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If you want to gear up smartly for hiking, this ultimate guide id for you. By preparing this guide, we hoped that it will guide you pick the best hiking watch under 200 dollars before you consider engaging in your next trail trip in the mountains. The mistake of going for a hike, mountaineering or trail running adventures without the best hiking watch as part of your hiking essentials, is potentially deathly. We’re going guide you on what to look for when shopping for hikers watch. We’ll also provide you a list of some best hiking watches we selected to ease your shopping.

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Besides going to enjoy a wild natural and adventurous entertainment in, hiking is an ultimate cardio exercise to reduce risk of diseases, stress, anxiety, depression. It also improves blood circulation and helps to control weight. One best way to monitor your heart performance and track stress when bush walking is get the best hiking watches with heart rate. As a result, we dedicated you this article about the best hiking watch under 200 bucks.

If you want a watch for outdoor adventure that is on the high-end, we have the best hiking watch under 1000 dollars for you.


Dangers of hiking without the right watch

There’s plenty of information  on how to be a smart hikers and how to hike safely to get an enjoyable hike. Here is a great resource for American hikers.

In the list of basic essentials of hiking(altimeter, barometer, compass), a gps is a fantastic tool for navigation during outdoor adventures and explorations. This device is not an alternative to map but it provides great information about your activity out there.

Getting lost in the mountains

Without the right navigation tool, a hiker suffers risk of physical disappearance in the woods, without no possibility to backtrack his path. The good news is a hiking watch has all these tools in just one great piece on your wrists.

Deadly storm

Though weather is not always compatible with electronics going for backcountry walk without accurate weather information is a suicide mission. Being caught up in storm unexpectedly and unprepared, is very deadly, when hiking in winter. There are lots of outdoor watches for hiking which are capable of providing weather forecast, and we included them in our review.

Risks of fatigue

Fatigue is one of the biggest killers when it comes to hiking, and the statistics confirm that many people get injured or killed while descending a mountain than when ascending it. Only if hikers can detect fatigue, they would avoid every fall trailing on the mountain side. Our review includes hiking watches that can detect fatigue and track when a trail hikers gets stress and issues warning.

For many hikers, a hiking trip is dangerous without a hiking tool watch. If you had tried solo hiking before, you’ll know obtaining access to information – exact location, weather, altitude is vital. Only with the best hiking watches, can you obtain these valuable information quickly.

There are lots of mistakes hikers make, that can cause serious harm and untold potential deaths. One of the biggest mistakes is going for outdoor hikes without the right and the best hiking watch.

The best value hikers watch wouldn’t burn a hole in your wallet if you pick the right one . We prepared some inexpensive watches for hikers on budget and here’s is our list of best hiking watches under 200.


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Hiking watch? – Why Is it Necessary?

Before wrists watches became tools, it was customary to find a hiker with compass and map to gauge where they are going. Today it hasn’t change, but most hikers don’t carry handy maps and compasses anymore. They simple find the right compass watch that also comes with a barometer and elevation sensor.

1. To Find Directions in the wilderness

The purpose of buying a hiking watch is for navigation. With the additional use of onboard GPS, the compass watch used for hiking can tell your current location and the direction you should follow, based on your hiking destination.

2. To determine elevation(ascend and descend) in the mountains

Direction alone is important, but doesn’t five complete information about your hiking trails in the high mountains. How much feet you climb(ascend) or descend while trekking is way to important too. A good hiking watch with altimeter tells how far you go up a mountain or how deep you go hiking into a value. A hiking watch with ABC sensors and inbuilt GPS is great for distance and altitude tracking.

Our review features hiking watch with altimeter and gps and Garmin Instinct is the best gps altimeter watch for hiking that’s suitable

3. To anticipate weather

To keep track of the weather conditions and changes is another great reason you should pick a tough watch for your hiking kit. The best hiking watches are equipped with an onboard barometer or temperature sensor, to detect whether changes in the hiking vicinity.

With the best smartwatch for hiking, you just load your hiking map onto the display screen to get the full weather forecast reports. Some hiking adventure watches display sunrise and sunset times, for hikers going for trekking – hikes that take longer time, so that you know when to get out of the woods before dark.

It is deadlier to hike and be caught up unprepared, in thunderous storms. So at the least,  buy a weather hiking watch to guide you.

