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The Best Luxury Watches Under 40mm – Reliable Luxury Watch For Small Wrist Today

If you are looking to buy the best luxury watch for small wrists, would you like downsizing to under 40-mm luxury watches from top brands? Recently, dominant industry watchmakers have started producing modestly-sized timepieces for medium to smaller wrists watch fans. That is why companies like Panerai and Breitling and, Omega, after years of manufacturing wristwatches, have started releasing and slowly shifting back to more classical and proportionally sized wristwatches. These smaller timepieces are growing exponentially in demand especially for those with dainty wrists and people who embrace the sub – 40mm watches that fit tiny wrists.

The world has gone past the time when bulky, wristwatches were better and eye-catching. Larger diameter watches are no longer the best timepieces in the market except for people who have got pretty big wrists.

Some people love to wear a watch that just fits snugly without hanging out on their wrist. The perfect slim fit timepieces that look highly classic on tiny wrists are the ultra thin watches – lightweight wrist watches with slim, wafer-thin cases (under 9mm thick).

As a result, the mainstream watchmakers have got into a trend of making slim, small dial and lightweight wrist watches with full elegance and aesthetics.

Although these timepieces don’t suit every person, the wrist watches with case sizes under 40mm still look nicer and comfortable on midi-size wrist as well as guys with small wrist circumference.

if your arm has a medium wrist size, you can downsize to watches under 40mm, especially as some horology enthusiasts are switching to these smaller case watches recently.

Rolex Datejust - best small watch for small wrists - best luxury watches under 40mm for small wrist - tiny wrist

Why Do I have Small Wrists? How do I deal with It?

Your skinny wrists are genetic and you were born with it. This means you inherited it from your father or mother and it does not matter if they have on the smaller size wrist or not.

If you don’t want your children to get tiny wrist when they grow up, use hormones while they are still young and if you are already grown up, nothing much can be done about it except to get your forearm bigger with forearm exercises and grip workouts(use forearm workout tools).

People with tiny wrists have smaller forearm muscles. Having thin wrists means your frame is small and the downside is that a wrists bone will not change after some years.

Because of dressing and social challenges, you may sometimes feel like … I’m skinny, especially when you come out near huge, heavy, and tall friends. Don’t worry, even a thin-wrists, slighter athlete is still a decently strong person. You see it in wrestling sports uuh!

One way to deal with the challenges of having a slender wrist, in addition to muscle building, is to wear proper size watches. I recommend you check out this article on how to measure your wrist sizes, watch band size and length before you pick your ideal watch.

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small wrists watches


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In addition, a smaller face watch even looks gorgeous, and will also blend well if you pair it with a formal style outfit. Moreover, if you have pretty slender wrists, a large diameter or over 40mm case size watches won’t look good at all. The best option for skinny men and women is to go for watches with case diameter under 40mm.

Some people opt to downsize their watches into small and lightweight wearables just for personal taste. Sometimes this happens regardless of their everyday dressing. One can’t exactly tell but i guess minimalist aesthetics may be a perfectly reasonable preference why a wide range of customers is buying luxury watches under 40mm.


What are the best watches under 40mm with expensive looks?

Here are some of the best luxury watches under 40mm. I consider them as the best luxury watches for the small wrist as well as the mid-size wrist. If you know your wrist circumference, and with a proper watch size measuring guide, you will easily spot your ideal 40mm watch.

Before you choose one, here is how to determine watch band size and length, as well as your wrist diameter, if you want to have a comfortable watch on your wrist.


best luxury watch for small wrist - best luxury watches under 40mm - best under 40mm watches

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The  Best Watches For Small Wrists – Eye-Catching Wrist Watches Under 40mm


 Tudor Heritage Black Bay Fifty-Eight

best luxury watch under 40mm - Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Automatic Black Dial Men's Watch smaller than 40mm case size
Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch M79030N-0003
  • case dimension: 39mm
  • Dial Material Sapphire Crystal
  • Band Width 20 Millimeters
  • Case Diameter 39 Millimeters
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Black bay 58 is Tudor’s is one of most discussed watches recently. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay is a luxury looking swiss watch available on the market right now. The watch has slightly less than 40mm in case diameter and this smaller size suits both mid-size and thin wrist so perfectly.

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What I admire most is that the Tudor Heritage Black watch is designed, excellent materials, which deliver gorgeous aesthetics most people want to see in the high end timepieces.

The Snowflake hands circular, the Tudor’s most well-regarded gears, and the rectangular indexes are all housed in a smaller 39-mm by 11.9-mm frame. The large crown is stamped with the Tudor Rose finishing and the Tudor shield logo.

