Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)

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Are you already convinced about getting a Seiko watch for exploring the underwater worlds but can’t figure out the right watch to pursue your goals?

What is the Best Seiko dive watch? This guide outline the best Seiko divers watches for sale, to help you make a knowledgeable decision in picking one.


Why Pick Seiko Watches For Diving?

There are other brands of watches for divers, but why is seiko divers much preferable over Other Brands?

Proven track record(for more than half a century)

Seiko’s association with the underwater world goes way back to 1965, when Seiko made Japan’s first self-winding 150M Diver’s watch which proved to be reliable in the 8th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition.

While the 1968 Diver’s 300M, become the highest of world standards hi-beat caliber (10 vibrations per second), seiko proceeded in 1975 to introduce a professional Diver 600m model with amazing features – world-class corrosion-proof, shock resistant, airtight titanium case and with polyurethane(PU) band.

Today, the reputation of Seiko hasn’t changed, the brand is known for value-oriented recreations of iconic models of divers watches that do a perfect diving job. It is even necessary divers understand why people buy stainless steel watches.

Seiko Watches are internationally certified.

Even used Seiko dive watches received international recognition since they are professionally proven to work greatly for divers. Again, you can choose from a wide range of seiko watches depending on the diving depth you desire to go for.

Aesthetics and comfortability

Seiko diving watches look great on your wrist, thanks to their classic design. Their sizes also vary to fit various wrist sizes.

Variety of seiko watch styles

You have the option to choose between quartz or mechanical seiko divers watches. Dive quartz uses a battery and solar while mechanical utilizes reliably use a self-winding mechanism. Also, they are men and women gender specific seiko watch models. Some seiko crafted watches are even designed specifically  for scuba diving.

Wold-wide Popularity

Many people still question why seiko watches are still so popular. One thing to note is Seiko  was amongst few early watch manufacturers to come up with the diver’s watches, ones that could withstand atleast 150 meters of water pressure.

Their over 50 years experience for making reliable watch has earned them a first class recognition. Despite being a popular watch brand today, Seiko diving watch versions still come affordable within an economic range for most divers.


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best waterproofing seiko watches


So to speak, many people even prefer seiko submariner over Rolex, because they know seiko brand still remain in good health, if you decide to rough it up a little and beat the crap out of it. It gives quite an impressive performance under water surface.


Our Top Picks For Best Seiko Dive Watches

Most of out selected watches, as we believe,  offer great utility for water sport enthusiasts while also offering some of the best value available for a Seiko watch.

You can count on these watches to meet the standards that most professional and experienced water athletes require in snorkel, swimming, diving and surfing.


Consider These, When Buying A Seiko Dive Watch

Seiko manufactures their timepieces in house, not like most competition that pass the task to a third party. Whatever kind of aquatic watch you’re looking for – high end Seiko divers or low budget water-tight models, be assured they’ve got the same exacting standards and they can outperform some luxury competitors when surfing or swimming.

With the main motive to monitor your time when underwater, Seiko scuba watches are fashionable to wear regardless of whether you are an expert or not. Furthermore, on the open water swimming, Seiko luxury dive watches are very performant.

Here are Things to look out for in a Seiko dive watch.

Water Resistance

Seiko is known for water-resistant watches, but not all have the level of resistance you need. Look for one that can go to a minimum depth of 200 meters to facilitate marine activities and deep diving.

Lighting Technology

When diving in deep oceans, you might find it harder to see your dive quartz watch in dark environments. To recommend, invest in a professional diver watch with a lighting technology.  That helps you keep track of your time when taking a node dive.

Power Source

You can choose between mechanical and battery-powered. Mechanical ones save you from replacing batteries and opening the watch unless during repairs. The battery-powered one has fewer moving parts and is thus the best dive watch for the money.

Durable Construction

As a diver, dive watches are an essential element that significantly influences the success of your sport. Therefore, you need to ensure that it’s constructed with reliable and durable material.

Look for Seiko quartz diver watch with a strong case and a solid bracelet or strap to withstand the deep ocean dives pressures.

To pick a durably constructed best seiko dive watch, the stainless steel and the leather divers watch are more ideal for durability.

Mechanism(Automatic or Quartz)

The standard mechanism used in dive watches is automatic or quartz. Seiko automated dive watches move based on your wrist movement. On the other hand, Seiko self-winding dive watch is more accurate, since it’s in battery-powered watches.