For the best gps weather watch, check  out this one: LAD Weather watch

4. To track health, fitness and report performance of hikers

The best hiking watches are great for tracking both fitness and health of the concerned hiker. Not every hiker can trek or run 500 feet in the wood, so there is need to determine if the hiker is still capable(in health) to keep up with the outdoor adventure.

For a smart outdoor pursuits, its common to see that most hiking watches have the same fitness features as an outdoor smartwatch. The best hiking fitness watch will count your trekking steps, monitor your heart rate 24/7, and track your sleep, stress and alert if you’ve got a fatigue.

A good abc sports watch for hiking can also calculate your calories burned during trails so that if you’re not playing weight loss game, you’ll make sure to eat or bring enough food. A great hikers watch will also sync hiking data to your phone.

5. To use onboard topo maps for exploration of hiking terrain

Maps have been integral part of outdoor adventures and if you are picking an outdoor watch, hiking watches with maps  is more preferable. With a gps map watch, take time to become familiar with your hiking surroundings before you head out. Staying safe and found, is far better than finding yourself lost in the wilderness.

Here’s our best outdoor smart watch with topo map for hiking –  Garmin Instinct outdoor Watch 

6. To hike phoneless and still receive notifications

Best of all, many hiking watches would help you check calendar and let you receive text, message, email and call notification without your smartphone. All these will happen just from just right on your wrist, if you own a hiking smartwatch.

Here’s our best smartwatch for hiking – garmin altimeter watch


Guide to selecting the best gps watch for hiking, mountaineering, solo trails, trekking and backcountry walking

Considerations When Shopping For The best hiking watch

What should you consider first, before going to choose the best backpacking watch for your hiking trails in the mountains? The following points would guide you to choosing not only the right inexpensive hiking watch, but you go home with the right reliable and the best outdoor hiking watches ever.

Pocket Watch Or Wrist Watch

DO you need a pocket watch or a wrist watch for professional or hubby outdoor activities? You know that it is seamlessly comfortably to wear a wrist watch, and check time by raising your wrist. It may feel inconveniently difficult to pull out a pocket watch while riding a bicycle or doing some rowing  sports. That won’t be suitable for every outdoor man and woman .

But if you like to place your watches in the pocket while hunting or hiking, this carabiner watch – A Pocket Clip Watche which is a silver designed digital pocket watch for outdoor sports like hiking. It includes Altimeter Barometer Compass and you can buy it a reasonable price under $100. To me, it is the best budget pocket watch for hiking, running or outdoor survival  adventures.

Price point

(You want an affordable ABC Watch for hiking under $200 or high-end? )

A hiking  watch can costs up to a thousand dollars. Though a cheap hiking watch watch may not have the number of features you expect to get from higher-end hiking watches cousins. Its common to see an inexpensive watch for hiking, with compass but no barometer. Sometime you’ll find a good altimeter watch for hiking, that has no compass. The only good about giveaway price watches for hiking is they’re simple to use and easy to replace in case they break.

Getting even the best trek watch for about over $500 is costly, but at that reasonable price, you get the best value hiking watch. Not all hiking watch brands have same price points. Some brands make fairly affordable watches (in $100 to $200 range)for hiking with all the high-end abc features.

They look lightweight and durable with sapphire dial covering, and anti-scratch ability. Like some high-end watches, our review include the best hiking watches under 200 buck. You’ll also find your best hiking watch under 100 dollars too, if you are on tight budget. We made sure they’re feature packed with elevation, direction, pressure, temperature, heart rate, weather and  navigation sensors.

Ease Of Use

( Hiking watch with  buttons or touchscreen navigation? )

The type of interface for your affordable hiking watch is important. Check it out to see if the abc watch for hiking uses a touchscreen or buttons for navigation?

If you are fan of smartphones, I guess a touchscreen-based outdoorsmen hiking watch may look more intuitive and appealing to you. The downside of having a smart screen outdoor watch is that, using gloves or wet hands may not work properly.

A good backpacking watch for hiking with buttons is more easier to operate. The buttons must be pressed in some kind of ORDER before you get what you want out on screen.

Battery Life

(would the battery support through all days of your hiking trip?)

Check it out if your cost-friendly hiking watch operates on a battery. If it does use a battery, then battery life is an essential consideration when planning to buy a tactical watch for a long hiking trip, probably far from home.

The best value hiking watch comes with the best watch battery life, that can endure every outdoor use until you recharge it. How long the battery can support highly depends on how you use your watch, except necessary, its wise to turn off functions that kill your watch battery.

