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Parental control is absolutely vital. No one can deny that since small children can’t use standalone phones without getting into trouble. No parent, even you, would want to lose her son to a juvenile detention center for poor behavior while at school or away from home. The better parental control device is a smartwatch, but what is the best smartwatch for kids under 12 years of age?


Yes, a smart watch is the best way out for parents to keep full track of their children. Toddlers may not need a fancy Apple Watch, but as they grow, their immature desires shift. Instead of toy-like wearable, Spider-Man watch, they would want to move toward standalone adult wearables like Apple watches. Besides, Apple watches are exceedingly expensive to buy for kids, despite the advantages of health benefits.

If your child already crossed 13 years, they are well above superman toys. And luckily, we got a long list of Smartwatches for teenage boys and girls, which include Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch series 3. But what kind of smartwatch is good for kids from very tender ages, to pre-teen 12 years?

Best smartwatch for kids
Img: Courtesy Amazon – Best smartwatch for kids, particularly for tender and pre-teen



Why should parent buy the best smartwatch for kids?

Even if your daughter requested for a smartwatch as a birthday gift, it still suffices to figure out how useful the device is going to be for her. The device should just be a handy toy. It should help improve her life. As a parent, here’s why I would buy by son and daughter, the best kids smart watch.

Child’s Health

Because of education, most children today spend an incredible amount of time around tech devices like computers, playing games. You know, according reports, the risk of American children getting overweight and obese is rising, since they are always sitting down, without living an active life. A health oriented device like Apple and Samsung watches can monitor and track kids’ health, fitness activity and weight.

Active lifestyle

But I would prefer to let my children to step out and explore the outdoor. There are more health benefits to playing around the backyard than sitting and playing games or watching tv. If my kids want to join other children around the neighborhood for a hiking adventure into the nearby backcountry, that is a great and brave life experience anyone would want to get, to stay active and fit. Instead of stopping them, it would be wiser to just pick a suitable GPS smartwatch for kids, give my little boy, sit back at home, and track their whereabouts.

Outdoor Adventure

Professionally, you, like your kids, become what they love. What if your girl wants to learn photography out of school, while she is still 8 years old? At that her tender age, it is not advice able, to let her move into the wild, and take photos of rocks, animals, and the mountains. But when she gets to 11 years, or 12, outdoor photography can be exciting, and an adventure to her and you as a parent won’t stop her. All you got is to get her a suitable phone smartwatch for kids with a camera, geolocation tracker, calling and texting festures. As a parent, you may hire her a guide, but you still want to monitor wherever she is going and you can call, text or chat with her.

Kids Safety

I am concerned about their safety and I hope if you are a parent, you would Keep Your Kid Safe too. The one main reason many parents buy a smartwatch for children is safety when there are out of home and out of sight. Kids smart watches with GPS tracker is a great way to check location. Unfortunately, few cheap kids smart watches have fall detection features like Apple watches, but for sure, some have SOS alert functions. If safety is paramount, you got to pick a smartwatch for young adults with SOS button, to alert emergency, sending location, and message to immediate contacts of parents and guardians. Sometimes kids just press the emergency button by mistake.

Constant Communication – Always Be in Touch

Smart phones aren’t wearable and kids may play,get distracted and forget to check. A more robust way not to keep constant contact, without letting your son or daughter to miss any single text or call, is to offer him or her a smartwatch for kids. A kids smart watch which can call, receive and reply text messages, worn on wrist, while playing, is better than a handy high tech phone. The smartwatch should have a good LTE or network coverage, or sim card slot. We have smartwatches for children here, which are many carriers supported and can call in America.


Limit contact with strangers and internet access

One difficult aspect of parental control is obviously to limit who your children meet, talk, or communicate with. Except for schoolmates, immediate friends and family members, you truly don’t want strange people to relate with your kids while you are away, perhaps at work. You know, a developing child is still untrained, naïve and overly open or truthful. On the first question, they may give out too much family information to outsiders.

Again, you also have to control what your children have access to, like the Internet. Accessing adult site is one last thing you would ever want your daughter to try, and the best device you can use to avoid unlimited internet access for inappropriate content is kids smart watch. It might be costly, but Apple watches have good parental control features.


Kids’ passion and movie characters

What if you little boy has passion, and loves heroes like Superman, spiderman, Nikoledeonpokemon, Disney cartoons and other child focused entertainment characters? What if your tender boys and girls are fascinated by Hollywood movies including spy kids, wonder woman, and more?

