5 Suunto Outdoor Watches – The best Outdoor Smart Watch for hiking and mountaineering

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Are you recently involved in Alpine skiing, climbing, fishing and hunting, hiking , trekking, trail running or mountaineering? Wow, that is pretty great. Don’t worry if I didn’t list your favorite outdoor sports. most outdoor activities require you own the best outdoor smart watch to records your activity stat. If you are a fan of suunto brand of outdoor watches, i am pretty sure you will get the best suunto watch today. If you are looking for the best suunto smart watch that can guide and accompany you into any of the outdoor sports and adventure, you have landed on the right place.

Suunto watch brand is so much trusted by outdoor professionals for the exceptional performance they get in  everyday outdoor activities. From the highest mountains, down to the deepest of the waters in the ocean, suunto smartwatches are where you can start your adventures.

Even if you don’t know your running route, having the best suunto outdoor watch to guide and help  you navigate the most-taken outdoor paths, or discover new routes is something that suunto does best.


The best suunto smart watch for hiking and mountaineering


best gps smartwatch for hiking and running


Best outdoor smart watch from Suunto reviewed

Let us take a look at smartwatches made by suunto, that suit hiking and mountaineering adventures. You must not necessarily be an athlete to own any one of these nice outdoor watches. If is common to find friends and families going on a short hiking trip in the woods, water sides or deserts. I am pretty sure, you want to go on vacation and some activities requires you own the right watch to monitor your progress and guide your way through every challenge. Suunto watches are the best outdoor smart watches so far to take you into the highest mountains and  deepest into the oceans.

Many people have used these suunto watches to turn their outdoor adventure dreams into reality. Pick your own best suunto smartwatch and get started right away.


Suunto 9, GPS Sports Watch  Rugged smartwatch for hiking and mountaineering with Long Battery Life and Wrist-Based Heart Rate

Suunto 9, GPS Sports Watch with Long Battery Life and Wrist-Based Heart Ratebest outdoor smart watch - 5 Suunto Outdoor Watches - The best Outdoor Smart Watch for hiking and mountaineering
  • battery life: intelligent battery mode: 25h/ 50h/ 120h
  • connectivity: Bluetooth Smart, Suunto Movescount, online sports communities
  • Navigation: satellite GPS , Fusedtrack, Barometer, compass, altimeter
  • Fitness and sports: 80+ sports and multisport events
  • special: Sunrise, Sunset, Storm Alarm, Temperature , Move Altitude Graph
  • Durable multisport GPS watch :
  • Dial: Sapphire glass,
  • Waterproof: 100 meters water resistance

Suunto baro 9 is a great outdoor timepiece in competition with the Garmin Fenix 6. The Suunto 9 Baro is touchscreen watch equipped with a stainless-steel bezel and buttons.

If you are going to for rugged outdoor adventure, the watch comes with buttons for easy navigation if you get wet hands or wearing gloves .
For rugged exploration, this outdoor smart watch is well equipped with GPS, altimeter, barometer, thermometer and compass.

These features are especially useful for hunting and hiking trails. To easy navigation, simply import waypoints and GPX routes from Suunto Movescount into the hiking smartwatch.

This help create routing plan for your hiking trails before you hike. The heatmap guides you to navigate the most popular routes other hikers use within a given area.

For fitness and sports, this suunto adventurer hiking watch features more than 80 built-in sport modes for running, cycling, swimming, gym. So this suunto camping and hiking smartwatch is a great companion for your running workout as it helps provide you a powerful training summary of your workout, with graphs and lap tables.

The hikers smartwatch supports Movescount app that gives a complete overview of your workouts data- duration, distance, burned calories , speed.
The wrist-based heart rate sensor tracks your heart performance while you hike, so there’s no need for a chest strap or heart rate belt.

Many backpackers and outdoor hikers do get trapped into buying a non baro suunto smartwatch for hiking activity. We strongly recommend that this one comes with a barometer and its great and the best backpacking watch for hiking, hill training, running and camping.

Constructed with Sapphire glass crystal, suunto baro is a waterproof (up to 100 meter) multisport GPS smartwatch suitable for ultra runners and endurance athletes .

The battery life can last up to about 120 hours with its reliable intelligent battery modes (Performance, Endurance, Ultra) that reminds you when to charge your watch.

