The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You’ve Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)

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Thick smartwatches still have their benefits, especially ruggedness, but thin smartwatches are trending this year. Many people don’t likes large, heavy wearables, anymore. I guess they are switching to wear slimmer smartwatches because they go well with  bracelets, and bangles. Particularly, I don’t like bulky smartwatches because they are a real burden, especially on my thin 5.5″ wrists. If you want to shift from wearing chunky watches, we are here to guide you. Get ready to pick your best thinnest smartwatch today.

I used to think that LG Style Watch was the thinnest smartwatch but i was wrong. Pebble Time is the world’s thinnest smart watch i have seen. I really love  small smartwatches, The LG looks incredible,  gorgeous, and more fashionable on my wife’s slender wrist.

In this article, I will guide you to pick your ideal slim, smart watch – one which comes with a super lightweight design – a feather-weight case back.The options we suggested are loaded with a lot of functionality, got a light weight design and feels more comfortable on wrist.

What is your thinnest smartwatch in the mamrket? Apple watch is probably the best smallest smartwatch You've Ever Seen! But the most lightweight of all is Pebble Time 7mm thick - the world.s thinnest smartwatch so far in the market.
Img : What is the thinnest smartwatch you have ever worn? A slimmer watch has an incredible fashionable aesthetics but picking an ideal Slim smart watch with lightweight design is not a one-days task.


Why should you wear a slim smartwatch?

As technology advances, many gadgets get smaller and slimmer. Many watchmakers are now producing even the best ultra thin watches, with slim cases(under 9mm thick) and minimalist faces.

You might be thinking, that slim shaped cases look delicate and fragile. Yes that is true, but that does not mean a thin, smart watch is a low profile smart watch. Now, what can probably make you want to wear a streamlined or wafer-thin cases smartwatch on your wrist?

  • Small wrists people suffer many dressing challenges. If you got skinny wrists, and you wear a thick watch, it looks so kiddy.  I think then that small wrists guys should go for lightweight wearables .
  • small smartwatches would look more attractive. Whether small or bigger wrists, the truth is that a thin, lightweight smart watch with streamlined cases look highly classic and aesthetically captivating.
  • bangles, wear nicely even with the slimmest smartwatch and you can only compare the incredible fashionable aesthetics, with small wrist watches for women.
  • One benefit of wearing a smartwatch with a slim design is the variety of styles that can suit any outfit and yet still provide comfort on the wrist.

You wanna try wearing your slimmest smart watch that fits snugly today? I have already done the heavy task for you and below are the best lightweight smartwatches I selected for you. If you are android fan, You will find thin android wear OS watches in the list. But if they aren’t enough for you, check these best thinnest android smartwatches.


Top suggested small smartwatches

You want to hurry? check your best slim, smart watch that fits snugly. Here are the top notch models of thin smartwatches that can fit comfortably on your wrists, thanks to their slim, sleek cases and straps.


Now, What’s your best slim smartwatch in the list?

A thinner smartwatch is a revolutionary new device for most people because they are insanely lightweight. However, if you got big wrists and love watches with insufficient case thickness, you’ll appreciate thin smartwatches.

On the list of our best thinnest smartwatch with great and reliable functions, Pebble Time smartwatch appeared slimmer than any other slim smartwatch on this list. With a thickness of 7.5 mm and a small screen size of 1 inch, this pebble round watch comes lightweight and can wear unnoticeable on the arm. Toping the list of Ultra thin smartwatches, Pebble Time is widely recognized as the thinnest smartwatch in the world!

The LG Watch Sport is the thinnest sport smartwatch on the market. It’s just 9.8mm thick, which is thinner than the Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear S3, and the Huawei Watch 2. It’s also one of the lightest smartwatches, at just 47g. This is the slimmest sport watch you’ve seen.

I would go for the slimmest lightest smartwatch with modern and excellent features including fitness tracking, voice-dictation(voice command), camera, text messaging, and more. What about you?

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Best Small Smartwatches Reviewed(comfortable to wear)

bulky-designed smartwatches aren’t comfortable to wear, especially on tiny wrists. One way to deal with small wrists is that you should wear a thin-shaped smart watch. Below is a review of some small smartwatches that give a comfortable wear and lightweight feel on their arm.


Apple Watch Series 5 – The Best thinnest Smartwatch for Apple users

best thinness smartwatch for small wrist men and women - thinnest-smartwatches-thin-apple-watchthinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • gause-like thickness: 10.7mm
  • little weight : 47.8 grams
  • Support: ECG app
  • Fall detection features
  • Connectivity: cellular, GPS, Bluetooth

If you want your best smartwatch to look subtle, slimmer and more elegant on your wrist, An apple watch doesn’t wear bigger in sizes. Apple Watch Series 5 is one of the best-rated smartwatches with multi-purpose use.

Its function range from outdoor mountain biking and cycling to medical use, where the smartwatch helps in fall detection and blood glucose monitoring.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is unisex design. It is a gender neutral smartwatch that comes with 10.7 mm thick case, sleek and stylish looks, and a small watch band.

Apple watch 5 is one of the best smartwatches for small wrists since it comes in 38mm, 40mm, and 44mm design. The stainless steel construction is an added durability, without compromising how light the watch is. It still feels like 47.8 grams on a wrist.

According to most apple watch fans, you’ll barely remember wearing this slim, smart watch unless you glance over your wrist or someone showers you some compliments.

Although the slim, smart watch is waterproof, never take it for swimming or diving since it’s insanely expensive. The touchscreen display is protected by a sapphire crystal glass that is resistant to scratches. You are not going to shatter this smallest smartwatch screen easily.

There are plenty of sensors in this small apple watch. It is compatible with Bluetooth headphones or earbuds, tracks your heart rate, has accurate GPS for tracking walking or jogging route.

If you want a perfect and the thinnest outdoor smartwatch for adventures, this fine-case series 5 is the best, thanks to its built-in barometer, gyroscope, and accelerometer.

