Best Ultra-Thin Watches | 25 Super-Slim Watches That Look Gorgeous Elegant & Classy

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Wrist watches have transcended generations and have undergone transformations from just being a simple timekeeper tool, to being fashionable pieces that display luxury, elegance, and aesthetics. Continuous innovations in styles and designs seeks to make timepieces that match every man’s wardrobe and fit different occasions, individual moods and personal tastes. Before the last couple of years, large, bulkier wrist watches were appealing and trending until when people started wishing to wear lightweight wrist watches on their wrists. Today, in an attempt to satisfy people who don’t love to carry a burden on their wrists, watchmakers have shifted to producing very thin watches and slimmer smartwatches too, not just as a style, but to fit men and women with slender wrists. It is now even common to find men discarding their big watches and taking over ultra-thin watches with slim and lightweight cases.

Just a little history of Ultra Slim watches. Before the mid 18th century, watch manufacturers made timepieces with thick cases, relying on verge escapement. As watch fans then found the need, watchmakers started constructing flat watches when they became conscious about the weight of their watches. The Jean-Antoine Lépine revolutionised watch sizes by making the first ultra-small timepiece which kept the wheels of the movement very thin, to maximize any little space and create lightweight timepieces.

The sleek style, and the lightweight design over the years have cause the demand for slim watches to scale up further, as men shifted their taste and styles. If you are looking for a fashionable outfit complementing watch, ultra-slim watches are currently, as it was centuries ago, the best timepiece for fitted dressing.

best thin watches for men - cheap slim watches - affordable thin automatic watch - minimalist slim watches for men - thinnest quartz watch
img: best thin watches – insanely cheap to luxury ultra thin watches for men


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The Extra-Slim Watch trend is coming!

The greatest surprise came in 1960s, when Piaget created a manual winding caliber 9P on a needle-shaped space of thickness 2mm, and another robust automatic movement caliber 12P on a 2.3mm space.

These tiny movements gave Piaget the reputation for extra-thin watchmaking . After going through all the hassles in design , getting sleepless night and the finally creating a refined tiny watch engine as small as 2-5mm, won’t you show-off your victorious innovations?

In 2010, Vacheron Constantin introduced the Historiques claimed to have made the world’s thinnest mechanical manual-wound watch that’s just 4.1mm thick. Many watch companies ranging from Audemars Piguet to Vacheron Constantin are also going too thin and downsizing the watch cases.

More recently only in 2014, Breguet created a classic Tourbillon extra-thin Automatic 5377 from titanium material and platinum peripheral winding rotor in a 3mm thick space.

Another one of the recent watchmakers to introduce collection of ultra-slim watches is the Bulgari which started with a 1.96mm thick movement with micro-rotors.

Ultra-thin watches had also been part of Cartier’s patrimony and based on the shift from large and sporty watches to more classic and thin timepieces. The cartier’s company’s president and CEO, think that ultra-thin watches are all about ‘performance’ about beauty and well-balanced aesthetics.

Cartier had unveiled Ballon Bleu Extra Flat at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva (SIHH) and recently, the Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner was wearing the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin that boasts a narrow case size of just 2.94 millimeters.

Both men and women are falling in love with slightly smaller, thinner case profile watches, in various shapes, attenuated sizes and proportions.

Many watch brands are fast shifting to slim, classic timepieces, and its just a matter of time, and extremely thin watches will be competing for space under your sleeves, on your wrist, with bracelets and bangles.

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Why are Ultra-Slim watches trending?

Thick watches have robust design and are durable, rugged, and sturdy. It is their weight and durable design that make big size watches capable of resisting bumps and accidental shocks, every day. They are very suitable for physically demanding professions like firefighting, military combat, hunting, sports like climbing, biking and hiking. In rugged terrains, sturdiness and reliability is very important, but they are heavy and cumbersome for skinny women and men. See cute watches for small wrists women

What is the single most important reason why you want to buy an ultra-thin watch? What is the benefits of wearing the best slim watches over heavier timepieces? You have got your personal taste for wrist watches and there is nothing as important as having a watch on wrist, that fulfills just the purpose you have love to accomplish. Let us consider that you are wearing a stainless steel slim watch on your wrist, what advantages does it offer?

best thin watches for men - low maintenance watches - slimline minimalist watches that are simple yet enticing ultra thin watch - ultra-comfortable feel
img: slimline minimalist watches that are simple yet enticing ultra thin watch – ultra-comfortable feel


1. Very thin watches feel Lightweight on wrists

The first and noticeable aspect of an ultra-thin wrist watch is its lightweight design. A thinner watch has a meager size case that does not weight a lot. Even those attenuated watch cases made from heavier materials like stainless steel, still feel very comfortable and less cumbersome on skinnier wrists.

So, the biggest advantage of having a super slim watch is Comfortability, in addition to it offering different styles and designs. On the other hand, rugged watches don’t have this advantage since they have big watch faces, and cases, even if they are made from lightweight titanium material.


2. Slimmer wrist watches look Sleek and wonderfully attractive

Just like a slimmer smartwatch, ultra-thin watches look sleek, slimmer, and elegantly attractive. The handsome appearance in a smaller, lightweight men’s watch, is the main reason why men love them more. Because of the eye-catching sleek design, an athlete will prefer to choose a thin sports watch, than a bulkier big face sports tracker.


3. An Ultra-Slim watch is a piece of Sophistication and rare craftsmanship

When smartphones and tablets came, everyone wanted to have a taste of it. It is a sheer wonder, to have a very tiny device perform more than the same functions, known to be done by larger machines. Early watches were really really huge and bulky on wrist.

So, it is a jaw-dropping sophistication and high level craftsmanship, to make a very thin-watch case that houses all the gears, balance springs and the watch movement, in one piece. Who does not want to wear the slimmest watch with such a magnificent complication?

The high degree of sophistication in very slim-case timepieces, is the reason why classic wrist watches with case thickness under 9mm are becoming so popular and trending in the market.


4. Men’s super-thin watches are Affordable

The thinnest watches use less material input than big-cased watches. Watchmkers started to trim cases of watches not only as a style but for exconomic reasons. That is why slim watches for men are relatively more affordable than bigger timepieces.

Despite the economical material input, super thin watches are really difficult and time-consuming to assemble by hand, but this does not offset the price, in todays technology.

Most of the high-end timepieces in the market are lightweight luxury watches, but when buying an affordable thin automatic watch for example, consider the quality, warranty and the reputation of the seller.
So why is a swiss made watch like this 10mm thick Hublot Classic Fusion costs thousands of dollars? The incorporation of ceramic and expensive titanium makes it a beautiful titanium timepiece with rare masculinity – not common in cheap slim watches.

