12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics – Best EMT Watches For Life Saving

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Time is essential to saving a patient’s life and A Paramedic or emergency medical technicians(EMTs) need the best watch for EMT workers, to get the job done.

Emt watches, like some good watches for nurses, nursing students, and doctors, are excellen, but they are most ignored tools among medical and healthcare personnel.

In this review, We will suggest the best paramedic watches for you.


Should EMT wear watches?

Paramedics and emergency medical technicians(EMTs) provide urgent pre-hospital care for people with life-threatening, critical illnesses and injuries,

Because they need excellent equipment, they deserve the best watch for EMT  because the lack of timekeeping tool during an urgent or emergency, can raise hell and ruin lives.

Those who have been working full time in emergency medical services, you probably know that response time is essential to keeping victims alive whether is at fire rescue, marine rescue, mountain rescue, and crash sites. That is why disaster response team, or combat medic, or an ambulance nurses, are often under pressure checking pulses.

People do suffer strokes from atrial fibrillation (AFib), slip and falls, mountain biking mishaps.  What watch can keep EMT/EMS workers to respond on time  apart from having the best watch for EMT / EMS?

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What kind of watch should EMT/ Paramedics wear?

Just like a pilot, a fireman and a law enforcement officer, emergency rescue team personel have their kind of wrist watches. The expectations is that they must be accurate timepieces that will guide workers arrive emergency scene in 8-14 minutes, although this average time does increases during America’s worse emergency period – Memorial Day and Labor Day. This is often when many fatal roads crash occur and push up the ambulance response time. You will see EMTs and paramedics work between emergency calls, accident scenes, and emergency rooms.

What is the best durable chronograph watch for emt then?

The best watches that offer convenience for paramedics and EMT personnel come with quarterly or hourly alert signals to ease your timekeeping.

The medical watches should also be good and tactical tool watch that can survive daily abuse in the course of recording patients’ health metrics.

Another feature we can’t ignore to mention is, the best watch for ambulance workers should be luminous. They should be able to light up the dark or where you got poor lights conditions.

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Top rated Best watches for  Paramedics (EMT & EMS )

Here is a good list of some best emt watches for you. Take a quick glance if you’re in a hurry and pick one that’s ideal and versatile for a first responder service man.


Why a Paramedic EMT Personnel needs a watch?

Experience shows that the response time for an EMS Ambulance team to be at the emergency scene is the most important factor that saves or risk lives. For medical personnel, the ambulance response time is a basic indicator that tells how effective a health emergency unit operates.

An effective response time for the first responders to arrive accident scene and administer the first basic life support means the difference between saving a victim’s life and letting him die.

So why do paramedics need a watch?

1. Pulse Rate

To understand the health status of a patient, ambulance workers do meet situations that require taking victims breathing pulse and heart rate. So without a flawless medical watch with a pulse-meter,  to effectively identify someone’s health abnormalities during emergencies becomes a difficult task.

2. Medication

In addition, most medical prescriptions are time-specific. Administering medication after an incorrect number of hours has proven hostile to victim’s lives in many states, that one you understand better.

This explains why medical team members require tough, durable analog, digital or smart watches to assist them to provide a working therapy and medications that can improve conditions of a victim’s life.

3. Medical record

To establish a sound medical record, dates of consultations, medication, last check-ups are often written down to help other future doctors and health specialists understand the victim’s medical treatment.  Time is essential for saving a patient’s life.

I can frankly tell you that, getting an accurate field watch for recording the duration of medical activity doesn’t necessitate that you choose just anything that tells time.

A watch that does more, than just time, is what they need. This does not mean EMTs buy their own medical equipment, Oh Hell No, I mean they invest to keep their own time and save lives.

A good professional medical watch should be reliable, lightweight, practical, tough, rugged, water-resistant, durable, and easy to read in the middle of all kinds of challenges.



Best tactical field watches for firefighters

The best smartwatch for diabetics


Best G-Shock watches for paramedics EMTs

G-Shock watches are amongst the world-class timepieces every worker would want to pick since they are built to last(shock resistant). Paramedic watches should be able to survive rugged beatings from scenes of accidents and emergency room when trying to save a victim’s life. Here are some best emt watches that are resistant to scratches and shocks.

 Casio Men’s G-Shock GW9400 Rangeman – one of the best firefighter emt watches

Casio Tough Solar watches are battery powered. The battery is recharged by a solar panel built into the face of the watch. Depending on the model, a Casio Tough Solar watch can stay fully functional anywhere from 5-23 months without exposure to any light. Casio Tough Solar watches can be recharged with any type of light, but recharging times will vary according to the light-source

  • Multiband Atomic timekeeping
  • Thermometer
  • Digital Compass 0 to 359 degrees,
  • Memory capacity: up to 40 records
  • 200M Water Resistant
  • Full Auto Calendar up to 2099

Made from hard, tough, and shiny material that does not discolor or wears off, the stainless steel case designed Casio Men’s Rangeman is one of the most durable best EMT watches with digital display for nurses and medical field workers.

The masculine rugged design makes the watch not the best watch for female EMT but can make a good g shock firefighter nurses watch for men in the rescue profession.

There is no worry here for watch battery running out, Rangman Casio g shock is a solar-powered tool watch, a great fit for a medical emergency squat and outdoor nurses.

Medical rescue crew members often get exposed to grueling conditions each passing day. To respond to out-of-hospital cares in any situation, the EMT solar Casio g shock gw9400 is a beautiful rugged tool watch that endures without serious damages.

The atomic timekeeping features are so precise you can’t expect the g shock EMT watch to lose a second.

You know a Casio g shock watch like this one feature in the list of rugged work watches for outdoor professions like firefighting. As one of the durable best EMT watches, Rangman features a shock-resistant triple sensor for improved resistance to impacts.

If you are looking for a good watch for an EMT fireman, this EMT solar watch is a great timepiece that endures suffering without showing scratches.

You would also notice that unlike most g-shock firefighter watches, this Casio g shock looks like a grail watch that comes with some buttons. The sensor button shows a sensor screen when you press it. To know which sensor mode you’re in, each audible tone is unique to each mode.

Unlike some regular watches, this EMT tool can measure attitude(great for flight emergency team), measure temperature, and tell your direction. If you love outdoor, you should not mind taking it for hiking trail trips or hunting.

Frequently used buttons have a seal or metal cover to prevent mud and dust. Again, you shouldn’t worry about this paramedic watch equipment if you rescue lives in the sea, it is waterproof. This Casio time recorder is a water-resistant dive watch, great for swimming down to 200m.

Like the Casio G-Rescue Solar Atomic watch, Paramedic and EMT workers need this tough watch for unfailing reliability in their tasks.


