10 Best Fantastic Round Face Smartwatches For You This Year

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If you’ve decided to wear the best round face smartwatch from today, your shopping for it is halfway done! Of course, you know that round face smartwatches are gorgeous and classic, but how do you pick the best all round smartwatch that looks like crazy luxury? Don’t worry. This review article will help you make that smart decision from our recommended list. So, let’s go.


If you love classic round face smartwatches, you will definitely fall head-over-heels for Moto 360, a sublime wearable with a leather strap and a heart rate monitor. How cool.

But if you decide that round face watches are not your thing, then maybe a cool square face Apple Watch series 7 will do the magic for you. Let me tell you a brief story.

When I was a little kid learning to read time, our teacher would draw circles with three arrows. That formed and cemented my belief that smart and wrist watches all had round faces. Even today that I’m a grown up man with a son, I still believe that rectangular watches are unusual pieces to wear.

Anyway, that’s just me.

Functionality and fashion are two reasons why someone will buy a Rolex for over $10,000 or an Apple watch for a pre-teenage kid. But an often ignored feature when shopping for a smartwatch is the shape of the smartwatch display screen.

Even when you want to track health and fitness with your smartwatch, you also want the design to meet your dressing style and to fit any occasion.

You have likely seen smartwatches with round faces and those with square dial faces. But which do you prefer? A round shaped or square showed display smartwatch?

Nobody can answer that for you. Your choice of a smartwatch face shape depends on your personal taste more than a one-fit-all reason.



Why People Prefer Round Face Smart Watches Over Square Dial?

When you look at the watch as a whole, no one needs to tell you the dial is an important part. Functionality, chain band or leather may change, but the dial doesn’t.

The material and the shape of the dial alone hold the elegance and attractiveness of the watch more than the other components.

On a personal note, unlike square-style screen smartwatches, circular shape smart watches look pretty sleek, thin, lightweight, and astoundingly natural.

Wear a round shaped smartwatch on your wrist, and the instant classic look draws attention to that wrist. I believe round dial smartwatches go with every style and fashion more than rectangular smart watches.

Navigating circular display smartwatches is pretty intuitive. Since the round screen shape is more expansive, it seems to hold a larger or bigger display space when you glance over it. You can rotate those with gyroscope to access the desired features.

Although smartwatches with display screen shaped in a circle look more iconic with classic flavor, their downside is that text and notifications can only display near the center and not at the edges.

That is why apps on round face watches may not show up. So there is an under-use of the circular smartwatch display screens.

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Round Face Smartwatch vs Square Dial Smartwatch

Deciding between two popular designs, round-faced and square-faced smart watches, is more of a personal taste of fashion style than a functional one. People love round smartwatches more than rectangular watches because round watches are more elegant than square dial smartwatches.

But people associate round dial smartwatches to be more natural because of clock hand circular movement. Everything, including internal gears, hour, and minute hands, spins around an axis, and so, people look at a circular face watch as a century old style, more historical than rectangular faces.

Square smartwatches were designed to copy phone-style shapes. And do you know why phones are rectangular? To ease handling with bare hands.

That means square dial smartwatches are more tech and design-led than the round shaped smart watches that people are familiar with because clock hands originally move round.

Although the round vs square smartwatch design creates a divide, unless you consider a smartwatch as a replacement for a smartphone, both watch face shapes serve the same purpose.

That’s why the choice between a practical square and a more natural round face smartwatch should be a matter of personal taste and style.

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How to Choose Round Smartwatches

Shopping for smartwatches online today can be a pretty laborious task, especially if you don’t yet know which shape of watch face to consider. But if you can decide early between the best round face smartwatch and the rectangular face smartwatch, your shopping is half-way done.

How to Choose a Circular Smartwatch

Here are few points to consider when shopping for the best round face smartwatch.


Smartwatch Design

The very obvious design you want to check is if the smartwatch face is circular or not. And again, I believe you would also consider the strap, a disc-like case size, and how they fit your wrist, fashionably and comfortably.

A round face smartwatch that is lightweight, or less bulky feels more comfortable to wear all day long. Apart from the enclosing watch case, the watch dial must have a perfectly orbital shape, or maintain a perfectly round structure.


