Best Hunting Watch – 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting

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Have you ever gotten physically lost in time and in space? That is pretty common with adventurers and outdoorsmen. They lose their path in the wild woods and wish they could find a way back to a truck several miles away. They can’t tell time and wish they had not lost the best outdoor watch in the mountains.

Like other outdoor adventures, hunting isn’t just a game, it a war in the wild, with the wild beasts, and time is a huge determinant of who wins smartly.

In the list of hunting gears and arsenals, a hunter would need a watch equipped with GPS navigation, first for his own safety as a path-finder, secondly, for the easy mastery of the wild rugged terrain.

What could be the best functional hunting watch for an outdoorsman?


Best GPS Hunting Watches – Top Picks

What’s the best hunting watch that’s durable in harsh conditions, keeps the hunter alert, gives a perfect hunting time and is visible in low light? What’s the best GPS watch for hunting, that can prevent a hunter from getting physically lost in the wild-wood? Here’s a list of high durability hunter watches that are shock-resistant, scratch-resistant,, and waterproof. As you read further, you’ll find hunting watches with GPS navigations


How to choose the best watch for hunters

Here is what we considered before selecting the best tough GPS outdoor watches for hunting.

ABC- Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass

An outdoor tool watch for hunters must meet the basic requirements in addition to accurate timekeeping. The best hunting watch for outdoorsmen must have these special features – Altimeters, Barometers, and Compass.

  • A barometer is a useful guide for weather change detection. It uses changes in atmospheric pressure and forecasts if the coming weather is sunny, cloudy, rainy or clear. It tells if conditions are good or bad for hunting.
  • An altimeter and compass let you know your elevation(above sea level) and direction while you hunt in the woods.

GPS Navigation

Together with ABC hunting features, most men’s hunting watches that come with advanced GPS navigations, work compatibly with GLONASS when there’s a need to map out a hunting path in the woods. With this tracking technology, a hunter man can retrace his path if he physically gets lost in the mountains.

Water Resistance

Some rough conditions that are bad for hunting, are rains and storms. To keep things safe, any man would pick the best men’s hunting watches that can withstand a heavy shower, rains, swimming, and moisture. A cool hunter’s watch with at least 100m to 1000m submersion capacity(water resistance), is a great watch for diving and hunting. It can survive a day’s heavy rains while you hunt in the jungle.

Sunrise – Sunset

Some animals come out from the woods at sunrise, nocturnal animals come out of hidings at sunset.  Having the best hunters watch with sunrise-sunset alerts means, knowing the optimum time to start hunting.

A watch with a Sunrise alert prevents oversleeping and helps you to stick to your hunting plan.

Alarm and Alerts

Alarms and alerts make an easy way to notify a busy hunter, about changes around him. Weather alerts, hourly chimes, time alarms are some basic features an outdoorsmens watch should support.

Battery Life and Charging

For a multi-day hunting trip, if your watch battery runs out, you’re out of GPS tracking,  in the wild forest. Pray this never happens to you.

So, picking a hunting watch with lasting battery life is a sure way to keep the back-light illuminating. This is particularly useful when checking time in poor light conditions also when GPS is running.

If the battery life is poor, choosing a solar watch is the best choice.

The beautiful thing about Solar watches is, they get recharged under sunlight while you keep hunting. It is hi highly recommended you buy a hunter’s watch with a battery that lasts several months without exposure to light.

Here is the best hunter watch with the longest hours in GPS mode is Suunto Traverse Alpha Hunting Watch

Comfort Strap

The watchband is surprisingly, often overlooked when shopping for outdoorsmen watches. A good band is comfortable and durable and gives a good fit. An uncomfortable watch strap can ruin your hunting day.

Imagine you took a long sniper shot and the ball passed few inches away from the deer because you got itching shaky wrist from an uncomfortable watch band.


Don’t compromise this feature. All other watch features specifically rely on how durable the watch is. A hunting tool watch crafted from stainless steel watch case,  genuine leather straps, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystals can survive odd jungle beatings without losing time. Read what verified buyers review is, to know if your ideal hunting watch is durably built or not.

Extra Features

An automatic shot detection watch is a plus for rifle hunters. Such a complicated watch  can detect your rifle recoil and display a map showing the shot location.

Low temperatures or freezing is one condition some watches can’t withstand else a condensation grows inside the display screen and cause precise timing to fail. You should also consider watches with thermometers.


Best Garmin Hunting watch – With  Map And GPS

Want to know which Garmin is the best GPS watch for hunting? Garmin watch makers are well known for designing accurate outdoor gps watches and when it comes to hiking, hunting, and running, Garmin watches top the list.

Garmin is a good watch for shooting in the wild jungle. It also makes the best rugged watch for outdoor adventures. Let us check out the first Garmin GPS hunting watch in our review.

