12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men – Luxurious Elegance

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If you go shopping for luxury watches in the market, you will find they come in a wide variety of shapes, value and sizes. You will even notice that most luxury watches are uniquely designed but in competing styles and brands. Such awesome styles offer eye-catching timepieces that can cause people to have jaw-dropping looks on the wearer’s wrist. One of such watches whose style is an open-face design, is a skeleton watch. The cut-out design that exposes the inner workings and mechanism is what sets skeleton watches for men and women, apart from all the other luxury timepieces.

elegant and best skeleton watches for men - both skeleton automatic watch and mens skeleton mechanical watch

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What is a skeleton watch, anyway?

A skeleton watch is a well-crafted timepiece with a clearer view of the internal gears that make up the moving parts or movement. These watches are carefully stripped of some parts of the casing to reveal the inner mechanism.

From design to construction, skeleton watches have their intricate pieces and internal machinery exposed. Individuals who wear these open-heart watches often have a feeling of high value or luxury. Because they are exceptionally crafted to look bare-bone, many people love and cherish the open-work watches so heartily.

As history records it, the first skeleton watch appeared in 1760s, created by a French watchmaker named Andre Charles Caron. While brainstorming on how to makcryse unique styled watches, he took off the dial of a pocket watch of that time, to allow customers to view the gears and the inner machinery driving the watch.

Because that caught the never-ending wondering attention of watch users in those days, about what runs the watch’s function, other manufacturers jumped in. Most watch makers then manufacturing thinner and sleeker watches with unique styles by removing parts that were not necessary.



Do you appreciate the elegance of mechanical skeleton watches?

The elegant aesthetics of mechanical see-through skeleton watches for men, attract persons with an eye for perfect art and craftsmanship. From both the front(dial) and the back of the timepiece, you can see the complex mechanical movement when you wear a skeleton watch.

Some skeleton watches for men display all of the intricate pieces while other skeleton watch models just have a semi open-heart show of the internal components. Until you wear one and look into movement, you may never fully appreciate the construction of skeleton watches.

It is this astonishing design that make the best skeleton watches for men become an excellent conversion initiator. You know, people who have worn these bare-bone watches would often easily start a never ending exciting story behind their open work skeleton watches.

The evidence of skeleton watches becoming highly desirable is in how individuals appreciate its hand crafted technology. This probably offers your friends and colleagues to want to make statement about the style and the machinery behind the skeleton watch on your wrist.

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best skeleton watches for men - both skeleton automatic watch and mens skeleton mechanical watch

Img: Men’s skeleton dial watch – A timepiece with visible internal workings


Why buy skeleton watches for men?

Most Watches are no longer being primarily worn for timekeeping but for style and substance. More exceptionally, skeletal watches are well known and loved more because they turn functionality into a fashion style that complements people’s lifestyles.

For men, a skeleton watch with visible gears, wheels and bridges is a gentleman’s timepiece that is luxurious than an ordinary watch. Ask men who have tried a tuxedo with a high quality men’s skeleton watch and they will tell you ” there is pride in wearing a fine-tuned timepiece” like a open dial watches.

Both for formal and informal business or political meetings, wearing the best skeleton watch creates a great distinction on a man inside a crowd. It feels like luxury, to have a good skeleton watch on your wrist.

Watch collectors and horology enthusiasts love see-through designed watches for the acquired tastes that hold every man’s attention for long. These timepieces with visible intricacies are fascinating design that allows wearers see what’s going on inside the watch, it is a big joy to watch it.

The good thing is that the many cool skeleton watches come in budgets, starting from affordable models up to some of the best luxury brand options. Whatever is your financial status, you can pick one, to be seeing what’s happening inside the timepiece, every time, at a glance, as you like it.

For any person who likes to behold the technical side of how watch movement function, an open-dial timepiece makes an excellent watch to buy.

  But can there ever be any other breakthrough in horological industry that will produce pieces which are attention grabbing, like skeleton watches? Use comment form below this page.


luxury skeleton automatic watch and mens skeleton mechanical watch

img: Luxury skeleton watch brands for men


Best  skeleton watch brands

You know, thee isn’t any other timepiece that displays the art of mechanical watchmaking so that you have a view of the intricate inner workings, like a skeleton watch. It is truly mind-blowing and captivating at the level of precision that thee bridges, gears, and the internal wheels function.

The mechanics, and the engineering expertise behind a skeleton watch is so powerful that a highly crafted skeleton watch will ever remain a timeless investment piece for several years to come.

What even touch my heart do deeply is how these high quality craftsmanship is able to make a range of handsome automatic and mechanical movement watches with moving parts visible through the front and back parts.

Nevertheless, such quality and genius works to upgrade men and women fashion lifestyle, come from many companies producing creative designs.

