10 Best Standalone Smartwatch To Call And Text Without Phone 2023

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Do you want to stay connected without being tethered to a smartphone? If you want a lifestyle of working phonelessly, then this guide is for you. You will agree with me that smartphones pose lots of inconveniences in some kinds of tasks(machine operations, combat, outdoor). In situations like business meeting, there is absolute need to deal with the inherent risk of distraction caused by phones. Having the best  standalone smartwatch is an ultimate solution. With a lot of high tech features being added each day, the best smartwatch with Sim card slot, Camera, video calling, compose & reply to  text messages, is a perfect gadget that doesn’t need a phone. Which is then the best smartwatch that can call and text, and you can replace phone with?

Reports say that most people have become addicted to smartphones, with many new attention-grabbing apps popping up everyday – a technical way to get these users hooked up. Today, smartphones indirectly takes out a lot of attention from people, most often, at a time the best part of their mind is highly needed.

As one of the reasons, United Stated Governments highly restricts military use of smartphones in the combat field.  Though many people may claim to be capable and experienced,  driving while calling or texting with a smartphone is the best way to end up as road accident victim in the hands of the paramedics.

If you want to easily turn yourself away from this unbreakable habits of sticking to smartphones, switching to a standalone smartwatch(a sim card operated smart watch) is best therapy to break up from smart phones and social media addiction.

In some countries, teenagers are not permitted to bring smartphones during lessons. In that educational settings, a standalone smartwatch teenagers is a better option. It is obvious that a 4G/LTE or GSM smartwatch does not  distract like a smart phone.

Think of every useful features that a smartphone has, then you’ll understand that a stand alone watch phone is the best way to avoid that use of smartphones in fragile situations(driving, combat missions, piloting, meetings). With the best standalone smartwatch, you can go phoneless but remains smartly connected.

best standalone smartwatch with sim card, camera, texting and health-fitness monitors
Img: best standalone smartwatch – A watch with sim card, camera, texting and health-fitness monitors -which can replace phone.


Other smartwatches


What is a Standalone Smartwatch anyway?

Its just another smartwatch with cellular connection, camera, texting and response to messages. A majority of smartwatches require that you should make a connection with your phone via Bluetooth. A standalone watch comes with gsm sim card and they actually don’t necessarily need any pairing with a phone.

More importantly, buying a smartwatch with sim card, allows you to text, reply to messages, receive and make calls anywhere, anytime without a phone.

With the same cellular sim card smartwatch, you also get access and browse the internet, get social media -Whatsapp Facebook notifications, run GPS navigation, play musics and track fitness activities.


Does a smartwatch need a SIM card?

NO and YES

Basically, most smartwatches don’t require a SIM card because they are made to extend few phones functionalities when they connect to phone, probably via Bluetooth and Wifi.  When such smartwatches require a kind of network they would need to access it through compatible phones with mobile network.

However, It is a YES, to have smartwatch fitted with 2G/3G/4G/LTE Sim card slot, because phones aren’t useful in every place where smartwatch excel the most.

Fitness sport activities, using hand operated tools, going on outdoor adventures, are best accompanied by a smartwatch for texting, with camera and calling facilities, than a smartphone.


Why DO I need a sim card for smartwatch?

If you’re looking to equip yourself with a powerful smartwatch for outdoor, you probably want to see the watch comes with onboard GPS navigation, so you can use it as a location tracker. When you engage in outdoor adventures, you’ll want a SIM card for independent calls

A SIM card built standalone smartwatch is very advantageous than non-SIM smart watches. Apart from bringing most smartphone features onto the wrists, there are helpful reasons why smartwatches do require SIM Cards and cellular connections.

Independence: Most smartwatch fans want full independence from smartphones. Watch makers understand thus choose to offer an ultimate way for android fans to have a smart phone-less experience by using a smartwatch with in-built SIM card space.

Seamless Information collection : A smartwatch with hidden camera is a good spy gadget. A running watch with cellular and camera is best video calling tech item to own. Texting and replying to messages from the wrist, is quick and effortless.

Portability: Standalone Smartwatch have sim card to ease portability and mobility that doesn’t come with having a bulky smartphone.

Kids: In united stated, parent find that their tender age kids can’t carefully handle bulky smartphones. Obviously, in order to keep their kids tracked and connected while in school, the best option is offer them a smart phone watch with sim card function.

