Can you shower with Holter monitor on your chest?

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How can you shower with a Holter monitor without getting it wet?

Can you shower with a Holter monitor on chest? For fear of getting it wet and ruining it, here is how to shower with a Holter monitor at home.

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to use a Holter monitor while taking a shower? If you doctors recommends you need to wear a Holter monitor for extended periods of time(1-2 days) the idea of going without bathing may seem daunting. Depending on your routines, having a chest attached heart monitor can be truly annoying.

But fear not! We’ve got some tips and tricks that will help keep your Holter monitor clean and dry, allowing you to continue with your daily routine – even in the shower!

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about using a Holter monitor in the shower, so let’s dive right in.


What is a Holter monitor

A Holter monitor is a battery-operated portable device that records your heart’s activity. The Holter monitor can be used to detect, and diagnose irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias) using some kind of cardiovascular technology.

The small wearable device is also used to check the effectiveness of treatments for arrhythmias and to evaluate the function of implanted pacemakers and defibrillators.

Health experts often recommend You wear it for 1-2 days or 24 to 48 hours, during which time the heart rate monitor keeps a track of your heart data as you carry out your usual daily activities.

The 48 hours is too much time and it’s possible the Holter  heart rate tracker would interfere while you are going about your normal activities in that 24-48 hours. More especially, if you’re a woman, wearing a bra with the Holter monitor on your chest is just one of the big concernes.


The Various heart rate monitoring devices

can you shower with a Holter monitor on

The wrist-based heart monitors are advance smartwatches with ECG. You can wear them conveniently all time even during sleep, at work, anywhere

Your health care provider may recommend a wireless Holter monitor. A Standard Holter monitor needs to go on chest for few days.

An event recorder, can be worn much longer than a standard Holter monitor. Event recorder looks like Holter monitors but has s push button you can press when you feel symptoms.


Why do I need to wear a Holter monitor

Your health caregiver might provide a Holter monitor if you have any signs and symptoms of arrhymia – irregular heart rhythm, and if you regularly get an unexplained fainting.

Before a health provider gives you a heart monitor, you first do a pains-free test or  electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) to check your heart’s rhythm.

If unfortunately, you got an infrequent arrhythmias, the ECG tracker may not  detect them. That is when you are allowed to wear a Holter monitor to help spot irregular heart rhythms the ECG missed.

And if you wear s standard Holter monitor that doesn’t capture an irregular heartbeat, you will have to be given another health tracking device – an event monitor which you will have to wear for several weeks.

Another reason why you might wear Holter monitor is that the health device is capable of recording your heart health data in a longer term. You know, the irregular heartbeats are typically infrequent, and the best way is to gather statistics of your heart performance using only a longer term monitor – that is where Holter monitors come in.

During Diagnosis and treatment of heart problems.  The Holter monitor can help your doctor find out symptoms of heart problems.   Also, the heart monitor be used to check whether treatment of your heart is working, especially after a heart attack or surgery.

Can you shower with a Holter heart monitor then?


Can you shower with a Holter monitor

can you shower with a heart rate monitor on

Credit: Cambridge Cardiac Care

Can you take a shower with Holter monitor on your chest? One of the Holter monitor instructions is not to take it to swimming pool or shower

Water can damage a Holter monitor when bathing in the shower. Manufacturers don’t typically recommend you go to swim, shower in a  bathroom, for the entire time you’re wearing the Holter monitor.

There is still hope if you are wearing but a wireless Holter monitor.  You’re allowed to disconnect  the wireless Holter monitor before going into the shower or bathe and to reconnect the device after your done showering.

But if you have a standard Holter monitor, you may be wondering if it’s okay to shower with it.The answer is No! It is not entirely safe for water splashing on the electronic heart monitor device.

however, with extreme precautions, You can shower with a Holter monitor without any problems. What are the risks and the a few things to keep in mind then if you must shower or swim while wearing a Holter monitor.

Can you shower with a 48 hour Holter monitor?

Can you shower while wearing a Holter monitor for 48 hours? Doctors recommend you don’t take the Holter monitor off  and if the entire time is 48 hours, you must wear it during that  entire recording period. You even have to wear it for 48 hours even while sleeping. Now for fear of  Water damage for the Holter monitor, you don’t have to go swim, shower or bathe within that time while you’re wearing a Holter tracker.

Can you shower with a 2 week heart monitor?

If you are ever asked to wear a heart monitor for a week or longer, that can be too challenging to fit into your daily routine. Many people dread the thought of not being able to shower.

Unfortunately, doctors and manufacturers don’t want the device to get wet and they don’t recommend showering with a heart monitor. But you can’t stay for weeks without taking a bath, right?.

That is where an event Holter monitor and wireless Holter monitor can be advantageous over the wired and electrode models.   Wireless Holter monitor can be disconnected during shower while even cardiac monitor can track heart beat for several weeks.

Can you shower with a biotel heart monitor?

Whatever is the type of monitor you got, DO NOT TAKE THE heart MONITOR INTO THE SHOWER. The biotel MCOT Patch Monitor is water resistant, but not waterproof.  So manufacturers advised you shouldn’t take the Monitor into the shower. They also say you should AVOID SPRAYING WATER DIRECTLY ONTO THE SENSOR.