Your Budget

Seiko is known for producing affordable water sports watches, but ‘cheap’ doesn’t mean unreliable.

Seiko offers you a wide range of watches to fit every budget. You can choose dive watches under 100 to the best dive watches under 1000.


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Youtube Review Of Seiko Dive watches

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You Want Seiko Automatic Or Quartz Dive Watch?

The big question do you want automatic or quartz movements? The good news is seiko makes pretty great quality for both automatic and quartz watches.

Seiko quartz movements are recognized as for best in the business, automatic movements are comparable to swiss models.

Quartz watches are traditionally battery-powered, and when they are done, you make a battery replacement. But seiko offers genuinely turns its quartz watches into solar powered watches, so they run in perpetuity with use of light.

Automatic watches, are powered by the movement of your wrist. That means you keep wearing them, and they’ll continue to keep time well. The downside is, if you take them off for a long period of time, they slow down.

Those who don’t know the difference would think their watch got broken or was fake.The mechanics in an automatic watch are designed to withstand the normal wear and tear of everyday work.

Servicing an automatic watch for issues is pricey because expert shops have to take it all apart. This is not same with quartz.

So what is the best Seiko dive watch? Read one!


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Best Automatic Watches Under 500 Plus Most Affordable Automatic Watches AT Your Budget


Best Automatic Seiko Dive Watch Under 500

Seiko Men’s SKX009K2 Diver’s Analog Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

Best Analog Automatic stainless steel seiko watch for diving . This Seiko Diver men's diver's watch combines technology, with a rugged and stylish design. The 22-millimeter-wide bracelet is constructed of stainless steel with a bright, polished silver seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)

  • watch case : 42 mm stainless steel
  • Band/Strap: mens, stainless steel
  • Dial Display: blue hardlex Analog
  • Movement: japanese automatic
  • WaterProofing: 200m(660 feet)
  • Special Features:Date, Day, Hour, Minute, Second

The Seiko SKX009K2 is perfect for professional marines and surface water sports since it is water-resistant for up to 200m (660ft).

The swim blue diver watch is resilient and  sophisticated, you will love the 42mm stainless steel case with a dial window covered by a sturdy hardlex to make it durable.

The three o’clock window depicts both day and night with a red and blue accent in the bezel and Lumi Brite hands to make it easier to read.

This analog snorkel watch is driven by an automatic movement. It’s among the best Seiko automatic dive watches powered by the motion of your wrist.

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  •  uses a fold-over locking buckle clasp on the bracelet.
  •  has a two-tone bezel making it easier to read when underwater.
  •  features a hardlex crystal that is scratch resistant.
  • It can occasionally stop overnight if not worn.
  • The strap can easily hold your hair.


Best Automatic seiko divers watch with rubber strap

Seiko Men’s Automatic Analogue Watch with Rubber Strap SKX007K

Cheaper automatic watch from japan. Seiko Men's Automatic Analogue Watch with Rubber Strap which can be replace with nato strap. Don't hesitate to buy this cheap seiko divers watch for menbest seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)
  • watch case : 42mm stainless steel
  • Band/Strap: mens size, rubber
  • Dial Display: black hardlex, Analog
  • Movement: japanese automatic
  • WaterProofing: 200 meters
  • Special Features: luminous

The SKX007K diving watch stands out as one of the modern best diver watches under 500 due to its good looks and robust build. It’s a Seiko classic automatic diver watch powered by the 7s26 movement; thus, you don’t need a battery since it detects your wrist movement.

This  automatic mechanical watch is an ideal companion in scuba diving due to the incredible water-resistance of 200m (660ft). The dial window is made of proprietary hardlex material to guard against shattering. The hour markers have a Lumi Brite solution to make it easier to read in dark areas.

Though it comes in rubber strap, gray and black NATO strap fits pretty well as too many divers seems to like it. Its really built to a watch collectors standard. Except you love but a Super Oyster bracelet, the band is this seiko is comfy and can make a great scuba wet watch.

Its is amongst the seiko watches with an excellent reputation for decades-long service. At a price point under 500 dollars, the analog watch has an impressive aftermarket if you alter the appearance.

