A Best Fitness Tracker For Small Wrists? – These 10 Fitness Watches Will Make You Love Your Wrists

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It is not an easy task to pick the best fitness tracker for small wrists when there’re hundreds to thousands of wearable fitness trackers available in the market. If you are looking for a slim workout watch for your next training, we got your back. This our guide will help you choose the right minimalist fitness tracker if you have skinny wrists. We selected workout watches that will look heavenly attractive on skinny wrists, during exercises, and when sleeping.


The best fitness trackers for small wrists Reviewed

Whether you are biking outdoor, going for a shower or pool swimming, weightlifting in the gym or simply doing you CrossFit outdoor, you need to keep track of your fitness and health metrics.

A fitness tracker that will record just the right data, with accuracy and keep you motivated throughout your entire workout, is the best companion to have handy.

But if you have to monitor your heart rate with a wrist based device, a bigger tracking watch will be too loose on your wrist and will produce poor results. So if your wrist circumference is smaller than 6.5 inches, what should be your best fitness tracker for small wrists?

When we considered the number of features per small size design, we came to a Garmin – Apple watch divide. However, Apple watch series 5 proved to be the best smart fitness tracker for indoor and gym uses since it is also fashionable and stylish.

Garmin fēnix 5S Plus wins the contest when you consider more outdoor adventures away from the gym because it is well build to withstand rugged handling.


best fitness tracker for small wrists

best fitness tracker for small wrists

Out Top Fitness Trackers for small wrists

Here is a list of top fitness watches we have analyzes for people with small wrists.

Garmin Fenix 5S Plus

  • Good satellite reception
  • Advanced performance metrics
  • Wrist based heart rate
  • Tracker size :

Apple watch series 5

  • Light sensor
  • Accelerator + GPS
  • Advanced health tracker watch
  • Watch size : 40mm

Samsung Active 2

  • Water resistant
  • Running coach
  • Heart rate
  • Size and fit : 40mm

Fitbit Versa

  • Alexa built in
  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring
  • Best battery life : 6+ days
  • Tracker dimension : 0.94 in case



First, what is considered a small wrists?

Now what is considered a skinny wrist? This has to do with your actual wrist size. If your wrist circumference(distance round the skin of your wrist) measures under 5.75 – 6.5 inches or  maximum 17 cm, you have small wrists.

Again, if you determine your wrist measurement to be under 5.7 inches, you definitely have extra small wrist and your watches and fitness trackers will need to be very small and slimmer.

Since your wrists sizes are related to your body fame, here is how to quickly figure out if you have small wrists, from your height.

  • A 5.2” height Woman have their small wrist measurement under 5.5 inches
  • 5” height Women have their small wrist size under 6 inches
  • A 6” tall woman has her own small wrist size under 6.25 inches
  • A 5.5” tall guy would have a small wrists circumference from 5.5 to 6.5 inches

The reasonable explanation why you got small wrists, is genetics but if you lose much weight and become too skinny, your wrist will also look slender. Some people think small wrist means weak, no it is the small body frame size that makes you have thin wrists.

If you can strengthen and build it up, that is pretty ok, and if you don’t want to, you would still wear the best of small gorgeous watches, do fitness exercises and do bodybuilding just like any other bigger wrist person.

For more details, check these skinny wrists questions and answers to understand more about yourself.




Apple Watch Series 5 – best smartwatch fitness tracker for thin wrists

Apple watch series 5 fitness tracker for tiny wrists adult men and women and the best fitness tracker smartwatch for bony wrists iOS and iPhone users
img: A 40mm apple watch fitness tracker and calorie counter watch for small wrists iOS and iPhone users

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The Apple Watch Series 5 is an advanced and smart Fitness and health watch so much cherished in the fitness and health industry. The design of the Apple watch 5 is sleek and its features include a light upgrade from previous models – Apple watch series 4.

Reputable for a unisex , slim design and stunningly plenty fitness and health features, Apple watch series 5 stands out  as the best fitness tracker and a smart health watch for small wrists women and men.

Many fitness and health tracker watches can boost of heart rate monitoring but just a few are accurate. Apple uses wrist based optical heart rate technology and if your Series 5 fitness smartwatch wears too large and loose on your wrist, you won’t get accurate  HR readings.

Apple watch series 5 has worn the popularity thanks to exceptional features like the  electrocardiogram(ECG), make and receive standalone calls without phone, fall detection, blood oxygen monitoring and message texting capabilities.