Garmin Fēnix 5X Plus GPS Watch best garmin gps watch for hunting with map

Best Topo Map GPS Watch For huntingGarmin Fēnix 5X Plus, Ultimate Multisport GPS Smartwatch, Features Color Topo Maps And Pulse Ox, Heart Rate Monitoring, Music and Pay, Black with Black Bandbest hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting

  • battery: li ion
  • connectivity : bluetooth
  • Musics : 500 songs
  • GPS, Topo mapping

Check What Verified Users Say About This GPS Watch >

Fenix 5 is a garmin outdoor gps wrists watch with built-in features designed to facilitate or ease outdoor hunting.

Besides traditional timekeeping, this hunting smartwatch detects weather changes, tells the hunter’s location and path, with its GPS and Topo mapping features.

Successful hunting means being at the right place, and at the right time. This gamin outdoor watch with onboard GPS is pretty useful to help hunters find and follow the best paths to the right location.

That is not all, there are lots of features every hunter would love here, the altimeter, the barometer, and compass. These sensors make garmin one best gps watch for hiking too.

Garmin ruggedly built this hunters tool watch with stainless steel titanium bezel, tough and reinforced plastic watch case, anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass that is reliably scratch-resistant. You wouldn’t expect something goes wrong with this Garmin hunting outdoor watch at all.

For more tactical hunting, Garmin watchmakers paired the watch case with a strong silicone strap that can withstand unbearable hunting field conditions.

An outdoors hunter who loves music needs not carry a smartphone anymore. This hunting adventurer’s watch can hold and play 500 songs with wireless connected bluetooth headsets.

How long can the battery keep in the woods? There’s no problem using this garmin hunting watch for several day in the forest. The gps watch has a battery life that lasts 15 – 20 days if you don’t connect gps. However, the battery lasts 10 – 15 hours with continuous or enabled gps tracking.

Don’t Miss Out To Check Price & Reviews! On Amazon
  • heart rate monitoring
  • smart notifications
  • best smartwatch for hunting and fishing
  • unreliable connection with iphone


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Best GPS hunting watch for outdoorsmen

Suunto also produces some best men’s hunting watches, that are worth looking at.

Suunto Traverse Alpha Watch– best hunting watch with moon phase and gps

best hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Huntingbest hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting

Hunting Features

  •  Sunrise and Sunset Alerts
  • ABC: Altimeter, Barometer & Compass
  •  Gps /GLONASS navigation
  •  Hunting shot detector
  • Vibrating alarm
  • Night vision goggle compatible
  •  Suunto movecount app
  • Temperature range: 20° C to to 60°
  • Battery Life In Time Mode: 14 days
  • Battery Life In Gps Mode: 10/15/100 hours

Check What Verified Buyers Think About This Hunterman’s Watch >

One of the great men’s hunting watches with moon phase features

Suunto Traverse is one best outdoor watch designed for the most rugged field works like hunting and fishing. The Suunto manufacturer made this timepiece to meet MIL-STD-810G military standards with no compromise.

Ruggedly built, the Suunto watch for hunters comes with a fiber-reinforced composite watch case and durable stainless steel bezel and pushers.

For tough survival in the jungle, the Suunto traverse hunting watch has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that durably protects the watch dial.

The hunting watch nylon strap is water-resistant, no amount of moisture in the bushes will do any harm. With added waterproofing up to 100 meters, the Suunto Traverse Alpha jungle watch earns lots of praises from hunters.

Automatic Shot Detection is one important and uncommon watch function, and as the moon phase reading, shot detection is very important for hunting and fishing.

Suunto Traverse waterproof hunting watch is a well-built gps navigation watch with shot detection, a capability to keep the time and map where you shoot. With its inbuilt-accelerometer, the outdoor gps watch detects gun recoil immediately you pull the trigger. This recoil detection is precise and most accurate if you wear the watch on the wrist with the trigger.

The vibrating alarm would interrupt your sleep and wake you up to prepare for a successful hunting trip before the sunrise of a new hunting day.

Amazingly, the hunters’ men’s outdoor watch has Android, iOS Phones compatibility,. Another unexpected feature is the watch display that is night vision goggle-compatible.

The sunset and sunrise alerts are a plus. Other features include the backlight glow, the topological maps, breadcrumbs, and a wearable 2200mAH power pack that comes with it.

The battery life runs max 10o hours with gps mode but a more durable battery life up to 120 hours, check this one,  Suunto 9, GPS Sports Watch with Long Battery Life and Wrist-Based Heart Rate

Suunto traverse is one of the best mens hunting watches you can easily find in the market today.

Don’t Miss Out To Check Price & Reviews! On Amazon
  • Android and iPhone compatible
  • night vision compatible
  • moon phase features
  • Onboard gps path or route tracking and mapping
  • sleep interruption vibrating alarm
  • durable and ruggedly constructed
  • moisture-proof and water-resistant hunting watch
  • has built in rifle recoil and shot detection technology
  • durable battery life. Charge once for a long hunting trip
  • No heart rate monitor


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Best Affordable Digital Sport Watch For Hunting

LBJ Outdoor Compass Watch – best compass watch for outdoor hunting

LB LIEBIG Compass Watch Army, Digital Outdoor Sports Watch for Men, Pedometer Altimeter Calories Barometer Temperature Waterproofbest hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting

Hunting Features

  • Altimeter for elevation
  • Barometer for air pressure
  • Thermometer
  • Digital Compass
  • Alarm, Calender
  • Sports features

Check What Verified Buyers Say About This Watch >

Not every outdoorsman would go for a high-end watch for hunting. LBJ is an adorable, simple, inexpensive watch with useful features for hunting.