Besides, how much it wears on a man’s wrist is the reason why it comes as a luxury model with exceptional wear ability. However, it won’t be as super expensive since the watch’s movement is in-house built.

If you are looking for a classy and fashionable wrist watch under 40mm, this heritage is a great deal at a relatively lower price point. The Black Bay Fifty-Eight comes with a reasonable price at $5000 and a leather or fabric strap. You can also have an Oyster-style riveted steel bracelet.


 Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Chronometer – mens watches smaller than 40mm

best Chronometer mens watches smaller than 40mm - Omega Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial Master Chronometer Automatic 38 mm Men's Watch

Omega Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial Master Chronometer Automatic 38 mm Men’s Watch

  • case diameter : 38mm
  • Band Material Type Leather
  • Watch Movement Automatic
  • Dial Color Blue
  • Band Color Blue
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In case you love chronometer watches, this seamaster is a man’s chronograph watch under 40mm. It is known worldwide that Omega is a luxury watch brand with an excellent reputation and some of their pieces are under 40mm men’s watches.

This Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra was released with two other over 40mm Aqua Terra Models but this stainless-steel watch comes with a striking blue dial and and steel bracelet has captured the hearts of many users during the year’s showcase.

The Chronometer 38 mm piece is an under 40mm small face watch with a charming appearance of high-level mens watches. However, the under 40mm mens watch comes with minimalist design in addition to eye-catching elegance.

The deep blue dial features no unnecessary complications, except date and accurate time powered by its in-house Caliber 8800 movement. It is certified by METAS to be a master chronometer under $10000.
If you are a woman, here is the Omega Aqua Terra Seamaster Ladies Co-Axial Chronometer watch at 38mm .


Omega Aqua Terra Seamaster Ladies Co-Axial Chronometer,

Best women luxury watch for small wrist - Rose Gold Diamonds Watch - best chronograph watch under 40mm for women

Omega Aqua Terra Seamaster Ladies Co-Axial Chronometer, Rose Gold Diamonds Watch

  • Case dimension: 38mm
  • Brand Omega Aqua Terra
  • Band Material Type Leather
  • Watch Movement Omega automatic-self-wind
  • Dial Color Mother-of-pearl with diamonds
  • Band Color Brown
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This women’s luxury watch has been given a precision test and had received a certificate of authenticity from the official body – COSC. That is why the ladies chronograph under 40mm is reliable.

The omega diamond under 40mm watch comes with an anti-magnetic movement that helps in keeping accurate time. The timekeeping won’t be affected when the watch is exposed even to magnetic fields.

Featuring a transparent case back where you can see the internal gear workings and the watch movement, this diamond ladies watch is one of the best-skeletonized watches for the tiny wrist.

The symmetrical 38mm case and the 18k Sedna gold molde features a white mother of pearl dial with date window at 6 O clock position and 11 diamond indexes in 18 Sedna gold holders.

Other features include a diamond set bezel, the brown leather strap, the polished foldover clasp, and the Co-axial master chronometer caliber 8801 watch movement that powers the timepiece.

Skinny Guys  and women who love swiss made watches should pick this high level timepiece from omega.


Breitling Navitimer Automatic – High End Automatic watch for Tiny wrist

best luxury automatic watch under 40mm - for small wrists - Breitling Navitimer 1 Automatic 38 Men's Watch
  • Brand Breitling
  • Case dimension: 38mm
  • movement : Automatic
  • black alligator leather strap
  • Band Material Type Stainless Steel
  • Watch Movement Automatic
  • Dial Color Blue
  • Band Color Silver-tone
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Because there is the current demand for smaller watches, it is not until recently that new management of Breitling decided to bring back smaller watches they have in the brand’s product history. Before, they were making larger and flashy wrist watches which not everyone loved them.

This Navitimer 1 Automatic uses a chronograph complication in its design, which many people love since they have long been associated with the original Navitimer from 1954.

is one of the under 40mm watch that won’t call so much attention but it would fulfill your desires. It is equipped with a chronograph and slide rule bezel and history says this navitimeter automatic watch has been Breitling’s pride and joy since the 1950s

Navitimer 1 Automatic 38 is also a chronograph watch made with a smaller 38mm case, a slide rule on the dial, stainless steel design, red gold and leather, all priced under 10000 dollars.

The Breitling Navitimer 1 Automatic is one of the best 38mm watches priced under $5,000 in steel, crocodile leather strap, or steel bracelet. Another one comes under $6,000 in rose gold design.


