make skinny forearms and thin wrists bigger –    Arm wrestling between a Muscular arm and a Smaller, Skinny arm.  Can you guess the end results?


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The challenges of having smaller wrists.

Why do people with skinny wrists feel bad?

1. People

People would come around and hold insanely tiny pieces of material near your arm, as a reminder that you are smaller, weaker, and that you amount to nothing.

Such a social challenge is truly very painful to live with. It is even frustrating to see your younger brothers, sisters and friends stand with you and appear like your elders in public.

Some visitors may even mistakenly qualify you for being a minor or a Dependant person in your own house. In the business or office environment, your employees may almost not physically notice your presence around them because you are physically smaller, except you have created a lot of influence on them.

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2. Everyday Dressing

The difficulty of finding the right outfit is the most common of all challenges of having a skinny size body. You may love, and buy even luxury watches, and see the finest shirts and pants in the shops, only to find out that they are over-sized or larger to fit your wrist or body.

Because of a small wrist, your girlfriend may get you a luxury watch, which unfortunately for you, insanely comes hanging down on your wrist like a big band on a kid’s arm.

When this happens, most small-shaped people tend to feel they are cursed with petite wrists, arms and hands, and that they can’t be able to wear whatever they like.

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3. Fitness(bodybuilding, wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, etc)

The Challenges of training for bodybuilding, boxing and wrestling with extremely small wrists are enormous. That is why most fitness freaks hate having extra small wrists, as that is being weak during fitness training workouts.

But you can deal with wrist under standard wrist size. Despite that, having small wrists is challenging in fitness, and in sports, while extra thin wrists are even more challenging. Can you imagine that people with extremely thin wrists struggle to buy watches and bracelets all the time?

Are small wrists weaker than compared to thicker wrists bodybuilding? No, not necessarily. When boxing, of doing bodybuilding, a huge body size, physique and appearance is the first punch you can give your opponent.

A large physical appearance like that of the Giant Goliath made Israelite scared to death, except for one person, the Little David. because wrestlers are judged by their massive looks, skinny boxers with smaller muscles in the arms are challenged.

Like what the former champion bodybuilder Steve Reeves realized that the arm size for bodybuilding should be at least 252% more than the actual wrist size. This means a skinny guy with 5 inches wrist would need to have an arm size as huge as 13 inches, which is still not enough when compared to the average arm sizes for a normal boxer.

As a result, report days some people’s small wrists, hands and forearm have a negative impact on their strength. They would think small wrists are weaker than massive wrists and therefore bad for fighting since they deliver less momentum in a face punch.

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4. Does wrists size affect your sexual life?(mens insecurities)

Some men can’t help but worry about their wrists sizes and believe they may never get a laid. Those involuntary celibate men would often get angry and show unprovoked violence. Guys with a lot of insecurities due to less prominent arms often feel they are cursed, and not attractive to opposite sex, like huge wide shoulder men.

The feeling of not having the key masculine characteristics that pull the attention of potential sexual partner can kill a lot of men with slimmer hands, tiny wrists and seemingly weak arms. Think of it this way: a man with a strong jaw-line, reasonable height,  beefy arms and pronounced chins creates more awareness among ladies than a skinny guy.

Observation shows that women turn to notice men with large arm width, larger upper body, physical dominance, thick arms, and strength. Body bulkiness helps in men’s access to women according to some studies and intimidates other men away.

I get the point now. Small men turn to think that a small wrist is invisible, tiny arms do not attract the lady’s attention, and that small body frame is unnoticeable.

If you harbor these concerns and have self-conciousness about your slender wrists, and a body dysmorphia, you may get laughed at.

Remember yourself that:

  • no one actually cares about your wrists size
  • take focus away from your imagined vulnerability and wear something like a watch that looks magnificent, which, no woman or man born under the sun, can take their eyes off you.



But What’s the benefits of having petite wrists? – Advantages

Some people have fat fingers, bigger and muscular hands, which you are looking to get. They aren’t seeing the advantages of making petite wrist bigger. Consequently, people with such thick hands want to get rid of such fat hand fingers, because they know petite wrist is useful.

If you know of a friend who has fatter hands and love to have slimmer, slender, chubby hands, guide them to  how to get skinny hands and slimmer fingers in few weeks ,

This will give them more flexible, long and beautiful. Here are some benefits of benefits of chubby wrists:


Small wrists boxer - how to build muscle around wrist how to bulk up forearms and wrists how to increase the size of your forearms and wrists
Img: Guide on his to get bigger wrists – Are thin wrists an advantage or a disadvantage in bodybuilding, wrestling and boxing?  Drop your view in the comment form at the end of this page.


