20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit

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Pocket watches are timepieces that have been passed down from centuries to the present day. They aren’t worn as we do with wristwatches, they are attached to clothing, which greatly improved.

You can’t resist commenting when the right pocket watch is worn the right way, with a matching outfit. The aesthetics and the elegance pocket timepiece can offer, is truly charming and eye-catching, just like skeleton watches.


best pocket watches from budget to luxury
Img: Guide to Shopping for the best pocket watches


Pocket watch types

pocket watches are classified according to the watch face design they have. It is this distinction why you find some collectors stick to a single brand, or a timepiece with particular designs, over the others.

1. Open face pocket watch

An open-face pocket watch has a classic watch style. There is no lid cover in front or back, so you can easily see that the hands are clearly visible. This kind of unfussy pocket watch design is a suitable pick for modern men who love sleek and sophisticated timepieces.

2.  Full hunter pocket watch

Very iconic in design, a full hunter pocket watch comes with a protective outer case that serves to cover the watch face. Whenever you need to check the time, you must open up the hunter cover on the watch face. While the lid offers protection against breaking the watch glass, the case lid provides an additional element for watch decorations with engraved initials.

3. Half hunter pocket watch

This type of pocket watch blends both the protective full hunter watch and the timekeeping ability of open-face pocket watches. This means a half-hunter pocket watch has a protective case in front as well as a glass-covered window for a quick glance over time. This is the best type of lid-protected pocket watch that allows the owner to conveniently read the time without opening the case.

4. Half Double hunter pocket watch

this watch type features a complicated design, With elegant but very intricate to handle. It often comes as the best luxury pocket watch for connoisseur buyers.

This pocket watch type fuses two lids: one in front, and the other behind, while at the same time, allowing a glass window on the watch face to help the wearer quickly tell time.

5. Double hunter pocket watch

A double hunter pocket watch can boost of protection of the watch face,  both in front and behind. You can open the back of the watch, as well as the front lid, to view the mechanical movement. The timepiece can Stand on its own, on a desk when both opened in front and the back. The right place to have that watch in a business setting is by placing it with both sides opened- on the office desk.



The best pocket watches

Today, pocket watches are cheaper, much more appealing, and the recent design even machine-crafted parts, unlike in the old days. Many people still get surprised that pocket watches are still in popularity.

For people who want to upgrade their personal taste of outfits, we have a good list of the best pocket watches at every price.

Be it an inexpensive timepiece, a luxury pocket watch, or whatever model, we will guide you to better options available for online shopping.


Stuhrling Original Special Reserve Vintage Pocket Watch (6053.33113) : Best pocket watch under $100

Stuhrling Original Special Reserve Vintage Pocket Watch (6053.33113) : Best pocket watch under $100 Stuhrling Original Men's 6053.33113 Special Reserve Vintagepocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • Brand: stuhrling
  • Dial :skeleton dual-sided dial
  • Dial window: Krysterna crystal
  • Movement: Mechanical
  • Water resistance:

You may wonder if mechanical pocket watches still have a place in the watch community. While the majority of watch enthusiasts hail automatic movement watches as technologically advanced, the aesthetics that a traditional mechanical watch holds still remains attractive and attention-grabbing.

This Stuhrling Original men’s pocket watch is a very unique mechanical skeleton pocket timepiece. The exceptional class that mechanical pocket watches like this one, isn’t going to disappear too soon.

One reason is that vintage pocket watches are still highly valued amongst fans and watch collectors. Despite that, stuhrling comes with an open face exhibition that allows the owner to see the internal workings – the mechanical movement.

With a hand winding mechanism and a mechanical movement with power reserve off 30 hours, a mechanical skeleton  watch like this one hold a lot off messages. While in your wrist, the open dial pocket watch can start conversation among friends.

The vintage feature and the cheap price under 100 dollars, make this Stuhrling pocket watch so much embraced in in the watch community. This provides exceptional taste with much appeal for watch enthusiasts.


