Bulova vs Tissot : Overview & Comparison 2023

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The world has praised and cherish the luxurious and Famous Rolex, and the timepiece that traditionally symbolizes luxury, wealth, masculinity and excellence, and a piece of family heirloom. Bulova and Tissot are other popular brands of wrist watches that have created history on their own unique ways since their inception in the 1800s. Because the brands share some similarities, it might be difficult to choose between one. So we put this Bulova vs Tissot comparison guide, to help you clearly decide which brand is just right for you.

Their timepieces are premium designed, with an air of traditional aesthetics, and since their inception, the watch fans and collectors dearly love these pieces for daily fashion and formal wears.

Yes, Tissot watch brands, competes with Bulova in the wristwatch market, but they share some common features. If you want to make a decision between purchasing a Bulova or Tissot watch, you got to know what you want in a timepiece and you also got to know some differences between the brands.

There is no better way to compare these gorgeous watch brands, so we shall consider their overall watch build quality, watch design, and pricing. But first, let us highlight some similarities and a little of the brands history to shed more light on the long journey they have been in.

Here we go!

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Img: Bulova vs Tissot watches – overview and comparison

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 Bulova vs Tissot : Similarities

In our modern world, watch enthusiasts dont seem to just trust a new watch company, because it makes better watches. The true value of a watch brand heavily depends on its age of craftsmanship or how older the watchmaker is. Both Tissot abd Bulova brands were founded in the mid to late 1800s. Both brands also created their golden moments around same period – in the 1920s and 30s.

These popular watch brands share some of these details in common.

  • Most people consider Bulova and Tissot timepieces as entry-level luxury watches
  • Some Tissot and Bulova watches features an Altimeter and compass for navigation
  • Some of their watch models have twelve-hour Chronograph
  • Not all, but Bulova and Tissot make good timepieces that are water resistant
  • Both watch brands also feature alarm
  • Watches from Tissot or Bulova have impressive battery life which last over decades.
  • both brands Bulova snd Tissot offer consumer innovation and heritage timepieces.
  • Tissot and Bulova brands make quality watches with their evergreen designs and craftsmanship.
  • Both Bulova and Tissot create watches that can withstand more abuse since they all use stainless steel cases.


Tissot History At a Glance

When you hear that a watch is swiss-made, quality is what strikes your mind. That is exactly the Point with Tissot. Tissot is a famous swiss brand of watches that has existed since 1853, founded by the Charles Family (Charles Felicien as father and his son Charles-Emile Tissot). From the start, the brand focused on designing only ladies watches, Tissot men’s watches were only included a few years after.

After 1920, the brand’s expansive efforts added more advanced timepieces into their product list. Yet, they never stopped making traditional and innovative watches. Tissot created history in 1930s when they introduced the game-changer anti-magnetic watches.

You know, magnetism affects accuracy of mechanical watches and most scientists spend their time near magnetic devices. Atleast the Tissot anti-magnetic watches was a giant step towards timekeeping precision in any field environment.

Tissot also innovatively created various automatic and self winding watches, timepieces with compass, as well as chronograph watches. Tissot is never forgotten for winning an award for making best timepieces. Some of their best timepieces included sleek, minimalist watch models with crazy-loving elegance.



Bulova History At a Glance

Bulova is a American watchmaker  named after the founder and CEO, just like Tissot. It was not until 1875 that Joseph Bulova established this Bulova watch company to make design and manufacture innovation and premium quality watches. That is clearly observed in the smart move the watchmaking giant took in 1912 to separate plant for production.

Bulova created awesomely attractive and beautiful women’s watches that were unique, high quality and highly precise in timekeeping. Bulova also joint the league to make ABC watches (altimeter, barometer and compass), since that was the period of wars, exploration, navigation and colonization. But love altimeter and barometer watches were specifically designed for the US forces.

At that time, no other watch brand could make a beat-down on Bulova’s rugged and durable watches for the US military. Actually, Bulova has been in war front for years, leading soldiers and accompanying them in the battles, and their timepieces survive those strange terrains.

Bulova successfully created hundreds of watch stores in the United States and proved and has remained an all-time best watch brand.

Not long after, Bulova joint the automatic and self-winding watchmaking revolution. Since then, Bulova had continued producing unique timepieces with high quality, for a wide variety of uses. Today, the company is being bought and owned by Citizen watch Company – Bulova is a subsidiary of Citizen.