If you are familiar with analog watches, we recommend you make a transition to this digital ambulance watch with second hand and digital display.

Not really affordable as compared to a similar model – Casio G Rescue Solar Atomic, it’s the best g-shock watch for paramedics.

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  • Can measure in 31 time zones, has 5 alarms,
  • shows sun rise and sunset and auto calendar
  • gives precise and accurate time
  • legible for a glance under poor light conditions
  • has solar rechargeable battery
  • uses multiple displays (digital and analog)
  • battery life is up to 7 months
  • expensive


Best Smartwatch For Paramedics – Smart EMS Watch

Smartwatches do more than just tell time, and a good smart EMS watch can almost seamlessly replace phones for many outdoor occupations. Some employers allow medical employees to play music while working. The good thing is a smartwatch for paramedics is a great tool that can quickly assist in revitalizing a patient, analyze a victim’s health metrics and read health metrics.

In addition, paramedics and EMT workers need medical smartwatches that can support (make or receive) emergency SOS calls. The best and highly recommended such paramedic watches can be standalone smartwatch with cellular SIM card connectivity, for EMT worker.

Entertainment can boost job performance greatly. If you are one of the music-loving paramedic personnel, here’s a list of best smartwatches with music players. You can also check a more insanely beautiful smartwatch for nurses here. Here is one best smartwatch for paramedics, EMTs, and ems workers.

 Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire Watch

best watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Savingbest watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving

  • Face size –  42 millimeters
  • include GPS and Glonass
  • Smart notifications
  • Water resistant – 10 meters
  • Compass – 3 axis
  • Wi-Fi – Enabled
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With high-speed technology today, people love to see wearable gadgets gain Smartphone compatibility and watches are no exception.

An emergency tool smartwatch, like Garmin Fenix 5 is a multi-sport watch to use in a paramedic training station. You want to rock music after an emergency, Garmin Fenix is one of the best smartwatches for music lovers.

Designed with outstanding readability both in light and in darkness, even harsh daylight and dim lighting have little effect on the watch’s hands visibility.

Packed with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, the smart stainless steel bezel watch promises peerless durability. The maximum water depth for this watch is 100 meters, so deep diving and underwater marine search and rescue is limited.

Again, this Garmin smartwatch can help you find your path in a wild environment with its GPS and satellite receiving technology.

Though smart devices come with power-hungry features, Garmin Fenix comes with long battery life for power support. The battery can last several days without a recharge.

Another important feature – Bluetooth and wifi. The smartwatch is wifi enabled and bluetooth compatible to connect to wireless networks and devices, automatically.

The EMT watch is compatible with heart rate chest strap such as the HRM-Run, so an EMT can have many features and options for important metrics on a patient’s health status – Vertical oscillation and ratio, Ground contact time and balance, Stress score.

When it comes to fitness, Garmin Fenix has a heart rate monitor and a paramedic wouldn’t need to carry along again a chest strap. This smart multi-sport timepiece can estimate the maximum volume of oxygen you can consume per minute.

Its QuickFit bands vary from leather, metal or silicone offers a good mix for paramedics, EMTs to personalize their styles. It serves a great fitness purpose during training sessions.

I also highly recommend this rugged outdoor smart watch for emergency staff who engage in fitness exercises – mountain biking, running, gym training and for sleep tracking.

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  • great smart watch with GPS navigation sensor
  • its a wrist based heart rate tracker watch
  • smart notifications
  • altimeter need recalibration after swimming


Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40mm) – Best outdoor smart watch for Paramedic and EMT workers

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40mm) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Bandbest watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving

  • Case Size : 4omm
  • Navigation : GPS
  • Always-On Retina display
  • 30% larger screen
  • Swimproof, fast charging
  • ECG app
  • Electrical and optical heart sensors
  • Built-in compass

Apple watches series 4, 5, and 6 are well known for providing excellent health tracking and health data measurements. While these Apple watches have played a big role as a fall detection watch for seniors and people with mobility issues, they feature an ECG app.

ECG is a feature that reads heart rate and provides electrocardiogram report. ECG reading help to check if the upper and lower chambers of the patients heart are in rhythm. The sinus rhythm reading from the apple watch ECG app enables Nurses, EMT, and paramedics or doctor to determine any heart irregularities, and initiate quick intervention if required.

That’s not all, this watch also comes featuring Electrical and optical heart sensors, you can use it to check the victim’s heart performance any time anywhere, especially when working under pressure or emergency.

Other nice features in this best smartwatch for EMT includes a large display for good legibility(easy to read at a glance), the second hand, and the digital watch face for taking patients’ vital signs, 30 meters water resistant, and a variety of customizable watch face. You just need to pick an apple watch face that matches your paramedic outfit.

Even while responding to victims of an accident far from home, the apple watch is the best smartwatch paramedic can use to receive a smart notification – email, text and calls like a standalone smartwatch. This EMT smart watch pairs or syncs seamlessly with smartphones by Bluetooth or WIFI.

Not only is it the best GPS smartwatch for paramedics EMTs, but this apple watch is also an excellent timepiece for outdoor activities. It is also a workout tracking tool for fitness purposes.

The only apple has been able to make smartwatches that go for both men and women. While this smartwatch can fit male nurses and EMT workers, it still remains the best smartwatch for female EMT workers, like every other woman.

Another rugged EMT smartwatch for ambulance workers is Suunto Core Outdoor Watch – All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports field Watch

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 Best watch for emt workers  with Shock resistance

WHo does not like to have watches that endure outdoor beatings? Casio makes watches, but these are some best emt watches which can endure anything outside the hospital.

 Casio G-Shock Quartz Resin Sport Watch (Model: DW9052-1V)

Casio Men's 'G-Shock' Quartz Resin Sport Watch - Water resistant to 200 m (660 ft): In general, suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports, but not scuba divingbest watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving

  • Case diameter = 48.5mm(millimeters)
  • Case thickness:43mm
  • band: durable resin material, 25mm wide, black
  • Runs on Japanese Quartz movement

Casio G-Shock Quartz Resin Sport Watch – a g-shock DW9052 watch, is an alternatives to the expensive models like casio g shock rangman watch . The timepiece is a cheaper, and an easy to read ambulance watch for emt workers.

The EMS watch can survive if crashed against the emergency vehicle. If it does break, you get a nice cry since you can get a replacement for under $50.

A less expensive watch doesn’t mean it shoes less accurate time. This medical field timer uses quartz crystal for more accurate and precise timing during all emergencies.

You get more than what you pay for this durable watch because g-shock builds unbreakable watches. The watch is constructed to be durable, well-protected to last, so it wouldn’t break if dropped from 3 feet onto a wooden floor.