An everyday tracking of hikes in GPS Mode means you will need to recharge frequently – every night. You would get the best gps battery life if you only enable gps when necessary.

Some low-cost hiking watches comes with power saving modes that turn off power hungry features like gps in exchange for longer battery life.

My advice is, if you can’t find a timepiece with the best watch battery life that’s long enough, pick a non-GPS  altimeter watch that lasts weeks or months without charging.

If non-gps hiking watches aren’t your choice, I  recommend you choose a  solar powered hiking watch – a solar watch with  compass, temperature sensor, altimeter and barometer. Solar watches are economically charged unnoticeable under any light, and you got no need for battery replacements. Our best solar powered gps watchcasio tough solar watch

Watch bands – (comfortable, durable or replaceable straps?)

You need to look out on the kind of strap the ideal hiking watch has. Most wristbands are made with soft materials – for example flexible  silicone material. A good strap has breathable vents to allow airflow between the band and your wrist. Some bands are changeable as a style and replaceable when they break.

Glass Crystal

Which of these glasses makes the toughest dial cover – Sapphire,  gorrila or chemically strengthened glass?

The kind of glass  material that protectively covers the watch dial affects the price. A high-end hiking watch with sapphire glass crystal would cost more because it is scratch-resistant and shockproof to handle outdoor beatings.

Since sapphire is expensive, most outdoors watchmakers use Gorilla Glass which looks like sapphire but less expensive. Some watches rely on chemically strengthened glass(better than plastic) to protect the dial display, though not very durable as sapphire.

Watch design styles

If you are on budget, pick a cheaper sub-$200 hiking watch that can also suit your everyday wardrobe and still looks greatly rugged in the woods. If the watch styles shows needs a replaceable band,  you can swap to a strap that blends with fashionable, formal or casual dressing.

Water resistance

Would your watch come in contact with water? Should you worry about getting your watch under rains?

hiking near water bodies, or in winter means you’ll for sure, come in contact with water. Most hiking, adventure and mountaineering watches in the market are best rugged water resistant watches. They can survive water splashes, shower and rains. no need to worry when rain meets you in the mountains

Others water resistant (depth rated at 100m or 200 m)watches are more suitable for showering , swimming and snorkeling. You should choose a outdoor waterproof watch with at least  100 meters depth rating if you love to swim during hikes. For hiking and recreational diving, the water resistance must be at least 200 meters (660 feet)

Again, never bath with a less than 100 m waterproof watch for hiking, except you want to ruin it there. Our best waterproof hiking watch with compass, altimeter, barometer for hiking adventures is the SUUNTO


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Top 5 Best Hiking Watch Under 200 Dollars

Are you ready to get your new and budget hiking watch? $200 does not look like a big tax to purchase an outdoor watch. Even if you have got no job, I am pretty sure, you can’t break a bank to pay for these affordable timepieces for hiking games.


To avoid moisture developing inside your watch, Here’s how to get condensation out of a watch


Best hiking Watch review

In this review, we highlighted the best ABC watch features and other functionalities you can expect in a good hiking watch- For a good hiking watch.

Sensor 1: Navigation

The word GPS is not new to you or any outdoorsman, but what does it really mean?

The GPS(Global Positioning System) is a United States operated satellite-based navigation system and it is in-build in most outdoor watches. If you are going to track your every step and position while hiking, you must ensure you own the best gps watch for hiking.

There are other competing satellite navigation systems besides GPS – and that is the Russia’s GLONASS and the Europe’s GALILEO system. The best watches for navigation connect with all or more than one of these satellites systems so that in challenging situations or environments, you’ll still get tracking signals, to find your way home.

Understand that physical object like tall forest trees can negatively affect strength these signals and reduce your change of connecting to the tree satellite system. To recommend, when planning on you hiking adventure, your destination should be clear of obstacles and if you must explore your trails in a thick forest or deep ravine don’t stay there long.

Or you should frequently move out into open space with clear view of sky, to check for better satellite connectivity. With a good GPS navigation, you can keep every step, elevation and distance of your entire hikes and upload into phone or computer for later analysis.

If you are a world traveler for hiking sports, a good GMT watch under 1000 dollars may be a suitable timepiece to keep and track world timezones.

Sensor 2: Altimeter

The altimeter watch measures the altitude as you go up terrains and provides your current elevation to help in locating you on the map. A more complicated altimeter watch includes a barometer to read atmospheric pressure to detect upcoming weather changes.

