Top 14 Best smartwatches under 50 dollars(With High-End Smart Watch Features)

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Over the years, my most dependable and accurate smartwatch has been Samsung Galaxy Active2 to track my exercise and monitor my heart rate. But that costed me up to $230. I have been really skeptical about the reliability and usability, to buy an inexpensive smartwatch that costs less than 25% or fraction of that Samsung watch.

I search on, because I never  really wanted to make any surprising conclusions that purchasing the best quality smartwatch is out of my budget range. I was still assuming that a cheap smartwatch is a bad investment and won’t last longer.

But I was wrong. I didn’t do my homework well and as I searched deeper, and extensive; I found the best smartwatches under $50 with incredible performance and design.

Looking for the budget smartwatches under $50? No worry, here is a list of top selected best smartwatches under 50 dollars. Try the best smartwatch under $50 and you regret buying Apple watch for $300

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The top best smartwatch under $50

You can find even the best smartwatch under $150 if you have the money. Some apple watches like Apple watch series 3 are some of  the very best Smartwatches under $300. But if you can’t pay to enjoy their expensive features, you can have the same functions on your wrist at a very cheap price point.

To be clear, 50 dollars is not the lowest price of smartwatches in the market. There are many smart watches that are far less costly than the ones in this list, but they are scrappy.

Which is your best budget smartwatch under 50 dollars?

  • Amazfit bip –overall smartwatch under 50 dollars
  • Tickwatch GTX–top notch inexpensive health watch
  • Yamay smartwatch–blood pressure smart watch under $50
  • Willfull Tracker – most affordable price
  • CanMixs Watch –waterproof smartwatch under $50
  • Letsfit Smartwatch – cheap fitness tracker
  • Amokeoo Smartwatch – budget android smartwatch for calls and texting
  • LETSCOM Smart Watch – cheap hybrid smartwatch under 50



Is it worth getting a cheap smartwatch?

Buying the best cheap smartwatch saves a lot of money in  your pocket. This means, an affordable smart watch helps you  to stay connected without having to spend much of your hard-earned dollars.

Higher end smartwatches, have advanced features including calls, text, notification, camera, ECG and fall detection like in case of Apple watch 4. You will be surprised to find that there are budget smartwatches under $50, with most of these functions, including camera and cellular sim cards.

Few of the cheapest smart watches support fitness tracking and health monitoring and feature onboard GPS sensor for basic tracking. It is heart-breaking to me though, that some low price smartwatches still rely on their smartphone’s GPS.

I haven’t found any yet, be it the best smartwatch for iPhone under $50 or the best android smartwatch under 50 bucks that offers NFC cashless payment gateway, Google Assistant. But I found , I think, two under $50 smartwatches with Alexa built-in.

You can get a budget-friendly and best smartwatch under 50 dollars, which will measure your everyday fitness metrics, read your health status, track sports, notifies your calls and text messages, track GPS location, and offer you smart cashless payment systems.

I guess, you are not going to find it convenient, to use your smart phone, all the time. So, you don’t need to pay much money to have a smart watch that extends your favorite smartphone’s functionalities.

Smartwatches are available at wide price ranges, even down to $20. You can get the best smartwatch under $50 with compact, handy design, plus good device(iOS + Android) compatibility for your phone.

If you want a high-tech smartwatch without breaking a bank, that is all I am going to offer you today.  Read on and pick your favorite, best cheap smartwatch under 50 dollars, then discover what it has to offer, by yourself.




The Best Smartwatches Under $50 reviewed

From different brands, here are smartwatches for less than $50, with quite different features, and aesthetics. They may not be like those Swiss smartwatches with super accurate and expensive aesthetics. We prioritized the cheap smartwatches solely on their discounted purchase price and good quality they offer. They are from good , trusted, and popular smartwatch brands anyway.


1. YAMAY – a cheap smart watch with blood pressure monitor

 best smartwatch under 30 dollars - Yamay is a health and fitness smartrwatch under 50 dollars - Cheap fitness tracker blood pressure monitor blood oxygen meter heart rate monitor.

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You won’t be looking for an under $50 smart wrist wearable only for timekeeping. Yamay is not just the best fitness tracking smartwatch for under 50 dollars, but also a health smart watch with blood pressure monitor.

The best part of it is, at this little price, Yamay have just the right features to help you achieve your daily fitness goals, and track your health. The Yamay is one of the popular brand of budget smartwatches which is highly trusted by users.

Yamay can accurately tell your heart rate, measure your blood oxygen level, check your blood pressure and monitor fitness activities. Yamay is not an expensive smartwatch, but it is a great piece with sleep tracking, call and text notification,

The Yamay is also a cheaper accurate fitness and health tracker,  loaded with up to 9 sport modes like running, riding, trekking,  walking, hiking, yoga and cycling. It also monitors your calories, read distance and counts steps. The cheap watch is nice to wear for a treadmill workout to lose weight.