Mountain bikers and cyclists love this slim, smart watch thanks to the ability to expand its functionality with apps. You can install a variety of cycling apps, medical apps for ECG.

The battery life is good. Sometimes, apple claims its battery can last up to 18 hours in GPS mode. But if you want to more apple watch battery life, here is a guide how to save battery apple watch battery life.

Some models of this thin apple watch series 5 have cellular connectivity. This means you can make phone-free calls with this smallest smartwatch with a sim card slot. It is the smallest standalone smartwatch in this review.

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Samsung Gear S smartwatch – best samsung  slimmest smart watch for android

best slimmest smart watch for samsung users - slimmest smart watch with android operating systemthinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • cut-back thickness: 12.5mm
  • slightly heavy: 70 grams
  • Wellness: heart rate tracker,
  • Outdoor sensors: accelerometer and gyroscope sensor.
  • battery life: 95 hours

If you are going to enjoy the most out of just a sleek smartwatch on your wrist, try a samsung smartwatch. The gear S is just  another sleek smartwatch or lightweight smartwatch gadget.

If you love wearing a thin smartwatch a low price, it is for you. With only 12.5 mm thickness and less than 70 grams mass, the fine case watch does not weigh on a wrist heavily. The thinner case design makes it a beautiful lightweight smart watch to own.

Another feature is the large easy-to-read screen display. Just looking at its 2-inch touchscreen, you may think Samsung Gear S is a heavy smartwatch, but it is actually the smallest smartwatch screen.

The thinnest gps watch band color options vary widely. One most durable feature I like more is the corning gorilla glass 3 which is scratch resistant. This crystal dial protects this thin android wear smartwatch from tear and wear.

Unlike other Samsung smartwatches, this one does not have a memory card slot, but it does come with 4GB of internal memory. More importantly, Gear S smartwatch supports many third-part apps for fitness and running exercises as well as alarms.

In addition to having compatible bluetooth connectivity, the Samsung Gear S comes with on-board compass, barometer, heart rate tracker, accelerometer and gyroscope sensor.

Finally, regarding battery performance, the 300 Milli-ampere Hour(mAH) Li-ion watch battery is internal and not removable. The battery life can endure or last up to 95 hours. This is great enough for long outdoor hunting or hiking trips.

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Asus Zenwatch 3 – best thinnest android smartwatch

Asus Zenwatch 3 - best thinnest android smartwatchthinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • decreased thickness: 10.75mm
  • under weight : 48g
  • Dial window: Corning Gorilla glass
  • Sensors: accelerometer and a gyroscope

Asus Venwatch 3 is a 10.75 mm thick and 48 grams stainless steel smartwatch with slimmer and gorgeous build. Having this lightweight android smartwatch on wrist can go without notice, unless you swing your arm over your eyes.

It looks very fashionable on slender wrist on both woman and man. Moreover, you will hardly get scratches on thinnest android watch face, thanks to its tough Corning Gorilla glass protective screen.

In order to match your outfit and lifestyle, the brand makes this small smartwatch with a watch band with a variety strap colors: silver, rose gold or metal.

One thing I really love about this small size watch is the outdoor sensors it carries. You are going to have several sensors suitable for outdoor navigation, which include an accelerometer and a gyroscope.

Music lovers are kind of entertainment focus when buying some smart gadgets like smartwatches. Thankfully, this Asus is another smallest smartwatch that can stream, store and play(has audible speaker) your favorite music, tunes, and songs.

The voice command is another feature in most android smartwatches that can help visually impaired people learn to use watches. With a voice assistant, you can dial your pre-programmed numbers and make a call.

Another important thing in this slim, smart watch for Android, is the connectivity. You can get access to the internet with this watch, because the 10.75mm thin smartwatch is Wi-Fi enabled.

With about 4 days battery life, this Asus lightweight smartwatch charges faster. The hyper-charge fills the battery with more than 50% in 10 minutes. that is a fast charging slimmest smart watch for far.

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Ticwatch Pro Smartwatch – Best lightweight waterproof smartwatch

Best lightweight waterproof smartwatch for Android usersthinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • slight thinness: 12.6 mm
  • lightweight: 0.57 lbs
  • screen : 1.39-inches circular touchscreen
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, bluetooth
  • Memory: 4 GB of internal storage, 512MB RAM

The Ticwatch Pro is a small smartwatch with case thickness that is more than that of Asus. The 12.6mm thickness makes this smartwatch feel lightweight on a man’s wrist despite its stainless steel and carbon fibre construction.

The smartwatch durability is not compromised, as One may think out. It is just that the metal mix helps to keep the overall weight less than when the case had only steel metal alone.

Android fans with small wrist cherish this small smart watch additionally because it is lightweight. The slim watch bands offer maximum comfort on a wrist. Besides the good watch wears, Ticwatch pro comes in black and silver. The silver model is great for an elegant dress (fashion smart) watch.

What would you expect from a minimalist smartwatch with android operating system? Sure, you will find bluetooth compatibility, support for Google Play Store with a variety of third party apps.

It is not the thinnest android wear smart watch, but the sleek design is great on small wrists. The battery life supports up to 2 days. It is a nicer, thin, smart wearable for a multi-day trip.

You have the option to set this sleek lightweight smartwatch to essential mode and save power. This power-saving mode kicks the battery life up to 30 days after a single charge.

Like other small android watches, when you buy this slender smartwatch, it does not come virgin. You would find pre-installed apps in the smart slim watch. Other functions include built-in GPS tracker, a heart rate sensor, ambient light, and an accelerometer sensors.

If you are looking to wear a slimmer smartwatch into the shower and for beach swimming, Ticwatch Pro is water-resistant slim android wear smart watch, with an IP68 waterproof rating.