Shop very beautiful ultr slim women’s bracelet watches for parties, date, and gifts

Skagen Women's Signature SKW 2693 - women's ultra thin watch - very slim bracelet watch that looks gorgeous, light and comfortable on a lady wrist. It's case thickness is just 6mm flat
Img: Bracelets style women’s super slim watch – the best gift for a girlfriend, mother, and loving wife – Skagen Women’s Signature SKW2693

ultra-thin watches - Best Ultra-Thin Watches | 25 Super-Slim Watches That Look Gorgeous Elegant & Classy

5. Ultra-thin watches have bracelet-Style design

Slim watches women’s wear look much like bracelets, so it is very exceptional for ladies. Having super thin watches for ladies, helps to complement the beauty that comes from wearing miniature-like bangles, and bracelets. As a general advice, I would like to pick cut back case watches with styles that meets and matches my personality.


6. Ultra-thin watches are perfect for ladies, and skinny guys

Ultra-thin watches for women provides every benefit that a bracelet could offer, to fit a lady’s image and still match her fashion attire, without compromising the aesthetics and the beauty she deserves. Stsyles of designing diminished-cased watches, are more often, attributed as a feminine touch, which is incredible only on the cute petite ladies wrists.

Thick case watches really fit big and heavy guys. A wrist watch with smaller case size under 10 millimeters are not only for classy ladies, they also handsome on men with small wrists.

Like most luxury watches with under 40mm case diameter for small wrists, most big wrists guys are beginning to love the comfort and the minimality of super lightweight watches.


7. Very Slim case watches are convenient with handy jobs

Bulkier wrist watches with big brown buttons sometimes get caught in the trousers and a man swings his hands walking down the road. Also, field watches are more tactical, and perform best in rugged terrains, so there are a lot of activities that can’t conveniently be done with hands, on whose wrist, seats a thick case, big size watch.

Smallest watches are great timepieces for everyday wear but they have delicate design which cannot endure rigors of heavy use. The lightweight and elegant thin watches are best worn in office or business environment. The exceptional thing is that you can wear a featherweight-case watch comfortably, for long periods of working hours.


best thin watches for men - cheap slim watches - affordable thin automatic watch - minimalist slim watches for men - thinnest quartz watch - best ultra thin watches
img: Best thin watches for men with narrow cases sizes under 9mm


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Best ultra-thin watches with cases under 9mm

Let us glance over the best watches with decreased case sizes. The watches may look weak, lean, and diminished in shape, but most reputable watch makers ensure they use high-grade watch material. Premium grade steel watch would still feel underweight, but accurate on your wrists, even after the manufacturers made a cut-back on their sizes.


Citizen Strap Eco-Drive 180 Day-Date Thin Watch

Best thin dive watch - Citizen Watches BM8180-03E - uses light as energy  
Citizen Watches BM8180-03E

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This eco-drive timepiece is a well proportioned watch for very skinny wrists and wearing it with your favorite nato strap looks just perfect.

The Citizens Exo-Drive  37mm case diameter is an impressive assortment amongst the under 38mm watches but the ultra-thin case of 9mm is nothing larger or heavier, as compared to bulkier cases.

There is nothing too flashy, no glint with diamonds like the luxury models but it is a attractive match with formal and casual everyday wear.

Being waterproof rated at 100m, you can shower with it and wear it in professional marine activities like swimming and snorkeling, and in surface water sports, but not for scuba diving.

  • Case size: 37 mm
  • Case thickness: 9 mm
  • movement : Exo-Drive
  • Water resistant : 100m


Braun Ultra Slim Minimalist Designer Watch

Ultra slim minimalist designer watch, 38mm stainless steel case, 99 ft. Water resistance, japanese-quartz movement
Ultra slim minimalist designer watch, 38mm by 6.5mm thin stainless steel case

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Braun Designer is a handsome and supremely minimalist timepiece, with an extremely smaller watch case diameter of 38mm and an ultra-thin size measuring 6.5mm.

Although the thinner caseback and the flawless slimmer movement may prove to be extremely fragile, the black dial is protectively covered by a scratch-resistant mineral crystal.

This super slim analogue watch, has meshed silver men’s standard bracelet, and a fine-shaped round minimalist face. The  easy to read dial features, with white indices, and a flash of orange-yellow accent on the second hand.

  • Case size: 38 mm
  • Case thickness: 6.5mm
  • movement: japanese quartz
  • Dial crystal : mineral
  • Waterproof rated : 100feet



Junghans Ultra-Thin Dress Watch

Junghans Men's Max Bill Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Leather Calfskin Strap, Beige, 20
Junghans Men’s Max Bill Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Leather Calfskin Strap, Beige, 20

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Junghans Max Bill is a german made very slim dress watch, that wears perfectly with formal black-tie outfit. The smaller watch face dimension of 38mm and a super thin case measures about 8mm thick.

This sturdy, sleek but lightweight construction, makes your Junghans Ultra-Thin Dress Watch to hide easily under your sleeves, while on your wrist. Its a perfect white-dial super-skim watch for celebrities, big businessmen, with a classy touch.

The minimalist spot-on watch runs on a thin ETA-based Junghans quartz caliber. This flawsless movement fits in a limited space between casback and the sapphire crystal dial which features highly visible lume-filled watch hands.

Max Bill remains one of the best ultra-thin watches for men who cherish the Bauhaus-styles, and have a petite wrist size(circumference) in the range 5.5-6.5in (14-16.5cm)

  • Case size: 38mm
  • Case thickness: 8mm
  • Crystal: sapphire
  • movement: ETA quartz caliber


Drive De Cartier Extra-Flat Watch

Best under 38mm watch with ultra-thin case
Cartier Drive de Cartier Extra-Flat Men’s Hand Wound Thinline watch

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Drive de Cartier is another under-40mm case slim watch with a little as 6.6m thickness. For a man who loves a particularly handsome edition of ultra-thin watches, Drive de Cartier Extra-Flat comes in 18k pink gold and a brown leather strap.

The slimmer appearance, and the silvered background dial with with black Roman numerals, and blue sword-shaped hands, all define the gorgeous and classy touch, that every man would expect on his wrist.

This precious metal super thin case watch is powered by an in-house Cartier manual-winding movement. This lightweight, high precision tiny movement can easily be broken , so its protected from accidental impacts, by a pink gold solid caseback.

