Best GMT Dive Watches [GMT Travel Watches For Diving & Other Water Adventures]

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You might had gone on a long trip, crossing several states, countries or continent. It won’t surprised me if You went swimming or diving in a nearby beach or hotel pool, and you though ‘eh, my watch shouldn’t get into water’. Probably, you wore the right watch during your entire journey, which could read time in multiple timezones, and perhaps, it failed to accompany you as a swimming or diving partner. With the best GMT dive watch, you could go snorkeling, fishing, sailing, swimming, and diving as you like it, and still be able to check international time accurately, even under the water.

As you may agree, international travels requires a suitcase, a passport and comfy travel clothes. What most people forget to include in their travel backpack is a travel watch. Your flight ticket allows you board a plane or ship, but a good GMT travel watch allows you to check time and follow up even in multiple timezones. The perfect world time watch that permits you follow events in real-time, back in your home country, while on a vacation, is a GMT watch – a watch that reads time on a 24-hour scale.

my Phone tells time, why should I border spending hundreds, to thousands of dollars on another timer? Well, a GMT dive watch is more than just a local timekeeper. It has a dual time scale and tells both your local time and well as time in any other timezone on the earth, without you making any brain calculation. The best GMT watches are indispensable travel partners and they are rare to find the ones that double as ocean dive watches.


Just a little History of GMT watches

There is more on what is and how to read a GMT watch. Glycine, stunned the world when it unveiled the Airman in 1953 – a timepiece that kept time on a 24-hour scale . While the local time was displayed as usual on the dial, Airman used a rotating 24-hour bezel for tracking a second timezone.

Rolex looked deep into the future we have today, and realized more than just that. The same year, a standard was set and the Rolex GMT Master was born. The Rolex GMT master kept local time on the standard 12-hour scale and incorporated a 24-hour slowly-rotating fourth hand.

To copy from Airman, Rolex also integrated a rotating 24-hour bezel for users to track a second timezone. From then, wearer could read time in a different timezone(country) on the the fourth hand while still reading the current local time on a 12-hour scale.

As time when on, GMT watch manufacturers realized that an international, professional diver does not need to have separate watches – A GMT Watch and A Dive Watch. They found a way to build  best dive watches  with GMT function.


Best GMT Dive Watch - How to read a gmt watch - how gmt watches work
Img: GMT Dive Watch – How to read a GMT watch

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“True GMT” vs “Calling GMT Watches

Let us get to know some truth about GMT watches. If you go online, you will be surprised to see watch fans talk of “true GMT” and another “calling GMT”

These names comes from the type of movement that runs the GMT watch hands. For example, Rolex GMT master II came out in 1983 – 30 years after Airman was introduced. You could independently adjust the hour hand in a Rolex GMT Master II watch, without stopping the seconds hand or disturbing the other hands.

If your GMT hand indicated your home time while on a long journey, all you needed to set a new destination local time, was to pop your hour hand over to quickly. This was more faster and more convenient, if you wanted to set your GMT watch ready for travel. many considered these type of watches as the “true” GMT or “flyer” GMT – best for travel adventures.

In some modern GMT watches, the movement have independently adjustable GMT hands rather than independently adjustable hour hand. This is best and convenient for tracking multi-timezone while at home.

Such watches are referred to as “office” or “caller” GMT watches. They are better, if you have business partners across multiple timezones and you want to set office time or business hours.

Whether “true” or “office” GMT, they really work find just like any GMT watch will run when you are traveling.

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Best GMT Watches For Diving

There are many best GMT watches out there in the market, for every price cheap to luxury budgets. many of them feature a simple addition of a fourth hand on the dial and a 24-hour scale or bezel. But you have the option to choose a two vs three timezone GMT watch.

A 2-timezones GMT watch has one scale for local main time and  a second timezone is calculated using the 24-hour bezel in concert with the GMT hand. There are also cheap budget fiendlier GMT watches under $500.

The 3-timezone GMT watch has both an external, rotating 24-hour bezel and an internal 24-hour  hands. The local hands reads local timezone, the second timezone is inndicated where the GMT hand points and the third timezone is read by calculating the offset of the bezel against the GMT hand.

