7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures

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Probably, this year, you want to enjoy the best hikes in US , like in the Grand Canyon National Park, Glacier National Park in the Rocky mountains, or the Zion national Park that is preserved with Virgin River. To include the right outdoor watch in your backpacking gear, the best gps watch for hiking, is a  smartwatch. Let me cut it out straight:  having the best smartwatch for hiking trails, is going to guide your way to any hikers destination. A good hiking smartwatch contains many exploration tools you need – GPS, maps, compass, barometer, thermometer, health checks features and more. We made sure that The hiking smartwatch in this review are great companion watches that are very much suitable for any unfamiliar one extreme hiking destination.

One most useful step to having a successful hiking is: timing and the the right backpacking hiking gears. Whether you are hiking for a hubby or as a profession, or as a competition to adventure for hardest hiking trail in the US, you’re going to need to be well equipped.

If you want to count out every small needle you need for this exploration, you got a long list of tools – wrist watch, compass, barometer, altimeter, boots, handy GPS, backpack, thermometer, food and more. Handling these outdoor tools at same time is not going to get easy anywhere and the best way to seamlessly carry-on these outdoor exploration tools conveniently is to own the best smartwatch with hiking tools packed into it.

In addition, hiking, trail running and other rugged great outdoors sports requires you own a reliable GPS watch with top navigation features (especially maps) and a long battery life set up for multi-day adventures.


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Why you need The best GPS Smartwatch For Hiking!

You may wonder why I recommend  the best outdoor smart watch for you to hike with. There are enough compelling reasons. Mountaineering, climbing, camping and hiking watches with smartwatch features have many advantages over traditional backcountry sports watches when hiking in the outdoor. In addition to the primary function of navigation  using either GPS, the altimeter, and  on-board digital compass, there are other goof reasons why you should pick a good smartwatch for hiking.

1. It is seamless to make calls like a Standalone smartwatch

In addition to just being an great gps map watch for excursions, having the best smartwatch for hiking and running with cellular connectivity can help you make phoneless calls back home. If you are going to go on a solo hiking in the Appalachain trails(Shenandoah National Park in Virginia) or some other hiking destinations, you need to stay connected all times, to your friends, family and medical team. Smart outdoor watches not only guide you in vacations that ruggedly challenge yourself enjoy, they serve as great safety tools for your adventures in the woods.

2. Wrist based contactless payment

Again, while a smartwatch for hiking is going to help you make contactless payment while enjoying your scenic trails. Contactless payment, is not common in many outdoor smart watches but when you own one, shopping from your wrist without credit card is an amazing experience.

3. Picture taking with wrist-based camara

Some trekking smartwatch have camara for wrist-based photographing of the rugged environment. It is thanks to some best trek watches or brands like Garmin, Apple and Suunto and Casio, and Polar. If you need the best gps trekking watch, you’ve got a wealth of great smart, wrist-based wearable devices to choose from today.

4. Fast and easy navigation with Topo maps

It is limited to hold a navigation map on hand. A great outdoor smartwatch for walking, running and hiking trails can load google topo maps of your destination. If you find such a smartwatch with maps, I recommend you go for it. You are not only going to see garmin smartwatch with maps, there is also apple watch with hiking map, and casio too, I often see that garmin is one best gps map watch that mosts hikers recommend.

5. Weather change reporting

Like some regular watches, a smart outdoor watch for hiking trails can detect whether changes. A lot of  smart watches for outdoorsmen can keep track of the weather conditions since they also equipped with a barometer or temperature sensor. With smart compatibility with a smartphone, the a gps map smartwatch can also issue a full weather forecast and display the sunrise and sunset times. This is helpful for long hiking trips that need you be back home before it is dark.

6. Excellent Health, Wellness and Fitness Tracking

Though designed for outdoor pursuits, most smart hiking watches are useful fitness and health trackers. This is one big reason why outdoor sport athletes not only use the rugged outdoor smartwatch for sleep, stress, fatigue, and heart rate tracking.\, They often, most of the time, rely on an outdoor smartwatch for sports activity tracking . The watches can count your daily steps, and calculate the calories burned on a hiking trail at the mountain side. Hiking watch for seniors and older adults with fall detection sensor is a plus. If you want a watch that is great for your outdoor senior walking, I recommend this Fall alert watches for the elderly persons.

7. Smart phone notifications

The best outdoor watches hiking are iOS and Android phone compatible. A reliable smartwatch for outdoor navigation comes with smart notifications of text, emails, and social media messages to keep you notified of important things. Some gps smartwatches issue calendar and activity reminders and also sync all data to your phone right on your wrist.

8. Entertainment and companionship

Hikers that love music would not hesitate to pick his best smartwatch for hiking. A hiking smartwatch with music controls, streaming and storage is be your only companion on a solo hiking trip. If you are enjoying walking or running into the nearby forest, a smartwatch with bluetooth earphones can guarantee you excellent entertainment on the way.


What is the best smartwatch for hiking? – Top Picked

What is the best smartwatch for hiking? Here is our top suggested hiking smartwatch for your outdoor hiking adventures.


Best Smartwatch for Hiking And Running Reviewed

Buying the right outdoor watch is the first step to achieving great performance in hiking, trail running, wild swimming, skiing and mountaineering sports. Most outdoorsmen sometimes get sucked in buying watches without outdoor features – GPS, direction, location and the measure the altitude and speed.

We are going to help you get the right outdoor smartwatch – hiking watch with the required outdoor navigation features. Don’t worry if you are involve in any endurance sports or multi-stage races on rugged terrains with extreme elevations.

