The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023

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If you are looking for the best smartwatch for music control, playing, streaming, and storage, you just came to the right place. Music and songs can keep you entertained and motivated, without boredom when working out on a treadmill, running outdoor, or a solo hiking trip. Smartphones would not do the job perfectly as it is sort of inconvenient to pull out a smartphone from your pocket when running through the jungle. In that case, what smartwatch is best for music control, playing and storage?

Some people keep themselves going, when there’s music around them. That is true for most athletes, and home treadmill runners. With so many tools to convert Youtube to MP3 for online and offline playing, you can store and play your killer songs nearly in any device now, including smartwatch.

Recently, I unexpectedly noticed an increasingly big shift towards a phone-free lifestyle. This pretty looks common for music lovers, runners, and outdoor athletes. They are looking for the best running watch with GPS, onboard music storage, and Spotify, which tells time while at the same moment, streams and plays music on the go.


Why Play Music From The Wrists?

Lots of guys, as I observed, buy smartwatches today because they love to rock a piece of lightweight music from a seamlessly portable wearable device –like a smartwatch on your wrists.

When it comes to performing certain activities, smartphones are unbelievably not welcomed.  Despite the lustful need for a smart phone, they really sometimes, provocatively get in one’s way. With some dignity, you don’t ever want to get broken glass in your pocket.

About a decade ago, technology shifted music from PCs into smartphones, today, the same tech at a terrific pace, is helping to bring your killer playlists to your wrists. Who knows what’s is next body part?


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Can Smartwatches Store Music?

Few smartwatches for wrist can store music, others don’t. With most smartwatches that can play music, only a few can do it greatly.

Unfortunately,   manufacturers still make smartwatches with no enough built-in storage capacity for music to allow you to fill the on-board storage, with songs.

There are lots of smart wearable watches with on-board storage for music. Smartwatches without storage, connect online, and stream music from Spotify premium accounts. So engagingly, you play as you go.

Another category of wrist devices with no storage memory can only allow you to control music on your smartphone or navigate Google Maps. That seems to actually work as a music player control.


 Best Suggested  Smartwatches That play Music

Here are the top selected best smartwatch for listening to music. Some of them are smartwatch for music without a phone, others only control music from a smartphone. However, you will also see some best smartwatch for playing music and for controlling music on phone.


How can you listen to music from a smartwatch?

It’s uncommon to find smart wrists watches that have speakers. But when you get one, you can play a variety of songs directly from your smartwatch listening from its built-in speaker.

However, where you got no speaker on the smartwatch, you just need to wear wireless Bluetooth headphones and get a connection.

Effortless, there is lots of free freedom in what you can do with smart devices and to tell you, the experience of a wireless, phoneless, lifestyle is gaining ground exponentially.

For outdoor activities, sportsmen can practically enjoy a weightless workout while music streams from their wrists. If you got a running watch, all you need is to build the perfect playlist or go get a Spotify account.

For Outdoor purposes, if you want  google map working on your smart watch, here is a guide for you –  How to set up google map on your smartwatch



Fitbit Iconic Watch – best fitness smartwatch for music control and storage

fitness tracker with music player - Fitbit Iconic Watch - Track runs, swims, rides, workouts, all day activity and sleep with 4 plus day battery life best smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023

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Fitbit Iconic is an lightweight aluminum smartwatch with plastic or leather bands. Does fitbits Iconic play music too? If you are not familiar with fitbit ionic products, YES, fitbit smartwatch stores and play music.

For people who want a fitbit that can play good music, Iconic is really the brand’s first device to pack music streaming from the wrist.

Presently, it supports the PANDORA online music service based in the United States. It has available, a capacity of storing about 300 songs and it can also do Bluetooth pairing to headphones.

Putting the music onto your watch isn’t a difficult task. You just use Fitbit’s own music app. Just go through the desktop Fitbit Connect app, connect your watch and select the files you want to sync.

Unlike Samsung and Apple, this iconic smartwatch doesn’t yet support Spotify. For US citizens, the easiest access for online music listening is through pandora. If you stay in Europe, you got an alternative to pandora – it is Deezer.