This affordable, rugged watch with compass is a good pick for a budget-tight hunter and some frugal outdoorsmen.

With the combination of temperature and air pressure measurement, the watch can easily tell or forecast outdoor weather in the wilderness. It alerts weather conditions and tells when there is a storm coming.

Featuring a plastic silicone watch strap, a Hardlex dial window, and plastic watch case, this cut-priced wildlife hunting watch is water-resistant at 50 meters depth.

This level of waterproofing is enough to withstand light rain, sweat, morning dews and moisture in the early hours of the day, in a cold jungle. It’s not for swimming and showering.

This homage digital watch also features – Altimeter, thermometer, Compass , Alarms, very useful hunting-specific features, all at a giveaway price. You can take this affordable men’s hunting watch for a solo hiking trail in the mountains

You already know what a top hunting watch should have, If you have something else in mind, keep reading for more Options

Don’t Miss Out To Check Price & Reviews! On Amazon
  • backlighting in the dark
  • countdown, stopwatch timing
  • pedometer for steps tracking
  • Comfortable on wrists
  • best hunting watch under 100 dollars
  • alerts weather conditions and tells when there is storm
  • no sapphire cover
  • no heart rate monitoring
  • not a bluetooth watch


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Best Rugged Tough GPS Watch For Hunting

Do you want a watch that can help you track animals and master deer movement in your hunting area? Here is one for you – and it happens to be a Garmin hunting watch with excellent gps tracking capability.

Garmin Tactix Bravo Watch ( Black with Silicone Band) – best garmin gps hunting watch for tracking animals

best hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Huntingbest hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting
  • Altimeter
  • Barometer
  • Compass,
  • Fitness training features
  • 100ATM water resistance

Check What Some Verified Buyers Recommend >

Just like the name strongly confirms, the is toughly built with a highly sensitive GPS/GLONASS positioning. This premium gps feature is a bravo to the Garmins watchmakers.

There is more to hunting here – the watch comes with automatically calibrating ABS(altimeter, barometer and compass). This makes it one best hunting outdoors watch, that is also suitable for hiking.

If you get this insanely goodGgarmin outdoor watch, your navigation is reliable and the worries of getting lost in the wild mountain is finally ticked off from your list of fears.

The tactix field watch is 10ATM(100 meters) water-resistant, meaning this hunters’ wrists watch is moisture-proof, swim-proof, sweat-proof and you can swim, shower and hunt under the rain with it.

For clear visibility in reading time in the dark, when going for a night hunt, just turn the night vision mode and your watch will immediately adjust the backlight to illuminate compatibly with your night vision hunting goggles.

The strong protective stainless steel watch bezel, the three-ring nylon straps, reinforced watch case, are strongly built into this watch and ready for any deer hunting conditions. The anti-reflective, knurled black, diamond-like carbon coated on the stainless steel EXO antenna helps to increase abrasion. It is also corrosion-resistant.

The watch is non-reflective, and this design makes the tactical gear watch for use in the wild field. The Wi-Fi hot spots in this GPS watch helps to automatically sync your hunting data with Garmin Connect.

This \Garmin Tactix Bravo waterproof GPS watch utilizes some specialized tactical functionality – Jumpmaster activity, projected waypoints and dual-format position of GPS Coordinate Page. Combined with all the smart fitness training features, your outdoor navigation experience is peerlessly an enjoyable one.

Great hunters watch for daily military field works because of the MGRS and training modes. This GPS hunting watch is highly recommended for law enforcement officers, mountaineering experts and firefighters.

Don’t Miss Out To Check Price & Reviews! On Amazon
  • dual GPS/ GLONASS for excellent reception
  • rugged and durable design
  • its a battery efficient gps watch
  • nylon bands are very good quality
  • looks comfortable for small wrists too
  • Great Value for the Money
  • heavy customization
  • expensive

Best CASIO outdoor watch for hunting

Casio is one of the watch brands that make some durable best mens hunting watches that survive extreme environment.

Casio Men’s Pathfinder Triple Sensor

Casio Men's Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watchbest hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting

  • digital compass,
  • altimeter,
  • barometer,
  • thermometer
  • battery life: 6 months

Check What Verified Buyers’ Recommendations >

Another outdoor tactical watch with bare-bone or basic features useful for hunting is this Pathfinder which comes with a triple sensor for mountaineering, hiking and climbing.

Ruggedly made for outdoor activities, pathfinder is packed with thermometer, ABC features(altimeter, barometer & compass), and sunrise and sunset that mark the start and the end of a rigorous deer hunting and hiking day.

This pathfinder hunters digital timepiece suggest the best time to hunt by relying on the moon phase, the longitude, and the latitude.