Best smartwatch for kids - Children love spiderman and they will surely love to wear spiderman Smartwatches
Img – Credit – Twitter : baby on edge of crib posing like spider-man on tv.

As parents, you see your little baby already imitating and hoping to challenge spiderman, how happy would your little son be, if you offer him a marvel Spider-Man’s smartwatch for kids?




But I’m still scared of buying kids smart watch for my child!

While all the goodies can come out of giving my young man a smartwatch, I am still feeling scared. Should parent not be scared? Here are the reasons why am also scared of purchasing a wrist wearable tech gadget, or a smart watch for my beardless boy.

High Cost

If adults get robbed for wearing the latest Apple smartwatch, would you give a child at 11 years? Besides, some Smartwatches, including Samsung, Apple, are pretty expensive and I am not ready to spend over $200 for a device to be trapped to a low-tech kid’s wrist. To avoid openly inviting a thief or bullying, I would rather settle for the low tech cheap smartwatch for kids, under $50, or maximum, a kid smart watch for under 100 dollars.

Smartwatch is Too Much Responsibility

Kids under tender age can’t handle phones, because that is a huge responsibility they are yet to be trained for. That also goes with Smartwatches too, because it is hard for a pupil or student to handle such a tech device, and also keep learning, without distractions. Giving an Apple Watch for a child is an enormous responsibility. It is expensive.

Even if you are going to be buying him a kid smartwatch for $20, you still expect your child to learn how to protect, keep their stuff safe and , undamaged. It feels bad to lose something you love, and your little child will feel same. Her beautiful smartwatch gets stolen. She might never forgive herself for the feeling of being careless.

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Best smart watches for kids, boys and girls

Are you still scared or excited about ordering your kid smartwatch? So, should you wait until your child grows into a teenager or you would want to buy him or her a good age-appropriate smartwatch?

Lets us get started.


VTech KidiZoom DX2 –  Purple smart watch for kids girl

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 -  Purple smart watch for kids girl -VTech KidiZoom smart watch DX2 - best smartwatch for kids without phone
Img: VTech KidiZoom DX2 –  best smartwatch for kids   girls 5-10 years

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This is more of a cost-friendlier, classy and a premium smartwatch for kids without need to pair with a smart phone. The watch works independently of the phone, and you are gonna love the quality of the built-in camera.

One attractive benefit of wearing this watch for outdoor is totally high quality videos, pictures and selfies. One smart technology here is the ability to customize them with funny filters, and create your favorite watch faces from the photos.

Anything delight for most young kids is games. Phones are not age appropriate for kids, so this kids smartwatch with Monster Detector game offers children an amazing AR experience of capturing monsters in the real world. Additional features include motion sensor for active play challenges, pedometer and sound effects.


  • Application : Pedometer
  • Media: camera, video
  • Accessory: USB cable
  • Screen size : 1.44 inches
  • Human Interface : Touchscreen
  • pre-installed games. 3
  • memory : 256 MB,
  • Battery Cell : Lithium Polymer

Reason to buy

  • Has a good resolution for a toy
  • Dual camera Video Recording, no common with pro watches
  • Stylish, and kids friendly
  • Splash proof band, comfortable on kids’ small wrists
  • Easy and safe to share photos and videos plus upload to computer
  • Many free games, watch faces, camera effects
  • It’s the best affordable smartwatch for kids 4+years
  • You can pick KidiZoom with compact or traditional camera,


  • Has no SD card slot to expand media memory
  • Has got no gps tracking
    Resolution is grainy


Little Tikes Tobi 2 Robot Red Smartwatch – Best Smartwatch for 6-year-old Kids – Boys & Girls


Best smartwatch for 6 years kids - Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch
Img: Little Tikes Tobi 2 Robot Red Smartwatch for Kids Boys Girls 6 7 8+ with Movable Arms

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Tobi 2 smart watch for kids is equipped with motion activated selfie camera which can take pictures and make lengthy videos. With good memory, this robot kids smartwatch can hold or store thousands of photos, and half hour video film.

For parental control, you can set limits on kids smartwatch screen time, as well as approve wireless connectivity. If you got a fitness or sport loving child, sure, the built-in pedometer is a good step counter.

Tobi 2 Robot Red Smartwatch has plenty of awe-inspiring games, including a variety of brain, arcade, and fitness games. Hopefully, these smartwatch games would keep your little 4+ year old daughter occupied, entertained, and learning.