 Grand Seiko SBGH263

best seiko chronograph under 40mm - watch with elegance for tiny wrist

Grand Seiko Grey Dial Hi-Beat Watch under 40mm

  • case diameter : 39.5mm
  • Band Material Type Stainless Steel
  • Watch Movement
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We can’t look into this modern horological community, and won’t find Grand Seiko as one of the best luxury brands that makes elegant watches. The Grand Seiko SBGH263 was released in 2018 as a limited edition and as a stainless-steel dress watch that comes in a slight dimension under 40mm watch case.

The grand seiko is also one of the hottest and expensive pieces that is built with quality down to finishing. It is just a simple time-and-date watch with a memorable and charismatic dial — featuring Arabic numerals not very common with Grand Seiko luxury watches.

The polish metallic case houses an amazing Caliber 9S85 movement on the inside for under $7000. Besides this Hi-Beat movements that offer precision in timekeeping, this high-end timepiece is one of the more favorite small wrist watches with great and attractive looks.

You would find this almost 40mm watch featuring a white dial, gold hands and numbers, a silver polished case, and a brown leather strap. Moreover, the variety of colors all together, make this Seiko Product, one of the most beautiful small dial watches for small wrists.


 Rolex Oyster Perpetual – best luxury watch for small wrist

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Here is a watch that isn’t a sport or travel-time timepiece but an alternative to Rolex Explorer. It has the exact same dial as the Explorer, but with a striking blue sunburst effect. It is suitable for guys who want a colored dial and a smaller case on a modern Rolex watch.

Rolex Oyster is one of the best luxury watches under 40mm, at the top of the catalog of men’s timepieces with monochromatic variations. Since Rolex is a watch brand with good reputation and they don’t compromise on quality – they produce nothing but excellent watches. This one has white and black dial.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual is so uniquely not a racing or diver watch, but it is incredibly simple and elegant. This is something that one would expect from small watches. This watch is designed with aesthetics and where I admire it is because it is versatile, to fit in casual dressing.

featuring a perpetual calendar and other impressive watch complications, this luxury homage dress watch, is pretty suitable for people with smaller wrists.

This Rolex petite timepiece, can’t be a bad pick since it comes with unmatched craftsmanship under $10,000.

The unfortunate truth about this simplest timepiece from Rolex is that, it is one of the best 36mm watches that are all quite expensive. All you need before purchase is; you be comfortably come up with a good budget, and makes sure it is a perfect size for you.

With a smaller 36 mm case and a screw-down crown, the downside is this dressy luxury watch for small wrist comes with no anti-reflective coating on crystal.


Seiko Prospex Alpinist Limited Model SBDC091

under 40mm watches - best seiko chronograph under 40mm case diemsion
  • Brand Seiko, Limited Edition
  • Case diameter 39.5 millimeters
  • Band Width/Material: 20mm Leather
  • Movement : Mechanical self-winding
  • Water resistant : 200 Meters
  • Price Range : under 1000 dollars
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If you want a small face watch with Mechanical self-winding, made from Japan, this Seiko Prospex Alpinist Limited Edition is the best men’s watch for you.

Equipped with Japanese automatic movement and 6R35 calibre, that durable stainless steel case ensures protection against shocks.

The green dial, the analog display, and the expensive sapphire, anti-reflection coating glass are materials you have in luxury watches. Fortunately for the tiny wrist, this timepiece comes with an under 40mm watch face and a brown leather band, band color.

Besides the 200m water resistance, the small dial Seiko Prospex is also equipped with date, glowing hands, glowing markers and screw-down crown. This high end limited edition is designed to be anti-magnetic for accurate timekeeping.

If you wanted a slightly larger size, check this SEIKO PROSPEX Automatic Diver’s 200 SBDC077, another limited model made in Japan, and comes expensive but under 1000 dollars.


Panerai Luminor Due 38 – A black leather under 40mm watch

best under 40mm watch - Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic Men's Watch PAM00674
  • Dial window : Anti reflective sapphire
  • Display : Analog
  • Metal stamp 750
  • Case diameter/material 38mm Rose Gold
  • Band : black Leather material
  • Bezel material Rose Gold
  • Special : See-through sapphire crystal caseback
  • Movement:Panerai Caliber P.900 Swiss-automatic
  • Water resistant: 30 Meters
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Panerai watch manufacturers are known for making oversized wrist watches and it comes surprisingly there are also smaller watches in their designs. Few years behind, Panerai started a Luminor Due collection of watches for small wrist some of which are high-end and come with slimmer and thinner watch cases.

