3 Little-Known Benefits of Corporate Chair massage for employees at the workplace

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I really Want to grow my business in a stress free zone. I guess if you are a business owner, you want to do same. If you are an employee, working in a stress-free office space is a great place to be. Happy employees offer nothing than just selfless service with never-seen-before daily performance. There is only one-fit-all solution to work related stress, anxiety, depression, stress due to family and personal problems – a 10-20 minute of pressure-relieving chair massage. Besides triples impact on work productivity of massage office chair, there are many  benefits of for spa corporate chair massage for employees output.

Relaxation at workplace, decades ago was sometime met with firing the employee and hiring another, who could work under stress. Employers who still run their business’s in that style, are still impressed by the usual “I can work under pressure” in a graduates resume. Wow!

Most Employers and corporate managers have developed excellent solutions to their everyday business problems and activities, but a how to deal with employees daily emotional health, is a little, less focused-on.

While a Pay raise, promotions, threads, insurance and benefits do awesomely bring out the best in a company’ workers, in a long term, managing to relieve employees’ worrisome mindset, moody faces, stress and fatigue, each working day can create an explosive performance, never seen before.

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Cost of employee stress on business productivity

  •  Occupational Health and Safety News reported that, over 50% of lost workdays are due to body and mind stress. In US alone, stress related employees issues keeps about 1 million people from attending work, everyday.
  • Another report by the American Institute of Stress, pointed out that over 40% of job turnover is stress -related.
  • Another Study  suggest that blood pressure and cortisol levels (a stress hormone) were significantly reduced after you take just a 10-15 minutes relaxing chair massage.

Employees-centric business management that focuses on reducing these employees stress related costs, and bringing the best out of working staff, is one that will survive several decades.

Only few employers who create office massage solutions for their workers, play the game differently in these modern days. If you ask any employee, you would find out that their best place to work is in a businesses that is helping to take away undue stress from their workforce.


Office massage chair corporate massage chairs business massage chair for workers - benefits of chair massage for employees
Img : Workplace chair massage – massage office chair for employees

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One solution to Employees emotional wellness

Employees background plays a lot of role in their performance at the office, and most Americans, suffer family-related problems at workplace. Everest College reported up to 83% of Americans get stressed up at work. Both personal worries and work-related stress can take a toll on employee performance and health

If there is one thing that great employers know, it is that Stress, brain fatigue, moody appearances, aren’t compatible with excellent job performance. Actually, these elements hinder work progress in the offices, and that is a serious corporate concern, for an employer.

I agree that many companies have amazing solution in place to motivate and keep their workers active, accurate and progressive in performance. I am an entrepreneur, I do not disagree at all with business strategies to manage employees.

I want to address another point worth considering that, an employees general health, mindset, emotion and attitudes(depression or anxiety) that she brings into the office each day, can geometrically create a stunning daily progress in business or diminish it.

I can probably guess what you are thinking right now and Your mind must be doing some arithmetic now. ” I am managing over 200 workers in this business , and if I ask everyone of my employees, each will likely have 1-5 major personal problems. That means I got to be dealing with 1000+ people’s problems?, You got to be kidding”

I guess you are right, it is insane to leave business cases and handle over thousand of workers problems! How can an employer handle over thousands of employers individual problems each word day?

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Employers can build, and set-free, their workers Mindset, body health and emotional wellness, by providing a fitness exercise center or a daily massage therapy to everybody.

The advantage is that Relaxing on a heated massage office chair for 30 minute each work day, is the best remedy for stress, fatigue, moody faces, annoyances, anxiety and arrogance.

Hiring a human massage therapist is costly, but installing a good number of high quality massage chairs and creating on-business-site massage program that fit office space, create more productivity and is more cheaper than gym membership for everyone.

Employers can give it a try, don’t be surprised that a worker may serve double shifts per day, increase turnover, and accept multiple schedule in the office environment. Massage chairs for office employees are the best human resource management solution that will catapult workers into speedily completing their daily tasks accurately, and efficiently.