Be it a dress or tool GMT watch, you can have what you want. Rolex was a tool watch for flight attendants and pilots but there are also dressier varieties of GMT watches to buy for business or formal outfit and occasions.

However,  if you are looking for a suitable GMT complication combined in a dive watch , here are the top rated options.



Citizen Promaster GMT

GMT Dive Watch - Citizen BJ7128-59G Men's Promaster GMT Silver Tone Bracelet Watch - best gmwt watch for diving
Img: Citizen BJ7128-59G Men’s Promaster GMT Silver Tone Bracelet dive Watchgmt dive watch - Best GMT Dive Watches [GMT Travel Watches For Diving & Other Water Adventures]

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Citizen Promaster is an exploration watch, it is a great companion for marine or underwater diving activity and a GMT travel watch for an
adventurous trip. This true GMT dive watch offers water resistance depth rating of 200 meters.

The dive-time bezel, and the 24-hour inner bezel is powered by a solar Eco-Drive “true” GMT movement. Not to be unfair, this timepiece is a real tool watch, and the best thing is that the Promaster Diver GMT is an incredibly lightweight ISO-standard diver.

Besides the GMT function and the water resistance, the timepiece is also resistant to shocks, and magnetism. Wherever you go, the watch uses Citizen’s Eco-Drive system, which generates its energy from both natural or artificial lights.

The tip of GMT hand is decorated with an orange arrow, and a visible orange “24” on the GMT scale. All its numerals, indexes and hands are easy to read, even under the ocean.

  • Case material : titanium
  • Case Size: 44mm
  • Dial : multi-layered dial
  • Water Resistance: 200m
  • Movement: Solar Quartz “True” GMT



Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT

Zodiac was one of the first few brands to embrace the design of GMT watches since 1960s. One of the Zodiac GMT models is Sea Wolf diver with an Aerospace GMT function.

This Super Sea Wolf GMT runs on a Swiss movement, and features a black dial, a tough steel and modern 40mm case, steel Oyster-style bracelet and a rotating 24-hour bezel. The beauty for this modern watch is most fetching to the yes.

To make sure it does get ruined during swimming and diving, the GMT watch can withstand up to 200m of water resistance.

  • case Diameter: 40mm
  • Movement: ETA 2893-2 automatic “Office” GMT
  • Water Resistance rating: 200m



Tudor Black Bay GMT

Best gmt watch for divers - Mens Tudor Black Bay GMT Red Blue Pepsi M79830RB-0001 Watch
Img: Mens Tudor Black Bay GMT Red Blue Pepsi M79830RB-0001 Watchgmt dive watch - Best GMT Dive Watches [GMT Travel Watches For Diving & Other Water Adventures]

Don’t Miss Out The Price

Tudor Black Bay GMT is a good-looking classic GMT dive watch with 200m water resistance and a typical inexpensive Rolex Master GMT II alternative. The design is a beautiful amalgam of Rolex and Tudor watches but at a lower price point, than the expensive Rolex GMT Master II.

Since the release in 2018, it has gained recognition as a midsize diver watch with 24 hour time scale. But can it replace the hard-to-get luxurious Rolex GMT? Who knows, with the affordability as a classic GMT dive watch, the marked-down Black Bay GMT may also become hard to obtained, because of demand.

Inclusion of the Tudor’s in-house GMT movement, and features for professional diving, seems to have just satisfied the craving for a money-saving legendary GMT dive watch, with an awesome steel bracelet.

Built for midsized wrists, the gorgeous men’s Tudor Red dial GMT diver watch comes with a 41mm wide by 15mm thick case, which looks like a big dive for small wrist and extra thin-wristed people.

  • Case size: 41mm
  • Movement: Tudor cal. MT5652 automatic
  • Water Resistance: 200m
  • Function: GMT function with 24 hour world travel time
  • Dial : legible dial with luminescent hour markers and distinctive hour and minute


Yema Superman GMT

Yema is a high and mighty dive watch with the right features for professional divers. It comes with a whopping 300m of water resistance.