The design is aesthetic and wears perfectly on both skinny wrists adults and teenage people. With up to five different or multiple band colors available, you can pick the right Yamay smart watch model that fits your style and taste.

Reasons you have to Check and buy Yamay Smartwatch

  • The watch costs substantially less than $50
  • Has great value – gives valuable feedback on fitness exercise performance
  • It’s a health tracker for heart rate 24/7, sleep cycle,
  • Compatible with android and Apple phones(iOS 9.0+ and Android 5.0+)
  • Receive calls, SMS message and social media alerts
  • Has gently vibrating alarm + sedentary reminder
  • Has good remote control for music and camera
  • Good customizations –  upload image for your watch face
  • YAMAY smartwatch offers 7 days long battery life
  • Waterproof designed
  • Has conveniences of text/call alerts



2. WillFull SmartWatch -affordable smart watch for iOS and android users

Affordable smartwatches designed for exercise tracking and health monitoring

best smartwatches under 50 - Top 14 Best smartwatches under 50 dollars(With High-End Smart Watch Features)
best smartwatches under 50 - Top 14 Best smartwatches under 50 dollars(With High-End Smart Watch Features)
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WillFull is another budget brand smartwatch that’s popular, with millions of fans. The Willful does everything you would expect from older apple watches, but at a reasonable price.

The lower price watch has a versatile design, with large 1.3-inch LCD colored touchscreen, compatible with android and iOS, and really attractive color variations. If you are an avid fitness enthusiast, and a health focus person, WillFull smartwatch won’t make you break a bank.

Willful is a high quality and very affordable smartwatch with smart notifications for text messages, emails, calls and social media – Facebook, twitter messages. You are not going to have to pull out your phone every time to check messages or track calls.

This cheap smart watch has many similar features with high-end smartwatches. WillFull can track and monitor your fitness activities, as well as health – heart rate and sleep.

The sport modes it tracks includes running, hiking, climbing , walking, cycling, yoga, , badminton, tennis, dance, football, and Basketball. Aren’t these enough to help you achieve your fitness goals?

If you have a feeling for Fitbit-deigns, you would love this Willfull inexpensive smartwatch which costs under $50. The aesthetics is good for both men and women. The soft and comfortable band (solid rubber material) makes it perfect for the delicate wrists of teenagers, and ladies.

Moreover, the cheap watch is IP68 waterproof designed(50 meters), which makes it a nice piece for swimming or showering. It has a pretty long-lasting battery life, so you can wear and track all-day steps, calculate the calories burn, computer distance traveled, and monitor other outdoor fitness activities without the battery running out.

Considering location, speed or pace, this low price tracker lacks GPS. It depends only on your smartphone’s GPS to offer real time distance and location monitoring. Also, the screen is low resolution, so you would have to focus more to read stats.

Reasons to buy this WillFull budget smartwatch

  • supercheap fitness tracker with plenty sport modes
  • Offers precise real-time pace and distance
  • Impressive long battery life – 7-10 days
  • Displays your activity insight’s via its app
  • Designed with a wrist-comfortable band and customizable dial
  • customizable watch faces


3. Timemaker Fitness Tracker – cheapest smartwatch under $30

Best cheap fitness tracker – reduce price smartwatch under 30 dollars - Timemaker Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Smart Bracelet, Activity Tracker Watch, Step Counter, Sleep Monitor, Calorie Counter, IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch for Android and iOS Smart Phonesbest smartwatches under 50 - Top 14 Best smartwatches under 50 dollars(With High-End Smart Watch Features)

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Looking for the cheapest smartwatch under $50 in your list? You should buy this Timemaker fitness tracker if you are on a tight budget plan. The multiple features and functions are just very good for indoor and outdoor fitness monitoring.

The watch is very inexpensive and look like a low profile smartwatch, but that isn’t it. It features a high resolution display screen, and a stylish professional design. Beyond the look and feel, the budget tracker can measure your calorie burn during weight loss exercises, tracks a heart rate, counts your steps,  distance and more.

What is so exciting about this smart watch with reduced price?, You can use it as a camera remote control, to capture photos through your smartphone. That makes the watch perfect for outdoor sports and adventures, where you keep memories of yourself by a lift of wrist.

The watch’s aesthetics isn’t only for adult, Timemaker fitness tracker also makes the best smartwatch for teen boys and girls. Unfortunately, this reduce price smartwatch has limited sport modes, and a shorter battery life.