When going on a trekking, the best trek watches must have inbuilt altimeter sensor that collects reliable elevation data. Since GPS accuracy depends on signal strength, any elevation data provided by GPS is not very reliable as one provided by inbuilt barometeric altimeter watch.

Sensor 2 : Heart Rate Monitor

Most outdoor sports and fitness watches have a heart rate monitoring sensor which tracks every beat of your heart 24/7. While this heart rate data gives more about your cardio performance during exercises, trainings, running or trekking, the heart data also help in tracking stress and possibly detect fatigue. A higher HR reading means you are pushing your body towards limits(exhaustion) and you need to slow down or  get a rest.

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Sensor 3 : Compass

Most hike backpacking GPS watches have in-built digital compass to tell sense of direction. If its a  2D compass, you hold it horizontally, and if it’s 3D compass, don’t worry, it will work in any orientation. A hiking watch-based compass can help you walk according to a bearing.

Sensor 4 : Barometer

To read changes in air pressure, you need a barometer watch – an outdoor wrists watch with barometer. An accurate barometeric reading can detect storm that will come in the next 3-hours. there’re fluctuations but more advanced  barometeric weather watches allow display pressure changes  graphically. At some instance, the watch can sound an alarm to alert you when it records a huge pressure change. For example, a sharp fall in air pressure indicates a deadly storm ahead and a wise hiker would immediately get out of the woods or find nearby safety out the storm.


Other features that may come in a hiking watch are thermometer to measure the atmospheric temperature to tell if you are hiking in cold or warm environments. weather alerts,  sunrise and sunset times, and smart notifications (calls, emails, text).

For more fun, some smart outdoor watches(best smartwatch navigation watch) come with music storage/playing capability. This gives every outdoorsmen, the ability to listen and rock their favorite killer playlist through bluetooth connected headphones, while taking a trail hiking trip.

 Best GPS Watch for hiking

Hiking is an outdoor sports activity. If you are going to sty alive and on the right path, you got to use a gps enabled watch. After comparing priced of many GPS hiking watches, I can tell you they are that very cheap. Most of them come at very high price points, but we managed to pick some a middle price ranges for avid and budget hikers.

 Garmin Instinct Outdoor Watch with GPS – best Altimeter Smartwatch For Hiking

Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS, Features GLONASS and Galileo, Heart Rate Monitoring and 3-Axis Compass, Graphite - best garmin hiking watch with altimeter, barometer, compass - Garmin Instinct is the best affordable garmin watch under 200. Great outdoor gps smartwatch for less than 200 dollarsbest hiking watch under 200 - Best hiking watch under 200 | Affordable Hiking Watches Which Don't Break Easily

Watch Specifications

  • Case Diameter :46.7mm
  • Case Material : Stainless Steel
  • Movement : Quartz
  • Display : LCD
  • Water Resistance: 100 Meters
  • Battery life: Single charge can last up to 14 days
  • Rate Monitoring and 3-axis Compass, 1.27″, Graphite (Renewed)


In addition to the U.S. Military standards certified construction for durability and resistance – Military standard 810G for thermal, shock and water resistance (rated to 100 meters),  some special watch features include

  • An accurate heart rate monitor
  • Customizable colors Sunburst Yellow to Tactical Tan
  • seamless automatic uploading of collected data
  • Rugged GPS watch built to withstand the toughest environments
  • Sensor: Built-in 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter, plus multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo)

Garmin might not be a new name to you, but one you should know is garmin products are built with durability and performance to truly last.

One great health feature is the heart rate monitor, that works accurately to track and deliver hikers heart hearth performance during rigorous hikes in the woods. The ability to use heart and blood data to track stress is one amazing capability that comes with instinct.

If it detects fatigue, a professional hiker would immediately suspend his trails to avoid probable falls or injuries on the mountain side. Garmin instinct is best GPS hiking smartwatch that suitable for trekking and long hours of hikes.

Featuring an in-built 3 axis compass, a highly efficient multi-navigation GPS system (with Glonass and Galileo), and a barometric altimeter, this garmin is an excellent outdoor tool watch to equip and prepare trail hikers into any rugged terrain.

If you’ve got fear of getting physically lost during a new trail in an unfamiliar jungle, garmin instinct comes with a trackback technology – a capability you can use to backtrack you hiking route back to where you first started.

