Bulova VS Movado Brand Comparison: Which Watch Brand is Good for You in 2023?

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Which watch brands wins your heart, Bulova or Movado? both Bulova and Movado make timepieces that won’t go without catching or luring the eyes of any watch enthusiast. And given that the companies are very closed in watchmaking experience, and have a wide collection if sophisticated and elegant aesthetic watches, it can be difficult to choose between Bulova and Movado watches. SO let us find out in out Bulova vs Movado brand comparison, which is better, and when.

We have seen that Bulova and Tissot are strong competitors with over a century history of making watches. Bulova is a well-known brand with high reputation in the watch industry.

When you compare Bulova and Movado, you still see some similarities but there is significant difference in style and techniques which can help you readily decides which brand of Bulova versus Movado watches is good for you.


bulova vs movado brand comparison - which is good bulova or movado?
Img: Bulova vs Movado brand comparison . Which watch brand is good bulova or movado?



Brand Comparison: Bulova vs Movado  Similarities

What features do Bulova and Movado watch brands have in common? Movado and Bulova are two of the  most popular American watch brands with varied and beautiful timepiece.

Bulova watches, like Movado have almost everything quality you can be looking for in a wristwatch.  If you want utility watches, or bejeweled dress watches, Bulova and Movado have collections for them that look elegant for any formal event.

Here are some specifications that Bulova and Movado watches share in common.



Chronograph12- Hour Chronograph12- Hour Chronograph
NavigationAltimeter, Barometer, compassAltimeter, Barometer, compass
Batterylast for over 10 yearsCan last for over 10 years
Water resistant30 meters30 meters

With these similarities, which watch brand –Bulova or Movado is worth?



Brand Comparison: Bulova vs Movado History At A Glance

While Movado brand is recognized for its Museum watch, Bulova turning point came thanks to the “Accutron” tuning fork watch.


Bulova History

Bulova started out business as a small jewelry retail store in New York since and since 1875, Bulova has grown to become a highly innovative watchmaker  with high quality timepieces.

The Bulova brand names came after the Founder’s name – Joseph Bulova. The name become slighted adjusted to Bulova Watch Company in 1923 and part of Loews Corporation in 1979 for reasons best known to the business.

The first Bulova factory got opened in Switzerland in 1912 and the brand started producing high-quality watches. Seven years after, in 1919 they had a wide range of men’s timepieces.

But they were also making awesomely attractive and beautiful women’s watches that were unique, had high quality and were highly precise in timekeeping. One of the first timepiece created by Bulova and used a 360-hertz tuning fork to power its mechanical gear train.

Max Hetzel was a Swiss engineer that invented the Accutron Bulova watch in Switzerland while  Bulova released the electronic watch.

In the  times of exploration, and between war WW1 and WW2, Bulova designed and built rugged and durable watches for the US military. They established themselves and debuted making ABC watches ((altimeter , barometer and compass) for the US forces.

Bulova watches have been in battles, and their timepieces have survived those strange terrains and battlefields. Meanwhile Bulova did not stop expansion, creating hundreds of watch stores around the United States.

Bulova also surprised the market with their first line of womens Bulova watch collection, with diamond accents. Bulova 23 was one of the waterproof Bulova’s women’s watches with a self winding movement.

About 4 million of the Accutron electronic watch have been sold before they discontinued it in 1977.  The same year, Bulova also introduced ladies watches powered by a Accutron Quartz movement and it increased in popularity.

Meanwhile, the Bulova brand also made automatic and self winding watches, and had not stopped making unique timepieces with high quality. As Bulova gained worldwide reputation, they became official supplier of watches to the athletes in the  United States Olympic team, during the winter and the summer games.

Bulova is now owned by the Citizen Watch company since 2007  but the takeover has not disrupted the brand’s reputation for practicality, accuracy, and elegance.



Movado History

Movado is an America watchmaker founded since 1881 by a 19-year-old entrepreneur Achille Ditesheim and Gedalio Grinberg, with headquarters at Paramus, Ney Jersey United States.

It was in the watchmaking town of La Chau-de-Fonds in Switzerland where the Ditescheim Jewish watchmaker had many companies. There the brothers Lepold, Achille, and Isidor jointly created L.A & I Ditesheim, Fabricants –  a modern watchmaking factory then.