One more interesting part of Tobi 2 kids smartwatch is the Robot, which is full of personality. My experience is that babies under 3 years love toys that speak almost like them. Luckily, this Tobi 2 robot speaks gibberish, giggles, and makes more than 100 expressions, its pure children’s fun, right?

This Mr Tobi 2 kids smart watch is designed splashproof and surprisingly features a kid-friendly touchscreen, and an adjustable wristband. Although this amazing toy watch has babies and older children’s function, I think it is the best smart watch for 6-year-old boy or girl.


  • 2 Cameras for Videos, Selfies
  • Interactive Robot,
  • Variety of Games,
  • Pedometer tracks steps
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Parental Control function
  • calculator, stopwatch, timer,
  • alarm clock, calendar, reminder
  • Storage space : 512 MB


Why should you purchase now?

  • Excellent resolution giving advanced graphics
  • Allows you to decorate or customize your images
  • Plenty of entertaining games
  • Has rechargeable battery, plus USB cable
  • Easy to use kids smart watch
  • It’s the Best Smartwatch for Kids Boys & Girls 6 7 8+
  • Has more than 50 watch faces.
  • Has good Fun Expressions
  • Good Sound Effects when Playing Games,
  • Tracks Fitness and Steps,
  • There’re 2 Built-in Cameras for Photo and Video



4G Kids Smart Watch Phone – best smartwatch for 10 year old boys and girls

Best smartwatch for kids 12 years, with camera. 4G GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone - best smartwatch for kids without phone
Img: kids Smart watch – fits older  students but its perfectly the best smartwatch for kids without phone.

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  • Camera,
  • Video and voice Calling,
  • Pedometer,
  • SOS, Touch Screen
  • Compartible with Smartphone,
  • Kids age : 3-15 Years

This one is a Waterproof Watch with GPS Tracker, and a 4G multifunctional digital watch with video camera. With several features packed into it, your beardless boy would receive it as a back to school or birthday gift, with exploding delight.

If you do want to get a mobile phone for your kids, this smart watch is a suitable alternative, which works just like a phone! It’s a good gadget, for untrained or naïve kids who can’t handle phone yet.

It’s the best cell phone alternative because , the 4G smart watch phone offers 2-way video calling, face-to-face video talk between Child and family.

Moreover, your child can easily send photos of his adventures with family, have full chat interaction with parents anytime anywhere, in this Kids smartwatch with gps.

The 2G net phone watch for kids only requires you to insert a sum card, if you are in a country with GSM networks. In United States, users can purchase T-Mobile SIM card.

You also got students’ location monitoring with 4G Wi-Fi GPS LBS real time positioning. In addition to the kids’ safety tracker, there is an SOS Emergency button with 3 SOS numbers, and global network support.

Other features include step counting, voice/video chatting, weather checking, camera & album, 3 screen styles, student class schedule, flashlight, camera, games,
and adjustable screen brightness.


Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch – Best smartwatch with games


Jsbaby Smart Watch for Kids,Kids Smart Watch Boys Girls with SOS Call,Music Player,Pedometer,Math Games,Camera, Alarm,Recorder,Calculator,Mp3,for Birthday Gift Children
Img: Jsbaby Smart Watch for Kids. The best kids Smart Watch Boys & Girls love most.

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Jsbaby kids smartwatch is one of the most loved wearable amongst children 4-10 years. With the variety of bright and charming colors , a considerate parent would not lack one that appeals to  your daughter or son.

If the limited network frequency (2G) is not an issue, ma customers praise the good battery life although it depends on daily usage and personal taste. Even kiddy toys are well packaged, as compared to the poor quality packaging for this product – user’s experience.

The Kids Smartwatch with LBS/GPS by Jsbaby has some excellent features

  •  IP67 Water-resistance
  •  2-way-call plus texting
  • SOS emergency alert
  • Mathematics games and calculator
  •  Spy Camera
  •  GPS/LBS tracking
  • appealing and children friendly
  • Good battery life
  • MP3 Music Player,
  • Pedometer
  • Camera, Alarm,
  • Recorder


  •  it runs Only on outdated2G network
  • No Wi-Fi, no geofence, no SIM card slot



Marvel SpiderMan kids smart watch

Best spiderman kids smart watch with gps
Img: Marvel Spider-Man Kids’ Smart Watch . The official apiderman kids smart watch with selfie-cam.

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Here is aa movie character-modeled Smartwatch by Marvel. It is designed to be Touchscreen Interactive, and easy to use by little children. Marvel Spider-Man has always been an awe-inspiring movie for babies, and bigger kids.

