Women’s Health ! Can You Wear A Bra With Holter Monitor Portable Device?

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If you are a heart patient, you’ll need a little preparation to make an ECG test. Because the electrodes of the Holter monitor need to sit firmly on the chest and measure your heart rhythm without interference, cardiologists may give you some restrictions when making the Holter monitor placement. First, your chest needs to be shaved of hairs and cleaned with alcohol to let electrical signals from electrodes enter your skin and record the heart rate. The health expert may also tell you what clothes to wear for Holter monitor and what to avoid throughout the entire test period. So as a woman, can you wear a bra with Holter monitor?

Hi beauty, you’re eager to check it out? Let’s go find out what to wear when getting a Holter monitor leads connected to your feminine body.


Can you wear a bra with Holter monitor?
img: Can you wear a bra with Holter monitor?


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First, what is a Holter Monitor?

Unlike the wrist-based smartwatches with ECG, a Holter monitor is a portable device that you can wear to record your heart rhythm for at least 24 hours. Wearing the portable electrocardiogram (ECG) is one medical way doctors can assess variations in a patient’s heart rhythm, to identify symptoms of potential heart diseases.

So most patients have a lot of questions with checking their heart performance with a Holter Monitor. It is but normal to ask questions if you’re a beginner, especially when you feel something can interfere with your heart rate results.

Since you would want to carry the Heart Holter monitor around while doing your daily activities, you must avoid substances that will accidentally erase the heart rate data from the monitor.

You must avoid clothes that can pull off one electrode lead from the body. That sounds like you’ll get too many restrictions while wearing a Holter monitor around, but that is not it.

Since they position the electrodes of the Holter monitor around your chest, like a female heart patient or sports woman, your bra may come in the way of your Holter Monitor placement.



Can you wear a bra with Holter monitor?

YES, You can wear your bra with a Holter monitor. This is particularly important for a fitness, athletic lady or a woman with heart problems. So what do you wear when getting a Holter monitor on your body?

When making preparations for your cardiac ECG test, you should wear a very comfortable bra that will help you to spend the entire day without feeling uneasy. That means you choose a bra that you can wear for the entire ECG heart rate monitoring period without removing or adjusting it.

If you are involved with outdoor activities, sometimes it becomes complicated. As a woman, even if you were busy pounding a treadmill or riding an elliptical trainer at the gym, you still have to consider wearing a comfortable sports bra, while wearing the ECG monitor. You just need to be more careful about how you pick your choice of bra.


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can you wear a bra with Holter monitor - Women's Health ! Can You Wear A Bra With Holter Monitor Portable Device?

Again, Can you wear a bra with Holter monitor?

No, you shouldn’t wear any bra when getting a Holter Monitor. In some circumstances, a woman may not be allowed to wear any bra with metallic clips during the ECG test.

In the room, the cardiologist can ask her to undress right from to the waist or wear a simple two pieces’ kind of outfit. Some medical expert explain that this depends on the kind of breast wear. Some bras, like the ones made from Cotton or fabric, don’t have any problem with the Monitor.

However, women’s breast wears with metals inserted in some parts can create electrical and magnetic interference that can wipe out the heart rate data already collected in the ECG monitor. For this reason, even nurses take caution about what to wear, or are advised to remove metallic-pin bras when carrying out the test with an ECG monitor.

Again, a woman may suffer the risk of dislodging the electrodes or leads connecting to the small ECG device from her chest when she’s adjusting an uncomfortable dress. I have seen my mother once, and my wife on several occasions, pulling the elastic band of their bra, when it gets too tight or when it gets too hot outdoor.

If a woman doesn’t feel comfortable in her bra, like during sweaty moments when she’s doing fitness or sports activity, she’s forced to manipulate the bra. The downside at the end of wearing a poor fitting bra is that your record inaccurate results with the Holter monitor.

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What can you not wear with a Holter Monitor apart from a bra?

There are other limitations on what to wear when going for a Holter Monitor as a patient or athlete.

You should cover an electric blanket at night while wearing a Holter monitor. You know already that an electric blanket which is switched on, may discharge the electrocardiograms. So take caution to warm your bed up first and turn the blanket off before sleeping.

It is not only the electrical blanket, but any device around, inside your dress, or close to your chest, like headphones, which turn electrical current and wireless waves through your body, may permanently erase the health data collected already.

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Things you should not do – Holter monitor instructions

Here are some restriction that if you don’t follow, may provide an abnormal Holter monitor results. You don’t want that to happen, right?. Some of these points are given in your Holter monitor instructions.

1.Whether man or woman with heart patient, there are things you should avoid to downgrade the results you expect. Stop when you start sweating, like when you are running in the outdoor.

2. Limit participating in highly demanding exercises. Perspiration can loosen the adhesive to the ECG device electrodes.

3. Avoid high voltage areas, or machines. While it is absolutely important that you should avoid standing near interferential machines, I recommend you just stop wearing high-tech devices around.

4. Do not swim, shower while wearing a Holter monitoring device. The leads may get wet and compromise the electrical signals. If you touch water, use clothes to wipe. And if you must bathe or swim, there are working tips on how to shower with a Holter monitor you must consider first.

5. Avoid sleeping with Holter monitor when your electric blanket is turned on.

6. Avoid some home or office electronics : Keep away your smart phones, Bluetooth headphones, mp3 players, computer and remove the smartwatch from your wrist. Don’t go near kitchen microwaves, don’t use an electric toothbrush or use anything like a metal detector.

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Can you wear deodorant with a Holter monitor?

Do not use any lotion or perfumes as they will cause poor electrical contact of the electrodes/lead with your body. The oils can generate more electrical resistance on your body, reduce electrical signals entering your skin, and lower the accuracy of your ECG monitoring device. Here are tips of using deodorant while wearing a Holter monitor.


So what can you do while wearing a Holter machine?

We have seen what clothes to wear for Holter monitor–comfortable bras and what to avoid. Here are things you can also do during the test. Do your normal daily activities–walk, go to work and visit friends. If you love fitness activities, and outdoor adventures, do your normal exercises while with a Holter monitor attached. But don’t just wear a bra, which will disrupt the Holter monitor test result. You might not smoke with Holter monitor.


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