One thing I love most is the garmin’s data tracking system. After long hours of trails, you can sync your hiking data or hook it up to your smartphone to generate reports of your hiking activities. Additionally, you can choose to automatically upload your hiking data seamlessly into Garmin Connect fitness community, right from your wrist.

best garmin for backpacking, hiking adventures - tundra color garmin hiking watch with gps, altimeter, compass, and barometerbest hiking watch under 200 - Best hiking watch under 200 | Affordable Hiking Watches Which Don't Break Easily
best garmin watch for hiking and cycling - Flame red garmin altimeter watchbest hiking watch under 200 - Best hiking watch under 200 | Affordable Hiking Watches Which Don't Break Easily
best garmin smartwatch for hiking - Lakeside blue garmin hiking gps watch

Get Variety of styles for a garmin hiking watch

This minimalist and aesthetically designed GPS hikers watch offers best value with great functionalities – black and white display, ultra trackback, storm alert more features

This hiking smartwatch comes with an extraordinary 16 hours battery life in GPS mode and 2 weeks battery life in standby mode. Great outdoor GPS enabled smartwatch if you plan lengthy hiking trips.

The max 14 days battery life is not the only selling point of this watch. This garmin GPS watch features a mini-map can help you navigate the terrain where you’re going.

If you want to plan you hike, Garmin Explore website is where to go GPS, there you can make the plans available on your garmin barometer hiking watch.

With the coordinate-based navigation system for inputting God coordinates, garmin instinct is the best smartwatch for hiking under 200 dollars, with many benefits of smart notifications.

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Garmin Instinct weather watch : How To Calibrate ABC Sensors – Storm Alert

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best Tactical sports watch for hiking

Hiking is like a combat fight with other soldiers, you need an unbreakable outdoor watch to survive. There are many most durable smartwatches out there, but having the right tactical sports watch that suits your budget friendly hiking taste is not easy. At no bargain price, you can have this Suunto timepiece.

 SUUNTO Core Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch – best suunto outdoor watch for hiking

SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men's Outdoor Sports Watch - SS014279010 - best suunto trekking watch for hiking - best suunto for hiking - suunto weather watch for mountaineering, trail hiking and huntingbest hiking watch under 200 - Best hiking watch under 200 | Affordable Hiking Watches Which Don't Break Easily

Watch Specifications

  • Case Diameter : 48.2mm
  • Movement : Quartz
  • Display : LCD
  • Operating temperature: 20° C to +60° C / 5° F to +140° F;
  • Storage temperature: 30° C to +60° C / 22° F to +140° F
  • Water Resistance : 30 Meters

SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch – SS014279010 – the best suunto trekking watch for hiking has Some Watch Features include including

  • temperature tracker
  • efficient altimeter accurately give altitude or elevation
  • Graphical weather trends indicator
  • construction: sleek, minimalistic design
  • Sensor: altimeter, a barometer, a digital compass, thermometer, storm sensor


Often labeled as the best tactical abc watch for outdoor, this rugged outdoor watch helps to effortlessly track your elevation -ascend and descend with its efficient altimeter. That’s not all, pressure levels is monitored with the help of inbuilt barometer.

With rugged military certified altimeter watch, you’re well-informed of the weather-trend tracking information and the atmospheric temperature in plenty languages – French, Spanish, German and English.

With temperature tolerance from as low as 20°C to as high as 60°C, this inbuilt thermometer feature is not so common in most outdoor hiking watches under 200.

This rugged Wrist top computer watch operates in extreme weather, the built-in Storm Alarm can monitor irregular drops in air pressure. This data helps predict a coming storm and alerts you with a sounding and flashing alarm when there’s over 3 hours continuous drop in the pressure.

There’s more into this suunto gps navigation watch the sunset and sunrise schedules for up to 400 locations all over the world, is hugely benefiting when you’re planning hiking trips for multiple days.

If you truly want to enjoy a natural outdoor pursuits, the Suunto Core is a great pick for you. This Finnish company barometer watch comes in various colors.

Additional feature include a dedicated backlight button (doubles as a lock button), dual time , a sunrise and sunset feature, accurate temperature sensors and a storm alert feature.

No regrets using this tactical suunto weather watch for outdoor adventures. Remember, Suunto watchmakers built this watch for every outdoor rugged use.

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Best casio barometric altimeter watch under 200 dollars

Weather can be a barrier when hiking, so tracking weather changes is a key to not being caught up in a storm. Is there any weather watch for cash trapped hikers? You must not necessarily be cash trapped, or financially broke, but you my be planning to hike on a tight budget plan. So our inexpensive weather watch is a must-to-have item in your outdoor backpacking gear list.