Even my little boy loves anything Spider-Man, and he would definitely be excited wearing this kid’s smartwatch with selfie-cam, voice recorder, 3x games, pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, and calculator.

The camera is an excellent feature, if your daughter, or son wants to play spy kid too. The kids’ watch can take awesome photos and record videos of priceless moments with friends and family.

Marvel makes the best smartwatch for kids, that is suitable for gifting. In fact, the Official Spiderman logo on the gift-wrap does not look childish, but attractive. Every parent will love handing out this kind of surprise package to their little one on a birthday.


  • Supported Application : Pedometer
  • Brand : Marvel
  • Connectivity : USB
  • Human Interface : Touchscreen
  • Case Material : Plastic
  • Band Material : Silicone
  • Band Width : 19.5 Millimeters

Reasons to buy spider man kids smart watch

  • Good Features : selfie-cam, voice recorder, 3x games, pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, and calculator.
  • You got a Long lasting battery. Your children can use it day and night, without charge.



PlayZoom Superman watch – best Smartwatch for 9 year old kids


PlayZoom Superman Kids Smartwatch - Video and Camera Selfies Music - best smartwatch for 9 year old child
Amazon: PlayZoom Superman Kids Smartwatch for 9 year old, with Video Camera Selfies and Music

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If your toddler boy is a die-hard fan of superman character, in Hollywood movies, offering him this superman smartwatch for kids is a dream come true.

It is heavily packed with video and Camera Selfies, Music Learning, Educational , fun, and Interactive Games. To your surprise, you will be the best dad if you get this superman kid’s smart watch as birthday gift for your toddler boy.

As a TouchScreen Sports Digital Watch, kids will also enjoy various superman designs and colors patterns. It offers kid boys and girls many favorite Superman themes from DC Comics!. You can also have various wallpapers, screen-savers, and strap patterns available, in addition to the superman icons.

As a sign of bravery, this best smartwatch for 9-year-old boy can also help growing kids lean photography. So far, this is one of the kids smartwatch that can take up to 50 photos and make a video record.


  • Stopwatch,
  • camera,
  • alarm,
  • timer,
  • calendar,
  • wallpapers,
  • Many superhero watch face

Reasons to pick

  • Best Birthday Gift for your Kids or Toddlers Boys
  • Has customizable clock faces, including the most loved superhero screen
  • Variety of kiddy colors and superman themes
  • Has digital camera, which records video, takes photos
  • Has educational and fun games with sound animation

It is the best smartwatch with a camera, for a 9 years old child, but unfortunately, there is no app, and no onboard GPS sensor.



Garmin Vovofit Jr. 3 – best kids smart watch for running

Garmin Vovofit Jr. 3 - best kids smart watch for running. With 12 months battery life, this piece makes the longest lasting battery life smartwatch
Img: Garmin Vovofit Jr. 3 – best kids smart watch for  active kids and baby athletes under 12 years

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Garmin Vivofit jr. is another fitness tracker for kids, with interactive app experience. If you want your child to take Garmin world tour, explore exciting, new places, while still in their formative years, Garmin Vivofit 3 is the winner. You just need to get the Garmin loaded into parents’ android phone, and there, your child goes into adventure.

Activity tracking offers kids estimated steps, playtime distance, and sleep. Parent just need to install Garmin and it would track everything, during soccer training, for example.

The swim friendly waterproof feature, and the 1 year battery life, are the reasons why this Garmin kids smart watch is great for outdoor adventures. So far, this is the longest battery life smartwatch for kids on this list.

This swim friendly fitness tracker watch or children has pretty good color display, and multiple watch faces. This design wouldn’t fail to satisfy your child’s taste.


  • Application : Fitness Tracker, Sleep Monitor
  • Brand : Garmin
  • Compatible: Smart phone
  • Screen Size: 0.7 Inches
  • Support : schedule alarm
  • Battery Cell : Lithium Manganese Dioxide

Benefits you’ll get

  • Battery last 12 month, is irreplaceable and needs no regular recharge
  • Easy chore management since the Garmin can assign task,
  • Easy to access kid’s emergency contact information
  • Easy sharing. kids can quickly sync fitness info with nearby friends
  • Best companion during friendly step competition with other peers
  • Durable and swim friendly



Biggerfive vigor 2 – best fitness tracker watch for kids -girls, boys


Biggerfive vigor 2 - best fitness tracker for kids -girls, boys
Img : Biggerfive vigor 2 – best fitness tracker watch for kids – girls, boys within 5-12 years.