Reasons to buy this cheapie smart watch

  • Good resolution display
  • Cheapest smartwatch under 50 dollars
  • Not costly but has Good quality
  • IP67 Waterproof rated
  • Best for adults and teenagers
  • Phone camera remote control

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4. SKYNEW Smart Watch – with first-class features at cut-rate prices

(Bargain-based and Inexpensive health watch with 99% accurate measurement)

Here is another under 50 dollar smartwatch, which is elegant, sleek like apple watches, and above all, provides good, accurate, and precise measurements.

If you are data focused, and want to monitor your fitness metrics -steps, distance, and health stats for sleep, heart rate, calorie burned and blood oxygen levels, you may think that this watch is too good to be very affordable.

I would think no other best cheap smartwatch under 50 dollars for fitness than this Skynew smart watch.

It is loaded with up to 7 sport modes,  and has a slightly bigger, easy to customize dial display of 1.4 inches. With the universal compatibility for android and iOS, and you can get the app that display all your activity insights from the Apple store or Google Play Store.

Overall, you can be wrong with this SKYNEW. It is the best android smartwatch and the best iOS smartwatch under 50 dollars, which is waterproof and ready for pool swimming.

Reason to Purchase this sub-50 smart watch

  • Large display screen
  • Waterproof
  • Can pair with android phones and iPhone
  • Offers accurate fitness tracking
  • Checks blood oxygen saturation level
  • Very cheap priced



5. TicWatch GTX  – top-notch but dirt cheap smartwatch

cheap smartwatches -  One of my favorite essential smartwatches for under 50 dollars – bargain-based tracker

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Many people, who haven’t checked TicWatch GTX think the watch is much more expensive. Rather, Ticwatch is several time less expensive than older apple watches, yet it returns key features you will exponent from high-end models.

TicWatch GTX is one of the best smartwatches under $50 that combines and maintains both affordability and smart functions. It is not high end, and it won’t let you break your bank or go overboard your credit balance.

Would you think a cheaper smartwatch means it has been compromised in terms of design? No, Ticwatch GTX is an excellent wearable with good features which only compete with expensive smartwatches.

This is an affordable product from Mobvoi, and all the gadgets they make are popular, and high quality. This TicWatch GTX is just another budget smartwatch whose battery is been proven to perform well up to 10 days on power saving mode.

Whatever, it is clear that Tickwatch is not the best long battery life smartwatch available, but be assured, you can wear this for at least 7 days before another recharge.

Added to the appealing, eye-catching design, you get customizable watch faces to can match your own style. There is more, the cheap watch has fitness tracking features including 14 exercise modes. I think, TicWatch won’t be best value if it lacks health features.

You will get TickHealth app that displays health stats including data from heart and sleep monitoring. Imagine that you wake up your bed and you get accurate information about your light and deep sleep cycles and your heart beat patterns.

It’s amazing, health tracking is one of the selling points of many luxury smartwatches, but you don‘t get to pay a higher amount of money with this budget smartwatch under $50.

Away from fitness and health monitoring, TicWatch also offers smart notifications including phone calls alert, text message notifications, calendar, social media, weather  and other features.

Reason to order this good bargain- smartwatch

  • It is a low price heart monitor and sleep tracker
  • Good battery life up to 10 days
  • IP68 certified, or waterproof rated
  • Multiple sports modes
  • Looks rich on your wrist, without being money-draining
  • Many smart notifications–calls, SMS, social media



6. Amazfit Bip U Pro- best smartwatch under $50

best smartwatch under $50 amazon offers – top notch design at a super cheap price

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Can you imagine Amazfit smartwatch costing less than $50? This saves a lot more than a discounted price for the best cheap smartwatches people look for in the market.

If you love Apple watches but can’t afford to pay the hefty price tag, consider this Amazfit BIP which sells for a fraction of the cheapest apple watch price. It even features expensive features like built -in Amazon Alexa, 60+ sport modes..

One handy and standout function, which comes only in expensive smartwatches, is the always-on display. Yes, this is a power hungry function, yet Amazfit Bip still delivers up to 45 days of long battery life, which is better than a durable smartwatch at twice its price.

It might not compete with the most durable smartwatch in the market, but you can absolutely wear this cheap smartwatch on a one month vacation or hiking adventure.

What is the secret of this phenomenal battery life? Amazfit Bip is the best smartwatch for under 50 dollars so far, which uses outdoor light to power itself. For a long outdoor activity tracking, AmazFit Bip display remains clear and bright, even while preserving battery power.

As the as the best cheap smartwatch with the longest battery life in our list, Amazfit BIP watch supports myriad of outdoor sports and fitness tracking with excellent feedback. Moreover, it offers sedentary reminders, measure heart rate during cardiovascular training, and tracks basic features like speed and distance.

Although it does not use smartphone’s GPS. It has it own inbuilt gps tracking capability – with the Sony GPS chip, yet sells at a ridiculously small price. The GPS and long battery life are the reasons why Amazfit BIP is the best budget smartwatch for outdoor adventuring.