Bulova VS Tissot – Watch design

Which has a good design – Bulova vs Tissot? It depends on what you want to see on your wristwatch. Compared to Tissot, Bulova men’s watches come little bulky because of their durable cases but the two

Bulova watch design

Bulova has a strong reputation for traditionally making chronographs and men’s watches. Bulova watches are of high quality, and the many luxury watch brands can’t compete with Bulova in bezel design. Well crafted Bulova watches features exceptionally premium, worthy and solid stainless steel bezel.

Bulova made watches for US military, and those timepieces for combat according to US government standards must be durable. Aside from making most durable watches, Bulova also includes quartz, automatic chronographs as well as skeleton timepieces in their collection. The Bulova brand has also made something new – the first of its kind, electric powered watch with their Accutron.

Bulova watches are comfortable, and stress free on wrist, easy for all day wear. Because their straps are durable, comfortable, and premium designed, Bulova watches are a kind of the best choice for office freaks, and corporate employees to wear all-day long.

If I want a longer lasting strap for casual and everyday wear, Bulova leather straps are premium designed. For classic and more formal wear, Bulova stainless steel metal straps are also scratch-free, comfortable and do no discolor or fade easily.

Bulova has a vast collection of luxury, sports, chronograph, and minimalist designs




Tissot Watch design

Tissot produces watches in a variety of designs and specifications. Material range from metals (like stainless steel, gold, titanium, and dual-tone) to sapphire, different dial colors, case materials, and many bracelet options.

Tissot is very much reputable for exceptionally designing comfortable, lightweight, sleek and minimalist watches. These qualities significantly fit skinny wrists, and the feminine aesthetics. So when shopping for women’s watches, consider Tissot.

Moreover, their female-styled timepieces are pretty elegant, stylish, eye-catching, and awesomely beautiful. There is absolutely no doubt why a lot of female celebrities wear Tissot watches.

Tissot offers a variety of watches with excellent built quality, over the decades. The Tissot timepieces range from automatic watches, mechanical watches, to chronograph watches,  men’s watches and smartwatches models.

In addition to quartz watches, Tissot also makes digital watches with comfortable rubber or nylon strap. Tissot is a reputable expert in producing luxurious watches with premium quality steel or leather strap materials.

Tissot watches are noted for having in-depth color details, clarity, and carats of diamonds. One of the best timepiece is the Tissot Bridgeport Automatic Gold watch, which boasts a bezel crafted with 18k rose gold.

Most or all Tissot products include chronographs, sports watches, luxury watches, minimalist timepieces and smart touch models.



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Img: Bulova vs Tissot watches


Bulova VS Tissot: Quality, Efficiency, Accuracy

It is not hard to notice, Tissot and Bulova brands make extremely high quality watches, which last.

Bulova watch quality

To ensure their timepieces are of premium quality, Bulova selects durable watch materials, including pure stainless steel, on watch cases and bracelets, and scratch-resistant mineral crystal on watch dials.

What of the expected durability is water resistance. While some brands can boost of only 3—50m water depth rating for their timepieces, Bulova watches are 100-meter water resistant.

The brand tests their watches against extreme pressure, deep water and thermal shocks. The 100m Water resistance rating features simple allows you can shower and swim with a luxury Bulova watch and it won’t stop ticking accurately.

Bulova is most competitive brand with their wrist watches running efficiently and precisely at 262Khz frequency. From their years of experience in skillful craftsmanship, they can boost of perfection and precision of their watches. More recently, they have included more curved chronograph movement in their watch collection.

Bulova watches are famous too, because one of the Astronauts of the Apollo 15 mission, wore a Bulova watch. That adds more fame to the brand.


Tissot watch quality & precision

Tissot line of watches feature high-quality ceramic material and sapphire crystal. Sapphire glass makes Tissot watches to be exceptionally harder than the mineral crystals in Bulova timepieces. Again, Sapphire crystals may have shaping challenges using the scratch-proof material on dials give Tissot a lightly upper hand.

One experience with watch makers using sapphire glass is that their watch dials can be designed into flat, doomed, and concave shapes. Sapphire dials make a variety of watch faces to choose from.

Tissot’s level of watch quality is remarkable. They don’t just build sapphire watches, they also have gold watches in their collection.

