Best Smartwatch With Camera 2023 [Spy, Take Photos, Make Video Calls from wrist]

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Traveling, or taking outdoor adventure trip is memorable when accompanied with photography. A professional camera was often the best choice, and these last decade has seen smartphones as the best handy media tool for every outdoor lover or traveler. But more recently, having the best smartwatch with camera is the finest choice. Just wearing a smartwatch with HD camera, on your wrist, is enough to record every event during an entire even or your entire trip.

The trend that smartwatches have taken, will soon move smartphone out of some regular outdoor use, and won’t you be among the first to joint and receive these high-tech video calling smartwatches?


But Can A Smartwatch Take Pictures and record videos?

The recent advances in technology has pushed smartwatches to feature even digital cameras, and messages texting and cellular capabilities. There are already some best LTE smartwatches with sim cards(esim, Nano micro SIM), in the market, which can make and receive phone calls.

To make our lives far better with lighter wearables like smartwatches, if you combine the texting, in a 4g sim card smartwatch with a high resolution camera, we will live an entire phoneless lifestyle.

And you can see that coming. First we had these best standalone smartwatches. Some have their own phone numbers but can make and receive calls or work without phone.

Recently, we reviewed best smartwatches for texting and replying messages. Today, you are currently reading the best smartwatch with a camera.

Some of them include speakers, other HD camera smartwatches in this review also have Wi-Fi, bluetooth, 4G Sim card. To say it all, most of these smartwatches that take pictures and support cellular calls, also actively support video calling options.

It will not be long, before a gadgets like the luxury swiss made smartwatches rival smartphones out of business. Presently, the maximum camera specs for a smartwatch is 13MP, more than the camera pixels for some smartphones in the market.

I guess, you won’t miss out on this opportunity and that you would like to be on the list of smart people to use smartwatches fitted with hidden or front cameras.

best smartwatch with camara text calls and wifi
img: best smartwatch with camera text calls and wifi


What can a Cell Phone Watch with a Camera do?

Consider that you just picked your first android cellular watch. What can you do with it?

1. Video recording, picture snapshots

Basically, the best smartwatch with HF camera can take both photos and videos. A smart watch with camera will allow you to capture self-portraits, make video call to family and friends, even when you are hiking far away from home. You don’t need a cell phone for any of these and you are never going to care if your phone is around and not.

2. Compatible with most networks

A real 4G smart watch is compatible with WCDMA, GSM actively runs on 4G networks, including TDD LTE and FDD LTE. If they feature a sim card slot, then, inserting the Nano micro SIM card for example, and you get a high-quality voice call right from your wrist.

3.Tool for outdoor exploration

The best smart watches with camera, texting, Wi-Fi, bluetooth and esim data plan all built into one, is an exceptionally required tool for outdoor exploration. If the smartwatch running full android also supports camera, text, and standalone calls, it would most likely display colored Google maps, have onboard GPS for current location and route navigation. These are the right tools for outdoor trips, including hiking, camping, business and touristic traveling.

4. security, information gathering and tracking

A smart watch wifi camera is a stunning little tool, that can be of great service to CIA, and security personnel bot only for gallery browsing but for remote basic spy.

To collect pictures, record sounds and video images of an event or someone anywhere, a having hidden camera smartwatch on your wrist is a better, unnoticeable option. A smartwatch with camera and speakers, also supports an HD microphone, which is particular and the unique gadget for recording voice and audio data collection on the target.

These phone-free features do not still make a smartwatch bulkier. A texting-capable Samsung smartwatch with sim and camera still remains lightweight, and easy to get hooked on your arm. All these tools make your watch functional, seamless, and powerful.

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xiaomi-mi-kids-smartwatch-best smartwatch with camara to take pictures record videos
Img: xiaomi-mi-kids-smartwatch-best smartwatch with camera to take pictures record videos


Best smartwatches with camera

We searched through many smartwatches and we got you these best smart watches with a camera for you. To help ease your shopping, Samsung is the best android watch with a camera. A lot of the smartwatch with built-in camera here are in a budget range, with exception of few expensive ones.

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Le Pan Pro Smartwatch – budget smartwatch with built-in camera and calls

Le Pan Pro Smart Watch, 1.39" AMOLED Round HD Display Quad Core 2.0MP Camera Bluetooth GPS WiFi App Download Heart Rate Monitor MSG Notification Built-in Speaker Microphone USB Charging
Le Pan Pro Smartwatch – budget smartwatch with built-in camera and callsbest smartwatch with camera - Best Smartwatch With Camera 2023 [Spy, Take Photos, Make Video Calls from wrist]

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Le Pan Pro smartwatch is pretty cheap, but it comes with built-in camera for video recording and making snapshot from the wrist.