It is pretty cheaper, but you get ll the tools you want to have for an adventure.

Casio  Pathfinder Triple Sensor Watch  – best casio outdoor altimeter watch for hiking

best casio triple sensor watch. casio backpacking watch. casio watch with compass and altimeterbest hiking watch under 200 - Best hiking watch under 200 | Affordable Hiking Watches Which Don't Break Easily

Watch Specifications

  • Case Diameter: 51mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Water resistant : 100 m (330 ft)
  • Extreme operating temperature: -10C
  • Dial display : mineral crystal
  • Movement : Quartz movement with digital display

Casio  Pathfinder Watch – Men’s Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch –  the best casio outdoor altimeter watch for hiking, has Some Watch Features that include

  • 6 months battery life after full charge
  • Solar-powered with sun and artificial light
  • Black solar-powered sport watch
  • Sensors: digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer,
  • Strap : Resin band with buckle closure;
  • Also works for swimming and snorkeling


If you want a watch that’s rugged for all outdoor expeditions including hiking, Casio pathfinder featuring the usual ABC sensors, is the heroic watch for you.

The pathfinder is often ready to accompany you to an environment, even one with extremely cold weather. This Casio outdoorsman abc watch tolerates temperature down to -10°C.

Great watch for trekking since it comes with a durable battery that can support up to 6 months after a single complete charge.

The construction of the watch is what keep it performance high even in cruel environment. The watch case is built from 51 mm high grade rustproof stainless steel and the strap is made from black resin for added comfort.

best solar powered gps watch for hiking - casio stainless steel pathfinder - tough solar altimeter watchbest hiking watch under 200 - Best hiking watch under 200 | Affordable Hiking Watches Which Don't Break Easily Other Solid models of pathfinder : Casio Men’s Pathfinder Triple-Sensor – Stainless Steel  tough solar Watch

The EL(electroluminescent light) backlights offers the pathfinder a good legibility under all conditions- night or day. The backlight button also works as a lock button and has a customizable backlight duration of 3 seconds. The luminous dial is protectively covered by a mineral crystal that is solid, but not tough as sapphire.

If Casio watch makers could seek my opinion, I would advise them to reduce the numerous displays on the watch dial- they look too cluttered, congested and distracting to eyes.

Other features apart from ABC sensors include world time, five daily alarms, 1/100-second stopwatch, auto calendar, countdown timer, 12/24-hour formats, battery power indicator. The watch also has sunrise and sunset times, a negative display, and a rotating compass bezel

For hiking, this watch is solar-powered so you need not worry about charging it. The compass works well, the temperature sensor is attention grabbing, but only accurate when the watch is off your wrist.

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Get More on CASIO PathFinder

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For a more waterproof abc hiking watch that can go for both recreational scuba diving and hiking, this G-Shock Rangeman GW9400 is the right waterproof watch with compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, sunrise and sunset date, and Mb6 atomic timekeeping.

Best casio altimeter watch under 200 bucks

Don’t lose your direction in an unfamiliar hiking destination. You need a low cost altimeter watch as cheap s for less than $200. You would have to carry maps and hand held altimeters to get elevations and descent, but an altimeter watch is the best value asset for the trip.

Casio Men’s Pro Trek  Tough Solar Digital Watch – best backpacking watch for outdoor hiking

Best waterproof watch with compass - CASIO Pro Trek watch with built in compass - best hiking watch under 200 - Best hiking watch under 200 | Affordable Hiking Watches Which Don't Break Easily

Watch Specifications

  • Brand:CASIO
  • Case Diameter: 51mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • movement: japanese quartz
  • Water resistant : 200 m (660 ft)
  • Dial Window: mineral
  • Temperature tolerance: -10C/14F
  • Special: Compass, Chronograph, light, timer

Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRG-270-1 Tough Solar Multifunction Digital Sport Watch  comes with Some functions and features including:

  • Tough Solar Power,
  • 100M Water Resistant,
  • Low Temperature Resistant (-10 C / 14 F),
  • Battery Life: 9 months on full charge
  • Functions: Full Auto Calendar ( until 2099), 5 Daily Alarms,World Time 31 time zones, daylight saving
  • Full Auto LED Super Illuminator Backlight with Afterglow,
  • Countdown Timer Measuring unit: 1 second Countdown range: 24 hours
  • ABC sensors : Barometer Display,Thermometer Display range: -10 to 60 C (14 to 140 F),
  • Digital Compass with Altimeter Measuring range: -700 to 10,000 m


This pro trek is a multi-function digital compass watch with everything for outdoor excursion and adventures. It comes with the Pro Trek version 3 triple sensor altimeter, barometer, thermometer and compass.