Wireless and solar charging: A smartwatch charger may be wired or wireless unlike the conventional smartphones. Again, most gps watches for outdoor purposes support solar charging unlike smartphones(may be they will, later).

Rugged outdoor use: Smartwatches  can endure a lot of  crashes and rough beatings under the rain, in extreme temperatures than smartphones. You wouldn’t expect a hunter to carry smartphone while hunting. Rather the best hunting android watch with cellular gsm sim card can serve a better purpose than a phone.

Distraction and addictions: Smarphones cause more distraction than smartwatch. To deal with this distraction  and break away smartphone addiction,  android smartwatches that can make and receive calls  with little distraction is an ultimate way to  enjoy a phone-free lifestyle.


Top Best Standalone Smartwatch


Apple watch series 4 –  Best Standalone smartwatch for iPhone

standalone smartwatch apple - Most Durable apple watch with sim card slot - standalone smartwatch apple version - (apple watch series 4 with cellular sim card slot)
img: Apple watch series 4 with cellular sim card slot
  • Connectivity: Networks: GPS + Cellular
  • Display: Over 30% larger display
  • Special: Electrical and optical heart sensors
  • App: ECG app
  • 50% louder speaker
  •  64-bit dual-core S4 SiP processor
  • Water resistance: Swimproof
  • Digital Crown with haptic feedback
  • Supported OS: iOS

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The first standalone watch that can replace iPhone is the famous apple watches. Apple watchmakers produce phone watches that you can call and text on, streams and play apple music and podcasts seamlessly.

With good compatible bluetooth heads, you won’t believe the killer music you are rocking, comes directly from your wrists (some people still think only a smartphone can play good portable music).

Apple Watch Series 4 is a standalone smartwatch that make and receive calls, text messages. Descriptively, this watch works like a walkie-talkie, allowing you talk to your wrist.

The apple watch series 4 does not have a cellular sim card slot, where to find or push in your GSM sim card. However, the apple watch uses a built-in electronic sim card(eSIM) which  works the same like cellular phone sim cards. If you need an apple watch to replace your phone, this apple watch 4g lte looks expensive but worth it.

With a 64 bit processor, this apple smatwatch handles data in a seamless way that require no support from a Apple smartphone however. The processor speed is up to two times faster than the apple watch series 3.

If you love outdoor fitness activities, apple 4 is a watch to track heart health status, calories level, speeds and step counting. The battery support is average, lasting more than 3 days after full charge.

This fashionable and standalone apple watch almost takes over a phone as it’s capable of performing most smartphone activities,  even without being connected to a mobile phone.

Since this mobile communication smartwatch make and receives calls without requirement for cell phone, it is the best standalone smartwatch on the market, though expensive.

To highlight more functions that comes having this Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm) with gold aluminum case, check the following features:

  • emergency SOS, fall detection helpful for medical use
  • loud speakers for unaided listening to music and calls
  • the onboard gps navigation suitable for rugged outdoor use, for tracking current location in real time
  • seamless connectivity is by WIFI, bluetooth
  • water resistant – one of the best waterproof smartwatches with sim
  • electronic heart sensor monitors
  • Automatic workout detection
  • largest screen of an Apple Watch

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Huawei Watch  – best stand Alone Watch Phone With Wear OS

Huawei smartwatch with cellular sim card slot - Chinese android watch with call and text alerts
img: Chinese android watch with call and text alerts

standalone smartwatch - 10 Best Standalone Smartwatch To Call And Text Without Phone 2023

  • Display technology: 1.4″ full circle AMOLED display
  • Connectivity technologies: WIFI
  • Charging: Wireless
  • with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal
  • Construction: stainless steel body
  • Compatible with iOS 8.2 or Android 4.3 or later operating system

Here is another stand alone watch phone from a Chinese tech giant Huawei which offers text alerts and call notification. The android based chinese Watch is stainless steel constructed with a Swiss standalone design.

The leather band, the scratch-resistant sapphire cover, and round watch face design with an awesome full display screen makes Huawei a reliable and best chinese android smartwatch to own.

This watch is unique, best fit everyday dressing, and gives optimum satisfaction if you want to go phone-less. Its the best standalone Smartwatch for Android fans as it is compatible with android phones and can also pair with iPhones too.