For a square face design, check this Amazfit BIP lite model with 14 sports modes, 30 days battery life and 50 meters water resistance.

Reasons to check and buy this smartwatch at a tiny price

  • It has a responsive touch screen display
  • Amazfit BIP is available in Stylish design and many colors
  • It Issues smart alerts including Call and messaging notifications
  • Bip is compatible with android and iOS devices
  • Inexpensive Multi-sport fitness tracker
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear on wrist




7. Letsfit Smartwatch – The best fitness tracker under $50

best cheap fitness tracker - costs under $50

Looking for the best fitness tracker for under $50? Letsfit smartwatch and fitness tracker is  good option for people  who want to accurately monitor their daily fitness activities. It is designed with most band options, and you won’t lack one that fits your wrist size.

One thing that is great in this Letsfit fitness tracking watch, is the 10 days battery life, more than some high-grade smartwatches in the market. Letsfit is not the longest lasting battery life smartwatch in this list. It has good battery duration after single charge, wjich is pretty impressive.

Not many best smartwatches under 50 USD are designed to issue calls and messaging notifications. But Letsfit tracker helps you receive all your text, calls, and social media notifications.

In addition to the many sport modes, is the GPS tracking function, which help to monitor basic activities including walks, runs, bike riding and more. The watch is universally compatible, so you can use it as an iOS or android smartwatch.

With plenty color options – green, blue, pink and purple, you can’t miss because this superior design and good aesthetics will meet your style and taste. You won’t have such elegance from a counterfeited smartwatch.

Moreover, users have comfortable experience using the budget elegant smartwatch from LetsFit. You think it is a deal breaker? No, users have no major issues navigating and using the low-rent Letsfit fitness tracker.

Reason to order this  cheap Fitness Tracker under $50

  • Impressive long battery life
  • Good user experience
  • 9 sports modes
  • Money-saving smartwatch to own
  • Good smart notifications – calls, SMS, social media
  • GPS connectivity for outdoor use
  • Variety of color options



8. AGPTEK Smartwatch for Android and iOS Phones

Supercheap smartwatch with good android and iOS compatibility – order now and don’t miss out on the cost savings - Smart Watch for Women, AGPTEK Smartwatch for Android and iOS Phones IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker with Full Touch Color Screen Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Sleep Monitorbest smartwatches under 50 - Top 14 Best smartwatches under 50 dollars(With High-End Smart Watch Features)
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If you think that AGEPTEK is worthless because it  has got a cheesy price, you are wrong. With a lot of potential cost savings, its features and performance surpass those of a second-class smartwatch.

AGPTEK Smartwatch, from its design looks like a female health tracking smartwatch from Samsung. The 1.3 inch screen is easy to read, and round shaped like this rose gold Samsung galaxy active watch. However, it comes in lightweight, sleek and comfortable on wrists.

The best running experience is when you have your MP3 audio music stream through your wireless earphones from your wrists. If having a smartwatch with music is pricier for you, then AGPTEK smartwatch is a better alternative at dirt cheap rate.

It won’t stream or store your sound tracks, but has a music control function. This means you can wear this AGPTEK smartwatch and use it to remotely control songs playing from your smartphone inside the pocket.

Away from the entertaining music control, this affordable tracker can even monitor your stress training. I can’t call this watch any other name less than a reasonably priced wrist-based health tracker.

From the VerifyPro app, the cut-price smart watch can monitor and sync your sleep quality 24 hours (per day), and also count your steps when walking. Again, if you aim for a weight loss workout journey, calorie-burn monitoring is one of its useful and highly sort health tracking features.

You will require a minimum of android 4+ or iOS 8+, and a Bluetooth 4+ for excellent compatibility with your smartphone. Keep in mind that the VerifyPro app won’t work or display your health and fitness insights unless your smartphone is one of those compatible android and iOS devices.

Just a single full charge can keep this tiny price smartwatch 210AM battery running for up to 10 days. Awesome! Plus, a good and quick charging time of 2-3 hours.

Reason to purchase this inexpensive AGEPTEK tracker watch

  • Large battery
  • Waterproof rating up to 50meters
  • Lightweight design
  • Costs only few dollars(less than 50 bucks)
  • pedometer



9. CanMixs watch –  low-cost waterproof sports Smart Watch for Women & Men

best waterproof square smartwatch for under $50 for ios phones with price break. CanMixs watch costs less than 50 dollars but tracks daily workout, measures heart rate, blood pressure, and achieve your fitness goals.
CanMixs Smart Watch for Android Phones iOS

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If you a round face smartwatch is unfairly satisfying to your taste when viewing information, consider CanMixs as a good alternative. The CanMixs is an under 50 dollars smartwatch designed with a stylish, square face 1.3-inch display screen.  

