10 Rowing watches – The Best Smartwatch for rowing and erging this year

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If you’ve recently  been involved in indoor or outdoor rowing exercises, definitely,  you want some accurate feedback.  With the best rowing watch, you can record and  keep track of your erging data. And While there are many best budget rowing machines available in the market, only a few  support pairing with erg rowing watches to  track rowing stats – stroke, split time, calories burned and more. If you are lucky enough, you will pick a rowing watch that connects seamlessly with your rower in this post.  We did an extensive research, and we included the top selected and best smartwatch for rowing fitness in the list below . Trust me, they are astounding, and fantastic, and they are going to accurately track your indoor or outdoor rowing workout performance.

Most smartwatches at first, offered running, fitness & health features, but one exercise that smart watchmakers never thought of including their sports features (or make watches for), until now, is rowing.

Rowers are now happy to have companies make smart rowing watches with features that are so much unique for indoor and outdoor rowing sports.

As technology advances, watch companies are venturing further into expanding the functionalities of smartwatches, with special apps like the ones for skiing watches, hiking watches and presently, rowing watches.

More recently, having GPS features of a smartwatch for running cadence is no longer an innovation but a necessary feature in every outdoor sports watch. Today, we are looking at rowing smartwatches.


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Importance of tracking rowing data

Rowing is a sport with a big focus on endurance and cardiac training.  Erging on a rowing machine under $500 comes with the necessity of tracking rowing data.  So inorder to get the stats of your overall workout and training performance, you need a perfect smartwatch that will record your rowing metrics

Basically, there’s a strong relationship between ones strength and ones workout performance and when it comes to rowing, its important to check out your workout against your strength. For example in terms of weakness factors, stroke rate, rate of heart beat, and speed, all  affect your rowing performance.

A good rowing smartwatch tracks your rowing workout, but it equally prevents you from doing too much cardio on a rower. You know, The repercussions of too much cardio exercises are many, including lost of muscle gains, potential heart attach, unexpected weightloss, pains and sore injuries.

A rowing smartwatch is a smart way of recognizing early signs of cardio overload on your heart, cardiorespiratory and muscles. Here is detail guide on How much cardio is too much for fat burn, over boarding heart beats, and calories burnt.

The seamless way to keep track of rowing, is not with a smartphone, but with a smartwatch that has all the features of analyzing rowing workouts. These features that are unexpectedly unique to rowing training, depends on whether you are exercising indoor or outdoor.

Obviously, you understand that any outdoor sports would need erg waterproof GPS watches , in addition to health and fitness tracker for stroke count, stroke rate, distance per stroke, speed, distance traveled and hear rate.

But when you are erging indoors, your ideal smart rowing watch should be able to monitor stroke rate, stroke count, time and heart rate , even if it’s not water resistant. Some smartwatch even have apps for indoor rowing exercises and you’re required to pair them, or connect them to your rowing machine.

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What is the best smartwatch for rowing exercise?

I definitely recommend Garmin Fenix 5 if you are not budget tight. According to experts I interviewed, this watch gives you an accurate stroke rate and splits and also pairs with an HR strap.

While most people don’t like a wrist based rowing watch, because they believe they are not accurate, the expert said the wrist-based Garmin fenix 5  is quite accurate.

One good thing is, the garmin rowing watch keeps battery well enough to endure throughout your outdoor rowing workout,  depending on how often you use the onboard GPS tracking function.

Here is a list of top selected rowing watches.


best indoor and outdoor rowing watch


What to consider when choosing the best Fitness smartwatch for rowing

Hear-Rate Monitor

If you call anything “Sport Watch”, heart rate tracking is probably the most important and also the most basic feature it must have. The only expected difference is the way the heart rate sensors measure the heart rhythm.

For example some outdoor sports watch that you wear an extra belt(chest strap) over your chest, to monitor heartbeat. Some watches have wrist-based heart rate monitors.

Do you understand how funny is it to have a smartwatch tied round on your chest? it is annoying so the most convenient and best rowing sports watch is one that’s carried around on wrist.

GPS Navigation

This feature is vital for outdoor activities and not every sports watch has it. If you are going to row, run or hike, it’s difficult to track distances without a GPS . This is quite a watch feature worth investing into. Not only that, a GPS watch tracks your speed, location and determines if you can keep up with the pace.