Some watch features include

  • Notification of calls – Get notifications and alerts for calls, texts,
  • social media support
  • personalize thousands of apps – over 4000 Android Wear apps to choose from
  • customizable body parts- variety of pre-installed watch faces and easily swappable bands for your own unique style
  • Effective in tracking sleep, fitness tracking with enhanced heart rate monitor and sensors
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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier 4G LTE– SM-R765A (ATT) – best samsung watch with sim card

best android watch to make phone calls -Samsung Gear S3 Frontier 4G LTE Wi-Fi Tizen 46mm Smart Watch - SM-R765A (ATT)
Img: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier – best android watch to make phone calls

standalone smartwatch - 10 Best Standalone Smartwatch To Call And Text Without Phone 2023

  • Bluetooth Model standalone smartwatch
  • Cellular network: GSM HSPDA compatible
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi connection , Bluetooth  NFC, MST, GPS/Gleans.
  • Screen: 1.3-inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
  • Operating system: Samsung’s own Tizen OS 2.3.2
  • Battery : 380mAh (up to three days)
  • Sensor : Accelerometer, Barometer, Gyro Sensor, HR Sensor, Light Sensor
  • Supported OS: Android & iOS
  • Memory : 768MB (RAM) + 4GB (ROM)
  • Chipset : Dual Core 1.0GHz frequency, Exynos 7270
  • Water and dust resistant IP68.
  • Construction: rotating bezel

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Samsung did not just construct this Samsung Gear S3 Frontier  for simple use, Samsung Gear S3 is a rugged iteration of the samsung gear LTE smartwatches. This gear 3 smartwatch is not only versatile, but tough.

Like Samsung Gear S2 cousin, gear 3 works well with an eSIM. The benefit of using an eSim is that you an choose a network carrier of your choice without being limited to the carrier associated with the SIM card.

Having this smartwatch with sim means, it can be operated independent of the phone – and you can receive calls through the inbuilt speaker.

The 1.3-inches display screen is covered with a Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ which is more stronger and scratch-resistant. This tough material makes samsung gear gain a military standard durability while being water resistant up to 50 meters for swimming.

The samsung  4G LTE Wi-Fi Tizen 46mm Smart Watch has also come with a powerful chipset running on Tisen OS with a larger RAM. The 42mm samsung LTE version has a battery life up to two days. If

This samsung gear is a waterproof standalone smartwatch with sim card slot. Constructed to be water resistant and dustproof, this e-SIM card phone watch can thrive and survive in an extreme temperature environment.

Recently, mobile payment has been taking over, but samsung stays far ahead, they now use SamsungPay – you can make a payment without credit card, right from your wrist.

This samsung standalone smartwatch has good compatibility with Android and iOS phones. With seamless connectivity through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or LTE, this watch is standalone but its compatibility works best with Samsung phones.

This samsung watch with nano sim supports wireless charging – no physical contact when charging. In my opinion, S4 frontier is the best smartwatch with LTE connectivity.

For men, the 46mm Galaxy LTE GSM Smartwatch with stainless steel construction could be a better fit

Other Features you would expect to find in this smartwatch include

  • rotatable steel bezel to access apps.
  • Measures the fitness level of the body especially heartbeat
  • The battery is durable, wireless charging
  • Microphone, stopwatch and no onboard camera
  • Bluetooth Model of standalone smartwatch
  • Does  support 2G, 3G, 4G LTE mobile networks
  • European plug, and  standard micro 5 pin USB cable works.
  • Compatible with Android 4. 4 and later
  •  best compatibility with Samsung Galaxy phones
  • It does NOT support Samsung Tablet & iOS


Samsung Gear S – best gsm phone-free smartwatch without camera

best samsung gear standalone smartwatch with sim card slot - samsung gear s standalone smartwatch that can text and call without phone
Img: samsung gear s standalone smartwatch

standalone smartwatch - 10 Best Standalone Smartwatch To Call And Text Without Phone 2023

  • Screen type : 2.0-inches Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
  • connectivity: GSM , HSDPA
  • Processor: Dual Core 1.0GHz, 512MB Ram, Adreno 305
  • Operating System: Samsung’s own Tizen OS
  • memory: 4GB internal storage
  • Supported OS: Android
  • Standalone: Yes, but needs paired with a smartphone once
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The Samsung Gear S SM-R750 (S/K) Curved Super AMOLED Smart Watch is a phone watch with sim card function – another best samsung smartwatch standalone with a Super AMOLED display. This is a big size touchscreen gsm cell phone watch actually.