Just like the noteworthy and money-draining Rolex GMT master II, the superman GMT is essentially a travel watch and at the same time, a popular dive watch.

You would find it in 39mm or 41mm case diameter choices and in 3 color versions, but are powered by an automatic Swiss movement

  • Case Diameter: 39mm and 41mm options
  • Movement: ETA 2893-2 automatic swiss
  • Water Resistance: 300m
  • Function: GMT function with 24 hour international time


Enicar Sherpa Super Divette

If you are looking for small dive watches, Enicar Sherpa Super Divette is recognizable GMT dive watch for small wrists, with GMT complication and internal rotating bezel featuring a 24-hour ring.

The design features a E.P.S.A. “Super Compressor” case that even makes the GMT diver more water resistant.

Enicar has become widely associated with using Super Compressor cases, especially the both small 36mm and medium to large 40mm cases.

This Enicar GMT dress divers, is a sleek watch with a sporty aesthetic, good lume, bold color and and Saturn as its logo.

  • Case dimension: small 36mm, midsize 40mm
  • Movement:
  • Water resistance
  • Function: GMT – 24 hour world time


Oris Aquis GMT Date Blue Dial watch

GMT Diver watch - Oris Aquis GMT Date
Img: Oris Aquis GMT Dategmt dive watch - Best GMT Dive Watches [GMT Travel Watches For Diving & Other Water Adventures]

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Looking for a real dive watch that can stay longer in an underwater zone? This ceramic bezel Oris’s is a high-performance GMT diver’s watch with a laser-engraved case and a 24-hour scale rotating bezel.

Labeled as a true dive watch, it comes with 300m of water-resistance, the chunky 43.5mm case and a GMT complication function that tracks time in a trio of different locations.

With a blue metallic dial and yellow GMT accents, the new Aquis GMT Date uses a second time zone display. There are three hands from the centre giving local time, yellow-tipped central hand pointing out home time and the third time can be read off the bezel.

You can pick the Oris Blue Dial GMT diver in a range of strap and bracelet choices. But more importantly too, is that the Oris Aquis GMT is a professional marine diver watch that’s powered by an automatic movement.

Over the Oris blue dial, is a mineral-crystal display, and caseback. It is a one of the favorite GMT dive watches to buy if you want to wear a dream dive watch that tells time in all the word timezone.

  • Case diameter: 43.5mm men’s size
  • dial: blue dial with mineral-crystal
  • Water resistance: 300 meters
  • Function: GMT – 24 hour world time

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BALL Roadmaster Marine GMT watch

Ball is one of the America’s brands that equips a world’s air and marine explorers with high GMT function. Designed to be robust, this seemingly luxury GMT watch is for brave exploration during air, surface and under water adventure.

Engineered with dual time – 12 hour and the GMT 24-hour time scale, the case construction comes in lightweight but tough high-grade titanium titanium.  The roadmaster marin GMT ”choclate” watch also has a quick-set push button at 8 O’clock position.

The glass on the dial window is a Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment, combined with well sealed case, the GMT watch supports water pressure down to the depth of 200m. water resistance.

The black or blue dial features hours, minutes, sweep second hands, day date, and the three time zone indication. The ball diver is powered by a Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) chronometer certified GMT movement which allows  the three time zones to be tracked simultaneously.

The well tested, modified Sellita calibre(BALL RR1203-C), in addition to offering for precise time ticking,  has a power reserve of 38 hours . This limited edition Ball gmt dive watch can last without need for recharging.

In the BALL Roadmaster Marine GMT watch collection, this lightweight and incredibly durable piece has recorded into history as the world’s very first GMT dive watch with day and date function.

The BALL’s legendary micro gas tube technology provide enough luminosity 100 times brighter, than markers with standard luminous paints. This offers divers, the best legible display, when diving under  the dark waters. The ceramic bezel is also treated to a Superluminova coating for optimal legibility in total ocean darkness.