If you are looking for the most premium and luxurious watch, Tissot is one of the brands to consider. Their 18K gold alloy in Tissot timepieces consist of ¾ gold and ¼ silver and copper combined.

This metal mix is the reason why Tissot watches are not just high quality, they look more attractive with gold-shine aesthetics. With cutting-edge technology, Tissot has developed a titanium based alloy for use in making some of their watches.

Talking about dial readability in the dark, Tissot watches are luminous and not disappointing at all. They place SuperLuminova material inside the visible components (like hands and markers) of their watches, so they glow brightly in poor light conditions.

It is incredible. Tissot also has solar watches, automatic watches and chronograph watches in their collections of luxury timepieces. Tissot has good options, you just need to know that you love to have on your wristwatch.




Bulova VS Tissot: Price

The average Bulova and Tissot watch prices is in nowhere near that of Rolex watches. In terms of price, Tissot and Bulova are mid-range. Some of their luxury watches are far cheaper than pre-owned Rolex, but still super expensive, costing close to $1500 than some mini-brands.

However, Gold and diamond watches are pricier than other timepieces. For example, the most costly, Bulova watch, with premium quality, designed from expensive watch materials, costs over $42,000. As compared to Bulova’s dearest watch, the most high-end Tissot price is relatively affordable, and you can purchase it for under $10,000.

One good reason to go for a midrange watch like Bulova or Tissot is because they still meet expectation like luxury, elegance and durability that anyone will crave to own. Going for an inexpensive collection of Tissot or a cheap Bulova watch isn’t a smart decision because they won’t be accurate, obviously.


Bulova VS Tissot: Chronograph Watches

Since chronographs watches are all about accuracy in timekeeping, Tissot and Bulova do not go wrong making their highly reliable and accurate chronograph watches – Tissot PRS 516 and Bulova 96B175 Precisionist.


Bulova 96B175 Precisionist Chronograph Watch

Bulova Chronograp Watch – the Best Chronograph Watch
Bulova chronograph Watch – the Best Chronograph Watch

bulova vs tissot - Bulova vs Tissot : Overview & Comparison 2023Check Price $ Ratings

Being the first brand to prove the power of radio advertisements, Bulova developed and marketed their chronograph as the most accurate watch in the world.

The Bulova precision watch powered by a Japanese quartz movement lost only 10-seconds per year, unlike timepieces that were running on standard quartz movement that lost 10-15 seconds per month.

There is no doubt, the Bulova chronograph is an impressive feature in the Precisionist with an accuracy level up to 1/1,000 second. This looks more advanced than a consumer-grade watch with analog display and a manly-size 46.5mm stainless steel case.

In addition to the scratch-resistant mineral dial, the stainless steel gives the whole piece a rugged but elegant aesthetics. The Bulova Precisionist dial features four sub-dials, which makes the Precisionist quite challenging to read at a glance.


Tissot PRS-516 Chronograph Watch

Tissot PRS 516 Chronograph watch
Tissot PRS 516 Chronograph watch

bulova vs tissot - Bulova vs Tissot : Overview & Comparison 2023Check Price & Ratings

Tissot’s love for sports, racing, basketball, is proven in their affinity towards making watches with sporty design. The Tissot PRS 516 runs on a Swiss-automatic movement, has a stationary bezel, tells time with an analog display and is housed inside a solid 45mm stainless-steel case. Metal bracelets do not seem to match with racing car sport activity, so the Tissot PRS chronograph comes with durable and comfortable rubber strap.

Designed for outdoor use, Tissot chooses the dial and sub-dials to get protected by an anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The tight seal casing gives it a water-resistance depth rating up to 330-feet. So the watch can withstand the occasional splash from rains and shower but it may get ruined if you wear it for scuba diving.

To achieve a stunningly high precision timekeeping, the brand incorporated the ETA C01.211 automatic movement that gives the PRS 516 chronograph as much as 46-hour power reserve. Tissot bold and easy to read dials is evidenced here as they coated the PRS hands with a luminescent finish to give a better visibility in low-light environments.

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Bulova VS Tissot: Best-selling Models

What could be the best-selling Tissot watch in their collection and what is the most popular Bulova watch that can create name and fame?