Shop around for more Cartier watches

  • Case size: 39mm
  • Case thickness: 6.6 millimeters
  • movement: manual-wound
  • Case back: very thin but solid
  • Band : 28mm long


Hublot Classic Fusion SLim-Fit Watch

Hublot Classic Fusion Classico Men's Ultra-Thin All Black Manual Watch -
Hublot Classic Fusion Classico Men’s Ultra-Thin All Black Manual Watch

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Another one of the best thin watches for men, which does not wear bulky, is the Hublot Classic Fusion with a lightweight titanium case and sapphire dial window.

It’s aesthetics hold a rare masculinity since it features  the black ceramic bezel with 6 titanium screws, and black alligator/rubber strap with steel deployant buckle.

On the sapphire skeleton dial,  you get black PVD hands and index hour markers, including a sub-seconds dial at 7 o’ clock position.

Hublot didn’t miss to include the perfect fit size for your wrist. Despite the ultra-fine and narrow case size, you can always pick your own  beautifuf ceramic and titanium watch model either in 45, 42, 38, or 33 mm diameters.

The Hublot classic fusion in 33mm case diameter, is the thinnest watch to recommend for someone with extra small wrists.

This particular  Hublot Classic Fusion Ultra-Thin Skeleton All Black watch, features a polished/satin-finished black ceramic case measuring 45mm in diameter, and 8mm in  thickness.

The watch is powered to keep accurate time,  by a 21 jewel HUB 1300 manual-winding movement with 90 hour power reserve. It will last weeks before recharge.

Combining the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and the water-resistance rating of 100 meters, I believe that this slimfit piece is built to last and survive dust, dirt’s, showering and water splash.

For variations, there are plenty colors.  The gold tone Version of the 45mm watch is  – Hublot Classic Fusion ultra thin king  gold manual watch

  • Case size: 45 mm
  • Case thickness: 8 mm
  • dial window : scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • movement: 21 jewel HUB 1300 manual-winding
  • water-resistant : 100 meters
  • Construction : Skeleton exhibition


Tissot Tradition Thinline Dress Watch

ultra-thin watches - Best Ultra-Thin Watches | 25 Super-Slim Watches That Look Gorgeous Elegant & Classyultra-thin watches - Best Ultra-Thin Watches | 25 Super-Slim Watches That Look Gorgeous Elegant & Classy
Tissot mens Tradition stainless-steel Dress Watch Brown

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Tissot is a reputable swiss watch brand, making elegant and sophisticated timepieces, that measures around 10-15mm in height.

This model is a fashionable dress watch with an ultra-thin 7.4mm profile size. The textured dial features three-hand movement, raised Roman numerals and a date window.

So far as we started this review, the 7.4mm ultra-thin case  Tissot Dress watch is the best thinnest quartz watch in our list. These make this particular Tissot model, a spot-on slim dress watch with a classic design, magnificent aesthetics and extravagance.

Although it is delicately too thin to withstand shocks and impacts, there’s a scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire that protects the dial.

The slim looks, the sapphire glass window, and the genuine brown leather band all generate a luxurious appeal for under $500. Its a rare ultra-small wrist watch that is swiss-made, which costs just few bucks.

  • Case size: 42mm
  • Case thickness: 7.4mm
  • Glass : sapphire crystal
  • movement: Swiss quartz movement



Bering Solar Quartz Watch

BERING Men's Quartz Analog Ultra paper thin Watch
BERING Men’s Quartz Analog Watchultra-thin watches - Best Ultra-Thin Watches | 25 Super-Slim Watches That Look Gorgeous Elegant & Classy

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It is practically uncommon to find an charming ultra-thin, higher- grade 316L stainless steel case watch, housing a flawless slim movement and still supporting solar charging.

A Solar Quartz movement seating in few millimeters of space is hard to come by, but this solar analog Bering timepiece is a true example with even more complications. The 9mm thin case goes with a mesh strap that fits perfectly well.

The watch represents a Scandinavian design – a Northern European minimalist watch style, with economically-friendly solar charging.

The benefits of this super slim watch is huge. No battery replacement and its battery life last longer up to 12 months, without light energy source. I wish it was a long lasting battery life smartwatch.

It is very eye-catching with charm, thanks to its dark blue dial with luminous watch hands, and a blue numbers ring. Further luxurious design of this Bering Solar , is in the dial window that is equipped with sapphire.

  • Case diameter : 40mm
  • Case thickness : 9mm
  • Crystal: sapphire glass
  • Movement: Japanese solar quartz


Raymond Weil Toccata Slim Watch

Raymond Weil Men's 5588-ST-50001 Toccata Analog Display Quartz slimline Watch
Raymond Weil Men’s 5588-ST-50001 Toccata Analog Display Quartz Silver Watch

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Raymond Weil Toccata is a classy ultra-thin Swiss-made watch with a slimline quartz movement and a captivating blue sunray dial.

This 6mm ultra-thin case watch is a very classy dress piece, built with a slightly domed sapphire glass which contributes few millimeters to the overall watch size.

The ultra-thin case diameter is 42mm men’s standards, with a 5-link stainless steel band that looks luxurious and classic.

Although the seconds hand is lacking, the legible dial, the bracelet, and the super-thin lightweight design make this affordable Swiss manufacturer’ Raymond Weil’s watch an eye-catching piece to wear.

6mm is the supper thinnest watch case we have seen already , yet it is a pretty good-looking watch on the wrists on some music celebrities.

  • ultra-thin case diameter: 42mm
  • ultra-thin case thickness: 8.5mm
  • Dial Window : sapphire crystal


Seiko Solar SNE481 – Slimline watch

seiko ultra thin quartz dress watch - Seiko Men's Dress Stainless Steel Japanese-Quartz Watch with Stainless-Steel Strap, Black, 20
Seiko Men’s Dress Stainless Steel Japanese-Quartz Watch

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Solar SNE481 is an ultra-thin Seiko men’s watch with a beautiful watch face. Designed with a minimalistic look, the slim case measures just 9mm in depth, slightly thicker than some best men’s ultra-thin watches.

The 40mm as the diameter of the seiko ultra thin watch, is just average for most men’s wrist sizes. Perhaps, the 40mm watch-face and the slimmer shape will wear so comfortably and perfectly on people with small wrists.

In addition to the minimalism and lightweight structure, the Seiko Solar SNE481‘s eye-catching sunray dial features some dark grey tones, with value that stands from other timepieces.

Seiko solar SNE48 is not the thinnest seiko watch, but it has a space-saving solar quartz movement. Again, this ultra-thin Seiko watch holds a power reserve of up to 10 months, and the timepiece can keeping running without light.

When it comes to diving activities, Seiko is one of the most affordable diver’s watch brands. Unfortunately, the compact-shaped Solar SNE481 is only 30m water resistant.

This water depth rating offers the seiko ultra thin quartz dress watch, just enough protection from light rains and water splashes, you can’t wear it for for dive sports, swimming, or showering.