But excellent models of skeleton watches with durable, unique and distinct designs come from some top brands like Fossil, Tissot, Hamilton, Stuhrling, Invicta, Emporio Armani, Bulova and other like the Hugo Boss.


best skeleton watches for men - both skeleton automatic watch and mens skeleton mechanical watch

img: A man wearing a skeleton watch


Top rated best skeleton watches for men

When you look at small pieces inside a skeleton watch movement, working in harmony, you behold over 250 years of history just by looking into the timepiece. The skeleton watches with visible high-end intricate working movement is worth peoples attention.

Although open heart watches actually establishes a relationship with the wearer, they remain impressive but expensive. Very few skeleton watches are truly budget friendlier and affordable to most guys.

Here are a list of distinct timepieces with revealing heart and gears, which turn ordinary into extraordinary. At the same time, a high technological skeleton watch blends classic and contemporary aesthetics by s inner workings into plain sight. What a craftsmanship to own!



1. Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Chronograph Skeleton

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Skeleton Automatic Watch, Chronograph, 24K Goldskeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Elegance
  • Brand : Maurice Lacroix
  • Case : Stainless Steel
  • Case Back : Exhibition
  • Crystal dial : Anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal
  • Dial Color : Skeleton
  • Functions : Luminous hands, Chronograph
  • Movement : Mechanical Automatic,
  • Water Resistance : 100m
  • Bracelet Strap : Alligator Leather Strap
  • Gender : Men’s
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This masculine designed skeleton watch is a Mastepriece collection -a perfect embodiment of the Maurice Lacroix craftsmanship. The open dial watch is modern, stylish and highly positioned in the skeleton watchmaking industry.

This technologically created timepiece is one of the luxury open-back watch models in the chronograph range.

The maurice skeleton face watch runs on an automatic movement featuring 30 minutes chronograph counter, a 48 hours power reserve, and 25 jewels. The dial of this good- looking, open-case back exhibition watch is made of hard-to-break Anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal.

Like the water resistance of 100m, sapphire is a unique quality found in luxury watches. This masterpiece skeleton chronograph watch comes protected by a stainless steel case and features diamond-cut minute, & hour luminous hands.

The high value open-work dial watch is durable, with a Gold case and Brown genuine Alligator leather strap that provide a handsome aesthetics for men.



2. Trissot T-Complication Squelette  – one of the high-end best skeleton watches

Tissot Men's T0704051641100 T-Complication Squelette Analog Display Swiss Mechanical Hand Wind Brushed Stainless Steel watchskeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Elegance
  • Brand : Tissot
  • Dial window : Scratch Resistant Sapphire
  • Display Type : Analog
  • Case dimension :43 mm by 12mm
  • Band : 22 mm wide black Leather
  • Dial color :Skeleton
  • Bezel material :Fixed
  • Special features: Luminous indexes,
  • Movement : Mechanical Hand Wind
  • Water resistant depth : 50 Meters
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This Tissot Squelette is a much more affordable Swiss made skeleton watch for a man. It is designed sleek and , modern with a meticulous craftsmanship featuring a visible-styled, hand-wound, mechanical skeleton movement.

Not all high quality men’s mechanical skeleton watches are very budget friendlier. This uniquely build open heart stainless steel skeleton watch sells for under $2,000. In addition to the cost, the beautiful Swiss watch is very soothing and striking on wrist.

Featuring a skeleton dial with luminous hands, the near indestructible sapphire glass durably protects water from ruining the internal gears.

A combination of black leather band and a silver toned stainless steel case adds an attractive and handsome aesthetic and elegance to the timepiece.

The transparent case back watch from Tissot comes with a hand winding movement and a waterproof rating of 50 m(165 fleets)

By seeing through the dial, you can’t ignore to appreciate the intricacy of the skeleton watchmaking – a unique style added on a contemporary design.

This Tissot see-through watch is a pure luxury in appearance, constructed to the highest caliber, with sharp finishing and magnificence. The design details are laid bare and in plain view, to our naked eyes.

The 43mm stainless steel case, can fit quite snugly and comfortably on the wrist of most men. Combined with the leather strap, water resistance, analog skeleton dial, this Swiss-made, men’s mechanical skeleton watch is versatile with just any outfit.



3. Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01 Skeleton Watch – luxury skeleton watch

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01 Automatic Skeleton Dial Mens Watchskeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Elegance
  • Brand : TAG Heuer
  • Dial window material : Sapphire Crystal
  • Display Type : Analog
  • Case material : stainless-steel-titanium
  • Case diameter : 42 millimeters
  • Band Material : 20mm width Rubber
  • Special features : Swiss Made
  • Movement : Swiss Automatic
  • Water resistant depth : 100 Meters
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The Tag Heuer Carrera is a skeletonized dial watch with high mechanical precision and performance. The open heart display reveals 39 jewel movement – a complex aesthetic craftsmanship.

The Calibre Heuer-01 is very luxurious, attractive and handsome, especially for men in suit. There’s a careful color combination consisting of black, silver, white and red on chronograph hands and the tips of the hour markers. These offer a a stunning attraction for most guys.