This company made pocket watches then expanded to wristwatches – creating the Calendomatic watch that displayed the date, day, and month and by 1905, when they could employ over 15 workers. At this time, business of watchmaking was on a fast move and the company was renamed to Movado which means “always in motion” in Esperanto.

In 1947, an iconic Movado Museum watch was born by Nathan George Horwitt. Since then, Movado is best known as Museum watch, constructed with a distinctive minimalists style(Horwitt’s dial) The Movado watches were known for the signature solid metal dot located at 12 o’clock position.

And this distinctive design featuring a solitary dot at 12 o’clock that symbolized the Sun at high noon, was the first watch dial to gain acceptance into New York’s Museum of Arts as a permanent design collection in the 1960s.

This watch gained market, thanks to the original American designer – Nathan George Horwitt in 1947. The Movado brand kept this making watches with this unique dial since 1075. A photographer by name Edward Steichen considered Horwitts dial as “the only true original and beautiful one of such an object”.

Later, several decades after, in 1983, the company was purchased by a North American Watch Corp – a firm founded by Gedalio Grinberg who was a Cuban born Jew who is thought to have Fled Fidel Castro in the 1960s.

Movado Group gained more reputation and also became a major player in the watch industry. Some of the movado Group widely known watch brands, , Lacoste Watches, Scuderia Ferrari Watches, HUGO BOSS Watches, MVMT, Concord,  Tommy Hilfiger Watches, Olivia Burton, EBEL and Coach Watches.

Movado built other watches  with simple yet flawless construction. Some of their most remarkable timepieces included Verto, Bela, Linio, Belamodo, and in 2015 Movado released Movado Motion collection of swiss watches powered by manufacture Modules Technologies(MMT) movements.

If you look into Movado watches recently, expect to find sleek, and minimalistic design from most of the exquisite models.

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bulova vs movado brand comparison - which brand is good
bulova vs movado brand comparison – which brand is good

Brand Comparison : Bulova VS Movado Watch Designs

Both Movado and Bulova have a collection of watches for both men and women, Their timepieces have exceptional, with innovative watch movement.


Bulova watch design

Bulova watches are flawlessly constructed. They have extraordinary durability, and attractive styles including automatic timepieces. The brands has a strong reputation for making traditional chronographs and men’s watches

Most of the Bulova watches have fashion aesthetics and they majority of the timepieces suit and complement business outfits, and attire for formal occasions. The opportunity for fabricating watches for US military resulted in Bulova collections involving mostly durable watches.

Bulova makes a little bulkier watches for men. The watch casings and bezels are a bit heavier, premium, and sturdy, but their bulky looks do not compromise the comfort of having one on your wrist all day long. If you are a corporate employee and a office freak, sure you are gonna love Bulova classy touch on wrist watches.

Moreover, Bulova watches have varying wrists bands including the classic stainless steel, the casual leather straps and the soft, sleek silicone and rubber materials. A varied combination of all these make Bulova watches comfy, elegant and trustworthy.


Movado Watch design

Bulova follows a traditional approach to watch design, and you can understand because they have more generic looking timepieces. But Movado, crafted their own distinct identity, plus giving their Swiss-made watches a stylish look.

If you are looking for a brand that offers more minimalist, and elegant watches, which feel lightweight and comfortable on wears wrists, an entry-level watch brands to start with is Movado.

Their close to 150 years of professional watchmaking has built their experience and improved their quality. Movado produces high-end and luxury watches with  mechanical,  automatic and chronograph movements.

Movado watches also feature a K1 mineral crystal glass. This kind of watch dial crystal is heat-treated and more scratch-resistant than normal mineral glass that some watch brands use.  The K1 mineral is almost shatter-resistant as sapphire crystal.

Finally, Movado wrist watches make a good complement for casual dressing, but you also can match them with a variety of other attire or outfit styles.




Brand Comparison : Bulova VS Movado watch quality

Is Bulova better than Movado in terms of quality of design and efficiency of performance? We can’t give a straight answer, but let us go see.

Bulova watch qualities

Bulova constructs a majority of their watches with pure stainless steel casing. High quality Steel is a mark of durability, so Bulova timepieces are long lasting.

One other material design n theta make Bulova watches high quality and trustworthy is the scratch resistant sapphire crystals on the dials. These non-reflective crystal glass offer scratch protection for the dial.