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Pebble Time Smartwatch – The thinnest smartwatch in the world  and the best Thinnest Smartwatch for small wrists

The best Thinnest Smartwatch in the universe - the worlds thinnest android watch for women men and kidsthinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • paper-size thickness: 7.5mm or 1.5 inches
  • Android compatible
  • battery life: 2 days
  • Water resistance: swim proof
  • Thin & super-light

Pebble Time Round is the world’s thinnest and lightest smartwatch in the universe. This round face pebble time round smartwatch comes with 7.5 mm thickness and a smaller, lightweight watch band that features a variety of colors – silver, black and rose gold. You can pick the strap color that goes well with your outfit and lifestyle.

The slimmest smartwatch for Android women is sleek and lighter than others thanks to the small round display screen that is just 1 inch. Don’t think this small watch face would cause poor legibility. With a pebble thin watch face, you can read data and see apps without stressing the eyes.

One of the most demanding features in a smartwatch is battery life and pebble can keep up to 48 hours after a single charge. Actually, the battery life depends on this smallest smartwatch( in the world) usage and how long your watch apps run.

Other features expected from this small wrist smartwatch include water resistance, heart rate tracking, and activity tracker. This slimmest smartwatch is waterproof. It comes with voice control and an onboard fitness tracker for steps, distance, and sleep.

With under $100, you can buy this smallest smartwatch in the world. It’s pretty cheap, huuh!. I like the watch because it is the most lightweight smartwatch available for even an extra small wrist.

Pebble Time Round is actually a 14mm Smartwatch that is compatible with Apple and Android devices. If I am right, Pebble is the thinnest android wear watch in the world. It fits well on the small wrists of teenage boys and girls, women, and skinny men.

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chinese smartwatch - GT2 is one of the best lightweight smartwatches with slim fit design

Img: Chinese made Slim smart watch


Huawei Watch 2 – best chinese smallest smartwatch

best chinese smallest smartwatch - Slim smart watch from chinathinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • slim thickness: 12.6 mm
  • wafer-size weight: 57g
  • Android smartwatch
  • camera : Yes

Weighing about 57 grams, you are not going to easily notice you have this Chinese smartwatch on your wrist. The lightweight design, the 12.6 mm case thickness and the slim watch band are the reason why Huawei smart watch 2 feels comfortable to wear all day.

The display is OLED touchscreen, that provides seamless access to apps. You also have many color options for the watch bands.

Other features in this Chinese thin smartwatch include a built-in loudspeaker, dust and water-resistance, rechargeable battery that lasts few days, alarms, compass, heart rate sensor, accelerometer, a barometer, and a gyroscope.

This function tells me that this slim Huawei Watch 2 is suitable for outdoor exploration like hiking and mountain biking.

Unfortunately, it’s not waterproof, lacks camera and storage memory( it can’t store or hold songs). It does not also support cellular sim card, so it is not a standalone smartwatch. This Huawei is the best smallest smartwatch for ladies’ wrist.

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Misfit Vapor 2 –  Best smallest smartwatch For Monitoring Calories

Misfit Vapor 2 –  Best smallest smartwatch For Monitoring Calories which has a papery-thin case size of only 11mmthinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • single-layer thickness: 11.2 millimeters 
  • Screen : Of 1.4-Inches.
  • Powered by Android Google’s Wear OS.

Another smaller smartwatch with a slim, sleek, and stylish design is the Misfit vapor 2 with a pencil-thin case size of 11mm. If you are looking for a thin smartwatch that goes for both men and women with a small wrist, this one has thin watch bands and has 11mm thick case.

There are a variety of watch strap colors to choose from – black, rose gold, black-brown, silver, rose gold and pink bands. This watch can last, thanks to its stainless steel design for added durability.

Although this can contribute to keeping some extra weight on a man’s wrist, you can enjoy a snug fit design that blends with your dressing and fitness styles.

Amazingly, this small smartwatch has a face that can be customized to display frequently used apps automatically. Because the misfit fitness watch runs on android operating system, you can utilize its voice commands function and the built-in Google Assistant to your benefit.

Other features found in this thinnest fitness watch include smartphone compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity, activity tracker, and heart rate monitoring sensor. More importantly for fitness enthusiasts, this sleek fitness smartwatch can play music for entertainment during a workout at home or in the gym.

There is a waterproof thin smartwatch. Luckily, the water-resistance can reduce the risk of moisture developing inside the thin case watch. The slim fit, smart watch can also withstand sweaty fluid during rigorous cardio workouts for weight loss.

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best slim watches with lightweight design - skagen slim watch
Thinnest smarrwatch for slim wrist woman  Skagen Falster 2light and slim smart watch)


Skagen Falster 2 –  lightweight and Smallest smartwatch  for ladies

best lightweight smartwatch with fitness tracker and GPS - best slim smart watch for womenthinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • naerrow case thickness: 11mm
  • lean weight: 1.8 ounces
  • Navigation: built-in GPS
  • Sports: Fitness tracker
  • Health Sensors: heart rate,
  • Special: fast charging 80%/hour
  • water resistance: waterproof

Skagen falster is another thin smartwatch that is lightweight in design, with an 11 mm thin watch case. The watch wristband is made of durable but lightweight silicone material. Overall, the product weighs around 1.8 ounces, which is lighter on wrist, and perfectly slimmer option for women.

This minimalist feeling makes Skagen a go-to watch for male and female watch fans who won’t want to have bulk on their wrist. Android and iOS users love it since the small face watch is compatible with android and iOS smartphones.

Skagen is a round face under weight smartwatch that comes with a touchscreen feature and an easy-to-read display. It supports favorite apps that are suitable for fitness workout tracking, like Google Fit, Google Assistant ( for voice command), and Google Pay.

Additionally, other complications in this smartwatch include a microphone, an alarm, a goal setter and tracker, a built-in calendar app and finally a weather report function.

It is a hubby for some people to swim or run in winter or under rains. with a good waterproof smartwatch-like Skagen Falster, there is no risk of condensation developing inside watch dial.