Like the samsung gear s2 classic 3g 4g standalone smartwatch, this Samsung smartwatch supports micro SIM card cellular connectivity. It lets you make calls, send and receive text messages with no need for a phone. You just have first pair it with your smartphone for it to work.

Trust this koreans, they make solid products, the tough gorilla glass 3 covering on this watch dial is one example. The downside to owning this samsung gear s standalone smartwatch is, the absence of a smartwatch camera.

Unlike the galaxy LTE GSM Smartwatch from samsung, It may be a failing reliability if this smartwatch pairs with a samsung phone to use its camera.

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Samsung Gear S2 – samsung 4g standalone smartwatch

best standalone smartwatch without sim card - best samsung gear s2 classic 3g 4g standalone smartwatch
Img: best samsung gear s2 classic 3g 4g standalone smartwatch

standalone smartwatch - 10 Best Standalone Smartwatch To Call And Text Without Phone 2023

  • Display screen type: 1.2-inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
  • Cellular connectivity: GSM/UMTS
  • processor: Dual Core 1.0GHz, 512MB Ram, Mali-400
  • Smartwatch OS: Samsung’s own Tizen OS
  • Memory: 4GB internal storage
  • Standalone: Yes, but if it is carrier modified
  • Supported Compatibility: Android

Samsung gear s2 classic 3g 4g standalone smartwatch was one of the first eSIM enabled smartwatch in the market. An eSIM is not a physical sim, it is a programmable SIM card that gives you an option to choose your own choice of network carrier that you want to use.

Not to keep you unaware, eSIM is not supported by all cellular network carriers. An in United States, the big carriers are the carriers like AT & T and Verizon and without them, samsung gear s2 cannot work as a standalone smartwatch with gsm SIM.

The chipset Mali-400 that comes in the processor, is even slightly more faster than for samsung gear s smartwatch. If you want a beautifully looking phone independent watch for calling and texting, this samsung gear s2 – the best standalone smartwatch in my opinion.

This one could look gorgeous on women, but this stainless steel 42mm LTE GSM Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch (cellular Rose Gold LTE Watch) is sure the best blend with ladies wardrobe.

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LG Urbane 2nd Edition LTE Smartwatch – best Lg stand alone phone watch with sim

best lg standalone smartwatch with cellular sim card for phonless calling and texting - one of the best smart watches that don t need a phone
Img: LG Phone-free smartwatch with sim card

standalone smartwatch - 10 Best Standalone Smartwatch To Call And Text Without Phone 2023

  • Screen type: 1.38-inches P-OLED capacitive touchscreen
  • Supported networks: GSM/HSDPA/LTE
  • Processor: Quad Core 1.2 GHz, Adreno 305, 768MB Ram
  • operating system: Android Wear OS
  • Memory storage : 4GB

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The LG Urbane 2nd Edition LTE LG-W200A watch is a an LG standalone smartwatch, the looks are similar to that of a regular watch for daily wear, but on the inside, Urbane is a good smart phone watch with sim card function and some premium  GSM features.

Featuring a SIM card compatibility, this android standalone smartwatch works without phone. The android wear watch with sim can make and receive calls, send text messages without any requirement for a smartphone pairing.

This lg standalone cell phone watch uses 3G or 4G cellular data to connect to a carrier’s cell phone network. This Urbane android wear OS cellular watch is the GSM SIM Card smartwatch model and if you’re in the United States, the lg Urbane( 4g sim card smartwatch) works compatibly with the GSM networks like the AT&T and T-mobile.

The operating system in this SIM watch is the Android Wear OS by Google. Wear OS is an operating system for android smart wearable devices.

As concerns the hardware specification, this wear OS cellular watch has an inbuilt processor – a Quad Core 1.2 GHz processor, with 768MB RAM. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 makes the urbane phoneless watch run flawlessly.

You need to be careful here, this lg standalone cell phone watch is not waterproof and you should avoid any contact with water.