Stroke Rate Meter

The measurement of the stroke rate is an important parameter in a rowing exercise. It is used to indicate how effective, you’re rowing so that you can understand ways to control your rowing boat or machine.

Synchronizing training data

This is good when rowing at a competitive level. At different levels of intensities, you can track your endurance and cardiac training while ensuring there’s easy synchronization of data (duration, distance, heart rate ) to see how your body works out during training and how it reacts to different stimulus.


Best Rowing smartwatch Review

It shouldn’t be a surprise that we choose a smartwatch for rowing data tracking. The reason is simple, most expert rowers recommend smartwatch for rowing, especially the Garmin rowing watches.

Garmin has made many smartwatches with rowing specific features and rowing apps. There are also custom app from ConnectIQ.

When I looked through as I write, I discovered the best garmin rowing watch – one that has all that is needed to track rowing indoor and outdoor. In addition, the garmin rowers smart watch has a capability to get connected to more than one rowing machine using a rowing app – ErgIQ app.

What are the best garmin’s and most recommended erg rowing smartwatches for tracking rowing data?


Best garmin rowing watches

Many outdoor activities like hunting reliably use garmin for tracking.

1. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, Premium Multisport GPS Watch, features Mapping, Music, Grade-Adjusted Pace Guidance and Pulse Ox Sensors, Blackrowing watch - 10 Rowing watches - The Best Smartwatch for rowing and erging this year
  •  sophisticated design
  • Display: 1.3”  sunlight-readable display
  • navigation: (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo)
  • Navigate the outdoors with preloaded topo maps, ski maps
  • Accessories:  Charging/data cable
  • Construction: bezels in stainless steel, titanium or diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating
  • Battery life: Durable

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, Premium Multisport GPS Watch is a great addition to rowing watches series, including features of Garmin Fenix 5 plus, with improvement. Other features include:

  • Enhanced estimated wrist heart rate and Pulse Ox sensors
  • Advanced training features include PacePro and adjusted VO2 max
  • Connectivity:  multiple global navigation satellite system
  • Sensors: built-in sensors for 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter
  • Support for Garmin Pay contactless payments
  • Battery Life: 14 days in smartwatch mode, 10 hours in GPS,  48 days in battery saver  mode

With multiple global navigation satellite systems such as GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO, garmin fenix 6 is truely an awesome rowing watch to rely on. In addition to this advanced and excellent navigation, fenix 6 is peerlessly a great rowing watch as it comes fully equipped with a barometric altimeter, gyroscope and built-in sensors to sense multiple actions.

If you are a rower that wants a durable rowing watch with great build quality, fenix 6 pro is one best smartwatch for indoor and outdoor rowing, that is durably constructed. The stainless steel watch case construction, and the awesomely tough sapphire crystal glass,  give a pro-level appearance on your wrist.

The display screen is highly visible even daylight and at nigh, the backlight glows brightly for clearer legibility. One downside that looks like an advantage is that garmin fenix 6  does not support touch screen functionality. This is great eliminate a high touch screen sensitivity that can result in sudden change of stats easily,  during rowing exercise. You can use the 5 buttons to operate the watch.

This watch also comes with customizable straps. The silicone made indoor rowing watch has straps that’re tough and easy to attach and detach whenever you want to change looks and your dressing style.

One most attractive features this garmin rower watch has is the preloaded detailed TOPO maps and ski routes for 2,000 worldwide ski resorts. This is why garmin fenix 6 is a powerful candidate for indoor and outdoor rowing sports.

Unlike fenix 5 series watches, garmin fenix 6 pro has a good battery performance. It s battery life last up to 46 days in battery performance mode. The speed and the predecessor is good as compared to  fenix 5.

An increase to 32 GB of internal storage memory is a great boost for on-wrist music playing. You can download and store your favorite playlists of songs, play them when rowing whenever you like. These upgraded features makes it the best smartwatch for indoor and outdoor rowing.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro can count your heart rate even while you are swimming underwater.