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  • Best Seiko dive watch has a classy design.
  • It comes with Seiko 7s26 automatic movement feature.
  • Power reserve is rated at 40 hours
  • comfy rubber band
  • cost under 500 dollars
  • It’s one of the best dive watches for the money with recognizable luxury features.
  • The height of the crown guards makes it difficult to operate the crown.
  • It can be uncomfortable after hours of underwater diving.


Best seiko self winding dive watch

Seiko Men’s SKX007K2 Diver’s Automatic Watch

best-looking and most distinctive stainless steel seiko automatc watch with jubilee bracelet. Its an iconic watch with decades of near-perfection. Less expensive piece with 200m waterproof, automatic movement, reinforced glass, screw down crown, rotating bezel, luminositybest seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)
  • watch case : 42mm, stainless steel
  • Band/Strap: men length, stainless steel
  • Dial Display: black, Analog
  • Movement: japanese automatic
  • WaterProofing: 200 meters(660 feet)
  • Special Features: luminous

If you are looking for an attractive, functional, heavy, and sturdy luxury diver watch, Seiko self-winding dive watch, the SKX007K2 is the right choice. With its original Jubilee-style bracelet, you get a comfortable fit for your wrists.

It’s water-resistant for up to 200m (660ft); thus, you can choose it for recreational Seiko scuba diving, swim with it every morning and occasionally snorkel with it at the beach. It utilizes the Japanese Automatic Movement, where all internal parts use natural energy from your hand’s movement.

The men’s divers watch has a protective crown that curves to the right side at four o’clock. The face is easily readable due to the luminous hour markers and the black dial cradle. It also has a date display feature at three o’clock.

With features only found on more expensive grail watches – 200m waterproof, automatic movement, reinforced glass, screw down crown, rotating bezel, luminosity, this is an impressive timepiece for those folks who love Seiko automatics.

You can choose this durable beater automatic dive watch for your submergence activities.

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  • It has a fold-over clasp for more safety.
  • lightweight and convenient for everyday use
  • you can pick it for less than $500
  • gorgeous timepiece with bright lume
  • The band may be bulky for those with a thin wrist.


Best Seiko Prospex Diver Scuba Watch (Under 1000 Dollars)

Seiko PROSPEX Limited Model Diver Scuba Sumo SBDC069 

Best seiko divers watch under $1000 - Seiko PROSPEX Limited Model Diver Scuba Sumo SBDC069 Made in Japanbest seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)
  • watch case : 44mm, stainless steel
  • Band/Strap: 20mm stainless steel
  • Dial Display: Glass, Analog
  • Movement: Automatic 6R15
  • WaterProofing: 200 meters(660 feet)
  • Special Features: Mechanical self-winding

The Scuba Sumo SBDC069 is made with high standards to fit a professional diver watch. It features a blue coral color on the face with high polishing on the sides and crisp edges to give it that classy appearance.

The bezel has some markings to bring out the sumo theme. It has a 45mm case with a lug length of 52.6 mm, making it preferred by men. The bracelet is made of steel to complement the watch and the brushed surface on either side.

The divers watch construction is made of stainless steel alloy to keep it resistant to rust, corrosion and color degradation.

The excellent craftsmanship makes it a perfect Seiko stainless steel divers watch, and it’s water-resistant for 200m. The hour markers have Lumi Brite features that glow in the dark.

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  • It tends to lose time accuracy.
  • The bracelet may feel too thin to support the enormous watch.


Best Prospex Analog Self Winder Dive watch

Seiko Men’s SRPC07 Prospex Analog Display Automatic Self Wind Silver Watch

Seiko Men's SRPC07 Prospex Analog Display Automatic Self Wind Silver Watch. Men's Prospex Orange Samurai Divers Watch One Way Rotating Elapsed Timing Bezelbest seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)
  • watch case :44mm stainless steel
  • Band/Strap: men size,silver stainless steel
  • Dial Display: orange, hardlex, Analog
  • Movement: Automatics
  • WaterProofing: 200 m(660feet)
  • Special Features: Self winding

If you want a standout Seiko watch, the SRPC07 Prospex watch is the right model. It has an eye-catching orange face and luminous hands.

The unidirectional bezel and stainless steel material that makes it uniquely anti-corrosive among dive watches under 500. It’s a Seiko self-winding dive watch with a water resistance of up to 200m(660ft), making it an ideal seiko scuba watch for scuba diving and water sports.