If you choose to go for a slimmer Fitbit versa 2, you‘ve got a chance to enjoy plenty of sports fitness tracking features without GPS.

  • can sync wirelessly
  • 300 songs
  • automatically gps recording
  • battery life is 5 days , 10 hours with GPS on
  • smartphone Notifications for calls, texts, calendar.
  • Access to pandora(US) and Deezer (Europe)
  • Lost of fitness features including mobile payment
  • personalized fitness coaching workouts
  • wrists based heart rate tracker
  • water resistance 50m
  • lightweight on wrists
  • No spotify
  • sometimes its slow


Huawei Sport Bluetooth Smartwatch

Huawei Watch 2 Sport Bluetooth + 4G/LTE Factory Unlocked IP68 4GB Smartwatch (Carbon Black) - International Version

best smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023

Best Chinese sports smartwatch with Google Play Music – Huawei Sport Bluetooth Smart Watch

best smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023 Don’t Miss Out To Check  Latest Price & Reviews! On Amazon

As one of the best chiness smartwatch brand one can trust, it’s available with 4G LTE, a feature that’s doubtlessly great for good music.

Very easy to get it playing music on your wrists – it runs Wear OS, so you can easily download your killer music from Google Play Music app.

Where you can play wireless music, Huawei watch delivers as you want it from the 4G onboard storage. The Bluetooth pairs smartly with headphones.

Accessories you can find on this watch – heart rate sensor, onboard storage and GPS.

  • LTE connectivity
  • comes with gps
  • 4G storage


Best rugged Apple Smartwatch for outdoor and music

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40mm)

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40mm) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band - Smart watch for musicians

best smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40mm) – Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

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A very popular standalone smartwatch with interesting features, the apple watch is unique in its design and functionality.

To enjoy some cool music, the sleek watch lets you sync offline songs and podcasts via Bluetooth. If you use the Apple Watch app, the sync process becomes effortless.

Apple watch is the best music smartwatch with a compatible Os that can syn comfortably with your iPhone. Apple’s WatchOS offers more audio streaming capabilities especially if you have the cellular version of the Apple Watch and a wireless headset. Expect to have a full suite of notifications.

Again, the cellular version of the Apple smartwatch is standalone and intelligent. You can text and make calls with the voice dictation from the watch without the need for your phone. You get essential communication,  this watch is the most versatile standalone smartwatch for outdoor and music.

Can apple watch play music without phone?

The 4GB onboard storage is large to hold lots of songs and you can play them standalone.

With the help of the cellular connectivity (LTE), you can also stream music from your favorite apps, Apple Watch Music, Radio app, Pandora Radio and TuneIn radio into the apple wrists device. You can also use strava, a third-party app that does the same thing.

But can apple watch play Spotify?

YES, you can stream and play Spotify music on the apple watch. If you are a Spotify subscriber that loves cellular music streaming for offline playback, Spotify can’t support or help you much.

The apple timepiece really suits a fitness guy. Withs its pretty solid structure, you can use this watch for outdoor activities and at gym to track your health and activity performance. For bigger wrists bands, check this 44mm Apple watch series 5

  • LTE connectivity
  • 500 songs
  • compatibly works with iPhone
  • streams and syncs with podcast app
  • storage space 4G
  • Has a fall detection
  • listening to music or podcasts on your run
  • The battery life is not durable, it barely lasts more than a day.


Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch – Ceramic Bezel

best running watch with music and gps - Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch - Ceramic Bezel - Carbon Black Strap (US Warranty)best smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023 best smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023

Best wear os smartwatch – Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch – Ceramic Bezel – Carbon Black Strap (US Warranty)

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You want a watch that gives you both music and power from the wrists, this smart timepiece would five you real rocking on the go.

Because it supports wear OS platform, you just need to download and listen to your songs with Google Play Music and you would cover hundreds of miles of running without noticing.

If you ever wanted a watch that listens and does whatever you command, this Chinese wear os support watch is a better choice. It pretty much allows you get help from Google Assistant, so you can navigate around or search music with a voice command. The personal voice assistant from your wrist can help if you are also vision impaired.