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2. Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire – Best rowing watch

best rowing watch for watch rowing world championships live - garmin rowing watch with topo maps - rowing watch - 10 Rowing watches - The Best Smartwatch for rowing and erging this year
  • Connectivity: GPs/GLONASS Bluetooth, WI-FI
  • Sensors: Heart rate, compass, barometer, altimeter
  • Compatible with: Apple iOS and Android
  • full-color, sunlight-readable Garmin Chroma Display
  • LED backlight for night readability
  • Screen resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
  • Memory/Storage: 16 GB

Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire – Slate Gray with Black Band is the super model or advanced garmin rowing watch and has similar features with the aforementioned Garmin Fenix 3 HR.

Basically, its Android and iOS compatible and keeps track of all important rowing data tracking features for outdoor or indoor rowing with more advanced features.

Through its best garmin watch apps, not only does fenix 5 provide rowing data, with its preconfigured rowing app, but it also provide accurate heart rate, stress and fatigue readings, based on the inbuilt Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology.

While this indoor rowing watch determines the calories burned, it also provides you your number of strokes every minute and your intensity of fitness as you row.

As the Training Status keeps track of your rowing exercise history or log data for later review, Germin Fenix 5X remains the best rowing watch with apps that evaluates rowers performance and keeps them motivated when planning or for good training habits.

As usual, you can share your rowing progress to the Garmin Connect online fitness community automatically and it that’s not enough, the Connect mobile applications optionally allows you keeps your friends updated with your live tracking rowing data in real rime

For durability, this watch is ruggedly constructed with strong reinforcement on watch case, a durable PVD-coated stainless steel bezel with silicone strap a sapphire crystal lens over the watch face.

Other features include omni-directional stainless steel EXO antenna; GPS; 3-axis compass; barometer; TracBack feature; and 100 meters water resistance for outdoor rowing, swimming and surfing . At that 100m waterproof, this is the best smartwatch for working out in the water.

Unlike fenix 3, Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire rowing watch is the best smartwatch for rowing with full-color TOPO Map for terrain survey and location navigation.

In my opinion, this smart watch is a wonderful rowing tracker or the best real time fitness tracker that connects you with trainers, friends and family. I would recommend is a the Best Cardio Rowing machine watch for rowing world championships, live tracking opportunity.

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3. Garmin Vivoactive 3

Garmin 010-01769-01 Vivoactive 3, GPS Smartwatch with Contactless Payments and Built-In Sports Apps, Black with Silver Hardware - does the garmin vivoactive have a heart rate monitor - garmin vivoactive 3 intensity minutes not workingrowing watch - 10 Rowing watches - The Best Smartwatch for rowing and erging this year
  • Connectivity: GPS
  • Support sorts:  indoor sports yoga, running, swimming
  • Monitor your fitness level with VO2 max
  •  smart notifications,
  • automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, Live Track
  • Battery life:  7 days in smartwatch mode; 13 hours in GPS mode.
  • Garmin Pay contactless payment solution
  • Personalizable garmin watch face , apps and widgets from Connect IQ store
  • Display size:1.2 inch diameter

Garmin  Vivoactive 3, – a GPS Smartwatch with Contactless Payments and Built-In Sports Apps  is another workout or training companion for outdoor or indoor rowing sports. This Garmin Vivoactive 3 rowing machine watch has preconfigured rowing app to access your rowing metrics.

Heart rate, calories burned, and intensity of fitness activities are also provided with its Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology.

There are many other inbuilt sensors for outdoor rowing and these include GPS for location tracking; compass for direction and bearing; accelerometer; and thermometer for temperatures.

The vivoactive 3 rowers watch is swimproof – 50 meters waterproof depth rated. This means, you are no going to get it ruined with water splashes. This garmin rowing watch is pretty tough for outdoorsmen sports because of its rugged construction.

It comes protected by a well reinforced housing, featuring a stainless steel bezel, a silicone strap, and a anti-scratch Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that covers the dial.

This rugged design favors outdoor adventures and outdoor rowing as it can survive beatings without getting bad.

This watch also allows sharing of live rowing data tracking and access to the Garmin Connect online fitness community – Garmin Connect; social media; or through live tracking.

The customizable garmin watch face is a plus, in addition to smart watch notifications and alerts like text messages; social media updates and emails coming through the Garmin Chroma Display.

As technology allowed it, this Garmin Vivoactive 3 is the first garmin rowing smartwatch to feature contactless payment(Garmin Pay) – shopping from the wrist.