Although the smartwatch is low-priced, the camera feature is one of the most amazing functions to expect in a luxury, high-end smart watches. And as you know, there are many expensive smartwatches that don’t even have an HD camera.

This Le Pan Pro Smart watch is very affordable. It is not a cheap smartwatch with a sim card but it makes and answers calls, and text messages from the smartphone. The downside is that your smartphone has to be nearby.

The best of this android calling watch is the built-in 2.0MP camera that produces high quality and clear pictures. To take good camera quality snapshots from your wrist, a simple push on the button does the job for you.

Having a smart watch that can make calls and record video like this one means you’re ready for adventure anytime, anywhere.

If you are looking for a best smartwatch for video calling, don’t worry if you are shopping on a tight budget plan. Le pan pro is the best budget smartwatch with camera.


  • smartwatch Camera resolution : 2.0MP
  • compatibility: both Android and iOS smartphones
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, internet
  • Navigation: GPS map tracking, satellite positioning
  • message Texting : voice assistant,
  • Standalone : makes calls
  • battery life : 6 hours on one recharge


GZDL Bluetooth Smartwatch -best smartwatch with camera for iPhone(+sim card)

Best Smartwatch With Camera and sim card support to get in 2021
GZDL Bluetooth Smartwatch -best smartwatch with sim card and camera to get this year

best smartwatch with camera - Best Smartwatch With Camera 2023 [Spy, Take Photos, Make Video Calls from wrist]Don’t Miss It Out To Check Price Today!

GZDL comes with a built-in 0.3MP camera and sim card slot. This small resolution may produce bad quality pictures and video recording, but the quality is very surprisingly good when you view the images on a bigger screen smartphone, instead of the 1.54” TFT HD LCD touchscreen of the watch.

More importantly also, you can connect GZDL bluetooth smartwatch to a smartphone and other supporting device. This 0.3MP camera smart watch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

If you are looking for best smartwatch with a camera for Apple device, GZDL is a cheaper iOS-supportive wearable that is also easier to pair with android phones.

Another stunning feature is the support for Sim card slot (for a micro SIM). You don’t need to connect the versatile, low cost GZDL smartwatch with camera to a smartphone before making or receiving calls.

Most android watches with cellular connectivity, are not really standalone, but this is an android watch that can answer calls, by its own sim card, and mobile watch phone number.

With this smartwatch with own phone number and with cellular data, it costs just a few dollars to abandon your phone at home and live a phone-less lifestyle in the outdoor.

A smartwatch that takes a sim card is great for voice calling and with a built-in camera, the feature-rich watch makes just the right tool for explorers, security officers and travelers.


  • standalone – smartwatch with sim card slot
  • fitness: tracks physical activities
  • styles : sleek design, cellular sim, camera
  • color variants: silver, gold, white and black
  • compatibility: Android and iOS devices
  • Purchase: relatively low price


Rollme S08 The best 4G LTE smartwatch that can record video and take photos


4G WIFI smart watch - SUQIAOQIAO Rollme S08 1.69" IPS Round Touch Screen 3+32G Smart Watch, 8MP+8MP Dual Camera 1360Mah+2200Mah Charging Compartment IP68 Waterproof Face ID - Weather, Phone, Alarm, GPS, Pedometer, Camera, Heart Rate Monitor- Rollme RM-S08 Smart Watch 4G LTE SIM 1.69inch MTK6739 Quad-core 3GB+32GB 8MP+8MP 1360mAh Phone Call Chat GPS 9 Sports Modes Face ID Sports Bracelet with Global Bands
Img: Rollme S08 The best camera smartwatch right with 4G WIFI smart watch

best smartwatch with camera - Best Smartwatch With Camera 2023 [Spy, Take Photos, Make Video Calls from wrist]Don’t Miss Out To Check Today

Looking for a waterproof smartwatch to take pictures, record videos, text message with no need for phone, when you step out to explore?

This Rollme S08 is a higher smartwatch with a camera, which is not just IP68 waterproof rated, but also has a bigger battery – 1360 mAh large battery.