Clear Display

Another important feature in a smartwatch with a round form is the clear display. A high resolution display screen has better clarity even under sunlight and poor light conditions. According to most experienced watch users, a good easy-to-read smartwatch has at least 240×240 pixels.


Round Dial

One of the most fashionable components of a watch that holds a lot of elegance and cuteness is the dial. The shape of a watch dial and the material protecting the dial hold more value than many other components.

When shopping for a circular smartwatch, go for a round dial. And make sure the watch has a powerful crystal protection against dust, scratches, water, and mud.

I understand the dial form does not matter on how rugged or tough a smartwatch has to be. But if you are looking for a more durable round face smartwatch, gorilla glass is as powerful as sapphire, and that is common in tactical Smartwatches.


Health Features

Heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, oxygen saturation level in blood, menstrual or period tracker for women, are just a few of the wellness benefits you would expect from your circular face smartwatch.

Don’t ignore heart rate, especially when you’re doing fitness activities. To enjoy quality sleep after a long day from office, also pick a crescent face smartwatch that analyses your sleep cycles, both deep sleep and REM sleep.


Outdoor and Fitness Modes – GPS and Sport Modes

If you love sports and adventure, GPS tracking, geo-location, finding trajectories, are important for staying safe.

Runners, like hunters, hikers, or bikers, need GPS smartwatches to walk all times. GPS, besides counting your steps when doing fitness walking exercises, also tells how much distance you travel. That’s something you can’t ignore during outdoor multi-sport activities and outdoor adventures.

In our list, there are many sporty round shape watches, a better option for fitness enthusiasts.


Smart Features

You may want a round smartwatch that is more about form than function. But all that elegance would feel like nothing without phone functions such as calendar, alarms, call alerts, text messages, and all the other smartwatch notifications.

Ideally, you can also check for:


Battery Life

Your fashionable round face smartwatch will feel like a piece of shit if it does not hold power for few hours. We understand that good smartwatches have many functions that drain life out of the battery. But smartwatches have energy-saving modes, which you can turn on.

The always-on-display in some smart watch gadgets just sucks energy. But it depends on your usage, though.

A round face smartwatch with a battery that lasts just 1 day is really not impressive as a rounded structured smartwatch with 7 to 10 days battery life.

Check these long battery life smartwatches.


Best Round Dial Smartwatches Review

Now, let’s see the various smart watch designs with round faces.


1. Ticwatch E – Best Round Face Smartwatch for iPhone and Android Users


best round face smartwatch for Android- TicWatch E2 smartwatch with Built-in GPS 5ATM Waterproof 24h Heart Rate Monitoring Wear OS by Google Watch iOS and Android Compatible. Most circular shape Smartwatches aren't both iOS and android compatible
img: TicWatch E is a stylish circular smartwatch for Android And iPhone users – round dial smart watch with call function

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Ticwatch E is a round android smartwatch suitable for women and teenage boys and girls. Equipped with high-end features, the smartwatch disc-shaped dial looks sleek, and truly feminine .

The ring-shaped smartwatch face is a 1.4 inch OLED multi-touch display screen with 400 x 400 resolutions to a pixel density of 287ppi.  For safety, an anti-scratch glass cover or protects the round dial of the smartwatch.

The built-in GPS and GLONASS means you can go walking, running, or cycling, and it will keep tabs on your distance, steps, and pace. The dual navigation system can track your activities during outdoor adventures.


Technical Specifications

  • Display: OLED touchscreen
  • Screen size 1.4 inches,
  • Dial: round, anti-scratch glass
  • Messaging: sms, email, mms
  • Battery: non removable
  • Connectivity: GPS, GLONASS, BDS
  • Software: android wear 2.0
  • Sensors: HRM, accelerometer,
  • gyroscope, magnetometer
  • Memory: 4GB, 512 RAM
  • Waterproof: ip67
  • Dimension: 44x44x13.55 mm