Like other Casio g-shock watches, this waterproof watch can be used in sea rescue. Not only for marine rescue, but the waterproof watch is also great for professional water surface sports, diving, snorkeling, and swimming down to 200m.

No difficulty to read time at night, the watch comes with an afterglow backlight, so the dark display would not be a problem.

As a medical assistant that will come across a patient that needs cardiac life support, buying this watch means you already own a countdown timer and a stopwatch.

Not so common with some best man’s watches under 50 dollars, this affordable date watch uses military time format – 24 hours and you should expect total reliability in timing.

Again, you’re not gonna get a single scratch on the crystal even after several months. This field watch for EMTs and paramedics is scratch resistant. The watchband is made from bezel material – the durable resin watch case offers protection.

Another very affordable priced best watch for EMS, under 100 dollars, which if it unlikely breaks, is easy to get a replacement, is the Casio G-shock DW5600E-1V

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  • Cheaper and easy to replace
  • has digital display,
  • has military style time or 24 hours
  • special features – alarm, stopwatch, auto calendar, date window
  • has hour time signal
  • withstands harsh environments

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durable paramedic  EMT Watch For men

Casio Mens G-Shock Watch – Model GWM5610-1

best g-shock digital watch for medical assistants, nurses, EMTs, Paramedics. Very affordable and cheap watch under 50. Water resistant 200m rugged work watches for swimming and snorkelingbest watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving

  • Water resistant to 200 meters(660ft)
  • world time (29 time zones, 48 cities)
  • battery life: 10 month
  • Case Diameter :46.7 millimeters
  • Band Width : 20 millimeters
  • Display : Digital
  • Material : durable Resin

Do you want a digital watch for paramedics that is masculine in design? This Casio Mens G-Shock Watch – Model GWM5610-1 is a better option for you. However, not all emergence response crew members love a multi-tool watch that’s bulky and chunky on the wrists.

For ambulance service workers, a timepiece device that is lightweight and comfortable on wrists is the best choice and that is where Casio G Shock GWM5610-1 comes in.

It’s an awesome best watch for EMT. Like most g-shock watches for work, this watch has features to improve its resistance to shocks due to crashes. Even in unfamiliar territories like water, the watch can resist down to 200 meters(660feet) of water depth.

With its electro-luminescence(EL) backlight for dark environments, pressing the light button turns on the auto light to help you easily read the time.

A grey solar panel strip covers this digital watch and they keep on charging under the sun without your notice. G-Shock GWM5610-1 is a Casio watch for paramedics and nurses with a large-battery capacity.  Luckily, it is rechargeable under solar or artificial light.

For fast and lap timing, GWM5610-1 is a Casio g shock digital chronograph. Like a stopwatch, its accuracy and precision go down to 1/100th of a second.

To keep the digital wristwatch lighter and comfortable, the sport-like watch case is tough but less thick than other Casio g-shock watches.

This solar-powered wrists wearable watch for emergency room personnel uses Japanese quartz movement for accuracy and precision timing. With its Multi-band 6 Atomic Timekeeping technology, this durable watch synchronizes easily in timekeeping.

This Casio g-shock is a medical digital watch that is easy to clean of bloodstains. Cleaning is an important, often required watch feature to consider when shopping for a wristwatch for pre-hospital attendants, nurses, and doctors.

Its black colored matte resin strap and the stainless steel case and buckles don’t hold specks of dirt and bloodstains from emergency rooms.

GWM5610-1 is a great digital watch with a neutral face that any paramedic would love to add to her list of EMT gear.

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  • May be hard to read for seniors with sight problems
  • Great g-shock digital watch for marine rescue emergencies
  • easy to read even when you’re in the dark
  • lightweight and comfortable
  •  rugged and durable watch for extreme environments


Tough Paramedic and firefighter watch

Watches for firemen also feature in the list of best medical watches, because of field demanding features like the solar charging, easy to clean bands, navigation and tracking tools.

Casio GW-7900-1ER Mens G-Shock Tide Graph Solar Watch – best watch for firefighter emt

Casio GW-7900-1ER Mens G-Shock Tide Graph Solar Powered Watch - G-Shock introduces a Solar Atomic addition to the tough and rugged G-Rescue series. Already iconic for its four point protection design, large case, oversized buttons, this model has tide & moon graphs and is 200m Water Resistanbest watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving

  • Case length: 50 mm
  • Watch Case Material: Resina
  • Cristal: Mineral
  • Strap Material: durable Resin band
  • 24 hour military time

Tide Graph EMT solar watch is another best g shock watch for EMT and paramedics, powered by nature’s sunlight and it also tops the list of best watches for firefighters. This digital watch for paramedics comes with a black resin strap that is so easy to get clean of specks of dirt and bloodstains from emergency rooms.

Like most g-shock EMT watches, this one comes with a mineral glass crystal that protectively covers the watch dial, though the crystal is not as hard as Sapphire. The firefighter digital watch dial has been designed to be legible at the slightest glance, even under dark or poor light conditions.

The electro-luminescence(EL) backlight keeps the rugged G-Rescue series watch illuminated in poor light conditions and in the dark. The auto-calendar features date and day-date window display while giving you an option to read time in military-style time format(24 hours) and regular traditional format.

The timekeeping precision is nothing to debate about since the digital EMT watch syncs with an atomic clock. The 24 hour watch for EMT supports world time, with 31 time zones, fast timing stopwatch, and countdown timer.

For weather purposes, the medical watch for EMT workers is awesome. It can tell the moon phase and the tide levels on specific days. The G7900 timepiece is also a great, tough, rugged, and tactical tool watch for hunting and ems services. If you buy this Casio watch, then you’ve got one of the best gifts for EMTs.

Every hour that passes, like other digital military time, watches for nurses, this Casio digital watch for EMT would give you an hourly time signal or alert.

GW7900-1ER is actually a 24-hour field watch for medical personnel to add t their emergency bag. Like G-shock Rangman GW 9400, this men’s standard watch is shock-resistant to survive the hardest ambulance crashes.

The solid timepiece also maintains water-resistance to the depth of 200 meters under the sea. Don’t use this digital ambulance nurse’s watch for scuba diving.

This is one of the good durable watches for emergency workers, to recommend to firefighters

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  • good watch for light shower and snorkel divers
  • is durable – the watch can last for years
  • rechargeable battery and solar powered
  • battery life : 9 months even without light

  • not lightweight
  • poor fit for small wrists.