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BIGGERFIVE Vigor 2 is an upgraded, dedicated kids fitness watch you are not gonna resist, if you have a child with an active lifestyle. This Ip68 waterproof fitness tracker watch for kids has a more comfortable soft silicone watch band that wears conveniently, on children’s wrist.

The straps are customizable for most boys and girls children  5-12 years old. The kids’ smart watch is absolutely good for all-day wearing, while it counts steps, calories, distance, during outdoor sports like biking, mrunning, walking, basketball. Even if your son loves football or tennis, mountain climbing, or simply indoor treadmill workouts, Bigger five is a nice gift for a pupil or studded with active lifestyle.

This fitness tracker kids smartwatch can automatically tells child’s daily real-time heart rate, and will also analyze how the kid sleeps at night. Sleep trends can suggest if your child has normal healthy or not. So a vigilant parent should not ignore this benefit.

If you are a regularl gym user, perhaps, you go to exercise, along with your growing son. Wow! That is great. Offer him a Bigger five watch.

One little-known advantage is that Active Kids earn virtual badges when they accomplish their goals. This amazing watch is designed to encourage kids to develop good sports and healthy habits. Very few kids smart watches have this exception quality.

If this one does satisfy your taste, check Fitbit Charge 5 – an advance fitness tracker with built-in GPS, Stress, sleep and heart rate monitoring.


  • Kids age : 5-12 years
  • Activity tracker
  • Pedometer
  • 10 activity modes
  • Heart rate and sleep monitor
  • Ip68 waterproof rated
  • Has step and calorie counter

Why should I buy one?

  • Fast charging & battery can last up to 7 days.
  • Activity tracker for various sport modes
  • Waterproof rated, for swimming and pool time
  • High grade kids fitness smartwatch with good health monitor
  • Silent alarm is great addition for young students
  • Has Good Compatibility with android 6.0 and iOS 9+ smartphones
  • Easy to customize and set up the kids fitness watch



GizmoWatch 2 – best Verizon Watch for Kids,

GizmoWatch 2 is one of the Verizon Kid Smart Watches. It has GPS and good water resistance. Best waterproof smartwatch for kids, with gps tracker.

The GizmoWatch 2 is the newer, improved model of the original GizmoWatch. The size and the battery life are now far better, and it looks even more lightweight and comfortable on a child’s wrist, than the original one.

For safety and parental control, it supports geofencing and will sound alarm if your kids go out of defined or restricted area in town. GizmoWatch2 is IP67 resistant, dust-proof, so no worries if your kid plays around water(shower or hand washing)

Except your boy or girl is over 14 years, GizmoWatch 2 is great if you are looking for a waterproof smartwatch for your kid at a lower retail price. Or you just go to Apple Watch 3 or Samsung watch active 2 which are Verizon Smartwatches for Older Kids and Teens.

The watch looks simple, and suitable for younger children like 4-8 years. Absolutely, it’s a worthwhile kid phone watch and a great delight for both parents and children.

Reason to buy this Verizon gps watch:

  • It helps parents track their children
  • Allows you to connect with your
  • kids through 2-way calls or messaging.
  • This Verizon GPS watch for kids allows you to set geofence
  • Best waterproof smartwatch for kids, under 100 dollars
  • GizmoWatch2 is ip67 waterproof rated
  • Accurate GPS tracking and 4G LTE network
  • Good battery life
    actually cheaper than the original GizmoWatch,

Reason to avoid this kids waterproof smartwatch

  • Does not connect to Internet
  • Works with $5 monthly plan


Timex FamilyConnect – best two-way call Smartwatch for Kids

Amongst popular smart watches for kid boys, One dedicated piece that is officially supported by T-mobile is this Timex FamilyConnect – a GPS tracking Timex kid smart watch. The Timex kid watch offers one exception feature that most carrier supported Smart watch for kids with SIM card, don’t.

A parent can create a dedicated, family network, in which the mother, or father or guardians can control who has access to the child’s phone. This is an excellent choice of a smart watch for kids girls and boys. Parents don’t want them communicate with strangers.

The Timex kids smart watch is more budget friendlier than the Apple Watch 3 and 5 or the Samsung Galaxy Watch, which ate good for older kids or teenagers. As recommended by the carrier, FamilyConnect is a highly secure smartwatch for kids with gps tracker built in.

With good water resistance, although your kid may not swim with it, the GPS watch for kids can endure water splashes, without any damage to the watch system.