Reasons to Buy This Android Round Face Smartwatch

  • It’s budget-friendly
  • Great for women and teenagers
  • Has a high resolution disc-like display, with a capacitive touch screen
  • Accurate health tracker – 24/7 Heart rate monitor
  • Lightweight and less bulky on wrists
  • Comfy strap, very comfortable to wear for the entire day
  • Dual satellite navigation system for accurate location tracking
  • Fitness tracker monitors indoor cycling, running and walking exercises
  • It supports Google Fit, Strava, and several fitness apps
  • Supports Google assistant or text reply, calling
  • Smart notifications for incoming calls, text, and social media
  • Offers Google Play Music, like a standalone music player,
  • Has a variety of watch faces at Google PlayStore
  • Waterproof rated, so can resist set splashes, but not swimming, snorkeling or showering

The Cons of This Android Round Face Smartwatch

  • No NFC, wireless charging
  • No sim card, no Camera
  • No built-in sleep tracking
  • No two-way calls or text for iOS users


2. Moto 360 3rd Gen – Wear OS by Google – The Luxury Stainless Steel Smartwatch with Circular Dial

Moto 360 3rd Gen - round face classic smartwatch powered by Wear OS by Google - The Luxury Stainless Steel Smartwatch with circular dial
Img: Moto 360 3rd Gen – round face classic smartwatch powered by Wear OS by Google – a Luxury Stainless Steel Smartwatch with circular dialround face smartwatch - 10 Best Fantastic Round Face Smartwatches For You This Year

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Moto 360 Wear OS crescent-shaped smartwatch is a sleek design with a classy and techy touch.

The Moto 360 watch face features a cyclic dial with a sunlight readable display. The round watch case, the dial material, and the attractive watch face all make the Moto 360, the best looking smartwatch you can get today for dressing.

The disc-like screen is waterproof and protected by a durable gorilla glass 3 against dust, rains, scratches. The glass looks classic, and with a combination of leather and silicone interchangeable straps, you see that Moto 360 is crafted to complement your fashion lifestyle.

The stainless steel case and the premium scratch-resistant gorilla glass are more durable. Which means your Moto 360 round face smartwatch will last long.


Technical Specs

  • Dial material: gorilla glass 3
  • Circular screen size: 1.19 inches
  • Interface: touchscreen
  • Circular case with size: 42.8mm
  • Battery: 355mAH, 24 hours
  • Color: gold
  • Bands: leather and silicone
  • Connectivity: NFC
  • Operating system: wear OS by Google
  • Voice command: Google Assistant
  • Water resistance: 30m


Reasons You Should Buy This Circular Smartwatch

  • Long-lasting timepiece made of stainless steel, titanium screws
  • Ultra fast-charging
  • Large memory space for music storage: 8GB and 1GB RAM
  • High-speed processor wear 3100, offers optimum performance
  • Special sensors include GPS and heart rate trackers
  • Compatibility with android and iOS
  • Easy Access to Google PlayStore, Google Pay, viber apps
  • The round face watch syncs seamlessly with Spotify, Shazam
  • Works with Google Fit, strava, Nike run, for fitness tracking


3. Garmin Vívoactive 4 – Best Circular Smartwatch for Running

Garmin Vivoactive 4 is a running smartwatch With Circular Dial. garmin vivoactive 4 is an outdoor smartwatch with circular dial
Img:Garmin Vivoactive 4 is an running health tracking smartwatch With Circular case

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Garmin Vivoactive 4 is a tough health smartwatch for athletes. The screen features a 1.3 inch all-round display, with a good resolution of 260×260 pixels, and a durable Corning gorilla glass v3 protection.

It poses no risk of shatter or scratches from your daily runs and outdoor fitness training. The circular view of the watch face comes in two case diameters. 40mm is great for small wrists and 45mm for bigger manly wrists.

The simple button and sleek design, including 4 color options, means you can always find your favorite round face smartwatch for running and fitness training.

There are tons of health features for every kind of runner, including women. The menstrual cycle tracker is a plus for female athletes, besides the 24/7 hours heart rate, stress, and sleep tracker.

That is not all. The vivoactive is a circular smartwatch with a pulse ox sensor that checks your oxygen levels in blood during running exercises.

In addition to heart variability, the round face watch also monitors athletes’ breathing patterns (breaths per minute) especially in a running workout. At least, you can estimate when you can push your body out of oxygen, and max heart rate.