Besides, this smart fitness watch for iPhone users is designed lightweight thanks to its titanium case material. Like aluminum, titanium has a superb strength-to-weight ratio  than steel.

Avoid steel made models of apple watches if you want it to go very well on smaller wrists. Their slimmer watch cases house lot of other fitness and health sensors, but that does not give it a bulky appearance on your skinny wrists.

For an athletes with extra small wrists under 5.7 inches, it suffices to go for earlier models of Apple Series of fitness trackers although with limited features – especially Apple watch series 3 in terms of wrist comfort, apple watch model good.

The brand claims 18 hours battery life but you can use the battery saver modes  to preserve battery life.  You have low-temperature polysilicon and oxide display (LTPO), ultra-low power display and, efficient power management integrated circuit.

Pros – Reasons To buy

  • Has a slim watch face comes under 40mm size
  • Retina OLED and Always-on-display allows all-time information checking, when biking, and pounding on treadmill
  • Intelligent screen brightness control with wrist raise
  • 18 hours battery life with good power management modes
  • incredible software design is compatible with android and iOS devices
  • built-in cellular capability to receive and make calls
  • has built-in GOS for outdoor navigation, steps, distance tracking
  • Single-lead electrocardiogram + innovative optical heart rate monitor
  • Has good storage for music, podcast, audiobooks and songs plus ability to stream from Spotify
  • Blood sugar, blood oxygen and calories counting functions
  • Apple watch fitness tracking watch is swim proof. You can shower with apple watch

Cons – Reason to avoid

  • Has many power hungry functions
  • Some features work only in iPhone and not Android.
  • Only syncs with iPhones



Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – best fitness watch for women and android users with slender wrists

 best android fitness watch for small wrists ladies - samsung Galaxy active 2
Img: one of the best fitness watch for women with tiny wrists – Samsung galaxy watch active 2

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Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 is more than just a fitness tracker. It is an android compatible slim, 40mm and 44mm lightweight-designed small smartwatch that is wide known for accurately tracking fitness and health metrics.

the android fitness watch is the best option for athletes looking for a sleek fitness tracking watch that goes snugly on small frame wrists while tracking steps,  calories burned and giving actionable insights about workout.

The android fitness tracker come in two models, the aluminum or stainless steel smart watches with  sleek and small design. Steel feels heavier, but the aluminum model is lighter enough, and comfortable with a strap that conforms easily to smaller wrists.

Most athletes get so reliant on accurate HR monitoring to adjust their fitness training intensity. In same way, People with heart issues would need accurate heat variability data to switch their running style to from jogging,  sprinting to walking. This Samsung is a cool android smartwatch for thin wrists that you should also consider.

Samsung, just like apple watches, is a top notch calories burned and heart rate monitor watch with reliable ratings from experts and outdoor users. Compared to Fitbit watches for small wrists, Samsung active 2 is a fitness trackers with a large and easy to read round watch face.

With an onboard GPS tracker, pace coaching, advanced sleep monitor, Samsung is a better activity tracking watch  with impressive and standout tracking ability for aerobic performance among.

When runners want to achieve their fitness goals without fear of ignorantly stretching their body beyond what their heart can handle, they choose  to go with Samsung cardio watch. The small android sports watch will automatically alerts you when it detects very low and very high heart rhythm during cardio exercises.

Unfortunately, you can’t overly rely on its to accurate calculate your calories burned data. To have a more accurate fitness health watch, you may try advanced models include Samsung Galaxy 3, Samsung Galaxy Active 4 with long battery life.

Pros –  Reasons To buy

  • its a beautiful health tracker watch for ladies
  • I love the slim design of the round watch face
  • has a large quick to read dial compared to some fitness trackers
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • device measures Heart Rate, steps, pulse rate, and sleep
  • reliable companion fitness watch from gym to the pool and to your bed.
  • Recent addition to the built-in sleep tracker is the  integrated calm app
  • Features accurate calories burned and activity and motion sensor
  • Supports GPS tracker sensor and great battery life
  • The built-in pace coaching guides you to get the most of your training. Has gained lots of positive reviews

Cons – Reason to avoid

  • There is doubt if their calorie calculation is accurate



Garmin Fenix 5S Plus – overall best fitness tracker for small wrists

Garmin Fenix 5S Plus Fitness tracker for skinny wrists - Small sized multisport gps smart watch for smaller wrists
Img: A small garmin tracker and step counter watch – Garmin Fenix 5S Plus

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Garmin Fenix 5S Plus is a standalone fitness tracker that is designed as a smaller alternative to the Fenix 5 cousin. It built quality has a smaller frame, which is lighter and just perfect to wear on a small wrist. The 42 x 42 x 15.4 mm size  Fits wrists with the following circumference : Suede band: 153-208 mm Metal band: 153-213 mm.

