Best Free YouTube downloader for PC, Mac and Smartphones.

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When it comes to tech gadgets(PC, mobile, Mac) there are many paid and free tools that provide access to online resources. One of those best free tools to help you convert, download and store videos from any website, for later offline use, is a YouTube downloader online.

A YouTube downloader is the best free tool that will work regardless of your type of device. You don’t want to start streaming and play your online favorite YouTube music or video, and you suddenly run out of Internet connection.

So if you are a fan of YouTube content, you won’t ignore considering these incredible YouTube downloaders for windows pc, macOS, iPhone, iPad.

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In this article, you will discover

  • The Best YouTube downloader for PC
  • The Best YouTube downloader for Mac
  • The Best YouTube downloader for android smartphone
  • The Best YouTube downloader for iPhone
  • The Best YouTube downloader online for any device, and browse.


Best youtube downloader for windows pc - here are the best youtube video downloader for PC, iphone and Mac device
Img: Quality of the best youtube downloader – Your Youtube video downloader website or software must be ads free, fast, and can create different output formats.


Benefits: why do you need a YouTube downloader online?

Here are few reasons why you absolutely need a YouTube downloader

  1. To save your favorite YouTube videos and music
  2. They an help you save your personal projects in an account you might lose access too
  3. To Help you to Download videos for presentation, offline reviews,
  4. You can collect, convert and download MP3 audio files, movies, podcasts and audiobooks and store them for offline playback

An alternative to a YouTube downloader is the screen recording softwares. They turn out to be a bit difficult to use, and as compared to the screen capturing softwares, YouTube downloaders are safer and more handy.

How to use a YouTube downloader

YouTube downloaders are used the same way as YouTube to MP3 converters. You just need to head to YouTube media platform, online, search the media content you want to download, and then copy the url.

Most YouTube links take the form of Once you get the favorite YouTube content, grab the file path, open the YouTube downloader and past the video url there.

You don’t need any much work again, except choosing the quality, and format of the file to store. This is true when you want to convert and download YouTube video to MP3, MP4 and other file formats.


Youtube video downloader software. Use this YouTube downloader online program to get your movies and media content playing offline
Img: Youtube video downloader software. Use this YouTube downloader online program to get your movies and media content playing offline.  Agile Youtube Dowdloader – Fast way to download youtube video


How to decide which YouTube video downloader online is the best

Let us figure things you need to consider when looking for a good Youtube downloader online.


1. Ads-free interface

You don’t want to be streaming and enjoying your killer playlist videos, only for your eyes to Catch body lotion ads on your screen. Most freeYouTube converters and downloaders are cluttered with annoying ads, but premium versions are actually ads-free. Besides looking for ads-free format YouTube downloaders, you would also love it if it removes watermarks on your download clips. If you are lucky to get this kind of a free YouTube file downloader, there is no need for paid-for softwares.


2. Platform: Youtube downloader online vs desktop software

Most YouTube video downloaders online are websites that we hosted on remotes servers. Most internet YouTube video downloaders offer free downloads and saves you time, since you would no need to install programs. Unfortunately, the disadvantage with using the YouTube downloader online is their slow speed at poor data connection. They also feature display ads of all kinds, and may not be secured.

On the other hand, a YouTube video downloader for PC needs to be installed just like a youtube video downloader app for android phones. Users know that an installed desktop YouTube downloader for Windows computers comes with no ads display on the interface. This is because an installed YouTube downloader for PC is a completely a standalone software, not browser-based.


3. Speed: how Fast or slow

Although YouTube downloader website is online and hosted on the Internet, they are relatively not as fast as for standalone YouTube video downloader for Windows. The kind of browser can place speed limitation when you load your free online YouTube video downloader link on it.

How fast it works, matters a lot beau see, If you have the fastest YouTube downloader, pulling down videos from YouTube will take seconds and just few minutes. Besides, a YouTube downloader website needs to first o all, buffer and load the video content url on to the page. The point is, depending on your network connection, this will take more time, which is not the case, for example, with a YouTube downloader for Windows 10.


4. Downloader’s Safety – crack or original version

If you choose to go with installable YouTube downloader for desktop or PC, android o iOS devices, a licensed software is recommended. I can’t readily trust, but cracked YouTube downloader softwares for Windows may be opened to malware, and virus attack, which can get your downloaded file corrupted. You should totally avoid installable YouTube video downloader Mac, as well as free YouTube video downloader apk file for android apps. If you need a good YouTube video downloader for android, oriphone, a paid version will be safe and the best. Always look to get a safe YouTube downloader for your device, not patched programs that are activated with some special keys.

Best YouTube downloader for movies. MP4, mp3
Img: AnyMP4 Mac Video Downloader 1 Year License – Download and convert online videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Facebook, Vevo, Yahoo, etc. on MacBook Air/Pro


5. Supporting browsers : For YouTube downloader online

If you’re not going to install a youtube video downloader app in your android phone, or any downloader for Windows, the ultimate choice is to use a YouTube downloader online.