Key Specifications

  • Color: Silver
  • Smartwatch shape: Round
  • Multiple sizes: 40mm, 45mm
  • Health: Sleep, oxygen, and heart rate monitor
  • Fitness tracking: Yes
  • Built-in GPS, Pulse Ox sensors
  • Smart notifications: Yes
  • Water-resistance: Yes
  • Battery life: 8 days


Reasons to Buy This round Dial Smartwatch With Call Function

  • Amazing round dial smartwatch for running
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Excellent health monitoring features, including menstrual cycle
  • Long battery life
  • Supports Garmin Pay for cash-free shopping
  • Several sports and animation modes
  • Personal training coach with custom training goals
  • Smart notifications include incoming calls, email, texts
  • Has GPS geolocation tracker and multi-sport modes
  • Can read athletes’ number of breaths per minute

Although there are many sport modes include swimming, cycling, biking and running, unfortunately with GPS tracking during outdoor runs, the battery life does last long.


4. Amazfit Verge – Circular-Shaped Smartwatch for Teenagers

Best GPS tracker watch for teenagers, since it comes its GPS and GLONASS. It works without phone in receiving calls, text messages. Verge is best phone smart GPS tracker watch for teenagers.
Img: Amazfit Verge round face smartwatch for kids in adolescence –   sports, and fitness tracking.

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Amazfit Verge is absolutely a favorite android smartwatch for women. Its feminine touch in the design includes the smooth round shape dial, and its disc-like 1.3inches AMOLED display.

The glittering circular face smart watch looks more fashionable on slender teen girls’ wrists than on adults. Still on the visible elegance, the sports watch comes in three different color options. Its comfy strap gives a comfortable fit and a captivating appearance on a delicate wrist.

The built-in Alexa is a better alternative to Google Assistant. You can use voice commands to check weather forecasts, open notifications, get reminders, without finger touching the round dial display screen.

Technical Specs

  • Color: Gray
  • Dial Shape: Round
  • Sleep and heart rate monitoring
  • Multi Sport modes: 12
  • Smart notifications: calls, text
  • Built-in Alexa voice command
  • Water-resistance: IP68
  • Battery life: 5 days

Reasons to Buy

  • Built-in Alexa
  • Elegant, sporty look
  • Accurate and pulse heart rate data
  • Wear it while sleeping and it analyses your sleep cycles.
  • You love sports? You get up to 12 different sport modes- running, walking, tennis, skiing
  • Allows you to make and receive phone calls from the wrist
  • It issues notifications, including text messages and social media
  • Waterproof rated, so it can endure rains, wet splashes.
  • Battery life is not overly impressive, especially in GPS mode


  • You can’t wear for showering or swimming in open or pool water
  • No onboard GPS
  • Must pair with phone to receive or make call


5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 – Best Round Face Smartwatch Ladies Love

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2 circular dial watch - best round face smartwatch for teenage Kids Android, and women. Best smartwatch for Android with circular watch face
Img: SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2 circular dial (40mm, GPS, Bluetooth) – ring-shaped face Smart Watch for Android – , Pink Gold.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a beautiful round face smartwatch ladies admire most. The round dial is sleek, feminine, and gorgeous.

Samsung products are impeccable and popular, with this Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 a treasure among android women.

Until you wear it on your girlfriend’s or mother’s or wife’s wrist, you won’t ever completely behold the stunning and ecstatic beauty it offers.

The gadget comes with a 1.35 inches supe AMOLED, round and full color always-on display. The circular screen is high resolution, with up to 360 x 360 pixel, so you get a clear view of your fitness and health stats just at a glance.

The watch face, the dial, and the case are circular with a diameter o 40mm. This fits gorgeously on small wrists, but the 44mm version is suitable for bigger, masculine wrists.

The dial protection material is a Corning gorilla glass DX+, hard, durable and scratch-resistant. Again, the models come in either stainless steel or in lightweight aluminum.

