Beautiful Women’s Dive Watch – 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure

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Is there any women’s watch to dive with? Decades ago, diving was known to be a man’s activity, and women had not place in it. Today, women go into diving training with men and perform better than some guys. In the list of the best diving gear, is a dive watch. The best women’s dive watch, for a lady,  is one that would not only accompany her into the deep blues, but would  beautiful and gorgeously fit and blend with her every day office dress, casual wardrobe and dresses for occasions.

When it comes to the most beautiful things, women love to play around water, they love the blues. They need the best female dive watches that are highly water resistant, attractive, comfortable, tough and blend with their casual or formal wardrobe dressings. With the best ladies dive watches, a women will confidently go out to explore the under waters adventures and surface water sports.

Beach swimming and surfing also requires the lady keeps updated in time with an elegant yet sporty style watch that can also find beauty in the office as well as outdoor adventures.


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The problem is, most women tend to miss out on the best divers watches that suit their relatively slender wrists. The good news is, there are lots of small best dive watches for every female diver, tough its not easy task to choose the best functional, and beautiful ones.

Gone are the feeling and the believe that having petite wrists is a curse just because you can’t find a good fit wearable for it. So for ladies, even with the best depth gauges, a dive watch is still a priority.

We carefully selected the best under 40mm sized watches for diving so that every woman can comfortably wear it without sacrificing its functionality. Our ladies diver watches also featured at least 200 meters(660feets) water resistance ratings with no compromise.


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Top Selected Best Female dive watches

If you’re in a hurry, here’s our best selection. Pick your best women’s diver watch and get started with your ocean diving.


How we selected the best women’s dive watch

Dive watches for women should not be limited to womens collection of watches with sized down watch case, swapped in quartz movement, and throwing of some diamond pearls on it.

While these decoratively design adds beautiful touch and eye-catching aesthetics to its finishing, we(and the ISO regulators) regard the best rated womens dive watches as one with water resistance at least 200m and has a strong lume hands and markers for seawater backlighting.

A chronograph and the kind of movement also are very helpful to consider when going under water. So having a legit dive watch is key to success under the ocean.


Best  white dial dive watch for ladies

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms White Ladies Dive Watch – (38mm dive watch)

best womens dive watch - good looking luxury dive watcheswomen's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Automatic 38mm White Ladies Watch 5100-1127-W52A

  • 100 hour power reserve
  • Bezel: Unidirectionally rotating
  • Divers Bezel material : ceramic inserts
  • water resistance : 300 meter
  • case diameter: 38 mm
  • band(lug) width : 20 mm Fabric
  • Movement: swiss Automatic( caliber 1150)
  • Special: luxury women’s dive watch under 10,000 bucks

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is an outstanding dive watch with modern touch on the design of one of the collection of the original fifty fathoms, that stunned the market since 1950s, with their rotating bezel and a screw-in caseback.

Today, Blancpain fifty Fathoms comes with brushed stainless steel case and bezel, scratch resistant white ceramic fill for a durable finishing.

Meanwhile, this lady’s white diver watch can hold against water ingress down to 300m for professional diving and marine rescue divers. This scuba diving watch color blends with ladies wears and medical dressing outfit for female nurses.

Furthermore, this gorgeous looking midsize women diver watch is composed out of 210 parts with 28 Jewels, and being a caliber 1150 automatic mechanical movement watch, this ceramic bezel dive watch has a power reserve of 100 hours.

In my opinion. this white women’s 38mm dive watch is a good fit for women with smaller to medium wrist sizes.

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  • very durable
  • watch-case is rustproof
  • dial cover is Scratch resistant
  • good power reserved
  • color and size suits women nurses with medium 36mm -40 mm wrists
  • Luminous filled watch hands and dots markers
  • too pricey


Best seiko dive watch for women

Seiko is known for producing cheap and affordable dive watches for every water enthusiasts, but what could be the best seiko women’s dive watch for under water exploration?

Seiko SKX013K2 Black Dial Automatic Divers Midsize Watch – ( 36mm dive watch)

best seiko dive watch - womens dive watches with stainless steel watch face - best women's dive watch women's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure

Seiko SKX013K2 Black Dial Automatic Divers Midsize Watch

  • movement: Japan 21 Jewels Automatic (Calibre 7S26)
  • Bezel: Uni-directional Rotating, stainless Steel with a Black Top Ring,
  • water resistance: 200 meter
  • dial:Scratch Resistant Hardlex
  • Dial : hardlex mineral glass
  • case diameter : 36 mm
  • band: Silver-tone

You might have tried to figure out what is the best seiko divers watch that wears a lot smaller than 40mm. The answer is here, this seiko SKX013K2 is a black dial automatic divers watch for midsize wrists.