Best Outdoor firefighter digital watch for emt workers

Let’s look at another ambulance wrists watch for EMT workers, with a digital display. Emt watches with military time formats are vital for health workers and lets us see how helpful this digital watch is helpful for EMT field workers.

Casio Pathfinder Triple Sensor (Model:PAG240-1CR)

Casio Men's Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch - Casio Tough Solar watches are battery powered. The battery is recharged by a solar panel built into the face of the watch. Depending on the model, a Casio Tough Solar watch can stay fully functional anywhere from 5-23 months without exposure to any light. Casio Tough Solar watches can be recharged with any type of light, but recharging times will vary according to the light-source.best watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving

  • Time Format  : 12 / 24 hour formats
  • water resistance : 100 meters
  • watch case : 51-mm stainless
  • solar-powered sport watch
  • world time (31 time zones, 48 cities)


Casio Pathfinder Triple Sensor is not a suitable dive watch and if you want to go scuba diving, then avoid this pathfinder. This outdoor watch for emt paramedics is not really for deepwater marine rescue activities since it’s water-resistant just down to 100 meters depth.

Pathfinder is black colored sports watch with multiple features, including a digital compass for direction and navigation, a barometer for pressure measurement, thermometer for temperature.

The multifunction watch is even low-temperature resistant – can withstand cold down to -10 degrees Celsius. One other rich features of this numeric ems watch are the EL backlight, which super illuminates during night emergency services.

The timer shows the world time in 31 different time zones and there’re models with dual timers – read time for two different time zones. Where special or fast timing for a critical care medical activity is needed, there is an in-build 1/100-second stopwatch and a countdown timer.

For timekeeping, you have an auto pre-programmed calendar for dates and a digital time display in military format -24 hours.

Battery life can last for over 6 months after a full charge. If you don’t get exposed to light, the battery juice would still be enough to support it.

This 24-hour EMT ambulance watch comes covered with a 51-mm stainless steel case for protection against impacts. The watch runs on electric current from Japanese Quartz movement and dual LCD(duplex screen) digital display with mineral crystal dial is often a feature that people like.

This nurse watch has a tough bezel material – a durable resin band with buckle closure. Great for shallow sea emergency operation, this watch is water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet).

Like most rugged field watches for paramedics, this water-resistant EMT watch is generally suitable for surface swimming and snorkeling. Avoid it for scuba diving.

The watch face is covered by solar cells that power the device and provide backlight illumination. The 24-hour EMT solar watch charges a built-in rechargeable battery, and that sometimes happens without an emergency field worker noticing it.

PAG240 is one of the best tough solar watches recommended for paramedics & EMS and EMTs.

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  • Easy to clean
  • easy to read
  • has a second LCD display layer
  • provides sunrise & sunset data
  • comfortable on wrists


Best military watches for EMT, Paramedics and Nurses

There are police officers and soldiers working in rescue lives of victims of disasters and having the best emt watches

Marathon GSAR Swiss Made Military Issue Watch

best watches for military personnelbest watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving

  • Display Type: Analog
  • Dial Window: Sapphire Crystal, black
  • Encapsulated tritium light source
  • Case Diameter: 41 millimeter
  • band width: 20 millimeters

Marathon GSAR Military  Swiss Watch is a high-end grail watch, not just for any field worker, it is for heroes. Specialized military paramedics would testify that military honors often get accompanied with special gifts for the job well done.

One of such memorable gifts can be this diver’s automatic movement, US government endorsed watch, too costly for daily wear.

This watch is designed for men of honor – firefighters, paramedics, and marine officers.  They placed their own lives in line, to save their fellow citizens. It could be a luxury watch for your retirement present after years of service in search and rescue.

Like a watch with geneva seal, specification, and decorations, this swiss made automatic movement timepiece is water resistant up to 300 meters., so it is suitable for underwater search and rescue missions.

Darkness isn’t any hinderance with this timepiece, marathon is built with self-illuminating tritium light tubes for visibility in poor light situations. It glows brightly and you don’t need to recharge it according to government specification.

The Swiss made watch is protected with surgical grade stainless steel case and bracelet. It uses a scratch resistant, sapphire glass crystal to ensure that the dial can be read even under direct sunlight, or deep underwater.

Best durable, rugged, and tactical watch with the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal made for marine search and rescue.

The less expensive but bigger size(46 millimeter) of same watch model is the Marathon watch WW194018 – a military jumbo divers Watch.

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  • most durable watch for military paramedics
  • self-luminous, no need for recharge
  • precise timekeeping
  • also great rugged watch for firefighters
  • Comes with Sapphire Crystal
  • government endorsed watch
  • not budget friendly for paramedics


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Best chronograph watch for paramedic

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Chronograph Watch(Model:AT2141-52L)

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch with Date, AT2141-52L - Round watch with blue sunray dial featuring three subdials, placed indices, baton hands, and date window at four o'clock 42 mm stainless steel case with anti-reflective sapphire dial windowbest watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving

  • Display – analog
  • case diameter – 42 millimeters
  • band material : stainless steel
  • band width – 21 millimeters
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The best watch for out-of-hospital emergency care givers is a simpler, dressy, straight-to-the-point timepiece without need for extra features. no need for countdown timer and time zones.

This Citizen model is the best pick for EMTs with a second hand that would suit a paramedic who loves a black dial analog watch to take a pulse.

Some models of this simple watch have military style but are designed with the right essentials – easy to read, super luminous hands for a clear display in the dark, and a calendar – day date/time.

The blue sunray round black dial features three other chronograph subdials for more features.

The protective 42-millimeter case is durably made from stainless steel containing a mineral crystal. Some models have woven green strap that’s waterproof, but this analog display watch maintains a stainless steel strap.

It is water resistant, so you can dive with it down to the sea depth of 100 meters. It’s a quality marine watch for swimming, showering, and snorkeling, but not scuba diving.

Unlike citizen models with woven canvas band, the strap of this citizen timepiece can easily be rinsed/washed since its silver colored stainless steel bracelet does not easily pick up dirt and stains. You can swap the bands out for an affordable silicone strap if you don’t want steel.

The Eco-Drive watch is powered by light, any light, and there’s never a need for a battery. This is such an adorable and lightweight watch for health and rescue field workers.

Premium designed and compact,  EMT professional’s watch has the ability to recharge itself from solar light, so no worries about replacing the batteries over time.

Similar to this Chronograph watch is a cheaper but durable citizen corso eco dive watch(Model: BM7100-59E) with a woven strap.

Citizen Watches Eco-Drive Avion (model:AW1361-10H ) is another citizen men’s eco-drive stainless steel watch with brown leather strap.