  • Slim Case size: 40mm
  • Slim Case thickness: 9mm
  • Crystal: Hardlex Glass
  • water-resistant: 30m (100ft)
  • Movement: solar quartz movement
  • Battery charging: solar technology


Bulova 96A133 – Vintage Ultra-Thin Men’s Watch

Ultra thin Bulova Men's Watch with decreased case sizes
Bulova Men’s Watch with decreased case sizes

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For guys looking for vintage ultra thin watches, Bulova 96A133 is designed with a vintage-style Roman numerals, silve-colored sunray dial, and a three-hand quartz movement.

This Classic Bulova dress watch is the slimmest that we have seen so far. The case is designed with a little thickness as small as 6.3mm, but it displays some kind of, a refined aesthetics at low budget price under $200.

Powered by a highly accurate thin-line Miyota quartz movement, the flat mineral crystal on the glass is durable, protective and looks wealthy on your wrist.

For casual and business everyday wear, the black leather band is comfortable, not tight, not loose and it makes a good matching strap for a thinnest quartz watch for men.

With everything perfectly sealed against the watch case, the water-resistant comes up 30m (100ft). This Bulova dress watch could have been the thinnest dive watch if it had 200+ meters water resistance.

So, you cannot submerge it in water, but this good-looking thinline men’s watch can endure light rains and water splashes.

  • Case size: 41mm
  • Case thickness: 6.3mm
  • Dial Window : mineral Crystal
  • Movement: quartz


Citizen Axiom AU1065-07E – average Slim Watch

Best slim watch from citizen - Citizen Eco-Drive Axiom Quartz Mens Watch, Stainless Steel with Leather strap, Black (Model: AU1065-07E)
Citizen Eco-Drive Axiom Quartz Mens Watch, Stainless Steel with Leather strap, Black (Model: AU1065-07E)

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Citizen is well known for producing professional divers watches, but you can also find pilots aviation watches, as well as casual chronographs in its collections. Citizen Eco-Drive Axiom Quartz Mens Watch is actually the best thinnest solar watch in this list.

The Citizen Axiom’s case diameter measures 40mm and 8mm in thickness. This is a kind of watch for slender wrists people. because it is very flat and thin, the Citizen Axiom can wear nicely with long sleeves, and slip under the cuff, without calling for attention.

This citizen’s Axiom is also one of the slim-faced watches since it is equipped with a flat mineral crystal. The thick calfskin leather strap, and the modern minimalist style makes the piece very appropriate with casual and everyday wear.

The Citizen Axiom AU1065-07E is a slightly slim, good-looking and minimalistic timepiece designed to be solar-powered. The super thin wristwear stands at the top, and feels like wealth on wrist, thanks to its silver-toned dial.

  • Case size: 40mm
  • Case thickness: 8mm
  • Dial Window : flat mineral Glass
  • Date window : At 3 o’clock position.


Movado Museum Classic thin Watch

Cheap ultra thin watch - MOVADO Swiss Museum Classic Black Dial Men's Gold Slim Leather Watch
MOVADO Swiss Museum Classic Black Dial Men’s Gold Slim Leather Watch

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If you love to wear one of the best gold watches, which looks lighter and minimalistic on wrists, consider this Movado Museum Classic.

As a swiss watch, the gold-toned minimalist Movado watch is slimmer but not too thin. With a 9mm case thickness, 40mm case diameter, and a concave dot at twelve o’clock, the minimalist style is highly appreciated for both men and women.

It is not the thinnest quartz watch from Switzerland, however, it has earned a place in several of the world-wide exhibitions. This one is perfectly favorable most average men’s wrist sizes and shapes.

Most ultra-thin swiss watches are crowned with accurate and reliable movements. Movado gold tone watch runs on quartz crystal movement and features a dial window protected by an expensive scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

It is hard to pick the best sapphire watches at a low price point, but this dazzling movado Museu Classic thin-faced watch sells at an affordable price under $300.

  • Case size: 40mm
  • Case thickness: 9mm
  • Crystal: sapphire
  • Movement: Swiss quartz


Frederique Constant Ultra-thin watch – thinnest quartz watch

Frederique Constant Slimline Men's Silver Dial Black Leather Strap Swiss Watch FC-220S5S6 - one of the best ultra thin watches for ladies and gentlemen
Frederique Constant Slimline watch – one of the best ultra thin watches for ladies and gentlemen

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I thought that we were fortunate to have seen the thinnest quartz watch, until when this super-slim shaped Frederique Constant appeared.

For tiny wrist ladies and gentlemen, Frederique Constant is a very small and very slim watch with a legible dial and leather strap. It can make the greatest gift for skinny guys.

The featherweight case measures too flat, as thin as 5mm and the diameter, is measuring 39mm. I just wonder, with this slimline watch case, how small is the Quartz Movement inside?

So far, this is one of the best ultra thin watches for ladies and gentlemen, in this list. It features a swiss refined design that blends well with smart outfits. Most thin quartz watches are the best for slender wrists .

A genuine Swiss watch like this Frederique Constant Slimline Quartz, is perfectly suited for people with petite wrists. It is super-slim, and exceptional in the list of smaller-end watches in the market.

This Frederique Constant is a super thin-faced watch that feature some slim hour markers and watch hands, in the clear white dial. It is astounding to imagine, but 5mm is incredible thinning for a watch, considering that it needs to house all vital components.

The dark-colored leather strap, the white dial, the sapphire glass and the accurate quartz movement, makes Constantin stands out as a high-quality thinnest Swiss watch with unimaginable aesthetic beauty.

  • Case size: 39mm
  • Case thickness: 5mm
  • Crystal: scratch-resistant sapphire
  • Design: classic Swiss refinement
  • Movement: Swiss quartz caliber,


Hamilton Jazzmaster – a Slimline Watch with copper-tone hour numbers

Hamilton H38411580 Jazzmaster Thinline Small Second Quartz Men's Watch
Hamilton H38411580 Jazzmaster Thinline Small Second Quartz Men’s Watch

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Hamilton Jazzmaster is a thinline watch with a beige sunray face and copper-tone hour numbers. The silver-cased slim 7.4mm Hamilton Jazzmaster, is also uniquely designed, with sword-shaped hands, and brown stitched leather band.

Although an ultra-thin watch won’t readily be visible to public eyes, the distinctive dial with beige sunray face in this slimeline Hamilton watch catches a lot of attention. It looks like a high-paying fine timepiece for the boss and the rich guys.

With a water resistance depth rating up to 50m (165), the underweight-case  watch would resist brief submerging it into water. This ultra-thin waterproof watch for small wrists is not suitable for diving, but it can endure swimming.