The GPS tracking and navigation with Suunto FusedTrack, provide you with your current location, distance and steps. The sunrise/sunset times, storm alarm and weather insights are important data to guide you stay committed to your hiking course.

While it keeps track of your heart rate, calorie and step counter, and monitors your sleep patterns, this suunto hiking gps watch help you also get connected with phone calls and smart notifications while thru-hiking.

This Suunto 9 Baro is an outdoor sports watch built to last. The sapphire crystal over the glass is durable and scratch resistant and shockproof.

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Suunto Baro multisport Smartwatch for thru-hiking

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SUUNTO Ambit3 Peak HR Running GPS Unit – Best iOS and android smartwatch for hiking and mountaineering

best suunto outdoor watch for hiking and trail runningbest outdoor smart watch - 5 Suunto Outdoor Watches - The best Outdoor Smart Watch for hiking and mountaineering
  • 30h battery with 5 sec-GPS accuracy
  • Special: Route navigation and track back
  • Sensors : Compass, Altitude (FusedAltiTM)
  • tracking : Weather information, new routes
  • Fitness data tracking: Speed, pace , distance, Heart rate
  • Apps: Suunto Movescount App
  • Special: Bike power support (Bluetooth Smart), Multiple sports log
  • multi-language support

AMbit3 is an outdoor smartwatch with great functionality and durability for hikers and mountaineers. If you want to hike at the mountain summit, Suunto Ambit3 Peak smartwatch is your ultimate and the best GPS watch for hiking, trekking, running,Cycling and Climbing up any altitude.

Well equipped with outdoor backpacking sensors including GPS, built in altimeter, barometer and compass, Suunto Ambit3 to me, is the best inexpensive gps hiking smartwatch that delivers stable and accurate altitude reading and weather information on every step you make up the hills.

If you want to go hike near waters and to enjoy some water rowing sports, Ambit3 is better companion for the sea hikes. It comes waterproof rated at 100 meter water resistance, ready to endure water splashes from the ocean. This suunto ambit3 is a waterproof gps smartwatch for hiking on water that is also great for fishing, swimming, surfing and sailing with this watch.

No adventurer goes out without taking photos. Most outdoor watches lack this option but suunto Ambit 3 helps allows you share your hiking or trekking adventures with friends. You need to just add photos in movement and create a Suunto Movie with the highlights of your adventure.

You can also wirelessly connect this Bluetooth-compatible navigation watch to your smartphone for easy syncing of your thru-hikes, trekking data, running stats into online community. All that is required is to get the Suunto Movescount app (available for Android and iOS devices) installed in your watch.

Additionally , this suunto smart watch with gps  allows you receive calls and smart notification right from your wrist while hiking. This suunto outdoor smart watch is also equipped with Sapphire glass lenses to make it nearly unbreakable and ready for mountaineering and hiking in unfamiliar terrain.

AMbit3 is the best suunto outdoor smart watch for hiking because there’s is no better companion mountaineering watches out there that can make every move count, when you’re trailing up a high or elevated mountain. The heatmap from Movescount app help you to discover the most preferred and new hiking routes in your environment.

Suunto AMbit3 peak is inexpensive sapphire watch, may be because it come with less sophisticated display, yet it makes the best cheap cheap outdoor watch for hiking and mountaineering.

While suunto Ambit 3 is easy and user friendly gps hiking and mountaineering watch, the only drawback is – it doesn’t support GLONASS for outdoor navigation. But it has a high-performance GPS antenna which supports accurate navigation and tracking.

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Suunto Traverse – best suunto smart watch for outdoor with weather tracking

best rugged suunto gps navigation watch for weather forecasting, storm and weather change alertbest outdoor smart watch - 5 Suunto Outdoor Watches - The best Outdoor Smart Watch for hiking and mountaineering
  • navigation: GPS and GLONASS
  • Tracking :speed, distance and altitude
  • waterproof: 100 m/330 feet water resistant
  • Special: Sunrise-sunset times, moonphase, Vibration alarm, Weather trend and storm alarm
  • Sensors: Compass

While still planning for hiking, most people often miss to ask what is the best outdoor watch for hiking, that accurately detects weather changes, shows weather trend and alerts daylight hours.

Suunto traverse is one of the best mountaineering watches for tracking weather pattern and changes when going on a long hiking trip. The watch features a barometric trend to predicts weather changes and issue storm alarm so that you find shelter while bad weather is near.

