Your Best Rowing Machine Under 500 Dollars [ Affordable Rowers under $500 Reviewed]

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Wondering what cardio machine burns the most calories during rowing exercises? You are not alone if you have decided to improve your health, lose excess weight, tone flabby body muscles, burn calories and strengthen your heart for a smart lifestyle. Don’t worry if you are cash trapped or on budget. We got you some best affordable rowing machines  recommendation from personal trainers and experts.  Can you imagine that a single rowing class session can burn over 800 calories, improve your cardiovascular  performance/ Think about engaging your every muscles in each stroke –  be it biceps, triceps, lats, quads, hamstrings, and abs.Achieve your dream body by picking your best rowing machine under 500 dollars from the list below.

Having a healthy cardiovascular system is undoubtedly one key to living with a stable and healthy lifestyle. Rowing is one of the ways to improve cardiovascular performance through a full body cardio workout. Just a single workout session on a rowing machine at home, is enough to burn hundreds of calories if you are exercising to lose weight.

With the plenty of rowing machine benefits including heart health, muscle toning and calories burning, keeping the best rowing machine under $500 for a home gym has become so popular among Americans. Unfortunately, not all rowers are affordable enough to most home fitness enthusiasts. Many brands of rowers come with high level of performance, advanced features and good quality, which cost over $1000. This high price tag is huge and not budget friendly for most beginners.

Perhaps, you are staring for an entry level home rowing, or you want to pick affordable rower at a reasonable price for your new home gym. In that case, spending up to $500 can give you good rower that can burn you the more calories too. We have included variety of rowers including water rowers, air rowers and magnetic rowers, it is up to you to choose depending on which type of rowing machine is best for your fitness needs.

If you want to max a mixed cardio workout on different machines, you probably would want to pick your best treadmill under $600 for home gym. You also check some best budget rowing machines here.


While Rowing

If you experience sudden spike in heart rate while doing rowing exercising on your cardio rowing machine, stop and rest. Too much cardio rowing workout can cause sudden death after exercise. Too much cardio is the reason why fit people have heart attacks. Again, too much cardio can kill your gains and reduce your muscles growth.  To know when you are doing too much cardio exercises, check out how much cardio is too much?

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What is the best rowing machine under $500 to buy for home use?

If you are going to pick for working out in your apartment, I recommend you choose the best rowing machines for small spaces if you would consider limited space in the apartment. Again, for easy portability in and out of the apartment, we decided to also include the best foldable rowing machines under 500 dollars too.


types of best rowing machine under $500. Cheap rowers under 500

                        Img : Indoor rowing machines are the go-to options for cardio workouts


Types of rowing machines – know this before you buy one

The market is filled with a wide variety of rowing machines and it get more confusing as to which one is the best, affordable and really effective for burning the most calories, losing weight or improving cardiovascular fitness.

1. Flywheel Rowing machine

A flywheel rower, is the most common type. It uses  fan blade that produced more resistance when it is pulled to spin. The more the resistance, the harder you need to pull the oar.  It is quite good for toning arm muscles.

2. Hydro Rower (Water Rowing Machine)

This hydro machine creates its own  resistance using a flywheel submerged inside water filled in a tank.  Working out on a water rowing machine mimics a sensation closer to rowing a boat down an opened water body like a river, steam, sea or ocean.

3. Magnetic Rower

This kind of a rower creates a magnetic resistance using some sort of a magnetic brake system which can be adjusted. The adjustable magnetic rower offers varied level of resistance levels. Noiselessness is one of the rowing machine benefits when you purchase this type of rower. It runs quietly, so it is suitable for home apartment cardio training where silence is required..

4. hydraulic rowing machine

This type of rowing machine provide resistance by moving a piston filled with  fluid(liquid or air). One hydraulic rowing machine benefitsis that the design is usually more compact compared to water rowers. in comparison, the prices for this category of rowing machine are particularly very budget friendly and affordable.

Where to buy a rowing machine is up to you. You can choose a local exercise equipment store or buy from online stores that offers various models. All you need is choose one that best suits your fitness needs.


The best rowing machines under $500

If you are focused on improving your cardiovascular health, complete a weight loss program or just burn muscle calories. With the recent outbreak of COVID 19, gym closure is common, and home cardio workout has gained popularity.