Having a perfect, uncommon design conceived by the minds of a Swiss watchmaker the skeleton watch case is made of layers off different types of material. You will notice, taking a close observation, that the Tag Heuer case construction features black titanium coated stainless steel and a fine brush finish in the middle.

Have you ever taken a short gaze, or stare under the hood of a racing car? What you behold under the hood of the racecar is the best description of the fascinating view when you look through the transparent dial of the Tag Heuer.

As one fortunate user confirmed, TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber Heuer 01 Skeleton watch is Mechanically marvelous. It’s super sporty design is a “wow”.

While the bezel with an engraved gray tachymeter scale has an eye-catching finishing, the buttons and crown are made with satin-finished stainless steel. The rubber-grip crown is see for winding and setting the bare-bone watch.

Not many skeleton chronograph watches for men have pushers made with black titanium carbide-coated steel but this one matches the durable case. The ends of the lugs, and the skeleton watch case back are designed with same material.


4. Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Skeleton Gent Auto

Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Automatic Skeleton Dial Black Leather Mens Watch H42555751skeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Elegance
  • Brand : Hamilton
  • Dial window : Scratch Resistant Sapphire
  • Display Type : Analog
  • Case material: Alloy Steel
  • Case dimension : 43 mm x11 mm
  • Band Material : 20mm width Leather
  • Dial color : Skeleton
  • Movement : Automatic
  • Water resistant depth: 100 Meters
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The skeletonization of Hamilton Jazzmaster is one of the quality of proven accuracy in their craftsmanship. The brands experts have put relentless teamwork to openly display the hairspring, barrel, the escapement and other gears.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic skeleton automatic watch is constructed with a 43mm stainless steel case with an open case and a men-size black leather strap. With a fixed stainless steel bezel, this is a handsome and classic combination.

The sophistication in the automatic movement and the contemporary looks, styled with exhibition of internal workings makes the timepiece a perfect option for modern men.

This sleek and stylishly polished piece also boasts a waterproof capability. The open case back watch supports waters resistance of 50m, so an aquatic lover should feel free to swim if you get around the sea, or ocean waters.

Moreover, the Hamilton skeleton sapphire watch has a cut-out dial with luminous silver-tone hands and index hour markers. To read time, this skeleton automatic comes with an analog skeleton dial and Minute markers on the outer rim.

The Automatic movement works accurately with high precision timekeeping, and the Scratch resistant sapphire crystal keeps the watch face unbreakable and well protected.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Automatic Skeleton Dial Mens Watch looks, kind of, a luxury casual style watch with leather band, for men.


5. Stuhrling Automatic Skeleton Dress Watch – cheap skeleton watch under $300

Stuhrling Original 371.01 Men’s Legacy Automatic Self Wind Genuine Leather Strap Watch, Black

skeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Eleganceskeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Elegance
  • Dial window : Krysterna Crystal
  • Case material: Stainless Steel
  • Case diameter: 46 millimeters
  • Band : 22mm wide leather Men’s Standard
  • Bezel material: Stainless Steel
  • Special features: Second hand
  • Movement :Automatic
  • Water resistant depth: 165 Feet
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Stuhrling Original 371.01 Men’s Automatic Skeleton Dress Watch, is manufactured by a Brooklyn-based company with a good reputation. With a 47mm case, the stainless steel skeleton watch is a suitable but affordable timepiece for men on a tight budget.

Powered by a good automatic movement, customers love this skeleton face watch because being a cheap stuhrling watch, it is an elaborate and elegant timepiece with visible mechanism.

At a little cost as compared to high end see-through watches, you have a handsome timepiece that pulls people’s attention towards your wrist.

In addition to the stainless steel bezel, the silver skeleton dial with dual time, the blue colored hands and markers and an an onion crown, all put an exceptional appearance that is fantastic and eye-catching.

Not common with leather wrist watches, this one has an alligator embossed leather strap for every day casual outfit.

The dual time is an excellent function for travelers, the 24 hour military time can tell universal times without you putting too much brainwork. The subdial shows the second time zone plus a rotating AM/PM local time indicator.

I think this Stuhrling is the best budget skeleton watch for business men who constantly move between countries.

If this stuhrling original men’s mechanical skeleton watch with leather strap is not your affordable choice, check out this other model – Stührling Emperor’s Grand DT 3920 Automatic also has a low price.

The inexpensive skeleton watch has has a Breguet styled hands , making it one of the best budget skeleton watch that is just super perfect for formal occasions.

Unfortunately, some users have poured out their dissatisfaction that the watch breaks in just few months after purchase. Again, the Stuhrling skeleton face watch is already taken off the brand’s Legacy Collection.


6. Bulova Men’s Classic Automatic Skeleton Watch Best budget skeleton watch for men under $1000

Bulova Men's Watch - classic Skeleton automatic watch for menskeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Elegance
  • Brand : Bulova Automatic Collection
  • Case: gunmetal IP stainless steel
  • Case Diameter: 46mm
  • Dial Material : Mineral crystal
  • Movement : Automatic-self-wind
  • Water resistant to 100m (330ft)
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Bulova is proudly a reputable American Watchmaking company since 1875. They are performing pretty well in horological industry, as they also acquired Japanese-owned watchmaker – Citizen Watch Co.