Garmin Fenix is an advanced small sized smart watch and the best model in the Garmin Fenix line, which is loaded with tones on features including fitness, health and navigation capabilities.

The newer additions like the Climb Pro, Wi-Fi and other advanced navigation capabilities are totally not available in some Garmin trackers like Fenix 5 and Fenix 5S models

It is more rugged like their other models, especially Fenix 5. This Lightweight Garmin multisport GPS watch can stand tougher against outdoor challenges, if you wear it for adventures like mountain biking or hiking.

The smaller display screen may sometime makes reading a bit difficult but the small screen size (1.2 inch display) is just appropriately attractive when it seats on your skinny wrist.

The small face area, makes this 5S plus Garmin step tracker a favorite fitness tracker for slender wrists athletes than the other larger Garmin outdoor watch models.

Fenix 5S Plus is heavily priced, more expensive than its cousins. But if you know what you want in the best fitness tracker for outdoor, you will certainly look beyond the hefty price tag.

The price may look reasonable if you consider or are satisfied with the improved and newly added features. The 5S plus Garmin activity monitor features a strong and impact resistant domed chemically strengthened glass or sapphire crystal.

Pros – Reasons To buy

  • Easy to read notifications
  • Advanced features like Climb Pro, wi-Fi capabilities
  • Good heart rate and fitness performance tracking
  • Offers Accurate estimates for Wrist based heart rate monitoring
  • Has TOPO maps with trendline popularity routing – great for easy pathfinding
  • Best tracker for adventures with Garmin Pay
  • Has 1.2 inch display but  with bold  designs
  • best GPS fitness tracker for running, biking
  • Display screen is easy to read under sunlight
  • Stainless steel design is ready for tougher outdoor rugged use
  • Storage holds up to 500 audio songs to keep you motivated throughout
  • Compatible with Bluetooth headphones for best entertainment

Cons – reasons to avoid

  • Not readily affordable
  • Backlight does fail in some settings



Garmin Forerunner 45S – Best sports watch for small wrists

Garmin Forerunner 45S is a small Garmin workout watch and fitness tracker for slender wrists – a lightweight GPS sport watch
Img:  Garmin Forerunner 45S – Garmin workout watch and best smartwatch fitness tracker for skinny wrists runners

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If you want a smaller and more compact fitness tracker for sports, Garmin Forerunner 45S is just the right wristwatch. This Forerunner 45S is a lighter Garmin sports watch which just wears and fits nicely on athletes with smaller body frame and skinny appearances.

Considering how it wears perfectly on petite wrists, The GPS running sports watch actually stands out in the line of  forerunner models. The case size measure 39mm, which is the best fit on smaller to medium size man’s wrists.

This small sports watch has some improvements. The GPS is more accurate, the user interface is friendlier and you can navigate details easily. Garmin is widely known for building chunky  watches, but this 45S is comfortable and innovatively designed with small size.

The silicone base is more innovative design to maximize comfort. The running GPS tracker watch will fit snugly without causing wrist burns, and you can wear it throughout your entire fitness workout.

Garmin  comes to mind when I think of “GPS”. For a more accurate satellite routine, pathfinding and location tracking, this small size sports watch also support GLONASS and Galileo GPS protocols.

If you are one of the avid outdoorsmen, this small tracker would accurately and easily track a wide range of terrain, with customized maps for your environment, than using a navigation watch fitted with traditional GPS technology.

The colored maps help to reveal more navigation details of your environment. Moreover, the advanced colored mapping technology is interactive and shows visually attractive routes from your standing point.

The GPS tracker watch records different performance in real time during your fitness workout. When the device analyses your heart rate variability, that can tell much about your heart performance conditions, and help you know your thresholds.

Recent improvement of the forerunner 45S design added a wide range of fitness activities into this smaller compact tracker. For example, some activity profiles added, include swimming, bicycling, running, and triathlons sports.