The screen display is one of the bests for viewing pictures, browsing album or photo gallery like in a smartphone. The 1.69″ inch IPS screen has about 450 x 450-pixel resolution.

Besides, the 3 GB ROM is large memory capacity that can hold most of your media files during your photographic adventure, until you share or transfer the files to a computer.


  •  Photographs 7 videos: hidden 8MP + front 8MP Camera
  •  Processor: MTK6739, which runs at 1.25GHZ frequency
  •  Operating System: Android 7.1.1
  • Connectivity: 4G LTE Smartwatch with Sim card, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS
  •  Dial Display: 1.69″ inch IPS screen + 450 x 450-pixel resolution
  •  Storage Memory: large 3 GB ROM + 32GB RAM
  •  Battery life: 1360 mAh large
  •  Waterproof: IP68


Zeblaze Thor 5 Pro – best fashionable 4G  Dual phone watch with camera

best smartwatch with camaraa and 4g sim - 4g smartwatch 2018
Zeblaze Thor 5 Android 4G Smart Watch, Dual

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Another best smartwatch with a dual camera for taking selfies is the Zeblaze Thor 5 pro. This fashionable smartwatch is an upgrade from Thor 4.

The dual Camera offers you same photo experience like a selfie smartphone. Just like the Thor 4, this newer upgrade has a 5MP front camera and 5MP hidden on the side.

The side camera offers a seamless way to record videos of a target person around you, a great tool for security and secret agents and spy kids.

  •  making video/taking photo images: 5MP side camera +5MP from Camera
  •  Processor speed: 1.25GHZ frequency
  •  Operating System: Android
  •  Display screen type: 1.6″ inch IPS screen, with 320 x 320-pixel resolution
  •  Memory storage capacity: 32 GB ROM / 3GB RAM
  •  Battery capacity : 800mAh
  •  Connectivity: 4G Sim card for cellular phone-free calling , Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0,
  •  Outdoor tracking: GPS navigation
  •  Waterproof: IP67



Scinex SW20 Smart Watch – best smartwatch with camera to replace Android and iPhone

Scinex SW20 Smart Watch - best smartwatch with camara, text, call, large memory capacity which can replace Android and iPhone - touchscreen - Scinex SW20 Smart Watch for Android and iPhone with 16GB Memory, Pedometer Smartwatch for Men & Women, Sleep Monitor Watch, Compatible with Cell Phone, Warranty Included (Silver)
Scinex SW20 – best smartwatch that works without phone needed. It has camera, 16GB memory, Memory card slot, Texting and calling functions.

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A smartwatch can replace phone entirely. Are you shopping for standalone smartwatch that is definitely be worth the money? A smart watch like this Scinex SW20  is one of the best smartwatches with a camera, that can completely rival your use of smartphone.

When it concerns snapshots, Scinex SW20 is a smartwatch that works without a phone. Its built-in camera lens is 1.3MP , making SW20 the best smartwatch to replace phone for video capturing, and outdoor image collections.

There is extremely much that you can do with SW20 smartwatch without phone nearby. You can receive notifications, send, read and respond to text messages without phone, make and receive calls without phone.

More importantly, you can also take pictures, records audio and videos with this smart-camera smartwatch without phone needed. There are more standalone features, including creating of schedules, setting of alarm, streaming online Spotify music, on the go.

Scinex SW20  is a miniature wrist-wearable phone, as i can frankly describe it. Besides the usual health monitoring of your heart rate status, you can seamlessly access and read your emails.

The watch widely supports third part apps, including WhatsApp, and holds an extremely large memory plus  32GB memory card slot. This is more than enough space for all your media files, one on your wrist.


  • Camera lens resolution : 1.3MP
  • Display : quality responsive 1.5″ Touch Screen,
  • Quality of videos and photos: great but needs improvement
  • Storage capacity: built-in 16GB and  32GB memory card slot
  • tracking: pedometer and heart rate sensor
  • battery life: 12 hours. Not many smartwatches with camera have this excellent battery life


Kospet Prime 2: The best smartwatch with Rotating camera

best smartwatch with camera - Best Smartwatch With Camera 2023 [Spy, Take Photos, Make Video Calls from wrist]best smartwatch with camera - Best Smartwatch With Camera 2023 [Spy, Take Photos, Make Video Calls from wrist]

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Kospet Prime 2 is another one of the smartwatches with Single Camera. The picture-taking watch has a higher definition camera with up to 13 million pixels. So far, the 13.0MP is the highest camera a smartwatch has in the market currently.