Sapphire and premium steel are some top materials that make Rolex, such a epitome of  wealth and Luxury for most watch lovers.

A super expensive dial material like sapphire is pricier than hardlex and combined with automatic, mechanical and chronograph movements, Bulova is one of the top entry-level brands to rely on.

Of thing that make Bulova produce timepieces with dependable performance is their quartz movements.

Bulova wrist watches with UHF quartz movement run efficiently and precisely at 262Khz frequency. These ultra-high frequency movement makes Bulova pretty superb for timekeeping and a more competitive brand in the market.

Could this explain why one of the Astronauts in the Apollo 15 mission, wore a Bulova watch?

Bulova, without doubt has a long history for making high precision watches, in addition to making them have good brilliance, and reliability.

More importantly, Bulova has some good water resistant watches with  100-meter  water resistance. Their waterproof watches can withstand extreme pressure in deep water and also resist thermal shocks.

With a depth rating of 100m Water resistance, you can simply shower and swim with a luxury Bulova watch on your wrist and no foggy condensation will develop inside the dial.


Movado watch qualities

Getting a genuine swiss-made watch at a low price is not  common. Despite their mineral crystal dial being less tough than sapphire, mineral glass is still scratch resistant and more stronger than hardlex glass.

If you are going to have to purchase Movado timepiece, you have to choose between watches powered by  two Movado watch movements –  the Swiss quartz or Swiss automatic movements.

Any of the Movado watch movements have generated positive feedback, so you never need to worry about the efficiency of their timepieces. Movado makes  reliable precision timepieces with distinctive appearance.

Unlike Bulova, a watch brands like Movado makes environmentally friendly solar watches in addition to their automatic, chronograph , and other high-end Movado collections.

Dressing is a lifestyle, watches like Movado have stylish sense and appearance. You see, Movado’s finest, most creatively designed watches are just perfect timepieces for someone who wants to make a bold fashion statement.

The exception here is that most Movado competitor don’t offer this aesthetic outfit compliment at an affordable price.


Brand Comparison : Bulova vs Movado watch affordability

Which has a better value for your money, Bulova or Movado? Watches from Bulova and Movado have higher qualities and there is no doubt there would be some high-end watches in their collections.

The Bulova and Movado years experience and reputation, has equipped these entry level brands the ability to craft quality watches priced in the mid-range. Movado has costly watches, so are Bulova watches expensive too.



how much does a Bulova watch cost? Joseph Bulova, is the most expensive Bulova watch costs up to $42,000. Are this hefty price tag, are Bulova watches expensive? Yes, they are, obviously more than Movado, but their Rolex-type pricing is justifiable.

Are Bulova watches worth the money?

It is a real challenge to having a square or rectangular watch done right and a typical elegant angular watch like Joseph Bulova’s Swiss Made watch is relatively rare. Joseph Bulova collection watches right feature a small assortment of limited production timepieces with Swiss Made Sellita mechanical movements and  classic styles. Moreover, Bulova makes very versatile watches with excellent character and owners have had hassle-free experience. So having one of the rare pieces is the reason why Bulova collection is worth the money.



Similarly, watch brands like Movado with a distinctive design have their higher-end models. The Movado Esperanza, is one of the most expensive movado watches. The most premium Movado watch costs $2195. This Movado timepiece is not a higher class luxury watch, but it is a mid-range option for watch lovers.at any group.

But you can also have Movado watches at cheap price, which can be as low as $300. AT this giveaway price, Movado still produce beautiful wearables that you can like to start up with. It is pretty hard to get Swiss-made watches sold at low prices and that is where Movado is better than other luxury brands.



Best Bulova VS Movado Watches

Movado Men’s Swiss Quartz Watch

which is good Bulova or movado watches?
Movado Men’s Swiss Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap, Yellow Gold Ion-Plated, 21

View On Amazon US

This is a Yellow Gold Ion-Plated Movado Men’s Swiss Quartz Watch, designed with a gold-toned stainless steel case and K1 mineral crystal dial.

The piece is only 42mm in diameter which is a standard manly size and has a slim thickness of 6.7mm.  This thickness falls within range for most ultra-thin watches in the market. So expect it to be extremely sleek, slim and lightweight, more especially since the bezel is also thin and the lugs are small.