1. Boxers with small wrists deliver high-speed punches

Experience shows that in boxing games, wrestling and strength fights, it is not about the wrist size or the forearm. It is about the strength in the arm, wrists and hands that matters.

While a large muscle fat on wrists can offer a slow coming but painful punch, a smaller arm with reduced mass punches with an impressive speed. This means that a bulky wrestler is slow to strike, but a skinnier boxer can generate explosive punches at a jaw-dropping speed.

The overall effect is that a slow massive arm has the same impact energy as a small, swift or fast-moving slender arm. It is acceptable that smaller wrists are prone to injury when it absorbs much energy, and even smaller knuckles become so vulnerable.

Yet, skinny athletes in small wrists bodybuilding who understand fast boxing and at what angle to deliver the punch often have the guts to endure in a long and fierce combat fight. Most often, they come out victorious.

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how to get bigger wrists for watches. Do wrist exercises, forearm workout, finger grip trainings, take hormones, do wrist curl and wrist weight exercises
Img: Guide how to get bigger wrists for watches – Wear smaller ultra thin watches if you have thin wrists. This is how to deal with the challenges of having small wrists


2. Petite wrists have a perfect fit for vintage watches

Vintage watches are highly valued for collection, and most of them come in slim design which offer a good opportunity for people with small wrists. Many people are dying to have thin wrists so as to wear these vintage timepieces.

It does not mean you are weak when you are having small wrists. In my opinion, everything has a good side, and that is not different from having smaller wrists. You are not a weaker man because bigger does not all-the-time means power.

Considering what small wrist people wear, when it comes to watches, there are many other people who want to get their wrist smaller. Those people would die to have smaller wrists that wear so nicely for vintage watches.

You know, vintage watches are in the category of smaller timepieces, and they wear too tight on larger wrists – 8 inches wrists are too large to fit vintage wrist watches.

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You got skinny forearms and wrists? Check this guide on how to get bigger wrists , forearms , hands and fingers. - don't worry if you have small wrists - thin ankles - slim hands - small forearms - What are ways how to get bigger wrists for watches? What lower arm exercises should i take since my wrist is too skinny for a watch

Ultimate Ways  how to deal with having small wrists.

Any wrist circumference under 6 inches is small and if you feel cursed and wanting to do something about it, we offer you ways to deal with your small wrists.

Some of the methods will produce observable effects, others have nothing to change in your arm size. When you have small wrists, you also probably get small hands, thin ankles and generally, a smaller, skinnier body build. You will not readily fit in things that heavy guys wear.

There is a certain age -21 years after which a person’s bone size no longer grows. Under that age, wrists bone do get stronger and grow in size but not as fast as other parts of your body muscles.

One lucky thing about growing over 21 years with a small wrist, is that while your wrist bone remains the same size, you can strengthen the Tendons, joints, ligaments and grow more muscles around the wrists with good strength training exercises.

If you’re like me, you’ve been blessed with small wrists. I have 6 inch wrists–well they’re more like 5.9 inch. So what can you do when you love watches and have small wrists? Are you cursed not being able to wear whatever you like? Having small wrists is not a problem in and of itself.

The size of most modern watches is! I don’t know about you, but every time I come across a design that I really like, the watch has a 41+ mm case.

That is to say,  too big for me (most of the time). Here are 5 ways to deal with small wrists when you’re a watch enthusiast. I tried them all, and while they all work, the last one is definitely my favorite.

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Deal with small wrist with these ways how to increase wrist size - measure wrists size first -
Img: Guide how to get bigger wrists and firearms – first measure to know your wrists size


1. Know your actual wrist size

The homework you are required to do is to know how to measure your wrist size and get the actual circumference. You can use a tape, or ruler but check out here how to measure your wrist for a perfect watch.

If you have the right watch band sizes, and the actual case diameter, looking up in the watch size chart may give you an idea of what wrist size can fit into the watch. Probably, your wrist can fit pretty well.

Use our in-depth guide to measure your wrist size. But the actual measurement of your wrists doesn’t matter very much if your perception is that you are skinny with tiny wrists. Keep reading if you feel your wrists are extra small and you want to have bigger wrists.


Read More


When measuring your wrist size

Your wrist looks wider to others than you see it! Believe it or not. It just depends on the preferred way how to measure your wrist size circumference.

The position of your arm plays an important part in the value you get for your wrist dimension. What I mean is that your arm has a different size(larger) when it hangs down freely than when it is rotated.

The actual width of your wrists decreases when you rotate it. Some people are misguided to think that they have small wrists, when they actually have normal mid-size wrists circumference.


