10 Best EMT Watches For Men – Insanely Affordable Watches For Male EMS, Paramedics

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Many people get caught up in emergencies they can’t handle and when that affects health,  an EMT, EMS, Paramedic or medical first responder are available to help. Since these able men and women provide emergency care to victims of accidents and patients, they are often well equipped with the proper equipments. You will often hear of special EMt emergency gears such as Stethoscopes,  EMS pants, penlights, boots.

However, one of the best EMT gears that is often ignored  is a watch. The difference between saving a persons life and letting him die depends on the response time of the emergency crew to get to the scene . Yet it remains left out for personal preferences, that to own a paramedic watch depends  on individual needs of the worker. This is contrary to having the emergency department that recommends, makes available and enforces emergency duty tool watches, specially designed for ambulance workers, firefighters and first  responders.


why Need Watches for  paramedics men?

You know these prehospital workers often need to record vital signs, pulse and respiratory rates of injured victims, to ascertain their  health status. Respiratory counts are not the only parameters, blood pressure of patients need to be  monitored and the best way to read these health counts  read these health counts  quickly and seamlessly, is to own an emt paramedic watch with those built-in features.

EMT and paramedics often time,  may get exposed to contagious diseases and viruses, such as hepatitis B and HIV from body fluids. Not only that, they can be injured by combative patients. Some of this infectious risks can be reduced by wearing a proper wrist based watch.  Wearing contaminated hand gloves and sending them into pockets to pick a cellphone, can get your phone rubbed with infectious fluids from the patient.

for most EMS workers,  Smartphones may do the job, unfortunately, phones provide more distractions than watches. A good EMT watch should never be overlooked, as a life saving tool. Besides just helping in reading health metrics, a paramedic man wearing good medical watch gets  protected from infections.

After taking a 911 call, emergency medical service team get to the scene and there is, most often, need to perform medical services and transport the patients to medical facilities. If timing is required,  It makes quite an easier task, just glancing or passing the eyes over the wrist watch while handling a patient in an ambulance or emergency room.

If you want to save more lives and enjoy an EMT career, you must learn to select a good watch for paramedics. Just to tell you, the best watch for paramedics doesn’t need to be that too expensive. It should be durable, easy to be cleaned, have second hand or digital counter, and more.

This article is meant to guide you on how  to pick the best men’s EMT watches and all that we will talk about here are timepieces with masculine designs, and which must satisfy needs of an ambulance healthcare worker.

For ladies, I recommend these paramedic watches –  Professional EMT Watches For Emergency   workers, of all sexes.



Top Best Paramedic Watch For Men

  • Casio G-Shock G-Rescue Series Red Dial Men’s Watch
  • SKMEI Men’s Sport Military Style Large Face Wrist Watch
  • Timex Full-Size Ironman Rugged 30 Watch
  • Casio Men’s Sport Analog Dive Watch
  • SKMEI Men’s Large Face Sports Watch


Best  Men’s EMT Watches Reviewed

Just like  a nurses job is often considered a woman’s occupation, when you hear off firefighters, or  ambulance workers, the first picture that comes to mind is a male person in a  vehicle. In United stated, men occupied 72 percent of NREMT-certified EMTs and paramedics at the national level, in 2007 and this number has been reducing, but men still remain dominant in the emergency medical service system.

For that reason, these prehospital watches are dedicated to brave men who save lives every day. If you are a male paramedic, what watch would you pick before you receive the next emergency SOS call?

Men's watches fort EMT workers saving life


G-Shock G-Rescue Series Red Dial Men’s Watch G-7900A – Best G-Shock Watch For Paramedics with durable and shockproof design

shock proof watch for emt and paramedicsbest EMT watches - 10 Best EMT Watches For Men - Insanely Affordable Watches For Male EMS, Paramedics

  • Special: Tide & Moon Data, alarm
  • Construction: Shock resistant
  • Waterproof: 200m water resistance
  • battery life: 2 years
  • 24-hour countdown timer
  • Low Temperature Resistant

First responders , EMT and paramedics men would want to go for some of the most durable timepieces on the market. This Casio G-Shock Rescue EMT Watch, although it’s pretty more of an expensive watch, it is constructed to be shockproof against every beatings on its way.