If you want to set up a home gym with limited budget plan, we dedicate these affordable rowing machines for you. All you need at the moment is pick your best rowing machine under $500 for cardio home workouts.


Maxkare water rowing machine – overall best rowing machine under $500

best rowing machine under $500 MaxKare Water Rower Rowing Machine Foldable Water Resistance Row Machine with Large LCD Monitor and Phone Holder for Home Cardio Exercise Equipmentbest rowing machine under 500 - Your Best Rowing Machine Under 500 Dollars [ Affordable Rowers under $500 Reviewed]
  • Folding: none
  • Type: water
  • Resistance level: 6
  • Fan wheel: 16 blades
  • Dsiaply : adjustable 5.5” LCD screen
  • Portability: transportation wheels
  • Weight capacity: 264lbs
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Are water rowing machines any good? Topping list of rowing machine benefits, a water-rower offers the best value for your money, with an exceptional rower workouts.

It is absolutely scarce to find the best water rower under 500 dollars with a large rowing machine water tank. Fortunately, this Maxkare water rowing machine is the best home cardio exercise equipment for under 500 dollars.

Even some low priced rowing machines or rowers with magnetic resistance can’t compete with this budget rowing exercises machine, in terms of the good value. Only very few affordable water rowing machines like Maxkare offer a comfortable ride at home.

With an incredible constructed frames, the steel frame looks very sturdy, which do not fold like other compact rowers, yet it saves space. With a large water tank, you always have enough water filled to meet your rowing workouts capability.

Other features that offer an incredible level of comfort include the padded seat, stable handlebar and adjustable footplates. The indoor water rower is sturdy and durable enough to support up to 264LBS user weight.

It is not foldable, but the the Wondrous design of this calories burned water rowing machine allows you to flip it upright and wheel it around for more easy storage.

These amazing features, including benefits of rowing calories burned, still placed the Maxkare in an affordable price category of home rowers.

While this affordable price category is mainly populated by rowers with magnetic resistance, you will find a few water rowing machines that offer fantastic value – like this MaxKare.

The LCD display screen has a larger height, and it is adjustable. The display offers your rowing feedback or performance data, but it does not look readable in the dark.

The absence of backlight limits you from having a good experience in rowing in your apartment at night but for under $500, this water rower remains one of my favorite water rowing machines under $500.

Machine Design

  • Construction: steel frame + dual aluminum slide rails
  • Safety: flex foot panels, padded handle
  • Comfort : contoured seat



Sunny health & fitness obsidian Surge 500 Water Rowing Machine – SF-RW5713 – best water rowing machine under $500

best water rowing machine under $500 Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge 500 Water Rowing Machine - SF-RW5713best rowing machine under 500 - Your Best Rowing Machine Under 500 Dollars [ Affordable Rowers under $500 Reviewed]
  • Folding: none
  • Resistance type: water
  • Resistance level: 6
  • Fan wheel: 16 blades
  • Screen : LCD
  • Portability: transportation wheels
  • Weight capacity: 250lb
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Another good and best water rowing machine with a reasonable price of under 500 dollars is the Sunny Fitness SF-RW5713 rower.

While this cost-friendly rower has gained some popularity in home rowing, the mid range cost to purchase it make the water rower one of the people’s favorite.

The midrange water rower is solidly built with a sturdy steel frame that delivers a weight carrying capacity for users, up to 250lbs.

The metallic frame is not folding but you can stand the rowing cardio workout machine in an upright position so as to save more space in your apartment.

To deal with your weightloss and calories burnt problem effectively, the Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian water rower is designed with huge resistance from a 16 blade fan when submerged inside an adjustable rower water tank.

As you pull, you feel a smooth and very natural rowing experience. More wheels offer more resistance and therefore an intense rowing workout for a life changing cardiovascular health. This inherently burns the most calories and body fats.

You get immediate rowing workout feedback from the large Clearer and visible LCD screen. Your rowing data includes distance, time, strokes per minute, heart rate and calories burnt.

People with cardiac problems need a constant check on their heart rate during rowing. Luckily, you won’t pay a high price than 500 dollars to purchase this ANT+ heart rate compatible water rowing machine.

If other cardio machines aren’t effective in improving your cardiovascular health or weightloss, try rowing on this machine. While rowing, connect your chest strap or smartwatch for rowing with heart rate monitor, then view what your rowing exercise feedback tells about you.