Frederique Constant Tradition Pocket Watch : Best mechanical hand-wind pocket watch

Frederique Constant Manufacture Hand Wind Movement Silver Dial Men's Watch FC-700MC6PW4pocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • Brand: Swiss Frederique Constant
  • Case diameter : 45mm
  • Water resistant depth :30 Meters
  • Movement: mechanical hand winding

The Swiss watch manufacturer Frederique Constant may not be a very popular pocket watch brand, because it is still a relatively young watch brand. However, they are skilled in creating luxurious aesthetics, growing accessible luxury business and simply the best in mechanical horological.

Their combined craftsmanship with contemporary advanced technology is seen on this impressive timepiece with which is inherently romantic, contemporary and fresh.

With a vintage style, this Frederique constant pocket watch brings a modern flair to a classic designed, ageless timepiece. The silver-toned sleek case pocket watch is very traditional, and it is powered by an FC 700 MWW movement.

While you can hand-wind the striking pocket watch, the understated silver dial and polished bezel adds an appealing flair to men’s personality and fashion taste.

The officer-style dust-cover case back hinges from inside. Check how to open pocket watches, if you ever want to view, or fix anything inside. Actually, the long-lasting pocket watch is the best gift for a classic watch-wearing man, which comes in a wooden gift box.


Longines Equestrian 18K Gold Pocket Watch (L7. : Best luxury pocket watch

Longines Equestrian 18K Gold Pocket Watch (L7. : Best luxury pocket watch Longines 18kt Gold Mens Open Face Swiss Pocket Watch Gold Dial L7. watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • Brand: Swiss made
  • Type: Open Face
  • Design: 8K Solid Gold
  • Dial : gold
  • Movement : Swiss Made Quartz

If you are an avid historian of watches, you may wonder how Longines and Equestrian are related. This relationship with equestrian sports goes back as far as the 18th century. It is based on the relationship that you find this Longines pocket watch engraved with the equestrian trio of horses.

The Longines pocket watch is a pure luxury since gold signifies luxury, affluence and prestige. As a product of outstanding craftsmanship and higher-end value, it is widely known for representing the equestrian heritage.

The 18k rose gold Equestrian pocket watch is the exact replica of the first chronograph pocket watch that Longines ever produced.

The exclusive pocket watch is very traditional, with supreme elegance, and a beautiful crisp white and slim dial. The dial features an hour and minute hands with distinctive blue hue color and “breguet” design.

Near the 6 O clock position, it’s featuring a second dial that display the running seconds hand. The pocket watch rose gold case is about 55m housing the manual winding movement and a column-wheel chronograph.

This special pocket watch is a true and great addition to any outfit. Although it has no chain, you can buy a T-Bar Chain here on Amazon.


Patek Philippe 973J Pocket Watch :  Best pocket watch for family heirloom

best pocket watches - Patek Phillipe - luxury pocket watch
Img: Patek Phillipe Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch information

  • Brand: Patek Phillipe
  • Case: 44mm
  • Dial : White lacquered
  • Special : Seond subdial
  • Movement: Manual winding
  • Dustproof, humidity protected

When pocket watches took the main stage, many companies including Patel Philippe demonstrated they could skillfully make quality pocket watches.

Both wristwatches as well as pocket watches from Patek Philippe we rare timepieces which still delight connoisseur sin this modern times.

Very gifted in watchmaking artistry, Patek Philippe pocket watches still provide fascinating and aesthetic fitness, so rare to find elsewhere. Luckily, the tradition of wearing pocket watches is still very much alive, and many people love this category.

This particular Patek Philippe 973J is designed and constructed in strict compliance with Patek Philippe seal. The watch face features a second dial with aesthetics that pleases die-hard watch enthusiasts

The dial is white lacquered with black Roman numerals. The 44mm diameter case is gold toned, the same way as the yellow gold chain. To improve durability, the case is dustproof, moisture-protected.

Unfortunately, it’s not water resistant. Nevertheless, this pocket watch is still highly demanded in niche markets of avid watch fans and serious pocket watch collectors.