You can use Bluetooth compatible headphones with this watch.  For fear of the battery running down, you can optimize power consumption settings to get the most out of this wrists’ wearable device. However, this waterproof GT2 Bluetooth Huawei watch version keeps battery for 2 weeks

Another watch very similar to this is Huawei Classic Smartwatch  and TruSleep Tracker with Black Leather Strap

  • wear OS supports
  • Google play Music
  • Supports spotify for streaming music
  • can use bluetooth headphones
  • smart IOS /Android notifications
  • comes with a running coach
  • slow in speed


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Best hybrid smartwatch with music storage - Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 W/ Enhanced Sleep Tracking Analysis, Auto Workout Tracking, and Pace Coaching (40mm, GPS, Bluetooth), Pink Gold - US Version with Warrantybest smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023

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In the list of our smartwatch that play music, samsung offers a dedicated spotify app support. You know what this translates into? It means, not only can you stream music over LTE, but you can also use Wi-Fi streaming to download offline song playlist from streaming service unto your phone.

The Samsung watch also comes with its own music player and with help of a gear companion app, you can transfer pieces of music through easily. The Galaxy Wearable app is a way to export music to your watch, making it the best smartwatch for listening to music.

First, make sure the music you want to add is on your phone because it cannot be exported directly from a PC when the watch is connected to your Galaxy or Android phone.

The 40mm and the4 mm Samsung galaxy watches have 4GB of storage available for piling your songs. In some Samsung galaxy models of smartwatches, you rotate the watch bezel to navigate through your music playlist.

For athletes who love listening to music while running, a fitness tracking watch like the samsung gear fitness2 is packed with lots of fitness tracking features.

  • 500 songs
  • allows offline music syncing and MP3 playback
  • available for medium wrists only – 40mm, 44mm


Best smartwatch With The Largest Music Storage

Some smartwatches are standalone devices with inbuilt memory. With a larger memory capacity in your watch, you can have a longer playlist that can contain thousands of MP3 songs.

Sunnto 7 GPS Sports Watch

smartwatch for google play music - Suunto 7, GPS Sport Smartwatch with Wear OS by Google - A versatile GPS sports watch and smart watch in one, combining Suunto’s sports expertise with helpful smartwatch features from Wear OS by Google; Compatible with iOS and Androidbest smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023

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Sunto 7 is a smartwatch that leads in music storage by volume. They currently comes with 8GB onboard capacity to keep songs, doubled the storage capacity of most popular smartwatches(4GB)

Unfortunately, the Wear OS by Google has shortcomings that it can’t support offline music streaming of spotify. As an alternative, the suunto 7 can download songs from Google play music library.

Though not upto the quality of features from samsung and the garmins, a fitness runners can use sunnto with lost of mapping and tracking capabilities in its heatmap software

  • 500 songs
  • smartwatch with support for google maps in the Wear OS
  • support music streaming from spotify, Deezer, iHeartRadio,
  • can support offline playback


Garmin Fenix 5X Plus MultiSport

 multisport GPS watch with for adventure with rugged design that Features scratch-resistant domed sapphire lens- Garmin fēnix 5X Plus, Ultimate Multisport GPS Smartwatch, features Color Topo Maps And Pulse Ox, Heart Rate Monitoring, Music and Pay, Gray W/ Titanium Band (010-01989-04), works with Bluetooth headphonesbest smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023

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A multi-sport watch with serious athletes and music lovers. Spotify integration in this watch allows you access streaming music if you have premium account. Ofcourse, you play with bluetooth earbuds.

Again, it is not just a running watch, it is Waterproof and not just resistant as you may think.

For outdoorsmen exercises like marathon and trail running, you should pick this watch if you ever need mapping. It comes with topographical maps.