It’s perfectly downsized and has smaller size bracelet with shorter lug-to-lug. The watch seems to wear smaller than other 38mm since the watch dial face looks smaller.

Experience from verified owners says this midsize diver watch is very solid and never misses a beat under water and that people with only 6.5-inches to 8.0 inches wrist feel comfortable with this seiko automatic midsize diver(under 40mm)

This Seiko Automatic mechanical diver is rated for water resistance down to 200 meters for scuba diving operations and beach swimming. The normal 8-inch diver comes with a screw down crown and a caseback that keeps the water away.

Meanwhile seiko takes credit for the precision of this small wrists timepiece for diving. They handcrafted this diver using 21-jewel automatic movement, the genius that keeps the 37mm diver continuously ticking, whether you’re down in the blue depths or you’re heading to or from your office.

This seiko scuba watch also features a black dial enhanced by luminous silver-tone hands and the silver-tone stainless steel case and band.

Comes with an enchanting bracelet and with a 20mm lug width, every woman diver has got the change to switch strap for different purposes and dressings.

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  • Hardlex crystal and steel construction for durability
  • luminous hands and markers glow in water
  • best fit for 6.5 inch wrists
  • lightest than most midsize dive watches
  • one of the best ladies dive watches under 1000 bucks
  • jubilee bracelet is loose and cheap
  • The smooth bezel may need a bit more torque to turn it


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Best 38mm automatic watch for women divers

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean White Dial Automatic Diamond Ladies Watch (38mm dive watch)

best automatic dive watches women. A luxury dive watch under $10,000. Automatic divers watch for professional divingwomen's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean White Dial Automatic Diamond Ladies Watch 23215382004001

  • Movement : caliber 8521, automatic mechanical
  • Power reserve : 50 hour
  • Bezel : Unidirectional rotating
  • Bezel material: Stainless Steel set with Diamonds
  • water resistance: 600 meters(2000 feet)
  • case diameter: 37.5mm, stainless steel
  • lug width: 18mm, silver tone band
  • Dial: Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • special: shock proof sapphire crystal watch for Diamond Ladies

Since 1948, omega seamaster has got a good number of sub-collections and styles, from 200m to 1200M waterproof diving watches.

Omega watch makers never forgot divers with small wrists, when designing watches for diving. You’ll find them construct smaller(28mm to 38 mm) case size watches.

Looking at the Omega Planet Ocean, you see it is a chronometer rated diving watch for professional and recreational purposes. This luxury women’s dive watch is water-depth rated at 600m, though it’s not the deepest waterproof dive watch so far.

The smaller case watch construction makes seamaster planet ocean, one of those good mid range watches that beautifully fit most ladies with slender wrists. The white(or silver tone) finishing on the sapphire covered dial and the silver-tone stainless steel bracelet, enhanced by luminous arrow-shaped hands makes it the best diver watch for female nurses with small wrist.

The silver tone seamaster for ladies is perfectly suited for saturation diving, wreck diving and marine rescue operations.

This scuba women’s dive watch also features one-way-direction divers timing bezel, the scratch resistant sapphire crystal and transparent caseback.

The screw down crown and the resistant gasket ring help to keep this steel bezel watch, unbreakable to water pressure forces.

To me, ocean planet is one of those best midsize dive watches, I would want to present as a luxury gift for my loving wife on a birthday. Though more expensive, the leather strap versions of this small ladies dive watches are a bit, cheaper.

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  • rustproof stainless bracelet
  • good match with womens wardrobe and jewelries(necklaces and earrings)
  • most durable and shock resistant female diver
  • comfortable fit on thin wrists
  • expensive
  • heavier than same dive watch models with leather straps


best luxury women’s dive  watch under 40mm

Women’s Rolex Yacht-Master Gold Dive Watch – (35 mm dive watch)

best gold dive watch - gold tone dive watch for ladieswomen's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure

Women’s Rolex Yacht-Master Gold & Steel 35mm Watch (Ref. 168623)

  • Movement : swiss automatic
  • Power reserve : 55 hour
  • Bezel : Bidirectional timing bezel
  • Bezel material: Solid 18K yellow gold, Stainless Steel
  • water resistance: 100 meters(330 feet)
  • case diameter: 35mm, stainless steel
  • Band: Stainless Steel, Yellow Gold
  • Dial: blue, Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • special: chronometer certified

This Yachtmaster is a dive watch with a Self Winding Automatic Chronometer Movement.