This is the best versatile smartwatch for rowing sports lovers and with Android and iOS compatibility.

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4. Garmin Fenix 3 Heart Rate (HR) Silver

best hr watch - garmin fenix 3 live tracking rowing watch - garmin vivoactive smartwatch with gps and heart rate monitorrowing watch - 10 Rowing watches - The Best Smartwatch for rowing and erging this year
  •  powerful tracking: GPS +ANT+ wireless connectivity
  • Sensors: ABC (altimeter, barometer and compass)
  • GPS track log, for bread crumb trail
  •  VO2 max estimator crunches data
  • Smart notifications
  • gives maximum volume of oxygen per minute

Besides fenix 3 hr being capable of measuring Stroke count, stroke rate, distance per stroke, speed, time;, and distance, Garmin Fenix 3 Heart Rate (HR) Silver best hr watch is designed with Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology, to measure your heart rate without the need to tie round a chest strap.

The amount of Calories burned and the intensity of fitness activities are some data recorded and tracked by Garmin Fenix 3 HR based on the heart rate data.

Garmin Fenix 3 HR is one of those garmin exercise watches that has all the rowing data tracking features you need. The rowing watch feature set for paddle sports includes stroke count, stroke rate and even distance per stroke.

If you ever want a watch that keeps the rowing data log(rowing history), garmin fenix 3 hr is such a performance monitoring tool you should choose. It uses Training Status to keep your rowing exercise history for later progress review and analysis.

If you are taking a water rowing sports, your performance is shared through automatic upload to Garmin Fitness Community.

One’s garmin fenix 3 live tracking performance can also be shared through the automatic upload to friends in the Garmin Connect online fitness community and social media. A Garmin Connect and a Garmin Connect Mobile app are enough to do this task for you.

Expert rowers also commented that Garmin Fenix 3 HR is a reliable rowing data tracking smartwatch, if you are engaged in outdoor or indoor rowing.

rugged gps watch for indoor and outdoor rowingImage source: Amazonrowing watch - 10 Rowing watches - The Best Smartwatch for rowing and erging this year

Garmin Fenix support for outdoor rowing

To better enhance outdoor rowing and erging, garmin fenix 3 hr watch features unidirectional bezel made of stainless steel and an outdoor GPS satellite navigation system. The gps hr smartwatch also has inbuilt 3-axis compass, a barometer that combine with gps to keep outdoor rowers better equipped for any sports terrain. The trackback features makes sure every rower stays on the right course.

Another outdoor support is that this gps rowing watch has water resistance feature of up to 100 meters. This features offers a far suitable outdoor support, with boatload of benefits, when it comes to water rowing sports.

The easy-to-glance Garmin Chroma Display is colorful and higly visible under sunlight. The garmin fenix 3 hr waterproof watch has a backlight that glows brightly under poor light conditions like swimming underwater or when rowing at night.

This rowing fitness watch is not only built for rowing, it is also constructed for rugged outdoor activities like hunting occupation, combats, mountain climbing and hiking trails.

Its rugged construction features a reinforced housing; a highly protective PVD-stainless steel bezel and a high-strength scratch-resistant domed sapphire crystal. Another tough design is the silicone watch band that is treated to withstand every dirty outdoor beatings in all conditions.

Ofcourse garmin fenix 3 hr is a smartwatch can it support smart notifications that allow you to receive emails; texts messages; and calls.

There are many best fenix 3 apps and widgets for quick access to information from connect IQ store. It is also very compatible with Android 4.3, iOS devices. Finally, this watch has the best best garmin watch face you can customize to suit your needs

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5. Garmin vívoactive – HR GPS Smart Watch

Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch  - best garmin vivoactive hr rowing watch - best rowing watch for indoor and outdoor rowing and erging trainingrowing watch - 10 Rowing watches - The Best Smartwatch for rowing and erging this year
  • Connectivity: ,GPS smartwatch , bluetooth
  • Display: sunlight-readable, high-resolution color touchscreen
  • 24/7 Heart rate Monitoring – Elevate wrist heart technology
  • Battery life last Up to 8 days  tracking mode, 13 hours in  GPS mode, 8 days in  Smartwatch mode
  • smart notifications: compatible smartphone – iPad, iPod.
  • Water rating: 5 ATM,
  • Compatible with Android 4.4 OS or Later, AppleiOS 10.0 or Later,

Garmin Vivoactive HR rowing watch is another garmin product that comes with all the rowing metric that can be measures. Its HR monitors keeps check on your heart rhythm so that you can comfortable enjoy the benefits of cardio and strength training.