After you make your appointment and the Holter Monitor placement is completed,  your cardiologist will often emphasize “the Holter monitor MUST NOT get wet.”



What are the risks of showering with a Holter monitor

If you are showering with painless and noninvasive Holter monitor, there are a few risks to be aware of.

The most common risk is that the monitor could become wet and stop working. The leads may get wet and compromise the electrical signals. You know, a Holter monitor is not waterproof rated or water resistant like divers watches. If it happens the heart rate monitor gets moist, you could end up with an inaccurate reading or no reading at all.

Additionally, the electrodes on the cardiac health monitor could come loose if they get wet, which could also lead to inaccurate readings.

Finally, if you have any kind of heart condition, there is a small risk that showering with a Holter monitor could trigger an irregular heartbeat or other deadly cardiac event.

If you have any concerns about these risks, be sure to talk to your doctor before using a Holter monitor in the bathroom shower.

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How to shower with a Holter monitor without getting it wet?

You may shower while wearing a heart rate Holter monitor if you can protect it from moisture.

How do I protect my heart monitor in the shower from getting wet?

1) Do not stand with the water stream directly, while wearing your Holter monitor in bathroom.

2) You have to direct water spray away from the health monitor and towards your back.

3) The Holter monitor is not really water resistant, or not waterproof. Don’t submerge the device in water baths.

4) Use shower splash guard or shower protect sheet to cover your Holter monitor on the chest.


How to cover a holter monitor in a shower


Can you shower with Holter monitor attached to your chest in a bathroom? How can you cover the Holter monitor so that it doesn't get wet? 7 x 9 Inch White Bathroom Shower Splash Guard, Pack of 2
while showering, how do you cover your Holter monitor so it doesn’t get wet? Use this 7 x 9 Inch White Bathroom Shower Splash Guard, Pack of 2


If you must shower, you’ve seen you must wrap the monitor in a plastic bag and secure the bag tightly. If you do so correctly, there’s no need to worry about showering with a Holter monitor. It’s perfectly safe and won’t affect the performance of the device.

1) First, make sure that the monitor is turned off before getting into the shower.

2) Second, cover the monitor with a waterproof bag or wrap.

3) Third, secure the bag or wrap so that it does not come loose during your shower.

4) fourth, once you have finished showering, dry the monitor off and turn it back on.

5) if there is no wrap, Protect your Holter monitor from water splashes with a White Bathroom Shower Splash Guard if you got one. I have used this 10” x 12” – Shower Protection Sheet. It is a Self-Adhesive Moisture Barrier you call use too. Unfortunately it might not be larger to covere Holter monitor. It‘s important to keep your Holter monitor dry and free from any water or moisture. 

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Additional Tips on showering with a Holter monitor

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“PocketECG can be worn at all times, except while showering, bathing or swimming. The device should be taken off prior to any contact with water.”

If you have been instructed by your doctor to use a Holter monitor during your shower, there are a few things you need to do in order to ensure the monitor works properly. Keep rhese in mind.

1) First, make sure that the monitor is securely fastened to your chest. You don’t want it to come loose and get wet right?

2) Second, avoid getting the monitor itself wet. If you do get it wet, dry it off as soon as possible.

3) Third, Don’t panic, It is safe to shower with a Holter monitor. You may actually feel the electrode pads on your chest while you are showering, but they will not come off

4) Fourth, avoid using soap directly on the monitor. Soap can damage the sensors and lead to inaccurate readings.

5) Fifth, dry clean your chest area around the monitor, don’t splash water on it.  Instead letting water splash on your skin around the Holter monitor, i advice you wash the body part around the monitor with a washcloth or soft wet sponge.

6) Finally, take care not to bump or knock the monitor while you are showering.


Some of the best heart monitor devices

best heart monitorcan you shower with holter monitor - Can you shower with Holter monitor on your chest?

EMAY Portable EKG Monitoring Device – a Personal EKG Heart Monitor compatible with iPhone & Android, Mac & Windows



Can I shower with a cardiac event monitor?

No, Holter monitor instructions manual says you don’t bathe, splash water, shower or swim while wearing the electronic heart monitor. They even recommend patients shoukd stay away from high-voltage areas, and metal detectors and keep diary of activities.

Are Holter heart monitors waterproof?

Not. A Holter monitoring device is not waterproof rated or are water resistant like waterproof watches. 

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What happens if your Holter monitor gets wet?

If a Holter monitor gets submerged into water or gets wet while bathing:

The sticky pads may fall off . That is bad because the monitor cannot record your heart rhythm without the sticky pads and electrodes in place.

Additionally, the wet electric lead and électrodes might affect the electrical signals leading to inaccurate heart beat reading.


Wrapping up  showering with a Holter monitor

You have seen that a Holter monitor may be necessary if a traditional ECG/EKG (electrocardiogram)  device doesn’t tell doctors enough data about the heart’s condition. The answer to “can you shower with Holter monitor” is Yes, you can but there are some risks. We suggested you take enough precaution not to let water ruin the health device and your heart performance data.

But if the Holter monitor is a real nuisance when you go to swim, or shower, you can opt to go for some personal heart rate tracking devices, such as heart rate monitoring smartwatches, which record electrocardiogram too.

You may have to consult your cardiologist first, and find out if a wrist-based heart rate monitor watch is an option for you.

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