Ball GMT Diver’s Watch Features

  • case size + material  : 40mm high-grade strength titanium
  • Case Back: Exhibition, sapphire crystal
  • strap : classic stainless steel bracelet, replaceable with rubber and military textile straps
  • Water Resistance: 200 metres
  • bezel Options: blue-red bezel, black-blue bezel, black-green bezel
  • bezel  : bi-directional, scratch resistance ceramic
  • do not need recharging ,do not affect battery life, or in this case, your power reserve and will last up to 25 years
  • Anti-magnetism: 4,800A/m
  • Shock Resistance: 5,000Gs


Panerai PAM00320 Luminor

Men's gmt dive watches - Panerai Men's PAM00320 Luminor 1950 3-Days Automatic GMT Black Dial Watch
Img: Panerai Men’s PAM00320 Luminor 1950 3-Days Automatic GMT Black Dial Watchgmt dive watch - Best GMT Dive Watches [GMT Travel Watches For Diving & Other Water Adventures]

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Panerai Luminor GMT is one of the most no-nonsense diver’s watches to own, as a professional diver.  Luminor is a recognizable Italian-designed but Swiss-made watch featuring a horological function that’s typically used by frequent world travelers and, pilots. Panarai is a legendary Italian brand that had supplied timepieces to the Royal Italian Navy.

The case size is incredibley larger, perhaps the trademarked crown guards is responsible. The stainless-steel case measures up to 44mm across and 18mm in thickness. This then is a GMT’s 24-hour dive watch well suited for  medium to large size wrists.

The Florentine-style sandwich dial features mint green luminous numeral and index hour markers. The dial also hold an arrow-shaped hand with luminous “arrowhead”, which indicates the GMT’s secondary time zone.

Designed with a GMT function, to tell the time in another timezone, the Panerai Luminor GMT 44mm also has a polished fixed bezel.  The crescent-shaped Panerai crown protector, the case and the general solid construction offers 300 meters (990feet) of water resistance.

Again, to re-inforce and prevent water ingress when swimming, surfing or doing scuba diving, the dodecagonal-shaped case back screws down to seal the case. The case back is engraved with other markings such as the serial number and water resistance rating.

Like most skeleton watches, this classic, best diver watch with GMT, has scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on dial window and another transparent sapphire crystal on the caseback. You can see the movement, even inside water.

The movement consists of an in-house Panerai Caliber P.9003 – automatic 28-jewel self-winding movement with 288 parts. With 3-day (72-hours) power reserve, this GMT movement  beats at an oscillation rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour without losing a tick.

‘True’ GMT Dive watch specifications

  • Brand: limited edition Officine Panerai
  • Timekeeping: GMT function for 2nd Time Zone
  • dial: Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal
  • case : 44mm brushed stainless steel
  • case back: Sapphire Crystal Exhibition
  • band: brown leather strapwith alligator pattern
  • movement: Self Winding Automatic Movement – Caliber P.9001
  • waterproof: 300 Meters / 1000 Feet Water Resistance
  • Others: Power Reserve Indicator, date, Steel Tang Buckle



Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT

Professional GMT Dive Watch - Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Black Dial Steel Mens Watch
Img: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Black Dial Steel Mens Watchgmt dive watch - Best GMT Dive Watches [GMT Travel Watches For Diving & Other Water Adventures]

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Omega has a lot of watches that rival the famous and luxury Rolex watches, but  they don’t rival them in terms of GMT functions. In the Omega  watch watch collections, there is none that stand outs for deep water diving and features a GMT world timer, as this Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT.
When it comes to travel for business, visits, tourism and leisure, many people choose a sporty watch to accompany them. This Omega Seamaster Planet is described by fans, so often as “cookies and cream” sports travel watch .

Like most high-end GMT watches, this one is an ultimate sports for frequent multi-timezone travelers. It has a highly-polished black and white ceramic bezel with master chronometer “True” GMT movement with good  magnetic resistance up to 15,000-gauss.

Wherever you can sprice your tourism, and leisure with swimming, diving and surface water activity, this Seamaster GMT watch is a perfect men’s dive watch with a whopping 600m water resistance. Quite impressive for marine rescue, deep sea diving and professional water games

The amazing magnetic resistance means, you can wear it into deep air, and even into underground rocks, and it won’t still lose a single tick of seconds in timekeeping, due to electromagnetic influences, from rocks.