Despite the inexpensive price rate, the Carrier fees(monthly rate + activation fee) may still apply. However, you can connect FamilyConnect for free, if you already register with T-Mobile.


  • Navigation: GPS
  • Communication: 2-Way Call
  • Supported Network: T-Mobile
  • Water Resistance : IP67
  • Battery Life :
  • Support : Games
  • Safety: SOS Alert

Reason to order one

  • Customizable network, since parents can creat s closed network for this family.
  • No risk off kids being contacted by strangers
  • The onboard gps tracks child’s location
  • Parent and child can communicate through two-calling
  • For durability, the times kids smart watch is ip67 water resistant
  • Geofence allows father or mother set up safe area for their children
  • With SOS alerts, no worry, when your child get into accident
  • Has pre-installed games


TickTalk 3.0 – 4G/LTE Kids Smart Watch Phone


TickTalk 3.0 - 4G/LTE Kids Smart Watch Phone - best smartwatch for kids without phone
Amazon: TickTalk 3.0 – 4G/LTE –  Smart Watch for kids without Phone

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Apple watches and Samsung are high end,  advanced gadgets for independent teenage kids. But If you want a good smart watch for kids – girls in particular, including toddlers, TickTalk has everything parents and children all want.

Doubled to being a well-know smartwatch, TickTalk is actually a 4G/LTE kids smart watch phone. The brand is based in United States, so you can figure out the level of quality of their service.

The two-Way-Calling function is great for kids who are still too young to have their own mobile phones. Luckily, this phone smartwatch for kids also has Two-Way-Messaging, and Two-Way-Video calling, all in one piece.

It supports T-mobile but users can bring their own carriers and Rated under $200, TickTalk 3 is fairly a good deal if you consider GPS for your kids’ safety. I just mean this 4G US based small kids smart watch is costly to some budget-conscious parents, but the excellent data protection(prevent breaches) and GPS tracking are a plus.

A more advanced model is the TickTalk 4  4G LTE Kids Smart Watch Phone. It comes with GPS Tracker,  Video, Voice and Wi-Fi Calling, Messaging,  Cameras & Free Music for music. It’s supported by AT&T network carrier.

Technical Specs

  • IP67 – Water Resistant
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • program reminders
  • Navigation: GPS
  • SOS alerts
  • Video Camara

Reason to purchase one

  • Has Do Not Disturb mode for school pupil or student
  • 4G frequency Smartwatch for children
  • kids smart watch with many color combos
  • Has support for two-way voice and video calling
  • Has camera for out photography, and spying
  • In case of accident, it can issue an SOS emergency alert
  • TickTalk allows you to bring your own carrier
  • The “one plan” and the “magenta” plan are budget friendlier
  • Works compatibly with T-Mobile
  • Easy to use, with kid-friendly interface
  • The loop strap feels comfortable on kiddy wrists

Reason your kid may not get excited

Unfortunately, one things your little son or daughter are not gonna like about this excellent smartwatch for kids is that, it doesn’t come with pre-installed games. For parents looking for the best smartwatch or 10 year old with games, just avoid this one.



myFirst Fone S2 – best 3G smartwatch for kids under 7 years

Best smartwatch for 7 year old boy or girl -myFirst Fone Kids Smartwatch Phone 
Img: myFirst Fone Kids Smartwatch Phone

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The world is looking into, and has already started using 5G network in communication, so this simple design, myFirst Fone S2 kids smart watch that runs on 3G is slightly out-dated.

Would you think that will mean anything to a small child of 5 years? If your little daughter wanna feel a smart device on her wrist, without much responsibility to handle it, I can’t deny that myFirst Fone S2 is the best low-tech smart watch for kids girls.

If you want to get a good, less costly smartwatch for kids with GPS geolocation tracking, you won’t regret having your baby wear this watch. It can accurately track her location down to 200 meters at some point.

Although the 3G network is becoming less utilized, this kiddy watch remains a good first-time smart device for babies under 6 years. For older children, buying this 3G kid smart watch with calling function doesn’t sound like a long-term option.


  • GPS
  • Video Call
  • Touchscreen
  •  2MP Camera
  • SOS Alarm
  • Fitness Trackers
  • For US Only AT&T

Reason to buy!

MyFirst Fine S2 is one of the good Cellphone Watches for Girls , Boys. I recommend parents can buy it for kids because of these advantages.