Further more, this watch comes with Sunrise and sunset times to keep you updated when daylight hours are over and darkness sets in. When night is near, the backlight in flashlight mode helps you find your hiking essentials or may be you check your navigation map.

Suunto traverse is the best outdoor smart watch to own if you don’t want to get caught in the bad weather that can ruin your adventure.
As it is often the case with outdoor watches, this Suunto gps hiking watch comes with onboard GPS and GLONASS Satellite navigation systems, to guide you explore new hiking routes and destinations, unfamiliar and rugged terrains.

Where necessary, if you think you are physically lost in the wild forest, the breadcrumb trail is available for you to re-trace your steps. If you don’t know route to follow, use the heatmaps on Suunto Movescount and Suunto Movescount App to discover new routes.

The Suunto Traverse outdoor watches are designed, ruggedly constructed and well tested to endure any outdoor environment. With its water resistance of up to 100 m (30 feet), you will worry less when hiking on water and involving in some water activities like fishing, surfing and swimming. The composite case and the stainless steel bezel protects water ingress and moisture formation inside the watch.

You should know that every moment in you hike is important and can be recorded with this watch designed for the outdoors. This suunto outdoor smart watch for hiking is very modern, versatile and easy to use. With a simple button push, even with wet hand or gloves, you can save points of Interest in your best hikes, and later get a quick access to them.

Most hikers call this suunto gps navigation watch, a “daily watch for everyday adventures”. It is pretty easy to get time update in this watch. The rugged smartwatch supports GPS timekeeping and automatic DST adjustment, so you get GPS time update wherever you are trekking.

The daily activity tracking of steps and calories burnt is a common feature when wearing this watch. In addition, you stay informed of your incoming calls, texts and push notifications from your wirelessly connected smartphone. This suunto outdoor trekking watch is customizable with the Movescount App(for iOS and Android users).

For fear of getting lost in the woods, you can always use Movescount to share you hiking destination, routes and saved points of interest, with loved ones. Not only for fear of physically disappearing, but your new adventure is worth sharing to tell your experience. Amazingly with the Movescount App, you can turn your adventure into a Suunto Movie or you can just permit friends track your outdoor hiking activities in real time.

This  survivalist watch uses smart technology to track weathers and issue an onboard location-based moon phase calendar. This smartwatch is Suitable for hunting,  Hiking, Mountaineering, Trekking, Climbing, Running and Backpacking

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Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR – best suunto watch for hiking, running and other outdoor sports

best sunnto smart watch for outdoor sports including backcountry hiking, trail running, mountaineering, biking and climbingbest outdoor smart watch - 5 Suunto Outdoor Watches - The best Outdoor Smart Watch for hiking and mountaineering
  • Dial window: mineral Crystal Glass
  • Battery life : 12 hours in training mode
  • Construction: Steel bezel, Strong and sleek design
  • Display type: outdoor grade color touch screen
  • waterproof rating: 100 meter water resistance
  • Connectivity: GPS route navigation
  • Fitness support : Sport specific training modes + over 80 sports profiles

Spartan HR is another Suunto smartwatch designed for multi-sport and endurance athletes. The watch construction features a tough scratch resistant Sapphire crystal glass, an outdoor grade color touchscreen, a wrist based heart rate and an onboard GPS navigation system .

The optical heart rate sensor measures and track athletes hear beat during daily workout sport activities. It also tracks steps during racing , jogging or running and calories burnt.

During endurance sport workout, outdoor runners find more convenience using this wrist-based heart rate smartwatch for comfort rather than wearing a chest strap during trail running or training.

The watch is waterproof rated at 100m water resistance, a suitable feature that is highly required in watches designed for fishing, swimming, yatching, surfing, canoeing, and other water surface activities.

If you are a fan of taking a long trail running into the backcountry or nearby woods, this watch is the choicest companion you can go with. The suunto outdoor watch supports up to 12h of battery life in training mode. You are not going to run out of power sooner, especially when you adjusts its GPS tracking frequency.

Spartan Sport Wrist HR smartwatch is the best suunto outdoor watch every trail runner should own. It can accurately measures your pace, speed, distance, altitude, in addition to your heart rate and calories consumption.

