The 5 Best Seiko Automatic Watches Under $200 ( Look like higher end automatic watches, free of any annoying aesthetics)

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There are many reasons to own an automatic watch. If you’re looking for a quality automatic watch on a budget, Seiko is a great option. When it comes to automatic watches, Seiko is a brand that is often overlooked.

But with many options plus counterfeited available in the market, trying to get some great Seiko automatic watches for under 200 USD can be daunting.

One thing I can confidently tell is that Seiko dominates the $50-$200 price range. However, there is an abundant listing of Seiko 5s on Amazon.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Seiko watches you can get for under $200. I also believe that seiko makes the cheapest automatic watches in the planet. Let’s get started right away!

best affordable seiko automatic watches - best seiko automatic watches under $200


best Seiko automatic watches under 200 dollars

If you’re shopping in a hurry and looking for a quality automatic watch on a budget, Seiko is always a solid choice. Here are our picks for the best Seiko automatic watches under $200 we suggested for you.

The good thing is, we have tested some, and found that in the market for a quality automatic watch, you won’t to spend much of your fortune buying a piece from Seiko.

If you want more, Check other Seiko affordable automatic watches too.


Affordable automatic watches from Seiko reviewed

What are the best Automatic Seiko Watches Under $200?. We are now going to review automatic watches that are both stylish and affordable.

We choose Seiko because they are one of the most popular watch brands in the world, and with a good reputation. Their watches are known for being both well made and stylish.


#1 Seiko SNK 805 automatic watch – best budget seiko automatic watch with casual looks

best automatic watch under $200 for men - SEIKO Men's SNK805 SEIKO 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Green Canvas
SEIKO Men’s SNK805 SEIKO 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Green Canvas
  • case size: 37mm
  • price level : under 200 dollars
  • movement: automatic
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Seiko is reputable for making pretty cheap wristwatches plus very affordable automatic watches under $200. The craftsmanship Seiko has put into this automatic watch is huge but at a very low price range $$.

This timepiece is a great looking casual watch with a movement hand that doesn’t hack yet. You can get it at an affordable price. Down to qualitative details, the overall atheistic of this Seiko automatic watch is the “outdoors appearance”. The second hand looks like the one from a navigation compass.

When I held the SNK805 on my hand (my friend bought it) I realized the watch face has large minute markings on the outside and hour markings inside. The super legible dial is a feature you’ll find in a most full-fledged pilots watches.

My experience, you have to take the automatic watch off your wrists and it will be super easy to set or adjust the hands. Given the simple striking hands Arabic numerals hour indices and the 30m water resistance, I conclude SNK805 is the best value automatic watch under 200 dollars.

As for fit, the 37 mm case size is midway smaller and a good feature for people with smaller to medium wrists circumference or wrist size under 7 inches. Being a cheaper Seiko timepiece, its favorite casual or outdoor watch with a cool touch.


  • cheapest automatic watch for small to medium wrists
  •  glow in the dark hands
  •  The Seiko 5 looks nice and is a good “starter watch” for those who are shopping frugally


  • Many customers complain the strap is scratchy. You can swap and put a leather strap on it. Something like the 18mm wocci vintage leather is a great option.
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#2 Seiko SNK355 men’s automatic watch – best everyday Seiko mens automatic watch

cheap seiko automatic watch under 200 dollars - Seiko 5 Men's Stainless Steel Watch - inexpensive automatic watch that actually looks high-end, I love the "Fleiger style"
Seiko 5 Men’s Stainless Steel Watch –
  • Water resistance : 30 m
  •  Price range : under $200
  •  Case size: 37m – smaller
  • Mechanical movement: Automatic
  • inexpensive automatic watch that actually looks high end, I love the “Fleiger style”
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Looking to buy an affordable gentle man’s automatic watch with classic touch? SNK355 is one of the smaller models of Seiko automatic watches with case size under 40m. The looks and the finishing in this piece are incredible and elegant. Sure, that’s why Seiko 5 watches hold great value surprisingly at a low price point.