Watch has a battery life of 10 Days without heavy duty use with gps and 8 hours battery duration if music is rocking while GPS is tracking

if you want to go for the cheapest watch, the Ggarmin fenix 5 sapphire watch is the relatively inexpensive version of this fenix

  • 500 songs
  • good battery life
  • suppots topo maps
  • garmin pay integrated
  • waterproof


Best High End  GPS SmartWatch For Music lovers

Garmin Forerunner 645 Contactless

Garmin 010-01863-20 Forerunner 645 Music, GPS Running Watch with Pay Contactless Payments, Wrist-Based Heart Rate and Music, Black, 1.2"

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A Garmin forerunner 645 music watch with enough space for 500 songs. It supports offline playlists for Spotify, Deezer, and iHeartRadio just like the rest.

The 50m water-resistant Garmin smartwatch comes with a battery life that lasts about 7 days without any use of GPS. If you go for outdoor activities, you get 5 hours of GPS tracking while you listen to songs coming from your wrist.

With a silver rotating bezel, the Garmin smartwatch is pretty costly due to advanced analytics and VO2 max data, barometer, altimeter, your training status, GPS navigation, and Garmin pay.

Cheaper Garmin running watches lack most of these advanced options. However, if you may opt for a more affordable Garmin forerunner smartwatch, know that it comes basically with PacePro, Pulse Oximeter, and with or without good music.

If you are looking to listen upto 1000 songs from your wrists, check this triathlon forerunner 945 watch with premium 10 hours gps mode, onboard storage for musics and podcasts. Its a great gps running watch with amazon music, Deezer, Spotify playlist.

  • 500 songs storage
  • Supports MP3, spotify, Deezer, iHeartRadio
  • GPS tracking 5 hours with musics
  • bot budget friendly


Best Affordable Garmin Sports Watch With Music

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Smartwatch

best smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023best smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023

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The Vivoactive 3 is another brand of a smartwatch designed for runners and music lovers. It has music features similar to forerunner 645 Music and Fenix 5 Plus smart watch series.

With a music store capacity of 500 songs, you also have the possibility to download tunes through iHeartRadio and Deezer streaming services.

You are glad to go phoneless if you buy this watch. With the hope of carrying no phone as you go out, you should not forget to pick Bluetooth compatibility headphones for your hand-free music rocking.

If you want to create an offline playlist, all you need is to drag and drop the audios onto the watch while it’s plugged into your PC. Not only that, but the music watch also allows support for you to select music streaming services.

Looking at other Garmin watch versions, the Vivoactive 3 running watch comes fully packaged with Garmin Pay, GPS, and storage features.

The waterproof smart timepiece is relatively a cheap smartwatch with music as compared to its Garmins 645 and 945 cousin.

For fitness running in the outdoor, you need no other activity tracker than this watch for your workout . You also get heart rate tracking monitoring, step counter in indoor, swimming, rowing and yoga exercises.

  • big battery that last upto 5 hours
  • 500 songs capacity
  • Good fitness features
  • about 50 percent cheaper than the other Garmin 645 and 945
  • no swim tracking


Best Sport Smartwatch With Big Music Storage

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, Premium Multisport GPS Watch

best smartwatch for playing music - Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, Premium Multisport GPS Watch, features Mapping, Music, Grade-Adjusted Pace Guidance and Pulse Ox Sensors, Blackbest smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023 

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You want a rugged, sophisticated watch designed with stainless steel rotating bezel. The smart wrists watch comes with many features including preloaded TOPO maps and 1000 songs music storage with premium streaming service – spotify, iHearRadio, Deezer.

Because of super-advanced options, this Sapphire watch is naturally expensive except you are sure to invest in it for professional purposes.

You can run with this watch for about 36 hours only when you are listening to music, with no GPS. In case you go hiking and trail running exercises or mountain race, you would need GPS on, which will take 10 hours to run down the battery.

For budget friendly shopping, garmin Fenix 5 Premium multisport and gamrin fenix 5 sapphire are more cheaper gps smartwatch watches for running and music playing.

  • 1000 songs storage
  • Spotify, Deezer(Europe), iHeartRadio
  • Supports 10 hours of GPS plus music
  • Supports offline music playback
  • very expensive


Garmin Fenix 6S, 6X PRO

best smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023best smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023

  • Multiband Atomic time keeping
  • Rugged, Sophisticated
  • Bezel: Stainless steel
  • navigation satellite system
  • topo maps

Check What Verified Users Say About The Watch >

Can you imagine having a gorgeous watch for home, office, and outdoor road use? When it comes to listening to music, wherever you find yourself doesn’t matter if you got a smartwatch and a Bluetooth earbud.