Here is the trick.

Rotate your arm into a position you would have your wrist in when reading time. Let the back of your hand come close to your face. Using a ruler, or digital Calipers(accurate), measure your size, making sure the measuring tool is barely touching your forearm skin.

Write down the value on a piece of paper. For me, I got 47mm. so a watch with lug to lug distance greater than 47 mm would look bigger.
Next, let your arm hang down freely.

Measure the dimensions again, barely touching the arm skin. You would discover the wrist size looks bigger than the one you had when you rotated the arm. I got 56mm for my arm.


the difference is 56mm – 47mm = 9mm, which is kind of near 1cm (centimeter) of difference.


But why the difference? The tendons, the bones, crossed over and compressed each other during arm rotation.

But when you don’t rotate your wrists, they are positioned parallel and in the right shape. So if you think you have skinny arms, your eyes may be deceiving your brain. Get the facts straight and measure your wrist accurately before you conclude.

For the most part, people see your arm when it rests on the side of your body. In that position, your wrists appear wider than you think. It is therefore possible that you are the only person seeing your arm from the rotated position, which measures smaller than it actually is.

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Guide how to get bigger wrists - slimmest thinnest slender smallest watch for small wrists
Img: Guide how to make worst thicker And bigger – wear petite or bracelet



2. wear smaller watches

If you had never tried out the thinnest smartwatch, or a 33mm to 36 mm slimmer watch will look heavenly great on a 6 inch wrist. Getting a smaller piece of watch or wrists band is an amazing way to deal with your small wrists.

With this method, you need to avoid watches with very large screen sizes – they would look oversized on your arm even if the band fits your wrists nicely. Getting a smaller piece like this ultra thin watch with sub-9mm case, is probably the easiest way to get away with skinny wrists that are deprived of muscles.

This method has nothing to do with making the wrist shape to change. It simply insists you pick the right size watches, bracelets, and pieces of jewelry for your tiny wrists.

If you constantly get reminded that you are skinny when a 42mm watch case seats on your wrists, you have to start shopping for watches designed particularly for small wrists. Such small wrists watches come with pretty small case diameters under 40mm, and slim bands. For example, 35mm Tudor Black Bay watch.

You need to understand how to measure the watch band size and the case for the wristwatch you want to buy. After knowing your wrist, use it to check what size watch can wear comfortably on it. To do so, you must learn to measure the ideal watch strap size, lug distance, and length. You also need to learn how to measure the watch case with calipers.

small wrists - How To Deal With Challenges Of Having Small Wrists In 2023small wrists - How To Deal With Challenges Of Having Small Wrists In 2023

Some Best watch for small wrists

When you know who to size watches for your wrist, choose the right slim watch with the comfort, snug fit, elegance and aesthetics that go well with your thin wrists outfit.

With many reputable watch brand manufacturers like Tudor, Rolex and Oris, the kind or type of watches you pick depends on your outfit and lifestyle.

Since getting a smaller timepiece is one very great way to deal with your small wrists, a smaller watch with a perfect bracelet size will wrap around your bony wrist like no other watch.

Things to check on watches include lug distance, band size and strap length, wrist size and case diameter of under 40mm and below. For example, a 38 mm piece looks absolutely perfect.

There are Several options available



how to get your forearms and wrists bigger
Img: Guide how to grow skinny forearms and wrists muscles by doing resistance strength training wrists exercises. It will strengthen both petite wrists and bony forearms.


2. Get Bigger wrists, hands and forearms

If you can’t help to be proud of your smaller wrists, there is a small hope left for you. If you can’t choose to see the positive side of having a tiny wrist, engage is forearm muscles exercises to grow your small wrists.

The same goes with skinny ankles. Since small wrists also imply small ankles,  treadmill running exercises can get the leg muscles around your petite ankles thicker.

Because actually, training to get bigger wrists will barely add any size to your wrist bone, maybe your forearm muscles mass may increase. Most men felt bad noticing they got slender wrist, and they would want to get bigger arms and wear bigger watches.

But can fitness gym exercises help you get bigger wrists?. Just a little and it may not. Weightlifting, pull-ups and Grip strength training may cause the tendon in your arms to thicken or make muscles to grow on your upper arm.

Thicker tendons mean thicker wrists, but it isn’t very possible to grow them. One other slow method is using blood flow restriction training.

Since there are little to no muscles in your wrists, tendons are the only hope, but they can’t actually grow from strength training and gym workouts and exercises.

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3. Just be yourself and Don’t just care at all

Be natural, be yourself true self because if God could give you a chance to choose, you won’t pick a muscle-less arm. To me, this is the favorite way to deal with my small wrists.