Bulova Men’s Watch

Bulova Men's Crystal Octava Watch
Bulova Men’s Crystal Octava Watch

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This timepiece is the best-selling Bulova watch with multi-functions. The design features a black color makes it look more elegant, for business class people.

Other features include the crystal, the black tone stainless steel and the high precision movement. Moreover, this dress watch has 300 brilliant crystals and runs on Analog-quartz Movement.

  • Case size: 41.5mm
  • Material : black tone stainless steel
  • Dial : black
  • Band: stainless steel bracelet
  • Movement: Analog-quartz Movement
  • Water resistance: 30m (100ft)


Tissot men’s Watch

Tissot mens Gentleman Stainless Steel Dress Watch Grey
Tissot mens Gentleman Stainless Steel Dress Watch Grey

bulova vs tissot - Bulova vs Tissot : Overview & Comparison 2023Check Price & Ratings On Amazon

This timepiece is a gentleman’s classic watch that goes just perfectly with daily wear and outfit for any occasion. The premium stainless steel design and the high quality build featuring an anti-scratch sapphire crystal dial, the sleep appearance, the comfort and the midsize dial just make the Tissot a supreme piece to go on a man’s wrist.

The Tissot men’s watch is one of the top accurate timepieces Tissot has ever produced. This gentleman’s watch is powered by a swiss automatic movement for an accurate timekeeping. You are never going to worry about a battery, because the watch never fades, and works for a lifetime.

  • Case size: 40 millimeters
  • Case Material : 316L Stainless Steel
  • Case Thickness: 11.5 millimeters
  • case diameter : 25.6 millimeters
  • Dial : Index dial
  • Dial Window : scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Band: Stainless steel bracelet
  • Movement: Swiss automatic movement
  • Water resistance: 100 m/330 Feet


Other Tissot popular Watches

Tissot’s watch collection is large, and offers every timepiece aficionado for your wrist. Tissot watches come with many technical variations, including automatic mechanical movements to quartz and to solar-powered timepieces.

Shop Tissot T-Race watches

Tissot’s T-Classic

Tissot’s T-Classic collection does not go out of style. Businessmen and business women wear T-classic elegant watches because the model makes a good pair of office wear and formal attire. The men’s collection has chronographs while the women’s T-Classic watches got pretty design mixed metals, steel and gold, and diamonds.

Tissot’s T-Sport

Tissot had been one of the best sponsors for some of the world’s top athletes. As an Official Timekeeper for MotoGP, Tissot built T-Sport watch collection as a brand’s ties to the sports industry. Example is PRS 516 is a Tissot Swiss Automatic Black Watch with brake disc-style bezels and super-precision quartz movements. Some timepieces have T-Sport chronograph dials, others come with sleek black tachymeter bezel sand sporty straps. Tissot T-Race T0484172705700 is another tough, sturdy, and sporty watch that makes a perfect partner when going for a hike, cycling, camping, or  running errands.

Tissot’s T-Gold

People looking for the most expensive and luxurious Tissot model find it in Tissot T-Gold collection. Tissot is highly cherished because the brands know how to balance between high-quality and affordability. Standing by their mission statement, “gold value at silver’s price, Tissot T-Gold watches are their luxurious timepieces at budget-friendly prices.

Tissot’s T-Heritage

For more than 160 years, Tissot has built an unforgettable rich heritage, so bring back the good memories. Tissot recreated modern iterations of some of its vintage watches for a new generation of collectors. The Tissot Heritage Navigator and the Heritage 1973 models are available for modern collectors.

Tissot’s T-Touch

The development of the world’s first touchscreen wristwatch was a new giant move in the luxury watchmaking industry. Imagine wearing a wristwatch with a sapphire crystal touch screen. Isn’t it extraordinarily amazing? The T-touch watches also feature navigation tools like compass, altimeter, barometer, chronograph. The most popular Tissot T-Touch is the Expert Solar watch, designed to be environmentally friendly and powered entirely by the sun.



Other Bulova Notable Watch models

Bulova Precisionist Mens Watch

The precisionist technology developed by Bulova helped developed a movement that resonates at higher frequency than other quartz watches. The use of the three-pronged tuning fork allowed Bulova quartz watch movement to run three times more accurately than any standard quartz.

So much a surprise, but a fantastic result, this Bulova precisionist timepiece could function for an entire year without losing up to one second. This is highly precise than those quartz watches that lose 2-6 seconds every month.