Though this Casio sports pathfinder hunting watch is made for outdoor runners and hikers, it’s 100m water resistance positions the timepiece as a great watch for swimmers, hunters, and fishermen. Also good for snorkeling, weather prediction, and not scuba.

Pathfinder is absolutely outstanding, the watch case is fitted with solar cells to generate power from the sun light. There shouldn’t be any worries of not being able to run GPS when the battery runs out.

A wild hunter would loves a variety of features here, battery level indicator, complete digital displays, EL backlighting, and 5 alarms, stopwatch, and auto-calender.

Enclosed in a stainless steel watch, this multi-alarm system watch for shooting, can withstand wear , tear and dirty beatings in all weather conditions.

This outdoorsman hunt watch can survive any rugged terrains – desert, extreme cold, high mountains, and valleys. No need to  worry if the watch is banged hard on the hunter’s gun, stones, and hard surfaces. It one of the best shock-resistant men’s hunting watches for rugged outdoor use.

Pathfinder is a great digital multi-function watch for adventurers and fishermen, considering its affordability, toughness and resilience.

With its great EL backlight illumination in the dark and for low light conditions, pathfinder is one of the best highly recommended triple Sensor watches, worth the money.

Don’t Miss Out To Check Price & Reviews! On Amazon
  • Extremely cost efficient and easy to use
  • luminous for night visibility
  • costs at relatively fair price
  • perfect watch with calibrated digital compass
  • gets powered fro solar and any light source
  • the resin strap is comfortable and changeable
  • long lasting battery life
  • has multiple alarm system
  • sunrise and sunset time data
  • good dog hunting watch
  • its mineral crystal not durable like sapphire
  • Stiff resin watch band


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Best Digital Compass Watch For hunting

G-Shock GW9400 Rangeman Watch – most durable best hunting watch for men

Best g shock solar watch for hunting - G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400. RANGEMAN, is tough and rugged timepieces that are designed to survive grueling conditions. It uses Shock Resistant Triple Sensor, which makes it capable of keeping altitude, barometric pressure, temperature and direction readings at your fingertips. Cylindrical buttons provide improved resistance to impact. The sensor button has a metal cover that protects it against lateral impact and keeps foreign matter out. Pressing the sensor button in any mode takes you directly to a sensor screen with its own audible tone. All of this plus sunrise/sunset data, one-touch time recording, one-touch elapsed time measurement, G-Shock toughness and durability. Rangeman is a nlack resin band digital watch with black face and red hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting

  • Auto LED backlight
  • digital compass,
  • altimeter,
  • barometer,
  • thermometer,
  • sunrise and sunset date
  • Alarms and Calender
  • 200m water leakproof

Check What Verified Buyers Recommend >

Rangeman GW9400 is one of the best G-Shock hunting watches with time calibration radio signals on the market today.

When it comes to resilience, trust g-shocks. With the watch case and strap made out of tough resin material, and the strong mineral dial window, this g-shock watch for hunting is shock resistant, mud resistant, and moisture(water) resistant down to 200m.

This is a pretty tough watch for marine search and rescue,  and deep divers. No amount of shower, heavy rain-fall, sweat and morning dews can break this watch.

With its famous triple sensor, the hunters watch self powers itself with solar light and there are no concerns of the battery running out in the wild jungle. You also don’t have to worry about changing batteries.

The watch construction is unique with a legible watch dial display covered by a mineral glass crystal, though not tough like sapphire.

Coming to precision in telling time, Rangeman is a countryside hunter’s watch built with multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping technology. The rugged hunting watch loses or gain no tick as most watches do.

The digital display is effective to harness the strength of ABC sensors altimeter; barometer; thermometer; compass; and sunrise and sunset data to provide detailed information that can aid hunting and ensure the survival of hunters in the woods.

If you accidentally run into a deep  sleep, you wouldn’t forget your hunting trip of the day. This watch doesn’t allow you to lose the morning catch, because its alarm is ready to wake you up at the right time.

The Casio Rangeman is also low temperature resistant and great for use in fishing and rain-forest bird hunt. To pass the verdict, Rangeman is the best rugged gps watch for hunting, fishing, hiking, and other tactical outdoor occupations.

For military styles and color, check this military version of G-Shock Rangeman.

Don’t Miss Out To Check Price & Reviews! On Amazon
  • Wearing the watch is comfortable
  • shock resistant and durable
  • Long Battery Life
  • fully packed with range of hunting tools
  • watch display is very easy to read
  • gives nightly atomic updates
  • sensor mode has its own audible tone
  • uneven afterglow illumination


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Best GPS Watch For hunting, Fishing And Hiking

Let’s take a look at some good hunting, fishing, and hiking watch with GPS navigation that can prevent a hunter from getting physically lost in the forest. When it comes to GPS navigation, a Garmin hunting watch is the best.