You don’t have to worry about safety while diving since it has a clasp to hold onto your wrist. The lume Brite hands charges fast and can serve you all night, making it perfect for deep diving in dark oceans.

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  • It features a unidirectional bezel.
  • seiko suba watch has a safety clasp.
  • It has a unique and stylish orange face.
  • The luminous hands are bright for easier readability.
  • It scratches easily.
  • It tends to run slowly.


Best Seiko Quartz Dive Watch

If you are lustful about Rolex Submariner and you got no budget, here are seiko Rolex-like watches with kinetic movements for precision timekeeping.

Seiko Kinetic Dive Analog Japanese Quartz Watch( SKA371)

best seiko quartz dive watch - Seiko Men's SKA371 Kinetic Dive Analog Japanese Quartz Stainless Steel Silver Watchbest seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)
  • watch case :42mm stainless steel
  • Band/Strap: 24mm, silver stainless steel
  • Dial Display: black hardlex, Analog
  • Bezel: Unidirectional
  • Movement: japanese quartz
  • WaterProofing: 200 m(660feet)

One particularity of Seiko SKA371 quartz watch is the thickness, not a weakness however. This seiko quartz diver watch is particularly easy to wear. Most G-Shock fans would find pleasure diving with this quartz diver watch, because the bulky looks wouldn’t be a problem.

With an analog quartz movement, this diver keeps the time accurately. At 200 meters water resistance, they quartz diver watch can support marine activities, scuba diving and pool swimming without water leaks.

With analog display, the quartz watch features three index hands – hours, minutes and seconds. The date window appears at the right.

All these hands feature the special luminous paint – LumiBrite, that glows brightly and gives good readability in poor light conditions. That’s exactly what most professional divers expect, for a quick glance readability underwater or at night.

Though for elegance and luxurous looks, you would have love seiko to use the expensive sapphire crystal, but they choose Hardlex Crystal for this 200m quartz divers watch. This is not a weakness in itself, the crystal glass thick enough and very well incorporated to protect the watch dial from (and resist) shocks.

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  • bright and durable illumination.
  • simple, elegant and classy looking.
  • durable and resistant.
  • swim-proof
  • fairly thick


Best Seiko Rugged Quartz Dive Watch

Seiko Men’s SKA413 “Adventure” Stainless Steel Kinetic Diver Watch

best quartz seiko dive watch with kinetic movement - Seiko Men's SKA413 "Adventure" Stainless Steel Kinetic Diver - quartz Watchbest seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)
  • watch case :45 mm stainless steel
  • Band/Strap: 22.5 mm, men’s , Urethane-Strap
  • Dial Display: black hardlex, Analog
  • Bezel: Unidirectional
  • Movement: japanese quartz
  • WaterProofing: 200 m(660feet)

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This seiko adventurous timepiece is durably constructed with a strong stainless steel for watch case and the unidirectional bezel and a tough urethane band secured with buckle strap.

The durable hardlex  protectively covers the black dial that contains the white hour, minute and second markers.

This watches relies on automatic kinetic movement, this means it is powered by kinetic movement of your arm, the quartz watch is a luxury for seiko fans. This movement convert kinetic movement from your arm into electrical energy stored in durable lithium battery . This results in  high performance and long-lasting convenience for divers.

Unlike Astron the first quartz wristwatch, this seiko  adventure fits relatively thin wrists. Though it is a stainless steel watch with gear-shaped uni-directional bezel, that may look heavy, the black rubber is lighter weight and fits skinny wrists(especially for ladies) well.

This Big Freakin’ Kinetic (BFK) watch(nicknamed by fans) has a power indicator that shows how much power reserve you’ve got for days ahead.

You can’t go wrong with this watch except you don’t wear it for sometimes. Not wearing it for more than a month will significantly shortens the battery’s life.

This  handsome diver’s watch has a  classic black watch face, a bezel with silver “skeleton” hands, seemingly greenish luminous indices and a black date window with white numerals. It is comfortable to wear with a long-sleeved shirt or jacket.

The watch strap is  just like the one with Prospex Mini turtle Automatic Diver (SRPC37K1).