We got you the best hiking smartwatch with great battery life, which can make a wonderful companion for every hobby hikers and trail runners during their long outdoor trips. Even if you hike in the waters, know that our review also contains smart navigation watches that are suitable for ocean-goers.

Here is the list of top selected outdoor smart watches with trekking, mountaineering, backpacking, and hiking-specific features – (compass, altimeter and barometer).


 Top Garmin smartwatch for  hiking

Lets start with garmin gps smartwatches for outdoor sports. These garmin outdoor guide watches are smart, but not touchscreen designed. If you know you  are going to hike near waters, or go on a Fall hiking adventure, wet fingers and gloves may not be suitable to operate touchscreen smart watches for adventurers like Apple watch. So a better alternative of the best gps watch for running and hiking,  is garmin smartwatches, since they are the button operated hiking, biking, cycling and mountaineering watches available.

 Garmin Instinct Solar – best gps smartwatch for hiking with Solar-Powered battery.

best gps smartwatch for hiking - A smart hiking solar watch compass, temperature, altimeter, barometer - Garmin Instinct Solar, best Solar-Powered Rugged Outdoor Smartwatch for hiking with Built-in Sports Apps and Health Monitoring,best smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures
  •  waterproof:  100 m for diving, swimming
  • Construction: US Mil 810 certified
  • Sensors:  3-axis compass and barometric altimeter
  •  Navigation: global  satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo)
  • Fitness Tracking:   running, biking, swimming, strength
  • time/weather: sunrise and sunset, moon phase and moonrise  time
  • entertainment: Music and podcast playing and controls
  • supports third-party apps from Garmin Connect IQ store
  • Health and wellness : heart rate monitoring and Pulse Ox , sleep tracking

If you ask me what is the best rugged outdoor smartwatch for hiking with good power manager and an extended battery life through solar charging, the votes goes to Garmin Instinct Solar outdoor smartwatch.

Garmin Instinct  is a solar powered smart watch with compass and the best gps smartwatch for hiking. With its rugged construction, the hikers solar watch is suitable to withstand any extreme hiking conditions.  The good thing is that the solar feature(sun charging) and the ABC (altimeter, barometer, and compass) functions are especially designed for hikers and outdoor adventure enthusiasts in mind.

With its U.S. military standard 810 construction for thermal, shock and water resistance, this outdoor hikers watch was evaluated and it passed the garmin instinct drop test. So, as concerns durability, this hiking smartwatch is nearly indestructible, just like tactical miliatry smartwatches.

If you want to go on a Thru hiking activity on Arizona Trail (800 miles) and Pacific Crest Trail (2,650 miles), this Garmin Instinct is a great rugged outdoor hiking smartwatch with great battery life, that you can go out with. All you need when hiking, is to expose it so the sun’s generous rays fall on its inbuilt solar cells, and you are never going to run out of power for GPS navigation.

The Garmin Instinct hiking watch has easy customization for people going  for a thru hike in a challenging environment. You can easily add widgets like ABC functions, calendar, calories, compass, and steps. In addition to these features and the advanced GPS navigation, the hikers Instinct smartwatch records your fitness tracking metrics heart rate monitoring accurately including sleep and stress tracking.

Apart from the ABC widgets that offer easy to glance values for elevation and barometric pressure(indicating a potential weather change), Instinct solar is one of the best smart watches for outdoors with sunrise and the sunset times. This feature provides the morning and evening twilight times, thus helping hiker to get ready for night hiking adventures.

This solar is a great hiking watch smart notification and music entertainment. With  the Garmin inReach Mini, you enjoy a two-way satellite communicator – a satellite messenger for most hikers. When connected properly, the garmin gps watch shows incoming messages, and can initiate an emergency SOS watch call to friend,  right from your wrist.

If you want to enjoy the most of this rugged  garmin hiking smartwatch, make use of its built-in activities apps for hiking and walking. Garmin Instinct is one  best gps watch for hiking and trekking that every rugged outdoor enthusiast can include in their yosemite hiking backpacking gear list.

Other hiking features you will also find amazing in this garmin trekking watch include sunset alert, eat and drink reminder, storm alert, miles complete alert and an alarm clock. Pretty and rugged, Instinct solar is the best garmin gps watch for hiking with good battery power management, built-in Sports apps and health monitoring.

Are you looking for the best cheap outdoor watch  for hiking, with similar design to this storm alert garmin instinct?,  Then, this non-solar model of Garmin Instinct, is the best affordable choice.

With outstanding garmin instinct durability, I see this watch constructed as a rugged outdoor watch with GPS, heart rate monitoring and 3-Axis Compass. The 100m water resistance  makes this watch the best garmin fall hiking watch to try out.

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 Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire, Premium Multisport GPS Watch – best GPS Map Watch for hiking

Best hiking smartwatch - Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire, Premium Multisport GPS Watch, features Mapping, Music, Grade-Adjusted Pace Guidance and Pulse Ox Sensors, Titanium with Orange Bandbest smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures
Best GPS map watch for hiking , running and outdoor exploration - Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire, Premium Multisport GPS Watch, Features Mapping, Music, Grade-Adjusted Pace Guidance and Pulse Ox Sensors, Dark Gray with Black Bandbest smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures

Garmin Hiking SMartwatch features

  • Navigation: GPS, GLONASS and Galileo
  • Display: sunlight-readable display screen
  • Construction: durable stainless steel bezel with titanium or diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating
  • Health: Enhanced estimated  heart rate, Pulse Ox and advanced sleep monitoring
  • Fitness support: PacePro for grade-adjusted pace guidance
  • Shopping support:  Garmin Pay contactless payments
  • outdoors support: preloaded TOPO maps, ski maps, 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter
  • App Supports: Connect app or third party apps like Strava.
  • No touchscreen but has 5 buttons

The Garmin Fenix 6 Premium series are amongst the best quality outdoor watches you would like for adventures and explorations. Their design include excellent topographical mapping and GPX waypoint functionality, that help most people enjoy the best hikes in the United States.