To enjoy a healthy lifestyle, with cardio routine exercises or workouts, Skagen is a great fitness tracking slim fit smartwatch. Whether you are working out at the local gym or in the backcountry, the slim smartwatch can track your physical activities, including running and swimming.

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Garmin Vivoactive 3 – best Thinnest gps watch for outdoor sports

best smallest smartwatch with gps for outdoor sports - Garmin 010-01769-01 Vivoactive 3, GPS Smartwatch with Contactless Payments and Built-In Sports Apps, Black with Silver Hardwarethinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • case thinning: 11.7mm
  • insubstantial weight: 43g
  • Navigation: GPS, GLONASS
  • Sports: Fitness tracker
  • Wellness: Wrist heart rate monitor,
  • battery life GPS mode: 12 hours
  • Monitor: fitness level with VO2 max
  • Support: Contactless Payments
  • Applications: Built-In Sports Apps
  • water resistance: swimproof

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is a 11.7 mm thick smartwatch with a round face and 1.3 screens. it weighs only 43g, which is just a meager weight to be counting.

When it comes to outdoor watches, Garmin outperforms in GPS navigation and this Garmin Vivoactive 3 is the thinnest gps smartwatch that will not disappoint you.

Featuring stainless steel buckle and the interchangeable silicone strap, this garmin smallest smartwatch with gps blends with everyday casual and outdoor outfit. You will always have the choice to pick between black and stainless, white and stainless, and black and slate strap colors.

Triathlete, runners, hunters and cyclists who sometimes get involved in long or multi-day outdoor trips can set this watch to GPS mode, so that the battery life can last. In that case, GPS tracking is done intermittently. With this thin gps smartwatch, GPS-mode battery life is 7 days.

There are lots of sensors built in to this smallest gps running watch. It has a thermometer, compass, accelerometer, and barometric altimeter. Moreover, there is also GPS and GLONASS multi-satellite tracking system with max accuracy. There’s also a Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate monitor.

For outdoor fitness purposes, this slim design lightweight smartwatch tracks the number of calories burned, what steps are taken, the distance travel, and the number of floors climbed.

This Garmin watch is often considered the best smart sports watch for outdoorsmen. The thin sport watch comes with feature suitable treadmill running, indoor running, swimming, and playing golf.

Since the smartwatch can keep track of up to 15 different sports activities, it makes it the best thinnest smartwatch for multi-sports athletes.

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LG style watch - best smallest smartwatch for women in fashion style
Img : LG Watch – best lightweight and thinner smart watch for android users


LG Watch Style – Best small ladies smart watch

Best super lightweight Android Smartwatchthinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • case thickness: 10.8mm
  • lightweight : 1.76 ounces (47g)
  • Compatible: Android devices
  • Dust and water resistant

Which smartwatch is best for thin hands? The LG Watch Style has a trimmed case. That is why it weighs only 1.76 ounces, making it a super lightweight smartwatch that is compatible with Android devices. In addition, the case looks tiny, and measuring 10.8 millimeters in width.

Built for Android users, LG watch would not bulk your wrist, like G-Shock watches. It is the best smallest smartwatch for women and teens with small wrists.

Since it is only android compatible, other features for Google wear OS fans include Google assistant and the voice command. You can tailor the watch band to any style and color you want for the outdoor lifestyle.

There are applications pre-installed into this watch, which include fitness and movement apps. With its features, one can understand that LG Watch is the smallest smartwatch for an active person with tiny wrists.

One thing that makes it ready to endure outdoors is its dust and water resistance IP67 rating. Sweat and dews from damp morning can’t easily ruin the small watch.

Tested and proven to be waterproof, LG smartwatch can be submerged in water for up to thirty minutes. Unfortunately, the LG android wear smart watch is not equipped with the best features expected from this slim smartwatch with GPS tracker.

Unlike those thinnest smart watches for outdoor, the LG Watch Style does not have onboard GPS , a USB slot, and radio capabilities.  It also lacks a loudspeaker, or a SIM card slot, like some android standalone smartwatches. I can’t rate it as the best thin smartwatch for sports.

Shop more android Smart watches for women

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Apple Watch Series 4 – best thin smart watch for health monitoring

best apple thinnest smartwatch with 40mm case dimensionsthinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • light thickness: 10.7 mm
  • weight: 48 g(1.69 oz)
  • case size: 40mm
  • Health: Heart rate monitoring
  • Fitness: cycling, yoga, cadence & more
  • Support: many third party apps
  • medical: ECG recording, emergency SOS call
  • Sensors: hard fall detection
  • Customizable bands
  • iOS compatible

Apple might not have produced the world’s thinnest watch, but I can’t think of any other smartwatch with lightweight unisex design with great versatility like Apple series 4. Pick an apple watch and you can do anything with it. There is enough room for expansion using third-party apps.

It looks like Apple had known the benefit of lightweight watches before it constructed the apple watch series. This series 4 is a light, 10.7mm slim fit watch with a unique design that suits both men and women. The flimsy case is also available in 38mm, 40 mm and 44 mm models.

The best slim watches out there come in a variety of colors, and apple is not different. You would have apple series 4 thin watch comes in lightweight gray aluminum, black band or gold aluminum and pink-colored bracelet. Sometimes you find this apple slim watch in silver aluminum with a seashell or white band.

Moreover, this aluminium apple watch is actually lightweight, thin and sleek in design as compared to Garmin. The screen display is about 30% larger than its predecessors and some ultra-thin watches.

If you are going to use this iOS light smartwatch for music entertainment during workout sessions, this series 4 has a speaker with a volume that has been increased.

While it records ECG data, this apple series 4 smart watch also track heart rhythms, including high, low, and irregular heartbeats. To me series 4 is the best apple’s thinnest wristwatch for health and wellness focus and small wrist people.