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LEMFO KW88 – best android wear standalone watch

best standalone smartwatch android fans love - Cellular connected using android smartwatch sim card - Its the best android wear standalone watchstandalone smartwatch - 10 Best Standalone Smartwatch To Call And Text Without Phone 2023
  • Display screen: 1.39-inches AMOLED touch screen
  • network connections: GSM , WCDMA
  • Quad Core processor with 512MB Ram
  • Operating system: Android OS 5.1
  • Storage total 4GB (2GB usable)
  • Can access google play store
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Connectivity: GPS, WIFI,  bleutooth

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Are you an android fan? Then the best android standalone smartwatch that can put Android 5.5 OS on your wrists is LEMFO KW88 3G Smart watch.

With a 1.39-inches AMOLED touch screen, this android phone watch also features a quad-core processor, 512MB of RAM, a capacitive touchscreen and built-in camera.

But do you need sim card for this smartwatch? Oh hell YES, The SIM card android watch has a 2G/3G SIM card slot, where you can install your sim. Lemfo KW88 is an android smart phone watch with sim card function.

Lemfo KW88 is a kind or cell phone watch android fans would take for sports because it does only support cellular connectivity, it has onboard GPS satellite navigation system, a heart rate monitoring sensor, and a pedometer.

As an android based watch, can this standalone smartwatch access google play? Obviously, besides Lemfo 88 being a smartwatch with 2g/3g sim card, camera and gps support, it also has Google Play. This features allows you to download third party apps for your Lemfo wrist watch.

This watch does a lot. It just doesn’t do any of the things as well as the big guns like Apple, Samsung, or LG. However, it does have a built-in camera which is very rare for a standalone smartwatch with SIM card.

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BURG Neon 16A Smartwatch Phone – best cheap standalone smartwatch

best cheap standalone smartwatch under 200 dollarsstandalone smartwatch - 10 Best Standalone Smartwatch To Call And Text Without Phone 2023
  • Display: 1.54-inch LCD touchscreen display
  • Network Connectivity: GSM
  • memory: Micro SD up to 16GB
  • battery life: 3 days
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS
  • Cheap and affordable standalone smartwatch with sim

BURG Neon 16A Smartwatch Phone comes with SIM Card  and it is a watch that can be used as a phone. You can use this smartwatch to replace phone wherever you go. Burg is completely a phone-independent smartwatch with stylish and durable construction. This is a smartwatch without phone, that supports GSM networks.

Featuring the use of a sim card, you can make phoneless calls through the gsm SIM card of this smartwatch The best text input feature for this stand alone cell phone watch is the sensitive touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard.

Like a smartphone, this cellular smartwatch that supports GSM networks, has expandable memory, up to 16GB. This watch supports external SD card for music and file storage. If you want to get this smart watch (that doesn’t need phone) charged, use the micro USB cable.

Burg Neon allow you to personalize the display, adjust the buckle for firmness and you can also listen to radio with its effectively built speakers. The downside with this standalone smartwatch, the absence of fitness tracking abilities, yet it remains a dedicated device to make calls from the wrists.

The burg watch with sim card , comes with both android and iOS compatibility that allows you to share or sync data with phones. The watch also comes in various design, though at an affordable price. My verdict: Best cheap standalone smartwatch with gsm sim card, great for pre-teen and teenage kids.

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King Wear KW88 Smartwatch – Best standalone smartwatch with SIM Card Slot, WIFI, camara

Best standalone smartwatch with SIM Card Slot, WIFI, camara and Pedometerstandalone smartwatch - 10 Best Standalone Smartwatch To Call And Text Without Phone 2023
  • Display: 1.54-inch LCD touchscreen display
  • Allow making of calls
  • Easy to track your distance
  • Long-lasting batter
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King Wear KW88 3G WiFi Smart Watch – sim card, camara , GPSs and Pedometer

Here’s an affordable standalone smartwatch with nano SIM card. Built with 3G WIFI, this smartwatch has good compatibility with android OS and apple IOS devices.

With a durable battery power capacity of 400mAH, depending on your usage, the battery life can last long. Besides having a network sim card, other excellent smartphone-like features here include camara and sound recorder.

This standalone smartwatch with camera and with sim, can tracks your physical activities just like a fitness tracker. The inbuilt pedometer tracks step and speed. There’s also a heat rate tracking sensor.

The onboard gps for tracking location, combined with these activity tracking sensors make this stand alone watch phone suitable for outdoor running sports. GPS to know your exact location.

verdict: best gps standalone smartwatch with sim slot , wifi, camera and fitness tracker.