While the widely known Rolex Submariner is a 40mm dive watch and perpetual are dive watches under 40mm, this Women’s Rolex has a 35mm watch.

As one of the best women’s watches for small wrists to midsize wrists, the downside is the yatchmaster is designed for yatching(surface ocean sports) not for professional diving whereas Submariners got 300 meters diving depth.

You know the quality of Rolex is legendary, steel rolex watches are perfectly suiting for everyday casual and formal wears.

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  • everyday wear dive watch
  • suitable for small wrists


best  midsize automatic  Ladies dive watches

Its pretty hard to find a good pick for the best ladies automatic dive watches in the market, but here is one scuba watch that costs few buck over 1,000 dollars.

Oris Aquis Date Automatic Women’s Diver Watch – (36 mm dive watch under 2000 dollars)

best ladies automatic dive watches - automatic divers watch for professional and recreational divingwomen's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure

Oris Aquis Date Automatic Ladies Watch 01 733 7731 4154-07 4 18 64FC

  • movement: Oris caliber 733 automatic
  • power reserve: 38 hour
  • Bezel : Unidirectional
  • water leakproof : 300 meter
  • Dial : Anti-reflective, domed sapphire crystal
  • case diameter: 36.5 mm
  • lug to lug : 18 mm, silicone
  • spacial: transparent glassy case back showcasing watch rotor

Oris Aquis is a high quality divers watch for a woman, well built for a very a fair price just over 1000 dollars.

The Oris Aquis Date Ladies comes with a 36.5 mm medium case diameter that wears comfortably on average slender wrists without need for bracelet modifications.

You’ll definitely get surprised that Oris Aquis Date Ladies is one of the best automatic women’s dive watches for recreational dive sports. Not only that, it’s got a good looking high fashion design some women crave for. The small sized 36mm automatic watch is a seemingly flawless diver wet watch that will fit many women perfectly.

The Oris Aquis also has a transparent case back where to see the power of their craftsmanship – the rotating tiny red automatic rotor.

Also featuring a black ceramic one-directionally rotating bezel, a black dial, a domed scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and Superluminova hands , index hour markers that glows brightly as you go deeper underwater.

The oris aquis lug to lug is about 18 mm of a black silicone strap with a tang clasp. This women automatic divers watch is water-tightly made to resists water ingress and pressure up to 300 meters.

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  • luxurous ladies watch under 2000 bucks
  • lightweight and comfortable
  • not very budget friendly


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Best German women’s luxury dive watches

Are you are fan of watches from Dutch companies?  germans are good for making durable wearables and looking for a ladies dive watch from  a german watch brand isn’t hard. There is a long list you cn consider to pick the best german watches under 500 dollars

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Women’s Diamond Dive Watch -(32mm smallest luxury diver under $5,000)

best stainless steel divers watches for a womanwomen's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure

Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300M Women’s Diamond Watch – WAY1351.BD0917

  • Tag Heuer quartz movement
  • Ceramic divers timing bezel
  • Steel case and full ceramic watches available
  • water resistance: 300 meters
  • Watch Dial : anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • case diameter: 32 mm watch face
  • lug width: 17 mm

Tag Heuer is a slim luxury tool watch, a timepiece professionally crafted by swiss luxury watch makers. First released since 2003, tag heuer is a high-end gorgeous ocean watch with visually attractive and sophisticated design. Any man would love his Lady wear this slimmer beauty dive watch for a “hot” friday night.

This thinnest diver also has capability to withstand about 300 meters / 1000 feet depth atmospheres of pressure in water. This luxury waterproof watch is widely used for fascinating scuba, recreational and professional diving experience.

Like german flieger watches, this swiss made diver watch line comes with several attractive options – mother of pearl dial, navy blue dial, and black dial and also available in both quartz and automatic movements.

But this aquaracer is featuring a mother of pearl dial(with tough sapphire crystal covering) and gold-tone hands. This cool looking watch has a solid case that is two-tone (silver-tone and 18kt yellow gold tone), with a good blend for a woman’s classic wardrobe.