Features Emergency SOS call and Fall Detection sensor for athletes, seniors, and people with mobility problems. This lightweight smartwatch is a great companion for hiking trips, yoga workouts, mountain biking and cycling.

They engineered its functions for outdoor use like tracking daily runs, cadence and pace. It is the best slim fit, smart watch to track and improve your fitness activities, including cardio rowing machine exercises.

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Ticwatch E2 – best waterproof slim smart watch for android fans

best waterproof slim smart watch for android fans - TicWatch E2 Smartwatch, GPS Waterproof 24 Hours Heart Rate Monitor, Running on Wear OS by Googlethinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • slim fit thickness: 12.9mm
  • lessen weight : 41.5 g
  • Powered By : Wear OS by google
  • waterproof: 50m
  • Navigation: on-board GPS
  • compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Brand Ticwatch
  • Color E2-Shadow
  • Connections Bluetooth

Another one of the best smart lightweight watches is Ticwatch E2. Ticwatch E2 is not the thinnest android wear watch available, but it’s exceptionally lightweight, measuring about 41.5g in weight. The 12.9 mm thickness is far over that of the ultra slim pebble round watch – one of the thinnest watches in the world.

Like Ticwatch S2 smartwatch, this Ticwatch E2 runs on Wear OS, so Android users are going to love it. The slim android watch offers you entire access to Google Play Store for any third-party apps you like.

Since it is powered by wear OS operating system, this paper thin android smartwatch is compatible( and syncs) with Android and iOS smartphones.

The Google Assistant app, help android fans to receive messages and smart notifications, including calls. That does NOT sound like the Ticwatch E2 is an android standalone smartwatch. You just need to keep your smartphone around.

Furthermore, like other outdoor smartwatches, Ticwatch is waterproof rated at 50 water resistance. It seems this is the best swim-ready thinnest smart watch for skinny swimmers and beach loving ladies.

In addition to the swim-proof feature, there is a built-in GPS navigation sensor. If you want to go cycling, running, or walking, this Ticwatch is a slim smart watch with reliable GPS. Actually, it is not the thinnest gps watch if you have extra small wrist.

Finally, the TicMotion and Google Fit apps are readily available for people who are looking to track their fitness performance directly from the wrist.

If you want Ticwatch that looks like the smallest smartwatch with a lightweight design, check Ticwatch S2 that has Wi-Fi, bluetooth, microphone, accelerometer, and gyroscope.

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Movado Connect – best minimal thin smartwatch with lightweight design

best minimalist smartwatch with lightweight design - best slim smart watch with simple facethinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • thinness: 11.9 mm
  • Screen: 1.3-inches AMOLED display
  • Dial: round digital display
  • Strap: Silicone, brown leather
  • Movement: Digital Smart module
  • memory: 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of storage
  • connectivity: Wi-FI,
  • Watch face: minimalist
  • Construction: stainless steel case and buckles

The Movado Connect smartwatch is 11.9mm thick with a minimalist and sleek appearance. Featuring a circular display, lighter silicon strap, and touchscreen, the small movado connect is suitable for people who want the bare minimum in a smartwatch.

In addition to lightweight and simple face design, the Slim fitness watch is water-resistant IPX8 rated, so you can pick it as the thinnest smartwatch for a swimming.

The battery is not impressive for outdoor use since battery life lasts up to 2 days. Movado Connect smartwatch comes with a microphone, Social Media alerts, email alerts.

Other features include distance tracking, step counter, calories burnt calculator and sleep tracking. The thin, smart watch is packed with a gyroscope, an ambient light, and an accelerometer sensors.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for the slimmest GPS smartwatch or a standalone smartwatch with sim card slot, unfortunately, Movado Connect smartwatch does not contain these features. It does not have a heart rate sensor, a camera, and a loudspeaker either.

This minimalist smartwatch comes with a single sun dot dial and the current array of futuristic apps and life-enhancing accessories.

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Looking for the best slim watch for small skinny wrist people? Try out this Motorola 360 which is minimally thin, Sleek and stylish.
Img : Motorola 360 – classy and fashion stainless steel slim smart watch for men


Motorola Moto 360 2nd Generation – Best thin everyday smartwatch for classic or casual wear

Movado Connect Digital Smart Module Black PVD Smartwatch, Grey/Black & Brown Strapthinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • Thickness: 11.4 mm
  • weight: light
  • Design: Unisex
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Models: 42mm and 46mm
  • waterproof: IP67 rated
  • battery life: 2 days
lightweight watches for sport
best lightweight watches

Moto 360 2nd generation smart watch comes with a sleek, unisex and bluetooth compatible design. Depending on your wrist size, this thin smartwatch is available in 11mm thick case of diameters 42mm and 46 mm.

The simple watch face of this 11.4mm thick watch makes it one of the best lightweight watches with minimalist design in addition to being truly small, light, and comfortable on wrist.

Unfortunately, if you needed slimmest smartwatch for shopping everywhere, this motorola 360 does not have a SIM card slot, NFC payment functionality, and USB slot.

The Moto 360 2nd generation smartwatch is rated IP67 dust and water-resistant. The battery life lasts a maximum of 2 days, but it all depends on usage.

Moto 360 is also a simple designed thin smartwatch with optical heart rate monitor, a gyroscope, an ambient light sensor, and an accelerometer. These are excellent features for outdoor adventures.

The newer Moto 360 model is the Motorola Gen 3 which is premium stainless steel made, with ultra-hard scratch resistant PVC coating.

The build quality is what makes it different and it is the best looking thinnest smartwatch you can get now. As a small android wear smart watch, it has all your favorite apps on WearOS – Spotify, Google Music, Google Pay, Shazam, Viber and the latest GPS.