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  • battery life: 20 years
  • simple, elegant and classy looking.
  • rugged and tough
  • swim-proof
  • lack of lume in the hands,
  • not easy to read in the dark


Best Solar Quartz Dive Watch under 500 dollars

Seiko also made several pieces of divers watches that can be charged under the sun’s light and used underwater. These perfect timepieces with perpetual battery power. This design in the long term in very economical.

Seiko PADI Special Edition Prospex Solar Watch( SNE499)

One of the best seiko solar dive watch - Seiko PADI Special Edition Prospex Solar Dive Watch with Black Silicone Strap 200 m SNE499 - Black dial enhanced by luminous arrow-shaped hands. Blue Shrouded stainless steel case with a blue silicone band. Eco-Drive movement. 200 meters / 660 feet water resistance. Uni-directional Rotating bezel. Scratch Resistant Hardlex crystal. Solid caseback. Tang clasp. Screw Down crown. Case size 47 mm x 12 mm. Band 22 mm x long. Seiko SNE499 Solar seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)
  • watch case : 44mm stainless steel
  • Band/Strap:22mm blue silicone
  • Dial : Scratch resistant hardlex
  • Display: Analog;
  • Movement: Japanese solar quartz
  • WaterProofing: 200m

PADI SNE499 special edition dive watch is one of the best dive quartz watches for the money that I enjoyed using. It has a blue color on the shroud and silicone strap for the seiko mechanical dive watch. It’s a large watch with a 47mm diameter case, and the guard fully protects the bezel.

The seiko quartz timepiece has luminous markers, a blue dial, and Lumi Brite’s hands to make sure you can seamlessly see the time. The dial design also makes it the best diver watch under 500 since it ensures maximum legibility for seiko automatic dive watches.

You can wear  quartz movement watch while scuba diving since it can stand a 200m water depth. The unidirectional bezel ensured that I recorded precise data. Used seiko dive watches can be an option too.

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  • Has a case guard to protect against scratches.
  • It has deep gloves for more straightforward operation while diving.
  • This seiko automatic div watches comes with screw-down protection to prevent accidental pull-outs.
  • The finish may look like plastic to some people.


Best Seiko Professional Divers Watch – 600m


Best Professional Diving watch - Seiko PROSPEX MARINEMASTER best seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)best seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)
  • watch case : 51mm,
  • Band/Strap: 20mm silicone
  • Dial Display: white,sapphire, Analog
  • Movement: 5R65 Spring Drive
  • WaterProofing: 200 meters(660 feet)
  • Special Features: Spring drive

Seiko’s Prospex Marinemaster watch was made specifically for professional divers.

Designed for professional users, the double-walled monocoque watch case is constructed from titanium and ceramic, and with the built-in scratch-resistant sapphire glass crystal, this seiko diving watch is truly tough and resilient.

For underwater dial lighting, the watch hands and indices are covered by an ultra powerful white lume – LumiBrite which glows brightly in dark waters.

The screw-down crown and unidirectional bezel are special features that make these watch a suitable companion for every professional marine divers.

The model features 600m water-resistance and produced with Seiko’s innovative Spring Drive Technology movement of caliber 5R66. This spring drive makes this timepiece a grail watch.

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  • very durable and resilient.
  • uses spring drive innovation.
  • luxurous for iconic athletes
  • scaring and overpriced


Best mens seiko dive watch with blue face

Seiko PROSPEX Stainless Steel Men’s Watch SRPC93

Ferures Hardlex Mineral Crystal, Day/Date Display, Luminous Hands and Markers Case Size: 44.5 mm Diameter, 13 mm Thickness Water Resistant - 200M, Screw Down Crown and Case Backbest seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)
  • watch case : 44 mm
  • Band/Strap: silver 22mm
  • Dial Display: Analog
  • Movement: japanese automatic
  • WaterProofing: 200m

Seiko PROSPEX SRPC93 dive men’s watch  is another great masterpiece for saving the ocean, from Seiko.

The Seiko PROSPEX SRPC93 comes with a stainless steel case and a blue dial to signify the underwater world. It has a 200m water resistance capability to facilitate various water sports activities.

The luminous hands and markers ensure that you can easily keep time when diving. You will feel safe in the deep waters since it has a fold-over deployment clasp with a safety lock feature to secure it on your wrist.

The unidirectional bezel makes it possible to get accurate data on your diving time from the Seiko quartz diver watch.