If you love water adventures, take a look at these small dive watches for thin wrists. For showering, it nicer to swap the leather band to a silicone strap that is waterproof and withstands humidity.

  • Case diameter : 40mm
  • Case thickness: 7.4mm
  • Dial covering: sapphire crystal glass
  • Special: seconds counter
  • Movement: Swiss quartz
  • water resistance: up to 50m (165)


Timex Metropolitan Skyline -Affordable Ultra-thin men’s watch

Rimwz metropolitan skyline men's watch 40mm. timex ultra thin watches
Timex Metropolitan Skyline – one of the top timex ultra thin watches

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Here is a Timex ultra thin watches for men, with blue dial and silver markers. Timex metropolitan Skyline is one of the best cheap slim watches for men, that have stood the test of time.

If you believe in Special American brands and products, then Timex is a good quality and budget-friendly watch brands to consider.

Timex Ironman is one popular and trusted watch which people buy for sports. Another one, Timex Weekened is perfectly designed for casual outfits.

While Timex makes timepieces best suited for sports, most of them wear comfortably even on very tiny wrists, and others match the suit and tie attire for the bosses

That is very true for this Timex Metropolitan Skyline. The watch size is 40mm in case diameter and slim 6.5mm in thickness.

The 6.5mm thin brassy case, the textured blue dial and the contrasting silver hands and indices provide nothing but a stunning elegant appearance. Only the elite slim timepieces can look this bright, without you paying a six-figure for it.

The genuine leather band is so classy and dark brown in color. You will looks terribly handsome wearing it with colored belt and shoes.

With a cheaper sales price under $100, Skyline is a good value super-slim watch you shouldn’t miss out if you are frugal in shopping.

  • Case diameter : 40mm
  • Case thickness : 6.5mm
  • Crystal: mineral glass
  • Luminous Hands


Bulgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT Watch

Bvlgari Extra-Thin Octo Finissimo Automatic Silver Dial Men's Watch 103011 - Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT Titanium Black Dial
Bvlgari Extra-Thin Octo Finissimo Automatic Silver Dial Men’s Watch 103011 – Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT Titanium Black Dialultra-thin watches - Best Ultra-Thin Watches | 25 Super-Slim Watches That Look Gorgeous Elegant & Classy

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Bvlgari Octo Finissimo is a lean machine with a three-time international record holder. First it was the world’s thinnest chronograph, second, it became the thinnest automatic watch (& manual-winding) chronograph and recently in 2019, it came the thinnest GMT watch in the world.

This thinnest gmt watch is one of the luxury priced men’s watches in the market. Regarded as the world’s thinnest automatic chronograph , its black dial with heightened contrast and a sporty black rubber strap, makes it irresistibly attractive.

Bvlgari’s campaign of ultra-thin watches debuted in 2014 and Octo Finissimo Tourbillon was the first lean machine with 5mm thick case. Determined add more classic complications with lessen the case size, the tourbillon got the thinnest minute repeate.

2017 got Octo Finissimo Automatic Tourbillon released. This wolr’d thinnest automatic and tourbillon watch had a wafer-size case of 3.95mm. The best slimmest Chronograph GMT watch recently is this Bvlgari Octo Finissimo model.

The super slim GMT watch came with integrated chronograph movement, with the most difficult calibre to produce after minute repeaters. Bvlgari’s in-house automatic calibre BVL318 is the prodigious engineering feat that unimaginably created a thin 3.30mm thickness of the movement.

With a diameter of 37.20mm and thickness of 6.9mm, the watch movement is really height-saving. The cut back movement still features a 55h power reserve and 37 jewels and a 24-hour GMT counter at 3 o’clock. This sounds like alot of complication inside a single, tiny pincnhed case.

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  • sandblasted titanium case measures: 42mm in diameter
  • Thickness/height : 6.90mm
  • Dial window :sapphire crystal
  • titanium crown and pushers
  • water-resistant to 30m
  • Dial: black opaline – hours, minutes and chronograph seconds, GMT
  • Movement: in-house calibre BVL 318 – automatic


Orient Capital Quartz “Version 2”

Orient Men's 'Capital Version 2' Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Dress Watch, Color:Black (Model: FUG1R008B9) - affordable thin automatic watch
Orient Men’s ‘Capital Version 2’ Quartz Dress Watch – affordable thin automatic watch

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In the list of vintage ultra thin watches, is this Orient Capital – a black Orient watch with Roman numerals.

Orient is reputable for making bigger size automatic mechanical wristwatches. Luckily, this vintage black Orient watch with quartz movement is one of the best ultra-thin watches for men.

The case dimensions is mens standard size of 40.5mm and 8mm thick. Don’t think that slimmer watch movements aren’t precise, because the movement in this ultra-thin orient vintage watch is very reliable and accurate in ticking.

The slim case of the watch measures only 8mm, which is not too thin and not too big for a thin watch band attached to it. Any small wrist guy would probably find delight in wearing it.

When you consider the elegant face packed vintage-like Roman numerals, and the domed mineral crystal covering on th dial, you’ll notice that the visual enhancement is remarkably attractive.

The Orient Capital’s aesthetics feels like treasure, and costs as little as under 100 dollars. At such a price break, you won’t regret if it breaks, which it is not going to happen, anyway. The dome-shaped crystal on the slim watch has a better protection against shatters than flat shaped watch glasses.

  • Watch case size: 40.5mm
  • Watch case thickness: 8mm
  • Dial Covering : domed mineral crystal
  • Movement: Quartz


Skagen Holst Slim Watch

Best slimline watches under 9mm - Skagen Men's Holst Stainless Steel Casual Quartz Watch
Skagen Men’s Holst Stainless Steel Casual Quartz Watchultra-thin watches - Best Ultra-Thin Watches | 25 Super-Slim Watches That Look Gorgeous Elegant & Classy

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Another fascinating thin minimalist watch in our list, which matches casual and smart outfits, is the Skagen Holst thin watch. It comes with a brown leather band, which perfectly matches casual and smart outfits.

The shiny grey sunray dial with white-filled hands and indices, and the versatile slim design, all create such a spectacular and gorgeous style that you would crave to wear.

The Skagen Holst SKW6086 features a stainless steel 39mm size by 9mm thin case, and leather strap with buckle closure. The 9mm thick case does not seem lean and bony, however, the lessened watch case is really strong and tough against crashes.

This Skagen ultra-thin timepiece is also an everyday watch that’s truly filled with a dash of flair that scores remarkable beauty and handsome looks on a slim wrist.