Case Size: 43.5mm
Water Resistance: 600m
Movement: Automatic “True” GMT



Luminox bear Grylls Survival Air Series

GMT Dive Watch - Luminox Bear Grylls Air Series GMT XB.3761 Swiss Made Black Watch
Img : Luminox Bear Grylls Air Series – Swiss Made GMT Divergmt dive watch - Best GMT Dive Watches [GMT Travel Watches For Diving & Other Water Adventures]

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When I think of Luminox, I see toughness and ruggedness. That is why it is the most-turn-to watch brnad when it comes to making military watches for the police, the navy, firefighters and the marine soldiers.

As a rugged Swiss-watch brand, it makes excellent and durable field watches that are favorite of militaries combat. It commes as no doubt that this famed survivalist Bear Grylls is a tougher pirece with 24-hour military-format GMT  worltimer.

But what comes as an expected surprise is the 200m water resistance. The timepiece should be touugher both in water, and in air, for field works. That is why I picked up the Luminox GMT Diver and included as a suitable dive watch with a GMT travel time function.

Other features include the Luminox’s proprietary light for backlighting in the dark and under the water furface, a durable CARBONOX material for world-time bezel construction.

The Luminox illumination is long lasting, and since it can glow for up to 25 years, moost deep sea divers and marine fans can wear it for prolong water adventures without worries of backlight running out.

The Luminox is the best gift waterproof GMT dive watch for men in the global special forces and field workers.

  • Case diamter : 45mm mens standards
  • Water Resistance: 200m
  • Movement: Quartz “Office” GMT


ROLEX GMT MASTER II  – not for diving but for snorkeling, and showering

Best gmt watch for snorkeling - Rolex GMT-Master II"Pepsi" Men's Luxury Watch 126710BLRO
Img: Rolex GMT-Master II”Pepsi” Men’s Luxury Watch

gmt dive watch - Best GMT Dive Watches [GMT Travel Watches For Diving & Other Water Adventures]
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No one can talk of GMT watches and fail to mention the famous  Rolex GMT master II – the first descendent of the original GMT watch. Rolex watches are really expensive and this particular GMT Master II is no exception.

Depsite the high-quality design, and the higher price levy on it, Rolex GMT master is the most lusted-after GMT watch in the entire world, for traveling, and international timekeeping.

Despite being unspeakably gorgeous, Rolex GMT Master II unfortunately, has a lower waterproof rating – about 100m water resistance as its depth rating. This lower value makes the GMT Master  not suitable for underwater diving acitivity. But it is the best luxury GMT watch for for swimming, showering and snorkeling.

The iconic gmt watch is designed to be robust, reliable in world timekeeping, and luxurious. That is why plenty of people love to wear it for traveling around the globe. Here is why rolex are so expensive to own.

The expensive nature is the reason why there are many rolex replicas(fake Rolex watches) around, and many other reputable brands are designing their timepieces with templates of Rolex.

Howver, if you can’t afford it but have a relative that works with Rolex, you can likely own one as a gift. Or, you should buy a genuiune secondhand model from a reputable dealer.

Whether you bought it or received as a special gift, or heritage, handling Rolex with care will cut down on Rolex service cost.

  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Water Resistance: 100m
  • Movement: Automatic “True” GMT



Certina DS Action Automatic GMT Men’s watch

GMT Divers Watch - Certina DS Action Automatic GMT watch
Img: Certina DS Action Automatic GMT Dive watch

gmt dive watch - Best GMT Dive Watches [GMT Travel Watches For Diving & Other Water Adventures]
I Want To Check Current Price

Certina is one of the luxury brands that offered mechanical “true” GMT. This certina DS Action is an automatic “true” GMT Movement with and a superb 80 hours of power reserve.

The Cerina DS Action has up to 200m water resistance. Be it swimming, diving, showring or surfing, this watch is a better and an affordable travel watch and a reliable underwater companion.

In addition to the 200m water resistance,the dial window is protected by a sapphire crystal. Not even water pressure, accidental bangs and other rugged beatings can break the glass.

