How to Compose, Reply and Send text on Apple watch series 6

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Texting on Apple watch series 6? Apple watch is an iOS  smartwatch for texting and responding to messages. If you want to know how to text on apple watch series 6, just like its other cousins, the experience is amazing. You know, instead of texting on an iPhone, you text from your wrist and instead of accessing your Snapchat on iphone, you just open the Snapchat on your apple watch.  If you already have your Apple, watch, how can you use it to create messages like you do on a smartphone?


best smartwatch for texting messages - How to reply and text on apple watch series 6 without your iphone - texting on apple watch
img: How to reply and text on apple watch series 6 without your iphone

Smartwatch to write text –  best smartwatch for texting and replying messages


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How to create a text on Apple Watch 6

If you have written text messages from a phone, the procedure isn’t much different, except the the devices themselves.

  • First launch your Apple watch message app
  • On top of the screen, create a new message
  • Add receiver’s Contact.


Here is how to add contact number when texting on apple watches

  • You can tap “Add Contact” to add a new contact or
  • you select a contact from the lost of your most recent conversations
  • To input the phone number by voice assistant, tap on the microphone and use voice to dictate the digits.
  • You can also search a recipient’s number in your contact list.
  • Another way is to use the Keypad button to enter the phone number
  • When you have found the number, click Add Contact button


how to compose tect message in Apple watch by voice - voice to text messaging
Img: How to write a text message on Apple watch – voice to text

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Compose a message on Apple Watch

There are plenty of ways you can text on apple watch series 6 for example. The way you use to compose a text message on your apple watch, only depends on the convenience.

1. Smart reply

These are already written phrases that you can quickly use.  If you want to modify the sentence, you would need to open the Apple watch app on your IOS Smartphone.

  • tap on the My Watch,
  • Go to Messages
  • Choose Default Replies,
  • Tap Edit to customize the default replies. You can just drag each one of them to reorder. You can as well, chose to delete the message by tapping on the Delete button.

If your watch does not display the messages in the language you best understand, you can switch to a different language that you want. To change message language when texting on apple watch,

  • Scroll further down and select languages.
  • Then from the list of available languages, choose the best.
  • These languages are the ones you had enabled in your iPhone when setting up the keyboard(Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards)

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2. Use Voice assistant to dictate text

To create a voice to text message on your apple watch,

  • Decide what your message is
  • Tap on the microphone icon,
  • Tap Done

When texting on apple watch by dictating, make sure you include punctuation as you speak. For example, you must mention “question mark” and the end of any question phrase you want to ask in the message. The app does not know when you pulse, so you must announce a “comma” or “full stop” before it can break or terminate the sentence.


3. Create Audio messages

Apple watch that sends messages also allows you to create audio clip. On your iPhone,

  • launch your Watch app
  • tap My Watch,
  • Go to Messages
  • Select Dictated Messages,
  • Tap Transcript, Audio, or you choose the Transcript or Audio option

The Audio option converts your dictated message into an audio clip for the recipient to listen to it. This is quite different from a text message to be read. If you decide to tap Transcript or Audio, that offers you the format of your message when you send it.

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4. Scribble text messaging

Apple watch comes with scribble for texting messages, unfortunately, its is not available in all languages.

  • Tap on scribble icon
  • hand write your message
  • use the Digital Crown, turn it to choose predictive words or text options
  • Tap Send to send the text

5. Object Messaging

Emojis : If composing text to respond to received messages is pretty hard, a quicker way to reply is to send emojis.

  • Tap on the face-like emoji icon
  • Pick a favorite category
  • Scroll through, or browse the available images or symbols
  • if you find the right one, tap on it to send


6. Send My current Location

You can also share your location when texting on apple watch. You can share your current location by sending a map to someone. Sending location is only possible is you turn on “Share my location” in your compatible iPhone.

  • On your iPhone
  • Go to Settings
  • under your name, tap Find My and toggle Share My Location

If your Apple Watch has cellular connectivity,

  • open the Settings app ,
  • Go to Privacy
  • enter Location Services, and activate Share My Location


best smartwatch for texting replying messages - how to reply to messages on apple watch
Img: best smartwatch for texting replying messages – how to reply to messages and text on apple watch series 6


Replying to received messages

With Apple watches, you just need to turn on the Digital Crown scroll to the bottom of the message. Here is how to reply with a quick response tapback.

  • double-tap a desired message in the conversation,
  • Choose on the best Tapback —thumbs-up, question mark, thumb-down or a heart.


Another way is to reply directly to text message in a group conversation, as it is done on whatsapp. Texting inline, is the best way to respond to group conversation, at least, that way, things are organized.

  • Go to the messages in the conversation,
  • Pick the one to reply
  • touch and hold a it to reply to,
  • tap Reply and create your response message,
  • When you are done, tap Send.

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Apple watch series 7 vs Apple Watch 6 Texting

Apple watch series 6 is quite advanced, and the newest model with a much more texting enhancing feature is the Apple watch series 7 smartwatch. The series 7 does not actually come with a new design per say. However, the more observable difference, that series 7 has a high resolution, brighter screen display which is about 20-25% larger than the screen area  for apple series 6.

Apple surprisingly added a full internal keyboard to the Apple watch series 7, which is not avialble in older generations.  With Series 7 apple watch, you can swipe letters across the keyboard, to make a word. This comes a lot easier when you swipe with your finger to respond to short messages of just few words.

One interesting experience, is that Apple watch series 7 allows users to zoom or make the text a slightly bigger on the screen, for easy readability, than you will normally get in series 6.

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