With fenix 6 pro, you can go office without a phone and you still play and control music only from your wrists.

Capable of storing a thousand(1000) songs, Fenix comes in a variety of sizes and styles. The Fenix Pro version is a much more advanced smartwatch with large music storage.

Except you really want it, the non-pro version of the Fenix smartwatches does not have on-board storage for sound-tracks. With about 32GB of storage, you can have a long playlist of your favorites music in just one piece and still be able to pre-load maps.

Outdoor runners would love the mapping feature in this watch. The Fenix can display both topographical and street maps.

The on-board GPS and the mapping features make this watch a robust smartwatch to track and monitor activities while running, hiking, swimming, and racing. It’s a fitness-features-rich smart wrists device for outdoorsmen.

The battery can last 8-14 hours in both GPS and music playing mode but can keep up to 20 days if you’re not gonna use GPS.

The is a choice for you to customize your battery consumption and performance – just adjust mid-activity features.

All these irresistible treasured feature skyrockets the price. Not just high paying, the many advanced features adds bulk to the watch, only suitable for larger wrists.

Smaller wrists guys can go for 6S Pro version, as it gives a pretty good fit for skinny wrists.

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  • Fitness riched features
  • large music storage
  • compatible with bluetooth headphone
  • built-in gps
  • too pricey
  • bulky for smaller tiny wrists


Best android smartwatch with gsm sim and music

Do smartwatches need sim cards? Well, I think a smart watch has no need for a cellular sim.

What I know is, for outdoorsmen and android users to totally go phone-independent, they definitely, would want to have a smartwatch that can replace smart phone’s features completely.

This means, having a cellular sim card in their smart wrists watch – Android standalone smartwatches. Do you see yourself talking to your watch like Micheal Knight? How amazing is it?

As a parent, you may prefer to stay connected with your children rather than give them a smartphone for games. For such a parental function, a cellular smartwatch is the choicest wearable tech device to go for.


Huawei Watch 2 Sport Bluetooth + 4 G/LTE

Android Smartwatch with speakers - Huawei Watch 2 Sport Bluetooth + 4G/LTE Factory Unlocked IP68 4GB Smartwatch (Carbon Black) - International Versionbest smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023

  • Quad-Core 1.1GHz,
  • Storage : 4GB
  • RAM : 768MB
  • built in heart rate monitor
  • cellular sim

Check What Verified Users Say On This Android smartwatch >

Another chinese smartwatch with a Little-known impressive feature. The integration of gsm sim card makes the smartwatch pricelessly endorsed.

If you have never tried a 4g smartphone, you should give this one with Sim card support. Huawei is one of the few best cellular smartwatch with a good range of notifications from call incoming to texts. Also, the Apple calendar integration is brilliant.

In addition to the in-built speakers, the watch is Bluetooth compatible. You can get a wireless headset or wireless earbuds and get started to beam tunes directly into your ears via the Bluetooth.

For you to go entirely phone-free, with the option to put a sim in this standalone watch, you got the opportunity to leave your phone at home. Just wearing the Huawei gsm watch is an appealing concept to most people.

The AMOLED screen watch supports Android Wear 2.0, and with 4GB of onboard storage, you can download plenty of music from google play music, Spotify.

Huawei apps like this Huawei Health app are one of the useful functions but since its an Android based phone, you can use the google store to install apps as well. A Reliable and brilliant alternative for IOS smartwatch users.