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Andmei Smartwatch – Affordable Smart Watch with SIM Card Slot , Camera,  Music

best cheap standalone smart watch without phone - best inexpensive smartwatch under 50 dollarsstandalone smartwatch - 10 Best Standalone Smartwatch To Call And Text Without Phone 2023
Wireless: Bluetooth

  • Social: Facebook/WhatsApp
  • Cellular connection: GSM 2G / 2.5G network SIM card
  • Compatible with most Android phones Google Pixel / Pixel XL, HTC, Sony, LG, HUAWEI, ZTE
  • Special: calendar, calculators, remote shutter, camera, music player, alarm clocks, phone book, sound recorder
  • Sensitive screen touch with higher display,  240 x 240 resolution, screen protector
  • Text  and call reminder, camera, Music Player, Pedometer,
  • Compatible with Android Samsung and iPhone(Partial Functions)
  • Great for Men Women Kids

Andmei Smartwatch – A Smart Watch with SIM Card Slot

Andmei is a very affordable smartwatch that’s very compatible with Android Samsung and iPhone. With its inbuilt cellular features, this standalone wrist wearable smartwatch is capable of enabling call, SMS or SNS message.

All you need is install your GSM 2G / 3G network SIM card in your smart watch, and you would make and receive calls directly from your wrist watch. you can also receive and reply to text messages without any connection to smartphone.

For fitness and everyday exercises, this watch has a pedometer track steps, distance covered and when connected with an android phone. if you are looking for inexpensive low profile standalone smartwatch, this cheap one is for you.

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Verizon Gizmowatch Kids Smartwatch – best standalone smartwatch for teenager without phone

best standalone smartwatch for teenager and kids - smartwatch for teenager without phonestandalone smartwatch - 10 Best Standalone Smartwatch To Call And Text Without Phone 2023
Connectivity: GPS

  • Cellular connectivity: 4G LTE network
  • Navigation: GPS tracking
  • Automated alerts
  • Allows: Max 10 trusted contact numbers
  • uses 4G LTE network
  • Compatible: IOS , Android
  • Waterproof, touch screen

Verizon Gizmowatch is for connected kids – a  smartwatch with GPS tracking and wireless calling up to 10 numbers. As a kid wearable standalone smartwatch designed for children fun and safety, it works perfectly for kid location tracking, right from the wrists.

With this watch, parents can create GPS boundaries(geo fence) that sends automated alerts when a child goes beyond that limit. With location tracking via Gizmohup App, parents stay in touch with kids 24/7 through verizon network.

This kiddy watch is not only GizMoWatch fitness tracker, this standalone smartwatch also comes with ability for kids to call and receive text messages. This standalone versizon smartwatch also allows children to stay in contact with 10 best contact numbers of their choice, just like the GizmoWatch Disney Edition smartwatch.

The gizmowatch is durable, waterproof and easy to use. The gizmowatch smartwatch comes with the consistently fast speeds from the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

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How to choose the best standalone smartwatch

If you are shopping for the best LTE smartwatch that works like your smartphone, go through these points. It will guide you how to pick your best smart watch with sim card. Let’s see what to consider when choosing a standalone cellular smartwatch?


1. GSM SIM Card Compatibility

Basically, a smartwatch is a companion to a smart phone. If a watch has to replace the call function of a phone, it must be sim card(you’ll hear of e-sim) compatible.

A smart watch that has a good gsm sim card compatibility, allow easy sending and receiving of text messages, picking of incoming calls, social media infos, microphone, alarms and notifications. Everything operates on your wrist.

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2. Advanced Functions

The main functionality you should ensure your standalone smartwatch has is the ability to call and create messages straight from your wrist. Another thing is what network the cellular call and text functionality is available on. No one standalone smartwatch is available on all carrier networks.

Everything depends on what your phoneless lifestyle to be. Some standalone smartwatches come with GPS for outdoor navigation for tracking outdoor activities. Others comes with advanced fitness features, while some phonless standalone smartwatch provide you with musics, popular apps, games and services.

With current advancements in technology, the functions of a watch has expanded from traditional timekeeping to many tool complications. These advanced functions include  altimeter(elevation), thermometer, weather forecasts, call, music playing, camara, topo mapping navigations, heart rate monitoring and outdoor gps tracking.

With the inbuilt sensors for health and fitness, you’ll find even android smartphones use operating systems like wear OS by Google. Imagine watches there were onetime analog or LED digital, now using operating system. Doesn’t that tell you we will soon be carrying super computers on our wrists?