Certina DS Action GMT is one of the best dive watches with GMT function, to bring along, on your journeys.

  • Case Size: 43mm
  • Water Resistance: 200m
  • Movement: Automatic “True” GMT


Seiko Special Edition PADI Kinetic GMT Diver

GMT Dive watch - Seiko SUN065 Special Edition Padi Kinetic GMT Diver Watch by Seiko Watches
Img: Seiko SUN065 Special Edition Padi Kinetic GMT Diver watch

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We can’t talk of dive watches and forget to include a model from Seiko brand? Actually, this Seiko is one of the top notch GMT dive watches with a high-end quality that comes at a budget friendly price.

This Seiko is a fantastic price, costly over $1000, but combining GMT function and diving capability makes the price stay up at a reasonable amount.

The unique design, of this Seiko GMT dive watch beats even tops luxury GMT watch makers like Rolex in the hand visibility. Seiko polishes its second hand in such a ways that when light shines though the dial, it produces reflections of the second hand at the backside.

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  • Band : Black Silicone strap
  • Stainless-steel case, Blue dial
  • Japanese automatic movement
  • Case diameter: 47.5mm
  • Water resistant: 200m

NB: Padi means professional associations off diving instructors.


Alpina seastong dive 300m GMT

Best quartz gmt watch for diving - Alpina Men's Seastrong Diver Titanium/Stainless Steel Swiss Quartz Diving Watch with Rubber Strap, Blue, 22
Img: Alpina Men’s Seastrong Swiss GMT Quartz Diving Watchgmt dive watch - Best GMT Dive Watches [GMT Travel Watches For Diving & Other Water Adventures]

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The Seastrong Diver 300 GMT quartz has a professional diver design has an orange uni-directional turning bezel.

I am glad to list this quartz GMT divers watch with a Swiss classic touch. For over a century, this alpina has serve and accompanied thousands of people on the outdoor.

Designed with reliability in dual time recording and display, the alpina seastrong GMT watch has stunning resilience in water, dust, chocks and mud.

As a top collected GMT diver watch, the alpina seastrong has a water resistance of 300m, it can endure long hours of swimming and diving.

It’s GMT hands, date are powered by an in-house Quartz movement. Although some people may choose to turn it off, the movement is loved by some watch enthusiasts and adventurers due to its precision in timekeeping, than those mechanical watches.

This Alpha Seastrong quartz GMT watch remains the favorite GMT dive watch that the forces of water and pressure must reckon with.

  • Date window: sapphire
  • Solid ratcheting bezel
  • Water resistance: 300m
  • Movement: GMT Quartz
  • Case diameter: 44mm
  • GMT, 4 hands, date, engraved caseback
  • Water Resistant: 300m/1000ft


Mule-Glashutte seebattalion GMT dive watch

Best German gmt watch for scuba diving - Muhle Glashutte Mühle Glashutte Men's M1-28-62-KB ' SeeBataillon GMT' Blue Dial Black Rubber Strap Automatic Watch
Img: Muhle Glashutte Mühle Glashutte Men’s SeeBataillon GMT’ Blue Dial Black Rubber Strap Automatic Watch

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This Glashutte Seabataillon is a German GMT dive watch, built for the German navy and for water adventures. The titanium case offer some lightweight design, and with a GMT function, you are sure off accurate ticking of time in any timezone and where you are enjoying diving.

Dive enthusiasts already picked an attention on this timepiece . The 45mm case diameter makes this German navy marine timepiece, oversized on skinny men’s arm. If you have petite wrists, here is a list that includes small men’s GMT watches for diving.

To give owners some luxury feel, the German GMT dive watch has a sapphire crystal glass over the dial. This equips the watch to endure and remain dustproof, water resistant and tough under the face of water pressure. It’s not easy to scratch it anyway, so you can frequently wear it anywhere, for water diving, and into any timezone and weather conditions.

  • band : rubber
  • Case : 445mm
  • Water resistance :
  • Illuminating: Luke
  • Power reserve: 42 hours
  • Water resistance: 30 ATM/300


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