I choose not to just think about it. Naturally, you can change small wrists that easily once you are grown up, so you should not just think about you having tiny bony wrists.

Why does it matter to you? Is it not about all that people will say about it? Consider this point, if you wear a 40mm fitness watch that is a little larger for your smaller wrist size and it looks good, you should care much what peoples say about your wrists.

Just wear your fitness and health monitoring watch , focus on being in good health, go for your Crossfit workouts at the gym, accept it. The irony is that if you don’t think about having small wrists, people won’t notice that you’ve got a slender arm, anyway.

Sincerely, petite wrists should not be an issue and it won’t have any effect on your lifestyle unless your own perceptions allow it. My advice, let it go and care not about other people’s opinions about your handsome, skinny looks.

Focus on achieving your lifestyle goals or on something meaningful to your life, if you can’t do much, rather than think about how people perceive you bony forearms, maybe you can engage in ways that will add more muscle mass on your forearm, wrist and hands.

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How to wear a watch for wrist to appear bigger

If you wanty more clarification on skinny wrists, check these small wrists generally asked questions. Wearing a smaller piece is probably the easiest way to get away with your small wrists. But how you Wear your watch on your wrist also matter a lot.


how to get forearms and wrists bigger

Img : Guide  on how to get bigger wrists for watches

If you have fat hand and big fingers, here’s How To Make Fat Fingers Thinner – This shows you ultimate ways how to get skinny fingers and slim Beautiful Slimmer Hands In A Week


1. Wear watch near the hand – close to wrist bone

Since your hand comes wider than your small wrists, One great and unbelievable way you can deal with your skinny wrists is to wear wrists watches closer to your hand – lower down the wrist obviously. You can wear your watch at a position closer to your hand or far above the wrist bone.

Wearing a wrist watch very close to the hand may not give you a tighter fit, but it makes your wrist appear bigger. It is not common for men to wear their watches in the smaller part of their left or right- hand wrist.

However, this is beneficial for people who have wrist circumferences that come less than actual the 7-inches average wrist size for a man.

This technique creates an illusion that your fitness watch is smaller while your wrists are bigger. People with bigger wrist, who wear bigger watches, sometimes experience the watch falling naturally into these wrist bone areas near the hand, when they let their bracelet go loose in the upper arm.

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wear watches together with bracelet
Img Guide on how to grow skinny forearms bigger – wear watches and bracelets to cover slender wrists



2. Wear wristwatch + bracelets

From observation, watches and bracelets work very well together on wrists. They together look very fashionable, elegant and cool with an aesthetic that matches most casual and formal outfits.

For the most part, having both watches and bracelets on wrist is a great way to deal with the challenges of having small wrists ultimately.

Here is the point, the dressy watch and the bracelet do not physically make your wrists get smaller, but they hide the thin wrist by causing distraction away from it.

The eye-catching appearance creates some seduction, causing people to look at your watch and your bracelets and not at your tiny wrists. The eyes of your friends and colleagues are drawn to the watch and the bracelets, therefore leaving your slender arms less exposed.

Watches and bracelets combine to offer a fascinating style, which helps in directing public focus towards your watch. Wear your wristwatch near the hand and let bracelets come higher on the forearm.

This style helps people not to notice your wrist looks skinny. It is comfortable for me to wear my watch at the thinnest part of my wrist, you can try out this position.

Just that you should know, the relative position of the watch and the bracelets for your arm are very important. You may wear watch high up your forearm for a tighter fit and send your bracelets down near the wrist bone or actual wrist.

Some people may choose to wear 2 to 3 bracelets, and besides, this all depends on your personal style and taste. So that people won’t be looking at your wrist, just give them something more beautiful and attractive to gaze at.

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how to hide small wrists and skinny forearms - wear long sleeve shirts and watches down the wrists
Img: how to wear watches on slender wrist


3. Wear your watch + Long Sleeves

Another way you will not even notice your small wrist is to wear long sleeves to cover up the tiny wrists. If you have the thinnest wrists, an oversize watch will look comically bulky on your petite wrist.

If wearing watch lower part of the wrist does not look attractive for you, wear a long sleeve shirt to hide the portion of your wrist that’s the thin.

This helps to ensure the public eyes won’t have the slightest opportunity to fall on your slender wrists. Moreover, a watch that might a little too large at first sight, would loon normal with a long sleeve.

Understandably, if you live in countries with cold weather or hot climate, a long sleeve may leave you sweating enormously, while making it certain that it is impossible for someone to tell the size of your wrist. If you feel so comfortable passing with opened skinny arms, there isn’t any need to wear sleeves in summer.

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