This suunto smart watch  looks suitable as one of the best smartwatch for mountain biking since it provides support for running, cycling power and cadence when you use it together with an external power or bike sensors.

Spartan HR has much, more than enough, with over 80 sport modes pre-installed in the watch. For really fitness and sport life, Spartan watch can follow you into any kind of outdoor activity right on your wrist.

Some excellent outdoor features include POI navigation, GPS tracking system, breadcrumb view and digital compass for bearing and directions. All these make Spartan Hr, the best outdoor activity watch that can guide you through new terrain.

The easy outdoor visibility and readability, Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR smartwatch is a color touch screen gps hiking watch, with a wide viewing angle. You can read your workout stats at a glance.

In addition to the touchscreen feature, this sporting adventure watch can also be operated by push of three buttons. If your outdoor activity results in you having wet fingers or using hand gloves, the touchscreen functionality would be poorer, so button push is the better alternative with wet hand or gloves. Spartan HR is not just the best gps smartwatch for hiking and running, but a suitable adventure watch for athletes.

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Suunto 7, GPS Sport Smartwatch with Wear OS by Google – best android smartwatch for hiking, running, and mountain climbing

best outdoor smart watch - 5 Suunto Outdoor Watches - The best Outdoor Smart Watch for hiking and mountaineeringbest outdoor smart watch - 5 Suunto Outdoor Watches - The best Outdoor Smart Watch for hiking and mountaineering
  • Supported Apps : Weather,
  • Special features: Calendar,
  • Navigation: GPS,
  • Sensor: Heart Rate Monitor
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, GPS
  • Compatible with iOS and Android phones

Suunto 7 Smartwatch is the best suunto watch you should be looking for as an Android hiker.You can access sports features of Suunto 7 by just a single button push.

There are over 70+ sports modes, including GPS and wrist heart rate sensor. While trail running, you can quickly check your running stats like steps and calories with ease. With installed Suunto app or other third party apps for hiking like Strava, Endomondo and TrainingPeaks you can take most advantage of your best hikes.

Outdoor entertainment

The question of whether to hike with entertainment music depends of your personal lifestyle. If you are music lover, the good hiking watch comes with 8GB of memory for music and songs and can control music on your smartphone. With a compatible headset, you can enjoy your killer or favorite playlist from your wrist.

The suunto 7 smartwatch offers free offline maps on which you can easily view terrain details, trails and contour lines. Like other touchscreen gps map watches for hiking, you can access these maps by a single swipe away during exercise.

This timepiece is the best outdoor suunto hiking watch for beginners on outdoor adventures. The built-in heatmaps support 15 activities including running, swimming, and cycling. With it, you can navigate the most popular routes hikers use if you don’t know one. You also have the option to check new routes or unbeaten tracks.

For convenience, offline maps and heatmaps are downloaded automatically when connected to Wi-Fi. If you like, you can choose which map to download . The mapping features are particularly useful to finding the best training routes, where there no network connectivity.

If you are an android user and want a convenient smartwatch features , then Suunto 7 is the best android smartwatch for hiking since its is powered with android Wear OS by Google. With this suunto hiking smartwatch, android hikers have a more secure way to pay from Google Pay™, access Google Assistant and more apps from Google Play.

Suunto watch Construction

Very common with top suunto watches is the design and testing in Finland for quality. This watch is best suunto for trail running under rains, mud and snow. The watch has been tested to be shockproof, 50 meters waterproof and dirtproof.

Constructed with scratch-resistant Gorilla glass, suunto 7 hiking smartwatch is ready for any adventure you choose to embark on. If your outdoor activity needs hand gloves or wet hand, suunto 7 has a physical buttons for easy press with rugged hands.

Durability is thanks to the stainless steel bezel. Other features include the bright high-resolution OLED touch screen, customizable watch faces, and interchangeable leather and silicone straps.

The suunto trekking watch battery performance is impressive. The battery can last up to 48 hours in smartwatch mode and 12 hours in GPS tracking mode. These battery life management is important for keeping your watch battery last longer during a long outdoor exploration or workout.

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Wrap Up

You may know of some Suunto models of watches that you expected to find them here, However, we listed the few best outdoor smart watch from suunto which a re particularly useful for hiking and mountaineering adventures. Enjoy your best hikes with the best suunto outdoor watch(suunto compass watch ofcourse).

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