The shock resistant watch has masculine design which is very suitable for emergency service male workers. The watch gear trains are encased in a 50mm resin material, and you guess why? it’s because resin is an easy to clean material.

The shockproof emt watch face features a large display and supports 12 or 24-hour  military time keeping. Excellently waterproof, the 200m water resistance rating makes the watch best for people doing dive rescue. Wear this watch and it would survive every beating from the water pressure.

It is a great timepiece that is also built to suit male  firefighters and the men in EMS blue. The automatic backlight (Auto EL Backlight with Afterglow) is the reason why you can take this rescue watch into any hour of the night.

Fome additional features include tide graph and moonphase data, low temperature resistance,  4 Multi-function Alarms, Hourly Chimes, Countdown Timer, city code display, Auto Calendar  and a durable battery life of 2 years for outdoor use.

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Casio Men’s GA100 XL Ana-Digi G-Shock Watch -Best G-Shock Watch For Paramedics And EMt under 100 dollars

Casio Men's GA100 XL Analog-Digital G-Shock Paramedic Watch - best affordable mens Watch For EMT and paramedics under 100 dollarsbest EMT watches - 10 Best EMT Watches For Men - Insanely Affordable Watches For Male EMS, Paramedics

  • Water Resistance Depth: 200.00
  • Case Diameter: 51 Millimeters
  • Band Size: Mens-Standard
  • Brand Casio
  • Band Material Type Plastic
  • Watch Movement Quartz

Casio’s G-SHOCK – ( model : GA 100-1A1)  is a military series watch with both analog and digital display. It has a rugged design to provide men with active lifestyle, a high quality and optimal performance not only in the medical field, but for outdoors activities.

The easy to read display is one important and easy to notice feature in this rugged shockproof watch, in addition to its inexpensive price tag under $100. This masculine looking military series watch has two display – analog and digital,  a stopwatch, countdown timer and full calendar.

To help men working for nightly shifts in the Ambulance service department, this watch comes with an EL( electroluminescent) back-light display and featuring contrasting minute and hour hands. Even in dark scenes, Ambulance driver or nurses will always be able to know what time/date on this timepiece.

Wearing this rugged paramedics watch is reliable thanks to durable resin band that is easily adjustable by a metal buckle closure. The watch can accompany EMT, Firemen, EMS and paramedics male workers from every disaster scene to another with  improve longevity and resilience .

Whether you’re a male nurse in the emergency unit, with large wrist or thin wrist, watch size is not an issue anymore here. This csio EMT men’s watch has a variety of sizing options to fit both big and slender wrists.

The military Casio G-SHOCK watch is designed with ruggedness since its been tested to endure a 10-meter free fall and it proved excellent shock performance, endurance resistance to mechanical shock and vibration.

Its  water resistance ratings of 200 meters means, marine  rescue divers are sure to wear it for deep sea diving adventures. This black men’s watch has up to 10 years of battery life.

You can wish any active male worker in  emergency medical services,  military school, firefighting department and outdoorsmen activities, a happy birthday or happy Christmas,  with this Casio G-SHOCK watch as a gift from heart.

Some men would like a different style or color of the EMT watch. Luckily, G-SHOCK has a variety of analog/digital watches that suits paramedics men with different personal preferences and needs. Its my best affordable mens Watch For EMT and paramedics under 100 dollars.