It is naturally scary to choose a smartwatch under $50, because many in the market will just shatter and fail to deliver any performance. Luckily, Canmixs is 50meters water resistant, which makes it a durable waterproof fitness tracker in our list. It will even prevail and deliver remarkable performance even on rainy days or in a swim pool.

Moreover, the smart watch price 50 dollars, does means features are compromised. Canmixs supports 9 sports modes, walking, running, basketball, football, cycle mode, swimming, badminton,  rope skipping, and some bodybuilding workouts.

For health checks, CanMixs is the best smartwatch under $50 with and heart rate and blood pressure monitor. With the help of VeryFitPro, you are sure to read your health and activity score from your wrist – perfectly effortless.

Just like many round dial smart watches in this list, CanMixs has good device compatibility for  android and iOS. Your smartphone must be iOS 9.0 and Android 4.4 to reliably pair with the 50$ smart watch.

Keep in mind, CanMixs is best smartwatch under $50 for iPhone and android, yet has no onboard GPS. It can track basic features – distance, steps, pace, location, only if it connects to your  smartphone’s GPS. Keep in kind that dependence on phone’s GPS is not the reason why it doesn’t need massive cash to purchase it.

In know that one big and scary part of buying a watch under $50, is the battery life. With God’s goodness on your side, Canmixs is an extremely affordable rectangular face watch with a battery that can last up to 7-10 days in a single full charge. Doubled to 10 days battery working time, 2 hours is enough to get this CanMixs budget smart watch fully charged.

Other reasons to buy this smart watch with huge price break

  • 10 days long battery life(( can extend to 15 days)
  • Waterproof and safe to use on winter, shower, and rainy days
  • Fast charging
  • Has universal compatibility
  • Square, easy to read 1.3inches IPS touch screen display
  • Tracks heart beat, and steps
  • The watch looks rich but less costly
  • Affordable blood pressure monitor watch



10. Popglory Smartwatch – best Heart Rate Monitor under $50

best amazon smartwatch under 50 dollars – can make a special gift for a kid and fitness beginnerbest smartwatches under 50 - Top 14 Best smartwatches under 50 dollars(With High-End Smart Watch Features)

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You want to try a smartwatch with a stylish appearance, and interesting features at a dirt cheap rate? Popglory Smartwatch is just the right gadget and I admit, it is never seen before because the price is shockingly low.

The cut-rate may try to hide the valuable function under-the-table but I implore let us look beyond the price tag. It looks controversial, but the Popglory is built to be both affordable and elegant smartwatch.

The touch screen TFT-LCD is colored and i1.3-inch in size. Also, there are four customized displays, not enough but won’t keep you bored, anyway.

Popglory is a well-respected, no-fail smartwatch for real-time heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking. Added to the health check functions, Popglory smartwatch under 50 USD also tracks steps, distance, calorie burn and more. The activity data would help you achieve your fitness exercise goals with no-worries.

The watch has a slightly large battery 210 mAh, which takes averagely 150 minutes to charge. A full charge can keep this best smartwatch under 50 dollars, for around 10 days working time.

With more power-saving settings, or standby time, the battery can last up to 1 month(30-40 days). This is more than the battery life for some whopping cost smart watches.

The device supports a temperature in the range -20 ℃ to 60 ℃ . This mean, you can wear it when hiking, to warm environments, and also to extremely cold or snow terrains. The operating systems require at least iOS 8.0,  Android 4.4 and Bluetooth 4.0 for an excellent connectivity with your smart phone.

Reason get this sub-50 dollar smartwatch

  • Excellent battery performance
  • Stylish watch face that make your wrist look wealthy
  • At a giveaway price, you get a good value for the money



11. Donerton Fitness Tracker –  Slim smart watches under 50 dollars for android

Best android smartwatch under 50 dollars - Amazon - Donerton Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker for Android Phones, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor, Activity Tracker with IP67 Waterproof Pedometer Smartwatch with Step Counter for Women Menbest smartwatches under 50 - Top 14 Best smartwatches under 50 dollars(With High-End Smart Watch Features)
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If you hit a jackpot and get a luxury smartwatch at extraordinary lowest price, that is not it all. Comfort, aesthetics, and how it wears on your wrist is also a bigger consideration than cost. It will raise hell if your best smartwatch under 50 dollars is annoying and scratches your wrist.

The best customizable and less costly smartwatch so far is this Donerton tracker. It is designed slim and lightweight, which offers the reason why you can comfortably wear it all day long without taking it off the wrist.

Most brands of bands can fit, including black and pink. Besides, Donerton might not be the slimmest or thinnest smartwatch, but would surely not feel the weight on your wrist.