Garmin Fēnix 3 HR Watch –  best garmin gps watch for hunting

The sleek fēnix 3 HR watch features a protective PVD-stainless steel bezel and buttons, treated silicone band and reinforced housing for extra durability. A sunlight-visible, high-resolution color Garmin Chroma Display with LED backlight lets you access your data in any light. fēnix 3 HR is water-rated to 100 meters and has a battery life of up to 40 hours in UltraTrac battery saver mode, 16 hours in GPS mode and up to 2 weeks in smartwatch mode (all depending on settings).best hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Huntingbest hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting

  • Omni-directional stainless steel EXO antenna,
  • GPS/GLONASS satellite reception
  • Fitness features –  advanced running dynamics, VO2 max
  • Readable Garmin Chroma Display
  • Navigation – 3-axis compass, altimeter and barometer, TracBack
  • Battery life:  2 weeks in smartwatch mode

Check What Verified Buyers Recommend About This Watch >

Garmin is world-wide known, for making the best GPS navigation watches which are highly valued as field watches.

As an upgrade previous version garmin fenix 3, the HR Garmin Fenix 3  has an in-built wrist-based optical heart rate sensor to measure heart rhythm using wrist heart rate technology.

If one thing makes this Garmin hunt watch useful for outdoor, it is the GPS mode for mapping, location and pathfinding.

For visibility in poor light conditions, the luxurious looking Garmin 3 hr watch comes fitted with LED backlights for bright dial view under in day and night.

This heart rate monitoring wristwatch has a chroma display with LED backlight illumination for clear day or night readability.

The big rechargeable battery can last 40 hours when this gGrmin fish hunt watch is set in UltraTrac saver mode, about 16 hours in GPS mode, and two 14 days without GPS.

The Garmin 3 hr hunting watch is water-proof for up to 100 m depth, a suitable timepiece that can survive heavy rain or dews from forest trees. With this good waterproof depth rating, using the Garmin watch for hunting and fishing means you got not worry about the effects of water splashes. Its unique design depicts that Garmin Fenix is the best GPS watch for hunting in our review.

If you want garmin fenix 3 Hr with Titanium and Sport Bands, check this Garmin Fenix Titanium Band Watch with HR.

Don’t Miss Out To Check Price & Reviews! On Amazon
  • fashionable piece with fitness VO2 and recovery advisor
  • integrated GPS/GLONASS satellite reception
  • hotspot wireless connectivity for data sync
  • compatible with Garmin Connect
  • comes with comfortable black silicone strap
  • watch band is resistant to discoloration
  • GPS location and pathfinder
  • Heart rate monitoring
  •  HR not reliable
  • inconsistent altimeter reading

Best G-Shock camouflage watch for hunting

lets look at some men’s hunting watches with camouflage designs.

CASIO G-Shock CAMO Watch – best camo hunting watch

best hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Huntingbest hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting
  • case: 51mm,
  • dial display: mineral crystal
  • water resistance:20m
  • 12/24-hours time format

Check What These Verified Users Say About The Watch >

Uniquely designed to blend with camouflage hunting clothes and environment, the camouflage watch is shock resistant for every unexpected crashes.

Like other G-Shock outdoor watch models, this camo watch is shock-resistant, capable to withstand every impact and beatings in the rugged jungle.

Featuring LED backlight, alerts, count-down timer, sleep interruption multi-alarms, scratch-resistant mineral dial window, and 24-hour military time with a full auto-calendar.

The 51mm large resin case watch keeps accurate time with its quartz band technology, though it’s just some basic features. Apart from hunting animals, there’s one thing that’s more interesting buying this watch, diving, and snorkeling.

At 200m water-proofing, the shock-proof watch keeps track of time underwater and loses no tick. Particularly useful for professional marine diving and water sports.

It is a rugged durable field watch for every hunter-man.

Don’t Miss Out To Check Price & Reviews! On Amazon
  • Legible watch dial
  • shock-proof
  • suitable for mens standard wrists sizes
  • multi-alarms for sleep morning interrupt
  • poor fit for small wrists hunters
  • bulky

Affordable budget moon phase watch for hunting

Origo Guide Pro Series Hunting Pro Watch – inexpensive moon phase hunting watch

Origo Guide Pro Series Hunting Pro Watch - Cheapest hunter watchbest hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting


  • watch case: 33mm, Rubber
  • Display: mineral dial
  • Water resistance: 50 meters

Hunting features

  • Altimeter, Barometers, Compass
  • vibration alarms
  • sunrise & sunset data
  • Weather forecast

Check What Verified Buyers Recommend >

Origo might not be widely known, but one important thing about it is, the digital watch was originally designed with hunters in mind. It’s features shows the watch was specifically designed for serious hunters.

For a quick glance on the dial display, the origo pro hunters watch comes with a one tough smart key that displays the barometric pressure, the compass reading, the altimeter data and other information available.

Very easy to use, and not need switching between every modes and features.

The watch is truly a hunting guide with a weather forecasts. With its best hunting time feature, the watch regularly keeps you informed about the best time to go hunt during the day. It also forecasts the optimum hunting time for some days ahead.

This is the best watch to guide hunters for the money. The low priced origo pro watch is feature-packed with sunrise and sunset data, alarms and the moon phase.

Water resistant at 50 meters, this watch cannot survive heavy rains in the woods though because of its hunting guide features, it definitely a good outdoor watch to consider when planning a hunting trip.