Luminor Due is Panerai’s smallest timepiece more recently. This luminor Due is one of those under-40mm watches with a famed cushion-shaped case, raised bezel and a lever-protected crown guard. It wears as a 38mm size luxury watch that houses the Panerai sandwich dial with a bright green-colored luminescence.

In addition to all these features and designs, this classy watch remains an ideal entry-level piece with an in-house movement or runs on an automatic movement but at a huge price point.

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Omega Speedmaster – 38mm  – best  luxury chronograph watch for tiny wrist

best chronograph watch under 40mm - Omega speedmaster

Omega Speedmaster 38 millimeter Chronograph Men’s Watch under 40mm

  • Brand : Omega
  • Band Material Type Stainless Steel
  • Watch Movement Swiss Automatic
  • Dial Color Black
  • Case Material Stainless Steel
  • Watch case size : 38mm
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Omega speedmaster is another best luxury watch for small wrist. It may not look like the best size watch for 7 inch wrist, but it sure fits slender wrist of most skinny customers.

This omega timepiece is in the list of the most famous chronograph models of watches ever made in history. You can pick from the plenty of size options including this Omega Speedmaster 38mm case wrist watch.

The features and design include the thinner 38mm steel case, a black Tachymeter bezel, a black dial, and an automatic movement. All these places an anonymous price tag as high in the range $5000 to $10,000.

The chronograph features include a large central chronograph seconds hand, 30 minute counter sub-dial at 3 O’Clock, 12 Hour counter subdial at 6 O’Clock, and a smaller counter sub-dial at 9 O’Clock positions.

With a scratch resistant sapphire crystal with Anti-reflective Coating, the thin case dimension makes this speedmaster, one of the best watches for petite wrists men.

If you are looking for the best women’s watches for small wrists, check this omega speedmaster chronograph diamond ladies watch. It is one of the best 38mm watches for every female dressing.


best luxury watch under 40mm for small wrists


Rolex DateJust Diamond Blue Dial watch

Best small luxury watch for small wrist - best 40mm luxury watch from Rolex
  • Brand Rolex
  • Dial window : Sapphire Crystal
  • Watch Movement: Swiss Automatic
  • Blue Dial with Diamonds
  • Case material : Stainless Steel
  • Case diameter 36 millimeters
  • Band/Strap : Jubilee Bracelet
  • Band Material : Stainless Steel
  • water resistance : 100m
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If you are looking for the best luxury watch for a small wrist, under 10,000 dollars, here is another Rolex. The small dial Rolex Datejust watch is pretty expensive and not many people can sacrifice to buy one, but it is a very elegant high-quality timepiece everyone would love to wear for formal and casual outfit.

The watch features a blue dial finished with 10 diamond set, Solid 18K White Gold Fluted Bezel, a stainless steel 36mm case, and a jubilee bracelet. Powered by a swiss automatic movement, the dial is durably protected by a tough and anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass against shocks and scratches.

This Rolex Datejust is the best thinnest watch with under 40mm in our list. The Screw down crown and the Water resistant depth rating of 100 meter are other features that keep this watch enduring.

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A. Lange & Sohne Saxonia Automatic White, Mother-of-Pearl Dial Watch 840.032

wwomens luxury watch under 40mm - for tiny wrist - A. Lange & Sohne Saxonia Automatic White, Mother-of-Pearl Dial Watch
  • Brand : A. Lange & Sohne
  • model number : Saxonia
  • Case material: Rose Gold
  • Case diameter 37 millimeters
  • Band Material: white Leather
  • Band length: Women’s Standard
  • Dial color Mother of pearl
  • Movement Automatic
  • Water resistant : 30 Meters
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The A. Lange & Sohne Saxonia is a high level watch that show subtle scratches. The 37mm thinner case exhibit no dents and you can’t find the bracelet shows little or no wear or stretch.
According to manufacturer’s specification, this german made watch needs no mechanical service.

Actually, the Saxonia is a thin, svelte, two-handed, and a manually-wound dress watch that captures a lot of attention. It is Lange’s thinnest timepiece since 2011.

The under 40 mm watch costs under $25,000 in both rose and white gold high-end Lange-style finishing. The automatic movement features a caliber with a 72-hour power reserve from 167 different components .

The self – winding automatic watch with its 37mm 18k rose gold case has a diamond bezel round the white mother-of-pearl dial. The white alligator strap comes with an 18k rose gold tang buckle.

25000 dollars is pretty very expensive except for fund managers and wall street bankers and the politicians. I think the 40 mm luxury watch model can be a preferred choice for most people but this 37 mm strikes a perfect balance for both men and for women.