With excellent craftsmanship, they make good quality skeleton watches for men and women. If you are looking to invest, Bulova is a high value asset and a good brand to consider.

This Bulova Men’s Classic Automatic Skeleton Watch is case-sized at 43mm, a suitable dimension for normal wrist men. With its durable stainless steel case, bracelet, and a blue skeleton dial, the piece is part of the Bulova’s Classic Automatic Collection.

Other features include a flat mineral crystal glass, waterproof rating of 100m, and a double-press deployant closure. This watch with internal gears showing, can make a beautiful skeleton dive watch for male divers.

There are even more options with the same design. Another model from the same collection comes with a rose gold-tone finishing and that is Bulova Men’s Skeleton Automatic Watch model 98A166.

The brand does not sell these good and accurate skeleton pieces to users without receiving complains from the customers. Some bad experiences from customer as we witness in their review, is that the piece stopped functioning after few weeks of use.

Don’t lose hope, many people don’t know that automatic watches stop working when they run out of power reserve and you don’t rewind it. It is possible that these customers just left their skeleton automatic watch without wearing them for some days.

The only and the best solution is to shake to wind the automatic watch or wear it all the times. One thing to note seriously is that Bulova makes top rated watches including the best skeleton watches in the market.

As a result, some scrupulous guys are now making Bulova replica watches to take advantage of genuine timepieces from the brand. When shopping and exploring Bulova watches, I recommend you should consider its authenticity. You need to learn how to identify a fake Bulova watch.

I like this one for

  • Silver and blue skeleton dial and exhibition caseback
  • Self-Winding movement
  • Stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Flat mineral crystal glass


7. Orient Bambino Open Heart Automatic Watch – inexpensive skeleton automatic watch under $300

skeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Eleganceskeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Elegance
  • Dial window : Mineral
  • Display Type Analog
  • Clasp :Buckle
  • Case : 41 x 12mm Stainless Steel
  • Band Material : 12mm wide Leather
  • Calendar : No date
  • Special features: Second hand
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Water pressure resistance: 3 bar
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Orient bambinos is a favorite collection for special events. This formal event Orient bambinos incorporates open heart into its watch designs as a way to redefine the aesthetics required of a dress watch.

This fashion watch with a skeletal dial design comes with a domed mineral dial window that is rigid, tough and not easily broken.

The rudimentary dial features an analog hand, and Arabic numeral markers. The bare-bone watch case measures seemingly small for petite wrists people. The well constructed 40mm stainless steel case houses the japanese automatic movement that ensures high presision timekeeping.

In addition, the case also protects the watch movements from water getting in, thanks to its waterproof property of 30-meter water resistance. This depth rating is not enough for diving or swimming, but you should also not take it into shower.

The brand uses a classic and proven aesthetic formula to produce this budget skeleton watch for men’s wrists.


8. Invicta Men’s 1090 Russian Diver Stainless Steel Skeleton Watch best cheap skeleton watch under $200

Invicta Men's Russian Diver Rose Gold Stainless Steel and Black Polyurethane Mechanical Watch, Rose Gold/Black (Model: 1090)skeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Elegance
  • Dial window : Synthetic sapphire
  • Display Type Analog
  • Metal stamp : 316L
  • Case : 51 x 16 mm Stainless Steel
  • Band Material Polyurethane
  • Band dimension : 235 mm by 26mm
  • Dial color Pink
  • Bezel material Stainless Steel, Stationary
  • Movement Mechanical Hand Wind
  • Water resistant depth 165 Feet
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We could not discuss more affordable option of skeleton watches for men and not include open face pieces from the Invicta. Invicta 1090 Russian Diver watch is produced, thanks to the inspiration from the brand’s 1959 watch commissioned by the Russian Naval Fleet.

For more than a century, this watch brand reliably existed, So for those who doubt Invicta, several decades have offered this company enough experience.

The good thing is that they even make fine watches at modest prices. For example, this Invicta Men’s 1090 Russian Diver Stainless Steel Skeleton Watch runs on a mechanical movement and needs manual winding to get energy.

Also, it is designed to be large, with a 51mm case that only bigger men can wear (i guess ladies have slimmer, thin wrists sizes). Besides, the low price skeleton dial watch is a good piece of jewelry that get compliments on a man’s handsome looks.

Aside from the big and bold statement it makes, other features include the lasting and rustproof rose gold stainless steel case and bezel, a polyurethane strap ( and stainless steel bracelet) and a screw-down crown.

On the face, you observe a rose gold exhibition dial, luminous hands, and behind, you will see an exhibition case back.

This skeleton watch is water-resistant rated up to 50m – a waterproof function that allows it to endure minor water splashes and brief swimming.