Charles-Hubert Paris 3866-S Classic Mechanical Pocket Watch : best antiqued see-through hand-wound pocket watch

Charles-Hubert Paris 3866-S Classic Mechanical Pocket Watch Charles-Hubert, Paris 3869-S Classic Collection Antiqued Finish Open Face Mechanical Pocket Watch Charles-Hubert 3869-S Classicpocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • Brand: Charles-Hubert
  • Type: Open face
  • Dial : Skeleton Dial
  • 17 Jewels Mechanical Movement
  •  Movement : Lifetime Warranty
  • Delivery : in a deluxe gift box

If you love retro antique timepieces, this Charles-Hubert pocket watch is a rare model. This silver-toned pocket watch is part of a classic collection with antique finishing.

This very pocket watch case, houses a 17-jewel Shock protected mechanical hand-winding movement.

The dial window is, covered by a mineral crystal and feature Roman numerals. This is one useful feature that comes with luxury pocket watches.

The chain is also beautified with silver color, which then looks aesthetically attractive when you wear it with a waistcoat or blue jean trouser.


Stuhrling Orignal Automatic Skeleton Pocket Watch (Modena 991) : Best budget skeleton automatic pocket watch

Stuhrling Orignal Automatic Skeleton Pocket Watch (Modena 991) Stuhrling Orignal Mens Pocket Watch Automatic Watch Skeleton Watches for Men -Gold Pocket Watch - Mechanical Watch with Belt Clip and Stainless Steel Chain -Dual Time AM/PM Subdia Stuhrling Skeleton Pocket Watchpocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • Brand:Stuhrling
  • Dial: skeletonized dial
  • Case: exhibition case-back
  • Special: Sun/Moon, GMT subdial
  • Movement: Automatic

The only inconvenience of manual pocket watches is the need to wind them up every day. However, automatic watches have rotors that self-winds the mainspring as you swing your arm in motion.

Automatic winding is the convenience that most people desire in these self-wind watches. That is why stuhrling Modena 991 pocket watch is loved amongst pocket watch fans.

More importantly, this stuhrling watch is also open heart designed. The engraved case watch has a see-through skeleton dial. This cut-out allows you to see the internal working mechanism in the movements.

Although this pocket watch with belt clip, requires no battery but it can run for over 36 hours from the power reserve. Another good features that is highly cherished by travelers is the 24 hour dual time in a subdial

As a frequently traveling business man, you can check time both in AM and in PM. The sun and moon dial is a powerful tracker for day and night in different time zones. I like the ministry time function, which is a great feature all GMT watches in another subdial.

You can buy this watch for under $300, which is pretty affordable and not overly priced. With an international warranty of 2 years, I think you got nothing to fear about this Stuhrling timepiece.


Charles-Hubert, Double Hunter Case Mechanical Pocket Watch (3866-S) – best skeleton open face pocket watch

Charles-Hubert, Paris Double Hunter Case Mechanical Pocket Watch (3866-S) - best skeleton open face pocket watch under $200 les-Hubert, Paris 3866-S Classic Collection Antiqued Finish Double Hunter Case Mechanical Pocket Watchpocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • Brand: Charles-Hubert
  • Dial : Skeleton Dial
  • 17 Jewels Mechanical Movement
  • Lifetime Movement Warranty
  • Deluxe Gift Box

Here is another Charles-Hubert pocket watch, which is designed with a double hunter case. The retro appearance makes considered as one off the king pocket watches in the horological industry.

As a mechanical pocket watch with chrome finishing, the class and elegance it offers, is one that initiates conversations amongst avid watch fans.

Considering how dedicated the brand is, to making quality watches, it is no surprise that the string open face pocket watch features a skeletonized exhibition case that can spark conversation.

People’s attention will be drawn by the exposure of the mechanical movement of the watch. Don’t be surprised over a dinner table or an occasion, that the classic and contemporary open heart design will initiate talk.