Besides having an elegant design, it has an automatic mechanism powered by 24 jewels. This “Save the Ocean” special edition of wet watches smooth also has moving bezel and crown, with a beautiful dial. The striking blue sunburst which fades below to black, mimicking the deep ocean.

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  • It has a comfortable dial size that fits most wrists.
  • You get value for your money considering the watch mechanism.
  • It features a hardlex mineral case for durability.
  • The considerable amount of data on the face may seem overwhelming.


Best seiko dive watch with brown  leather strap

Seiko Men’s Stainless Steel Automatic Watch (Model: SARB017)

Seiko Men's Stainless Steel Japanese-Automatic Watch with Leather Calfskin Strap, Brown, 20 (Model: SARB017). This Seiko automatic watch is designed with a stainless steel case equipped with scratch resistant sapphire glass, a screw down crown, and a crocodile-patterned brown leather strapbest seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)
  • watch case : 40mm stainless steel
  • Band/Strap: 20mm, Brown Leather
  • Dial Display: green,Synthetic Sapphire , Analog
  • Movement: japanese automatic
  • WaterProofing: 200m

The SARB017 stainless steel divers watch is a preferred choice among Seiko womens dive watch due to its small size. It has a case diameter of 39.5mm but still delivers the modern standards of a dive watch and seiko self winding dive watch.

It has a green face with golden hands and markers that give it a classy look. The dive watch also features a date window on the three o’clock side, markers around the bezel and brushed steel on the outside.

The strap is brown, made from calf’s leather and crocodile pattern. It uses Seiko 6R15 calibre automatic movement with a 50hr power reserve. You can use seiko self winding dive watch for water sports activities since it has a water resistance level of 200m (660ft).

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  • It’s small in size, to facilitate diving an entire day.
  • The strap can hold securely on your wrist.
  • You can also use it as a compass.
  • The patterned crocodile strap may not suit everyone.


Best Seiko Automatic Dive watch (under $1000)

Seiko SRP639K1 Men’s Prospex Automatic Dive Stainless steel Watch

best seiko dive watch under 1000 - Seiko SRP639K1 Men's Prospex Automatic Dive Stainless steel case & Strap 200M WR SRP639best seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)
  • watch case :47mm stainless steel
  • Band/Strap: 20mm Rubber
  • Dial Display: Hardlex, Analog
  • Movement: Automatic
  • WaterProofing:200m
  • Special Features: Day, Date

Seiko SRP639K1 Men’s Prospex Automatic Diver with stainless steel case comes with a unique style of a metallic stainless steel shroud with a 45mm case to suit the modern diver. It features a black bezel with yellow and white markings to give it a distinct appeal.

The black curve and rubber strap gives you comfort while on the wrist. This baby tuna has a dependable 4R36 automatic movement and can display hours, minutes, and seconds.

With seiko mechanical dive watch, you can dive for up to 200m, and the luminous hands help you keep time while underwater . The date window is at three o’clock, while the screw-in crown is at four o’clock for the diver’s convenience.

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  • It has an appealing color scheme.
  • Has stainless steel shroud for durability.
  • comfortable
  • It sits high on the wrist due to shroud.
  • The price is high .


Best Classic Seiko Dive Watches(under $1000)

Seiko PROSPEX Mechanical Self Winding-Diver Watch(SBDC029 Men’s)

Classic seiko dive watch under 1000 dollars - PROSPEX watch diver mechanical self-winding (with manual winding) Waterproof 200m hard Rex SBDC029 Men's--(Japan Import-No Warranty)best seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)best seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)
  • watch case : 43mm, titanium
  • Band/Strap: 18mm Titanium, men length
  • Dial/Display: Black hardlex, Analog
  • Movement:  Automatic
  • WaterProofing: 200 m(660 feet)
  • Special Features: suits saturation diving

Seiko also produced, surprisingly, an entire line of diving watches you can wear with a formal outfit. This Seiko PROSPEX Mechanical Self Winding-Diver Watch blends much with a classic wardrobe at a real bargain.

This Prospex Automatic Diver’s is one of such timepieces from the Prospex Master Series with a look and feel that, you could mistake it for a Rolex Submariner.

When it came to having a quality automatic diver, this Seiko divers watch is consistently the go-to watch.