Pros – Reasons To buy

  • Smaller size GPS watch which is also lightweight
  • Easy to us GPS watch to track pace, intervals, distance and steps
  • Supports Garmin Coach Adaptive training plans. So you’re going to have personalized expert coaching right on your bony wrist.
  • Has Easy to read display
  • Supports smart notifications, incoming text, and calls
  • Allows syncing and automatic upload to Garmin connect online community
  • Allows music entertainment during workout, if paired with a smartphone
  • Can detect incidents

Cons –  reason to avoid

  • Battery life is not long lasting, perhaps because of the newly added power-hungry features



Garmin Venu Sq – best budget friendly GPS watch for small wrists

Garmin Venu fitness tracker petite wrists – the cheaper small fitness tracker for activity tracking
Img: Garmin Venu Sq –  one of the best sport watches for womens and garmin activity tracker for outdoorsmen

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If you want a Garmin Watch for Small Wrist that cost just a little money, Garmin Venu Sq  is the best budget friendly fitness tracker to go for. It wear so perfectly on small to medium wrists.

Unlike other Garmin watches that come at hefty prices, this Venu is relatively affordable, best small ,  compact sized and favorite activity tracking watch for most fitness enthusiasts.

Actually, Garmin Venu is a popular running watch fitted with a lightweight silicone band, easy to use and bright touch display. The good display will help you check your workout stats, at a glance without worrying about the very small font size.

The watch face features a thick bezel, and that is what makes the smartwatch screen appear bigger, which is not. The bezel may look bulky, but combined with the fiber-reinforced polymer case, Garmin Venu Sq is pretty light weight and measures just 37 grams in mass.

The lightweight silicone strap which flex according to the wrist and feels more comfortable to wear for sports. That is why it is a good running watch for small wrists which can wear attractively on a pre-teenage girl or 11 year old daughter.

A small frame size triathletes would have this tracker just fit perfectly on their slim wrists under 19cm. It is not oversized, and there is no point worrying it could come loose when swimming. It is a good fitness smartwatch for skinny cyclists and runners.

The few of what it measures include fitness activity, pulse ox, and  sleep. Unfortunately, it tracks estimated heart rate. Garmin is not lesser than a good health tracker to monitor respiration, hydration,  stress and women’s menstrual cycle.

The square shaped face features a 1.3 inches display, with a tough easy to read Corning Gorilla Glass 3 lens.  The bright color display + always-on display mode aids quick glance even while you run on your treadmill.

Pros – Reasons To buy

  • Wears nicely on athletes with wrist circumference within 125-190 millimeter
  • Appears bulky but has no weighing down on your wrist
  • has bright touchscreen display
  • It let’s users preset their types of activities
  • Easy to read bright color display + always-on display mode
  • Good health tracker for stress,  sleep, period and, estimated heart rate.
  • Supports 20 preloaded sports apps – running, jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, breathing, golf
  • preloaded workouts include cardio, yoga, strength and customizable workouts,
  • Water-resistant making it suitable for swimming as well

Cons – reason to avoid

  • Only monitors estimated heart rate




Fitbit Versa – best fitbit for small wrists

 Fitbit Versa fitness tracker for thin wrists male, female and teen athletes. But it is suitable fitbit step tracker watch for small wrists women
img:  fitbit versa – one of the best fitbit watches for women

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Fitbit is one of the most advanced brands of fitness smartwatches and this Fitbit Versa is the best basic fitness tracker for small wrists athletes.

Designed as the lightest and most versatile Fitbit fitness tracker, Versa stands out with its large display screen, yet offers unlimited functionality for users to check if they are fit and healthy. The dimensions of the Versa  watch case Case diameter, 0.94 in ; Case height, 0.94 in ; Weight, 1.31 oz.

Fitbit is among the most advanced and thinnest smartwatches in the world to date. The wearable is super lightweight and has slim, comfortable design with anodized aluminum watch body. It is just awesomely perfect for guys with petite wrists.

If some Fitbit models are nicer for teenagers wrists, how much more would they look on a  tiny wrist of a skinny female athlete?

Beyond fashion and aesthetics, the smart trackers uses a Pure Pulse technology to accurately track your heart rate 24/7. This health metrics is basically one of the powerful indictors of fitness related stress.

You won’t talk of best heart rate monitors without including Fitbit. The watch has capability to make accurate tracking analysis, including cycle, and sleep stages while giving you some guided breathing exercises.

The fitness tracker is syncs compatibly with MAC OS x 10.6 and up, iPhone 4s and later, iPad 3 gen and Android 5.0 and later and Windows 10 devices. It can sync with your device within a syncing range of up to 6.1 meters while you are biking or hiking away.