If you are going to take it for a longer hiking trip, the Garmin Fenix 6 sapphire is the best gps map watch with long battery life. The UltraTrac mode makes it last up to 42 hours with GPS tracking enabled. The expedition mode even make the battery life more durable and suitable for multi-day hiking like during the weekends. I am convinced that this is kind of best outdoor smartwatch that rugged runners or walkers use.

This is pretty a good watch for long hiking trips in the mountains or into terrains you’re are unfamiliar with. Like the Fenix 6 pro, the excellent color mapping features can guide a hobby hikers the navigate their surroundings and even the most dangerous hiking places in America.

This watch is truck-loaded with GPS navigation, abc and smart features and if you are going for a multi-sports activities, this garmin fenix 6 hiking watch tracks all you need from hiking, trail running in the mountain side, to skiing, and rowing.

One objective of hiking is fitness and wellness, amazingly this is not just a garmin gps watch for running and hiking, it is also a reliable smartwatch for health monitoring. The garmin fenix 6 fitness smartwatch comes with heart rate sensor, to regularly check heart beats when climbing elevated environments. This hikers outdoor smart watch also provides VO2 Max stats for extreme outdoor sporting activities.

Since it comes with important topo mapping features, it is one of the best outdoor watches for hiking in uncharted terrains.Its other features include multiple global navigation satellite system (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo), built-in sensors for 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter.

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 Garmin fenix 5S Plus – best garmin smartwatch for hiking – designed for women with small wrist

best garmin smartwatch for hiking - for small wrist Smaller-Sized Multisport GPS Smartwatch, Features Color Topo Maps, Heart Rate Monitoring, Music and Contactless Payment, best smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures
  • multiple satellite system (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo)
  • large 1.2” Sunlight-readable display
  • stainless Steel bezel,
  • Entertainment: store and play up to 500 songs
  • Support: TOPO maps, Wrist heart rate and Contactless Payment
  • Bluetooth headphones compatible
  • 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter
  • Battery life: 7 days in Smartwatch mode

Women, Teenagers and men with small wrist frames might have difficulties looking for suitable gps smartwatch for hikers. If you have a slender, thin wrist, like most women do, the solution is this Garmin fenix 5 plus. It is a smaller-sized multisport GPS smartwatch for hiking, running, hunting and other rugged outdoor trips.

Garmin Fenix 5S plus is a true cadillac smartwatch for hiking, especially as it comes with full-color topographic maps with outlines for summits, trails, and other natural features visible in the maps. Sometimes, you may find need to refill your car after driving for long, so this gps map watch has built-in mapping and navigation features to find nearby gas station and more importantly, restaurant after you’ve got a long day of hiking.

This white band  womens gps watch for hiking is preloaded with map data for terrain navigation, location tracking , thus allowing runners, hikers and cyclists choose the best trails and routes.

All these comes at a higher price tag. If you are looking for a cheaper outdoor smart watch, garmin Fenix 3 is an affordable alternative yet, with good outdoors features.

Every fēnix 5 Plus Series is a hikers watch with on-board multi-global navigation (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) satellite system. Having this garmin fenix 5 hiking watch You can navigate even the more challenging hikes and environments like the Bright Angel Trail without difficulties.

In addition to GPS and the map-based guidance, best hiking watch for women comes with ABC (altimeter, barometer and compass) sensors for rugged outdoor navigation. Hikers know that an altimeter provides elevation data for them to track ascent and descent when hiking.

Regarding sports and fitness, fēnix 5S womens gps hiking smartwatch  monitors your performance, provide physiological metrics, reads and displays running dynamics and measures athletes fitness progress. The watch automatically checks your recent exercise history and alerts you when it gets to extremes. There’s variety here, the fenix 5S plus fitness smartwatch for hikers also comes with preloaded activity profiles for swimming, running, biking, , skiing, rowing and paddle boarding.

Don’t worry about health, like other women’s outdoor watches, fenix 5 is one of the best smartwatch with health checking features like the elevate wrist heart rate technology, sleep monitoring sensors and calories burned calculator. With heart rate tracking, it can read your stress score on the go.

I like this hiking smartwatch as it allows you to travel with your killer playlist of songs right on your wrist. You store up to 500 songs  and enjoy phone-free listening on a compatible Bluetooth headphones (sold separately).

The current smartwatch technology allows this Garmin trek watch (fenix 5S plus ) serves as a great shopping gateway anywhere you go hiking. You can just pay for food in an outdoor restaurant or gas station, with a Wave of your hand. The Garmin Pay contactless payment is a great outdoor solution for shopping.

You can even stay smartly connected through compatible devices that  support smart notifications. While running on a golf course or trailing in the mountains, you can receive emails, texts and alerts right from your smart wrist watch. The womens hiking watch also support social media sharing through Garmin Connect and Garmin Connect Mobile applications.

The Robust performance is thanks to its finest selected premium grade watch materials including pvd coated stainless steel bezel. The smartwatch screen features a right sun readable full color Garmin chroma LED display with high resolution. Like other sapphire watches, the watch dial cover is scratch resistant dome sapphire glass that is anti reflective.