The classic diver wrists watch is durable, solid in titanium construction(though it doesn’t look like titanium), with an excellent movement and mechanics. It has a great weight, and a gorgeous classic design, that has a classic look of Rolex.

Titanium is lightweight, and that gives this classic seiko dive watch, the most pleasure to wear, unlike the case with other stainless steel wet watches. Thought it comes with stainless steel bracelets, it’s still comfortable on most wrist.

Seiko keeps the chapter ring lined up perfectly with an awesome appearance of high quality

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  • Accurate and lightweight
  • descent power reserve
  • smooth second sweep
  • fairly priced under 1000 dollars.
  •  expensive for bobby divers
  • not easy to resize for small wrists


Best Solar Dive Watches

 Prospex Padi Solar SNE435P1

Seiko Prospex Watch PADI SNE435P1 Silver Man This Seiko SNE435P1 Men's Watch, has the Steel case, Circular shape and Silver color. The Armis is of Silver Steel, and the bezel of Blue color. The crystal is Sapphire, the Quartz movement, and the Analog display. Belongs to the PADI Prospex collection. It can submerge up to 200 Meters. Its functions include the following: Calendar. Sporty style. Diameter: 43 mmbest seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)
  • watch case :43mm stainless steel
  • Band/Strap: 22mm stainless steel
  • Dial Display: Mineral, Analog
  • Movement: Quartz
  • WaterProofing: 200 meters
  • Special Features:Japan Solar Quartz Movement (Caliber V157)

The Padi SNE435P1 under water watch comes in distinct blue and red colors with a rotating bezel and a multifunctional dial. It’s an excellent solar dive watch mens; thus, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery power.

It has a push-button release clasp for extra safety and a stainless steel case with hardlex glass. Also, the bracelet is metallic and designed for a firm grip.

You can go as deep as 200m while wearing it since it meets the standards of scuba diving. It’s easy to read due to the bright dial and Lumi Brite markers and hands. Additionally, the date display is at three o’clock with a magnifier.

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  • It features a solar quartz element for more power.
  • Its value for your money.
  • luminbrite hands ans markers
  • It doesn’t utilize a great automatic mechanism.


200 m Seiko Watches for Hobby Divers(under $1000)

Seiko SRP637 Men’s Prospex Analog Automatic Watch

Best classic seiko watch for hubby divers - Seiko SRP637 Men's Prospex Analog Automatic 200m Dive Stainless Steel Watchbest seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)
  • watch case : 48mm
  • Band/Strap: 22mm
  • Dial Display: Black, Analog
  • Movement: Automatic
  • WaterProofing: 200 m
  • Special Features: 24 Jewels, lumibrite markers
  • Wet-suit Extension Buckle for Diving

Seiko also thought of making some descent tool watches for fun diving, not just for professionals, so this Seiko prospex mens automatic diver was constructed.

Seiko SRP637, one of Seiko’s classic watches that’s and named ‘tuna’ by saiko fans, is one of the recreational diving watches available for hubby divers.

Scuba diver pretty much love this one which has everything they ever need. This seiko scuba diver automatic watch is waterproof to 200 m depth and has a unidirectional bezel made of lightweight titanium carbide.

The seiko diver titanium watch watch also come designed with three hands coated in LumiBrite that keeps the watch blazingly illuminated under the water surface.

For precision, the ‘Tuna Monster’ watch can keep ticking for about 41 hours thanks to the japanese automatic caliber 4R36.

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  • pretty solid and comfortable bracelet
  • best value for your money.
  • chapter ring is just slightly off


Best Womens Seiko Dive Watches Under $500

Seiko SKX013K2 Black Dial Automatic Divers Midsize Watch

Best woman's seiko divers watch - Seiko SKX013K2 Black Dial Automatic Divers Midsize Watchbest seiko dive watch - Best Seiko Dive Watch For Every Budget (And for Your Money)
  • watch case : 36mm
  • Band/Strap: 20mm
  • Dial Display: hardlex, Analog
  • Movement: Automatic
  • WaterProofing: 200 m
  • Special Features: Date, Day, Hour, Minute, Second
  • Stainless Steel with a Black Top Ring

This Seiko Automatic movement dive watch is mid sized for women and  skinny men divers. As a 37mm popular budget dive watch, every diver with small to medium size wrists would enjoy this automatic watch with luminous silver-tone hands and markers.