While the mechanical movement watch ensures precise timekeeping, it features 17 jewels. I believe the see-through pocket watch makes a perfect gift for loved ones. The perfect gift comes inside a deluxe gift box



Tissot Unisex Savonnette Swiss Pocket watch : best high-quality front pocket watch

Tissot Unisex Savonnette : best high-quality front pocket watch Tissot Unisex Savonnette - T83655313 White One Sizepocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • Brand: tissot
  • case material : 316L stainless steel,
  • case Size: 48.50 millimeter;
  • Case Thickness: 10.20 millimeter
  • Movement: Swiss quartz movement,
  • Dial: Roman dial
  • Calendar : date

Tissot Savonnette pocket watch is one of the best Swiss made timepiece that showcases excellent craftsmanship.

The look and feels takes a form of a toughly constructed stainless steel watch since the case and the chain are made of metallic steel. It is so slim that you can fit it easily into your front pocket.

The dial features a durable glass, and a Roman numeral watch face. Nothing looks so perfectly touched, gorgeous and classy, as Roman numeral-styled stainless steel watches in the market. Besides, the contemporary silver color satisfies the wearer’s taste and style.

The taste built into this premium craftmanship pocket watch, does not easily fade. The classic build surprisingly places this timepiece as a fashionable dress watch for fancy events and formal occasions.

The Tissot unisex Savonnette pocket watch is a premium grade stainless steel hunter pocket watch – it has a spring lid cover that protects the watch face inside. You need just to spring the case open, to check time.

This classic Tissotpocket watch is distinct and visually captivating as a perfect dress watch. I believe the timepiece possess some aura of authenticity and a fantastic match for a man in cocktail, casual or formal suit featuring a white or black tie.

While the dial window features a scratch-resistant mineral crystal, the timepiece is equally waterproof up to 30 m water-resistance. Don’t mind about water splashes or moisture ruining it, because the pocket watch can moisture.



Bulova 96B270 Pocket Watch  : Best value pocket watch

Bulova Men's Stainless Steel Analog-Quartz Pocket Watch (Model: 96B270)pocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • Brand:Bulova
  • Design: hunter style
  • Case Diameter: 50mm
  • movement: 3-hand movement
  • Special :calendar, chain and clasps
  • Water resistant to 30m (100ft)

Bulova is the best value pocket watch and a pocket watch brand has gathered plenty of reputation in making highly accurate, durable, as well as stylish pocket and wrist watches.

Bulova 96B270 is a hunter-style American pocket watch that is crafted with a high level of superiority. This is the worldwide reputation that most people hold for the Bulova watchmakers.

One lovable uniqueness about bulova timepieces is their amazingly seductive prices tags. With a scratch resistant synthetic sapphire crystal on the dial window, this classic timepiece is truly tough and long lasting.

Well several decades o experience in the industry and with high technology, Bulova designed their own hunter-styled pocket watch that is very unique in the list of classic collections.

The watch face is covered by a hunter pocket watch lid that is easier to flick open. The stainless steel case is rustproof and wear resistant.

The grade of the stainless steel is ideally anti-allergic and corrosion -free. It therefore, is suitable for someone with skin that is sensitive skin to allergies.

The stainless steel case pocket watch is powered by a 3-hand mechanical movement. Unlike other categories of pocket watches, this Bulova features a calendar date.

Being swim-proof, The 30 metres, makes the pocket watch capable to withstand only splashes and a brief immersion in water. You can also wear it under light rain, but you should not wear it into the shower or for swimming.


Tissot Lepine Swiss Quartz Unisex Pocket Watch (T8634099906700) – best swiss pocket watch with quartz movement

Tissot Unisex Lepine Swiss Quartz Alluminum Pocket Watch (Model: T8634099906700)pocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • Brand:Tissot
  • Case material : Aluminium ,
  • Case size: 41.5mm,
  • case Thickness: 6.17mm
  • movement: Swiss quartz
  • Dial window : mineral crystal,
  • water resistance : 3 bar (30 m/100 ft)

Tissot Lepine is another unisex pocket watch that has a perfect black looks. The black leather strap is rugged-styled, a design that some users really cherish when moving outdoor.

If the leather isn’t offering a guarantee match with your personal taste, you can swap it with other Or you can simply pick a metal chain.