While there are many advantages of water rowing on this affordable Sunny Fitness Obsidian inexpensive rower, check the durability of the pedals frequently.

Durable Rowing Machine Design

  • Construction: steel frame +aluminum slide rails
  • Safety: non slip foot pedal


Serene life smart Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine – best cardio machine to lose weight

best cardio machine to lose weight SereneLife Rowing Machine – Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine – Rowing Exercise Machine for Gym or Home Use – Measures Time, Distance, Stride, Calories Burned – Rowing Machine Cardio Workout for Fitnessbest rowing machine under 500 - Your Best Rowing Machine Under 500 Dollars [ Affordable Rowers under $500 Reviewed]
  • Folding: none
  • Resistance type: magnetic and air
  • Resistance level: adjustable weights
  • Screen : luminous LCD with backlights
  • Portability: transportation wheels
  • Weight capacity: 220lb
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You never tried a smart home gym equipment for cardio training? Then get this budget friendly serene life fantastic rower with both air and magnetic resistances.

Featuring a 16 level magnetic resistance, you are sure going to to get a full body muscles intense workout sessions. In addition to that, the natural air resistance contributes greatly in offering a high intensity cardio training that is good for weight loss.

While owners can boast of the smart design and the multi- resistance options, the machine is purely Bluetooth compatible. This smart connectivity allows you to pair the sun-$500 air rower to a fitShow app for cardio workouts monitoring.

The machine is giveaway under $500, but the durability is not compromised. The tough metallic steel frame is designed to hold the machine in its position solidly, for a balanced rowing sports activity.

More importantly, the rust-free frame body offers a maximum user weight carrying capacity of 220lb. This is suitable for normal body builders but not obese, overweight and heavy guys.

The smart features make the rowing machine a good bargain, offering the best value for budget tight customers. The cost-friendly price of 500 dollars can’t make you break a bank for shopping.

Additionally, beginners should note that no much experience is required trying out this rower. You would be surprised to see you started out your serenelife cardio rowing routine so easily.

The comfortable padded seat and the handlebar are more likely suitable for elderly persons safety. The only painful thing is that machine assembly take more time, and you may solicit help of an expert or experienced person in mounting home rowers.

Home gym Exercise Eqipment design

  • Construction: steel frame +aluminum slide rails
  • Compatible: heart rotate chest strap


Circuit fitness AMZ Rower (Model :986RW) – best foldable rowing machine under $500 for obese and overweight perssons

best foldable rowing machine under $500 for obese CIRCUIT FITNESS Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine with 8 Resistance Settings & Transport Wheels (AMZ-986RW)best rowing machine under 500 - Your Best Rowing Machine Under 500 Dollars [ Affordable Rowers under $500 Reviewed]
  • Foldable :YES
  • Type : magnetic resistance
  • Resistance : 8 levels
  • Display : LCD computer screen
  • Portability: transportation wheels
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
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For the most part, home rowing cardio exercises requires that the machine be easily carried away and save space. This circuit rower is cheaper, foldable and quiet. The compact and noiseless design is nice for use in smaller homes and apartments.

The slide rails can fold upward easily and you can just push to wheel it away into a storage corner, after working out. The 300 lbs weight limit is enough to support some obese and heavy guys.

More especially for performance, this budget rower has an 10.5lb flywheel that offers magnetic resistance up to 8 levels and a peaceful, quiet home cardio exercising.

These rowing levels perfectly provide a wider range of cardio training options for everyone in the house, be it beginner, expert and seniors.

The convenience of carrying and the rowing comfort is the selling point of this low cost rower. The injection molded seat, the padded handlebar and the adjustable foot panels are the right design for elderly citizens and entry level fitness enthusiasts.

All the rowing workout data is readily available at a glance. The Circuit AMZ rowing machine LCD screen is not flashy, but it makes you to read your rowing metric effortlessly.

