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What’s The Best dive watch under 1000? – Here’re Top 17 No-fail watches for diving Adventures

Dive watches are really James Bond kind of tool watches with rugged complications for timekeeping and activity tracking under the blue waters. There’re pretty good diver timepieces with huge variety of options for every budget. From millionaire, celebrity, athlete, navy and professional marine divers, we got the best quality timepiece that can suit every personal style. If you are running a scuba or wreck diving, you don’t need an actual diving computer or a lustrous Rolex Submariner to get started. At less than 1,000 dollars, there’re many best favorite ocean-going timepieces for you to pick during your dive planning.


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How We Selected These Great Dive Watches

Not all watches submersible to 300 meters(1000 feet), necessarily qualify for diving. We had already done the difficult task to narrow down to the very best quality divers watches.

We selected the timepieces from the best watchmaking brands and companies from japan to Switzerland. This list of overskill watches under $1000,  can withstand at least 20 ATM(water pressure).

If you have watches capable of resisting this high atmospheres of pressure, they can probably handle the day-to-day rough beatings. We also added some great diver watches from micro-brands, just to give a good measure for every budget. All you need is make the right choice and pick one suitable for your wrist.


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Suggested best dive watches under $1000

Here’s a list of ideal best watches, some for professional divers, others for hubby divers and all cost under $1,000 or less. We hope you’ll enjoy spending time in the blue sea with these superb dive watches for under 1,000 USD.

When you are picking a great dive watch to wear, choose one that can take even a divemaster to any depths.


How you can pick your ideal dive watch

When shopping for diving watch, the objective is how long does the ocean-going watch keep you under the water. This is pretty important for timing and anticipating your oxygen usage during long dive.

Use our guide to pick a watch that appeals to your unique style, so that you don’t switch dive watches frequently.

To wish you good luck, experts recommend you should always choose a diver timepiece that’s up to your expected standards, which in reality, depends on how long and how deep you intend to dive.

The waterproof rating importantly decides how deep  and how long your watch can accompany you when diving. For scuba diving to technical or  search and rescue diving your ideal dive watch should maintain at least 200 meters(660 feet) water resistance.

Certified Standards :

the ISO standard, IP67/IP68 is the voice of experts, you must consider. ISO 6425 standard determines whether your dive components gets protected under water pressure or not.

The Dive watch brand:

 It’s common to get lost deciding which is the best dive watch brands to look into. But while  seiko produces very affordable divers, rolex, omega, make high end, very expensive watches for diving. It depends where your budget limit is. But most professional divers do pick limited editions of expensively made luxurous divers. if you are a beginner diver, pick a watch that’s several hundred dollars and get started.

Dive watch dial color:

Not all colors are visible under water. Research has show that under 350 to 1400 m water depth,  the most visible color under water is fluorescent yellow-green. Red was found to be the least conspicuous color with on-water testing. If you want the best average color visibility under water, white, blue, green, yellow and black watch dials are preferable.


Best automatic Dive watch under $1,000

Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive Watch

Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive Watch (model:1551)

  • Water resistance: 300 meters
  • Movement: Swiss quartz
  • Dial, Display : Black, Analog
  • Case: 45 mm Carbonox
  • Band: 24mm Black, Rubber
  • Special: Self powered illuminating chronograph watch

Luminox makes pretty exceptional dive watches for marine search and rescue teams, and U.S. Navy SEALs. They crafted one of the best Deep Dive watches together with Scott Cassell – the American underwater explorer.

Constructed with a CARBONOX heavy duty watch case, and luminous dial markings and hands, this combat diving watch is rated 500m water-resistant. This watch is attractive timepiece for frogmen, a good blends with wetsuits and perfectly accurate in calculating ascent profile of a diver. This is a chronograph watch you need for exploratory and adventurous under-ocean activities.

Though this deep dive divemasters watch is a quartz movement and requires battery replacements,  it uses swiss self-powered lume that  glows without failing even down the depths of sea water. When buying this swiss made dive watch, expect at least 10 years of backlight illumination without failure.

Not only is this  multi-jewel Swiss watch water resistant, it is also shock resistant and capable of surviving every pressure beatings. It is one one best lume dive men’s watch we included in our review.