Basically, this Tag Heuer Aquaracer is a beautiful women’s gold dive watch that uses quartz movement for precision timekeeping. To be the best timer, this luxury watch for small wrist ladies loses no tick even under heavy water pressure.

The tough solid case, the shock resistant sapphire dial covering, the sturdy screw down crown and the durable gasket water-repelling ring all keep the durability of this watch peerless.

This ladies tool diver also has a nice looking uni-directional rotating 18kt Yellow Gold bezel and features in the top list of dialed watches for women diving.

Although this Women’s Aquaracer diver is pretty expensive for an average diver, it features undoubtedly makes it worth for professional divers, sailing and surfing women.

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  • attractive durable watch construction from steel
  • Scratch resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal protective dial cover
  • waterproof depth rating of of 300 meters
  • elegant and beautiful on small wrists divers
  • its an expensive women’s tag heuer dive watch


Best momentum women’s dive watches

Momentum’s Unisex M1 Splash Watch  – (39mm inexpensive diver under $200)

best momentum women dive watch - best beach watches for ladieswomen's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure

Momentum’s Unisex M1 Splash Watch | 200m / 660 ft Water Resistant

  • movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Bezel: Uni-directional Rotating,
  • water resistance: 200 meter
  • Dial : white and luminous,
  • case diameter : 39.3 mm
  • band: natural rubber
  • Special : Mineral or sapphire crystals available

Momentum is another micro brand that produces womens dive watches. Since 1980s, Momentum Watch has been a sports watch brand based in Vancouver, Canada.

Like other fashionable watches for women , this 38mm diver watch is equipped with Japanese Quartz Movement for a flawless under water timekeeping.

Because it’s waterproof tested and rated to 200M / 660FT, you can trust the 38mm quartz dive watch for beach swimming, pool dive, snorkel , recreational scuba and showering. You got nothing to fear if it accidentally drops into a home laundry machine.

While this watch can survive any water challenges, we hope it fits your wrists comfortably. The wristwatch has a Natural ‘Twist’ Rubber band that is specially designed for women smaller wrists. The Splash is also perfect for an active lifestyle.

You can get the Momentum M1 Splash series of smaller dive watches come in a whole range of bright colors from pink, purple, yellow, aqua, lavender, white, khaki, and more. With either white dials or black dials, the small ladies M1 diving watches also feature colorful rubber bands, others got stainless steel bracelets.

The Momentum dive watches are very affordable at giveaway prices, for every woman and girl diver. Being kind of inexpensive tool watches for ocean going activities, you can’t lack a timepiece from momentum since its one of the top microbrand dive watches cheaply available in the market.

Also note the downside of this momentum m1 twist womens dive watch may be that the 39 mm midsize diver watch can turn out to not fit extra small wrists.

If I am tight on budget to offer something of value that can take my girlfriend to a fascinating level of adventures, this beautiful 38mm round stainless steel dive watch is a great gift watch.

I would consider the diving wristwatch for women for my lady’s birthday, graduations, anniversary or wedding.

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  • battery life: 3 – 5 years
  • perfect and suitable daily active lifestyle
  • can withstand any pressure and water beatings
  • best dive watch under 200 dollars
  • bulky for extra small wrists


Best 38mm womens gold dive watch

Invicta Women’s 15252 Pro Diver Gold Dial Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Watch

best gold tone female dive watches - invictawomen's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure
  • movement: japanese quartz, calibre pc32A
  • Bezel: stainless steel, two tone
  • water resistance: 200m/660 feet
  • Dial : gold homage watch
  • case diameter : 38mm watch face
  • band: 18mm, gold stainless steel
  • Special : second hand, golf tone diver

Its not common to have the best value ladies dive watch even for less than $200 but Invicta Women’s Mako Pro is one go-to choices that’s not only cheap but very functional ladies’ dives watch.

The classic and the two-toned female diver with blue face is stunning attractive on wrists with its 18k yellow gold ion-plated finish.

The gold-tone stainless steel watch case showcases an attractive gold dial with crystal accented hour markers and a crystal accented rotating bezel.

At the level of water resistance 330 m (660 ft), invicta is dependable diving tool gold watch for women’s ocean games. It’s best suited for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports for women.

Features protected anti-reflective mineral crystal cover on dial and luminous hands and numerals, helping you to read the time at a glance under poor underwater light conditions.