Technical Specs

  • Display: full color always-on, circular super AMOLED
  • Round dial glass crystal: Corning gorilla DX+
  • Processor:Exynos 9110 dual core 1.15GHz
  • Operating system: Tizen based wearable OS 4.0
  • Internal Memory: 1.5GB RAM+4GB LTE model
  • Battery: 340mAH
  • Connectivity: LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, beidou, Glonass
  • Sensors: accelerometer, gyro, barometer, HRM,
  • Durability: MIL-STD-810G
  • Compatibility: android 5+, iPhone 5+


Reasons to Buy This Circular Face Smartwatch

  • Durable, with tough glass and stainless steel case
  • Aluminum version is pretty lightweight on wrist
  • The super AMOLED rounded screen is easier to read
  • 24/7 heart rate checker, analyses heart beat for spikes
  • It performs sleep-tracking and analyses sleep cycles and schedule
  • Has majority of exercises or workouts, including cycling, running, swimming
  • Supports luxury features like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Bixby
  • Issues weather forecasts and sets reminders for your activities
  • With internal microphone and speakers, you can receive calls without phone nearby
  • Supports smart notifications and replying to text
  • Has 50 m water resistance, which is suitable for swimming, light shower
  • The LTE model has a larger storage memory for songs

Unfortunately, it has poor battery power. But the battery life really depends on your daily usage.



Fossil Gen 5 – Best Round Face Smartwatch for Women

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle HR Unisex 44MM - Circular Shape or Round Smartwatch For Men
Img: Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle HR Unisex 44MM – Circular Shape or Round Smartwatch For Men

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If you like the best of everything Fossil Smartwatches, you’ve got the Gen 5 with a 1.28 inches AMOLED screen with a round shape. It has buttons, a rotating crown, and sensors packed behind the disc-like case.


Key Specifications

  • display: 1.28-inch AMOLED screen,
  •  Smartwatch shake: round
  • Watch face shape: Round
  • Sleep, heart rate and activity tracking
  • Google Pay, Google Assistant
  • Support: Third-party apps
  • Water-resistance: 30m


Reasons to Buy

  •  Stylish design in a round shape
  • Has Google Assistant. Its Siri comes with a built-in Google Assistant
  • Has notifications for incoming meetings, reminders, emails, social apps,
  • Supports heart rate tracking, since it has a sensor at the back of the round shape
  • You get your sleep tracking stats every morning, displaying sleep cycles, and time of awake
  • Built-in GPS is a useful tracker for distance or pace when going outside for running, biking or cycling sessions.
  • Voice command, a built-in microphone, and speaker, means you can receive phone calls, talk out text messages.
  • Has a water resistance of 3 ATM. It is suitable for swimming, showering.

Unfortunately, the battery life can only last a day, which is pretty poor for GPS tracking outdoor.


Skagen Connected Falster 2 – Best Classic Round Dial Smartwatch for Men

Skagen Connected Falster 2 Gen 5 Stainless Steel Circular Smartwatch - elegant circular smartwatch - kagen Connected Falster 3 Gen 5 Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch with Heart Rate, GPS, NFC, and Smartphone Notifications
Img:Skagen Connected Falster 2 Gen 5 Stainless Steel Circular Smartwatch

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The physical design of this Skagen Connected Falster has not changed much from its circle-like face predecessor, Skagen Connected Falster 2.

The circular metal body is slim and feels sturdy without being bulky. The circular display screen does not look large as other smartwatches, since it’s just about 1.3inch OLED.

The 42mm and 11m thickness makes it undeniably a masculine style watch with traditional appearance, with a noticeable ring-like bezel, with a thick inner lip.

As it is with most wear OS Smartwatches, the round display is not uncommon, with a metal ring that protects it from dings. These breath-taking designs contributed to the industrial style that the Skagen Connected Falster 3 smartwatch has.

Rather than spinning the crown, or pressing button, the display is touchscreen responsive, easier to swipe your finger through the interface.

Actually, Skagen Falster 3 is an eye-catching men’s fashion round face smartwatch with classic appearance. Use it anywhere, as business, casual, or evening wear. It’s not a high style watch, but still a great fashion choice for men.