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Emporio Armani Connected – Best thinnest smartwatch with camera

best lightweight smartwatchesthinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • Thickness: 12 mm Thick
  • weight : 1.66 ounces
  • Band: Leather
  • Movement: Touchscreen
  • Operating system: Android Wear OS 2.0
  • Media Support: Camara, music

Emporio Armani Connected smartwatch is a perfect sleep and fitness tracker. Featuring a durable 12mm thick stainless steel case, 1.19-inches touchscreen, this watch is lightweight and comes with a thin, interchangeable watch strap.

if you are a Fitness enthusiasts, you can pick this watch for tracking distances, counting steps, monitoring heart rate, and calculating the number of calories burnt during each fitness workout session.

Available in many colors, you can pick the thin smartwatch in black, silver, gold or blue. With customizable smartwatch faces, any small smartwatch model of Armani you pick won’t feel bulky on your wrist.

The 30ATm water resistance is great features to ensure your watch does not get ruined when exercising or running or walking under rain or shower. Be careful to wear this Emporio lightweight smart watch for swimming.

Other connectivity functions include GPS and bluetooth. Unfortunately, the watch battery can’t support up to 10 hours in GPS mode as other smartwatches do.

The touchscreen smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android phones, powered by Android Wear 2.0, Google’s smartwatch platform, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 smartwatch platform.

One interesting feature for outdoor use is the picture taking function which you can do just by the push of a button. The slender android smart watch also supports music control.

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fitbit sense thinnest smartwatch- best smallest and slim smart watch for fitness and sports

Img : thinnest smart watch for tracking sports fitness and health metrics

Fitbit Sense – best smallest smart sports watch that is lightweight on wrist

Fitbit Sense Advanced lightweight Smartwatch with Tools for Heart Health, Stress Management & Skin Temperature Trends, White/Gold, One Size (S & L Bands Included)thinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • Thickness: 12.4 mm
  • weighing : 1.76 ounce
  • Brand: Fitbit
  • Supported Application Weather,  Alexa, Phone,
  • Connectivity:GPS, bluetooth,
  • Wellness: Sleep Monitor,  Heart Rate Monitor

If you wanted a slimmer smartwatch from the world-known fitness brand Fitbit, then here is Fitbit sense. Its case is 12.5mm thick, but not as lightweight as the 1.76 ounce Fitbit Charge 3 fitness activity tracker.

This fitness watch is not the thinnest smartwatch, since it is a little thicker than some thin watches we already reviewed above. However, the watch is lightweight in design, suitable for ladies and other guys with small wrists.

One can wear the watch for 24 hours without noticing a heavy load on its wrist. The lightweight smart fitness watch features an improved heart rate sensor, ECG, pulse rate, and stress monitor.

I guess that can be why the light watch is more expensive than other smartwatches in its category. With a  display of size 1.58 inches and a sleek appearance,  Fitbit sense is one of the top notch fitness tracker that is friendly on small wrists.

Moreover, this sleek sports and fitness watch – Fitbit sense comes with some vital sensors. These advanced sensors include heart rate, sleep, stress, ECG, and pulse rate.

Finally, the smart sports watch also showcases an electrodermal activity sensor(EDA). Heart rate sensor, sleep tracking, electrodermal activity sensor(EDA), ECG, and pulse rate, measurement are some of the vital sensors the wearable possess.

Fitbit Sense gives you an in-depth overview of your stress levels and much raw data is easily available for premium users. It is the favorite thin, smart watch for a sportsman and home exercise monitoring.

Check more on Fitbit Sense Specs review.

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Withings Steel HR (Nokia Health Watch) – Best minimal thin smartwatch

Withings Steel HR Hybrid thinnest Smartwatch - Activity, Sleep, Fitness and Heart Rate Tracker with Connected GPS
Withings Steel HR – thinnest Hybrid Smartwatch thinnest smartwatch - The Best Thinnest Smartwatch You've Ever Seen! (10 Insanely Lightweight & Slim Smartwatches)
  • overall weight :1.44 ounces
  • case thickness: 12.5mm (0.5 in)
  • fits  wrists up to 200mm

Withings Steel HR is another mini smartwatch that is designed with a 12.5mm by 36mm smaller case with an overall weight of 1.44 ounces. A hybrid smartwatch is  minimal and does not carry lots of functionalities of a full smartwatch but retains watch properties.

Withings Steep HR is a minimal thin smartwatch with stylish and cool design. The small hybrid  watch constantly monitor heart rate, walking, running, cycling, swimming, calories burned, and more.

With a case as thin as a rake,  the small hybrid smartwatch is having little weight and  gives a comfortable feel on wrist. You can wear flimsy case Withings HR throughout your entire exercise session or entire business day.

Like swiss made smartwatches, Withings HR is one of the best hybrid smartwatches, with a durable battery life. It can serve you for up to 25 days after you get it fully charged.

Moreover, the minimalist smartwatch has a water-resistant up to 50 meters and supports Amazon Alexa.

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Timex IQ+ Move  – streamlined smartwatch for fitness tracking

thinnest smartwatch for activity tracking - Timex Men's IQ+ Move Activity Tracker Silicone Strap Smart Watch
Img: small and lightweight activity tracking smartwatch
  • watch thinness : 13 mm
  • a little heavy weight : 2.56 ounces
  • watch casing: 36mm wide

Timex IQ is afirly small in size and has a streamline design. The design features a case thickness of 13 mm, and a weight of 2.56 ounces. The 20mm silicone strap is a lightweight material, and that contributes to the overall lighter feel on a man’s wrists.

Timex is a stripped down smartwatch with incredible fitness tracking solution. It looks like regular watch, but it is small smartwatch.  The device is best suited for men with 8-inch wrist circumference and guys with an active lifestyle.

The lightweight silicone smartwatch can monitor your sleep, calories, steps and distance traveled. To have it pair up with your smartphone, use the Timex connected app and Bluetooth connectivity.

I love this Timex IQ+ Move – a thin smartwatch with 5ATM water resistance, which is good for swimming.