There are many Watch Faces and Bands to pick from. With many QuickFit bands in premium leather, metal or silicone, you got a variety of outdoor styles to mix and match with hiking, skiing, and any outdoorsmen sporting activity .

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Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire – best garmin smartwatch for hiking with durable battery life

best hiking watch with long lasting battery life. Good for multi-day hiking trips - Garmin fēnix 3best smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures

Navigation: GPS/GLONASS, ABC
Screen type: 1.2” sunlight-visible,  high-resolution color Chroma  display
Water resistance rated : 10ATM / 100 meters
Connectivity:  WIFI and Bluetooth
Battery: rechargeable and long lasting

Weekend hiking, long distance hiking trips are adventures that demand reliable smartwatch with durable battery life for continuous GPS location tracking. At a slightly reduced price-point, the Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire wins this position in hikers heart.

Since it was released in 2015, it performed awesomely, and was later upgraded to Garmin 5. Nothing has changed much, its sensors are suitable for great sports watch including outdoor hiking trips.

The battery is rechargeable and when it gets charged fully, hikers used it for up to 20 hours in GPS enabled mode. This is not common with great outdoor watches because, this watch is great for multi-day hiking activities.

To extend the battery with power-saving options, like upto 50 hours, all there’s to turn the watch to UltraTrac mode and if you set it on to the watch mode, you’re going to get 6 weeks longest battery life.

Like other outdoor gps watches, this one is navigable with GPS/GLONASS system and features ABC(altimeter, barometer and compass). The full digital display and hold and display lots of hiking data at same time.

With 100m water resistance, you can wear this watch hiking in the rainy seasons like Winter and nothing like foggy moisture would be a disturbance. It also allows you hike on the waters, swim, dive , surf, and do fishing adventures. Garmin fenix 3 is my favorite garmin waterproof smartwatch for a long distance hiking too.

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Garmin Forerunner 645 Music GPS Running Smartwatch – best garmin smartwatch for solo hiking

best smartwatch for hiking with music storage, streaming, playing and controls - Garmin Forerunner 645 Music, GPS Running Watch With Pay Contactless Payments, Wrist-Based Heart Rate And Musicbest smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures
  • Construction: chemically strengthened glass
  • Display:Garmin Chroma Display
  • interface: five-button interface
  • Compatible:Bluetooth headphones for  for phone free listening
  • Music capacity: 500 songs
  • outdoor shopping from wrist: Garmin Pay contactless payment
  • Fitness:advanced running dynamics
  • Apps: SmartThings app,  AccuWeather, MinuteCast app
  • Battery life: Up to 7 days in smartwatch mode
  • Water rating: 5 ATM

You want a hiking watch with music that keeps you moving towards your hiking destination while keeping your phone behind?

Garmin Forerunner 645 is the best music player hiking smartwatch for entertainment  when going on a backcountry and solo hiking trip. Most hikers who are music lovers find this garmin smartwatch an excellent companion or trail-mate when going on an outdoor adventure alone.

If you don’t have friends and family to hike with them, first pick this garmin outdoor smart watch. Secondly, all you need is to get about 500 songs downloaded  to your watch. If you like to hum some podcast and music on your ear while trekking or running in the woods, phone free listening lets you enjoy your favorite killer playlist through a set  of Bluetooth headphones (sold separately) .

This solo hiking smartwatch also support syncing of music from some streaming services for offline listening but this option require premium subscription if you want to use a third party music provider.

You can also make online shopping, directly from your wrist using this garmin music smartwatch for hikers. The Garmin Pay contactless payment solution lets you make convenient payments with a shake of your arm, so no need to carry money on your best hike.

Other features include the estimated wrist based heart rate data that offers heart performance monitoring , battery life of 7 days in smartwatch mode and 5 hours in GPS/Music mode . The waterproof rating of 50 meters can be great for hiking in the fall – no condensation or moisture can form in the dial.

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Garmin quatix 6 Multisport Marine Smartwatch(Model: 010-02158-90) – Best garmin gps smartwatch for hiking on the waters (Has comprehensive boat connectivity)

Best smartwatch to hike on water - Garmin quatix 6 Multisport Marine Smartwatch, Comprehensive Boat Connectivitybest smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures
  • smart notifications
  • Supports: Garmin Connect , Garmin Pay contactless payments
  • Navigation: barometric altimeter and compass
  • Mapping: Garmin marine cartography
  • Support Garmin Sail assist

Are you a hikers that loves water activities and sports? There comes a time you would want to leave the mountains hikes, the woods trails and move near a large body of water, may be for fishing, surfing or diving. All the other hiking smartwatches may not fully endure hiking near waters, on the waters or under the ocean. So Garmin Quantix Multisport smartwatch is a very good marine hikers watch for you to begin with.

This aqua-lovers hiking watch is actually built for the ocean.  It supports adventures profiles include golf paddle, boarding, kayaking, canoeing and surfing. The preloaded apps for boating tides autopilot control and fusion-link anchor fishing are water related features every aqua outdoorsmen would like to have in his marine dive watch.

Other functions include sail racing assistance, sailing race countdown timer, supports for BlueChart g3 coastal charts, and g3 inland maps with latest garmin marine cartography.  The marine hiking smartwatch is also fully equipped with a ski maps,  multi-GNSS support,  barometric altimeter and compass. Not only do these features help you navigate and master the ocean effectively, they also help you perform in water sports you might not be familiar with.