This garmin rowing tracker also provide amount of calories burned, as well as the intensity of fitness activity, all by help of the Garmin Elevate wrist technology.

Another amazing of basic feature is the onboard GPS navigation that serves to guide in outdoor rowing. The compass and 3-axis accelerometer contribute to make this timepiece a powerful tool watch for rigorous outdoor adventures.

Depth rated at 50m, this watch is waterproof and can withstand water splashes and light shower when rowing on water.

Just like other Garmin rowing watches in this review, this heart rate monitor for rowers support garmin Connect – a garmin online fitness community. This allows the possibility for you to share your rowing data with friends and family through the Garmin’s app.

For a quick glance and easy readability under any light condition, this garmin model comes with an easy-to-read Garmin Chroma Display.

These features that are designed into Garmin Vivoactive HR rowing watch in many ways, makes the smartwatch good for either outdoor or indoor rowing.

When it comes to fitness, you would probably use a rowing machine at your local gym. Vivoactive HR is rowing machine with heart rate monitor that has built-in Workout app and sensors for fitness, to help rowers actively track their sports activity and health 24/7.

While vivoactive hr rowing watch provides rowing stats with its rowing app, it also uses the Move IQ app to track steps walked, floors climbed and intensity minutes throughout your workout day.

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Alternatives to Garmin rowing watch

There are also other smartwatches for rowing, that are non-garmin. Lets go take a look at some of these machine rowing watches.


6. Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch – cheap rowing watch

best polar watches for rowing workout - fitness tracker rowing watch - polar m400 gps smart sports watchrowing watch - 10 Rowing watches - The Best Smartwatch for rowing and erging this year
  • Navigation:  Built-in GPS technology
  • Fitness tracker for steps, distance, calories burned, sleep quality,
  • fitness rowing tracking watch to keep an eye on your running cadence
  •  Compatible with H7 Heart Rate sensor
  • Smartwatch for rowing: Plan, sync and share rowing data by Polar Flow app

This Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports GPS Watch is another non garmin rowing watch, recommended by expert rowers. This rowers wrists watch has good accuracy for heart rate monitoring.

This excellence comes from their many years of experience making HR watches since 1977, when polar made the first wireless heart rate monitoring tracker.

This polar smartwatch has a bluetooth heart rate monitor chest strap, called the H7 Heart Rate Sensor. The best way to wear the polar rowing watch, is below the chest muscles.

Another amazing outdoor rowing specific feature is the on-board GPS that helps in tracking split time and the distance covered.

However, this smartwatch cannot determine some rowing metrics like stroke rate; stroke count and distance per stroke.

Like other smartwatches, you get smart notifications – incoming calls, messages, since its compatible with iOS phones and Android Smartwatch.

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7. Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm)

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm) - Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport Band - Rowing with Apple watch is fascinating - Apple Watch only offers one type of built-in rowing workout, called “Rower,” for use with an indoor rowing machine - sync your stats via HealthKit, Apple’s platform for handling health and fitness data.rowing watch - 10 Rowing watches - The Best Smartwatch for rowing and erging this year
  • connectivity: GPS + Cellular
  • Electrical and optical heart sensors
  • ECG app
  • Digital Crown with haptic feedback
  • 50% louder speaker
  • S4 Sip with faster 64-bit dual-core processor
  • Improved accelerometer and gyroscope for fall detection
  • Swim proof

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm) is a rowing app smart watch that comes from the leading smartwatch brand – Apple Watch.

As you will expect, this rowing apple watch has the GPS navigation feature keep rowers confident in the outdoor rowing exercise. Added to help with outdoor navigation, is the barometric altimeter for air pressure measurement and weather forecast.

This watch comes with a rowing workout app, with customizable workout options. All you need is select your choice of rowing workout( the Rower) and Apple rowing watch does the tracking job for you. This is particularly useful only for indoor rowing training exercises.