From the design of the Arabic and indexes in the mineral crystal dial, you would understand that Tissot is known for exceptional level of craftsmanship, style, and quality. The visual profile of tissot pocket watches is perfectly unique.

You know, in this horological game, the brand that wins is the one that makes innovative and progressive timepieces. The 30m water resistance protects the timepiece from splashes, moisture and sudden drop into water pools.


Tissot Bridgeport Lepine Mechanical Pocket Watch : best swiss mechanical pocket watch

Tissot Unisex Bridgeport Lepine Mechanical Stainless Steel Pocket Watch (Model: T8604052903201)pocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • Brand: Tissot
  • Case size: 45mm,
  • Case thickness: 10.47mm
  • Movement: Swiss mechanical
  • construction: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Finishing: rose gold PVD coating,
  • Dial window : Mineral crystal, Arabic marks
  • Power reserve of 46 hours
  • water resistance : 3 bar (30 m/100 ft

Tissot watches are extremely high quality and good, that is why I can’t resist listing more than one model here. This Tissot Bridgeport Lepine is a reliable pocket watch with a stunning beauty that captures every eye that fall in it.

Most watch fans just like the aesthetics built into this Luxury timepiece. The look is pleasing to Me and I believe, that the timepiece has a powerful allure for other lovers of good quality pocket watches.

You know, many still think that mechanical watches have shifted out of fashion. That is not true at all. Here’s the reason, a mechanic skeleton watch, with an open heart, and with hand-winding mechanism never dies off people’s minds.

The skeleton dial Tissot Bridgeport Lepine pocket watch showcases precision and intricacy that adds gorgeous looks to your formal attire.

Tissot Bridgeport Lepine comes in a silver color and a round watch face. Just the sophistication in the mechanical watch movement is captivatingly appealing to most fans.


Audemars Piguet Pocket watch: Best Luxury pocket watch

  • Case size: 59 millimetres
  • case Material: 18-carat yellow gold
  • Movement type: mechanical hand-wind

Never underestimate Audemars Piguet, it is one of the most celebrated luxury watch brands with super skills in designing, creating and crafting mechanical excellence. Really expensive to buy.

If you try out this Audemars Piguet pocket watch in your waistcoat, jacket, jean and shirt, you would instantly impress a hard-to-win beautiful lady, particularly the one the one on whom you have a dieing crush on her.

Regarded as a high-end luxury accessory, thanks to its yellow gold—18-carat case. The dial features blue metallic hands, that shows nothing but glamour.

Combined with the gold finishing, the hunter style pocket watch is designed with grand complications, a chronograph(split time) and, a perpertual calendar.

The timepiece is excellently classic styled, and anyone who buys it is high enthralled by the gleaming power and prestige found no where else.

As a high revered pocket watch brand, Audemars Piguet, products are perfect for formal attires.


Gotham pocket watch: Best minimalist pocket watch

pocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfitpocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • double cover pocket watch
  • front and back: Scratch resistant mineral crystals
  • special: solid brass desktop stand

In this list, you may have seen some pocket watches with large faces, bigger and thicker cases. If you aren’t enticed by those manly timepieces, this Gotham offers the best classic and minimalist pocket watch. Check Gotham Pocket watches

The Gotham pocket watch is truly simple, and the best slim timepiece, and incredibly skeletonized, with a cut-out dial showing internal mechanics in full display.

It is pretty easier to check time here, you look through the front and back as the case open with the double display. The silvery and brush satin finishing offers some fresh, cool profile that you see only in rare timepieces.

Powered by a mechanical movement with 17 jewel, the pocket watch is very precise. At the front and back of the Gotham pocket watch is a durable mineral crystal that is also scratch-resistant and not easy to wear and tear.

Owners of this artistry confirmed the watch comes with a chain and a brass desktop stand. This is a good dual-purpose pocket watch – you can place it in your study room at home or in the office.