Home Depot, instead of sending workers off and rejoicing over reduced costs during Coronavirus outbreak, they choosed to focus on the health check of workers at Home Depot .The results: home improvement business kept growing while everyone else was panicking.

” Do You Agree With Me?

Even if you don’t, you still need a deeply relaxing  massage on your back, face, feet, just after few hours of working in the office. A massage chair can offer you a near-human therapy massage.


Please, consider the impact on work productivity. Many employers would argue that happy employees perform better. You could ultimately reduce absenteeism while simultaneously increasing office morale and an on-site massage program is a great place to get started.

Employees welfare is the key to increasing productivity, that one you know. Not only so, if a company focuses to care for her employees, the workers will take good care of the corporate business.

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What’s it about a corporate chair massage?

Before we look into how a massage affects human mind, body and emotions, it’s great you get rightly, how a business needs to focus on employees comfort too.

Actually, the idea of office massage chairs s to make workers not to leave the office, or the business site. The ease of using this massagers is that employers don’t get to change clothes in order to enjoy a deep relaxation of mind, and body muscles.

With lots of physical, emotional and mental benefits, there s no need to doubt if massage chairs are worth it. They create moments of pain-relief, mental freedom, and happiness.

The massage chairs replaces human therapist massages for your neck, back, hips, shoulder, feet, legs, and arms. If you’re not already familiar with massage chairs, check these best massage chairs, which are widely used at home, airports, and salons.


Why get chair massage for employees during office hours?

Stress has a huge effect on employees professional and personal lives. Mitigating stress is very essential in data-driven, technology or computer related jobs. Fat Fingers  is been attributed to most of the mistakes during data-entry but stress, tiredness, worries, and troubled minds of the data clerks is little-known for entering wrong data.

businesses in the Industrial Age never really understood that to combat workplace stress and anxiety, they needed to relax their workers, instead of giving them office perks.


Benefits of corporate chair massage for employees

The benefits of chair massage for employees far outweigh paycheck bonuses, in terms of daily impact on business.There are compelling reasons to purchase best massage chairs for home and business workers.


1. Physical health

You body feels good, uuh! With the task to make more money for this investors, workers both in Wall Street and local businesses suffer serious face, neck and back pains, starring over high-tech computer screens.

Other employees endure sore muscle pains lifting objects and handling to clients. With time, you discover that employees that mostly use their arm suffer wrist and hand pains, including carpal tunnel, arthritis and strains.

A daily chair massage for these workers can prevent these risks, relief muscle pressure or tensions, and pains. In same way like exercising fingers to make them flexible, general body massage relaxes your skin, enabling quick blood flow around you body, boosting wellness, reducing risk of fever, headache, and prevents chronic diseases.

The causes of diseases affecting many seniors and older adults in America are related to their condition of working before they retired. They might have received good wages, promotions and other ensured benefits, but they never really saved their physical health.

A 15 minute chair massage is not same as 15 minute running outside or on a good quality space-saving treadmill in the office. Massage promote increased blood circulation, stronger immune system and lower blood pressure. Using a massage chair prevents many issues than treatment.

As such, a physically healthy employees is more stronger and capable to deliver performance than a worker taking drugs, pills are fears being caught or missing the schedule for the medication.

Summarily, chair massaging

  • office chair back massage reliefs back pains
  • Quick Relief of muscle soreness
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion in fingers, arms and hands
  • A boost circulatory and Immune System
  • Ergonomic massage office chair reduces repetitive stress symptoms
  • Improves and refreshes employee eye sight from staring at a computer screen
  • massage chairs reduce your blood pressure and heart rate
  • Relief Carpal tunnel and tendonitis pains for employees suffering with it.

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2. Mental wellness

Mental health is greatest tool to achieving the highest self actualization, which starts with delivering progressive daily work performance in your dream job. If being a sales person is your dream job, lack of workplace massage may cause you hate marketing as a profession.

There are many young, men and women, it is sad to say, who presently hate working for business they had wanted all their life, because of poor or lack of stress management strategies for them.

Having a Mid-day massage while at work, helps to put away a lot of mental stress, depression and anxiety. Mental jobs like investment banking, Wall Street trading, programming needs the best of active mindset and emotions.