The kind of rowing data this exercise watch tracks include rowing duration, amount of calories burned, and the rate of heart beat. The downside here is that it does not track stroke rate, stroke count and speed.

For a detailed rowing data tracking finding a home cardio rower machine that can sync stats with smartwatch via HealthKit app is an excellent option.

If you are comfortable with concept 2 rowing machine, the best rowing app according to experts is the ErgData. This appl can keep and share your rowing stats with concept 2 online logbook, for later review.

The cellular connectivity allows seamless way to make and receive calls when you’re outdoor. The Apple music and the Podcast keep rowers entertained during indoor rowing workouts.

Featuring an improved larger screen, a digital Crown with haptic feedback; improved fitness and health monitors and the accelerometer.

You would also find the gyroscope, the electrical heart sensor, and the optical heart sensor; and some new ways to use apps with Siri shortcuts.

For strength and durability, the new materials( ceramic and sapphire crystal) used to construct this apple watch case back are tough and strong.

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8. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 – galaxy watch for rowing machine

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 (44mm, GPS, Bluetooth), Aqua Black - best samsung rowing watch for indoor erging and outdoor rowingrowing watch - 10 Rowing watches - The Best Smartwatch for rowing and erging this year
  • Variety of watch faces, bands
  • Display: 360 x 360 Super AMOLED screen
  • Heart rate tracking –  detects a high or a low heart rate;
  • Has built in sleep tracker
  • long lasting battery : 5 day on a single charge,
  • Music rowing watch – All Audio Playing Format
  • lightweight and Comfortably sleek Galaxy Watch Active2
  • Construction:  aluminum or stainless steel construction

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 (44mm, GPS, Bluetooth) with Aqua Black color, is a smartwatch for fashion and sports. Designed with a round face, this rowing machine watch is a pretty stylish and classic timepiece with toughened mirror surface and sturdy metal protection.

The samsung rowing Active watch  goes beyond just tracking steps, it also records calories burnt to offer actionable insights on your fitness sports performance and how your body is working out.

Actually according to experts who rowed with this watch,  it offers better insights on how you can reach your fitness goals. The built-in pace coaching on the Galaxy Watch is a great enhancement for sport athletes.

This rowing watch is pretty lightweight on wrists and great for women rowers with skinny wrists. The aluminum or stainless steel construction also features a variety of faces  and excellent finishing that blends with any fashionable wardrobe.

Where your heart beats up to during competitive rowing race, samsung heart rate follows and tracks up to that rate while at same time, can detect if you have got low or higher heart beat.

After rowing, comes your downtime and the samsung rowing watch is still ready to keep check on you. The built in sleep tracker offers valuable insights on your night’s sleep and tells when you got stress and fatigue through its integrated calm app .

The samsung rowing race watch comes with an impressive battery built for endurance. The battery can support and endure more than a 5 day after a single charge. This is more than enough time to spend on your rowing training workouts in the outdoor.

Understand that samsung is a watch for outdoorsmen and  and supports wireless data share with Qi compatible Samsung. It Connect seamlessly via Bluetooth to your favorite apps so you can keep rowing.

Has variety of styles  40mm medium size samsung Galaxy Active black, 42mm midnight colored Samasung galaxy watch, 46mm silve/black samsung galaxy watch

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9.TomTom Runner GPS Watch (Black)

rowing watch - 10 Rowing watches - The Best Smartwatch for rowing and erging this yearrowing watch - 10 Rowing watches - The Best Smartwatch for rowing and erging this year
  • Connectivity: GPS, Bluetooth
  • Extra large screen display
  • three unique graphical training modes.
  • Construction: Ultra slim, lightweight and waterproof
  • Sensors: Heart rate tracking – optional
  • battery life: 10 hours in GPS mode
  • Waterproof up to 165 feet (50 meters) / 5ATM
  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth Smart Technology

If you are rowing,  running, cycling or swimming, here is a non garmin gps watch with a range to help you achieve your goals. This TomTom watch is a multi-sport cardio watch for working out in the outdoor.

TomTom Runner GPS Watch is an indoor rowing watch designed to allows you to see your detailed workout metrics at-a-glance. The extra large display screen is big enough for you to see your key running stats, distance, run time and pace at-a-glance, on a high-resolution and high-contrast display screen. This probably helps you to stay motivated and reach your activity goals easily.