Similar to this homage diver are :

They are all beautiful  inexpensive watches under $100, designed  for women diving.

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  • best for low or no-light conditions
  • affordably and inexpenisive
  • has looks of a high end dive watch
  • small for large wrists


Best Diving Smartwatch – Women’s Wrist Computer For Smart Diving

Garmin Descent Mk1, Watch-Sized Dive Computer with Surface GPS,

Diving Smartwatch - Women's diving smart watch - Garmin Descent Mk1, Watch-Sized Dive Computer with Surface GPS, Includes Fitness Features, Silver/Blackwomen's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure

Garmin Descent Mk1, Watch-Sized Dive Computer with Surface GPS, Includes Fitness Features

  • Measurements: multisport activity profiles, diving performance metrics
  • Display: display with LED backlighting,
  • Battery:19 days watch mode, 20 hours GPS mode
  • Navigation: GPS, GLONASS and
  • sensors : ABC sensors on board,
  • smart notification – call, text, message, email

Garmin Descent Mk1, is a sleek watch sized GPS dive Computer with booth fitness Features and diving features. Divers use Garmin Descent Mk1 smartwatch to explore the seas and the oceans.

Designed and built for recreational, technical and free diving, the smartwatch is capable to accompany a women diver to an underwater expeditions. Garmin divers smartwatch is the best place to start smart diving.

The integrated GPS helps to mark entry and exit points. Just like for outdoor activities, descent Mk1 comes with multiple dive modes, a 3-axis compass and heart rate tracking.

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This garmin rugged smartwatch can support up to six gases (including air, nitrox and trimix), and still keep track of diving data for depth, dive time, a diving compass, ascent and descent rates, temperature and decompression information.

It also supports depth gauge. With the Garmin Connect app, diving ladies can get access into their diving logs easily and share them if need be.

The dive smartwatch offers surface GPS navigation with full-color onscreen mapping and location features. The navigation features GPS and GLONASS that help you mark your starting dive entry and exit points for surface navigation.

Not only that, the wrists based heart rate technology helps to track heart beat as you go swimming under ocean.

Comes in two models- stainless-steel smartwatch with silicone watch band and the premium titanium bezel smartwatch with a scratch-resistant titanium bracelet.

It is suitable for dives up to 100 metres depth and would deliver battery life of around 40 hours in dive mode.

Easy to use. The smartwatch computer is automatically activated as you hit the water surface, its shows current depth, dive time, water temperature, ascent/descent rate, no-deco time, decompression stop information and battery life.

The LED backlighting assures great readability in all lighting conditions under the ocean. And for added scratch resistance, both models incorporate a high-strength domed sapphire lens.

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  • best versatile GPS Dive Computer for women diving adventures
  • tone and vibration alerts keep you informed or reminded when submerged
  • sleek, comfortable and elegantly crafted, as an everyday timepiece.
  • Comes with longer QuickFit straps for use over thick wetsuits or dry suits.
  • Constructed with premium Materials, Elegant Style
  • expensive but cost under 1000 dollars



Best luminous Women’s Dive watch

Luminox Women’s 7252 Black Dial Watch – costs under 500 dollars

best lume watch for diving - Brightly illuminating ladies watchwomen's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure

Luminox Women’s 7252 Quartz Stainless Steel Black Dial Watch

  • Dial: Anti reflective sapphire crystal
  • case: 42mm stainless steel
  • band length: women standards, silver color
  • Display:Analog
  • Bezel:unidirectional rotating
  • Special: Luminous and has second hands
  • Movement: calibre 7252 Quartz
  • waterproof: 200 meter/660 feet

Luminox is a widely trusted swiss watchmaker with watches that are well known for great illumination and durability. This watch satisfies every divers’ expectation.

The anti-reflective sapphire crystal covering on the dial window is not only durable but also scratch-resistant to water pressure.

This luminox divers timepiece features a date display, hours markers, Arabic numerals, and bright glowing luminous hands.

As per the ISO 6425 standards, this watch has 300 m seawater depth rating, a really awesome luminous dive watch, a good companion to plunge into any depth with confident prowess. The internal workings and the fortitude against water leaks makes it over performant in the blue sea.

Another situation where this excellent quality diver is stunning, for everyday use, the luminous seawater tool piece has classy diver styling for every ladies’ casual wear.

Though the dive watch is more masculine but has straps that’re more feminine, the sapphire crystal make this lumibrite diver watch, a top choice for most ladies who love a rugged but attractive timepiece.