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Fossils Gen 4 Venture HR – best thinnest smartwatch for women with slender wrists

Fossil Women's Gen 4 Venture HR Stainless Steel Touchscreen small Smartwatch with Heart Rate, GPS, NFC, and Smartphone Notifications
img: Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture HR light Smartwatch
  • weighing about 1.8 ounces.
  • compact case design:  8mm thinner
  • Interface – touchscreen
  • best small smartwatch for ladies with thin hands

Although this Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture HR Heart Rate watch is designed from stainless steel, it is not big at all. Small watch case is a feature we should expect from a smartwatch for ladies.

The case is stainless steel, 8mm thinner, but slightly heavy, since it is weighing about 1.8 ounces. This places a slightly too much  load on a small wrist, than the Skagen Falster 2.

Insides the tiny case smartwatch, is a heart rate monitor, large storage for music, and a battery that last about 24 hours.

The heart rate watch has a lighter silicone band, touchscreen controls, and customizable watch faces. As the small smartwatch is powered by WearOS (Google Wear Operating system), you have a lot of Activity Tracking Google Fit features to benefit.

The built-in GPS, Google Assistant and the Bluetooth 4.1  connectivity are just a few of an amazing function inside the slim case smartwatch for women.

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Lacoste Men’s 12.12-TECH – best lightweight smartwatch for men

Lacoste Men’s 12.12-TECH – best lightweight smartwatch for men
Img: Lacoste Men’s 12.12-TECH t lightweight smartwatch
  • weighs only 1.9 ounces – super lightweight
  • thinness : 15.25 millimeters

Lacoste is designed from pretty lighter materials including silicone wrapped case, silicone strap and durable mineral crystal glass that keeps the dial free from scratches.

Lacoste quartz plastic is the lightest men’s smartwatch we have seen so far. It weighs only 1.9 ounces. Unfortunately, it looks bigger and bulkier.

The case is 15.25mm thick, which is truly oversized for most women, but can wear nicely on manly wrists.

The 30m water resistant rating is the reason why this lighter smart watch for men can withstand splashes and short periods of shower.

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Thinnest smartwatch Buying Guide

Within  the  last few decades, People used to think that bigger was better. Today, smaller gets better as every tech devices gets slimmer and thinner with latest technology that enhances device miniaturization.  What do we have today? Slim TV, waffle-size computer screens, although a thin computer monitors that look  fragile,  and so  are thin smartwatches.

How to choose the best compact smartwatch

For more details, check how to choose a smartwatch that will satisfy your needs. Now, and particularly, what should you look for when selecting the smallest smartwatch?

Case thickness/thinnest

The case thickness of your smart watch is more important if you want to get a really less chunky device on your wrist. Preferable, a smart watch with a thinner case will obviously look slimmer and fit under your sleeves, when you wear it. A case thickness of under 12.5mm is most preferable.

Case diameter

A smaller case diameter means a more compact design. Larger case diameters watches have larger screen, and might appear bulkier to wear on wrist. A smaller case smartwatches may have a difficult-to-read screens, but are lighter. If you are looking for a small smartwatch for small wrists, I recommend case diameters of under 40mm. Some watches like apple, have 42mm, which fit snugly on skinny wrists too.

Case and Strap materials

Stainless steel material are heavier than titanium or aluminum. So, a smartwatch with stainless steel metal cases  weigh than titanium and aluminum smartwatches.

If you want the lightest smartwatch, pick one that is build from aluminum or titanium, although it may cost more money. Some premium stainless steel materials weight less, but I would choose aluminum for a lightweight feel.

Straps also add a few grams or fractions of pounds to the overall smartwatch weight. Silicone straps, aluminum bracelets, plastic bands, are lighter than stainless steel bracelet smartwatches.

Battery size

Batteries contribute a good percentage to the size and weight of the smartwatch. Obviously a bigger battery weight more than a small battery size. You know, a bigger battery needs to have more cells inside the unit and that is more material weight.

User interface

Smartwatches with crowns and more-than-one button operated interfaces weight more than touchscreen smartwatches. Also, smartwatches with rotating bezels for navigating menu and apps is co imperatively not lightweight as a touchscreen smartwatch.

Other features to expect from a thin smartwatch

  • black-and-white display, OLED, AMOLED, LCD screens technology
  • dial material including acrylic crystal, mineral crystal, sapphire crystal. The glass strength and scratch resistance is important.
  • health and fitness tracking features without any extra weight.
  • elegance – pick a smaller smartwatch that gives a powerful fashion statement



Advantages of wearing the Slim Watches

It is acceptable that thin smart watches look lean and may be delicate or fragile as they cannot withstand impacts (shocks). However, the narrowly designed smart watches remain the best wearables for people with bony wrists.

Why buy a thin smartwatch?

If you are considering buying a thin smartwatch, here are the advantages.

1. Feels lightweight on wrists

Because they are underweight, a narrow case smart watch feels pretty light and comfortable on your wrist.  You can wear slim lightweight smartwatches and go around without noticing there’s a watch on the wrist until someone sends a compliment.

Most slim smartwatches are lightweight because they got a diminished case  that weighs just a few grams and feel less bulky on wrists.

Advantage og wearing the slimmest lightest smartwatch : You carry on with your hand-free activities, without removing the light smart watch. Again, you swing your wrist freely as you walk.

2. Carry plenty functionality

Believe it or not, there is sophistication in a simple design. Don’t underestimate the advantage of sleek, slim, and thin smartwatches.

The thinnest smartwatches carry many complications and lot of useful features, all embeded inside their size-zero case.   Most of the sensors for professional and outdoor activities are embedded into the wafer-thin smart watch case.

What is truly stunning, is they don’t look bulky like most swiss smartwatches we have seen. Plus, they still fulfill your business needs and keep fetching you more compliments.