The only thing is, you shouldn’t wear it for serious water activities – snorkeling or diving. It remains very suitable for washing hands and, swimming in shallow depths.


9. Hublot Classic Fusion Classico Men’s Ultra-Thin Skeleton Watch

skeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Eleganceskeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Elegance
  • Dial window :Sapphire Crystal
  • Display : Analog
  • Clasp :deployant clasp
  • Case diameter: 45 millimeters
  • Band Material: Leather
  • Band Color: Black
  • Dial color: Black
  • Water resistant rating :50 Meters
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The Hublot Classic Fusion Ultra-Thin Skeleton watch is a titanium timepiece with a fine traditional art most people still want to behold in this modern times.

Like all other cut-out designed timepieces, the Hublot Ultra-thin skeleton watch is uniquely slimmer and, modern, with powerful architectural aesthetic.

Best described as a stylish timepiece with a sleek and masculine look, you can wear this attractive elegant lightweight titanium wrist watch for business office works, and even social events.

The tough and sharp case is about 45mm in diameter, a suitable size for an average man’s wrist. What I even like more is the eye-catching polished and satin-finished titanium case.

If you don’t mind, this watch holds a value of contemporary style for fashion and business men. The alligator strap is a good addition of elegance, classic touch to a timepiece with great internal sophistication.

Away from handsome looks in its appearance, this Hublot Skeleton timepiece, also features a fantastic 90-hour power reserve. You don’t mind keeping your watch removed from your wrist, for few hours to days.

The 8mm thickness shows that the Hublot Classic Fusion Black watch is one of the best thinnest watches with super lightweight design. You can carry it around on wrist, without noticing.

Despite having so much complex internal watch movement inside such a tiny case and slim case is great and unimaginable and costly craftsmanship.

The luxury in this ultra-thin skeleton watch also comes from the scratch-resistant sapphire skeleton dial with PVD hands and index markers. You have a sub-second dial near the 7 O’Clock position.

More importantly, the time piece is powered by a 21 jewel HUB 1300 manual winding movement that hold about 90-hour power reserve.

The waterproof rating of 100m is enough to wear it for pool swimming, beach adventures, fishing and for snorkeling and showering. Not many skeleton watches for men hold this great quality, allthough very expensive over $10,000.


10. Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Skeleton 42mm Men’s Watch

Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Skeleton 42mm Men's Watch 51.2081.400/78.C810skeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Elegance
  • Dial window :Anti reflective sapphire
  • Clasp :Deployment Clasp
  • Case material: 42mm Stainless Steel
  • Band Material: 22mm width Leather
  • Dial color Skeleton
  • Bezel material: 18ct rose gold
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Water resistant depth: 100 Meters
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Zenith is one of the century known watchmakers since 1865, when it first started producing pocket chronographs. It was not until 1969 when the company made the El Primero chronograph movement. According to the Zenith, this EI Primero 400 B movement is one of the most precise calibers in the world.

This super accurate movement uses balance oscillating that runs at a frequency of about 36,000 vibrations per hour. In one of the Zenith statements, they described movement as the “only one capable of measuring short times to the nearest tenth of a second …”

As concerns particularly the Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Skeleton 42mm Men’s Watch, the timepiece is very lightweight . This almost-weightless design(15.9 grams), makes the timepiece suitable for males who don’t want to feel large, heavy, and traditional timepieces on their wrists.

In addition, the lightest chronograph calibre features some incredible 328 parts and 31 jewels, which is why many people admire the skeleton men’s watch so heartily. It looks stylish and contemporary inside the black 45mm ceramic-aluminum , carbon case and with fabric-coated black rubber strap.

Another stunning feature is the durable PVD-coated titanium triple-folding clasp. Without weighing your arm down, all these gorgeous features make watch fans feel that the skeleton men’s chronograph watch is seriously modern. You can wear the timepiece for swimming, showering thanks to features like 100m waterproof rating,

Finally, one features, which is part of luxury watch models like Rolex, is the domed sapphire crystal which comes with an anti-reflective treatment.

This material on the lsldial window, can’t break or shatter so easily, no make visible scratches and that is why this piece has a price in the range $500 – $10,000.

I like this Zenith chronomaster skeleton model, it is true luxury for horological enthusiasts.


11. Piaget Altiplano White Gold Ultra-Thin Skeleton Watch

Piaget Altiplano Black and Silver Dial 18kt White Gold Black Leather Mens Watch G0A39111skeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Elegance
  • Dial window : Scratch Resistant Sapphire
  • Clasp: Tang Buckle
  • Case material : 18kt White Gold
  • Case diameter 38 millimeters
  • Case Thickness 3.65
  • Band Material: Black Leather
  • Special features Hour, Minute, Second
  • Movement: Mechanical Hand Wind
  • Water resistant depth: 30 Meters
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Piaget Altiplano White Gold watch is another timepiece with a super thin case that is lightweight on wrist, but very lovely and attractive. It is carefully constructed by the Piaget, a luxury brand that has existed since since 1874.