The garmin sail assist help ocean hikers get a perfect start using a virtual starting line, the waypoint marking, the coastline charts with navionic data, stream data(engine rpm, water depth) in addition to the GPS, make this marine watch the best outdoor adventures smartwatch for water and land exploration.

The garmin water smartwatch has a rugged and sophisticated construction featuring an always-on display,  a durable stainless steel bezel,  buttons,  rear case and a QuickFit band. If you want to go on hiking trails in the Manitowish Waters, this is a perfect hiking and diving watch to buy now.

This quantix 6 is pretty expensive, a cheaper marine watch with comprehensive boat connectivity is the affordable garmin quantix 5 smartwatch. Garmin Quantix 6 Solar is another model of the marmin marin smartwatch has solar charging powers to boost battery life while out at sea.

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Garmin epix, TOPO USA/Canada – affordable gps map watch for trekking, under $300

best gps watch with topo maps - epix is a high-resolution, touchscreen GPS/GLONASS mapping watch with worldwide, shaded relief basemap and Satellite Imagery and TOPO 100K maps. large memory support mappingbest smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures
  • Navigation: GPS/GLONASS
  • Screen: touchscreen smartwatch
  • Display: 1.4” high resolution, sunlight-visible color Chroma touchscreen display
  • support: COnnect IQ app
  • Sensors: Altimeter, Barometer and Compass
  • Special: Smart notification, topo maps, data sharing
  • Capacity: 8 GB internal memory

Garmin produced many hiking watches with maps and this Garmin Epix map watch happens to be one in the list. Garmin Epix is another full preloaded topo mapping hiking watch in our list. With this Garmin watch, you get the option to download the map of every hiking destination of your choice, using the BaseCamp software.

If you want to experience some unfamiliar hiking environments, this garmin epix hiking watch is the best gps watch for hiking preloaded with worldwide shaded relief basemap, and TOPO U.S. 100K or TOPO Canada maps.

In addition to the maps and the stainless steel EXO antenna with GPS/GLONASS reception, this watch comes with auto-calibrating ABC sensors, the altimeter helping to provide elevation data and to accurately monitor ascent and descent when hiking in the mountains. The 3-axis electronic compass keeps your bearing.

While in the peak of your hikes, you can stay connected to the rest of the world by automatically uploading your hiking data wirelessly to Garmin Connect, LiveTrack and social media. You can also enjoy the incoming smart notification like emails, texts and alerts directly on the wrist smartwatch.

The large memory – about 8 GB internal memory lets you load a variety of maps as you want it. This outdoor smart watch const under 300 dollars and it looks  pretty cheap and affordable, unlike some best smartwatch for maps.

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 Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire – best smartwatch for hiking and running

best smartwatch for hiking and running - Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphirebest smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures
  • sensors: 3 axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter
  • Navigation: GPS and Glonass capability
  • mapping: full color Topo U.S. mapping, routable cycling maps
  • Special: smart notifications, Garmin Connect, Connect IQ Store

Garmin Fenix 5 is the best multisport GPS watch for hiking, running, cycling and trekking. It is loaded with full color Topo U.S. mapping,  routable cycling maps and  ABC outdoor navigation features(3 axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter).

The rugged design is perfect fit for outdoor adventures and the rust-proof stainless steel bezel, makes it durable amongst other hiking smartwatches. The sapphire crystal glass on the dial is tough ,  scratch resistant and shockproof against beatings from objects.

Like other best outdoor smart watch we have seen earlier, the onboard navigation sensors include GPS and Glonass. These dual reception system ensure accurate location, distance, steps and path tracking in real time. This garmin running smartwatch is capability to track in more challenging environments, where GPS alone cannot help.

You got a variety of fitness activities for running outdoor, in this hiking watch. The preloaded  run profiles include running, treadmill running and  mountain trail running.

Since the garmin running and hiking watch supports smart notifications,  and automatically uploads running data to online fitness community, you always stay connected at all times with friends and family members while heading on your thru-hike.

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Best Long Hiking Trip Outdoor Smart Watch

Polar Grit X – Best rugged outdoor hiking smartwatch  with 40 hour battery life

POLAR Grit X - Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS, Compass, Altimeter and Military-Level Durability for Hikingbest smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures
  • navigation: Built-in GPS
  • Construction: Military standard 810G
  • Sensors:  compass and altimeter
  • Special: worldwide offline maps
  • water resistance: 100 meters for winter hiking

Another smartwatch ruggedly designed specifically for hikers is the Polar Grit X Rugged outdoor watch.  At a competitive price with garmin gps hiking watches, this polar outdoors watch keeps good battery life of 40 hours in GPS tracking and upto 100 hours using power management settings. ANother smartwatch with more than 60 hours battery life in GPS mode is Coros Vertix GPS adevnture watch.

The durable battery makes Polar Grit hiking smartwatch suitable for multi-day camping and hiking. The FuelWise feature comes in to add more options to help hikers plan their hikes effectively. There are reminders that tells when you ought to eat, how much you still have to go.

Wellness monitoring includes heart rate monitor, Running stats, VO2 Max and accurate sleep tracking even if you are camping or just at home. I can tell you this sleep tracking performance beats Garmin excellently.

The outdoor navigation feature, this rugged outdoor hikers smartwatch comes with a built-in navigation app (Komoot) and you are going to need to get a paid-account to be able to make absolute use of it.

The topo mapping is another added advantage you’ll enjoy wearing this Polar hiking watch. It helps hikers track their hiking course, new routes, or the most popular routes to unfamiliar hiking destinations.