On the inside, the Donerton fitness tracker is rich in features, including functions only found in luxurious smartwatches. It logs your steps, counts your calories burned, check your heart rate and does sleep monitoring. This is an underserved fortune, or do you expect such important health measurements from a near pay-zero smart watch?

This economically priced watch has multiple watch faces, with options to download and install more than you like. With the many customizable watch faces, Donerton is one of the best smartwatches under $50 which will match your unique style and exceptional taste.

Moreover, the watch design is waterproof rated, and features up to 8 sports modes ( not many though). Be certain to get the ones that will help you achieve your fitness goals in this sub-50 dollar smartwatch.

Smart notification is another incredible addition. Connect the Donerton to your phone, you’ll notice it is a low-cost smart watch that never fails to alert when you get an incoming text, emails and  social media messages.

Reason to consider this economical smartwatch for android users

  • Compatible with android phones
  • simple and easy to use
  • battery life is 10 days and 30 days on standby mode
  • its water proof or swimproof rated
  • lightweight and convenient to wear every day
  • trustworthy and inexpensive smartwatch at smaller price
  • supports wireless magnetic charging method



12. Virmee VT3 Smartwatch and Activity Tracker

best smartwatch under 50 – amazon product

If you are health focused person, and want to know and maintain a healthier lifestyle, Virmee VT3 is the best smartwatch under 50 amazon offers you.

The smartwatch itself isn’t that very important, the only thing of great concern is what it has to offer you. Looking deeper into this Virmee VT3 smartwatch, you will uncover a lot of amazing health features.

VT3 Activity tracker doesn’t just record heart rate 24/7, but Virmee monitors blood oxygen saturation levels(SpO2), tracks sleep quality and check your stress status too. Isn’t this too much for an inexpensive smartwatch under 50 bucks?

Considering your daily  workout and health check routine, this Virmee smartwatch makes an excellent addition at little cost. The cut-price wearable has a large number (18) sports modes – the highest so far, among the best cheap smartwatches under $50 in this list.

Whatever is your favorite sports, this low-price fitness tracker will for sure, track its activities and sync the metrics into the app on your phone. In addition, the device enables users obtain notifications directly from the wrist, with an option to dismiss phone calls.

The best part is, you can upload images of your choice and use them to customize the watch face. The newer design of Virmee 50 dollar smartwatch comes in three separate band styles, in addition to different watch faces.

Connectivity is one singular feature to stay connected with your phone. Virmee VT3 cheap smart watch is compatible with both android and iOS. You just got to have an up-to-date version and everything will pair nicely and flawlessly.

Similae model : Virmee VG3 Smartwatch reviewed with full specifications

Why buy this dirt cheap smartwatch under 50 usd

  • good device compatibility
  • Its a cheap health watch –tracks sleep, heart rate, stress,
  • Plenty (about 18) sports modes (outdoor and indoor)
  • Allows you to dismiss incoming calls
  • Different band styles



13. LETSCOM Smart Watch – traditional best hybrid smartwatch under 50 USD

best hybrid smartwatches under 50

Are you considering a  more traditional watch with smart features? Letscom is the best hybrid smartwatch under 50 dollars in our selection. Letscom smart watch is extremely unique, thanks to its captivating traditional watch faces.

We have seen that best smartwatches for under 50 dollars feature digital dials and numeric display of data. Letscom, stands out with an analog clock face and some smartwatch functions. One of such smart features is the touch screen with up to 4 different displays.

As usual, you will get timer, alarm clock, stopwatch as you have it in traditional wrist watches. But beyond the looks and feels, this cheap traditional face smartwatch houses about 12 sport modes, which you can’t lack the ones to help you break your past fitness records.

Plus, weather notification is an excellent addition for outdoor sportsmen, and I can’t ignore some smart notifications including text messages from emails, and social media. You can truly exercise, jog or run without pulling out your phone to check a message.

Reasons to pick this affordable smartwatch under $50

  • Sleep tracking
  • Has standard bands –black and green
  • Health checking functions – heart rate tracker, sleep monitor,
  • Waterproof designed for swimming
  • Standout analog traditional watch face



14. Amokeoo Smartwatch – best smartwatch for android under 50 bucks

best android bluetooth smartwatch under 50 dollars - Amokeoo Smart Watch,Android Smartwatch Touch Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android iOS Phones Wrist Phone Watch with SIM Card Slot & Camera,Waterproof Fitness Tracker Sports Watch for Women Menbest smartwatches under 50 - Top 14 Best smartwatches under 50 dollars(With High-End Smart Watch Features)

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Another budget smart watch, which is more suitable only for android users is the Amokeoo. This smart device has more under its watch screen than most smartwatches near $300.

Imagine, Amokeoo has a unique feature that allows you to insert a cellular SIM card. Which means if you can turn this watch into a standalone calling device – a phone. This is extremely pricey function than the price the smartwatch actually sells for. Go check the retail price on Amazon, its not a scam!