I believe that if you don’t like to keep up with a slimmer smartwatch, then an ultra-slim regular watch with a cut-out design showing the internal complications, is a better alternative.

I can imagine, this men’s mechanical skeleton watch brand must had specialized in the creation of less heavier, or thin watches. You can just see for yourself how they made this world slimmest timepiece.

The only best quality regular timepiece that satisfies this tiny design, is the Piaget Altiplano gold -tone skeleton watch. It actually is the best thinnest self-winding skeleton watch you can find in the market.

Like one of the to rated gold skeleton watches for men, Piaget Altiplano White Gold Ultra-Thin Skeleton Watch case houses the thinnest mechanical skeleton movement ever designed in the world. What do you think about a 2.4 mm watch movement?

That is a pure evidence of years of valuable time, expertise and craftsmanship combined into an innovative design. Only highly-skilled watchmakers take credit for this excellent, impressive work.

The delicately engraved skeleton watch for a man, is well designed, with an 18 k-karat white gold toned 38 mm case, that is hard and tougher.

When the white gold finishing is coupled with a skeletal silver dial, and the black alligator straps, you get a classy luxury-looking timepiece with a contemporary design and a sleek look on a man’s arm.

More other features include hand-wound mechanical movement, the ardillon buckle, machine-tooled case-back which houses the calibre and the case.

This mechanical skeleton watch has the most complex of architectures that makes the internal gears and bridges visible . It has a very powerful attention-grabbing aesthetics.


Lucien Piccard Men’s Loft Stainless Steel Skeleton Watch one of the best swiss skeleton watches for men

Lucien Piccard Loft Automatic Skeleton Dial Men’s Watch LP-10660A-03

skeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Eleganceskeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Elegance
  • Brand : Lucien Piccard
  • Dial window : Synthetic sapphire
  • Case material: 45mm Stainless Steel
  • Band Material : 24mm black Leather
  • Dial color Blue
  • Bezel : Stainless Steel
  • Special features: Hour, Minute, Second
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Water resistant depth: 50 m(165 Feet)
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For guys who love watches from Switzerland, this Lucien Piccard is a Swiss watch company. Since 1923, they have been into watchmaking business, and several decades to a century of expertise, lets them to craft high quality timepieces that cost up to thousands of dollars.

The watch brand was later, bought by a Chinese company, which started making inexpensive watches. That is why this Lucien Piccard timepiece offer high quality affordables watches – and this Men’s Loft is one of the most affordable skeleton watches for men in this list.

The Lucien Piccard men’sloft  bare-bone watch has a stainless steel construction, a leather strap, and synthetic dial with rose-tone markers. Although the Lucien piccard skeleton face watch comes at a giveaway price, it is worth more than the price tag placed on it.

You can take it into shower, and also do light water activities like hand washing thanks to its water-resistant depth rating up to 50m. Don’t worry much, the cut-through watch can handle some splashes without letting condensation and moisture to develop inside.

Running on automatic movement, this handsome and sleek skeleton automatic watch has made plenty of its customers satisfied. It is very affordable, yet, with a great value for its users. The timepiece can make an unforgettable gift for your loved ones, at a very cheap rate.

The low-priced Lucien skeleton watch comes in a 45mm stainless steel case which seats so well on average men’s wrist. It looks over-sized and comically big for people who have really small wrists. The men’s Loft skeleton exhibition watch from LP actually blend, fashions and class, and I think, it would be a nice pick for a guy who wants a bold style that adds flare to his collection.

After handcrafting fine timepieces for many generations, Lucien Piccard made watches for people adorned with royalty, celebrities, and dignitaries, yet, I could expect that their high quality watch will cost higher. Awesomely, this timepiece makes the best value skeleton watch for a man.

I even got from some users that lucien piccard were the first brand that introduced the world slim-line watch designs. Their pioneered works finally is able to bring fashionable traditional and modern watch technology into one.

If you want more, Shop Lucien Piccard Watches

What I like about Lucien Piccard watches

  • they come as high-quality affordable skeleton watch
  • companies still offer a limited five-year warranty
  • LP always incorporates many precious stones, including 14 and 18 karat gold, stainless steel, and diamonds are incorporated into their watch styles.
  • They have a long heritage, distinction, and a great reputation.



best skeleton watches for men - budget skeleton watch to luxury skeleton watches
Img: Leather band Rotary automatic watches –   Guide to buying best skeleton watches for men


Buying Skeleton watches –  What to consider

Deciding which skeleton watch is right for you is not easy at all. There are lots of question to ask. Which skeleton watch offers good quality movement and materials/ Which skeleton watches are best for formal outfits? Which open face watches are suitable for casual wears, and inexpensive? When you love a skeleton watch at first-sight, you may lose sight of other practical considerations, only to regret later on.


1. Type of skeleton watch movement

What type off skeleton watch movement do you want?