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Men’s Casio G-Shock  Gravity Master Watch GRB100-1A2 – Best G-SHock Watch FOr Paramedics and EMT under 300 dollars

Men's Casio G-Shock Master of G Gravity Master Aviation Concept Watch GRB100-1A2best EMT watches - 10 Best EMT Watches For Men - Insanely Affordable Watches For Male EMS, Paramedics

  • Dial window : Mineral
  • Display : Analog-Digital
  • Case: 54mm material Resin
  • Band Material: black Resin
  • Dial color Black/Grey/Green
  • Special features: Calendar Full Auto Calendar,  Luminous
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Water resistant depth: 200 Meters

G-SHOCK GRAVITYMASTER is a timepiece with Aviation Concept designed into it, for men with active lifestyles.

Designed with features for aviation, the large LCD is easy to read – a suitable display for men under pressure or in emergency , yet it is very helpful  function required during flight. men who work in a glass cockpit of a passenger aircraft and flight pilots will find it clearer to view  information at a glance.

Constructed with five side buttons and a front light button, people under extreme circumstances, like first responders, would  easily  have direct access to functions.

This aviators watch is one of those watches that come with high-brightness LED illumination to improve legibility in the dark, in addition to the easy to read large hour and minute hands and  markers with improved readability.

This ruggedly designed model of pilots watch comes with a bi-color molded band that adds a definite touch of fashionable elegance. If you want to enjoy this watch in the outdoor service, you won’t run out of power. Stable battery operation is ensured by a Tough Solar charging system that incorporates original CASIO energy saving technology.

Other amazing features include shock resistance, 200 meter water resistant, EL backlight with afterglow, Multi-function Alarm
Hourly time signal for emergency workers, Flash Alert, 1/100 second stopwatch and  countdown timer.

More importantly for easy international timekeeping is the 24 our military time display and a full auto calendar that comes pre-programmed till 2099.

What I least expected to find in this g shock gravitymaster solar watch is the bluetooth connection with a smartphone that is possible with G-SHOCK Connected App. This will guide flight paramedics and nurses manage waypoint memory contents.

What I also like here:

  • Flight Log Function using waypoint memory
  • Auto time adjustment (four times a day)
  • Easy watch setting
  • Auto time zone and summer time rule updating
  • Phone Finder
  • Battery level indicator (seven levels)
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Casio Men’s Solar Sport Combination Watch – cheap watch for EMT and Paramedics under 50 dollars.

cheap watch for emt and paramedics -under 50 dollarsbest EMT watches - 10 Best EMT Watches For Men - Insanely Affordable Watches For Male EMS, Paramedics

  • Band Material Type Plastic
  • Watch Movement Japanese Quartz
  • Dial Color Black
  • battery life: 10 months on full charge
  • special: luminous, 5 alarms, Hourly chimes
  • waterproof: 100m water resistant

Casio’s Solar Sport Combination Watch is a versatile sports watch designed for active and outdoor environments with a solar powered watch face. This tough solar features offers outdoor field workers up to 10 months of battery life with no additional light exposure.

To ensure easy readability in the night or dark environment,  the  white hands and markers of the Casio men’s watch are luminous and also easy to view on the contrasted black background. The LED light  quickly brighten up the display with an afterglow feature so that the watch dial remains visible to the eyes in the dark.

Other features include a full auto calendar, easy to swap 12/24 hour clock formats , 5 daily alarms, a stopwatch , 2 countdown timers and  hourly time signal to remind busy workers of important schedules.

This mens watch has good durability with water resistance of up to 100m. The resin band comes with a reliable buckle clasp for handle the outdoor elements.

For nurses and emergency medical specialists, there are 3 different watch colors that blend with professional environments, and in my view, this Casio’s Solar Sports Combination watch is a very versatile watch for field health workers.

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Skimei Military Sports Watch – best waterproof Digital Men’s watch with large face

Men's Sports Watch Military 50M Waterproof Digital LED Large Face Wrist Watch with Black Silicone Strap Simple Army Watch

best EMT watches - 10 Best EMT Watches For Men - Insanely Affordable Watches For Male EMS, Paramedics

  • Band:  Black Silicone Strap
  • Water resistant depth: 50m
  • Band material: German imported PU
  • Case diameter: 45mm
  • Case thickness: 13mm
  • Band length: 25mm
  • Band width: 21mm

The SKMEI Men’s Sport watch is an a simple army watch with a large and easy to read face. There’s a surprise here, it costs under 15 dollars, so this is a watch you won’t worry when it breaks.