The design of this Precisionist model had a combination of rose-gold tones and black details. That is why the color contrast makes the watch look stunning, with a rugged and tough look.



Bulova VS Tissot: Strengths

These watches are both luxurious, competitive, and features high-quality design

Bulova Watch Pros

Bulova’s biggest strength lies in their unique ability to innovate. The brand is scared to experiment new designs.

  •  Makes best durable men’s watches
  •  Delivers highly precise watches
  •  Timepieces have warranty
  •  The brand has innovative craftsmanship as seen clearly in their Accutron
  • Apollo 15 mission astronauts wearing a Bulova was a big turbo-charge for the brand

Tissot Watch Pros

  •  Makes best women watches
  •  premium Swiss-made components are long-lasting
  •  Produces sleek elegant watches
  •  Lightweight and comfortable watches
  •  Some have Powermatic 80 movement with 80-hour power reserve



Bulova VS Tissot: Weaknesses

Bulova Drawbacks

Bulova has a bunch of eccentric timepieces, but they have some weaknesses.

  • Cheaper bulova have poor accuracy
  •  Many and confusing designs(not bad description, any way)
  •  Expensive
  • unflattering color combinations, confuse people more than attract them.

Tissot Drawbacks

  • most Tissot models have traditional watch face, not good if you want something a little different



Bulova Vs Tissot Overview & Comparison At A Glance

Based on their historical heritage, and their aesthetic signatures, a layman m,ay find these brands to be identical and hard to choose. This table offers a quick summary but you can just download Bulova vs Tissot comparison guide.pdf


Automatic movementAccuSwiss – Muren26
AccuSwiss Chronograph25
Quartz MovementQuartz ChronographN/A
Precisionist P102.128
Sapphire crystalOn Some models
Gender designs Men and women models
Gold DesignsGold Tone
Water resistance100-meters(330feet)
Parent CompanyCitizen



Automatic movementSwissmatic19
Powermatic 80.11123
ETA 2836-225
Quartz MovementT-Touch ETA 84.301none
ETA 02.102none
Sapphire crystalYESYES
Gender designs Men and women models
Gold Designs18k/750PVD
Water resistance30-meters(100feet)
Parent CompanySwatch



Bulova vs Tissot Frequently Asked Questions


Is Bulova a luxury brand?

Compared to Rolex, Bulova is an entry-level luxury watch brand. To clear the misconception being an entry level luxury brand does not means they don’t produce what we expect from luxury watches. Rather, the Bulova, watches have excellent qualities at budget friendly and reasonable prices.


Is Tissot a luxury brand?

YES, Tissot is a good luxury brand for beginners and entry-level watch lovers with impeccable quality and fine material. Tissot may not come to mind when you call luxury, as does Rolex, but  at a reasonable budget, and without breaking the bank, you can choose from a wonderful world of fine watches  from this entry-level luxury watchmaker.


What brand is better than Tissot?

Bulova ann Tissot are entry-level luxury watchmakers and nothing is better than these brands that delivery premium luxury pieces at just few hundred to few thousands dollars. A beginner watch enthusiasts will not think of other luxury brands than these.


Are tissot watches good?

Yes. First, Tissot watches are Swiss-made luxury timepieces, loaded with a lot of aesthetics, elegance, styles and quality designs the brand has innovatively crafted, tried, and proven to work, for over 160 years. Inside Tissot impressive collection, you would find sports watches, bold diver’s models, fashionable dress watches, sporty chronographs, and the world’s first touch-screen, solar powered wrist watch.


Is tissot worth buying?

Dude, Tissot watches are really good and worth buying! Just like bulova, Tissot offers a wide range of high-quality and durable watches that will lasts lifetime. If you are an entry level collector or everyday watch wearer Tissot watches are relative cheaper than same pieces from the Swiss made counterparts. Instead of  investing several thousands of dollars in a single lux watch, I would gather multiple different Tissot luxury watches for my every outfit.


Wrap Up

We suggest that you consider brands like Bulova and Tissot  because their timepieces give better value for your hard-earned money. Tissot and bulova are well-established brands loaded with perks and quirks and if you’re a person who values Bulova, go for it. Tissot has their own unique designs and styles. Was out Bulova vs Tissot comparison guide helpful?

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