Sometimes you need to understand your ascent or descent when trail running in a mountain side. This rugged smartwatch for hiking has a Hillsplitter feature that automatically detected uphill and downhill stats. Don’t get surprised to see this watch tells if you’re losing time on the mountain slopes or not.

Polar Grit X shows you current weather and a 2-day forecast and  is known to pass the Military standard 810G test for extreme temperatures, drop, humidity and water resistance (up to 100 meters).

Wow,  if you have been wondering what to wear hiking in the Winter and in cold seasons like the Fall, this rugged outdoor smartwatch is really waterproof, so you can buy this watch today and add it to your outdoor fall hiking outfit. Polar grit is one of the best fall hiking watches recommended for hikers

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Best Apple  Watch for hiking adeventures

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 40MM)  touchscreen smartwatch – best apple watch for hiking and backpacking adventures

best smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventuresbest smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures

You get several built-in sensors:

  • Compass
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Optical & electrical heart sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Ambient light sensor

All these are great tools for outdoor navigations.

This slimmer designed gold-toned aluminium case apple watch series is the best smartwatch yet for hikers and iOS users. The screen display is 30 percent bigger, making it pretty easy to read while walking, jogging, biking or running. The screen is perfect for displaying maps while hiking too.

The long improved battery life is plus for hiking in the forest during the weekends. Most importantly, The battery of this smart hiking watch lasts 6 hours when using continuous GPS tracking and it may last longer when you set the outdoor watch is power saving modes.

One important new feature to preserve more power is the Airplane mode. though you get low brightness, if battery juice is what is the most important at the instant, Airplane mode is a better power manager.

Apple watch series 4 is the most important health smartwatch in the market. Besides it being equipped with an electrical heart-rate sensor, the outdoor apple watch is a fall detection smartwatch for seniors and people with mobility problems. It can make emergency SOS call to the first responders when you take a hard fall and does not respond upto 60 seconds.

Well recommended for outdoor use is the cellular version of this watch. I don’t think you would want to go cycling into the mountains with a watch you can receive or make call with. The apple watch 4 with GPS and cellular connectivity is standalone and the best smartwatch for hiking, biking, and hunting in far from home without phone.

Best navigation tools you have in this watch are the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and barometeric altimeter for precise navigation of challenging hiking environments. The 50 meters waterproof rating makes this fantastic smartwatch quite good for hiking in the fall and near waters.

As I mentioned at the start, timing is one best way to have a successful hike. Weather can ruin your best planned hikes, so having a smartwatch with weather-related functions, will help provide you weather forecast and atmospheric or air pressure readings.

The customizable watch face allows every hikers, runners and bikers use the smart fitness watch for personalized everyday life. Additionally, Like the apple watch series 5, the high build quality makes it comfortable to wear for outdoor. Yet, I can also recommend the stainless steel case apple watch because it can go beyond the trail and can perform best in the woods.

To operate this apple 4 hiking smartwatch, use the touch screen, digital crown or the key. If you hike on waters and wet fingers or hand gloves makes operation difficult, I think garmin smartwatches could be the best alternatives hiking smartwatch than the touchscreen model like this outdoor apple watch.

When you look at other outdoor smart watches, you think this apple smartwatch is limited for intensive outdoor use. There are other better smartwatches with good functionality and battery life – but this one comes with its exceptional and completely different strengths. To me, hikes, backcountry ski or a bike tour sports and other outdoor activities are possible with this watch.

The main downside of the Apple Watch 4 as best hiking smartwatch is its 6 hours battery life in GPS mode. After six hours, the apple series 4 hikers smartwatch can tucker out, so its great  for casual day or hubby hikers, but not ideal for long-trip hiking adventurers and camping.

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best gps smartwatch for hiking and running


Top Suunto hiking Watches

We have seen that garmin makes one of the best hiking smartwatches ever, with button press and no touchscreen features. Suunto is another well known watch brand that is engaged in outdoor watch making. Lets check some best suunto smart watches that are great for hiking and mountaineering.


Suunto 9 Baro, GPS Sports Watch  Rugged smartwatch for hiking and mountaineering

Suunto 9, GPS Sports Watch with Long Battery Life and Wrist-Based Heart Ratebest smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures
  • battery life: intelligent battery mode: 25h/ 50h/ 120h
  • connectivity: Bluetooth Smart, Suunto Movescount, online sports communities
  • Navigation: satellite GPS , Fusedtrack, Barometer, compass, altimeter
  • Fitness and sports: 80+ sports and multisport events
  • special: Sunrise, Sunset, Storm Alarm, Temperature , Move Altitude Graph
  • Durable multisport GPS watch :
  • Dial: Sapphire glass,
  • Waterproof: 100 meters water resistance

Suunto baro 9 is a great outdoor timepiece in competition with the Garmin Fenix 6. The Suunto 9 Baro is touchscreen watch equipped with a stainless-steel bezel and buttons.

If you are going to for rugged outdoor adventure, the watch comes with buttons for easy navigation if you get wet hands or wearing gloves .
For rugged exploration, this outdoor smart watch is well equipped with GPS, altimeter, barometer, thermometer and compass.

These features are especially useful for hunting and hiking trails. To easy navigation, simply import waypoints and GPX routes from Suunto Movescount into the hiking smartwatch.

This help create routing plan for your hiking trails before you hike. The heatmap guides you to navigate the most popular routes other hikers use within a given area.