You need to connect it to your Smartphone GPS for more precise real time pace, step counting and distance tracking. There is no onboard GPS sensor. Moreover, the many battery draining functions makes the watch to offer just 4 days of battery life.

If you want more advanced model, check Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Versa 2 Health & Fitness compact smartwatch.

Pros – Reasons To buy

  • Best activity with a 24/7 heart rate monitor
  • It is waterproof up to 50 m
  • Holds up to 300 songs so you get a more entertaining workout session
  • Best heart rate tracker watch for fitness fans
  • Has smartphone capabilities like responding text and receiving calls
  • Supports contactless payments wherever you go
  • The activity tracker has a customizable clock face
  • Has favorite apps whether – nice if you are a frequent gym goer or outdoor sports man
  • light and comfortable band for slender wrist
  • it is the best Fitbit fitness trackers for small wrists runners

cons – reasons to avoid

  • No built-in GPS sensor, uses smartphones GPS
  • No altimeter has just 4 days battery life



Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate – best Fitness Tracker for extra small wrists

fitbit inspire HR fitness tracker - fitbit pedometer watch for small wrists  
Img: fitbit inspire HR fitness tracker – fitbit pedometer watch for very small wrists

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Fitbit Inspire 2 and Fitbit Inspire HR are all slim fitness trackers that loos small and simple for very skinny wrists. Fitbit is more recognized for fitness trackers and this one looks more like a band. The design is very compact, and that is why it is more suited for skinny runners and athletes.

Fitbit Inspire is loaded with heart rate sensor. This thin wearable on a bony wrist looks like band-like watch but can give reliable data about your fitness and health information on your cardiovascular exercises.

The battery supports up to 5 days, not bad since it does not have so many power battery draining functions. Inspire is the best fitness tracker for extra small wrists with heart rate monitoring.

Pros – Reasons To buy

  • Has simple and quick to read display’
  • features a touchscreen display
  • is water resistant
  • supports Bluetooth wireless communication
  • Features sleep tracker for recovery monitoring
  • Good battery life

Cons – reason to avoid

  • Step counter not very accurate


Fitbit Luxe – best fitness tracker for women with small wrists ladies

Looking for the best fashionable fitness tracker and health monitor watch for skinny women? Fitbit luxe is the most accurate heart rate monitor watch to offer a woman with small wrists. It is slim, stylish and attractive.
Img:  best fashionable fitness tracker and health monitor watch for skinny women – slim, stylish and attractive. 

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Among the many best sport watches for women, is a stylish fitness bracelet watch with excellent health monitoring tools. The Fitbit Luxe is one of the most classic, fashionable, and best wearable fitness tracker for women. It has such a powerful strength to support Fitbit app and ecosystem.

What if the stainless steel bracelet is too large on a skinny female athlete? The metallic fitness tracker bracelet is easy to shorten. You can find a jewelry expert to take out one or two links, and reattach the bracelets. That way it would just fit perfectly on women’s small wrists.

It looks like a bangle on a ladies slim wrists but tracks your everyday activity, sleep, heart rate, reparation and workouts metrics. Very few of the very best health watches would have an accurate heart rate monitoring on a par as this fitness band.

The display screen features a super sharp color AMOLED display, which helps to show an impressive amount of details about your daily activity data. This is something you would find only in expensive running watches.

The slim design makes it the best Fitbit for women outfit. The stainless steel bracelet looks fashionable and aesthetic. You can wear this fitness tracker for women to a party, and friends won’t be able to tell that is a lady’s sports watch.

Luxe is considered the best classic fitness tracker for women thanks to its minimalist stainless steel case and buckle. The models come in either gold-toned stainless steel bracelet or in soft silicone band.

The comfort of wearing this stylish activity tracker for small wrists ladies can make you build a complete picture of your habits and lifestyle(sleeping and fitness activity) for an entire day since you won’t take if off.

Combined with a free trial Fitbit premium account, Luxe is definitely the best health tracker for a woman to keep check of her detailed workout and health historic data, including meditation sessions.

With these details, female athletes can easily use the Fitbit app to create a personalizes health report, to share with doctors and friends. I would definitely go for this feminine styled health monitor watch as a special gift for my girlfriend this year. The small Fitbit Lux is incredibly beautiful tracker watch.