The CASIO abc watch is low-temperature resistant, and can support freezing weather conditions without problem. If you want to hike at the summit of the highest mountain in World, this watch can withstand the extremely low temperatures at the high altitudes, up to -10 C / 14 F.

The atomic timekeeping (US, UK, Germany, Japan, China) helps to receives time calibration radio signals to keep the displayed time accurate. Relies on the auto receive function that receives about 6 times per day/up to 5 times per day for China.

Though this casio watch with compass and gps cost over $100, a more affordable similar model casio shockproof hiking watch that you can get under $100 price point is the blue dial casio compass watch for hiking – This blue dial multifunction casio is best affordable compass watch for beginners.

Powered by Pro Trek tough solar power, this hiking watch comes with an integrated solar panel that uses both sunlight(UV)and artificial lights to recharge the watch’s battery. Its the best essential piece of outdoor gear for hiking.

A single battery charge, can last up to nine months without further exposure to the light. The full auto LED light helps in backlighting so that you read the screen even in poor(dark) lighting conditions.

In this casio weather watch,  the barometric pressure tendency alarm alerts the wearer to sudden changes in pressure readings. Design features include a case designed for outdoor gear performance.

This Tough Solar hiking watch is rated 100-meter water resistance, and if you want a rugged diving watch that can go for hiking, this Casio pro trek Solar Digital watch model is 200 m ready for diving.

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 Best hiking watch under 100 dollars

Lets check some very affordable best watches for hiking and mountaineering activities. You know they all must feature with altimeter barometer compass. If you have a good pick for watch with thermometer, which cost a little under $100, that is great luck. They aren’t much available for purchase during online shopping.

LAD Weather Unisex Watch – best hiking weather watch under 50 bucks

Lad Weather Altimeter Watch Barometer Digital Compass Thermometer Brand of America and Japan Climbing Trekking Camping Hiking Outdoor - best outdoor watches under 100 for hiking and trekking - best cheap weather watch for hikingbest hiking watch under 200 - Best hiking watch under 200 | Affordable Hiking Watches Which Don't Break Easily

Watch Specifications

  • Case Diameter: 45mm
  • Caseback: Stainless steel,
  • Water resistant : 30 m (100 ft)
  • Sensors: Altimeter, Barometer, Compass and Thermometer,
  • Strap: Polyurethane (Width 22mm),
  • Dial Glass: Acrylic
  • movement: quartz
  • Weather forecast: 4 icons (Sunny, Partly cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy),
  • Function:  Weather forecast, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, Water resistant 3 ATM

Lad Weather Altimeter Watch with barometer, digital compass, thermometer for Climbing, Trekking, Camping, Hiking in the outdoor

You want the best outdoor watches under 100, with weather  forecast features? If you found some best mountaineering watches for hiking(like casio weather and suunto weather watch ) on a pricey side, don’t worry and don’t stop planning your hiking trips . Since you can’t afford it, here’s the best cheap alternative.

The LAD Weather is a german made watch and just imagine you are getting one best crafted german timepiece at an affordable price under 50 dollars at the time I writing this review.

This hiking watch under 100 dollars comes with very many outdoor features – altimeter,  barometer, and a digital compass. Its also comes with negative display and a featuring electro-luminescent backlight button to trigger bright glow when tracking hikes in the dark. For battery performance, this ABC weather watch also has a power-saving mode.

When climbing into mountains, wearing this budget altimeter watch not only the cold air pressure(weather), but tracks altitude with its track mode. The weather forecast capability is a great ingenuity when that helps you consider safety when planning your trekking trips adventures.

If you get beaten in wild storm safety its either you didn’t get the right weather watch for hiking or you ignored its weather change alerts. This LAD altimeter watch allows you store more than 30 hours of hiking data.

Other features in this cheap outdoor watch include a chronograph, alarms, dual time mode and a military black design. LAD timepiece is global standard ABC watch for hiking, climbing, camping, cycling, hunting and fishing.

Though its 45mm watch face makes it a pretty large women’s hiking watch, the design of sunnto is unisex, not only an outdoorsman can wear it, but ladies too. LAD is one of those tough looking womens outdoor watches not to ignore when you have a woman in your group hiking team. Again, it even constructed to be one of those lightweight watches suitable for women’s wrists.