You have only two categories of movements used inside skeleton watches. The automatic skeleton watch movement is self-winding, all it needs, is for you to keep wearing it.

Another kind of movement is mechanical , which is manual winding, which you need to create its mainspring energy by hand Winding it. The little and the tiny components that move in harmony, make up the open face watch movement and that is pretty much what see-through watches are all about.

Automatic movement watches don’t need battery but they store up energy. When you hear me say they are self-winding, that means the power reserve is recharged by the movement of your wrist. You know, the power is stored in mainspring and as you swing your arm, they spring gets some charge. Automatic watches are also mechanical since you can hand wind them too.

Manual movement only need you to hand wind at regular intervals and here is how to wind pocket watches, automatic and mechanical watches too. There are also skeleton watches that are battery powered, with quartz-movement but these timepieces don’t offer fascinating attention as does mechanical open heart watches.

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2. Size of exhibition

How much internal workings do you want to behold?
Yes, you have decided to go buy a mechanical automatic skeleton watch, the question is how much exhibition do you want to see in the watch.

When you are certain as to how much gear exposure you want, then you are way through your skeleton watch shopping pre-requisites. You know, the greatest beauty of a looking at a skeleton watch comes from how much cut-out on the dial allows cogs and gears to be visible. A completely open skeleton dial watch lets you see most of the mechanism of the internal movement. A partially removed dial does not display as much of the internal workings.


3. Openwork Vs Skeleton vs Open Heart Watches

A true skeleton watch features plates and bridges which are decorated with intricate patterns. Actually, it is these decorations that separates skeleton watches from other timepieces.

Openwork watches are almost similar to skeleton watches as they still have exposed clockworks. The only exception is that openwork watches lack the detailing that is not missing in true skeleton watches. If this little difference is ignored, then, openwork and skeletonized watches would be called skeleton watches.

One downside with how having too much dial or case back removed for exhibition is that, you get poor visibility. It would make hard to read the skeleton watch hour hands since the timepiece is too eye-catching.

In that case, take a look at Open Heart watches. These open-heart timepieces are also mechanical watches designed with a small hole on the dial which reveals the balance -heart of the watch. This kind of skeletal watch design still show internal mechanism without sacrificing the design, visibility, appeal and the decoration on the dial.


4. The skeleton watch metal color

Color is one greatest point to consider when shopping for an elegant skeleton watch to match your outfit. If you want to wear your skeleton watch along with a gold ring or bracelet, the best skeleton face wristwatch that will work along is a gold-tone skeleton watch with metal band.

Do you live silver-toned classy, looking timepieces? A silver, steel or platinum ring or bracelet is greatly matched by best skeleton watch with a silver-toned band.

One popular choice material for watches is stainless steel which is silver in appearance and highly polished. They shine brightly when brushed but what is important is that the color should not easily get tarnished.

Some range of colors are not actually gold, but they mimic gold and rose-gold. The good thing about stainless steel is that they are easy to clean, rust-proof, highly durable, and much less expensive.

Unfortunately, steel can cause nickel allergy just like other metals may cause hypoallergenic. make sure to choose a suitable skeleton watch constructed with metals tested for nickel and are certified to be nickel-free and safe to wear.


5. Skeleton watch price

What budget do you have for a good quality skeleton watch? Remember that some are high end, other are cheaper, down to less than 100 dollars.

Most high quality skeleton watches are extremely expensive. In the market, top rated luxury skeleton face watches costing up to $10,000 to $20,000. This looks like a huge tax for low income people.

The price of a see-through watch is dependent and highly impacted by the type of the watch movement inside the case. Yellow, and gold toned skeleton watches take up a lot of cash, and they are the best selling to wealthier and rich collectors.

Silver-colored watches sometimes get easily tarnished, so they come really in the affordable price range.

One other thing that rockets the price of skeleton watches in the dial window material. Sapphire crystal dials are really hard to break, or get scratched and they are a unique material for luxury watches in the market.

If you are shopping on a tight budget plan, a skeleton watch with a sapphire crystal may look like an investment, then i recommend mineral crystal open dial watches.

Affordable skeleton watches under $300 to $5000  and the best budget skeleton watches under $300


6. The story you want to tell

What story do you want your open mechanism watch to tell others? It is true there is one single story, to tell the secret within . That is what André Charles Caron – the first maker of a skeleton watch, wanted it should be told to the wearers. But what do you feel has created the love, the connection between you are the timepiece?

People feel connected to gadgets in different ways. Some people, even not so wealthy, choose to own some luxury objects, because of the memorable story they hold for it.

I understand that the skeleton watch on your wrist is way too small as compared to the size of personal taste, story, that you want to express to friends. Without such a tangible item like a skeleton watch, you feel the message is missing.

Most ladies often associate their jewelries, watches, and high-value bracelets to how much love a lucky guy showed them. Very emotional, obviously.