Reason to buy

  •  Slim, stylish design
  •  Has bright AMOLED display on small space
  •  Excellent heart rate tracking
  •  Impressive battery life : 7 days
  •  It is compatible with android and iOS devices
  •  It’s the most accurate fitness tracker to check ladies aerobic performance
  •  Fashionable and gorgeous for feminine wrists
  •  waterproof fitness tracker

Reasons to avoid

• No built-in GPS sensor, so it is not a step counter bracelet.



Fitbit Charge 5 – Most advanced sports-focused fitness tracker for small wrists athletes

Fitbit Charge 5 - The most advanced and best fitness tracker watch for slender wrists
Fitbit Charge 5 – The most advanced and best fitness tracker watchbest fitness tracker for small wrists - A Best Fitness Tracker For Small Wrists? - These 10 Fitness Watches Will Make You Love Your Wrists

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Built for avid gym-goers, Fitbit charge 5 is the most advanced fitness tracker and the best Fitbit to settle with. The slim case does not look bigger on thin wrists and the Fitbit band can easily be pulled and tightened to fit even extra small wrists.

The strap design allows the sports focused Fitbit tracker to wear snugly on all wrists sizes from very small, small to bigger wrists. The Fitbit tracker is loaded with tones of features. The On-board GPS can track walks, runs and bike rides without need for your phone GPS.

So much like a fitness smartwatch, the activity tracker can automatically detect when you start moving, which is why the watch is perfect for indoor activity monitoring including weightlifting, spinning and cardio on treadmill and rowers.

If you are a health-focused fan of Fitbit competitors like Apple, you may be tempted to shift your choices from apple because Fitbit Charge 5 has an EDA (electrodermal activity) sensor that helps monitor skin conductivity, and adrenal activity. This makes it the best fitness tracker watch to keep tabs on stress level after exercises.

Apple watches monitor signs of atrial fibrillation with their FDA approved ECG. Fitbit Charge 5 has an ECG app too, which is a new and recent upgrade. I would definitely go for this Charge 5 as my exercise watch with ECG and heart rate monitor.

The screen is bright, has crisp color AMOLED display, which is far better than a monochrome screens of previous models Fitbit charge 4.

With all these goodies, Fitbit charge 5 fails to quality as the best fitness tracker with music, like apple and Garmin models.

Yet it remains the most innovative, top-notch fitness tracker well worth considering since it has battery life up to 7 days, is waterproof and has Android/iOS compatibility.

Reasons to buy

  • It is advanced an fitbit tracker with ECG and heart rate trackers
  •  The ECG app to detect arrhythmia
  •  The bright crisp AMOLED display is eye-friendly
  •  Accurate step counter watch with GPS. It tracks runs, walks, pace, location and your rides
  •  Fits perfectly small, medium and larger wrists
  •  best fitbit workout watch with sleep tracker

Reasons to avoid

• Has no music control




Fitbit Ace 2 – the best Activity Tracker for Kids

Fitbit Ace 2 – the best Activity Tracker for Kids
Fitbit Ace 2 – the best Activity Tracker for Kidsbest fitness tracker for small wrists - A Best Fitness Tracker For Small Wrists? - These 10 Fitness Watches Will Make You Love Your Wrists

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Check Price & Ratings Amazon UK

Sports, fitness and health tracking is not only for adults. Kids also love to exercise and stay active, with a healthy lifestyle. If your daughter or son frequently accompanies you to the gym or on your outdoor fitness activity, Fitbit ace is the best gift to offer the child this year.

Moreover, if advanced fitness tracking smartwatches like Apple , Samsung and Garmin looks pretty costly, you can settle with Fitbit Ace 2. That is the best budget fitness tracker for under $100 that you can buy for a kid, in our list.

You won’t regret if a cheap fitness tracker comes broken after few weeks of use. Besides, kids are too playful and buying a $150+ fitness watch for a 7-11 year old child will look like reckless spending.

Most parents have reported having the band broken in just few weeks. Well, that is the band, not the tracker and its features.

If you fear that the strap will come apart easily when your kid goes riding and bumps it against hard objects, It would be a nicer option to have a replacement Fitbit band that is durable and fits the small wrists of the little child.

It is lightweight, with Item Weight or just 20 grams. The kids watch does Steps & active minutes tracking, has virtual badges to reward your kids performance, and many fun screen celebrations.

Moreover, the kids fitness tracker is swim proof (water resistant to 50 meters) and would be an unforgettable gift if your child loves swimming and pool party.