  •  Accurate GPS geolocation for child trafficking after school,
  • Supports Cellular GSM, and Wi-Fi connectivity
  •  SOS Alert is useful when your kids get threatened, panic, or an accident
  •  it has a Step counter which is useful for active and healthy kids
  •  GPS Geolocation of 200 meters of a certain point
  •  the 3G Two-way calling is an added bonus for family communication
  •  Daddy and mommy can hear the child’s surroundings through the Care Call function

On the downside, this 3G connected GPS smartwatch for kids is a little out-dated



FindMyKids – GPS watch

Best gps smartwatch for kids
Img: GPS smart watches for kids – boys and girls(Courtesy : Amazon)

Check Price & Ratings


Wait!, did I hear you well? Did you just read “Find My Kids”? if that is the name of a smart watch for young people, it is an absolute necessity for your son’s safety. You can find your missing kid without involving the police, if he is kidnapped, or lost his ways home.

The watch design and features are focused on tracking the whereabouts of your children around the neighborhood, school, or if they get kidnapped. As a parent, you would give out anything to find back your small boy, if he goes missing, right?

The smartwatch allows parents to hear the sounds of a child’s immediate environment, if he is under duress, hurt, bullied or in any form of danger. As a good kid’s smart watch with camera function, video calling can help father, mother or guardian see pictures of the child’s surroundings.

Again, one amazing safety is that the watch allows parents to get notified when the child reaches special destinations, probably home or school.

Product features

  • GPS geo locator
  • Battery around
  • Loud signal
  • Security functions
  • Sound control
  • Family chat

Why you should order one

  • The onboard gps tracking is key to safety
  •  you enjoy all day tracking, with Pretty strong battery life
  • allows Two-way calling and messaging between parents and kids
  • Offers view your child’s location history,
  •  you can get it at a Good price
  • for security reasons, your child can press SOS Alert button


Buying Smartwatches for Kids, what to look for

Smart watches for children have limited internet access and allow parents to have full control over what their children interact with it. Technically, the right smartwatch for a kid is simply a small smart wearable device, that’s just techy enough to make your little boy or girl feel responsible and grown-up.

Depending on what your child really wants the smartwatch to include, you got to set some goals about what is important, and what is not, or age appropriate before ordering or bargaining for kids smart watch. Here are things to look for if you seriously want to purchase the best smartwatch for your kid.

Best kids smart watches - buyers guide
Img: Amazon, How to buy smartwatch for kids boys and girls


1. Geo-fencing

Does the smartwatch support Geo-fencing? If you don’t know yet, a geofence is a geographical location that you limit someone within. It can be set in a smartwatch to send alert when a schoolboy or schoolgirl steps outside the boundaries set on it. It technically uses GPS coordinates to map out the restricted location.


2. Location-Based Service(LBS)

Unlike a GPS tracker that uses satellite transmitters and receptors, LBS can track your child’s device or smart watch using mobile signals, and GSM cell towers.


4. GPS tracking and Accuracy

Obviously, you want to check the whereabouts of your child after school and you don’t want any mistake. A kids smart watch with accurate inboard GPS is best location tracker. LBS and Bluetooth error margins are quite high and have limited range so, the best location tracker you can depend on is the smartwatch with GPS built-in.


5. Safety Features

While away from home, no parent can imagine how stressful or dangerous the situation the kids find himself or herself in can be. A trustworthy safety check is the SOS alert functions. Parents do train their kids to press or push the SOS button n case of accidents, may be bullying, kidnapping and more. If the safety smartwatch for kid has contact numbers of emergency personnel department (EMT/paramedics), parents or guardians, location or address will be sent to the contacts or the device will keep calling until it’s answered. So the best safety kids smart watch is one with SOS alert button.


6. Networks or Frequency

If you want to buy a standalone smartwatch for kids to call without a phone, an LTE, 4G smartwatch is preferable than 2G or 3G. You may want to buy a speed talk Mobil sim card if the watch supports only 2G and 3G network frequency.


7. Battery Life

Most smartwatch have power hungry functions and you will find that no matter their battery size, they still have looted battery life. But all depends on usage, because if smartwatch may keep battery for 10 days but it would last 12 hours of continuous gps tracking. A battery size of at last 400mAH and 5 days battery life is just perfect.


8. Water resistance

For outdoor purposes, water is a best enemy for watches, and you don’t want your son to ruin his smart watch under bathroom shower, when swimming or walking under rains. Our list has a good number of best waterproof Smartwatches for kids, they can endure splashes, brief immersion in water pool without breaking. At least IP67 water resistance or IP68 waterproof ratings is what to look for, if you want the smartwatch to remain durable.