The watch works well with android devices and features up to 64GB ROM storage memory for picture gallery, recorded videos and audio collections. The 4GB RAM, helps the Helio P22 Processor, that is running the latest Android 10, to operate faster.

This Prime 2 is the best Android smartwatch so far, with a very good camera, and i think one can use it to replace smartwatch for professional photography.

The only exception is that it is not water resistant, so you must avoid wearing it under shower, winter rains and storm, or for swimming. The rain impact can ruin it almost instantly.


  • Best camera : 13.0 Mega Pixels
  • Processor: MTK6762 with Android 10 operating system
  • Display screen : 2.1″ inch IPS screen, with 480 x 480-pixel resolution
  • Memory: 64GB
  • Battery size : 1600mAh
  • Connectivity: 4G Sim card network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,
  • Outdoor navigation/Route/location tracking : GPS


Lemfo LEM13 4G Smartwatch With 360° Rotating Camera

best smwrtwatch with rotating camara - Lemfo LEM13 4G Smartwatch With 360° Rotating Camera
img: Lemfo LEM13 4G Smartwatch With 360° Rotating Camera

best smartwatch with camera - Best Smartwatch With Camera 2023 [Spy, Take Photos, Make Video Calls from wrist]

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Lemfo LEM13 is the best Android smartwatch rotating camera which turns up to with a 360°. It is an upgrade from Lemfor LEM 12 – a great Android smartwatch with an HD dual camera and Quad-core processor.

Released by LEMFO in July 2020, this cellular standalone smartwatch does not have only a single camera, it comes with dual cameras, – one hidden camera of 2MP at the back , and the other front camera of 8MP in the front.

Unlike many other smartwatches for android that can make phone calls, this Lem13 standalone smartwatch with sim card slot also support Wi-Fi, and GPS connectivity and a larger memory of 32GB ROM.

This is the best smartwatch with a hidden camera, and phone-free calls for CIA agents, and spy fans. Its even the right piece for taking many pictures when going on hiking adventures.


  • Snapshot/video : hidden 2MP+ front 8MP Cameras
  • Operating System: Android 7.1.1
  • Processor: MTK6739 processor with 1.25GHZ frequency
  • Memory: 3 GB ROM + 32GB RAM
  • Screen Display: 1.6″ inch IPS screen, 400 x 400-pixel resolution
  • Battery: 1220 mAh large battery
  • Connectivity: Sim card with 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
  • Waterproof: IP68 rated


Collasaro Sweatproof – best smartwatch you can talk on,take pictures, and make video

Smartwatch, Collasaro Sweatproof Smart Watch Phone with Camera and SIM Card Slot, Smart Watch for Android Samsung LG Sony HTC Smartphones
Img: Smartwatch, Collasaro Sweatproof Smart Watch Phone with Camera and SIM Card Slot

best smartwatch with camera - Best Smartwatch With Camera 2023 [Spy, Take Photos, Make Video Calls from wrist]

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If you are much concerned about a smartwatch you can talk on, with camera,  that matches your outfit and personal looks, Collasaro is designed in variety of colors – black, gold, silver and stainless steel band.

The Collasaro sweatproof smartwatch has a 0.3MP camera that works without need for phone. The camera pixels may seam smaller, but the smartwatch captured pictures really look astoundingly clear and clean in a bigger screen. Its a and best smartwatch with camera for outdoor photography.

With a feature like this, callosaro is not an add-on to smartphone, but rather a standalone smartwatch on its own. Thankfully, this smartwatch make calls without phone and can receive phone-less calls. All you need is to insert your mobile sim into the smartwatch.

Besides just being stylishly and sleekly designed, Collasaro is very less expensive as compared to Apple watches. Collasaro is the best smartwatch with camera and a functional alternative to the Apple Watch.


  • Taking pictures & video capture:  0.3MP camera
  • connectivity to  smartphone: WiFi, Bluetooth
  • display : 1.54 inch HD LCD display, dual mode
  • Connectivity: Has Cellular sim card – a smartwatch without phone service
  • Compatibility : Android and iOS smartphones
  • Support: voice recorder, music player, message notifications,
  • Health : sleep monitor,
  • Design : stylish, fashionable, lightweight on wrist
  • Outdoor tracking : pedometer, built-in GPS
  • Water resistance: Not waterproof, don’t wear in  shower or under rain


VTech Kidizoom – best smartwatch with dual camera for kids

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink - best kid smartwatch with dual camara
Img: VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 – smartwatch with dual camera and games

best smartwatch with camera - Best Smartwatch With Camera 2023 [Spy, Take Photos, Make Video Calls from wrist]

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Today, technology isn’t out there to serve only adults, children and teenagers also enjoy a bit of it. As parents, if you want to develop your kid’s passion for video technology, and photography, early in their life, one of the best placed to start is buying VTech Kidizoom smartwatch – a customized for kids.