Other Gotham Pocket watches include:


VIGOROSO Men’s Vintage Pocket Watch  : best Cheap pocket watch under $50

cheapest pocket watchpocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • Brand : Vigoroso
  • case: yellow
  • dial :roman numerals
  • subdials: seconds & 24 hour
  • Gift: Christmas / Birthday / Anniversary
  • movement: Hand-Winding Movement

If you love a pocket watch with a unique feel of class, and vintage looks, this vigoroso is a masculine-designed mechanical pocket watch which satisfies that taste.

The vintage elegance of the watch is shown in the dial with the Roman numerals, the two subdials for seconds and 24-hour dual time.

While filigree hands are legible, burnished bronze finishing adds flair to the vintage appearance. As common with manually wound watches, you may need to wind the pocket watch everyday, to keep it continually running and accurate.

This contemporary modern pocket watch can serve as a perfect and timelessly classic gift to your most treasured colleagues.


Hicarer Quartz Pocket Watch Best inexpensive pocket watch under $40

inexpensive pocket watch under $100pocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • Dial: Black, with Roman numerals
  • movement: quartz
  • chain: 14.5 inches/37cm long
  • special: Engraved flower patterns

Looking for a good cheap pocket watch to buy for a woman? This Hicarer Quartz Pocket Watch looks like a piece design with feminine appeal in mind. The floral engravings on the sides of the case is probably a powerful message intended for the wearer.

The quartz movement is convenient, and precise in timekeeping. The White Roman numerals, the hours and minutes hands, contrast on the black dial background, making it clearly easy to tell time.

To wear the pocket watch, you can hold the watch safe and secure in your waistcoat or jacket or jeans, with the 14.inch chain. it clips easily onto clothing.

Many classic pocket watches don’t feature many color options, but this one comes in variety of color options – black, bronze, yellow gold, and rose gold . The choice is yours to make, according to how you want it to match your outfit.


SIBOSUN Skeleton Pocket Watch – Most budget pocket watch

budget pocket watch under $100 - SIBOSUN Skeleton Pocket Watch Special 12-Little-Window Case Design Men Black Mechanical with Chain Boxpocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • Brand: Sibosun
  • Design: Classic Half Hunter Case
  • movement: Hand-wind 17 Jewel Movement

This Sibosun is another skeleton pocket watch, with both the front and the back side of the case, semi-opened.

Because the inner workings are revealed, you can easily see what goes on inside the case, especially the 17 jewel hand -wound movement.

The gothic styles are really impressive, the black exterior, and the rose-gold Roman numerals in the skeletonized dial are just charming.

When you purchase it, the sibosum pocket watch is delivered with a black chain, which has seamless aesthetics with the case.

The accessory comes in a beautiful and stylish black box, so you can deliver it as a hearty gift to a special friend or relatives.


ManChDa pocket watch: overall Best skeleton pocket watch

best skeleton pocket watchpocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • Brand :MaanChDa
  • Design: Open Face Fob
  • face : See-through Front And Back
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Hand: luminous Pointer

We have seen some skeletal designed pocket watches already, but this ManChDa pocket watch tops the list of the skeleton timepieces in this guide. It is a delight for most fans of Haute Horlogerie, who desire a true mechanical artistry.

A lot of wearers and young pocket watch fans are falling in love with this incredibly engineered watch. The skeleton design exposes the miniature performance of the complex inner workings, in a way, you can’t get tired watching at it, with a jaw-dropping look on your face.

Carefully crafted with a transparent front and back, the watchmakers intentionally allow full display of all the gears, bridges. The functionality right at the micro-scale is left bare and visible to the necked eyes.

Even at dinner parties, business meetings or office, the skeletonized pocket watch leaves a spectacular mark on people’s mind wherever you go.

The dial features luminous hands, and pointers, making it a highly legible watch face even in darkness and low light rooms. The dial window is protected by an acrylic crystal but with a show of steampunk aesthetics.



Kronen & Söhne Pocket watch (KSP009) : best german pocket watch

best german made pocket watchpocket watch - 20 Best Pocket Watches That Elegantly Match Every Outfit
  • Case diameter:47mm
  • Case thickness:13mm
  • Chain Length:340mm (hook included)
  • Precision 17 jewelry mechanical movement
  • Dial : Unique skeleton dial + Rome numbers

I couldn’t go through this guide without thinking of german made piece of horology. I love this Kronen & Söhne, because it makes a remarkable impression on people, thanks to the eye-catching skeleton dial.