9. Ease of Use

The smartwatch face or display screen should be kids friendlier, easy to access and big enough for easy-to-read purposes.


10. Calling and texting features

A smartwatch that has calling and texting features is important to maintain constant communication. Two way calling and texting will allow you, parents to calls, and also give an option for the child to preferentially call one of the contact Numbers.

You just don’t want the child to call strange number, or people outside of the family, uuh! That is why you should get a kid smartwatch that makes and receive calls, and text, but with restrictions.


11. Games

Gaming has become a form of entertainment for both children and adults. While PS5 is one of the common adult game tool, Smartwatches, like phones, are more of fun devices for teens and toddlers. If gaming is important for your kid for home or at school distractions, make sure you don’t compromise in the smartwatch battery duration.


12. Camera

Spy kid is one of the most loved movies amongst teenagers and much younger children. If your son wants a smartwatch for 9 years boy with a camera, sure, he wants to learn photography or play spy kid around the house. Like spy kid, many Hollywood movie characters are inspiring for children nowadays. It is no surprise that every little boy child would love a superman or spider gadget, while a little girl child would more than cherish a wonder woman’s girlish watch. Camera is a great tool for picture taking adventure, video capturing, armature photography or selfie. That feature makes Smartwatches more appealing for babies and kids in their formative years.

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Are there AT&T Smartwatch for Kids?

AT&T is one of the most opulent companies in America and they unfortunately doe not offer or support Smartwatches fort children. They did offer Filipino 2 watch phone for kids, but it was later discontinued. But here are some adult AT&T GPS Watches,Mohicans may even fit teenage kids or big pre-teen children.

Apple Watch series 3 which has in-built 4G LTE support and is compatible with many carriers like AT&T, Appalachian, C Spire, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon Wireless.

Apple Watch series 5 is faster, tracks steps and workout, and like the Apple Watch 3, it supports a wide range of American carriers + AT&T. Obviously, it comes with a built-in 4G LTE network.

Samsung Galaxy watch active is best used as fitness tracker. The watch phone supports LTE and 4G networks including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 is great for small wrist and has headphone support. Could be a standalone children smartwatch since it is small and supports LTE and 4G. Works well with many carriers above, as well as USC.


What is the top rated T-Mobile smartwatches for kids?

If you wanna get a very good T-Mobile Smartwatch for your boy or girl, there is one best smartwatch for kids, which is compatible with T-mobile carrier network.

We have already seen that the GizmoWatch by Verizon is not compatible with T-Mobile. Again, T-Mobile does not support the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2, since it lacks a cellular SIM card.

And The LG GizmoPal 2by Verizon runs on 2G, which is out of use. So if you love t-mobile, here is the best Kids smart watch with calling feature.

  • Timex FamilyConnect Smartwatch
  • TickTalk 3 4G/LTE kids smart watch



What’s the best Smartwatch for Kids with GPS?

Buying a smartwatch for kids with GPS tracking is a sure way to make your parental-control life easier. As a father, mother or guardian, an accurate, age-appropriate GPS kids’ smart watch will keep you worry-free when they are coming home from school. Location tracking, and Geofencing, are great safety feature of GPS Smartwatches for kids, and you would wanna make sure your child’s smartwatch has it. If you do feel that a GPS kids smart watch is expensive, think the extra money as well-spent, considering your kid’s safety.

Here is a list of GPS Smartwatches for Children aged 4-12 years.

  • Tick Talk 3
  • Verizon GizmoWatch 2
  • TIMEX FamilyConnect
  • WatchMeGo
  • Coolpad Dyno
  • myFirst Fone S2
  • FindMyKids
  • Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch
  • LG – GizmoPal 2 Smartwatch


What is The Best Verizon kids Smart Watch to get?

GizmoWatch 2 is the best Verizon stay watch for kids on our list.
Verizon is one of the biggest telecom companies in America with lovable kid friendly Smartwatches. There are some smart wearables supported by this carrier, but GizmoWatch 2 will best fit your little child who is under 10 years. Beware as you shop around for best smartwatch for kids under 12 years, since there are some kids smartwatches that Verizon no longer supports.


What’s the best  smartwatch for 8 year old boy with camera?

Nickelodeon Touchscreen Interactive Smart has selfie-cam or camera. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kid’s smartwatch also comes with voice recorder, 3x games, pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, and calculator.

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