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3. Connectivity – Bluetooth, WIFI

How compatible is the standalone smartwatch with other devices especially smartphones? I guess you would not want to have a watch that does communicate with other devices. The efficiency of the smartwatch connectivity depends on its compatibility.

When buying, check it out if Bluetooth 4.0, and the Wi-Fi connection are built into the smart watch. Connectivity allows the option for people to extract or sync data with smart device – presumably headsets, smartphones and computers.

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4. Battery life

You want the best smartwatch on your wrist for an extended amount of time, avoid watches with batteries that fall short of supporting up to three days. Pick a substantial battery life that can  withstand the tests of a day, for you best standalone smartwatch.

Battery life is everything more important than other function the watch comes with. A poor battery life of just few hours means you can use it effectively. As a priority, pick a smart phone with longer battery life that 5 last days to months. For a more durable battery, you will definitely pay expensively for the watch.

Also find how easy is it to get the battery recharged. Does it use solar charging option, does it use wireless charging technology? The conveniience of charging is one factore you should not ignore when shopping for best phoneless smartwatch.

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4. Affordable Price

A standalone smartwatch is a more advanced and durable product and price varies with brand and version. In the nutshell, the price you pay depends on your choice of features. it is pretty cheaper to pick a smart watch for dressing and daily used and if you want to step up to a stylish, durable and more advanced smart gadget, know that they are high end and pricey.
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5. Construction, Design & Comfort

The size of the bezel or the watch face will always be a big factor. If you want to spent on getting the best standalone smartwatch, don’t go for a design does not match your everyday dressing style. Most phone-free smart watches can easily be differentiated from the regular watches you find around.

A round face standalone smartwatch is the most common design,  although they still have the looks of a traditional watch. SOme of them are sporty with silicone bracelet while others are slimmer and smaller to fit ladies. These varied smartwatch builds endure you get comfortable fit and can easily loose and tighten their buckles.

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What do you want in your standalone smartwatch? fill the form under  this post and tell us what you want to see in your ideal smartwatch. We will email you with smartwatches suggested for your needs.

Choosing locked or unlocked smartwatches

With many options of standalone watches in the market, you should always check the specifications carefully before you buy. If you buy cheap smartwatches from China, the downside is, they may not be compatible with most US carriers. It is good to pick your smartwatch in the US Markets like Ebay, Amazon.

One crucial thing to check id whether the smartwatch cellular connectivity is unlocked for every carrier or it is restricted. if you buy directly from a network carrier, the smartwatch come locked to that unique carrier. In that case, you will need to unlock it to support multiple carriers.


Some SIM cards that  work with most Smartwatch

How to Get the Right Sim Card for Your Smartwatch,  is one important decision to make. You need to know what kind of SIM card fits your smartwatch(not all sim cards fit every smart  phone watch. Nano SIM cards  watches have SIM card slots built into them whereas an eSIM does not need a SIM card slot, even if you have one.

You can use any regular SIM card with 4G or 3G connectivity if the carrier (network) is compatible with your smartwatch. Just ensure you have choosen the right smartwatch SIM card type (Nano SIM).

However, you got two choices for sim card plans – the contract or PAYG. Contract SIM cards is a better deal with data, unfortunately it ties you down for a minimum of 12-months. PAYG SIM cards are more expensive and it is the ultimate choice for someone who does not want contract plasn.

In united states, here are some SIM cards that work with most standalone smartwatches.

  • AT&T Compatible Nano SIM Card
  • Verizon 4G SIM (no annual contract)
  • T-Mobile 3-in-1 SIM Card Starter Kit
  • Us Mobile nano Sim cards(3 in 1)
  • SpeedTalk Mobile – affordable supplier of 3 in 1 SIM cards


Activate Sim Card For  Smartwatch that works without phone

To activate the SIM card for a standalone smartwatch that works without phone, contact the mobile carrier provider. All you need is

  • get to a mobile network provider and ask a new connection for an eSIM in your smartwatch.
  • If a smartwatch nano sim card is your most preferred choice, go get one from the market.
  • Before you can start using it, there is a Smartwatch SIM Card Plan and you must choose one.
  • fulfill the necessary conditions and request for the your smartwatch sim card activation

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Once the smartwatch cellular  sim is been activated for your selected plan,  your smartwatch is already standalone – a smartwatch that can text without phone. It is also capable of making calls without need for a smartphone. You will normally be required to insert your SIM in to the smartwatch sim card slot,  somewhere at the side or behind at the caseback of your watch.