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  • incredible night markers visibility
  • durable with a solid stainless steel case
  • Stylish and classic design
  • Luminous hands
  • Durable anti-reflective sapphire crystal window
  • Strap too small for female wearers with a large wrist


Best 34mm Blue Dial dive watch for women

Longines HydroConquest Blue Dial Ladies Diving Watch – under 1000 USD

best affordable womens dive watch - great for formal, casual outfitswomen's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure

Longines HydroConquest Blue Dial Ladies Watch L33404966

  • Movement :caliber L156 quartz
  • Bezel : Unidirectional rotating divers
  • bezel material: Stainless Steel with a Blue Top Ring
  • water resistance: 300 meter(1000 feet)
  • Dial Protection: Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • Case diameter: 34 mm, stainless steel watch case
  • band: 17mm, silver tone stainless steel
  • special: solid caseback, deployment clasp, screw down crown

f you are a small wrists diver, you got lucky today. Longines produces good versions of diver watches for smaller wrists.

It’s a women’s diving watch with a blue dial enhanced by brightly illuminating silver-tone hands and protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass covering.

If you want a timer that doesn’t miss a tick when you go wreck diving, longiness is one of the divers watch brands to consider.

This longines watch is a female legend’s diver that uses quartz movement for precision timing. Featuring a smaller case diameter, the watch band size stands at bout 17mm lug width, one of the women’s watches for small wrists.

Supports up to 300 meters / 1000 feet depth of water and it tops among the best waterproof watches under 1000.

If you feel small dive watches with quartz movements isn’t good for your wrists, you may check on this black dial automatic longines hydroconquest diver with 41mm case.

The good thing I love about stainless steel longine dive watches for small wrists.

is; it can be worn as a dress watch for office works, occasions and for formal outdoor dressing. Am sure that’s why it gets recommended consistently, by many water sports enthusiasts in United States.

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  • 34mm small quartz dive watch
  • fairly priced under $1000
  • luminous and brightly glowing hands
  • precision timer for under water adventures
  • good shock-proof watch for serious divers


Best Microbrand dive watch for Snorkeling and Scuba

PHOIBOS SEA Nymph 300M Lady Diver Watch PX021 Women Sport(36 mm small microbrand diver)

Best Microbrand dive watch for Snorkeling and Scuba - best microbrand dive watches for a woman women's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure

Phoibos Sea Nymph 300-meters Swiss Wuartz Dive Watch With Double Domed Sapphire Crystal

  • movement: swiss quartz
  • Bezel: sapphire crystal, unidirectional
  • water resistance: 300 meters/1000 feet
  • Dial : Red(other models:Blue)
  • crystal: Scratch-Resistant Double-Dome Sapphire
  • case diameter : 36mm 316L stainless steel
  • band: 18mm lug leather, red
  • Lume: 15 layers SuperLumiNova BGW9 on hands, indices ,markings
  • Special : calender, Analog Display

For a woman diver who wants a gorgeous watch to go dive during Caribbean vacation, Phoibos is the best choice to consider here. This Phoibos women’s dive watch is waterproof rated at 300-meters water resistance, suitable for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.

To know if the 36mm phoibos is suitable as a diving companion, take the hell of the timepiece, give it some raw beatings,  wear it in and out of the ocean and pool every day and snorkel with it like you’ve never done before.

The end point is, this beautiful 36mm microbrand watch would never suffer water leakage and the band will still look brand new.

In Greek, PHOIBOS means “Bright, Shining” Phoibos microbrand diver is of superior quality and uses Swiss quartz Ronda 704 movements with analog display carefully crafted by experts hands.

This ladies small wrist diver is designed to withstand the most demanding diving condition for a very long time. The experience and professionalism of phoibos watch makers is outstanding in this snorkeling and scuba female’s watch.

Featuring, is a small watch case of 36mm diameter, made from 316L grade stainless steel and a a rallye-style leather strap, this beautiful amphibian watch depends on the Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9 treated hands and hour markers, for under water illumination.

Also, the scratch resistant double-domed sapphire crystal is durable and can absorb shocks due to crashes against marine objects.

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  • variety of colors – red and blue
  • durable domed and shockproof sapphire
  • fairly priced under 300 dollars
  • genuine leather straps


best small size mens dive watches for women

While 44 mm watch may look to large for women, but there exist few women with masculine body-builds.What about overweight women, they would definitely need a man’s standard size dive watches. There are also a lot of Watches with smaller man’s wrists size(35mm to 41mm) and can make for looks on some women.