Secondly, the German brands are known worldwide for producing versatile and attractive watches with meticulous details.

This particular Deutsch made pocket watch comes in a compact 45 millimetres case. The sleek black case weighs about 120 grammes (4.23 ounces).

The display of the inner working was one of the finest decision ever made when designing this mechanical pocket watch. It is quite hypnotizing to look at the mechanism that makes every second tick count.

Considering the century old heritage of mechanical watches, this pocket watch was offers a mechanical movement, even though quartz is quite convenient. It was an excellent choice however that is appealing to dedicated pocket watch wearers.

In case you want to pick a special, memorable gift for a boyfriend, husband, father, graduating son or to say “Job well done” to someone special, this german pocket watch is the best contender.

This impeccably crafted Skeleton pocket watch by Kronen & Söhne, holds a very deep professional or personal value. It is the most valuable pocket watch that only winners, and heroes, deserve it.


Baume and Mercier Clifton 10253

best pocket watch - Baume-and-Mercier-Clifton-10253
img: Baume and Mercier Clifton 10253 pocket watch

Baum & Mercier were amount the first to make masculine watches, as well as elegant delicate women models in 1830s. Their products had a beautiful complexity -a showcase of chronological mastery.

Baume and Mercier Clifton 10253 is a red-gold 55mm luxury pocket watch with a hefty price placed on it.

Although it is out of reach for many low-income shoppers, the 18k red gold case, the silver dial, and the automatic self-wind movement with 46 hours power reserve make Clifton, a literal embodiment of luxury.

The black calf leather strap and the gold case constitute an excellent piece with a masculine touch. The fixed bezel, the opaline silver dial, and the Arabic markers with rose gold accent create extraordinary attention towards your wrist.

At the back of the luxury pocket watch case, is a skeleton exhibition that allows the wearers to see how the watch mechanisms work.

For outdoor occasions, the pocket watch is equipped against water and moisture, with a water-resistant rating up to 50 mm. Water slashes, brief shower, will have little effect on the watch.


How to pick the Best Pocket Watches

When you understand the class the exceptionality in the outfit, that comes with wearing a pocket watch, you would want to swap your regular wristwatch with a fashionable pocket watch.

If you don’t know how to match a pocket watch with dresses, check this our guide about how to wear pocket watches that will leave a lasting impression on your friends.  When choosing an incredibly refined pocket watch, consider the following

Type of outfit: Pocket watches go with a suit, waistcoat, and jeans. Make sure you know the right outfit and if the color combinations will match.

You need to also consider the material, selling price, and brand. More importantly, what type of pocket watch face do you prefer – Open or hunter case?

Another point to decide on is how do you want to wind it- manually or automatically?

Mechanical skeleton pocket watches have exposed inner workings, which is really attractive to look at. But you will need to be hand-winding it when it runs out of power reserve.

Automatic watches on the other hand, just need you to keep wearing it or shaking it, and it will automatically wind the mainspring. The convenience depends on you.


How to Wear a Pocket Watch

Pocket watches blend with a variety of outfits and they make a great alternative to wristwatches.

Ranging from the waistcoat, or vest, jeans, chinos, and other styled casual trousers, pocket watches make an impressive combination.

I myself was surprised to learn that a pocket watch goes so well with tailored shorts, a polo and boat shoes.

You know, pocket watches are carried along, not worn on wrists. They come with chains, so to wear your pocket watch, fasten the chain to a trouser belt or belt loops, and send the timepiece inside the pocket.

Check here a quick way how to wear a pocket watch, anywhere, anytime.





How do I Wind My Pocket Watch – Manual and Automatic?

Manual winding pocket watches come with a crown.  You have to turn the crown with your hand, to wind the mainspring.  Automatic pocket watches are self-winding on the go. They automatically power the mainspring through a balance rotor, when you wear and swing your arms. Here is a more detail guide how to wind pocket watches properly.