The germany imported PU resin strap is  soft, comfortable, environmental friendly and  easy to clean. on the watch face is a highly transparent resin glass, sealed to the watch case by a high frequency machine. It is pretty hard and shockproof though not like the sapphire.

The silicone rubber band can endure the daily beatings on the ambulance. The  EL lighting chip, keeps the emt watch display glow brightly in the dark, when you press the  “Light” button. It may not have good readability in a bright sunny day.

There are lots of features for such a low price tag, the  army styled watch is 50m  water-resistant, and features a date ,  a second counter and  12/24 hour military time formats for men and women. You can wear the paramedics emt watch when  showering or swimming.

This cheap watch for EMT and paramedics  male workers is designed ruggedly for ambulance service job and you won’t break bank buying this timepiece.

Other features include Calendar, Dual military time, alarm, shockproof, countdown, stopwatch, japanese battery and the backlight. Just avoid prolonged contact with water, to prevent moisture corrosion of the internal gears. Also avoid using it under extreme hot or cold temperature.

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Timex Full-Size Ironman Rugged 30 Watch

Timex Full-Size Ironman Rugged 30 Watch - digital mens watch for paramedicsbest EMT watches - 10 Best EMT Watches For Men - Insanely Affordable Watches For Male EMS, Paramedics

  • military time – 24 hour format
  • 3 time zones,  hourly chime
  • 100-hour chronograph with 30 laps/splits
  • 24-hour countdown timer
  • 3 daily/weekday/weekend alarms
  • Backlight: INDIGLO night-light

Timex’s Ironman Rugged 30 is an official watch of triathlon competition and a very useful EMT, EMS and paramedics watch. This rugged watch is designed to withstand and survive outdoor harsh environments.

If you have recently though about a waterproof watch for Ironmen and women for running, bikers and swimmers, this timex watch is a midrange -priced watch with water-resistance down to 100m feet.

With a re sin case and strap, the timepiece is very easy to clean to prevent infectious disease. Ambulance driver working for night shift need not worry – the Indiglo backlight offers excellent illumination in dark scenes.

Very cheaply priced, this timex under 40 dollars watch uses 24 hours time, and a rugged design that looks suitable for people with small wrists

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Casio Men’s MRW200H-2B2V Classic Analog Watch

Casio Men's MRW200H-2B2V Classic Analog Quartz Black Watchbest EMT watches - 10 Best EMT Watches For Men - Insanely Affordable Watches For Male EMS, Paramedics

  • waterproof: 100m water resistance
  • luminous: Glow in the dark
  • Design: Analog with accurate second hand
  • Strap: Resin band and watch face
  • Display: Day/Date Display
  • Simple watch

The Casio Men’s Sport Analog Dive Watch is another  great , durable and affordable EMS watch. With 20 dollars , you can have this analog watch on your wrist.

Its a great watch for nightly duties since it has an easy to read watch face,   large watch face with clear numbers and visible at night. If you love military time watches, this casio is one with  24-hour format without the need to change settings.

Another useful features for workers in medical field like paramedics and nurses is the  second hand for taking patient’s vitals.

In addition to the resin band that  is easy to clean, and the glow in the dark watch face, this outdoor paramedics watch is water-resistant down to 100m.

Wow, it looks like one of the only best casio dive watch. It can go for swimming, surfing, fishing and other water surface sports.  There’s no worry getting it wet.

The lightweight and the durable design is a plus for small wrist male emt workers. Additionally,  classic analog watch can withstand everyday beatings in emergency scenes, ambulance vehicle and emergency rooms. .