A YouTube downloader online website needs to be loaded unto your device browser. Opera, chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft edge, are some most popular browsers we have today. Most devices, Mac computers, Windows systems, android phone, iPad, tablets and iPhones support most or all these browsers.

But Not all video downloading sites will load in every browser. Some YouTube downloader online may have access restricted to some particular countries and to some browsers.

In that case if you can’t use those popular or required browsers, you aren’t going to pull down any video or music from online.

Not all bowser can save a website for offline use. Again, if your device browser is not updated to current version, the quality of html content display can be , too poor.

More importantly, if you browser supports extensions and add-on softwares, that will be good news. For example there are YouTube downloader extensions Firefox. I love chrome, and I use a YouTube video downloader extension for chrome.


6. Your device type

If your YouTube downloader online does not support your device, there’s no need for it. You won’t expect to have a YouTube video downloader apk file for android installed in your laptop computer.

So when choosing your YouTube movie downloader, consider the device you own. Because the YouTube downloader are different for Window PC, MacOS, Android , iOS iPhone or iPad gadgets.

The only thing these devices have in common is that they all have browsers on which you can load any YouTube downloader online website, for free.

Wondershare Allmytube youtube Downloader
Img: Amazon Wondershare Allmytube Downloader


7. Function: Convert or download only?

A YouTube downloader that also convert YouTube video to other file formats is the best choice. I think, you should go for a YouTube video downloader program or app that allows you to also extract MP3 audio and MP4 from web video and downloads the entire playlist. A YouTube to MP3 converter and  downloader would save plenty of space of your PC drive, or iPhone storage memory,  because MP3 audio files are less bulky than mp4.

In the next section, you will find the Best YouTube to MP3 playlist downloader. Be assured that a good  YouTube audio downloader, in your handy android phone would make your day, a pure fun,  especially during Treadmill fitness exercises at home.

Besides, using the YouTube MP3 downloader in your computer can help you convert, download and transfer audio music into your android smartwatch for fitness.



You Youtube video downloader website or software must be ads free, fast, and can create different output formats
Img: what is the best youtube downloader online? pick a YouTube video downloader online that is fast, and output variety of media content format like MP3 , MP4 and more


Best  YouTube downloaders for various devices

Whether you have but an Android smartphone, an iphone, an ipad, a tablet, a Windows PC, a Linux Computer or a macOS machine, you have the best YouTube downloader online for your device operating system.


WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe – best YouTube downloader online overall

Best YouTube for windows platform
WinX video YouTube converter and Downloader  – a YouTube downloader for windows Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2000

Shop for WinX video YouTube converter and Downloader on Amazon

Most pair YouTube video softwares are either converters Or downloaders. One most impressive YouTube converter and downloader that will deliver you media content in virtually any format is the WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe.

While this YouTube downloader HD video software can convert your YouTube videos to MP3 audio files, it can also rip DVD and Blu-Ray disc media contents and burn them in new storage devices.

WinX video YouTube converter and Downloader is a paid 4K YouTube downloader for audio music, movies, videos, podcasts, and audiobooks. You expected sometime free, but if price is not your problem, WinX HD remains the best YouTube video downloader software you would find among every powerful tools related to Internet and devices.

Why this YouTube downloader online is a good choice:

  • It’s a  YouTube converter and downloader
  • It can rip dvd , blu-tray discs
  • Best YouTube multi downloader for Linux, MacOS, Windows PC
  • Can pull down 4K video content from online
  • Outputs all media format – MP3, MP4, Flv, and more.


4K YouTube video downloader – best YouTube downloader for PC

YouTube downloader for Mac windows, Linux - 4K Video Downloader a free Video Downloader Trusted by Millions
Img: best youTube movie downloader for Mac, windows, and Linux – 4K Video Downloader a free and Trusted by Millions.


If you don’t have few dollars to spend, 4K video downloader is the best free YouTube video downloader for both video and audio formats (MP4, and MP3). This free YouTube caption downloader will run on Linux, Windows as well as MacOS computer systems.

It is highly a Customizable YouTube video downloader. You can set up to download captions for videos, and turn on its multi stream downloads and also set up proxy connection. Beware that many streams will affect its downloading speed, and can lead to YouTube owners blocking your IP address.

The YouTube download is free, but you need to buy the key that will offer you the capability to download endless playlist, and captions. That will cost near $10 to buy a lifetime license, but that has been limited only to three personal computers(PC ).

If you don’t mind, purchase the license or get the free version of the YouTube downloader, which still has nearly all the features you at eloping for.

The 4K downloader gets videos in high definition quality including  HD 1080p, HD 720p, 4K, and 8K resolution. That gives the best display in your HD TV, iPad, IPhone, Samsung and computers.

This software helps to download YouTube playlist and channels. More especially, you can save full Youtube playlists and channels from YouTube as high quality video or audio formats.