Sp we’ll also choose smaller, medium sized men’s model of diver’s watches for one reason. Though they may look smallest on standard mens wrists, they can make a perfect and comfortable fit on womens wrists, especially ladies with masculine appearance.

Marathon Swiss Military Diver’s Quartz Watch with Tritium (36mm) – WW194027 – (36mm men’s dive watch)

best millspecs diving watch - military dive watch under 40mmwomen's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure

Marathon (Medium) Swiss Made, TSAR Quartz Military Divers Watch with Sapphire Crystal 

  • Movement: Swiss ETA quartz (battery operated)
  • Case: Brushed stainless steel, 36mm x 12mm
  • CaseBack: Screw-in engraved back
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Band: Vulcanized black rubber strap with buckle. 18mm
  • Water Resistant: 300 meters/1000 feet

Well constructed to comply with the ISO 6425 standards, this military spec dive watch is for skinny guys and i has got a good look on women with men standard wrist sizes less than 40mm.

The Diver’s Quartz Medium is perfect for someone who wants a tough, reliable, tactical field ops watch which can still works for ocean-activities. Ladies who work in Search And Rescue missions would love this one.

The men’ small wrists watch is a dive watch with water resistance down to 30 ATM – 300 meters (1000 feet) underwater when diving. Built from 316L surgical grade stainless steel of high quality, the watch is shock-proof and resistant to impacts from external beatings in rugged environments.

Also featuring in this Diver’s Quartz Medium watch is a scratch resistant, sapphire glass crystal covering that protect the watch dial. The straps is made from vulcanized rubber strap. With customization holes for buckle through support and for superior comfort.

Made in La Chaux de Fonds Switzerland , you would expect the highest level of quality and considering these of a high torque, 3 jewel ETA F06 Quartz movement, the accuracy is to a minimal fraction of seconds .

The self contained Tritium gas tubes on hour markers provide constant visibility in low light under water situations.The illuminations does not run out for decades and will not dull down in brightness like normal photoluminescent paint.

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  • Best durable luminous dive watch
  • best fit for smaller men, and normal womens
  • has End of Life (EOL) indicator to inform you that a battery change is needed.
  • Lightweight and comfortable straps
  • great man’s watch for skinny women diver
  • glowing tubes contain radioactive hydrogen isotopes


Best swiss made dive watches under 500 USD

Victorinox Swiss Women’s I.N.O.X. Watch – (best 37 mm swiss diving watch)

best swiss made and good looking dive watch under 500women's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure
Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s I.N.O.X. Stainless Steel Swiss-Quartz Rubber Strap, Black, 18 Casual Watch

  • Movement: Analog quartz movement.
  • Cse: 37mm Stainless steel
  • Band: Braided rubber
  • Water Resistant: 200 meter/20ATM (660 feet)
  • Variety: pink, blue, black straps

Here a women’s Navy Paracord diver, a modern, high-performance timepiece with sleek and versatile design styles for ladies in an outdoor adventures.

For having endured as much as 130 durability tests, this Swiss Army Women’s I.N.O.X model from Victorinox, a luxury watch brand loved by many outdoor and ocean sports enthusiasts.

best 37mm womens watch with pink straps


Featuring colored dials blue, black, white, grey, but pink dial and pink rubber strap diver is the most preferable among ladies for diving.

This stainless-steel victorinox comes in a braided textile watch band with a very unique modern look. Most ladies would use this comfortable wear for beach swimming, marine sports or for daily wear.

Also featuring is the 24-hour-military time, end-of-life indicator, a scratch-resistant triple-coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass protection on the dial, screw-in caseback and screw-down crown and a removable protection navy bumper.

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  • Unique braided tough textile strap for a comfortable wear
  • Available in pink, blue grey and black colors
  • withstand 130 extreme endurance homologation tests
  • Durable stainless steel case
  • lightweight and comfort womens tool watch
  • difficulty to tighten the band


Best citizen women’s dive watch

Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Promaster-Sea  Watch (Model: EP6050-17E) – (34mm womens’ dive watch)

citizen eco drive womens dive watch - best smallest woman watchwomen's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure
Citizen Women’s Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with black Plastic Strap

  • Movement: quartz .
  • Power reserve: 180 days
  • Bezel: stainless steel
  • case diameter: 34mm dive watch face
  • band: plastic(urethane)strap, women standard, black
  • dial:black mineral
  • display: analog
  • Water pressure resistance: 20 bars
  • water resistance:200 meters
  • special: Luminous Hands, Luminous Numbers
  • case features: Stainless Steel back,Bottom screwed-in, Crown screwed, ISO6425, One way rotating bezel

Here is a watch that’s really fantastic and a favorite diver watch with aesthetics design. Pretty beautiful and I would love to give it to my wife as gift next christmas.