Kidizoom is the best smartwatch with camera for young children aged 4 to 7. When so many features packed into this simple wearable, kids are groomed into high technology, from your very young ages.

Featuring more than 40 customizable smart watch faces, and two cameras to enable kids to take pictures and record videos, this Vtech smartwatch can be the best birthday gift that any child would dream to ever receive.

Another amazing feature allows children to play with audio recordings. The voice recorder has up to 5 voice changing effects. How marvelous will it be for your kid to discover how to manipulate audio, create different kinds of sounds and media files, still an an early age?

More importantly, and never-seen-before, this kids smartwatch also come with many attention-grabbing and exciting games. Vtech is absolutely a fantastic and best smartwatch with dual camera, designed for kids who love spy gadgets and activities of control agents.


  • Picture and video : dual camera
  • storage capacity : 256MB memory card
  • Support: USB port for transfering media files
  • Design: durable splash-proof material
  • built-in battery life: up to 24 hours


Kids Smartwatch for Boys Girls – best smartwatch with front camera for spy kids

smartwatch with camera and speaker for children 4-12 years - Kids Smartwatch for Boys Girls - Kids Smart Watch Phone Touch Screen with Games Alarm Music Player Camera SOS Calculator Calendar Children Toys Birthday Gifts for 4-12 Years Students
Img: Kids Smartwatch for Boys Girls 4-12 years – Kids Smart Watch Phone Touch Screen with Games Music, Camera , Calculator – Gifts for 4-12 Years Students

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Want a kids standalone smartwatch with camera, cellular connection, and puzzle games? This BAUISAN Kids Smartwatch for Boys Girls is one that makes your child to discover interesting things outside the real world.

The camera helps the children to record videos, take photos, which becomes interesting and memorable when its done outdoor. The cellular support connectivity means a parent can call their kids while she is at work or when the kids are in school.

While kids develop intelligence, using this watch is convenient for them as there is no need to connect with cellphone and no need to install apps. So it remains a favorable tracking wearable tool for spy kids.

The front camera offers your little or newborn photographer the chance to take pictures effortlessly, use them as wallpaper or background images where required. One kid smartwatch that doesn’t require phone but has dual camera is the SZBXD kids smartwatch for boys and girls , which cost under $50.

Other functions include 14 games, Five Country Language , SOS with Ten Contacts, MP3 Music Player , front Camera for taking Photos and Calendar /Calculator. There is no GPS at all.


  • Brand BAUISAN
  • Connectivity Technology: Cellular
  • Operating System: IOS& Android
  • Human Interface: Touchscreen
  • Display Size: 1.54 inches
  • Battery Cell Composition: lithium


U/D 4G/LTE Android Smart Watch Phone  – biggest HD screen smartwatch with Dual Camera(13MP+5MP)

best smartwatch with camara sim card and text to replace phone - 4G/LTE Smart Watch Phone Android 9.0 4-Core CPU 4GB+64GB 2.88" HD Screen 13MP+5MP Dual Camera 2300mAh IP65 Waterproof WiFi Bluetooth GPS Sports Heart Rate
4G/LTE Smart Watch Phone Android to replace phone – (2.88″ HD Screen 13MP+5MP Dual Camera, 2300mAh , WiFi Bluetooth, GPS , Heart Rate)

best smartwatch with camera - Best Smartwatch With Camera 2023 [Spy, Take Photos, Make Video Calls from wrist]

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This wearable is purely a 4G Smart Phone that looks like a Watch On Your Wrist. Expect everything you can do with a smartphone, in this large-display watch.

A built-in independent SIM card slot, holds sim cards that support full Netcom 4G network. You want to make direct calls and surf the Internet without need for phone, this 4G android smart watch fulfill your need for a phone-less lifestyle.

This mini-size smartphone design includes comfortable strap pairs, detachable phone body. Support 4G+ full Netcom offers the fastest Internet access, thanks to its high-speed and stable network connection.