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  • onboard music storage 4gb
  • smart notifcations
  • inbuild speaker
  • can use bluetooth earbuds
  • make and receive calls + texts
  • built in speaker
  • GPS
  • heart rate sensor
  • fitness and sleep tracker
  • safe and comfortable to wear
  • Battery life lasts whole day – poor for heavy users
  • allows sim integration for call
  • smaller watch face


Best cheap smartwatch with music control

Fitbit Versa Lite Smartwatch(S & L bands included)

best affordable smartwatch with music control - cheap but great smartwatch for womenbest smartwatch for music - The Best Smartwatch For Music Lovers and Athletes In 2023

Fitbit versa lite – best affordable smart watch that streams and controls music

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Fitbit Versa is now our best cheap smartwatch with music control. You don’t need to break a bank to get this slim comfortable women’s smartwatch for nursing.

With no contactless payment, versa lite is a  smartwatch with basic features that may suit you but comes to some additional features including music and swim tracking.

You can’t store your killer music playlists on Fitbit Versa Lite watch, but at the least, can the fitbit versa Lite play Spotify?

Playing music from the Spotify streaming service on Fitbit smartwatches is now a reality. with your Versa Lite, you just need to go download the Fitbit Spotify app.  That app will give your smartwatch, the greater music control it deserves.

Though it does not have onboard storage. The Versa Lite smartwatch only has music controls that allow you to stop, pause, skip, music playing from your iPhone or Android Phone. The inconvenience here is that you’ll need to carry your phone with you for any outdoor exercise.

You can also play music streaming online and passes it through Bluetooth to connected headphones.

Compatible with smart devices to a maximum syncing range up of 6 meters – it syncs with iPhone 4s and later, iPad 3 generation or more And later, Android 5.0 and later.

  • durable screen
  • streams music
  • Wireless headphone connection via Bluetooth
  • cheap smartwatch that plays music
  • 50 meters waterproof and swim tracking
  • no onboard storage
  • no onboard gps – need to connect to smartphone GPS



How To Choose The Best Smartwatches For Music

There are many things to consider when choosing a smartwatch, but we will only look at few points for picking one that streams plays and stores music.

Smart Notifications;

a great smartwatch sends email, messages, calls, calendar. With the pairing with your smartphone, you get to receive smart notifications displayed on your watch screen, from your smartphone.

Music Playing ;

Can the smartwatch play music? You can get lots of audio tracks stored in your wristwatch’s music gallery. Pretty cool is it not?. At least a 4GB onboard memory is a great start to enjoying a long music playlist.

Music streaming- If the smartwatch can’t come with onboard storage, at the least, it should stream music online and play it over the Bluetooth connected headphone. Check out these wristband watches with earbuds


Let your smartwatch help you find your location and also guide you with its navigation functions. In-build GPS is supreme, unfortunately, not all watches have onboard GPS, they instead have smartphone GPS compatibility.

SD Card;

A smartwatch with internal memory or an SD card slotted is a charm. That allows you to expand the watch’s memory for more songs. It also enables you to have storage of all necessary files used by you made available simply with the press of a button.

Bluetooth compatibility;

enables you to connect and share with your smartphone making use of even its internet connectivity via the smartwatch and phone or headphone pairing.

Rechargeable Batteries;

Is it electric or solar rechargeable? A trusted and good model watch possesses a long-life battery able to last till at least one day. The chargeable batteries can serve their purpose till the time of drainage needing to be charged again and once the batteries are full the watch can be made use of once more.
Note, GPS connection drains the battery faster than when music streaming. Make sure you put GPS only if necessary.


If you want a durable smartwatch that plays music, look for a smart watch with a stainless steel case and stainless steel bands. Leather strap and stainless steel smartwatches may look casual and classy but they are the only wrist gadgets for music that will last. In addition to metallic construction, one thing that makes a good outdoor smartwatch with music control features to be durable is the waterproofing capability.

Outdoor hikers and runners know that the best smartwatch for running or doing fitness exercises with music must withstand water, splashes, shower, and rains. A 10ATM smartwatch that stores music can be a better pick for outdoor lovers


Wrap Up

Now you got a good list of the best smartwatches for music streaming, downloading, and onboard music storage. And apart from music, you can also store offline podcasts to it. The only thing which you have to make sure of is to keep refreshing the content regularly so that you do not get tired of it quickly.

At the same time, it’s worth mentioning that playing music on your watches will have a significant effect on battery life. So if you plan to play it regularly, do have the charging cable with you at all times.


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