  • Case diameter: 39mm
  • Case thickness: 9mm
  • Dial window : mineral crystal


Fossil Minimalist Slim Casual Watch

Fossil Men's the Minimalist Stainless Steel Slim Casual Quartz Watch - super slim watches
Fossil Men’s the Minimalist Stainless Steel Slim Casual Quartz Watch

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Fossil is known for making women watches, dress watches and female smartwatches that looks aesthetically beautiful. This minimalist slim timepiece is an all-metal fashion-oriented Fossil watch.

Unlike large-sized casual chronograph watches, this one is a slim casual fossil Watch in a 44mm mens size stainless steel case with 8mm thinline.

Like most captivating dress watches, this ultra-minimal cased piece is actually a grey-toned quartz watch, with a sunray dial background, slim indices, mineral crystal, and 50m (165ft) water resistance. It is one of the ultra-thin waterproof watches for swimming.

Luxury-looking ultra-thin watches are hard to find. So if you really like the options that add personality and class, this fossil is the best eye-catching slimmer watch to go for.

If you have a gentle man or a beautiful lady at heart, pick this very thin case Fossil watch as a gift for him or her.

You may get lucky to have it engraved and personalized for your loved ones, at no extra cost, if you shop in one of the fossil official stores.

  • Case size: 44mm stainless steel
  • Case thickness: 8mm
  • Dial glass: mineral
  • movement: quartz


Stuhrling Original Calfskin Leather Watch

Best cheap ultra thin men's watches - Stuhrling Original Mens Watch Calfskin Leather Strap - Dress + Casual Design - Analog Watch Dial with Date, 3997Z Watches for Men Collection
Affordable ultra thin watches – Stuhrling Original Mens Dress + Casual Design – Analog Watch

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This Stuhrling Calfskin Leather Watch is another one of the good quality best slim watches for men. It comes pretty cheap, perhaps, the absence of scratch-resistance sapphire crystal, might have it selling at a giveaway price point.

Designed with a slim profile, the Stuhrling watch measures a 7mm in case thickness, and 40mm mens standard watch face size.

The minimalism in the dial, makes this super-thin watch a suitable wear for business and the office job. It goes perfectly with a good fit shirt, tie and suit.

The Stuhrling Calfskin Leather Watch is my cheapest timepiece with a descent quality, in the list of top best slim watches for men, in this review.

  • Case size: 40mm
  • Case height : 7mm
  • Dial window : Krysterna crystal
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • watch face : black face


CASIO A700 – the thinnest digital watch

Casio Men's Classic Quartz Stainless-Steel Strap, Silver, 21.5 Casual Watch (Model: A700W-1ACF0 - best thinnest digital watch - ultra-thin digital watch
Casio Men’s Classic Quartz watch – Ultra thin digital watch

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There have been several questions about the thinnest digital watch. Up to date, the Casio A700 is the super-slimmest digital watch that one can wear as a perfect everyday timekeeper.

As one f the affordable slim watches, you need no worry much about the how much it costs, because you will definitely think the low price means low quality.

Measuring Casio A700 reveals its slim fit case size is just 6mm thick. The super downsized case, the quality Milanese bracelet, the retro shape and style, all offer a more comfortable wear.

More especially , the thin-case timepiece sits remarkably flat on your wrist, without getting on the way of pulling up or wearing your long sleeves.

The structural design shows it combines a resign case, an inexpensive acrylic crystal covering on the dial and a suitable water resistance.

The variety of colors means you can pick your favorite color that is attractive and matches your dressing attire. In addition to being just an ultra-thin digital watch, Casio A700 is also a women’s watch, with a masculine touch.

The Casio A700 is the best slim fit digital watch for people who shop frugally on a tight budget. It cokes at a very surprisingly low price tag.

  • case size : resin
  • case thickness : 6mm
  • Dial window : Acrylic crystal


Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin luxury watch

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Automatic 18kt White Gold Men's Watch - one of the best thin watches for men 
Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Automatic 18kt White Gold Men’s Watch – one of the best thin watches for men

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Master is an ultra thin automatic watch for men with skinny wrists

Jaeger-LeCoultre is a reputable watch brand that makes timepieces with excellent quality and elegaance. The jaeger-LeCoultre Master is a high-end ultra thin watch featuring a case thickness of 7.6mm and a smaller case diameter of 38.5mm.

Highly cherished by wealthy guys with small size wrists, this men’s fashion minimalist wrist watch has shimmering silver dial with no date, but it holds a small seconds subdial positioned at six O clock.

With several decades of experience in the horology industry, Jaeger leCoultre carefully trimmed and streamlined the 896/1 automatic movement and downsized it to just 4mm thick. At that super slim, narrowed size, the movement still runs the dauphine hands perfectly.

  • Case thickness: 7.58mm
  • Case diameter: 38.5mm
  • Movement: Jaeger-LeCoultre 896/1 automatic
  • Design: 18kt white gold


Best ultra-thin watches ultra-slim watches for men
Img:Piaget-Altiplano – ultra-thin watch for men with case thickness under 9mm

Piaget Altiplano 910P ultra slim luxury watch

Piaget Altiplano Automatic Silver Dial Brown Leather Mens Watch G0A35131 Best Thin luxury Watches for men -  Audemars Piguet - men's minimalist  slim stainless steel wrist watch
Piaget Altiplano Automatic  Leather Mens Watch – Best Thin luxury men’s minimalist  slim stainless steel wrist watch

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Piaget Altiplano is one of the best ultra thin watches for men with slim wrists. Most top businessmen, celebrities and political high ranking personnel like to go for this men’s fashion minimalist luxury wrist watch.

Before the Bulgari Octo Finnisimo Tourbillon Automatic stunned the world of super minimalistic watches in end of first quarter 2018,  piaget Altiplano reigned as the world’s ultra thin automatic watch.

The six figure luxury watch carried an incredible engineering and the most expensive craftmanship in its desig. The luxury watch is flat, featuring a peripheral rotor and a top quality movement integrated into the caseback as the baseplate.

The  end result of this rare watch case thinning produces a 4.3mm thick case and a 41 mm men’s standards case diameter. Whatever your wrist circumference, this ultra narrowed case luxury watch provide just the right fit and comfort.

  • case thickness: 4.3mm
  • case diameter: 41mm
  • Movement: automatic Piaget 910P


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo Extra-Thin luxury watcch

100% Authentic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak -Titanium   Best Thin luxury Watches for men -  Audemars Piguet - men's minimalist  slim stainless steel wrist watch
100% Authentic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak -Titanium   Best  luxury  men’s minimalist  slim  wrist watch

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Audemars Piguet is an iconic slim yet enticing ultra thin watch for men. The ultra-slim variant, in the Piguet’s collections, comes with a classic shape of the Royal Oak – a masculine guise.