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SKMEI Large Face Digital Men’s Watch Sports – Waterproof LED Military Wrist watch with Chronograph and Alarm

SKMEI Large Face Digital Men’s Watch Sports Waterproof LED Military Wristwatches Chronograph Alarm Clockbest EMT watches - 10 Best EMT Watches For Men - Insanely Affordable Watches For Male EMS, Paramedics
  • 50m Water resistance
  • 12/24 hours settings
  • Alarm and Calendar Functions
  • Silicone Band

If you are looking for cheaper men’s watch with large and easy to read dial , SKMEI Sports Watch is a favorite timepiece under 20 dollar . In addition to the large face and the bright display, is the 12/24 hour military time format.

The second counter is great for recording vital signs when checking patients in ambulance vehicle or emergency room. Another interesting design is the silicone band that’s easy to clean of infectious fluid and blood.

Though it is very inexpensive, the 50m water resistance and shock resistance are durability features that make the male paramedics watch capable of enduring rugged beatings and the rigors of the ambulance services.

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Whimsical Unisex U0620024 EMT Navy Blue Leather Watch – Best Unisex watches for emt, ems, paramedics men

Best unisez watch for paramedic, EMT male workers - Whimsical Watches Unisex G0620024 EMT Navy Blue Leather Watchbest EMT watches - 10 Best EMT Watches For Men - Insanely Affordable Watches For Male EMS, Paramedics
  • case diameter: 42 mm
  • case material : Silver-tone stainless steel
  • Dial window: Met theme dial
  • Design: Gold Toned Stainless Steel construction
  • Band: Italian Leather
  • movement: Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Special: Second Hand For Vitals
  • Water-resistant : 50m

To appreciate these lifesaving men in the pre-hospital services, a Whimsical Watch can make a perfect gift watch for a male EMT. More especially, the watch is USA made timepiece and earns a ,lot of compliments for men.

This EMT Navy Blue Watch , features a high-quality Japanese-quartz movement, second hand for tracking victim’s vitals signs, and looks appealing with a good blend on EMTs, Paramedics and ER technicians.

This is one of the most affordable and great watches for emergency workers inside hospitals as well as in the field. The watch band is Navy blue Italian leather strap which is also water-resistant, enough to endure rains, and water splashes.

The gold toned stainless steel design is not only eye-catching for wearing during health services, you can also wear it for off duty outdoors

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Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch – One of Best mens watches for small wrists

Best mens watches for small wrists for paramedics, EMT, EMS, and ambulance driverbest EMT watches - 10 Best EMT Watches For Men - Insanely Affordable Watches For Male EMS, Paramedics
  • Dial window: Mineral
  • Display : Analog
  • Case material: Brass
  • Case diameter: 38 mm, thickness 9 mm
  • Band Material Fabric, length Unisex
  • band width :20 millimeters
  • Bezel material Brass and function Stationary
  • Special features: seconds-hand, Luminous
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Water resistant : 30 Meters

Timex Unisex Weekender is one of the best watches for small wrists men and women. The model comes with varied case sizes including 38mm, 40mm (chronograph) and 43mm large dimension, providing wide options to suit every man.

But the specific size and/or style of the 38mm timex Watch features a unique and classic design,that can accommodate most mens wardrobe. It is easy to interchange straps to have a matching band for sport, casual and formal outfits.

The small face 38mm watch on man’s wrist, is easy to read, even at night, thanks to the indigo backlight that glows and gives good legibility in the poor light conditions. Pretty suitable for night shifts for ambulance service men.

Other features include analog display, mineral crystal dial window, quartz movement, 12/24 hour military time, large and visible markers and the seconds hand for the purpose of recording vitals.

Like some of these mens watches for 6-inch wrists, the 38mm Timex weekender has good durability featuring a water resistant up to 30m and a solid brass case. I love this watch, its longevity takes several years of battery life

Timex’s Unisex Weekender Watch is suitable for pre-hospital professionals looking for an affordable watch for work and casual wears.

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