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Best titanium dive watch under 1000

When going for technical diving, wearing a somehow lightweight wrist watch is one important thing to consider. Titanium dive watches are so far the best lightweight watches  most deep divers prefer.

Victorinox Professional Diver Titanium Watch – Orange strap

best titanium professional dive watch - Victorinox I.N.O.X. Analog Quartz Watch with Titanium Strap, Orange, 22 (Model: 241845)

Victorinox – I.N.O.X. Professional Diver 241813, I.N.O.X. Titanium

  • Water resistance: 200 meters
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Dial, Display: Sapphire crystal, Analog
  • Case: 45 Titanium
  • Bezel: Titanium material
  • Band/Strap:  22mm ,blue-camo textile
  • Special: 24 hour Military time format, Anti magnetic movement

Victorinox is a certified professional-grade dive watch constructed from lightweight titanium and super quality swiss materials. The gaskets and the watch case are tightly fitted to withstand water immersion down to 200 meters depth.

This Swiss made  dive watch has undergone 130 extreme endurance homologation tests, ready to explore the darkest depth of the ocean.

The lightweight titanium watch is ISO 6425 certified and can resists high pressure and high watch drops. Its a comfortable paracord band divers watch, with anti magnetism, carefully engineered for precise ocean timekeeping.

With quartz movement for a precise timekeeping, beautiful watch face, the triple-coated anti-reflective sapphire dial protection and sandblasted stainless steel watch case, victorinox is the best durable diving watch for  hobby and professional divers.

This certified quartz timepiece uses 24-hour military time format, a survivalist dive timer with easy readability in everyday adventure and deep exploratory  diving to any depth.

Comes in variety of optional colors

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Best Beater Digital Dive Watch, Priced under $1000

Casio G-Shock Digital Dial  Men’s Watch 

best digital dive watch under 100 dollars - Casio G-Shock Digital Dial Resin Quartz Men's Watch

Casio G-Shock Digital Dial  Men’s Solar Watch (Model:GWF-1000-1jf)

  • Water resistance: ISO 200 meters
  • Movement: Solore Quartz
  • Dial, Display: Sapphire glass, LCD
  • Case: 51mm Stainless steel
  • Band: Plastic/Stainless steel
  • Special: 1/100 Chronograph, Solar powered, Tide & moon Data

Casio is excellent at making shock-proof watches, and this GWF-1000 is tough, solar powered and ISO 200 meters water resistant. Built with a full auto EL backlight with afterglow, this shock resistant divers watch remain illuminating at in any dark corner under the sea.

If you need to swim, snorkel of dive for just a period of time, this watch comes with a count-down timer and a 1/100 chronograph for fast timing. The solar power suggest this sea watch is great for other rugged outdoor activities – hunting, hiking and fishing.

The solar rechargeable battery need not be replaced, so its very economical for marine divers. This is one of the best frogman’s watches that Casio makes. Imagine that this watch is boiled, and ruggedly tested under 1000 ft and its atomic time keeps ticking perfectly.

Don’t miss this timepiece, it will accompany you everywhere. 51mm watch case is large, if you want a normal size casio diver, check this 43mm Frogman black solar G-Shock watch.

These watches boasts your diving with a unique dive measuring feature. The record-keeping onboard kit can even send you warning signals if you’re ascending towards the surface too quickly.

That is something you probably, would expect only from a Shearwater wrist dive computer.

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best Automatic blue dive watch (at Price Point Under 1000)

Tissot Men’s Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 – T1204071704100

Best blue dive watch under 1000 - Tissot Men's Seastar 1000 Powermatic

Quality Automatic Blue Dial Dive Watch for men

  • Water resistance: 300 meters
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Dial Window: Bue, Sapphire crystal
  • Display:Analog
  • Case: 43mm Stainless steel
  • Band: 21mm  Black Rubber
  • Special: seconds hand

Tissot Seastar 1000 is an outstanding best budget professional diving accessory. Supporting up to 30Atm atmospheres of pressure, the timepiece is attractive and functional for marine diving and water sports. The watch has a blue watch face, a perfect blend with the sea waters.