The mineral dial and stainless steel means the Movado watch can last longer. Besides that, the dial is pretty wider and eye-catching that it minimalistic design takes a lot of attention.

Reasons to buy

  • Durable steel case and K1 mineral crystal dial
  • Slim case, sleek and lightweight design
  • Monochromatic appearance
  • Powered by swiss movement

Reason to avoid

  • The monochromatic design means there is no color contrast with the dial background, so its heard to read the hands.



Blue-Toned Dial Movado Museum watch

bulova vs movado watch comparison
Movado Museum, Stainless Steel Case (Model: 607349)

View On Amazon US

Another best offerings from Movado collection, which I cherish a lot is the Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet and Blue-Toned Dial Movado Museum watch.

We have seen earlier that Movado make watches with distinctive and stylish designs. The very first captivating feature in this gorgeous timepiece is the sapphire crystal dial with a blue background.

The stainless steel meshed bracelet simply just crown it with superb elegance that seems to wear nicely on slimmer to average wrists. The 30m water resistance is another level of durability, in varied weather conditions.

The clean design, is a great choice here and that minimalism in the dial is what exactly positions the timepiece as a better companion for wearing it every day and to formal occasions.

Why should you buy this.

  • Powered by a reliable Swiss quartz movement
  • Highly classic, beautiful and contrasted dial
  • Simple, stylish and attention-grabbing dial
  • Sapphire dial is more durable
  • complements informal and formal outfits

Reasons to avoid

  • have you seen anything wrong with this dressing watch? May be the waterproof rating is 30m while you wanted 100m



Movado Museum – Classic Dial, Gold Slim Leather Watch

bulova vs movado best selling watches
MOVADO Swiss Museum Classic Black Dial Men’s Gold Slim Leather Watchbulova vs movado - Bulova VS Movado Brand Comparison: Which Watch Brand is Good for You in 2023?

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If you prefer simplicity and elegance, a more similarly designed watch is the Movado Museum with a Classic Dial, 40mm diameter by 5mm thick Gold case, gold hands, hold lugs and Leather Watch.

It has a minimalist dial with Movado’s signature single dot and best of all, ultra-thin than the blue dial model.

This Movado’s flagship model is best selling, lightweight, comfortable to go on small wrists, runs on efficient Swiss quartz movement and overall, very sleek.

Reasons to buy

  • Ultra-thin case is lightweight on wrists
  • A museum classic watch
  • Very minimalistic design with top elegance
  • Perfect dress watch for everyday and business wear

Reasons to avoid

  • None, except that you’ve got slender wrists and the strap is bigger



Bulova Marine Star Men’s Watch

are bulova watches good? Bulova Men's Watch
Bulova Marine Star Men’s Watchbulova vs movado - Bulova VS Movado Brand Comparison: Which Watch Brand is Good for You in 2023?

View On Amazon US

Marine Star is one of the top-selling watches produced by Bulova. The overall design is quite masculine, and features a stunning mineral dial window, an analog display. The 3 hands of the 98B301 is running on a quartz (six-hand chronograph) movement

The whole united is protected inside a man-sized 45 millimeters stainless steel case.  The combined color combination involving the Classic watch’s blue dial, bronze, and silver tones simply offers an exceptionally masculine aesthetics and elegance.

You never get to worry wearing it into poor light conditions like in the basement, this best-selling Bulova is easy to read in the dark because it is equipped with a full lume.

Other features include the silver-toned bracelet, the Fold-over buckle closure, and the extraordinary 200 meters water resistance. If you are ever going for an ocean adventure, Marine Star mens watch is the best dive watch with high quality craftsmanship to consider.

Reasons to buy

  • High precision quartz movement
  • The 200m makes it a surface water sports and for professional Marine adventure
  • Has built-in stopwatch
  • Easy to read dial
  • High quality timepiece

Reason to avoid

  • Feels large and heavy on wrists



Bulova Lunar Pilot Chronograph Watch (Model: 96B258)

is bulova better than movado? Check this Bulova Archive Series Men's Watch, - Stainless Steel Lunar Pilot Chronograph, Silver-Tone
Bulova Archive Series Men’s Watch, Stainless Steel Lunar Pilot Chronograph,

View On Amazon US

If you have a deeper love for high end and super quality timepieces like Omega Speedmaster, this Bulova Lunar Pilot Chronograph Men’s Watch is exactly the cheaper alternative and a great competitor.