Affordable but durable design

  • Construction: steel frame, aluminum build, 11 lb flywheel,
  • Comfort : injection- molded seat, foam padded handlebars
  • Convenience : adjustable foot pedals


Joroto MR35 Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine – best rowing machine for burning the most calories

best rowing machine for burning the most calories JOROTO Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine with LCD Display 300LB Weight Capacity Row Machine Exercise Rower for Home Gym (MR35)best rowing machine under 500 - Your Best Rowing Machine Under 500 Dollars [ Affordable Rowers under $500 Reviewed]
  • Foldable :YES
  • Type : magnetic
  • Resistance : 10 levels
  • Display screen : LCD monitor
  • Portability: transportation wheels
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
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Current wondering what cardio machine burns the most calories? There are many cardio workout machines out there that offer higher calorie burned.

But when it comes to rowing the most calories, Joroto MR35 is an affordable, supreme and a versatile rowing machine under $500. It offers as high as 10 levels of magnetic resistance, for people who want a tougher and faster weight loss program.

This piece of home gym equipment is a go-to machine if you want a silent, quiet and a good workout environment that is free of the whistling air or noisy water sounds.

Constructed from aluminum flywheel, with a padded seat, aluminum slide rails and a central console, Joroto MR35 is designed to offer a versatile and challenging cardio workout.

The magnetic resistance with 10 levels means you can experience both a smooth ride and the toughest ride comfortably in your home. The high resistance levels are where to start rowing to burn the most calories and shed much fats from the thighs and forearms muscles.

This Joroto home gym cardio machine for under 500 dollars is also foldable for easy storage. Not all affordable machines for rowing are easy to keep at home, but this one saves a lot of space in a room.

The central console can hold a smartphone, iPad or tablet and a water bottle or a pre-workout drink. All these features come at the lower end of midrange price points, is it the best value cardio exercise machine for burning body fats?

Be assured that a vigorous rowing workout routine on this best rowing machine under 500 dollars, will help you manage excess calories and overweight.

Maximum 500 bucks, is not a heavy tax for a rower that offers high value cardio for your money. Not readily very cheap, but it is really cost-friendlier to buy, as compared to other cardio tools. Just Check the latest price and users reviews on Amazon.

Best value Rowing  Machine design

  • Construction: steel frame, aluminum slide rails
  • Comfort : contoured seat, padded handlebars
  • Convenience : anti slip foot pedals (pivoting)
  • Accessories : media shelf for smart devices, bottle holder
  • Price : affordable under $500



Sunny Health & Fitness cardio rowing machine SF-RW5864 – Best  magnetic rowing cardio machines that burn the most calories in full body workout

Best magnetic rowing cardio machines that burn the most calories in full body workout Sunny Health & Fitness Full Motion Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower with Advanced LCD Display, Elevated Seat, 265 LB Max Weight and Foldable - SF-RW5864,Graybest rowing machine under 500 - Your Best Rowing Machine Under 500 Dollars [ Affordable Rowers under $500 Reviewed]
  • Foldable :YES
  • Type : magnetic
  • Resistance : 8 levels
  • Display screen : LCD
  • Portability: transportation wheels
  • Weight capacity: 265 lbs
  • Accessories : media gadgets holder
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SF-RW5864 is a uniquely designed sub-$500 magnetic rower that is great for targeting plenty of different muscle groups in your body.

It features multi grip rowing arms for a full body muscles torching. Both the forearm muscles, the back(upper and lower)’ the legs and the belly muscles are targeted in a single rowing workout session.

Apart from toning muscles, pushing and pulling the dual rowing arms in all directions is a dynamic workout that increases your heart rate and burns the most calories.

This affordable double arm, full body rowing action mimics a real world wooden canoe or boat rowing on surface. This push and pull cardio exercise give you a true natural feeling of rowing on the opened waters(sea, river, ocean) with the exception that you never get to see any water splashes around.

What is more striking is that this giveaway priced rower is magnetic, but it mimics real dynamic rowing on ocean waters with separate arms. With 8 levels of magnetic resistance, you have a wider range of cardio and weight loss workout difficulty levels.

There is maximum comfort designed in this Sunny Health affordable rower. Although the ergonomic seat is built higher up the ground, you can enjoy a comfortable rowing while getting on and off easily from the seat.

The pivoting foot pedals are adjustable, and convenient. In addition to the multi grip arms, the media shelf is an added accessory, while the simple LCD onboard computer screen displays rowing data.

Remember, the rower has a foldable frame, and wheels. So after your workout, you can always fold it up and wheel the machine into storage location.