Reason why you should consider it:

  • Installable Youtube downloader for  enjoy watching videos anywhere, and offline.
  • Supports 3D and 360 degrees videos
  • Extract YouTube subtitles for many YouTube videos
    and downloads annotations
  •  Save files in various outputs including SRT format,
  • Comes in over 50 languages.
  • It’s the best YouTube playlist downloader since it downloads playlist with captions
  • Ads-free, fast, customizable,
  • It has no extra bundled software
  • Free and paid( budget friendly license under $15)
  • Operating systems supported : Linux, Windows, MacOS,


WinX YouTube downloader for PC

Best YouTube multi downloader
YouTube video downloader Mac
Mac YouTube downloader

Another free online YouTube video downloader, which supports more than 30 video sites is WinX YouTube downloader. This is a very powerful tool, with capacity to download multiple video contents simultaneously.

Whether you want to pull down video from whatever popular site, like Facebook, or dailymotion, WinX can download even 4K videos from these website with ease.

You just need to grab the particular video file link and paste the url into winX. You have option to pick a quality if the output file. Add the number of videos you want to extract from online, lick the download button and choose the destination folder for the batch download.

For what reason should you buy it?

  • Operating systems supported: Windows, MacOS
  • It is a 4K video downloader -YouTube
  • It’s a YouTube multi video downloader too
  • Unfortunately, it Does not have 360 degree video support



AVC – Any Video Converter –  Best YouTube downloader for Windows and MacOS

AVC- best YouTube downloader online - Best free YouTube converter and downloader you are ever going to need at no cost.
AVC- best YouTube downloader online. Best YouTube downloader for Windows and MacOS, with many options for output file format.

Get Any Video Converter Free

It is rare to find a YouTube downloader that also converts and edits videos. The AVC is exactly the best YouTube downloader with built-in video editor. It will download and convert your online YouTube videos into excellent format.

In addition to being a free YouTube url downloader, you are limited to downloading only one YouTube video at a time. Anyway, single YouTube movie download is not bad.

The AVC YouTube This tool is particularly useful and recommended for someone who wants nothing but a free solution to make offline videos from online web-based videos.

Amazingly, there is a minimal video editor integrated into this free online YouTube video downloader. The interface may not interest or captivate you, but you can crop your video and make color adjustments to suit you.

Any Video Converter is Free for Windows. The free tool can convert YouTube movies to many output formats including AVI, MP4,  FLV, MPG, 3GP, MP3 and more.  You can also edit your personal  YouTube videos and create files for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phones, and TV consoles, on the same AVC YouTube downloader.

Why I like it

  • The downloader is quick and easy to use.
  • It downloads and converts HD,  UHD,  2k, 4K and 8K videos from YouTube, and Facebook sites
  • You can edit, change color, and add overlay text to your video
  • It is an absolutely fabulous, and a free YouTube downloader
  • The inconvenience is that while installing it, you may encounter bytefence, as well as yahoo software bundled with it.
  • Plenty file output format


TubeMate – best YouTube downloader app for Android

TubeMate, is one of the best YouTube downloader app for android, which helps save your favorite YouTube videos directly on your smartphone.

The video file quality is great, in different resolutions. In addition to that, TubeMate YouTube downloader app supports multiple video downloads, and background file download.

It’s not only video that you can download into your android smartphone from YouTube channel. You can also convert those YouTube video to MP3 audio files.

You just need to launch the TubeMate YouTube downloader application, search for YouTube video, and press the button below the screen to download.


  • Download both video into both MP3 and mp4 format
  • Supports background video download


  • Cannot download 4K videos from youtube
  • Cannot download the original YouTube video. What you get is the YouTube encoded video, which may not playback.


 Dentex YouTube Downloader for Android

Another handy YouTube video downloader for Android is Dentex. When you install this Dentex YouTube downloader apk, the app allows you to get YouTube videos within seconds.

The android YouTube downloader can search YouTube videos, offer various quality and file formats. The android app will help you to extract both standalone video and MP3 audio files from YouTube with ease.

The stunning benefit of installing this YouTube downloader apk for android is, you can change the lie format, even after it has been downloaded.

While it supports remote download through SSH, you will need an addon, or additional plugin to change video format to suit your taste. Again, the Dentex YouTube video downloader app is compatible only with higher android versions.



YT3 YouTube Downloader APK

Do you want an android based YouTube video downloader apk that when installed, will allow you to preview your videos before downloading?

YT3 is an android application that offers you that option. Don’t mind, it can get and send out your YouTube videos in MP3 and MP4 formats.

Although it downloads medics and videos only from YouTube, it remains a great platform that displays lyrics while playing music.

Besides, the YouTube MP3 downloader is userrfitrendly, has faster download speed and has options to download both poor quality and high quality videos.

Here’s a simple step by step way to download YouTube videos using YT3 downloader app.

  • Launch the app
  • Search for the best YouTube video you want
  • Pick either the MP3 or MP4 as output for the downloaded file
  • Make a video or audio preview before you start the download command
  • share a video from Youtube app to YT3 downloader to download it




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