3.  great fashionable aesthetics – Sleek, stylish, elegant

A slim smartwatch is aesthetically appealing in every sense. Slim, thin smartwatch can wear inside your sleeves, without showing. Moreover, a tiny face, or thin smartwatch will blend with your bangles, bracelets, and jewels. Besides, some low profile smart watch brands allow users to interchange wristbands to suit different modes.

I love dressing fashionably. I guess you do not want to allow the watch lugs to extend out over your wrist, as it’ll be both overwhelming and uncomfortable. Chunky smart watches have watch lugs that stick out of the edges. On your wrist look wakward and can be caught up by the pocket in your pants, as you swing your arms.

4. They’re the best smart watches for small wrists

Lightweight and thin smartwatches fit slender wrists of people perfectly. Just imagine how insanely looking a big smartwatch can be on a thin wrist. I believe you won’t dream of wearing that on your wrist even if it is high-end luxury models like Rolex.

5. Minimalism and discreteness

Thinnest smartwatches are exceptionally, and extremely discrete. A fitness and health watch like Apple 7 has all kinds of sophistications, which is high incredible design, when compared to the simplicity in its looks.

The discreteness, in everything they offer, is just one of the fascinating reasons to own such an advanced piece of tehnology. Like skeleton watches with see-through mechanism, a smartwatch is an a dvanced technology carefully housed behind an insubstantial  metalic case(a few millimeters)



Are all Apple watches the same thickness?

There is no difference in thickness or thinness between apple watch 40mm vs 44mm. Check what size apple watch fit your wrists.

Which apple watch is the slimmest?

Apple watch series 6 and Apple watch series 7 are the slimmest, much sleek, with good case thinning than even the classic Samsung Galaxy watch 4.


Are apple watches thinner than galaxy watch 4s series?

Apple watch is slightly thinner than Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic


Is galaxy 4 classic thinner than non classic galaxy watch (no bezel)

The classic model has a physical rotating button, which makes the watch face larger. Moreover, classic SG 4 is thinner and lighter than the SG watch 3. In fact, Samsung galaxy watch 4 is considered the thinnest and lightest of all.


Is apple watch 7 thinner than apple watch series 6?

newest apple watches have 0.7mm thick case but Apple watch series 7 borders around the display is 1.7mm slimmer than for apple watch 6 with 3mm thick border.


Is Samsung galaxy watch 4 thinner than galaxy watch 3?

Samsung galaxy watch 4 is thinner, smaller, and lighter than galaxy 3. This makes the newest watch more comfortable on your wrists.


Which is the discontinued thin smartwatch?

The pebble times is the smallest slimmest smartwatch on earth. That is probably the thinnest smartwatch you ever seen but it is been discontinued.


is apple watch 4 thinner than apple watch 3?

Apple watch is not very much thinner than apple watch series 3. The difference in thickness 0,7mm which is minimal.  Accurate measurement shoes that, apple watch 4 has lessen size than series 4. Series 4 is 10.7mm thick while series 3 is 11.4mm thick.


What is the smallest Samsung watch?

What is Smallest Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch? Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic is the smallest, lightweight and slimmest of all Samsung smartwatches. It weighs 46.5 grams, with 11mm in thinness. The one with stainless steel case weighs about 52grams.


Why are smartwatches so big?

Smartwatches need to display so much data and because a smartwatch carries many sensors, they tend to look bigger and heavier. Enclosed inside a a thin smartwatch case, can be a sensor for GPS, heart rate, distance, Wifi, Stress, compass, barometers, gyroscope, accelerometer and more other tiny pieces of electronics. That is too much to fit a paper-size watch case.


Which smartwatch has the smallest screen ?

If you are looking for which smartwatch has the smallest face that fit narrow wrists, check the MI smart band 5. This fitness band has just about 2.8 cm or 1.1 inches AMOLED color display, 11 sports mode, heart rate, women health tracker, and a personal activity intelligence(PAI).

If you want a light weight and compact smartwatch, there are still others. Some small face smart watches include: Garmin Lily, Huawei watch GT3, Fitbit Versa 3, Samsung Galaxy watch 3. Apple watch series 6 and Apple watch SE are considered the apple watch Lite models.


is there any Ultra-Thin Smartwatch?

We have seen a list of thinner smartwatches and that pebble time is the thinnest smartwatch in the world. But there are also some low profile and very thin smart watches like the SKMEI Smart Watch for Women and the Withings Steel HR Hybrid.


What is the thinnest GPS smartwatch?

There is no doubt that Garmin owns the smallest smartwatch with GPS navigation. U like the Garmin Fenix series, the best lightweight garmin smartwatch with a few millimeters thin case is the Garmin Garmin Vivoactive 4.


Which is the best thinnest smartwatch for runners?

Garmin Vivoactive 3 is the best small sport watch I can recommend for runners. It is not heavy, not bulky but is able to track over 15 sports activities, plus calorie burned, distance, floors climbed and more.


Which is the best thinnest smartwatch?

Pebble Time round, is the thinnest smartwatch you’ve got in the market. Pebble Time round has a: thinness measure : 0.3 inches (7.5mm), dimension (without depth) of 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches (38.1mm by 38.1mm) and weighs 0.99 oz or 28 grams.


What is the best smartwatch I can get for under $50

There are many cheap smartwatches in the market. Here are few very affordable smart watches that costs less than $50.

Wrap Up thinnest smartwatches

You got your best thin smartwatch? You made the right choice because slim watches are the most fashionable timepieces today. if you haven’t got a chance to wear one, know that a slim, smart watch looks aesthetically incredible and lightweight on your wrists.

Now to have the best thinnest watches there all. Remember, if you want to offer a gift for your son or daughter of teenage age, these slimmest smartwatches are the best option if you don’t know their smart watch thin wrists sizes.

I hope you found your ideal smallest smartwatch and you are a fan of outdoor sports, I recommend you pick the thinnest smartwatch with GPS tracking on-board.

If you want something low profile, minimalistic and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, check these gorgeous paper-thin watches – ultra thin minimalist wrist watches.



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