Technical Specifications

  • Operating system: wear OS
  • Chipset: snapdragon wear 3100
  • Memory: 8Gb
  • Watch face shape: round
  • Tracking: heart rate, sleep, activity
  • Navigation: Built-in GPS
  • Connectivity: low energy Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4
  • Support: notifications, third-party apps
  • Water-resistance: 50m
  • Battery life: 1 day
  • Compatibility: android, iPhone

Reasons to Buy

  • Up to 14 included stylish digital watch faces,
  • The fitness wear OS round face watch is loaded with Google Fit.
  • Dozens of workouts including snowshoeing, curling, running, stair climbing
  • Has motion detector which is useful during outdoor exercises
  • The metal body is durable, water resistant for shower
  • Heart rate tracker, sleep monitoring with sleep mode, so it’s great for elders
  • Supports third party apps for sharing, your favorite music, watch faces, or widgets
  • Large memory of 8GB is not up 32GB for Apple watch5, but more than 4GB for Samsung
  • You can use the Skagen Falster 3 NFC with Google Pay
  • Prompts you to switch to battery mode under certain capacity threshold.


COULAX Smart Watch – Cheap Round Smartwatch

COULAX chpeapest circular Smart Watch
Img: COULAX chpeapest circular Smart Watch

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If you are on a budget shopping circular face smartwatches, this Coulax is a cheap round smartwatch with GPS, health, and fitness tracking features. The 1.3 inch full touch round screen comes with 240×240 pixel resolution.

The display is superb and easy to read even in sunlight. Beaded by the elegance of watches with enclosing dial shapes, Coulax is inexpensive, but holds many features that come only in high-end smartwatch brands.

The automatic sport tracking features keep tap of your steps, calories and distance. Besides, athletes feel this low price round fitness watch is lighter, less bulky, even with its chrono-type bezel.

Coulax Specs

  • Dial: circular
  • Battery: 220mAH
  • Compatibility: android 5, iOS 9
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2,
  • Control : music/camera
  • Waterproof: ip68
  • Battery life:10 days
  • Social: Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter

Reasons to Buy

  • Cheap and affordable round face smartwatch
  • Filled with sensors including g-sensor, heart rate sensor, and sleep tracker
  • The pulse ox measures blood oxygen saturation in response to workout or exercises.
  • Outdoor navigation is thanks to onboard Global Positioning System, GPS. Great for running, cycling.
  • Multi-sport mode including walking, running, swimming, ping pong, tennis, badminton
  • Supports notification of incoming calls, text messages, and social messages.
  • Best round face smartwatch with camera control. Use it as a camera shutter for selfies, photograph during outdoor.
  • Durable circular dial smartwatch with ip68 waterproof rating
  • It’s a round dial smartwatch with an impressive battery life
  • Support Google Map, so no fear when you go skipping roles around.


LG Electronics LGW270 – Best Round Face Android Smart Watch for Women

LG smart watch - Beat round face smartwatch for Android ladies
Img: LG LGW270 circular android watch for ladies

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LG LGW270  is a 42mm round face and stylish smartwatch designed with a feminine touch, aesthetics, and relatively thin leather strap.

Although the strap is not removable and interchangeable, one unique feature is its ability to organize schedules and keep reminders. A useful feature for female nurses.

Nurses, nursing students, and doctors can keep up with busy schedules and appointments with patients seamlessly. This watch will tell what is the next schedule activity and let you organize custom responses.

Powered by android wear OS 2.0 by Google, a woman can access several Google android-based applications readily. The watch features up to 4GB storage space for music and other files of various formats.

The IP67 waterproof ratings means this beautiful wear OS android watch for a woman nurse can withstand blood spills, infectious fluids, and hand-washing. If you want more options, pick your best Smartwatch for nurses in this post.


Key Specifications

  • OS: android wear 2.0
  • Storage capacity: 4GB
  • Battery: 240mAH Li
  • Waterproof: IP67 rated


Why Should You Buy It?

  • Lightweight and easy-to-fit android women’s watch
  • Easy-to-set schedule and events with prompt reminders
  •  Its android 2.0 wear has access to several hundreds of android mobile applications.

Reason to Avoid

  • No sleep monitor or no GPS
  •  A little more expensive than others in the same category.