Don’t Miss Out To Check Price & Reviews! On Amazon
  • Moon phase display
  • easy to use
  • has good compass with inclination
  • No gps
  • not very water leak-proof

Best CASIO smartwatch with Map for hunting

It wouldn’t be fair if we go without considering the  best smartwatch for hunting for men.

CASIO Mens Pro Trek Resin Outdoor watch for hunters – durable best smartwatch for hunting

best casio watch for hunting and smartwatch for hiking. It comes with colored topo map, gps, Casio Men's 'PRO TREK' Quartz Resin Outdoor Smartwatch, Color Black (Model: WSD-F20-WECAU). Comes with Digital compass, Altimeter, Barometer, Activity Tracker, Dual Layer LCD Structure, Original Watch Face, Casio Moment Setter, Microphone, Timepiece modebest hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting
  • water resistance: 50 meters
  • Digital compass, Altimeter, Barometer, Activity Tracker
  • Wear OS by Google, GPS,
  • Mil-Standard 810 G Durability,
  • 50M Water Resistant
  • color topo mappings

Check What Verified Buyers Recommend! >

Another good reason to include pro trek for hunting purposes is its advanced post navigation features.

This CASIO is one best smartwatch for hunting with capabilities to display color topo map with compatible Android wear google OS.

This is amazing, the topo mapping together with gps system, the watch keeps track to make sure no hunter doesn’t get lost during hunting trips.

And how does that happens? This shockproof outdoor smartwatch watch uses its GPS navigation to track terrain, deer and location. It can receive positioning data from 3 satellites anywhere in the woods.

Pro trek is one of the best gps watches for hunting with, daily alarms, auto calendar, quartz movement, an altimeter to measure altitude, barometer for atmospheric weather conditions and a digital compass for directions. It is the best shockproof watch for hiking and hunting

This casio hunting watch also features an activity tracker, a microphone and a timepiece mode. It is water-resistant and has a  waterproof rating of 50 m, only suitable to withstand water splash during hand wash. Though it is one best outdoor smart watch, you should never try taking this outdoor watch into shower, snorkel and heavy rains.

This weather wrist watch keeps battery up to 25 hours when GPS settings are put on. Great to use for long hunting season, where you can spend several days in the woods.

If you want a cheaper solar rechargeable Pro trek watch check this  Solar Powered Silicone Pro Trek Watch,

Don’t Miss Out To Check Price & Reviews! On Amazon
  • Good connectivity with Android and iPhone
  • built with toughness
  • durable, rugged and tough for all  environments
  • well equipped for outdoor hunting
  • seamless connectivity with Android smartphone
  • large for skinny wrists
  • battery life doesn’t last long

Best Weather Wrists watch with Alerts, for hunting

LAD Weather Altimeter Watch With Barometer Digital Compass – best weather watch for hunting

best cool weather watch for winter hunters. Cheap and affordable weather wrist watch with low temperature resistance. Lad Weather Altimeter Watch With Barometer Digital Compass Thermometer Brand of America and Japan Climbing Trekking Camping Hiking Outdoorbest hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting

Outdoor Functions

  • Digital Compass, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm,
  • Altimeter: -706 – 9,164m (-2,316 – 30,067ft),
  • Barometer: 300 – 1,100hPa/mbar (8.85 – 32.48inHg),
  • Thermometer: -10 – 60°C (14 – 140°F),
  • Weather forecast: 4 icons (Sunny, Partly cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy),
  • Stopwatch: 10 laps
  • Water resistant 3 ATM (30 meters)

Check What Verified Buyers Recommend On This Weather Wrist Watch >

This LAD WEATHER multifunction outdoors watch is a great timepiece to boasts for its useful features that come affordable at low price under $50.

The digital outdoor watch is one of the very first model of German Sensor Master watch series. Because of its weather sensitivity to monitor weather, today, it has become a global standard ABC watch with integrated weather instrument – a timepiece with in-build altimeter, barometer and compass.

This digital weather alert watch also comes with vibration alarm that alerts outdoor wearers when extreme weather is imminent.

You need no t break a bank to own this LAD cold weather wrists watch. Its an adorable inexpensive full-featured activity watch ; very hunter-friendly to use.

Features 54mm diameter, 13mm thick plastic watch case, a stainless steel caseback, 22mm wide polyurethane(PU) strap and an acrylic glass crystal. All these still pretty leaves the watch lightweight.

The LAD altimeter watch is a great weather timepiece with negative display, for boy scouts trips, hiking, climbing, camping, cycling, fishing, hunting and people engaging in some outdoor activities.

The barometer detects rise or fall in atmospheric pressure, and sounds the alarm to warn. The watch altimeter measures elevation and altitude to within one meter accuracy. The watch is low temperature resistant, so can be used in cold weather conditions.

Very convenient and easy to use. You can activate these weather features by operating the protruding buttons, even with hand loves on.

Similar version of this watch :

Lad Weather Solar Digital Watch with stopwatch, lap timer, alarm. Its a camouflage combat military weather alert watch which can save up to 42 hours of barometric data and graphically displays it. Its rechargeable battery is solar powered or charged from any light source.