Affordable design

  • Construction: steel frame, 40 inches slide rail, multi grip rowing arms
  • Comfort : ergonomic seat, foam padded handlebars
  • Convenience : adjustable pivoting foot pedals


Stamina 1402 ATS Air Rowerbest air rowing machine under $500

Stamina 1402 ATS Air Rower - best air rowing machine under $500best rowing machine under 500 - Your Best Rowing Machine Under 500 Dollars [ Affordable Rowers under $500 Reviewed]
  • Foldable :YES
  • Type : Air
  • Resistance : none
  • Display : three LCD screens
  • Portability: transportation wheels
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
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This budget Stamina -35 Air Rower works by making good use of air resistance to create an amazing challenge during rowing. As compared to magnetic rowers, this air rowing machine is relatively quiet for home use.

Stamina air rower is designed compact for storing in an apartment or home with limited space. With a robust frame, the machine offers good stability during heavier cardio workouts, the angled aluminum rail provide you with a seat return.
In addition, the rower folds up, and with the help of the wheels, you can easily carry it around the house for storage.

The onboard LCD helps in monitoring your cardio weight loss progress and tells how many calories you have burnt. Overall, this air rower is budget home cardio equipment that offers a great for a smooth performance but you need to manually adjust the level of resistance.

The machine is very easy to assemble . trust me, you need no expert to help you out here.

YouTube player

Air Rower Design

  • Construction: aluminum slide rails, nylon rowing belt
  • Comfort : padded seat, foam padded handlebars
  • Convenience : pivoting foot plate


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 – Best rowing machine under 300

cheap rowing machine under 300 dollars - Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower with LCD Monitorbest rowing machine under 500 - Your Best Rowing Machine Under 500 Dollars [ Affordable Rowers under $500 Reviewed]
  • Foldable :YES
  • Type : Air
  • Resistance : 8 levels
  • Stride rail length: 48 inches
  • Inseam rail length: 44 inches
  • Portability: transportation wheels
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
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$500 may perhaps looks like an investment when one is financially broke, but $300 is not too bad, for a cash trapped fitness enthusiast right? Pretty much like for beginners, just as those who lost their jobs, picking the best rowing machines under 300, is the sure way to keep fit with good heart health even in the mist of financial troubles.

After we looked many around, this Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 is a great rower at a terrific price. If you had never exercised on it, then try it out. The budget rower machine looks luxury and performs much like a high-end and expensive models, and a beginner may never know its even low profile.

The low cost rowing cardio machine offers the best deal for your money when you compare price for the high quality if brings. It is actually a large machine which folds when you are done and want to get it stored conveniently around the home.

What about the comfort of rowing? The fully padded seat, non-slip foot pedals, and comfortable foam grip handlebars. Aren’t these features the selling factor for particularly high price machines? It is a good bargain for beginner who is still starting out on cardio rowing workouts because the rower lasts and you can use it for a long time without feeling any aches.

The different levels of resistance in the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 rower offers 8 different resistance levels is enough to give you a varied workout at such a budget friendly cost under 300 dollars. Some of its features include long rails that are suitable for heavy and tall persons and for people who want wider and longer strokes.

What We liked here is that while you spend this little amount of money to buy the home gym equipment, you achieve a very comfortable rowing experience at a lower buying cost. The Padded seat, the cushioned handles, the safe and long rails for tall users, in addition to being foldable for convenience is the more reason to buy it.

Other cheaper rowing machines from the same brand include

  • Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1410
  • Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205


How to Choose the right Rowing Machine Under $500 –

How much money you planned to shop for a rower and pay for a rower, will determine which kind of cardio machine you will take home. With an abundance of rowers, available, there is obviously doubts in peoples mind which type of rower offers the best experience rowing.

To help you pick a good rower, consider the following points

1. The aesthetics in the design

What ever level of convenience you want, the design of rowers is pretty much similar. From the budget rowing machine to the high-end advanced rowers, the solid frame has a long slide rail that ends up in the central hub, which generates rowing resistance. To workout, you would need to pull the cord via the handlebar to overcome the resistant system.

Your sitting position must facilitate the ease of pulling the handlebars. Given that you can slides back and forth, having pedals to hold your feet in position increases your stability. The most important is to consider the rower measurement or dimensions to make sure it fits your body size, else a high end rower will just look like a piece of junk at home.