More functions include ability to set alarms, incoming call notifications, ability to receive and answer calls from your wrist, music support, video camera and excellent Bluetooth connectivity. Al these high-paying features come from a totally an inexpensive smart watch, under $50.

Calling is a fantastic and extremely rare features in cheap smartwatches. In addition, the device can monitor your sleep cycle, and daily activities, issues sedentary reminders.

More than expected, is the anti-lost technology which has been incorporated into the watch. If you fear the terror of losing your phone, Amokeoo has got your back on this.

While your smartphone can find your missing smartwatch, this less costly Amokeoo watch can also search and find your phone in case of theft or loss.

Absolutely, it’s the best less expensive smartwatch for elderly people and kids who wants to stay connected and safe without having to carry the phone. We have standalone smartwatches for android users, but none is cheaper than this Amokeoo smartwatch.

Note: Its not t designed to replace your smartphone

Reasons to order this cheap smart watch with SIM card slot

  • Best for phone-free communication –(helps to extend your smartphone)
  • Tracks sleep patterns and heart beat
  • Has anti loss technology – never miss your item
  • Can play music while tracking your activity
  • Issues sedentary reminders
  • Good Bluetooth connectivity
  • has camera for picture taking



Why are many smartwatches inexpensive?

If you are wondering why high tech, smart watches are sold cheaper, you are not alone because I first though so until I bought my Amazfit Multi-sport fitness tracking watch under $50. Some people still think it is only smartwatches for kids that one can buy at giveaway price. No, not really. Scout the sea of smartwatch market and you will find adult smartwatches at reasonable prices, and under 50 dollars.

Since the introduction of smartwatches, the prices have never been more budget-friendlier as we have today. The smartwatch sales have been growing remarkably, because the brands adopted the long tail business models where they sell their smartwatches at lower prices to a very large number of customers.

Many people feel skeptical when they hear of the best smartwatch under $50. With today’s technology, it is quicker, and easier to design, and manufacture a smartwatch from many materials. In smart watch industry, being a budget smartwatch that costs less than $50 does not mean less quality.

There are many smartwatch brands that off consumers an absolute bargain products that delivers outstanding health and fitness performance. Some cheap smartwatches even work better than high-end smartwatch like apple watches. Know that you got no room to settle for a substandard smart watch, because we have carefully chosen our best low-cost smartwatches for under $50.

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What features should I look for when buying a Smartwatch under 50 dollars?

Smartwatches are available at all price ranges except zero, and if you choose to pick up a smartwatch at a very reasonable price, You must be realistic about what you want from a smartwatches available for $50 or less.

It may be hard to find a premium quality smart watch for under 50 dollars, but it is not impossible. However, when choosing the best smartwatch that costs less than $50,  consider the following factors

  1. iOS and Android Compatibility.

If you have got  an android smartphone, get a cheap android smartwatch. If iPhone, choose the best  best ios smartwatch under 50 dollars.

  1. battery life.

If you do not want to frequently be charging the watch’s battery life, select the longest battery smartwatch. The good is that cheap  smartwatches don’t have that excessively battery-draining features like luxurious smartwatches.

  1. Fitness features.

If you want to track you daily fitness activities, and you are tight on budget, a cheaper fitness tracker can do the job like an Apple watch series5 would do. Moreover, basic features like distance, steps, location, pace are really important if your device has a built-in GPS. AN inexpensive smartwatch with many sports modes is a fortune, and you should not miss such a bargain.

  1. Health monitoring.

Heart, sleep, stress, calories burned are just some of the few health metrics to check using a wrist worn-smartwatch. You should consider what health metric you want to record everyday, and check the accuracy. Sometimes, not all calorie tracking watches are accurate, and you should seriously consider these things before buying.

  1. Phone features

Camera, Calls and text messaging are some extended phone features and if the budget smartwatch supports it, that is a fortune. The one ways notification isn’t bad for a watch that cost $20. So if you can receive notifications about messages, calls and social media on your wrist, that is great to keep the phone away, but within range.

  1. Durability

It is hard to find cheap smartwatches that are scratch proof and resists tear and wear. But water resistance is an expected factor to check, since it can ruin the watch in seconds. A durable smart watch has a slightly longer lifespan under rain, and in a shower at varying degrees. If you find an IP67 or IP68 certified waterproof smart watch under 50 dollars, don’t miss purchasing it because it can get submerged in deep water.

  1. Comfort -ease of use and style.

What color and band sizes are available? Considering that hanging watches is one of the challenges of having small wrists, you should pick the right fit for your arm. Again, color has to match your fitness and sport gears too.

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FAQs On Best Smartwatches Under 50 dollars

Are cheap smartwatches any good?