Fitness exercises at a gym does deliver a better mental treatment, but the most suitable therapy is a comfortable, relaxing massaging on an office massage chair.

Some mental and emotional benefits include:

  • massage office chair reduced mental stress
  • Improve workers concentration
  • Reduces brain fatigue throughout working hours
  • There is potential to work multiple shifts
  • decreased anxiety and depression
  • executive massage for employees improves overall mood and worry-free and relaxed brain.
  • an in-office chair massage increased flexibility, alertness and active lifestyle
  • improves employee happiness and enthusiasm.
  • A relaxing workplace chair massage relaxes brain cells, and improves employee creativity, decision-making, problem-solving skills
  • Few minutes of chair massage can soothe body nerves.

For example, a shiatsu massage office chair is  not only stress-relieving for employees wellbeing, it also promotes an collaborative atmosphere in business department, teamwork, loyalty, self motivation, and trust in the business site.

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3. Total Mental and body Relaxation

Having a corporate massage chair, gives the same level of human touch relaxation, that one would expect from a paid self-employed massage therapist around.

Relaxation is vital during a busy workday, especially when a business project winds down to take over some employees bedtime.

A relaxed chair massage serves as an immediate compensation for doing near-impossible tasks, are that helps muscle and mental recovery from stress and fatigue.

A very relaxed, deep tissue spa massage also helps you get an improve sleep, and ability to pay attention.

Chair massage creates employee engagement, and makes the workplace or business site an enjoyable environment.

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Integrating Chair massage into your office/work schedule

Corporate massage or employers and employees does not need to be heavily planned, but it should work well into your daily timetable. If your company has rest time for employees, during the course of the day, it’s the right time too to take 10-15 minutes to get the best rest, and relaxation on a spa massage chair. This is to make sure you don’t interrupt the flow of work.

Some companies like zeel@work have locations around U.S that accommodate massages for workplaces. But a believe each business should have its own massage floor with all types of massage hairs available for employees. If the companies allows you to bring your own massager, that is being overly lucky.

Employee massage shouldn’t be taking too long during work hours, the best recommendation is to allow a a 10-15 minute chair massage for each employee. The duration is enough to run full body scan and thorough massage, and get back to work in a time.

Want to spend several hours massaging? Great, long hour chair massage is best done at home or when you visit s hotel. But if your business has to offer you change to do long-chair massage, the best moment is at the closing hours.

No business will offer workers, a 100% time flexibility except off non working days.
Some employers may decide on the number of spa massage chairs, with a good mix o full body massage, zero gravity massage chairs and more. The number should suit the size of the business team.

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Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage for employer and the company

We have seen the benefits of corporate chair massage for employees or company staff.  The overall point is that as massaging helps to rejuvenate the mind and the body of employees, the company benefits the most when employees and happy, hardworking and team-working.

  1.  Increased daily productivity.
  2. Reduced lateness and absenteeism. Reducing Employees stress with very relaxing massage reduces stress-related absenteeism.
  3. Improved workplace morale. Workers gained improved mood and better behavior towards the project or customers.
  4. Lowered health-care costs. Prevention of sickness and reduce sick leave, no regular employees health checks and the need for doctor’s visits.
  5.  Reduces number of complains: department managers will receive few stress-related complaints and issues.
  6. Staff boredom and data-entry errors become rare.

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The end point is that, the employers also benefits tremendously from sacrificing a little time for workers to get relieved off their emotions, depressions, boredom.

The healthcare cost gets reduced, absenteeism is eliminated, if the workplace massage is fun. Besides offering a better and healthier lifestyles to staff, the employer gain increase productivity.

If a corporation chooses to include fitness and game equipments, that is great generosity, but the benefits of a chair massage( pain/ pressure relief and total relaxation) are long-lasting than pain-elated fitness exercises.

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Wrap up

Body Massaging during business hours is a win-win-win, for both employees, and the business owners or investors. I hope, fund managers, Wall Street bankers and the industrialist, should consider their workers mental and emotional welfare in a different approach.

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