The movement is designed in a meager shape, which further decreases the size (thickness) of its containing case down to 8.1mm depth. Despite the miniaturization to a slim 39mm watch case, the blue automatic Audemars Piguet 2121 movement, may look like delicate, but it’s very precise in ticking time.

Designed with a mix of platinum and titanium material, there is no  doubt about how lightweight the timepiece can feel on wrists. The brushed titanium, and the polished platinum form an awe-inspiring two-tone finishing – a classic touch that foes well with suit and tie attire.

This model has titanium case and blue dial. If you live the model with Case material like 18k White Gold and color: Rose Gold dial, check White Gold Audemars Piguet

  • Case thickness: 8.1mm
  • case diameter: 39mm
  • Movement: Audemars Piguet 2121 automatic
  • Case material: titanium
  • Dial color: blue



Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra-Fine watch 1955

Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra Fine 1955 Silver Dial Black Leather Men's Watch 33155/000R-9588
Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra Slimline 1955 Silver Dial Black Leather Men’s Watch

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Another one of the best thin watches for men is the Vacheron Constantin –  an ultra-fine watch, first launched in 2010.

With its mechanical movement placed inside a near-impossibly designed thin case size of 4.13mm, Vacheron Constantin was the world’s thinnest mechanical watch ever made.

Over the years as Vacheron Constantin crafted beautifully restrained timepiece, they have been sizing down the watches into slimmer proportions.

For example, the in-house caliber 1003 hand-winder is kind of, hard to streamline. But Constantin Historiques finally thin-shaped the movement to just 1.3mm in size.

The  high accurate ultra-thin movement inside the watch, is a pure gem.  We expect the ultra-fine movement to be fragile and well protected, but that is exactly what the 36mm watch case provides.

As a result, Vacheron Constantin is one of the best under 40mm small watches for the  celebritis and the wealthy guys with small wrists.

If you want to size up your wrist with exercises, there’s a perfect, quicker way how to get bigger wrist in few weeks. try it out and graduate from the daily challenges of having small wrists.

  • Case thickness: 4.13mm
  • case diameter: 36mm
  • Movement: Vacheron Constantin 1003 hand-winding
  • Design:  18kt rose gold case
  • Band: black (alligator) leather
  • Waterproof: 30 meters / 100 feet
  • Fixed bezel


Titan Mineral Quartz Thin Watch

Titan Men’s Designer Watch – with slim Quartz movement and 30m Water Resistant
Titan Men’s Designer Watch – with slim Quartz movement and 30m Water Resistant

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If you looking for a thin watch with subtle style that feels excellent on your wrist, Titan Delivers that unique look.

It is slim, all black , with an ultra slimline 3.8mm depth as case thickness – the slimmest wrist watch in the planet. Titan Mineral Quartz is the world’s thinnest wrist watch with black leather strap that easily slips on.

The super streamlined case has dimension 36mm diameter by 3.8mm height. When this thin and minimalist Titan watch sits on your wrist, it looks low profile and you get an ultra-comfortable feel that will impress you all day long.

The Titan Mineral Quartz slim watch also features a durable sapphire crystal dial window, a 99 ft water resistance and a very minute crown that pokes out on the side.

You look stunning having this very slimline watch on your wrist, more especially sapphire dial with broad gold hands. The model here is rose gold and jet black, and you will feel like a boss with the durable leather watch strap.

A similar model of Titan Ultra slim watch with sapphire crystal on both sides is this Titan Edge slim analog watch with 1.15mm streamlined movement housed inside a 4.2mm thick case

  • case :44mm x 3.8mm stainless steel
  • dial window: sapphire
  • movement: Quartz with analog display
  • water resistance: 30m (99ft)
  • weight : 7 ounces


Rado Black Dial Thin Watch

This Rado watch features a gorgeously simple slimline black dial and a narrow 7mm depth stainless steel case. this make you get an ultralight feeling and comfort on your wrist.

The Radio 39mm diameter Slimline watch comes with an high-end dial window made of sapphire, and an analog quartz movement. The watch face also features four-dot markings, hollow hands and a Rado logo at 12:00 position.

The timepiece case look sleek, streamlined but not weak, since it maintains 30m water resistance – which is enough water depth rating to survive spills and splashes.

The ceramic band is super comfortable on wrist skin, and it curves flawlessly from the thin case with a minimalist crown.

It is wildly lightweight with a lovely analog display which makes it an overall simple, yet enticing ultra thin watch

  • Case diameter : 39mm stainless steel
  • case thickness : 7mm
  • Dial window: sapphire
  • band: smooth ceramic
  • movement: quartz with analog display
  • water resistance: 30m
  • weight: 1 pounds


Rado True Thinline (Ref: R27741152)

Rado R27741712 Watch True Thinline Mens - Black Dial Stainless Steel Case Quartz Movement
Img: Rado R27741712 Watch True Thinline Mens – Black Dial Stainless Steel Case Quartz Movement

ultra-thin watches - Best Ultra-Thin Watches | 25 Super-Slim Watches That Look Gorgeous Elegant & Classy Don’t Miss Out The Latest Price

For a minimalist wearer desiring to wear the thinnest Rado high-tech ceramic watch, this Rado True Thinline is the best offer.

With a super streamline case dimension of 39mm x 4.9mm, the Rado slimline watch come in small and featherweight like wafer-size object. As super thin as it is, the original sensation, strength and the right balance hasn’t changed.

The ultra-thin timepiece is powered by an 8 jewels Swiss made streamlined quartz movement – ETA 210.001. The dial window protection features a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and with 3 bar(30 meters) water resistant rating, the timepiece can survive splashes.

Rado True Thinline is an ultra-thin watch for men who strongly love the contemporary aesthetics.

  • Case size: 39mm
  • case thickness: 4.9mm depth
  • movement: swiss quartz
  • water resistance: 30m


Lacoste Moon Ultra Slim Watch

Lacoste Men's Moon Ultra Slim Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Nylon Strap, Green, 20 (Model: 2010913)
Img: Lacoste Men’s Moon Ultra Slim Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Nylon Strap

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Lacoste moon is another affordable ultra slim watch with the Lacoste logo on the watch face, around the 3 O’clock position.

The off-white background minimalist dial features bright green hands , and silver dash markings – an excellent style on a stellar gentleman’s wear.

The slimline case, is design in the spirit of thin watches. Measuring 6.1mm, the stainless steel case feels just like a thin wafer with an ultra comfortability on your wrists.

The Lacoste Moon is also an Ultra thin white dial ladies watch, running on a flawless functioning quartz movement, with an analog display.