Buying this affordable automatic watch is not a big deal. The brand’s timeless design includes textured patterns of the Seiko logo in the dial, 30 m water resistance, a folded metal bracelet and a non-hacking movement.

SNK355 is an excellent everyday automatic watch which matches whatever way you dress up. There are many features that make its price point stunning for users.

I borrowed the watch from a friend and checked it for accuracy. I know automatic watches drift away or lose some seconds as days pass by. For a day, the automatic watch was within 2 second of timekeeping. The accuracy (+2 to +3 seconds per day) looks very good to me.

The watch face looks pretty brilliant with a brushed, striking sunburst grey or cool matte dials adds more elegance to the overall finish. Inside a dark room, the hour, minute, and minute were luminous. The automatic watch has a lighter dial with perfect refinement but inexpensive price point.

The 37mmc mm case makes it a smaller watch that fits well on skinny wrist and hands, than some modern trendy options. It’s simply awesome and lightweight on guys with small wrists, yet remains a good size for many people.


  • You can swap the strap. I preferred wearing it with a leather band.
  •  beautiful sunburst dial with stunning elegance
  •  many color options: grey, silver and gold
  • very accurate automatic watch under $200
  •  the lumen is good


  • The watch movement does not hack
  •  Lower water resistance (30m is not enough for swimming, diving)
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#3 Seiko Men’s Recraft SNKP27 – best automatic skeleton watch under 200

budget automatic watches uner 200 bucks from seiko - Seiko Men's Recraft Series Automatic Leather Casual Watch (Model: SNKP27)
Seiko Men’s Recraft Series Automatic Leather Casual Watch (Model: SNKP27)
  •  Screw and see-through case back
  •  Mechanical movement:  automatic winding
  •  Case size: 40 mm diameter by 13mm thick
  • Price range : under 200 USD
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If you want nothing less than a great automatic watch for the money, this Recraft Seiko SNKP27 is really a beautiful watch at a reasonable price point under 200 dollars.

The automatic watch face features gorgeous dark green, stainless bezel, gold hands which glow brightly on the tips. This budget-friendly Seiko timepiece is the best casual, automatic watch to go for when an expensive model like Rolex doesn’t fit.

More than what the pictures can tell, the dark green dial is amazing, and plays beautifully with the sunlight. Unlike other timepieces I have collected, the gold-colored markers and hands look stunning against the Green dial. If you want elegance and attention to your wrists, can you recommend anything better than this?

Don’t rely on pictures to make you purchase decision, I discovered that the leather band feels so comfortable, although looks cheap. The self-winding watch has slightly smaller size than other Seiko automatic watches. The square shape makes it wear slight bigger, unlike round watches. Nonetheless, the vintage-chic automatic watch wears just fine on 6-7.5-inch wrists.

In addition to the overall vintage-inspired designs, Seiko Recraft has average features including 50 meter water resistance, a non-hacking and non-hand-winding movement and a comfortable leather strap. Although the timepiece lacks slight visibility at night, this can be a good automatic diver watch worth adding to your collection.

My overall rating : 4.5/5

Pros :

  • Attractive watch face with green sunburst dial which plays nice with the light


  • the automatic watch movement does not hack or hand wind
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#4 Seiko 5 – SNZF15 Dive Watch – best automatic divers watch under $200

best automatic divers watch under $200 - Seiko 5 Blue Dial Stainless Steel Automatic Mens Watch SNZF15
Seiko 5 Blue Dial Stainless Steel Automatic Mens Watch SNZF15
  • Watch size: 42mm – midsize
  •  Water resistance WR: 330 feet (100m)
  •  Dial: blue, with day-date
  •  Price ranger: under 200 USD
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One of the top models of Seiko 5 watches is this SNZF15 automatic dive watch. The diving tool watch looks modern, has classic profile, slightly bigger for small wrists guys, and has good build quality. For those who love water sports, the Seiko SNZF15 is an automatic dive watch under 200 bucks, with a reliable water resistance depth rating of 100m (330 feet)

One striking and expensive feature besides the automatic movement, which I appreciate, is the see through display case-back. Most skeleton watches aren’t that cheap, you know. I find the face truly eye-catching, versatile, colorful and sporty, which is found only in high-end full dive watches.