For fitness and sports, this watch features more than 80 built-in sport modes for running, cycling, swimming, gym. So this suunto camping and hiking smartwatch is a great companion for your running workout as it helps provide you a powerful training summary of your workout, with graphs and lap tables.

The hikers smartwatch supports Movescount app that gives a complete overview of your workouts data- duration, distance, burned calories , speed.
The wrist-based heart rate sensor tracks your heart performance while you hike, so there’s no need for a chest strap or heart rate belt.

Many backpackers and outdoor hikers do get trapped into buying a non baro suunto smartwatch for hiking activity. We strongly recommend that this one comes with a barometer and its great and the best backpacking watch for hiking, hill training, running and camping.

This Suunto 9 Baro is an outdoor sports watch built to last. The sapphire crystal over the glass is durable and scratch resistant and shockproof. The 100m water resistance makes this suunto baro one of the best fall hiking watches for outdoorsmen.

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Suunto 7, GPS Sport Smartwatch with Wear OS by Google – best android smartwatch for hiking, running, and mountaineering

best smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventuresbest smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures
  • Supported Apps : Weather,
  • Special features: Calendar,
  • Navigation: GPS,
  • Sensor: Heart Rate Monitor
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, GPS
  • Compatible with iOS and Android phones

Suunto 7 Smartwatch is the  one of the best suunto outdoor smart watches designed for android users on a  hiking or mountaineering adventure. It is very easy to use because you can access sports features of Suunto 7 by just a single button push.

For sports use, There are over 70+ sports modes, including trail running. There are also outdoor features like GPS and wrist heart rate tracking. While trail running, you can quickly check your running stats like steps and calories with ease.

This watch is the best suunto to hike while enjoying the best outdoor entertainment. If you are music lover, the good hiking watch comes with 8GB of memory for music and songs and can control music on your smartphone. With a compatible headset, your killer or favorite playlist gets from your wrist to the ears.

This hiking smart watch comes with free offline maps,  you can easily view terrain details, trails and contour lines . You just need to swipe to access these maps for outdoor use.

Beginners in hiking can use the heatmaps to find the best route or the most popular route to top hiking destinations with ease. The mapping features are particularly useful to finding the trailing routes, where there no network connectivity.

If you are an android user and want a convenient smartwatch features , then Suunto 7 is the best android smartwatch for hiking since its is powered with android Wear OS by Google. With this suunto hiking smartwatch, android hikers have a more secure way to pay from Google Pay™, access Google Assistant and more apps from Google Play.

The Suunto watch Construction is durable stainless steel bezel, bright high-resolution OLED touch screen, customizable watch faces, and swappable leather and silicone straps. It is the best suunto for trail running and hiking under rains, mud and snow since its shockproof and 50 meters waterproof.

The battery can last up to 48 hours in smartwatch mode and 12 hours in GPS tracking mode. This is pretty the best for longer or multi-day hiking trips.

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Best Outdoor Fitness trackers for hiking

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch  Best  affordable fitness watch for hiking

Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-In, Sleep and Swim Tracking, Black/Carbon, One Size (S and L Bands Included)

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch  Best Fitness tracker for hikingbest smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures
  • supports: built-in GPS, onboard Amazon Alexa
  • health: heart rate 24/7 with PurePulse 2.0, sleep tracking
  • battery life: 6 days
  • media support: music & podcasts

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch , amongst many fitness tracking watches, is one of the best Fitness trackers for hiking trips, walking and running.

This fitness smartwatch comes with Amazon Alexa built to access quick news and information, verify the weather changes, control your smart home devices. All these controls is by your voice command through third party app if amazon Alexa is not available in your country.

If you want a better stress and sleep tracker, a heart rate monitor, this fitness smartwatch is a survivalist choice. It can tell your restlessness, and issue your sleep score so that you can understand your sleep quality REM sleep stages every night.

Fitbit Versa 2 is one of the best fitness watches with music player and control. While running on your trampoline or in the backcountry, keep yourself entertained by downloading Pandora stations , adding Deezer playlists, storing and playing over 300+ songs, all just from your wrist.

The fitbit’s larger display screen facilitates a quick glance away even while your are trailing down a mountain at a high speed. Other fitness workout stat this fitbit hiking tracker watch can monitor include heart rate 24/ 7, steps, distance, calories burned, hourly activity, active minutes and floors climbed.

In addition to the fitbit’s 6 plus day battery life, you can also get calls, text, calendar and smartphone app notifications when your smartphone is near. Your smart phone should not be beyond 6 meters since the max syncing range is up to 6.1 meters.

Like these smartwatches with earbuds, this fitbit works well with compatible bluetooth headphones and other 200 or more iOS and Android devices. This fitbit is a fitness tracker to monitor everything that goes with your hikes.

The downside of fitbit Versa 2 is it doesn’t have a built-in GPS as some specific-hiking smart watches do. Though its a lot of more inconvenience, you have to carry your smartphone along, when going on a hiking or running trip.

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Best android smartwatch for hiking

Amazfit T-Rex Outdoor Smart Watch – best hiking smartwatch under 200 dollars

Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch, Military Standard Certified, Tough Body, GPS, 20-Day Battery Life, 1.3'' AMOLED Display, Water Resistant, 14-Sports Modesbest smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures
  • Construction: military standard watch with 12 military certificates,
  • Supports: 28nm Sony GPS chip
  • Battery life on GPS :40 hours.
  • Display: always-on display,
  • Screen type: 1. 3” AMOLED
  • Fitness: 14 sport modes
  • Waterproof rating: 5 ATM water resistance

Amazfit’s T-Rex is an outdoor sports watch that looks like a Garmin Fenix, but affordable under 200 dollars price tag. It makes an excellent outdoor smartwatch for those hikers on a budget.