The black dial seiko watch is stainless steel built with automatic movement, 200 meters water resistance and a unidirectional bezel.

With a solid caseback and robust 7s26c movement, this watch can survive any outdoor activities, you can expect nothing to go wrong with this woman’s or man’s size watch.

Wear this watch for a camping trips, beach swimming and scuba diving , it would still keep ticking strongly without a little scratch.

Check seiko classy womens watches(for dress, everyday wear) with less than 100 meters water resistance.

Here is also list of best waterproof watches for a woman, if seiko diving is not your choice

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Alternative Top watch brands for underwater diving

If Seiko brand of divers watches are not a better suit for you, there are several alternatives to consider.


Citizen Watch Brand

Citizen produces impressive dive watches. One of its sporty diver’s watches is water resistant up to 300m.

Citizen Watches Men’s BN0151-09L Promaster Professional Diver

With a watch case diameter of 48mm, which is perfect for male divers,with big wrists. Featuring a non-reflective curved crystal, and a luminous accents, this citizen dive watch has crown, which is normally placed at 3 o’clock. The placement of the crown is practically great for lefties.


Breitling Watches

Breitling ‘Heritage’ watches dates  back to the 1950s. Very elegant diver watch with the date window, 200m waterproof, unidirectional bezel , and three hand markers, it is a sought-after watch. This timepiece is a classic luxury and a great divers high-end watch for every occasion.

Check More On Amazon: Breitling Aeromarine Superocean Heritage 42 Mens Watch 


Rolex Watch Brand

Rolex is one of the most influential dive watches of all time we can’t just ignore here. Since the release of the first piece, the Rolex Submariner divers watch has been continuously improved and today, it stand unrivaled and peerless. It comes medium sized (about 40mm), 300m water resistant and made with a ceramic bezel. With automatic movement, this watch is less bulky, durable and well engineered.

Check more about : Rolex Submariner Automatic-self-Wind Male Watch 


Omega Watch Brand

Omega produced watches and one of its remarkable timepiece is The Famous Seamaster Dive watch – the longest running product  introduced in 1948 based on British Royal Navy design at the end of World War II. The original Seamaster’s had O-ring gasket used to provide its waterproof seal.

Omega Men’s Seamaster 300M Chrono Diver Black Dial Watch

The Omega Seamaster is not only one of the most popular and  the most iconic dive watches for more than 60 years ago. The medium sized 36.25mm  Seamater has 300M depth water resistance. This diver is a viable option if you can’t comfortably wear the standard 41mm version.


Tissot Watch brand

Another watch brand to look for if other diving watch brands do not suit you is the Tissot.

Check on Amazon: Tissot Men’s Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80

Its water-resistant to 300m, and perfect for water sports. Some diving features include unidirectional bezel, luminescent hands and markers, and a strap with a safety buckle. The tissot diver watch is sleek and lustrous watch that blends much with everyday and formal wardrobe outfits.


Orient Watch

After their Mako series, here’s the Orient Nami, which is one of the newer diver watch models for underwater enthusiasts.

Check More On Amazon: Orient Men’s ‘ Nami Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel and Leather Diving Watch

At 200-meter water resistance rating, they dive watch is water-tightly constructed. Compared to the Mako’s, this Nami Diver has got a lustrous and professional look and feel.



Casio manufactures very shock-proof watches which are also leak-proof when taken for marine and under water adventures. There are many casios for professional and hubby divers.


Swiss Watches

There are also many professional swiss made divers wrist watches with excellent ratings for water resistance. W considered just few for you.



Wrap Up

If you have used Seiko dive watches, then you know they serve every diver efficiently. Whether you want dive watches under 200 or Seiko stainless steel divers watch, you can never go wrong with this brand.

For marine experts looking for Seiko 1000m dive watch, you can trust this brand as it has proven to give 100%. You will be surprised to find solar dive watch mens among these watches since the manufacturers are keen on power consumption.

For those on a tight budget, you can get the best dive watches under 100 or dive watches under 200 to help fulfill your goal. Seiko womens dive watch is also available with modern features to best suit female divers.

Additionally, whether you want a luxury diver watch or a stylish fashion accessory, the above guide should help you make the right decision before looking for Seiko divers watch for sale and offers best dive watch for the money.

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