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  • has an atomic timekeeping
  • good quality Casual Watch with steel bracelet
  • easy to clean and sterilize
  • durable protective steel case
  • dial display is analog
  • no risk of overcharging


Best Luminox watches for paramedics

Luminox men’s 3001 quartz Navy seal watch was built for the military, to help them in night missions. What more could the SEALs want much than a watch that gives a bright glow in the dark?.

The developers wanted a watch that was reliable and durable and what they designed was a luminous timepiece that was almost indestructible like the U.S. Navy SEAL teams itself. Today, their watches use Luminox Self-Powered Illumination System.

Here is a luminous hands watch for emt and paramedics workers.


 Luminox Men’s 3001 Quartz Navy Seal

swiss quartz luminous watch for paramedics - Quartz Movement, Case material: Carbon reinforced PC Case Bezel: Rotating 1-Way Diver, Case Back: Caseback with Screws, Crown: Double-Security Gasketbest watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving

  • Case diameter: 43 millimeters
  • band width: 22 millimeters
  • Water resistance 200 m
  • Case material: Carbon reinforced
  • Strap/Bracelet : Rubber / Silicone
  • japanese Quartz movement

Luminox Men’s 3001 Quartz Navy Seal is a nightly shift watch with glowing hands and markers.

When the Original luminox Navy SEAL 3001 hit the market as a rugged tough tactical field watch, Luminox got famous and today, with is Light technology, it supplies elite pilots of Air Forces all over the world.

Wouldn’t you be surprised that someone has used the Navy Seal 3001 for twenty-plus years?. Watches that the Navy SEALs wear suits EMTs and Paramedics fashionably.

They are a brand of a tactical outdoor wristwatch with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. They don’t get affected by scratches and medium shocks in the harsh territories.

Paramedics tour at night much like the military, and this quartz movement Swiss-watch 3001 comes with a night vision feature that keeps it illuminated. Uniquely, the hands and dial markers can glow brighter than other luminous watches.

It is also waterproof with an analog display, so any EMT EMS, the worker should worry less in the wild rains or when saving lives during floods.

The diving capable watch is crowned with a double-Security Gasket to keep out water at extreme depths, submersible down to 200 meters. Great for recreational scuba diving and marine rescues.

A bezel ring around this multi-jeweled Swiss-quartz watch face is made of stainless steel – easy to clean. The stainless steel case back is screwed with rubber gaskets to prevent it from water and dust during active schedules in a wet environment.

You need to screw in or out the button on the side of the case to adjust the time and date or synchronize the seconds.

If one of the lug springs ever disappear, use NATO straps – nylon fabric strap for watches. It is an extra keeper strap that can run behind the watch and prevent it from falling off.

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  • lightweight
  • comfortable rubber strap
  • illumination is outstanding and replaceable
  • has NATO strap installed
  • For some users  band is uncomfortable hard to work with
  • not really durable watch strap


 Luminox 3059 EVO Navy SEAL

best luminous night watch for emt, ems, paramedics and firefighters -Luminox Men's 3059 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watchbest watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving

  • Case diameter: 44 millimeters
  • band width: 22 millimeters, black color.
  • dial Color : black
  • Display : analog

EVO Navy SEAL is the best watch for emt, with a Japanese Quartz movement that is responsible for its precise time keeping. EMTs who want to try tritium watches should go for this one – it glows in the dark withs its unique luminox self-illumination system. This nocturnal ems watch glows 100 times more for easier visibility in the dark.

You would feel uncomfortable wearing this watch – the silicon fabric strap attached to the lug remain comfortable on your wrists even when it’s wet. The diver’s strap is very easy to clean dirt off.

The mineral crystal protected dial and the unidirectional bezel have large Arabic numeral markers that can survive medium shock in an ambulance vehicle. That’s why if you want a rugged tough medical watch, don’t overlook Luminox brand.

Its rotating bezel is by far the quickest way you can monitor elapsed time during emergencies.

These reliable and stylish explorers watch comes in with men’s band length, which is suitable for marine activity and water surface sports persons.

Just like in this other emt special luminous  Analog watch, the straps are well fastened with Tang buckles, no fear of it getting loose.

Unfortunately the plastic strap need replacement over time – The band will break and you will be replacing with more bands for this paramedic watch.

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  • Tough , durable carbon-reinforced watch case
  • has tritium illumination – Tritium glows peerlessly
  • flawless across time zones – precise and accurate timekeeping
  • Light weight with Very comfortable band
  • easy to read numerals and luminous hands
  • rotating bezel is firm and stays securely in its place
  • Battery life: 2 years
  • ridiculously expensive
  • no scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • not really easy to read the watch in ambient light


Best Affordable Ambulance Watches For EMTs

Timex Full-Size Ironman Rugged 30 Watch

best watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Savingbest watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving

  • Adjustable black 20mm resin band
  • case Diameter : 44 mm
  • band width: 20mm
  • Movement: quartz
  • Dial:Acrylic
  • Display:Analog

Timex Full-Size Ironman Rugged 30 Watch is another emt affordable watch that will stand up to task and daily abuse. It is a tactical, durable watch for EMS that cost under $100.

Like the Full size Ironman Classic 100 watch, this timex chronograph watch comes with resin bezel material that gets clean easily when scrubbed.

With its added ability to be water resistant down to 100 meters below the sea, expect no condensation to develop on the inside of the watch acrylic crystal dial.

With a case thickness of 14 millimeters, the ultra lightweight rugged watch suits ambulance and emt workers amazingly. A pre-hospital medical assistant can carry the watch 24/7 without notice and that’s what paramedic personnel deserves – to avoid distraction between urgent or emergency calls.

Build to Mens Standard with durable resin band, you get good visibility and readability because the black dial watch with digital display comes with indiglo-background light that illuminates in darkness.

Just by pressing a button, you can make the wrists watch electroluminescent in the dark. A paramedic staff attending to traumatic injuries and accident scenes, wouldn’t need to press any buttons to see the day – date of the week, and the calendar date.

Ironman watches with the gray background and dark letters or one with a black background and white letters are so much better in visibility.

This watch cost under 100 dollars if you are tight on budget. Another similar low profile cheap emt watch,  is the Men’s Expedition Digital Shock CAT  resin Strap Watch which is ISO shock resistant.

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  • Multi time zone – it tracks three different time zones
  • lighter and comfortable on wrists
  • tactical but not flashy
  • large font – Extremely easy to read time and date.
  • Great sturdy watch to include in emt gear list
  • cheaper but durable
  • has not sapphire crystal


Best Watch For EMT Men and Women

If you’re looking for a suitably best watch for emt male and female workers, a unisex emt watch is where to look at. With a unisex rugged watch, both men and women first responders can wear it.

Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch

Best affordable, cheapest watch for paramedics - Timex unisesx Weekender - Adjustable olive green 20 millimeter nylon slip-thru strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference. The case finish is polished Cream dial with full Arabic numerals; 24-hour military time Silver-tone 38 millimeter brass case with mineral glass crystabest watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving

  • Bezel/case material: Brass
  • case diameter: 38 millimeters
  • Display: Analog
  • Band material :Fabric

Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch is another best watch for paramedic with a Cream dial, which comes in a wide variety of band sizes – 38mm, 40mm and 43mm. The casual dress watch feature variety of different colors and bands(from leather to fabrics) for every outfit you have in your wardrobe.

You will surely pick one that’s suitable for your individual needs and quickly switch up straps. The strap is so comfortable and easily adjustable with a chrome buckle and loop.

Like other best watch for emt, this one is a versatile and fashionable watch with Arabic numerals displayed in increments of five up to sixty.

With analog mineral crystal quartz movement, the face has hourly numbers and under it you find a 24-hours military. This makes it a grand watch with clearer visibility.

For timekeeping during night schedules, the indigo light illuminates brightly for easy readability.

This Weekender Watch comes in a protective solid brass case and scratch-resistant mineral glass crystal. Resistant just down to 30 meters, it may withstand water splashes or brief immersion but not swimming and showering.

Timex’s Unisex Weekender is one of the affordable Watches ems under $100 with a slightly vintage look for both make and female workers. You would immediately replace this best emt watch after dropping one in the field.

Again, the timex is a homage watch that will last even if you put it through- extreme temperatures.

Similar to this watch is a solar powered timex mens expedition scout watch is great for paramedics in suburban and rural interiors where access to power may not be easy.

You also may check Timex Men’s Expedition Scout Chronograph Watch.

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  • The band dries out very fast
  • leather, fabrics, nylon straps make the watch lightweight
  • comfortable on the wrist
  •  best watch for emt that’s flimsy and cheap. Its easily replaced
  • watches keep excellent, precise time
  • this watch doesn’t have the date wwindow display
  • the crown comes out when if it gets snagged in clothing


Best Smartwatch for EMT, EMS (best smartwatch for paramedics)

You finished EMT school and may be volunteered with a local fire department and ambulance, and you are now working full-time in emergency medical services. You probably know that ambulance response time is key to saving lives, so a smartwatch for nurses, EMS, EMT, and paramedics can be the best medics watch with many beneficial health features.

Can EMTs wear Apple watches?

Recent study by the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT), suggests that EMT assistant emergency healthcare workers who wear an apple watch are 50 percent more likely to save a patient’s life than workers wearing non-smart(non-apple) medical watches for paramedics. This report further suggests that there is a probable relationship between a paramedic wearing an apple watch and the outcome of saving a victim’s life.

There are lots of smartwatches for nurses and the paramedic’s workers, and the apple watch is one of them. However, if you ask me what smart watch is best for emt, Apple series 4 and apple series 3 is one of the best wrists watches for ambulance staff we can consider.

Apple Watch Series 3 (Apple Watch for paramedics)

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) - Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Bandbest watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving

  • case diameter: 38 mm, 42mm
  • Display: Digital
  • Optical heart sensor

The Apple Watch Series 3 is a smart watch that has become important tool for medical field works within the healthcare community.

The smartwatch allows healthcare professionals and paramedics to set timers, stopwatches, and alarms for specific emergency activities.

You can customize the apple EMT watch face according to your personalized information needs.

Apple Watch offers a clear and colorful digital display, easy to read both day and night.

Beyond timekeeping, you can set up various alarms in the Apple smartwatch. To provide smart notifications, the paramedic apple watch is compatible with iPhone to keep nurses connected with ambulance workers and with patients.

With this one best watch for emt workers, you can receive important notifications.

Healthcare professionals can even set up medical calendar and shifts for duty. You can install Apple Watches weather app and the Electrical heart sensor (ECG app) if you like.

Another excellent feature, the Apple Watch offers GPS and cellular connectivity for tracking and mapping during field emergency services.

For durability, the quality of Apple Watch suits almost any environment and outdoor activities in sports and swimming (it’s water resistant). This apple series 3 is the best watch for emt with gps, for outdoor use.

Another  EMT smartwatch is  Suunto 7 Sports Watch, compatible with Android Wear OS by Google

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Apple Watch Series 4 – best apple watch for emt and a smart watch with second hand

smart ems ambulance watch - best smartwatch for firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics and EMS workersbest watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving
  • Navigation: GPS,  Cellular connectivity
  • Display: Over 30% larger display
  • Sensors: Electrical and optical heart sensors
  • Health apps: ECG app
  • standalone features: 50% louder speaker
  • Processor: S4 SiP with faster 64-bit dual-core processor
  • Special: Improved accelerometer, second hand and gyroscope for fall detection
  • water resistance: Swim proof
  • Operating system : watchOS 5

If you are looking a smartwatch for emt workers with second hand, apple is the best candidate smartwatch for  paramedics ambulance nurses.

Until you leave Emergency Medical Technician school and take your first ride with a real ambulance crew workers to emergency scenes, you won’t appreciate greatly how a simple timepiece like a wrist watch can save or ruin lives.

Apple watch series 4 happens to be designed to feature women style and I think it makes the best watch for female emt worker. The sleek, and aesthetics integrated into this watch fits women wrist so beautifully.

Considering the many health features in this apple smartwatch, I recommend it for female healthcare workers, ambulance nurses, EMTs, firefighters and other field workers like combat medics.

The smartwatch comes with a fall detection feature. Health workers can associate this watch with people with mobility problems from accident scenes. As the best fall alert watch available, when seniors and accident victims take a hard fall, this apple fall alarm watch would make an emergency SOS call to first responders to take rescue actions.

Not only is it best watch for emt with SOS calls and fall monitor, the many health apps like the ECG apps in this watch. Since heart sends out strong, coordinated electrical signals, the p-waves can be detected fairly easily using an electrocardiogram. In earlier days, EMT paramedics used 3-lead ECGs in the field,  detect  arrhythmias but today 12-lead ECGs is used.

For a smart health check, The Apple Watch Series 5 and series 4 have a Lead I ECG. You invoke it by holding your finger on the Digital Crown. This enables the Apple Watch Series 4 be able to detect basic arrhythmias and perhaps some interesting fitness data.

While the apple watch ECG can detect identify AFib, its Lead I ECG can’t detect a heart attack but Apple Watch Series 4’s ECG is promising for medical professionals and doctors to detect an undiagnosed instances of AFib.