You will find this adventure smartwatch come in large case diameter of 47mm, but it’s built to military grade toughness and standards with a water resistant of 50 meters( 5ATM).
The affordable outdoor smartwatch can withstand tough environments like extreme cold (-40 F) to extreme hot weather (+150 F) to 240 hours in damp heat
The waterproofing feature is beneficial when hiking or trekking in the fall. Unlike the best garmin smartwatch for hiking and cycling, AmazFit T-Rex has got no mapping feature built-into it.

This smartwatch can support up to 20 hours of GPS tracking, so much good for long outdoor trips, but Amazfit is not comparable to garmin in terms of outdoor experience.

Since some garmin adventure watches like the Garmin Instinct and Fenix top the list of best outdoor smart watches for hiking , you can spend less on the T-Rex since it features in the list for affordable and cheap outdoor watches one can take for hiking.

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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch for hikingbest smartwatch for hiking - 7 Best Smartwatch For Hiking, Trekking, Running and Other Outdoor Adventures
  • OS Android Smartphones (Compatible with Android 4.4 )
  • Supports Wireless communication technologies
  • Connectivity technologies: Bluetooth
  • Additional Features: Heart-rate-monitor
  • Display : AMOLED
  • Device interface – primary Buttons
  • Battery Power Rating: 380 Milliamp Hours
  • Included Components Watch, Charger

Looking for a rugged android smartwatch for outdoor at an affordable price? Samsung frontier (gear smart watch) is an excellent outdoor smartwatch for hikers on a budget.

Many users of this android compatible hiking smart watch say that Gear S3 Frontier can boasts up to 3 days of battery life and good resistances to water, dust, mud, and dirts.

There are many hiking apps to install into this watch. This breadcrumb app is a great outdoor app for hunting and for following trails and exploring cities. You can also use GPX route tracker app when hiking, to upload the waypoints beforehand. The rotating stainless steel bezel helps you to access apps and notifications.

This it supports wireless battery charging, you always get text, call and smart notifications directly from your samsung watch. The bluetooth connected smartwatch can play and stream music, support Samsung Pay with just a swipe.

I consider samsung gear frontier the best android smartwatch for hiking since it is very compatible with Android smartphones – Android OS 4.4 and later.

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Best apps for a hiking smartwatch

1. AllTrails App  – Best Hiking App for apple Watch and Garmin outdoor Smartwatch

AllTrails is best iOS app for apple and garmin tough smartwatches. it can guide your way to the outdoors and help you discover the best hiking, running, and biking trails anywhere in the world.

Amazingly, you can access and explore thousands of hand-curated trail maps and crowd-sourced photos from many other hikers, mountain bikers and trail runners around the world. The options are many with this hiking app for apple. You can choose a dog-friendly or kid-friendly hiking trail or mountain biking or backpacking trip that never appeared in your dreams.

Install this alltrail apple outdoor app in your apple watch and you can seamlessly explore a national park, and discover new trails and national parks in your own neighborhood,. it is just by using the hand-curated GPS and topo maps.

To improve your fitness experience, this app records your every adventure with the watch’s GPS tracker, provide hiking and running stats at glance and you can save and share your performance to online community.

To avoid dangers of running out of signals while hiking in the jungle, you just need to download offline maps – track your exact GPS location as you navigate the trail. The off-route notifications help hikers stay safe from staring away and getting lost. All these come at a subscription price tag.

AllTrails works best with the Garmin Fenix range and the Apple Watch.

2. ViewRanger

ViewRanger is a  versatile app for GPS trail navigation for hiking. It contains a lot of hiking features on its free version and the more advanced options on the premium app version. If you oan an account for this app, you can download free maps for offline hiking purposes.

The most common maps on the premium app include USA and USGS Topographical maps. There are also over 180,000 trails that you can explore them off-grid after you download into your watch. For android users, ViewRanger has a WearOS compatible app but ViewRanger works so perfectly on the Apple smartWatch.

3. Map My Hike

With the help of MyFitnessPal , MapMyHike was created free with amazing and comprehensive data analysis about your outdoor hikes, trails and runs. This app reliably uses the GPS function to perform these great analytic tasks.

MapMyHike hundreds of other activities like running, swimming and cycling and more importantly, it provides automatic feedback based about your completed hikes.

The differentiator here is the social element. You can engage with other users in the community, where you can challenge and go head-to-head with other people to improve your skills over time.

Unless you buy the premium version, expect to see ads on your free MapMyHike app. This app function compatibly well with android smartwatches and other WearOS devices and support real time location and heart rate tracking.




What is the best garmin gps smartwatch for hiking with safety features?

If you are looking for the best hiking watch with safety features, here is Garmin Forerunner 645 Music . while it supports logging your loop with downloadable GPS, the garmin watch for walkers and trekkers  has a safety feature which, when  activated, it can automatically notify your pre-loaded emergency contacts, showing your whereabouts in the jungle.


which is the best smartwatch for night hiking trips?

Garmin Tactix Bravo comes with a night vision goggle compatible features and with excellent outdoor adventures features including High-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS positioning with automatic calibrating altimeter, barometer and 3-axis compass.


what is the best smartwatch with heart rate monitor for hikers?

Garmin Fenix 3 HR, Gray comes with a Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate tracking technology that is able to accurately measure heart rate from  the wrist. With this HR hiking smartwatch, you gain the option to track your cardia performance without wearing a chest strap.


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