As an affordable alternative to the Suunto Core, the casio and the garmin instinct weather watches, LAD weather is the best hiking watch under 100(exactly 50 dollars).

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SUNROAD Men’s Smart ABC Digital Wristwatch – best budget altimeter watch with pedometer

SUNROAD Men's Smart Digital Barometer Altimeter Compass Waterproof Watch with LED Screen Large Face Altimeter Watches & Waterproof Casual Luminous Stopwatch Wristwatch - - best pedometer watch for hiking - Sunroad is the very best inexpensive pedometer watch every hiking beginner should start out withbest hiking watch under 200 - Best hiking watch under 200 | Affordable Hiking Watches Which Don't Break Easily

Watch Specifications

  • Case Diameter: 50mm
  • Case Material: ABS+Stainless Steel
  • band: Nylon
  • ABC sensor(Digital Barometer, Altimeter, Compass)
  • Water resistant : 50 m (160 ft)
  • Watch face: High anti-friction Mineral glass

Some special watch Features of SUNROAD Men’s Smart with  Large LED Screen  and Waterproof  –

  •  super-accuracy barometric sensor
  • Includes Pedometer, Step counter, Calorie, Distance record
  • Altimeter (7 day altitude trend chart and climb rate)
  • Sports time record, movement relative altitude check
  • Total rising/declining altitude, highest and lowest point record a check
  • Air pressure trend chart( latest 48 hours);
  • Alarm reminding function; Countdown Function; Stopwatch function: record 10 sets of value
  • Sunrise and sunset time( Default 28 cities, calculate sunrise and sunset times of these citys)
  • Compass, altimeter, barometer, temperature, pressure change trend
  • Time function: hour, minute, second, year(2010~2099), month, date and week
  • Digital compass; EL backlight function; Power saving mode; Long press lock button


Looking for a homage watch  for hikers, Sunroad is entire casual luminous stopwatch wristwatch you want. Unlike plenty of hiking watches under $100 that are missing in some necessary outdoor features, the Sunroad  digital watch has every thing a hiker basically needs from outdoor hiking watches .

Sunroad is very affordable and a good hiking watch, but the watch case is stainless steel constructed and the dial protectively covered with a scratch-resistant mineral crystal. Its best budget outdoor watch for hikers.

Though its inexpensive,  what may surprise you is that Sunroad is the GPS-Enabled for tracking positions and locations – very best budget abc watch for outdoor adventures. This cheap abc watch also features a pedometer, barometer, an altimeter, and a digital compass for a seamlessly easy navigation.

To track or count every step you make on a hiking trail, sunroad is an inexpensive pedometer watch designed for that purpose. Its steps counting is accurate and reliable. This digital mens watch also features a log record, stopwatch, World time, calendar,sunrise, and sunset times.

Some sportmen may think sport when buying  Large Face Altimeter Watches  like this one. They are really lucky with this watch since sunroad supports multi-purpose sports adventures besides hiking. Buy this best gps sports watch, and you will enjoy sports such mountain climbing, running,  swimming, cycling and fitness.

Waterproof at  50m(5ATM) water resistance, this outdoor sports watch is suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not diving. Do avoid ruining it, don’t press buttons underwater, the waterproof gasket O-ring may get damaged.

Similar best hiking watch under 100 and the best sports watch for hiking with pedometer include: SKMEI Army sports altimeter watch

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To avoid moisture developing inside your watch, Here’s how to get condensation out of a watch


Wrap Up

You now have the best guide to buying the best hiking watch under 100 and under 200 dollars. The highlighted features we saw earlier are very unique to most outdoor sports especially hiking and trail running. Make sure your ideal best outdoor watches under $200 come with those features without emptying your wallet.

While we selected these affordable hikers outdoor watches, we picked ones their watchmakers did not compromise in  sacrificing the features that hikers need. If you haven’t made a choice yet, the Garmin Instinct is my first preferred hiking watch. Its a hiking smartwatch and comes with all the features I’ll definitely look for when going on a long hiking trip. Subjectively, it my best smartwatch for hiking, and my second choice is the suunto hiking watch.

What is your best hiking watch under $200 ?

Again, if you want some nicer features in your ideal hiking watch and unfortunately, you didn’t find a watch in our review that satisfies that need, feel free to share your experience in the comment form below. We will write you back in 5 business days with the right hiking watch that will suit your demands.

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