This apple life saving watch for emt and ems staff is also a cellular standalone smartwatch to make emergency calls without need for phone. Outdoor health field workers – military nurses and firefighter emt  would like this stand alone smart watch because it gives a handy and phoneless lifestyle.

Also, this emt smartwatch also features second hand for taking vital signs. You know, nurses and paramedics need watches with second hand.

This apple watch is a superior fit since the smart watch with sweeping second hand can help for  recording vital signs, respiratory and pulse rates of patients and injured victims.

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Apple Watch is a fall detection watch – a fall alert watch for seniors

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Best smartwatch for nurses and medical professionals


Best watch for EMT  paramedic  under 50 dollars

If you want best watches under $50 for EMS and paramedics, you are on the right one. Nurses watch for EMT and paramedics need not  be pretty expensive since most of these health workers work in the rugged field. They  constantly get exposed to rugged conditions with risk of losing or breaking theirs watches. SO What kind of watch does an EMT need that is inexpensive?

 Speidel Original Scrub Watch – Scrub Watch for EMTs and Paramedics

(Medical Scrub Colors, Easy Read Dial, Second Hand, Easy to clean strap)

paramedic watch watch with military time and second hand - Speidel Original Scrub Watch - Medical Scrub Colors, Easy Read Dial, Second Hand, Easy to clean strapbest watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving
  • Display Type Analog
  • Case diameter 38 millimeters
  • Case Thickness 8.60
  • Band width 18 millimeters
  • Band Color Black
  • Dial color White
  • Item weight 1.28 Ounces
  • Movement Japanese Quartz
  • Water resistant depth 30 Meters

Speidel Original Scrub Watch is designed for medical workers. If wearing G-shock watches for emt is not going to make you feel comfortable, then here is a different watch for emt and paramedics out there – the unisex speidel scrub watch

Since this watch is unisex, it doesn’t matter if you are a male or a female emt worker. Most paramedic nurses love this unisex watch since it is cheap and lowly priced under $100.

Also the too many color options of the bands, such as red, grey, blue, green, purple, pink, light pink, teal, black, white, offers you the choice to get your own personalized watch for EMTs.

The silicone band is easy to clean – the advantage for medical workers. This scrub watch is specially designed for medical professionals – nurses, EMTs, doctors and paramedics. The are two reasons – it is easy to clean for infection control and easy to read.

The  speidel scrub emt watch dial has an easy to read hands. Taking accurate pulse readings becomes easy and quick because of the highly visible red second hand.

This easy glance dial is a remarkable features that is highly needed for ambulance nurses, firefighters, combat medics and EMT. When they work under pressure to record time, take vital signs and revive an injured victim.

The dial comes with 12 as well as 24-hour military time markers. This speidel is a good paramedic watch with military time and second hand tht sweeps over the watch dial.

If you love analog military time watches for women, this one is a a beautiful pick for emergency workers.
With band sizes ranging from 6.7 inches to 8.3 inches, this scrub paramedic watch can fit a wide range of wrist even the small slender wrist of women.

The engravable stainless steel case back cover, is very protective, durable and long-lasting. Being unisex designed, I recommend this scrub as the best women’s emt watch that every female health worker can pick.

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Black Clip on Carabiner FOB Watch  – paramedic fob watch for emt, nurses and Doctors

best EMT, EMS, Nurse and Paramedic fob watch best watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving
  • Display Type Analog
  • Case material Metal
  • Case diameter 50 millimeters
  • Band Material Metal
  • Band width 25 millimeters
  • Band Color Black
  • Dial color Black
  • Special features Second hand
  • Movement Quartz

Do paramedics wear fob watches? For the sake of infection control when handling injured patients from accidents, many health workers may want to prefer fob watches. Medical Wrist watches can easily get contaminated from infectious blood from emergency rooms, so Many emt paramedics don’t prefer to wear wristwatches.

For inconvenience and without risk of infection(infectious bloody watch strap can cause itchy wrist, eczema and other irritating diseases), these medical health professionals surely need watch that emt can clip onto their dresses or chest pockets.

This Klox Carabiner FOB Watch is a second hand fob watch that can be attached to any backpack or trouser. It is simple, easy to read, and ideal for any medical professionals, nurses, or chefs.

When it comes to taking a pulse rate and breathing rate, the second hand marks help emt nurses figure out the time as well as vital signs.

Having this fob watch designed for health professional means the inconvenience to take off wrist watch to wash hands or arms has been removed, thanks to the clip-on watch.

The fob watch for emt is pretty cheap , costing under 20 dollars. Though very inexpensive, it still provides the quality expected from a good watch for emt. It also keeps showing the precise and accurate time thanks to its quartz movement.

Like other watches for paramedics emts, used for nightly duty, this low-end emt watch comes with the backlight, the black and white marks that help the user to read the time easily and quickly.

It is the best wrist watch for emt with clip-on, suitable for medical professionals who want to minimize the risk of exposing their wrist watches to infectious diseases,  when handling patients .

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GetLucky Nurse Watch – A medical Watch with Second Hand for Nurses, Paramedic Watches For Women

(Clip on Watch, Watch for Nurses, Fob Watches for Nurses, Nurses Watches for Women, Nurse Watch with Clip-on)

Paramedic Watches For Women - GetLucky Nurse Watches for Womenbest watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving
  • Glow in Dark with all Dial,
  • Prefect fit for your night shift
  • Easy to Read with big Dial
  • Retractable for Easy to Pick up
  • Clip on design let you never lost your watch

GetLucky Nurse Watch is another best watches for paramedics and womens emt workers. This particular watch is very unique uniquely designed for women in the medical sector and it is retractable.

There are many reasons why people wear watches upside down (inside wrist) and this clip-on retractable watch with rope, can easily be read without clipping it off.

Nurses and medical healthcare workers often wear it handing upside down on the chest pocket. big watch face design with a broad hand makes it easy to read the timings. Th watch face will always be oriented toward the user.

The watch is ideally designed for any nursing students and health assistants for clinical and medical field works with sole purpose to avoid carrying infections from patients.

The watch is a kind of military time watches with second hand to help doctors and ambulance workers keep track of push time, pulse rate and drip rate.

The watch dial is Luminous and perfect for the night shift at the hospital. The watch face is pretty big to ensure paramedics can easily read the second hand in the dark room. Its dial markers just absorb the sun light energy and glows.

The pendant watch is suitable for hospitals or medical students or first responders and paramedics, at homes, schools, offices, and anywhere they go. Its safe bumpers keeps the ladies paramedic watch hanging on a collar or a chest pocket.

The good thing I love here is handy and decent Fob watch has a clip-on design, so, to me it is the best EMS watch that is difficult to lose or drop it in emergency scenes.