YOCUBY – Lightweight Round Face Smart Watch for Teen Girls and Small Women


YOCUBY Round Face Smart Watch for Women - thinnest , slimmest round face smart watch for women - YOCUBY Smart Watch for Women,Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Compatible with iOS,Android Phone, Female Sport Smartwatch Calorie Counter Pedometer Lady Activity Tracker with Sleep Monitor, Heart Rate
Img: YOCUBY Smart Watch for Women, Bluetooth Fitness Tracker – cheap round face female Sport Smartwatch

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We have seen few round face smart watches for women here, but Yocuby is more novel, with a tiny face dial display.

The watch is perfectly round, slimmer, and sleek. The round dial display screen is just 1.08 inches in size, with an elegant appearance at an extremely cheap rate.

For girls and small women, this watch may price inexpensive but the thinner, slimmer look is so eye-catching. It could make the best gift for a birthday or Christmas.


Technical Specifications

  • Design: thin, slim
  • Smartwatch Color: Black
  • Smartwatch face Shape: Round
  • Health: Sleep and heart rate monitoring
  • Fitness: Activity tracking, pedometer
  • Navigation: no built-in GPS
  • Water-resistance: Yes
  • Battery life: up to 7 days
  • Compatible with iOS, Android Phone,

Reason to Buy

  • Slim, lightweight, with a perfectly circular shape screen
  • Monitors your sleeping cycles and displays in the phone app.
  • It has all-day activity tracking for step, distance traveled, and calories burned
  • You will never miss incoming calls, text messages, and emails
  • The cheap round watch is ip68 waterproof rated, so it’s immune to wet splashes, rains, shower.
  • Battery is a little impressive and last few days than other circular display smartwatch
  • Female Sport Smartwatch with Calorie Counter and Pedometer
  • Best cheap slim round Lady Activity Tracker

Unfortunately, it has no GPS.

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FAQ’s – Smartwatches With Circular Shaped Dials

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What is the Best all-round Smartwatch?

With many smartwatches around, your best round smartwatch really depends on how it wears on your wrist, the functions you want, and your overall personal taste. If you’re fitness-focused, in my taste, Garmin vivoactive 4 wins the race as the best circular smartwatch for fitness.

For health and wellness, I believe Samsung smart watch active 2 is perfect as my best round shaped health smartwatch. If you can afford it, the Samsung Galaxy 4 is a newer model heavily packed with health functions, including ECG.

Whether man or woman, if you haven’t seen a less pricy circular smartwatch, COULAX is a more affordable round smartwatch.

If the features are not impressive at such a minor price, Ticwatch E is an outstanding and budget-friendly best round face smartwatch for iPhone and android users.



Do Round Smartwatches Feel Bulkier on Wrists?

Not really. The weight of a smartwatch does not depend on its shape, whether ring shape or rectangular shape. There are round smartwatches, bulky to wear, but there are equally circular smartwatches which are lighter, and you can wear all day.

There are lightweight round dial smartwatches, and the market equally is filled with disk-shaped smart watches that are really heavier and bulkier to wear around.


Does Apple Have Round Smartwatches?

No. Apple watches don’t have round faces. Instead, they have one unique design of the watch faces, which is square.

The Apple smartwatch shape is square, with semicircular or curved corners, which is an exceptional style that delivers their unisex form, look, and feel.

Because of the luxury and smarter form and function, many lovers of round watches also go for phone-style rectangular face Apple watches.




To Wrap Up

Round watches are really aesthetic but where you may not find satisfaction is if you want to read text messages.

Square watches are old-fashioned, but many people still love square face smartwatches, because Apple has made its rectangular shape so sexy, unisex, and awesomely great.

One big surprise is how a smartwatch shape difference seems to mingle into technical and practical areas of smartwatch design. Making apps, design touchscreen, and ensuring usability has nothing significant to do with shape.

All the emotional level about whether a round face smartwatch or a square face smart watch is better is all about aesthetics for both male and female audience.

If you decide to go for brands like Samsung, LG, Motorola, know that a smart watch face being round is to let people fit in into a variety of styles, not function.

For a comparison of different brands, choosing the best round face smartwatch is like going against Apple’s unisex four-corner watch face design, which is very popular.

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