How do you open a hunter pocket watch?

Whether you have a hunter case, open face or whatever pocket watch, there is a unique way to open and close them. Check our full guide here how to open pocket watches. But below is a quick video how to open and close a hunter pocket watch.

YouTube player


What are the best pocket watch brands?

It suffices to know the best pocket watch brands that make quality timepieces at your price. But judging from the quality and aesthetics that every man want wants to have from a contemporary designed pocket timepiece, Bulova, Tissot, Stuhrling and Longines have made inimitable style and high-quality pocket watches with a range of price points.


How much does a pocket watch cost?

The selling price you get for a pocket watch depends on its brand, model, and design complexity of the pocket watch. Most of them are made with stainless steel materials, yet the cost starts anywhere between $20 and $15,000. This is an exceptionally a huge price range because of the diverse quality input into the timepieces.


When was the first pocket watch invented?

Pocket watches, make an unforgettable history in human existence. They were the first timepieces to be made by humans, to tell time since the 16th century in Europe.

However, before 19 century, they had gained popularity and wide use as a piece of luxury at that time. To wear, them, you could only attach them by a chain, on your waistcoat, jean trouser, or suit.

The combination of pocket watches and their chains, came ornamented either with silver, and gold. This made the watches a luxury piece of jewelry that was often personalized with logo of business owners or clubs.

The pocket watches for men often had chains with some attached accessories like cigar cutters, and watch winding keys. Ladies’ pocket watches, on the other hand, had decorative and bracelet-like chains, and protective flaps on the watch face.

They were awesomely attractive and beautiful. Unfortunately, pocket watches were an expensive luxury that only a few classes of people could afford. You will be surprised to know that up to five Guineas could be offered, as a reward when someone returned a stolen or lost pocket watch.


Are pocket watches still made?

Absolutely YES!. Pocket watches are still being produced today. Some best and reputable pocket watch brands like Longines, Stuhrling, Bulova, and Tissot are still in the business of creating pocket watches. Other respected brands like Charles Hubert are still making pocket watches – beautiful and perfectly crafted pocket watches.

Even though wristwatches and smartwatches have taken over the stage, pocket watches – vintage, antique, railroad types still hold much history that most people want never to forget. Does anyone still use a pocket watch? YES, A lot of people still buy pocket watches for inimitable styles they love the most.


When did pocket watches go out of style?

No, not really! Pocket watches did not actually go out of style or fashion, they are still historic timepieces with so much to tell about the past.  The only thing is pocket watch fans shifted their choices to wrist wearable watches that came out after World War I. Wrist watches are not actually different from pocket watches, except in the convenience of wearing them. I’d you still have a pocket timepiece, you can just convert the pocket watch to a wrist watch. 


What are the best pocket watches to collect?

There are a lot of classic pocket watches for collectors. Most of the best pocket watches to collect come from brands like the Waltham, Elgin, and Hamilton. They hold so much history, and that is why serious watch collectors are in dieing search for them. In the same way, some luxury pocket watch brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe are also worth collecting today.


What pocket watches are valuable?

Watch collectors go behind Valuable pocket watches. Some of the most valuable pocket watches come from manufacturers like Patek Philippe,  Audemars Piguet, and Vacheron Constantin. The brand’s reputation, unique watch complications, and the expensive gold, diamond, sapphire touches are some factors that make pocket watches so highly valued.


Are Greenwich pocket watches good?

Greenwich pockets watches are famously designed to be of high-quality with a good range of price tag. If you love them, know that this British company offers a huge variety of the pocket watch models that is classic and sort-after.


What is the little pocket on jeans for?

The tiny pocket in a jean trouser is for storing a watch pocket. In the 1800s, cowboys wore their watches attached with chains and secure in a pocket of a waistcoat or jacket. Because pocket watches were also appealing for jean toursers, LEVIS decided to introduce this small pocket where pocket watch fans could keep their watch. Check here how to wear a pocket watch with jeans.

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