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Best watches for nurses + Nurse watches with sweeping second hand




How To Choose The Best Watch For Paramedics

Besides the accuracy we often expect from a great watch, there are more to consider when we are finding good watch to buy for nurses, doctors or paramedics. If you want the most accurate watch, check watch brands that synchronize their medical watches with atomic clocks.

What else should you consider when finding a watch for a paramedic? Lets go look around for some tips.

Watch size and Weight.

Not to hinder hand washing, wearing emergency gloves or doing compression, a good watch for an EMT worker should be slim in size and less bulky.

Watches for womens paramedics are quite different from men’s watches. Women have slender wrists, compared to men, so women’s watches should be slim in design. Looking to have one of the gorgeous under 40mm watches on small wrist?, check out this article  – best watches for small wrist.

Male paramedics needs watches with moderate sizes. All is that you get a perfect fit for your wrists and that the watch should stay above your wrists instead of hanging out.

Dial Display

Like other people, paramedic guys love fancy watches for dressing too. However, when it comes to timing drug administration, blood pressure, heart rhythm and breathing rate, EMT workers need quick, easy to read watches.

The best watch for paramedic   have simple, less fancy dial and large display –one that is not complicated to distract personnel and delay timing during emergencies.

Lumen watches are also important to paramedic workers since that are also easy to read in darkness. Here, I can tell you tritium watches are a great illuminating time teller for emt that darkness doesn’t affect.

Time Format

Like most wrist watches for firefighters and the army, a great paramedic watch should have military time format running from 00 to 23. For easy reading 1:00 AM = 1:00 O’clock while 1:00 PM = 13:00 O Clock. In this way 11:00 PM at night becomes 23:00 O clock.

Some digital watches have options to enter military time format and if you find one, go for it. This time format actually helps in the documentation of medical records.

Water Resistance

As I said earlier, paramedics and EMTS are field workers and not office administrators. You would observe that they constantly thrive under all kinds of weather conditions, to keep a victim alive.

As a result, they need the best waterproof watches that can survive under the scorching heat of the sun and withstand cold winter, floods and wet days of the year. A good wrists wearable watch with straps that cannot easily be ruined by rain or water.

Having the best watch for emt workers is one of the compelling pleasures that make paramedics keep up their strength to save people.


For emergency, a paramedic should have a watch that is able to survive if thrashed against the back of the ambulance.

Finding the best durable ambulance watch means it must be tough and not easily broken when crashed.

A great option can be to select an ambulance emt watch with changeable straps, for easy replacement if broken. Again stainless steel watches are tougher and protective against shocks due to scratches than ones with plastic watch case.

Easy Cleaning

The best time piece for a paramedic should be easy to clean. You know that their daily exposure to blood, and body fluid stains can turn an enchanting and adorable paramedic watch into a stinking, smelling piece of trash that breeds infections.

A washable watch is the best choice for doctors and nurses(including EMTs). A good watches for emt is one that fluid stains can easily be cleaned and sterilized down to its crevices and gear train.

It is good for nurses and other medical specialists because washing keeps away infectious diseases from spreading. Watches with stainless steel band, silicone strap and plastic are very easy to be cleaned.


Every person who works for EMT would tell you they need a watch every second on their wrists. But the daily pressure and stress of these emergency workers in the field exposes their wearable watches to risk of loses and damages.

Wouldn’t you feel sick and tired of losing a highly priced 1000 dollar chrono or quartz movement watch every week during emergency challenges?

Oh hell yes, you’ll sure feel angry, that is why your paramedic watches need to be economical and low priced. Unlike loosing a grail watch, it wouldn’t border you much for losing the best giveaway emt watch under $50 in in the field. In our review, speidel scrub and fob watches are the best sick watches under 100 dollars.

Watch Material

The durability of emt watches material is one thing that affect the buying decisions of most paramedics. Some watch materials are easy to clean right down to watch gears. Other stainless Steel watches have gold plated bracelets to prevent corrosion and wear-off.

It is important to focus on strap material here. Good strap material wouldn’t rust or deteriorate when they come in contact with alcohol and these are the one you are good to go for. Watches with integrated bracelets are not desirable all time- at least one with changeable straps can last.

Clothed strap get soaked and fade easily while iron or metal straps, though weight more, they rust easily on open air and can contribute harmful oxides to your wrists.

The best strap material for durable paramedic watches should be ones that are easily cleaned, they dry faster and add little weight to the overall watch. Rubber, and silicon are the best.

Watch Complications

The best watches for an emt staff is not just a regular timekeeping watch. EMTs would cherish wristwatches with pulsemeter for patient’s pulse recording. This feature is common in smartwatches – Apple, Samsung, Garmin and Suunto watches,

Under a busy day’s schedule between emergency calls, there is no time for them to glance over their wrist to read time.

This is where watches with grande sonnorie  come in. Such a watch would have quarterly or hourly auditions and tones to alert the paramedics. Very common in smartwatches, however, most watches in our review come with hourly alerts and they are best choice for you.



You choicest emt watch depends on your wearing style and primary employment.

Watches that are build upside down to be pinned unto emt blouse for easy legibility are excellent timepieces for female nurses and emt workers.

Flight paramedics need watches that are built to stand up against gravity, vibrations and climatic changes. Such aviators’ watches keep flawlessly telling time with no fear for height or crash. Rugged Pilot timepiece are easy to read, have black dial and an outsized ratcheted watch crown.

Are you a paramedic fireman? Some  EMTs work in fire fighter department and don’t wear just any kind of watch. The best watch for firemen is built with metal case stainless steel bracelets, durable gear train to resist high temperature from the scorching fire.  As a search and rescue firefighter emt, you should avoid tactical watches with fabric and plastic straps, they can easily melt away in a fire engulfing terrain. These watches with thermometer and temperature sensors could be of help too.

Watches for Military paramedics are unique too. Working in the law enforcement agency or the navy seal or Marine means you will charter very ugly, unfamiliar terrains. The best watch to help you triumph in such a wild, dirty environment should be mud, water resistant, rugged watches for emt which are luminous, and very tactical to survive heavy impact.


best watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving

best watch for emt - 12 Best Watch For EMT Paramedics - Best EMT Watches For Life Saving Smith & Wesson Men’s SWW-455-EMT EMT Black Nylon Strap Watch : Amazon


Wrap Up

We got you the best guide to confidently choose your finest emt watch, one that you believe it serves the purpose for emergency works. Its is also our hope you will make the best choice to select your best paramedics watch that stays durable and flawless while you save lives.

If you didn’t find one, check out this Smith Wesson Watch for EMT workers

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