2. Your body height

Tall persons may not feel comfortable on a low rowing machine since his experience may appear cramped. In another way, a short person may not be able to grab the handlebar or let the feet reach the pedals comfortably. I think an average height of 5.5 ft, is ok for most midrange rowing machines.

Before you go to make payment for your potential rower, i recommend you measure how long the inside of your leg is, then compare the inseam length of the machines on Amazon of product’s website.

3. Your overall weight

You height alone is not the only consideration. If you are too heavy, or overweight, there is risk of a cheap rowing machine collapsing . This is common when a guy of 350lbs rows on a home cardio rowing machine that has a weight capacity of 250lbs! More importantly, the closer your weight is to the machine’s weight limit, the more likely your workout will become less stable or wobbles.

Most rowing machines manufacturer offer maximum weight capacity. So when shopping for a rower, make sure you search the brands site or market place to ensure it has a weight limit.

4. Storage space vs machine size

Check where you are going to keep your rower first, before buying a rowing machine. Don’t make a mistake of paying high price for a long rower that won’t fit or that looks too big for your home. On a vertical space, no need to worry, but a rowing machine can come pretty longer than your room. DO a space validation properly before you choose your rower.

If the machine is too long and it can fold up easily into a compact shape, that is pretty cool. Except you intend to resell it somewhere later on, a rower looks more like a permanent fixture in your home gym. If you suffer very small apartment, buying a budget rowing machine model that folds up easily and wheeled away is your bet. Focus on the machine saving floorspace not the vertical space.

If you have decided to make a home gym in the basement or garage, sure, you may not need to over emphasize the foldable design even though compactness is a plus feature.

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5. Rowing Workout Resistance levels

If you are more certain that your cheap rower can size you, and fit a small section in your home,consider how much level of resistance your rower can offer. The higher the number of resistance levels, the more high intensity exercises you can try out on the rower for weightloss and burning of more calories.

First all, if a cardio exercise rowing machine is going to tone body muscles, strengthen heart health, and shed more fats during weight loss, it is thanks to the level of resistance challenge the equipment provides.

Most midrange cardio workout machines don’t provide the same level of resistance that determines your workout challenge.

Water resistance

Water water contained in a tank is the main source of resistance in hydro rowing machines. As the bladed flywheel rotates through water, it creates resistance just like rowing a boat. The cardio workout becomes tougher as the resistance gets tougher.

Originally, a good rowing experience comes from hearing the sound of water churning, like on a lake or river. This very natural feeling of actually rowing on a large water surface, without leaving the comfort of your own home. This is what gives more popularity and advantages for water rowers.

‘The only set back is the much time taken to fill, siphon off or set the water level in then tank to vary the resistance challenge, which is pretty quick in expensive rowers over 1000 dollars.

Air resistance

Air resistance is quite good when rowing but its workout metrics including rowing speed, strokes per minutes and distance are not as accurate as when using water resistance.

Air rowing machines are also noisier and sound polluting than water rowers. So using a low priced air rower at home may disturb a little when you watch and listen your favorite TV series.

Magnetic resistance

Magnetic resistant rowers use metal flywheel, with a magnetic brake system. The level of resistance here is more consistent because the simple physical science here is that, the more the magnets move to the wheel, the higher the rower’s resistance.

The rowing machine benefits of magnetic rowers is the ease to set or adjust resistance level consistently, since they are clearly defined.

The prime benefit of magnetic resistance is that you have clearly-defined resistance levels. These will allow you to set your level then work consistently at that level until you stop, or change the level.

They offer no real life flowing movement of natural fluids(air or water) but gives you quite a smooth rowing experience. They are also much quieter, for home use while listening and watching to TV series.

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6. Display Screen

The rower displays rowing workout metrics on the screen at the Console. The display screen is LCD monitor, and that is the quickest way to get a feedback on your rower workout

When shopping for a home gym rower, make sure they can display rowing exercise time, distance,calories burned, speed, stroke per minutes and total stroke count.

Other data include 500m time, surrounding room temperature and heart rate if there is a build in heart rate tracker.

But where there is not heart rate monitor, a good number of smart home gym rowing machines offer compatibility with external heart rate trackers like a chest strap. It is not common to find a heart rate sensor in cheaper, low profile rowing machines.