YES, despite saving you a lot of money, cheap smartwatches offer more value than some smart watches over 250 dollars like Apple watch series 3. One inconvenience of buying a cheap smartwatch is the frequent replacement, say every 3-6 months depending on the way your handle them.

Yes, they can easily break and fail, but if they cost only $30, you don’t need to break a bank to grab another smart watch that counts your steps, and track your health and fitness. The purpose is in what the low cost smart watch can do for you. That is the value for your money., if you require them.


Why should I leave apple watch to buy a glorified fitness band?

For example, if you are an avid fitness enthusiasts, and buying an apple watch is more expensive, you can settle for a fitness watch with better fitness tracking metrics and analytics. That is where you get the value for your money, without paying exorbitant sums.

Overall, a high-end smartwatch like apple watch 7 would be important, if you strictly desire one for iPhone and you found no comparison.

Moreover, cheap smart watches sometimes turn to outperform Apple watches in terms of battery life. For example, one of the best cheap Chinese smartwatches is Huawei watch fit, which tracks heart rate, 24/7, monitors sleep, SpO2 and stress but is costs a tiny fraction of Apple prices.

On another unnatural side, even a glorified fitness band won’t have google maps and support cashless payments(NFC) and sync data with iPhones. So there is no clear winner, all depends on your need.


What is the best cheap smartwatch for small wrists?

So far, there are many smartwatches for teenagers in this list. But one that comes with comfortable and easy to wear watch bands for smaller wrists and bigger wrists is the Dirrelo Smart Watch which works well with both Android Phones & iPhone. The Waterproof Fitness Smartwatch features 50m water resistance, which is good for pool swimming.


Does smartwatch require you to download apps?

Sometimes, yes. Apps are vital to help monitor your activity and you have to download one if needed. Getting the right data or information from your smartwatch is all you need. Some watches need apps to make notifications to work and may your watch may need third party apps too to help. You just need to check if your affordable smartwatch needs to install app.


Can a cheap smartwatch make phone calls and text?

Many standalone smartwatches can make and receive calls like a phone, if they connect to a data plan like 4G or LTE. Most of the smartwatches also text messages too. It is rare, but not impossible to see cheap smartwatches under $100 have phone calls and texting features. With such phone watches, you can allow your phone at home and walk outside wearing only your smartwatch. Try this Amokeoo Smartwatch in our list which has a cellular sim card slot.


What are there disadvantages of buying a low profile smartwatch?

  • Some cheap smart watches are just scrappy, sham, and break easily.
  • Those poorly made smartwatches don’t have big sales price, but can potentially shatter the very moment you wear on your wrist.
  • Again, they deliver faulty results, and have poor materials which won’t last longer.
  • Many of very cheap watches don’t have scratch resistant screens even, and would drop dead from a low height onto floor.
  • Plenty smartwatches are from counterfeited and not compatible even
  • Most don’t have lasting battery life
  • And few are IP68 water-resistant

My recommendation is you buy cheap smartwatches only from reputable smartwatch brands, with good warranty and years of experience.


What features can be lacking in budget smartwatches?

Here are features that are common in expensive models of smartwatches, which are significantly absent in a majority of low profile smart watches

  • Google voice assistant
  • ECG, Blood pressure monitor
  • Video / Camera,
  • Music streaming, and storage
  • Siri, Alexa,
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS,
  • SIM card/4G/LTE connectivity, Text messaging
  • Cashless payment – NFC
  • Fast and wireless charging
  • Not compatible with tablets or iPads

If you find a cheap smartwatch with any of these features above, they are pretty good value for your money.


Which is a big battery capacity smartwatch under $50?

TOZO S1 smartwatch is very cheap, waterproof, scratch resistant and has 300mAh battery capacity. On a long standby time, the battery can work for up to 15 days. Large battery capacity means ability to hold more charge, which is great for outdoor use.


Which budget smartwatch under 50 dollars is best for women?

One smartwatch that costs under 40 dollars is the Hommie smartwatch, designed specially for women. The band is interchangeable, and the wearable comes with feminine color–pink. The Budget-friendly Smartwatch has the right fit for athletic ladies. It would be easy-to-read thanks to large dial, has 18 different sport modes and Budget-friendly measures a woman’s heart rate, and blood pressure. The women’s budget  smartwatch can help in your preparation for pregnancy.


What is the best Chinese smartwatch under 50 dollars?

Get this Huawei watch fit if you don’t want to spend much money of a Chinese smartwatch. The HUAWEI Watch FIT Smartwatch, has a 1.64” Vivid AMOLED Display screen and up to about 10 days battery life, built in GPS, heart rate monitor and sleep tracking. Users interacts using touchscreen, buttons. We can’t forget the Bluetooth connectivity and a 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency.


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