Moreover, the watch features sleep tracking, bedtime reminders , silent alarms and smartphone compatibility.

Reasons to buy

  •  Has sleep tracker
  •  Cheaper fitness tracker watch for kids
  •  Waterproof and suitable for pool swimming
  •  Kids friendly interface

Reason to avoid

• Strap breaks easily but can be replaced



best fitness tracker for women
best fitness tracker for women

Read more: What is the accurate average female wrist size for a bracelet size of 7 inches?


Shop other Fitness Tracker watches for Small Wrists

  • Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker
  • Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker
  • Amazfit Band 5 Fitness Tracker
  • Garmin Vovoactive 4S
  • Garmin Lily
  • Bellabeat Leaf Urban Smart Jewelry Health Tracker
  • Polar A370 Fitness Tracker



Why can’t I have a perfect step tracker watch for my thin wrists?

When it concerns the wrists, it is not always easy to pick a perfect wearable gadget if you’ve got skinny wrists and forearms. And  even when you think you have had your ideal calorie tracker watch, it may turn out not to be the smallest fitness tracker you want to have on your tiny wrists.

Many factors account for a perfect fit, what qualifies a perfect fitness exercise watch for smaller wrists goes beyond just features. You may get lucky to pick a cheap fitness tracker but price is not it all.

That is why choosing the best fitness trackers for small wrists is pretty a difficult task. Without considering your wrists sizes, length of fitness tracker bracelet, or the screen size, even the most luxurious exercise tracker watch, would look like a piece of shit on a slim wrist.

Every athlete, or fitness enthusiast need to wear the right fitness tracker during workouts. Because there fitness band manufacturers don’t use the same monitoring technology, it is quite hard to say with exactitude which is the most accurate fitness tracker for athletes.

While it is important to prioritize the needed features that track fitness, and health, picking the best fit tracking watch is just one of the many ways people deal with challenges of having small wrists.

It even become more harder to  size and select the best activity tracker if you have extra small wrists. It would even be tougher selecting a perfect small fitness watch if you don’t know how small your wrist size is.



What we considered to be the best fitness tracker for small wrists

In reviewing the best fitness trackers for small wrists, we went through many advanced activity tracking watches in the market, check their specs for fitness and health tracking capabilities.


Tracker size and fit on small wrists

We also consider the minimum and maximum band length and size of the fitness trackers to ensure they are tailored for petite wrists. These measurements would help to determine how a small fitness smartwatch should wear someone with a tiny wrist.

We recommend you go for a fitness tracker with 40mm or smaller case size. The size should be sleek enough for a small wrist person. Moreover a very thick display fitness workout watch will stand out a lot, and that would make your wrist look kiddy inside.


Fitness tracker strap length

Avoid fitness trackers with pretty long bands, because they will go your wrist almost two times. That will look awkward when the tail of the strap sticks out under your wrists. It is important you choose a strap of minimum length, especially if you have extra small wrists, else, pick a band size theta is midway between short and long.


Battery life

Moreover, we also prioritized battery life for all the smart trackers we selected. Having the best fitness watch in the world with a low or dead battery life is as good as not having a tracker. The best fitness watch with a superb battery life is necessary for outdoor fitness activities, especially those that require GPS tracking and Map navigation.


Durability and toughness

We didn’t ignore durability of the fitness watches. Outdoor sports and fitness adventures requires that the trackers have the best adaptability and durability to endure harsh weathers and function properly even in rugged environments.


Fitness Tracking features

There are other fitness tracking features we analyzed too. How it measure accurate fitness and health data, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, data syncing, GPS, steps, weight, speed and calories.


Fitness watch price

The ideal price for the best fitness tracker for small wrists is left up for you, to decide. If you are shopping with a tighter budget, cheaper small fitness watches may lack many advance features. We found that there are just few popular fitness trackers for thin wrists with these impressive features at reasonable prices.


Health tracking features

If you budget is enough, you should consider buying a smart fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor. I guess you would want to check your heart beat regularly when doing cardio or aerobic exercises so that you stay within the right level of intensity without straining your heart. You have heard of people collapsing while running or while walking on a treadmill? There failed to keep check on their cardiovascular performance and allowed the workout to drive up their heart rate beyond recovery.