If you will spend extra dollars, you can turn this affordable automatic watch into a million-worth automatic timepiece. To maintain the classy touch, take off the Hardlex crystal, and make a good crystal replacement with dome-shaped sapphire. You’ll thank me later.

You can take about 5 minutes to fully wind this automatic seiko divers watch. I prefer to shake it for 30-60 seconds and wear it, so that it continues to wind the mainspring when I move my wrist.

Moreover, If I want a replacement for Seiko SKX, I would buy this SNZF15 automatic watch for substantially less money. They both have almost the same movement.

Just like Rolex, the automatic watch has an attractive “Pepsi” colored bezel that rotates smoothly. You will get impressed. It does not give the annoying click sound no wiggle.

Overall, Seiko 5 automatic watches are actually outstanding timepieces and people typically adore them. They are worth every penny and even more.


  • Case size: 42 x 13mm – good for manly wrists
  •  The submariner has a clear caseback
  •  decent brushed, stainless steel bracelet with hollow links
  •  can swap band of leather or Nato straps
  •  very legible in the dark, with nice lume
  •  easy and quick to wind
  •  accurate, will gains/loses under 4 seconds/ day


  •  non-hacking – the second hand stops if you pull out the crown.
  •  crown looks too small


#5 Seiko 5 – SNK793 – best automatic dress watch under 200

best automatic dress watch under 200 - SEIKO 5 Men's SNK793 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Blue Dial
SEIKO 5 Men’s SNK793 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Blue Dial
  • Water resistance : 30 meters
  •  Movement : 7S26C Automatic Movement
  •  Case size: 37mm by 11 mm thick
  • Price : less than 200 dollars
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Shopping for an affordable Seiko 5 watch? The Seiko SNK793 is one top rated automatic watch around the 200 dollar mark. The stainless steel band and case and the dark-blue-ish dial are a perfect combination that makes it a perfect dress style watch.

The classic aesthetics plus the blue dial will go with anything thing, from casual clothing, to formal and home dressing. The watch is understated given that an automatic watch with day-date complications and exhibition case back, including polished bezel and brushed stainless steel bracelets cost just less than 200 USD.

A leather or NATO strap goes nicely, and that is why I feel it to be a great everyday watch at a giveaway price. You like the classic design and the exhibition case back? I just feel this is a finite accessory and a real bargain for a piece that has all the expensive features.
After reviewing this Seiko 5 watch, its reliability and aesthetics greatly impressed me. Far more, is that it keeps my attention and its open-heart (skeleton) case back, which lets you see the internal mechanical and industrious movement will enchant anyone. It can compete with higher end automatic watches.

Overall, I rate it 4.5/5 star because of its reliable and quite accurate timekeeping, plus being a surprisingly cheap automatic watch with a daydate function. I love the dark royal blue dial, as it looks stunning on my wrist. It reminds me of my first dive watch. So, I highly recommend this Seiko automatic watch.

The SNK793 design is similar to another authentic casual timepiece from seiko – Seiko 5 Men’s Stainless Steel automatic watch model SNKL43. These two Seiko 5 Sports automatic watches both have striking sunray or cool matte dial, although the SNKL43 model is waterproof rated at 100m.

  • Lume does not last longer
  • Bracelet is comfy to wear
  • Fits small to medium wrists
  • Best dress watch for party, work, and casual


  • Couldn’t be worth more with a cheap hardlex crystal glass


Wrap Up on Best Seiko automatic watches under 200

The truth is, Seiko makes some of the best watches in the world at low prices.  If you are shopping frugally, and can’t afford to buy expensive pieces like the  Seiko Lukia automatic watches for women, you can get automatic watches from seiko within $50 to $200. There is no need looking for discounted automatic timepieces. Most options in this review are entry-level automatic watch lineup from the brand and you’ll get at least 80%  enjoyment wearing them!

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