This is one of the best chronograph watches from Bulova, with a sports and classic touch, 100 meters water resistance, sapphire dial, 3 sub-dials, and a high precision or high frequency 262kHz quartz movement.

The watch face and case is pretty big, looks heavily fancier on a man’s wrist, even when you pair it with a leather strap. If you have small to medium wrists, be sure to kick out few links so it perfectly fits snugly, on your wrists.

Look carefully at the watch, does it look sturdy and well built? The classy touch and the stainless steel looks makes the watch pairs so well with a nice polo, jeans,  a button-down shirt and the formal outfits.

Reason to buy

  • Higher end sapphire crystal dial
  • The silvered case, and bracelets, plus black dial is a beautiful contrast that pairs with a Tuxedo
  • Has stopwatch function
  • Best omega speedmaster alternative
  • Very accurate timekeeper
  • 100m water resistance is best for swimming, not snorkeling

Reasons to avoid

  • Looks very large and heavy on wrists


Bulova Men’s Classic Aerojet Watch – with Open Aperture

is bulova better than movado ? - check this Bulova best dress watch - Bulova Men’s Classic Aerojet Watch
Bulova Men’s Classic Aerojet Watch – with Open Aperturebulova vs movado - Bulova VS Movado Brand Comparison: Which Watch Brand is Good for You in 2023?

View On Amazon US

Rare, but if you go back and check the Bulova’s 1966 watch collections, you will find a piece of skeleton watch model.

Aerojet is an open heart timepiece from Bulova, with a gray dial, rose gold markers and hands, and stainless steel case. The leather, and the gray case  offers an unusual and fantastic elegance that pairs much with casual outfit. To say it all, Aerojet is a good looing  everyday watch.

Like most of the skeleton watches for men, Bulova Aerojet with its curved glass looks captivating when you look into its inner working mechanism through the dial.

The watch is powered by an automatic heart beat self-winding movement with a power reserve of 40-hours. That is enough to keep ticking for long  when you store it or don’t wear it for some days.

Reason to purchase it

  • High quality mechanical movement
  • Best for everyday casual wears
  • Has exhibition case back
  • Strap is replaceable

Reasons to avoid

  • May lose few seconds when adjusting time



Shop Bulova vs Movado Dress watches

  • Movado Men’s Museum Classic Model
  •  Bulova Dress Watch Model


Shop Bulova and Movado Chronograph Watches



Bulova Or Movado : Which brand  wins?

Bulova and Movado are popular and respected (have not lost any reverence) brand names in watch aficionado list. Technically, these brands do use traditional watchmaking techniques and which one wins just depends on your personal taste and styles.

On Par, Bulova and Movado have good reliability in timekeeping, because they all maintain quality of construction for their timepieces.

As I just said, they look more like traditionalist types of watches.  Bulova is more of a perfect brand for traditionalists while Movado is a head-turner and stands tall in the business for those who love uniqueness.

If you want the best dress watch with a unique look, Movado watches have the style as well as Bulova, with their aesthetics, but Movado beats Bulova with their unparalleled signature flair.


Is Bulova better than Movado in terms of pricing?

Are Bulova watches expensive than Movado? No. If you weigh the pricing for a certain large number of watches from Bulova or Movado brands, you will be surprised to find that Bulova watches are more affordable than most Movado timepieces. The reason is that most Bulova watches retail between $100 and $200, even plus their vintage timepieces.


Does Movado have a smartwatch?

Yes, the Movado Connect 2.0 Unisex smart watch which is powered with Wear OS by Google™. This Stainless Steel and Ionic Plated Black Steel Smartwatch, is Android/Apple iOS compatible and features tools like the Accelerometer, Altimeter, Ambient Light, Gyroscope, NFC sensors.

You will find it in 42 mm black ion-plated stainless steel case and ceramic case back, The watch face shows a round digital touchscreen Gorilla crystal Glass dial with hundreds of customizable dial variations. Moreover the black plated stainless steel bracelet is interchangeable.

Some functionalities in it include displays for phone calls, emails, app support, music control,  social media and text messages. The smartwatch is equipped with Google Fit for activity tracking, Google Pay for quick payments, Google Assistant and Heart Rate Monitor.

Unfortunately, it is been discontinued.

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