Combined with the 13MP+5MP High Definition DUAL CAMERA integrated into the core, , making a video call or participating in video conferencing from your wrist, is an unforgettable experience.

This is a powerful spy gadget to own. The 5 million pixels on the front, and 13 million pixels on the side, is more than for some popular smartphones in the market.

More importantly for outdoor, the camera smartwatch also support real-time reception of GPS/GLONASS satellite signals.

Tracking your precise trajectory and independently navigating your way makes it the best phone smartwatch with camera for outdoor sports or traveling.

I love this smartwatch standalone phone

  • It offers heart rate monitoring and sports tracking
  • the processor Configuration offers lower power consumption
  • For Wireless Communication, the smart watch phone sim card is unlocked for All Carriers
  • This smartwatch with 4G Cellular Technology is faster to browse internet
  • the 2.88″ HD Full-Touch Display featuring 480*640 high-definition resolution. This offers a smooth, unique and
  • comfortable visual experience.


  • Operating System: Android
  • Connectivity to devices: WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G network
  • Support: 4G+ full Netcom and WiFi wireless
  • video/Pictures : 13MP+5MP HD Dual Camera
  • Display Size : About 2.88 inches LCD Screen
  • battery capacity : 2300mAh
  • processor : 4-core CPU
  • memory /Storage capacity : 4G RAM+64G ROM
  • Outdoor features : GPS & Multi-Sports Modes
  • IP65 Waterproof : ready for light shower
  • Fitness: heart rate


Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch – best android watch phone with camera

Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch - best android watch phone with camera android watch with camera to replace phone- Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch with Camera
Img : Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch with Camera

best smartwatch with camera - Best Smartwatch With Camera 2023 [Spy, Take Photos, Make Video Calls from wrist]
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Padgene DZ09 is an android-based Bluetooth Smartwatch that is best used as a standalone device. Running on an extra-ordinary longest battery life of up to 180 hours standby mode, Padgene DZ09 is the best for use in several hours of outdoor photography.

Padgene DZ09 has an ergonomic convex design with a 0.3MP camera for stunning snapshots and onboard speakers. Its image viewer is good, and the Sound recorder requires that you put an SD card . Padgene is a good spy watch with remote capture, alarm clock, calendar, and two way Anti-lost.

These are not the only standout features. This DZ09 is best smartwatch with camera and speaker that also support cellular communication. It has built-in sim card slot where you can install GSM 2G/2.5G Network SIM Card if you like,

To make and receive calls, just insert your smartwatch sim card into the slot. You can also send/receive text messages, as well as visit social platforms through apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.


  • Supported Application: Video capture, Text Messages, Phone book, calls,
  • Fitness/Health: Sleep Monitor, Pedometer
  • Wireless Communication :Bluetooth, cellular
  • design: ergonomic convex design
  • Compatible Operating System: Ios, Android
  • waterproof: resist rainwater impact in the outdoor
  • super high capacity 380mAh Lithium-lon battery runs up to 180 hours.
  • Display Size : 1.56 inches Touch Display
  • Supports MP3 and MP4 files


KINGWEAR KC05 with Detachable Strap Smart Watch Phone – cheap smartwatch with 8.0MP camera, speaker and sim card slot

smartwatch with dual camera - best smartwatch with video camera - KINGWEAR KC05 with Detachable Strap Smart Watch Phone - cheap smartwatch with 8.0MP camara, speaker and sim card slot
KINGWEAR KC05 – Budget smartwatch with 8.0MP camera, speaker and sim card slot

best smartwatch with camera - Best Smartwatch With Camera 2023 [Spy, Take Photos, Make Video Calls from wrist]

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KINGWEAR KC05 4G 8MP Camera IP67 Waterproof WiFi GPS Detachable Strap Smart Watch Phone

KingWear KC05 Pro is the best budget Android smartwatch with a 8MP camera. Featuring a Metal body , the band is a detachable TPU strap,which you can swap it into another suitable 24mm band.

By the press of one button, you can record videos, and take photos with the 8.0MP with little efforts. There is also a speaker and combined with its large screen, you can make a high quality video into a movie.

The smartwatch has a touch screen designed to be 1.39 AMOLED, with a high resolution up to 400×400 pixels. Running on android 7.1, this kingwera KC05 picture smartwatch is powered by an MTK6739 Quad Core processor, which operates at a speed of 1.25GHz.

Snapshots and file sharing is pretty fast, thanks to both the processor and the large 32GB storage space and 3GB of RAM.