Unless you never heard about it, Lacoste is one of the longest lasting branded American watchmaker, with good reputation. So trust this mineral dial wildly lightweight watch.

  • Dial: mineral crystal
  • case dimension : 40mm men standards
  • case thickness : 6.1mm paper-thin stainless steel
  • water resistance : 30m
  • movement : Quartz
  • band : nylon, meshed strap
  • weight : 4.3 ounces


Slim Made Extra Slim brown Watch

slim made one 06 - Extra Slim Unisex Watch in Black/Brown
Img: slim made one 06 – Extra Slim Unisex Watch in Black/Brown

ultra-thin watches - Best Ultra-Thin Watches | 25 Super-Slim Watches That Look Gorgeous Elegant & ClassyDon’t Miss Out Latest Price

Slim made is a brand of watches for women who have a die-hard love for minimalist slimline wearables.

Extra slim brown watch features a brown leather calfskin strap, a stylistic watch face(all-black) and a mineral glass protected dial.

The stainless steel case measure 40 millimeters in diameter and maintains a water pressure depth rating up to 50 meters(165 feet). As one of the best thin watches for women, its paper-size case thickness is measuring just 7mm.

Aesthetically, the textured face is gorgeous thanks to the 12 markings, hollow second and hour hands

  • case diameter : 40mm
  • case thickness: 7mm
  • Dial window : mineral
  • waterproof : 50m for swimming, showering
Breguet Ultra Slim Automatic Classic Wristwatch
img: Breguet Ultra Slim Automatic Classic Wristwatch


Challenges of making super-thin watches

An ultra-thin watch is an exhibit of exceptional technical expertise in in the horological industry, but creating a single piece or a component of an ultra-slim watch has always been challenging. The art of thinning watches is so time demanding that even the best of the veteran watchmakers like Jaeger-LeCoultre, tissot and Junghams must have to work patiently to make the most famous thin movements around.

It is truly a meticulous, very delicate and highly challenging design, to provide adequate mechanical power in a very tiny movement, to ensure its accuracy, and enough power reserve, in such a limited space. I wonder how Edmond Jaeger, was able to create the JLC caliber 849 to fit in such an incredibly tiny space with thickness as little as 1.85 mm.

In mechanical horology, the height of the main spring decides how much power is stored up for the movement. A large and over-sized watch case houses a good size of this power spring, but the space is really, really restricted in a super slim case wrist watch housing an ultra-thin movement. When you look deeper, you will see that the hope for precision timekeeping is glaring and unexpected in the thinnest watch.

Another big challenge of wearing an extra-thin watch with fine-shaped case under 9mm thick, is the delicate parts. Even the smallest bang against a little object may disassemble very tiny gears and narrower springs , which can cause havoc in recording every tick of a second.

Ultra-thin watches have a complication of their own, and it feels like walking on a high wire, to create an accurate watch movement while making it very thin and lightweight as possible. Downsizing the thickness of a watch case is economically advantageous for watchmakers, but it seemed impossible for many watch manufacturers.

Rapid development of quartz technology boost to ultra-thin watches. Quintessential ultra-thin quartz watch does not more complex mechanical movements, instead, they use electronics. I have heard of history of a swiss watch manufacturer making pretty wafer-thin mechanical watch movements with a 1.2mm record-setting height.

As technology keeps advancing, what we call ultra-thin today, will soon become too thin and extremely slimmer watch movement. As time goes on, even the slimmest wrist watch would hardly look different from your jewelries.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a mechanical watch movement seat in a 5mm thinnest case?

Since automatic watches, and also mechanical, it is hard to have their movement in a downsized case. But it is possible, with the highest level of craftsmanship and miniature technology we have today.


What is considered a thin watch?

There is just no generally accepted definition for an ultra-thin watch. But unlike the regular watches that have case sizes over 10mm thick, ultra-thin mechanical timepieces come in with slimmer case sizes under 9mm. The super thinnest watch ever made had a paper-size thickness of 0.98mm in height, so tiny than the size of a plastic band.


How thick is a thin watch?

Most watch fans have enough options when selecting watch case diameter. What is really unfortunate is that consumers can’t decide case’s thickness since it;s the manufacturers choice. A majority of watch brands produce practically super-slim timepieces with 5mm – 8mm as case thickness. However, the average thickness of most small to mid-size watches fall in the range 8mm – 12.5mm.


Are Thin watches better?

It depends on who wears the thin watch! A timepiece that is designed too slim will looks like a little band, and not as a timepiece. But such super thin case watches look gorgeous on tiny wrist of people with a slim body build. We can’t deny that ultra-thin watches are more delicate and can easily break under little shock or impact, yet they appear more natural on small wrists people. It seems appreciable to wear a fragile thin wrist watch, than to hang an over-size, thick or bulky watch that looks largely disproportionate on skinnier wrist. Bigger watches will look comically over-sized, heavier and cumbersome on a small wrists. Some large timepieces may even hang down the hand and fall off the wrist.


What is the thinnest quartz watch?

Concord Delirium case was pruned  down to 1.98mm in thickness when it was designed in 1979. This quintessential ultra-thin quartz watch had a super thin, specially developed, quartz ETA movement. From that time till today, the timepiece remains the thinnest watch ever made.


What is the thinnest digital watch?

Arguably the thinnest digital watch I’ve come across to date, is the Casio A700. It makes a perfect everyday companion, that never gets in the way of your dressing and doing handy jobs. Slight thinning got the Casio A700 a pinched shape, with a case thickness of 7mm.


What is the thinest watch ever made

The development of quartz technology change the landscape of watches in general. Centuries ago, you could boost of large mechanical timepieces that tell , but recently there has been a boost in wearing ultra-thin watches, with more complex mechanical movements.

With the electronic movement, the sizes even got meager and more delicate. One quintessential ultra-thin quartz watch since 1979 has been certainly the Concord Delirium. With a case thickness of just 1.98mm quartz ETA movement, Concord Delirium was the  smallest of the smaller watches in the world.

That is not the only most fragile slim watch ever made, that stll exists today. Another model is Delirium 2 which had a decreased case size of 1,5mm (case thickness) and Delirium IV got a paper-size case of just 0.98mm.


A timepiece with such a trim case would look too fragile, diminished and featherweight.  I think, the creation of these paper-thin watches was possible because if the caseback served as the main plate for the watch’s movement.


What are the thinnest watches in the world?

  • Jaeger-LeCoultre Hybris Mechanica
  • Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine Ultra-Thin Calibre 1731
  • Piaget Altiplano Ultimate 910P
  • Bulgari Octo Finissimo Tourbillon.
  • Bulgari Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater
  • Breguet Classique Tourbillon Extra-Thin Automatic 5377


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