The super tough display is scratch(and impact) resistant, durable and easy to read while rowing. If you aim to race yourself, this rowing watch helps you compare your current rowing with past performances  in “real-time”. This guides you to  continue to improve, while rowing.

This rowing tracker watch has strong vibration alerts, not to wake you up from bed, but to signal lap and interval timing, and when you have achieved planned milestones.

To enjoy serious entertainment during rowing exercises, tom tom erg rowing watch comes with music playing features and you can go listening to your music as you row.

Tom Tom is our best indoor rowing tracker for treadmill, exercise bikes and rowing machine. The TomTom Runner’s built-in sensors count your strides(steps when running) and tell your pace and distance.

For outdoor tracking, its QuickGPSFix Technology helps  find your precise location during water rowing sports. This rowing workout watch comes with the latest GPS and GLONASS satellite receiver technology, that makes the TomTom the best equipped outdoor gps watch for rowing.

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Water rowing with garmin Hr Rowing watch

This video shows how to exercise on a water rower cardio machine, while  monitoring performance with a Garmin hr rowing watch.

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Best rowing apps

Ergdata (Concept2)

Do you use Concept2 rowing machine? This app offers perfect tracking ans sync of your workouts. It will connect your Concept2 logbook, for easy sync of rowing workout data.  Depending on your kind of Concept2 monitor, this app works compatibly with the PM3, PM4 and PM5 monitors.  Free get it for IOS and Android compatible


This app works on Concept2 rowing machine to effectively track rowing workout. While it provides feedback and displays rowing workout progress, it can connect wirelessly to the PM5 monitor. It has with in-app paid upgrades for IOS and Android.

RowKeeper Rowing app

IRowKeeper is a low-tech app that sync compatibly with most rowing machines at home or at the gym. The downside is you have to enter the data in a manual way. It will track your fitness rowing exercise workouts and display as you progress over time. It may cost few cents to download. The rower app is IOS compatible.

RowVigor Rowing app

This rowing app( RowVigor)  offers video workouts on rowing machine. this is great for home rowing as the video instructors will give guide and technique on how to row. This rowing stroke watch app also works with  Concept2 PM5 monitor. like other rowing apps, this one is IOS and Android compatible.

RP3 Rowing App

this app is so limited and is currently only compatible with android and RP3 machine for real-time rowing exercise data. It tracks speed, stroke rate and you need connection via cable.

ErgIQ Rowing app

This app connects Concept2 PM5 machine to your Garmin device.

LiveRowing Rowing App

This IOS app works Concept2 rowing machine and gives rowing performance analysis. This app for liverowing watch can connect to your Strava account and to PM5 monitor. Relies on a cable connection to PM3 and PM4 monitors

other rowings app for apple : HealthKit, Rowingcoach

How to Sync Concept2 Workouts from ErgData to your Online

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Do any fitness trackers track rowing?

Smartwatches like garmin have fitness tracking capabilities and so they can track rowing perfectly well. A garmin fitness tracker is the best when it comes to rowing data tracking, because expert rowers often recommend these smartwatches from Garmin. Their reason is that many smartwatches from Garmin  can supply all the data you’ll ever  need in your rowing workout or training, Some can connect to Concept 2 rowing machines through the ErgIQ apps.

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Does fitbit versa track rowing?

Although Fitbit currently provides about 20 exercise modes, it is unfortunate that it has no rowing tracker mode. If you are going to have to use fitbit rowing,  you’ll have to use but the workout mode .  Fitbit canntrack calories you burn, although it is questionable how accurate is Fitbit calorie burned.


What is a good SPM for rowing?

SPM is strokes per minute. Ii measures the number of times you pull back the rowing machine handle or oar in one minute. If you are capable of rowing,  aim for between 24 and 30 SPM to have a comfortable, steady workout. Even in race rowing, stroke rates are generally a bit higher but usually still below 36.


What is best rowing machine that is compatible with rowing watches

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Wrap Up

What’s your best rowing watch? If you did not find a suitable smartwatch for your outdoor and indoor rowing machine workout, write us in the form below stating what you want to see in your ideal rowing watch. We will respond in 5 business days with suggested rowing watches according to your needs.

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