Like most standalone smartwatches for android users, this wrist-based photography-smartwatch comes with a sim card supports, for 4G connectivity. By inserting your nano-SIM card into the slot, you can make calls with this smartwatch without phone service connectivity.

Other features include WIFI, GPS/Glonass navigation, Beidou, Bluetooth 4.0. So far, this is the best inexpensive standalone smartwatch that works with android phones for calls and image capturing.


  • Photo taking ability: 8MP Camera
  • Processor: MTK6739/ 1.25GHZ , running on android 7.1 OS
  • Picture Displays on : 1.39″ inch AMOLED screen, with up to 400 x 400-pixel resolution
  • media file storage Memory: 32 GB ROM + 3GB RAM
  • Battery capacity : 560mAh
  • Conectivity: Sim card with 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
  • water resistance : IP67 Waterproof rated


Samsung Gear 2 Neo- Best Smartwatch With Camera

Wondering Which Samsung watch has a camera? Samsung is a world giant and a trusted brand in electronics and appliances and Samsung Gear 2 is the best smartwatch with 2.0MP camera. The 2MP looks like small, but its better than most smartwatches that take pictures.

This samsung watch with camera comes with an autofocus resolution function. This feature produces bright, clear images recorded from your wrist. For better display of photos and browsing of gallery, the picture-taking samsung gear s2 is designed with a 1.63 inch super AMOLED screen.

The samsung gear 2 can also work as a fitness watch, and you can also use it to check and replay your text messages. Unfortunately, it is not a dedicated fitness band with camera.

Features samsung Gear 2 watch camera smartwatch

  • camera lens : 2 megapixels
  • durability : waterproof exterior
  • Application: can work as a Fitness tracker
  • Display : Super AMOLED screen
  • outdoor features: pedometer, and accelerometer
  • health: heart rate monitor
  • Support : Google Play,
  • compatibility: Samsung and Android smartphones


Does Apple Watch have a camera?

Apple watches don’t have built-in camera, they use a camera remote. An apple watch that takes pictures uses a paired remote camera and timer on the Apple Watch.

You would need both your Apple smartwatch and the iPhone to take a photo. Here is how to take the photo from a far away distance.

Your Apple Phone serves as the focus camera and your apple watch works as the shutter.

As your iPhone focus on the target object, you can stay within the bluetooth range of the phone, and use your Apple Watch to view the iPhone camera image, take the snapshot or record video.

If you want to snap the picture or take a selfie after few seconds, use your Apple Watch to set a shutter timer. The delay timing gives you enough time time to move and position yourself in front of your iPhone camera, or to lower your wrist and raise your eyes to get ready for the shot.

Note, For the camera remote to work, let your Apple Watch stay within normal Bluetooth range of your iPhone (about 10 meters).

Shopping for Apple watches with media(camera, photos and audio)  features


How to Take a photo with Apple Watch Camera remote

  • Launch the Camera Remote app on your Apple Watch.
  • Position your iPhone and use your Apple Watch as a viewfinder, to frame the shot
  • Turn the Digital Crown to zoom out or in where need be
  • On your Apple watch preview, tap the key area of the shot to adjust exposure
  • Press on the Shutter button to take the shot
  • The photo is captured on your iPhone,
  • Review the Photos on your Apple Watch.


best smartwatch with camara recorder- smartwatch wit caara and speaker - smartwatch with camara and calls - smartwatch with camara for texting
Img: best smartwatch with camera recorder, speaker , sim card for calls  and texting

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When buying a smartwatch that can record video and take shot

Like photographers would recommend, the most important thing in a camera is the camera itself. But we are dealing with a smartwatch, a wearable that has many other functions around to support the camera work properly.

Camera Spec

What camera sizing do you want? The best way to look at camera size is on the image it produces, not on the physical size. The usual measure is the mega pixel(MP). You have smartwatch cameras in 13MP, 8MP, 5MP, 3MP, 2MP, or 0.3MP camera.

The larger the number of pixels, the better the image quality. High definition(HD) cameras have higher pixels and offers a very smooth images, videos and photos. A camera rated with 0.3 MP is going to create blurred-type images, with poor quality, which I think, won’t look impressive to you either.

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camera position (front or rear)

Some smartwatches only have front camera, others have hidden camera which could be at the rear end or at the side. Selfies really require you smartwatch camera to be at the front, except you remove it from your wrist. Hidden are really great for spying but if you like, choose a smartwatch with dual Camera (front or rear) or pick a smart watch with rotatable camera.