Would you be willing to make that sacrifice of buying this 37mm small face Saxonia Thin watch? Whatever is your cut, this smaller luxury is likely one of the best modern watches priced under $25,000 in the world, from a respected brand.

But it is even more budget friendlier than this Lange & Sohne Richard Lange Mechanical Hand-Winding and Silver Dial Watch with 41mm case


Omega Speedmaster Ladies Diameter Watch – best women’s luxury watch for small wrist

Omega Speedmaster Ladies Diameter Watch - best women's luxury watch for small wrist
  • Brand Omega
  • Band : Crocodile white Leather
  • Movement: Swiss Automatic
  • Case : Stainless Steel
  • case dimension : 38mm
  • Dial : White Mother Of Pearl
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Another small luxury watch with a beautiful look that appeals and captures many hearts is the Speedmaster Ladies Diamond Watch with a self winding automatic movement.

The dial is decorated with a white mother of pearl finishing, which looks pretty great on the tiny wrist of a famous wife or any woman in wall street.

There is more into this sub- 40mm thin case luxury watch. The diamond set on the bezel really creates attention to a lady’s wrist. other functions include, the chronograph function, the luminous hands and markers, 10mm water resistance and the screw-down crown.

The polished steel case might not be exceptionally thinner, but the 38mm case makes this high end Omega, one of the best slim watches for women. The white leather strap is pretty durable and it comes with some crocodile pattern on it.

Overall, the unique design, in addition to scratch resistant sapphire on the small watch face and the self-winding automatic movement, fully describes speedmaster as the best luxury watch under 40mm for both men and women.


Best Small GMT Watches For Business

It is mostly expected that GMT watches need to get bigger case in order to accommodate the bigger, more complex movement. But it is possible to have a useful business GMT complication or watch movement without making it look hanging or bigger on a small wrist.

Small GMT watches does look as if they don’t appeal to the a majority of people. That is why the manufacturers made just few models and today, there are very limited choices available. Let us look at this Men’s GMT Watches For Small Wrists!


Rolex GMT Watch for tiny wrist – best GMT watch under 40mm for skinny wrist

best GMT watch under 40mm for skinny wrist
  • Brand Rolex
  • Dial window: Scratch Resistant Sapphire
  • Case : 40millimeter, 23 mm thick
  • case material: Stainless Steel
  • Band : Silver-tone 20mm Steel
  • Bezel : Ceramic, Bidirectional
  • Special : Screw down crown, Luminous, GMT,
  • Power reserve : 70 Hour
  • Movement Swiss Automatic
  • Water resistant : 100 Meters
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Most GMT watches have 40 mm cases or more, so it is pretty very difficult to find some options with a smaller case. Just imagine how tough it is to search for a needle in a haystack.

Luckily, you have this black dial ceramic GMT watch. The Rolex GMT watch is amazingly designed with Dot hour markers, a bidirectional and rotating ceramic “Pepsi” bezel, a 24 hour military time display, and sapphire crystal.

The complex GMT movement is housed inside a 40mm Oyster steel case, to which is fixed a jubilee bracelet. The scratch-resistant Sapphire glass protects the dial window and keeps the watch face safe from shocks due to crashes and impacts.

Unlike most dive watches under 40mm, this luxury rich-man’s watch is waterproof rated up to 100 metres. Furthermore, accurate time is ensured by the swiss automatic movement with 70 hour power reserve .

another small luxury watch with a watch case diameter of less than 40mm is the Rolex Datejust – 36mm.



Is a 34mm Rolex too small for a man?

All depends your wrist circumference. If you consider proper wrist sizing techniques, a man’s wrist size is pretty larger than for women. The 34mm Datejust Luxury watch will appear tiny and wears tightly on a midsize man’s wrist, except the guy is super skinny or has a  teen boy’s arm. Practically, a 34mm rolex will wear comfortably on a wrist size under  6.5”  and it is a good recommendation as one of the best watches for small wrists ladies.


Is Rolex Datejust 36mm too small for a man too?

A 36mm Datejust watch from Rolex is still tiny and unsuitable for standard men wrists sizes, but somewhat, it will go beautifully on women’s wrists. If you take proper wrist sizing techniques, you would immediately see that Rolex Datejust 36mm is only for women and extra small wrist men.



Wrap Up

There you have got the best luxury watch under 40mm case. They are suitable for both small wrist and medium wrists and I am pretty sure you know how to measure your wrist size, watch band size- width and length so that you can easily pick your best luxury watch for small wrist that fits snugly.

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