As for men, watches received on professional level is a show of bravery, courage, strength and duty well done. Such is history every man, would never want to wipe out. Even old, antique, vintage Pocket watches today tell a lot of stories, from wars, to railway works. History is the message and timepieces handed from grandparents to grand children, create a strong bond in the family.

Some people even share their story of their grandparents life, the brave steps they took, the failures they made. The message is very strong and powerful when you hold the same timepiece, which your great grand-father was wearing decades ago.

Many people go for steampunk watches for elegance when thinking of their professional. All in all, skeleton watches for men are unquestionable conversation-starters.

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Difference – cheap and Expensive skeleton watches

Check this video to learn the difference that separates high-end luxury skeleton watches from low-cost opened face skeleton watches.

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1. What is a skeleton watch?

A skeleton watch is actually a timepiece with an opened caseback of open dial that allows wearers to see the internal workings of the watch. These internal mechanical component that run the watch are fascinating and awesome to many people.

This open construction without a covered dial is common with mechanical watches rather than quarts movement timepieces. Originally invented in the 18th century, the extraordinary cut-out design added to traditional timepieces have made skeleton watches very popular and luxurious among collectors, fashion experts and horological enthusiasts.

Doesn’t it beat your imagination to be watching how the internal gears, bridges and springs are moving to make a second tick by? Sure it is!. You will often hear many names of a skeleton watch.


What are skeleton watches called?

watches with visible mechanism, watches that show inner workings, watch with gears showing, open mechanism watch, watches with open back , watch with cogs showing, watch with visible gears, open heart watches, open face watches , see through watches, best open dial watches, bare-bone watches, open dial watches, cut-out watches, case exhibition watches.


2. Are skeleton watches fashionable?

I don’t think there is another very fashionable watch in the world than skeleton watches. While they tell time like any other, they are incredibly classic, elegant and overall eye-catching.

People will make plenty of statements and start conversion immediately as they see a good skeleton watch on your wrist. What is more about fashion, that a feel of luxury, high class and public compliments and attention?

Open dial watches are the excellent way for skeleton watch brands to show off their craftsmanship and engineering they put into affordable and luxury timepieces.


3. Why are skeleton watches expensive?

Generally, cut-out dial watches, with cog and gears showing, are very expensive, much like some pocket watches.

Mechanical movement watches are super expensive, because they require a lot of fine details, precision and you know, that takes too much time to put them together. A lot of craftsmanship shoes into skeleton watch design. The intricate parts and the way they are connected through bridges and the way they are continuous in motion, is alluring and attention grabbing.

You will be surprised to know that luxury skeleton watch brands such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Audemars Piguet invest a lot of time and money into designing and making quality skeleton watches – incredible timepieces.

Despite the too much investment put into their open dial timepieces, some with case-back exhibition, other brands succeeded to make budget mechanical skeleton watches. Think of Stuhrling , fossil, invicta, make some economic less pricier skeleton watches which are worth several thousands dollars but have a cheaper price tag of few hundred dollars 4100 to $500.

skeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Eleganceskeleton watches for men - 12 Best Skeleton Watches For Men - Luxurious Elegance

4. If your skeleton automatic watch stops!

It is natural to understand that you can never wear a wristwatch forever. Many people still wonder what happens when an automatic watch stops.

Skeleton Automatic watches self-wind as you wear them but they will stop working if you remove and keep them without wearing for few days. Some people would think the watch breaks, but that is not the case. The mainspring has just not having some power reserve to energize the movement.

Here is what to do when the watch stops at the middle of the night for example. You shape up the watch, or wear it and swing your arms, or simply hand wind it. Check how to wind mechanical and automatic pocket watches

Any of these methods would manually charge the power reserve. Generally all automatic watches immediately stop when the reserve is depleted after 36 to 48 hours perhaps.

Use an automatic watch winder if you don’t ever want your skeleton automatic watch to run out of power, and stops working. With such automatic watch winders, you got no need to constantly reset your see-through watch.


5. What are the best Skeleton watch brands?

Some Skeleton watch brands we have in this review include.

  • swiss skeleton watch brands : tissot, hamilton, Altiplano, OLEV,  Steampunk
  • luxury skeleton watch brands : Maurice Lacroix , Tissot ,Tag Heuer, Hamilton Jazzmaster
    Cartier Santos-Dumont , Audemars Piguet Millenary, Hublot
  • affordable skeleton watch brands : Stuhrling , Bulova , Orient Bambino, Invicta, Lucien Piccard, Fossil and Swatch


6. What is the best skeleton watches under $100?

If you want a super cheap open face watch, I got one for you. This silver-toned casual and stainless steel Invicta Men’s Vintage Automatic Watch looks like luxury skeleton watch, but it cost just under 100 dollars.


Wrap Up

Finally, you have skeleton watches for men. No matter what your story is, mechanical skeletonized watches, are unique for matching the personality of men. I recommend you pick something you are passionate about for your everyday formal and casual wears.

What is your own history, you want your skeleton watch to tell the public? use the comment form below.

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