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Best  Smartwatch for hunting with GPS and Heart rate Sensor

If you disliked using your phone for tracking hikes and trails, you can completely go phoneless with a smartwatch. Los of outdoorsmen who like using smartwatches, would find pleasure in this garmin instinct for hunting in the outdoor. It also goes for  tracking hikes and trails activities.

Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS,- rugged garmin hunting watch

Best hunting smartwatch - Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS, Features GLONASS and Galileo, Heart Rate Monitoring and 3-axis Compass, Tundrabest hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting
  • passes 810G US Military Standards
  • Galileo GPS/GLONASS Navigation
  • Altimeter, barometer and Compass

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Here is a smart watch with durable construction. Based on the US military 810G standard, this wild instinct watch can survive the toughest outdoor environments.

While this garmin instinct rugged outdoor watch with gps is  shock resistant and 100m water resistant, it surprises many outdoor hunters that it is also thermal resistant.

The strength and ruggedness associated with this garmin Instinct tops the list of those quality features that attract many hunters towards tactical field smartwatch.

With 3 axis compass and a barometeric altimeter, hunting right at the top of mountains and in the tropical forest becomes a fun game with wrist-based console. No disappointment with readability, the face catches enough ambient light to help legibility.

The watch also supports Galileo GPS/GLONASS navigation functionalities in tracking routes. You wouldn’t lose you way back to the truck, its great backtrack watch for outdoor.

Like a fitness health tracker, this field watch can read your heart rate with its wrist-based heart monitoring technology. It can indicate when you have stress after a long trekking or running in the woods. The additional benefits of considering to pick this garmin rugged watch is, it comes with preloaded activity profiles for your training.

Most desirably, the watch send out smart notifications compatible with smartphones for data sync through Garmin Connect community.

Garmin Instinct is a fantastic rugged watch with lasting battery life. You can charge it once every 12-14 days.

How to track footpath with Instinct

For trekking and walking along a forest footpath, you need to download the Garmin Explore app and use the wear OS map to create routes, then import into the garmin watch.

This will help you navigate the hunting topographic detail even in offline mode. In case the Garmin’s Explore app is glitchy, usean  online OS map apps.

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  • battery life 14 days with no gps and 16 hours in the gps tracking mode
  • durable under hot and cold weather
  • suitable for fitness stress and sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring
  • lightweight and comfortable
  • comes with enables backtracking features
  • Costs under $300, fair priced for the value it offers
  • connects to Spotify
  • great for trails and mountain hunting
  • Lacks touchscreen,


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Best Apple Smartwatch For Hunting and fishing

Does apple have a hunting smartwatch?

There are several smartwatches with beautiful outdoor features for hunting but we are yet to have an Apple watch made uniquely for outdoor hunters.

The uniqueness of Apple watch for hunting comes from its ability to allow installation of several different apps for different outdoor activities.

And it may suit you to know that there are tons of appealing hunting smartwatch apps out there. All you need is install them on your apple watch and it does you a pretty excellent tracking, monitoring and measurement job in the woods.

Apple smartwatch series 3 – best smartwatch for hunting and fishing

Apple watch for hunting - Best Apple Smart watch for hunting. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular, 38MM) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band . There are lots of hunting apps to install in this watchbest hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Huntingbest hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting
  • Barometric Altimeter
  • LTE Band
  • Water resistance: 50 m
  • support tons outdoor apps
  • Cellular

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If you are a strong fan for Apple products, and your smartwatch supports Android Wear Google OS, you can download tons of different topo maps, onXmaps. You pack a lot of different maps for different purposes.

Some apps are great for tracking your hunting routes, track whether you’re in sleep or active mode, track you heath rhythm and tracks every step you take. You also got moon phase hunting apps.

Hunt predictor apps can tells you when is the best time for animal hunting and which period of the year is suitable to maximize your catch.

Weather prediction app also signal and send you alerts about the weather of the day – cloudy, rainy, humid, dry, sunny?. With the onboard gps, where you go is recorded and backtrackable. If Apple series 3 is not suitable, check Apple series 4 fall detection watch with SOS emergency calls

Apple features for hunting and hiking

Apart from gps navigation, It is the inbuilt barometric altimeter that finally made Apple Watch Series 3 come close to tough and rugged outdoors smartwatch.

Barometric Altimeter: The Apple Watch 3 features GPS and one thing a hunter and a hiker needs in a rugged smartwatch is the barometric altimeter for altitude or elevation tracking. This feature is peerlessly helpful for road runners, trail hunting, mountaineering and bikers.

LTE band : Additionally, the apple watch has an LTE band that streams music for phoneless outdoorsmen. To avoid having a boring hunting day, this apple watch for hunting is an excellent choice to make.

water resistance: apple series 3 smartwatch is waterproof up to 50 meters deep. This makes the timepiece suitable for winter hunting and fishing activities because it certainly withstands moisture, dews, light rains and even heavy downpour.