Sometimes it is more convenient to use an eSIM in your smartwatch than using regular network SIM cards. The good think is you don’t need to insert an eSIM into smartwatch because it is a programmable sim card.

Here are some sim cards fthat some standalone smartwatch android fans use to gain 4G cellular connectivity.


Activating Samsung Standalone Smartwatch

For most smartwatches like samsung, if you pair your smart watch to your phone the first time, you get a prompt to activate carrier’s service. For samsung, you need to navigate to the Galaxy Wearable app, open it and  tap Mobile networks. Th app then sans for an eligible LTE network. The nextep is you just follow the next with prompts to complete the activation. Just understand that your phone needs to have a SIM card inserted.

If you’re unable to activate service for your watch contact your mobile caarier, and provide the watch’s unique identifier number (EID, IMEI, or ICCID). You will need to confirm you have the correct service plan.

To locate the EID, IMEI, or ICCID number on the watch,

  • press the Power key,
  • and then navigate to and tap Settings.
  • Swipe to and tap About watch,
  • and then tap Device.
  • For a Gear S2, tap Gear info, and then tap About device.
  • The EID, IMEI, or ICCID will show.

Samsung Galaxy S

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Does apple watch have a sim card?

NO. Apple Watch does not support a micro-sim or a phone-like SIM card slot. The lack of a physical, mobile phone sim card slot, where a removable cellular sim can be inserted, is really regrettable for most fans of Apple watches.

By envisaging an iphone-free standalone apple watch, most people expect Apple to build smartwatches with a sim card slot, unfortunately, not a single version of the Apple Watch supports a SIM card slot.

How does apple watch make calls and text without phone?

Although Apple unfortunately has never implemented support for the SIM card in a newer versions of the Apple Watches , it offers an alternative solution.

Apple watches make standalone smartwatch calls without phone, thanks to the digitally electronic embedded sim(eSim) built in to it. The point is that, your chosen carrier must activate and set up the eSim before you can use the smartwatch to call without need for phone.

Can we insert SIM in Apple Watch Series 6 then? No, you cannot insert or remove SIM from Apple watch. The Apple’s cellular watch has a built-in Esim that uses your phones number, there is no physical sim card and with an electronic embedded SIM (eSIM), it can’t be removed but it works with multiple cellular carriers.

More on the Apple Watch eSIM

An Apple Watch that comes with an eSIM does not have an (integrated circuit card ID) ICCID, only normal SIM number do. An ICCID is a unique number assigned to a sim card in a GSM cellphone. The electronic sim card is represented by a 32 digit EID number. If you want to find where this EID number can be located, there are three possible places to check.

  • You can Check back of the Apple Watch box for the EID OR use you iPhone, go to the Watch app and navigate to General > About > EID.
  • If you don’t have your iPhone available, you can find the EID number right inside you Apple watch by navigating to Settings > General > About > EID.

What should I do, Verizon is asking me for an iCCID number?

Some phone companies like verizon, T-Mobile may ask for your apple watch’s sim card number or ICCID number to activate the watch cellular. Without these numbers, they won’t activate your watch cellular. Here is where to get it after activation.

Go to your iPhone, General > About > ICCID. The field may be empty and has no value yet, but this happens when your carrier has not yet activated it. It is only when your watch is activated on a line of service, can you then view the
ICCID. On your Apple watch, navigate to Settings > General > About > ICCID.


How to activate sim card on smart watch – SIM Card for Smartwatches

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Which Plan is Suitable for Samsung standalone smartwatches?

Samsung makes both Bluetooth and LTE cellular smart watches. The LTE standalone smartwatch can receive calls and messages without connection to a phone. You’ll just need to first  activate service for your samsung watch through the same carrier as your mobile phone. At the moment,  AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon standalone smartwatch plans for the LTE versions of Galaxy Watch Active2, Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, and Gear S2 models.


Wrap up

Did you find a suitable standalone smartwatch for yourself? If you didn’t pick one, feel free to use the comment form below ad tell us exactly what king and brand of smartwatch with sim card, you want  and what features you expect to see. We will gladly write you with suggested smartwatches in 5 business days.


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