Eco-Drive watches are the most convenient and economical for someone who doesn’t love frequent watch battery replacements or constant winding to maintain watch operations.

Being light powered, this great sporty women’s automatic watch keeps charging itself while you engage in any outdoor adventure you planned.

The 34mm watch face makes it a perfectly sized ladies diver for small wrists, and it comes with calendar function- Date, Luminous Hands, Luminous Numbers.

According to some verified purchasers, this  eco-drive citizen women’s dive watch is a no-nonsense diving tool for ladies who want a sporty wristwatch for all kinds of activities.

best woman's dive watch - citizen promaster sea diver

best ladies dive watch- citizen promaster 34mm dive watch

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  • beautiful fit for small wrist
  • It comes with excellent readability, bright luminesence for night time.
  • good for swimming, diving and camping.


Best inexpensive women’s dive watch

There  are many female dive watches that cost less than 100 dollars  and we will list just one here.

Casio Unisex MRW200H-4BV “”Neo-Display”” Black Watch

women's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventurewomen's dive watch - Beautiful Women's Dive Watch - 7 Best Ladies Dive Watches For Underwater Adventure

Casio Unisex MRW200H-4BV – Neo-Display Black Watch

  • Movement: japanese quartz .
  • Bezel: Resin, Bidirectional
  • case : 42mm , Resin dive watch face
  • band: Resin strap, 23mm
  • dial: black mineral with analog display
  • display: analog
  • water resistance: 100 meters
  • special: Luminous, measures-seconds

If you don’t know, casio is well recognized for offering ridiculously shock resistant and high quality for every budget.

While this snorkel watches run so flawlessly, it remains rugged to withstand shocks and the rigors of daily abuse and unavoidable crashes against objects.

Like other watches with second hand, casio sweeps through all the marks beautifully, all at such a ridiculously cheap price under $30. What more would anyone want from this watch when its do extremely inexpensive at this giveaway price?


inexpensive ladies watches


Casio’s classic women’s diver-look watch series comes available in a splash of many colors. With 43mm midsize legible watch face, it’s easy to take a glance o the large indexes even when swimming.

Featuring a bi-directional rotating bezel, the midsize ladies diver is only 100 meter water resistant for swimming and snorkeling. Unfortunately, it’s not for professional diving.

Like other best midsize dive watches, this casio diver has 24 hr index, as easy to use, maintains a great value for the money and still remains very durable.

The tough and the rugged resin resin construction keeps this watch the best beater for outdoor adventures.

Like other Casio Women’s dive watch, this orange accent diver looks like a higher end model watch with black plastic LCD screen, and self illuminated by phosphor coated hands and markers. No Electro-Luminescence backlighting.

Cheap Dive Watches under $50 for women

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Other casio womens dive watch options:

If orange is not suited for your wardrobe, another diving watch is a white 33 mm resin case women’s watch(with good match for nurses dresses)
You may love this blue color Casio Unisex Neo-Display watch with resin band

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  • medium wrists sized watch, not large nor small
  • markers and letters are large enough to read without glasses.
  • water leakproof – so getting submerged should create no worries.
  • Best match with NATO straps
  • The phosphor coated hands need exposure to sunlight before it glows
  • it's not overly bright- only the hands glow, the numbers don’t.


BEST ALTERNATIVES dive watches for women

Scuba diving gauges are designed to keep divers informed for a safe diving trips, in providing crucial diving metrics, as depth, pressure, ascent, and descent. Depth gauges are  analog instruments, you should never go into water without.

However, the best dive watch could do all this gauge functions. If you didn't find the best woman's watch for diving  in our review, you might want to take a look at some alternatives.

Diving Wrist Computer



Wrap Up

Hope you found this article useful. If you are not sure of which watch to pick, use the comment form below and tell us what you expect to see in your divers watch. We will write you in few business days with excellently suggested dive watches we hope can suit your needs.

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