Storage memory

How much video and image files can your smartwatch hold? Larger and High quality images take up more space in a device.

For example, a 2000 pixel wide and 90 pixel in height occupies several Kilobytes of memory than a picture with dimensions of 300 pixels by 200 pixels. A smartwatch with a larger storage capacity can hold plenty of image files through out your adventure.

It feel embarrassing if you want to quickly take a very important snap shot, only to discover “there is not enough memory” message come up your watch screen.

Something like 4GB GB ROM + 64GB RAM is really good for media gallery and video files, although, that is still not enough.

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Buttons or Touchscreen interface?

Check what interface is the smartwatch. How are you going to manipulate the images?Some smartwatches allow you to make a button press to snap and view a photo or thumbnail. There could be a show, hide and close buttons.

Another smart watch with camera may have a digital crown that you must turn to zoom in or out the image. You may also need to swipe left or right on a touchscreen smartwatch with camera recorder, to preview or see photos in the albums.

A Full screen display in some smartwatches, is achieved with a double-tap on the photo itself on the watch screen.


Screen size and resolution

Screen size and screen resolution play important part on how you see your photos. Choose a camera smartwatch with a larger screen size. A minimum of 2 inches is good, but you can go for a 1.3 inches smartwatch display screen size.

A high quality screen has a higher resolution for images, for example, a 480 x 480-pixel resolution screen display photos excellently than a 400 x 400-pixel resolution.


Purpose – video call? spying? selfie?

Looking for the best smartwatch for video calling? then focus whether it has an HD front camera and a sim card slot for 2G/3G/4G/LTE network connectivity. Your video calls, you should be looking for a smartwatch with camera and calling features.

Spying is a secret game and your target would suspect if he sees your smartwatch with camera turned towards him. So the most referred watch for a control agent or a spy kid, is a smartwatch with hidden camera at the side or at the rear end.

I love selfie and the easiest way to take one is to make sure you wear a smartwatch with front camera. You can also purchase a smartwatch with rotating camera which can work as both the front and rear recorder camera.


Compatibility of Operating System

Is the smartwatch OS compatible with your smartphone? You can decide between buy pebble, iOS, and Android devices.
If you are an android fan, I advice you purchase a good android smartwatch with camera that runs on higher version of Android operating system.

However, you need the best smartwatch with camera for iPhone if you own an iOS phone from Apple.
A smartwatch with camera and an incompatible OS offers just a bad user experience.


battery life and battery capacity

The aesthetic appeal of any smartwatch matters, but if it does not have the required battery capacity and battery life, it is a piece of crab. Some brands can compromise some features, style and fashion looks, just to offer the longest battery life.

It is rare, but possible to find a smartwatches that can last for months or years with a single charge. But also, there are equally smartwatches that can’t last up to 24 hours due to their small size of internal battery, power-hungry chipset and other features.

Except you want to be frequently charge it, a smartwatch with camera that has a low power cycle
water resistance won’t support your outdoor photography or video calls for long.


How to use android wear smartwatch as Camera

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Can you video call with a smart watch?

Smartwatch video calling now possible says Qualcomm. With recent advanced development Qualcomm’s Wear 4100 chipset series, Qualcomm had announced of having improved communication tools that could create video calls with wonderful experience. Don’t get surprised, most smartwatches outfitted and running on Qualcom processors are now ready, with camera and Sim cards for video call recording. Some smartwatch video camera recorder include U/D 4G/LTE Smart Watch Phone Android, KINGWEAR KC05 , Padgene DZ09 and more.

Which Samsung watch has a camera?

Samsung Gear Active 2. As of now, Samsung’s watches are leading the market with blood pressure sensors, Eelectrocardiograph(ECG) and texting messages, but non, except the Samsung’s Gear 2 has a camera, on the watch face.

Does Android Watch have a camera?

YES, there are a lot of andoid compatible watches in the market with camera. Expecting a premium smartwatch that has built-in camera?, well, the model may not be from reputable brands like LG, Garmin or Fitbit because they aren’t making any.
But there are amazing Android watches with Cameras these days. Some best Android Watches with a Camera include Samsung Gear 2 , Le Pan Pro Smartwatch, GZDL Bluetooth Smartwatch, VTech Kidizoom, KOSPET Vision 4G, and Lemfo 9/10/11/12/13.

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