The battery life of this standalone apple watch lasts depending on how frequently, you use GPS, and LTE features.

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Men’s Best hunting watches with weather prediction

Lets take a look at another men’s hunting watch that predicts weather in all hunting conditions.

SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch 

best hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Huntingbest hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting
  • Altimeter, Barometer, Compass
  • Operating temperature: 20°C – 60°C (5°F -140°F)
  • sunrise/sunset times for over 400 locations
  • Intelligent weather, storm alarm
  • Languages: English, German, French, and Spanish
  • Water resistance depth: 30m(100 feet)
  • Time: 12/.24 hours

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The Core model is a hunt watch for outdoor male enthusiast with only one downside, not easy to set customization but it has a slightly less expensive price point.

It comes with more advanced features, suunto core military is one of the most impressive weather wrist watch on the market. The barometer, altimeter, compass, thermometer and the weather trend indicator combine to offer you a terrific wrist-top computer for all your outdoor hunting needs.

The barometric altimeter measures elevation in three-foot or one-meter increments – highly accurate compared to other models.

The built-in altimeter in this military men watch, can read your current elevation, accurately to within 30,000 feet. This altimeter is extremely valuable outdoorsmen tool for mountaineering, backcountry, skiing, and wilderness travel and hunting.

The outdoor men’s watch also features a compass with an declination that is adjustable. To use the compass, You set the bearing with a traditional rotating watch bezel. All you need is simply point the top of the watch in your intended destination, then lock it in.

Added to the barometer, altimeter and compass, is a digital thermometer, that can measure temperatures between -5F to 140F(Fahrenheit).

The weather trend indicator in this hunters suunto core watch provide weather predictions with information gathered by the sensors.

For a weather forecast that extends hours, turn the built-in weather trend indicator. With barometric history for the last three and six hours, it can directly predict the weather overhead with good accuracy.

The sunset times for more than 400 locations worldwide guide you to better schedule your hunting outings.

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  • this Core watch can help you stay on hunting course
  • battery rating is good
  • cheap and affordable under $200
  • not easy to set up

Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch   Inexpensive best mens hunting watches

Best affordable weather wrists watch for outdoor hunters - Timex Expedition Grid Shock - Inspired by our much-loved WS4 design, Grid Shock is ready for anything. It’s got vibrating alarms and timers and Indiglo night-light for after dark. The hardened resin case with stainless steel top ring is officially shock resistant and water resistant to 100 hunting watch - Best Hunting Watch - 10 GPS Moon Phase Watches For Hunting
  • 100 hour chronograph;
  • 24 hour countdown timer;
  • 3 vibrating and audible daily,
  • weekday or weekend alarms;
  • Shock resistant to I.S.O. standards
  • 24 hour military time mode;

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The Expedition Grid Shock is a stylish and affordable watch suited for outdoorsmen.

To offer a long-lasting performance, the watch case is made rust-proof stainless steel. The unit is also water-resistant up to 100 meters – it can survive water submersion during swimming and snorkeling, but not scuba diving.

The Grid Shock strap is adjustable, made from plastic and resin mix and provide a comfortable fit on wrists.

Not only is the watch strap durable, but the watch can handle drops or impacts when handling hunting rifle. The scratch-resistant acrylic glass cover on the dial is built to last.

The 100 chronograph Timex Shock watch also comes with some standard features – countdown timer, stopwatch, vibration alarm, and hydration alerts.

The indigo backlight technology produces eye-friendly night glow illumination for a comfortable easy- to -see watch dial screen.

One impressive features, seen in no other outdoor watch is the hydration alert. It remind how much water your body needs to take-in to stay fit on your hunting trip.

The ruggedness of this outdoor watch makes it an excellent companion for serious hunters and adventurer.
The battery life is also impressive and lasting.

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Tips For Using Hunting Watches

Explore and master the hunter watch: Spend more time to master the functions and the complicated functions of the watch. That will guide you understand which features are reliably functional and accurate. test the watch waterproof feature before you step out for the the first hunt in the tropical forest.

Check battery Performance: Check all your watch modes a and turn off the power-hungry ones. Only use then w hen needed and for a brief period. This helps to keep battery life durable. Also charge the battery fully before you step out into the wilderness for guerrilla hunting.

Make a plan B: Being a wearable  high capacity solar power pack with you and other traditional hunting tools for help if the gps watch  fails.

GPS Tracking: There’s hardship for using GPS under tall, heavy tree cover or in a winding trails route. Make sure you move to an opened space for efficient satellite reception of gps signals.


Wrap Up

What then is you ideal watch for hunting and outdoor adventures? Whatever watch you choose to purchase for your next hunting, make sure it contains all the needed features to guide and save you when need arises in the forest.

If you haven’t decided yet, on which outdoor hunting watch to pick, read reviews from verified buyers, they will share their experience and preferences of selecting adventurer watch with you.

If you are not sure about a watch and you doubt  what to pick, send us an email describing what you really want to have in your ideal hunters watch. We will guide you and suggest watch options  that will specifically satisfy your needs, in few business days.

If you want more, check these watches on Amazon.



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