Size of activity sensors

A basic fitness tracker will have step counting and running sensors packed into it. Today, just an average fitness tracker should be more powerful than that.  The best fitness training exercises are not limited to just walking and running. So a good sport watch should be able to tell your number of stair climbed, how tough is your crossfit, what type of exercise are you doing and more.  It should be equipped with many motion sensors, light sensors, weather sensors, GPS, so as to be able detect different movement and keep a larger database of information about your activity.



There is only one thing that we couldn’t do and that is to check your wrist size. If you have medium to large wrists, even our best fitness tracker for small wrist would feel tighter and uncomfortable when you wear it. Also you need to find  and know your accurate wrist size so that no one of these smart wearables in this list will look comically oversized and kiddy on your wrists.



Out Watch reviews for small wrists


What’s best brand with fitness trackers for small wrists?

Garmin is really an excellent  choice of a fitness watch when it comes to tracking outdoor runs, sleep. Moreover, Garmin watches re durable, slightly bulkier and rugged for any terrain. Garmin fitness tracker watches consistently record steps, calories and distance, there is no denying in this.

If you want the smallest fitness tracker that looks fashionable, Garmin may not fit perfect because they have a slightly chunky appearance as compared to Fitbit fitness smartwatches.  If you want a fitness watch that will fit a person with a small wrist, Fitbit is the brand to check.


Which is the best thinnest fitness tracker?

Fitbit is well noted for designing very slim, thin and lightweight smartwatches for fitness tracking. Take a look at one of the Fitbit models for a small wrist Fitbit Flex 2. You can wear it all day long and you won’t realize you had a fitness tracker on your arm.

The Fitbit Flex is the smallest Fitbit watch with SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition, sleep tracking and hear rate monitor, with dimensions 2.37 x 8.75 x 2.37 inches and weighs just 5.61 ounces. The ultra-thin design is just the perfect reason why it is considered the best Fitbit fitness tracker for small wrists runners.

Polar watch is the thinnest smartwatch in the world, as well and the Bellabeat Leaf fitness tracker. You won’t even notice these devices on your wrists when  working out.


Can I replace straps for a fitness tracker?

Yes, if the band comes larger, or longer, you can replace with your favorite strap. There are many replacement straps for fitness trackers with good choice materials and sizes.


Should You measure wrists before buying a fitness tracker?

Like it is the case when sizing a watch, you have to determine your wrists size first. I guess you don’t want a fitness tracker to fall off during your crossfit activity or when doing weightlifting. Since most fitness tracker manufacturers provide minimum and maximum strap sizes, knowing you wrist can help guide you towards band selection that fit not too tight and not too loose on your wrists.


What is the smallest Garmin running watch?

The best smallest Garmin fitness tracker that would wear so nicely even on very small wrists is Garmin Lily. There are also few in the Venu or Vivo models but the one that is thinnest and lightest, measuring 34mm in diameter is Garmin Lily. Wear and it will hide completely like a band, under a long sleeve shirt. It might not be one of those advanced smartwatches for teen boys and girls, I am sure the small and thin shape will just be so fashionable and comfortable on teens wrists.


Which fitness tracker has the best battery life?

Garmin is well recognized for making solar powered watches. Such sunlight UV powered trackers could last over years without you ever charging. If you find a Garmin solar watch that fits small wrists, don’t hesitate to pick it because it will be the best GPS tracker all day long without battery running out.

Apple is not the longest battery life smartwatch, but you can improve on the 18 hours claim from the brand. There are many other ways you can extend your apple watch battery life to get over 24 hours of battery life in the GPS mode.


What should I do, if I can’t find the thinnest fitness watch for my small wrists?

I does happens that you can search around and find nothing that fits your wrist, especially if they are too skinny. In that case I suggest

  • You buy small watches and swap the strap to very slim, and small one
  • Purchase a small face fitness tracker with band that have adjustable strap holes
  • You make your wrists bigger, so you can wear average to bigger watches
  • Make more strap holds on the band where you can conveniently tighten the watch according to fit the size of your wrists.
  • Try to Gain more overall body weight so that your skeletal wrist also become fleshy and bulky.


Which Fitbit is best for small wrists athletes?

Fitbit Flex is the smallest and Fitbit Inspire HR is pretty close and super thin. Their small profiles is a good features that is best for small wrists. It is just so much a small GPS watch for running exercises.


Wrap Up

People with small wrists face a lot of dressing, social and fitness challenges and finding the best watch to wear is just one of them. In the market, you will find many watches classified as smaller fitness tracking devices when they aren’t. They may look comically large and may come hanging down on the bony wrist.




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