Also check if the display LCD screen is luminous in the dark or not, The back-light should offer clearer visibility where there is poor lighting. Please, not that a LCD backlight is very important for night cardio workout, just like in luminous watches.

Don’t worry much about the size of the console. They are simple, smaller and not as large as in high end and advanced rowing machines over $1000.

7. Rower workout Comfort

Working out on a rower is not like running on a treadmill. Your body make triple contact with the rower – feet, hands and butts. All these three body parts must be in maximum comfort for you to enjoy the rowing activity.

A rower with a wider cushioned seat is the better option. For safety, the handlebars should be padded or rubberlized to give a comfortable grip and hand protection against bruises.

Another level of comfort is the safety on the feet. The rower with a pair of flexible footplates with strong straps is more secure for rowing without slipping. Pivoted pedals helps position your feet on a neutral spot during backward and forward row.

8. Accessories – secondary

Bluetooth connectivity, media shelf(holders for smartphones and smartwatches) or pre-workout drinks, cooling fans and speakers. If these rowers are integrated into a rower, they offer a motivational, and sensational cardio exercising experience with movies and entertainment.



 Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

Cardio rowing does more than just burn fats, it is an efficient way to gain a calories deficient lifestyle while building and toning strong body muscles . If you have got to shed stubborn belly fat,thigh fats and forearm fatty tissues, a rigorous weekly rowing exercises does it faster than running?

The key to burning the most fat from your muscles is to take serious cardio training that elevates your heart rate. A better cardio exercise that causes the cardio vascular heart rate to increase is rowing. When that happens, your body muscles utilize the stored fats so quickly.

It is a different ball game if you want to lose fats without losing muscle weights. In that case, you should be building muscles while shedding fats at the same time. That gives you a ripped appearance – muscular appearance with low body fat.

The real secrete to getting ripped is by combining kitchen  eating program( protein) for muscle building while at the same time making sure you are engaging in a rowing calorie burning program too. These two are real hard work because it is not easy to balance the two.

Other ways to build muscles is by incorporating building muscle through strength and hypertrophy training., with tour cardio work to burn calories. When that is successful, your body develops a muscular appearance as the fats start to melt away in some  weekly exercise routine.

A HIIT cardio workout is a full-body calorie or fat-burning exercise that is conveniently done on an air or water rower.


Can I lose weight using a rowing machine?

Rowing Machine Vs Treadmill: Which is Better and Why?

If you really want to achieve a  substantial weight loss , you should be burning the most calories than you are taking in. An indoor rower is a perfect  machine that targets few muscles groups. Comparatively, which  is better for losing weight treadmill or rowing machine?

Experts on gym cardio confirmed that  calories per hour is greater for a treadmill than a rower. So a treadmill is a better choice  if you want to burn plenty of body fats. Alternatively, cardio rowing machines are better home gym tools for losing weight.



How Long Should You Workout on a Rowing Machine

People who go out for weight loss can achieve that fitness goal by rowing 30 minutes per day on a rower. Depending on your cardio routine set up, rowing for 4 to 6 times a week.

How many calories does 15 minutes on a rowing machine burn?

Considering an a 175-pound (79-kg) man,  a good moderate intensity rate of 12-minute mile pace can burn as much as 616 calories. This training approximates to about 154 calories burned every 15 minutes  from moderate rowing.

How long does it take to burn 500 calories on a rowing machine?

About half an hour( 30 minutes to 1 hour). The simple maths is that if you shed up to 500 calories from  eating healthily, you will need to row
out 500 calories from the cardio rowing workout,.  you then only have to row until you burn 500 calories.  How long it takes also depend on your age, sex, weight and heart rate. A 30 minutes to 60 minutes is great but how long it takes depends on some factors like age, weight, heart rate and rowing intensity.


Wrap Up

Spending as much as $500 to pay for a rowing machine is a great start to achieving a healthier lifestyle with improved heart health. The best rowing machines we have listed here is relatively affordable, a $400 dollars can be an easy to spend money for one person, but a huge investment for another financially broke adult. The COVID19 pandemic has really place much demand on fitness home machines including rowers. But we are confident that you have considered a solid piece of fitness gear for the price you are willing to offer. Beware of much cheaper models under $200.

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