The incandescent silvered three hands and the markers help legibility under water. The bezel is uni-directional, comes with ceramic ring, the watch case made of 316L stainless steel and the adjustable  wrist sturdy rubber strap.

This 300m waterproof dive watch is a good build for a tough watch equipped with a Swiss-made automatic movement.

Its one of the automatic timepieces, constructed with scratch-resistant crystal cover over the blue dial. This maintains a rugged nature of outdoor watches but giving a modern, beautiful and elegant appearance of a grail watch.

Great dive watch for water sports with Powermatic 80.111 Swiss movement that provide power reserve up to 80 hours.

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Best Classy Luminous Dive Watch under 1000

Luminox Outdoor Mens Watch Atacama Field (XL.1924.M/ 1920 Series)

Best luminous dive watch under 1000 - Luminox Outdoor Mens Watch Atacama Field (XL.1924.M/ 1920 Series): 200m Waterproof Stainless Steel Bracelet Case Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal; Day & Date Indication

Luminox Outdoor Mens Watch Atacama Field (XL.1924.M/ 1920 Series)

  • Water resistance: 200 meters
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Dial, Display: Blue, Sapphire cover, Analog
  • Case: 45mm stainless steel
  • Band/strap: 26 mm stainless steel
  • Special:Luminox self-powered illumination, Date window

You want a dive watch that’s trusted by Navy Seal department? Here is a wardrobe classic dive watch from luminox. Its dial is arrayed with midnight blue sunray color, one that doesn’t get absorbed in the deep waters during diving.

This watch is rugged and beautifully designed for everyday casual and formal dress outfit. The hardcore stainless steel bracelet diver is aesthetic  and also makes it suitable for work, weddings, and some occasions, not just diving.

The Sapphire Glass Crystal covering over the dial with big readable Arabic Numerals, is anti-reflective, durable and rustproof. Combined with its metal case, you’ill see this formal dress divers watch is built tougher like a tank.

The waterproof rating of 200 meters doesn’t really make this timepiece choicest for marine rescue and professional wreck divers, yet recreational divers love it.

When you go snorkel deep inside the ocean, you’ll notice this swiss made watch comes with a tritium dial that makes a beautiful display in the waters and at night. Great suit-and-tie dive watch for James Bond.

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Best Luminous Leather Strap dive watch under $1000

Luminox Men’s Quartz Sapphire Glass Black Watch

Best scratch resistant sapphire crystal dive watch with leather strap - Luminox Men's A.1879.BO 1820 Series Quartz Sapphire Glass Black Watch

Luminox Men’s A.1879.BO 1820 Series Quartz Sapphire Glass Black Watch

  • Water resistance: 200m (660 feet)
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Dial, Display: Black Sapphire crystal, Analog
  • Case: 41mm stainless steel
  • Band/Strap: 23mm leather
  • Special: Bright lume, measures-seconds
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Best Blue Dive watch under 1000

Citizen Watches Men’s BN2038-01L Aqualand

Citizen Watches Men’s BN2038-01L Aqualand

  • Water resistance: 300 meters
  • Movement: Eco-Drive
  • Dial, Display: Blue, Analog
  • Case: 46 millimeters
  • Band: 20mm, Blue PolyUrethane strap
  • Special: second hand, no-metal-stamp (Fashion only), Date window

Citizen Eco-Drive™ made this dive watch  with excellence style for wearing.

Featuring a round stainless steel case an adjustable ocean blue polyurethane strap for wrist, a traditional buckle closure and four-hand display with Japanese quartz movement, this watch for diving is ISO compliant.

The gorgeous chronograph watch also comes with rapid ascent alarm, an auto start dive mode and  an hour power reserve. The Eco-Drive technology used for luminescence here makes the watch – powered by light, even artificial light.

Blue dial watch face features geometric hour markers, date window display, and the brand name. Water resistant up to 20 ATM/200 meters, you can do beach swimming,  snorkel and not professional scuba diving

If you want this Aqualand diving watch for a gift, it comes in a presentation box when when purchased.

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Best Professional Quartz Diver watch under 500

Citizen Eco Drive Promaster Diver Watch for Men, BN0150-28E

Citizen Eco Drive Promaster Diver Watch for Men, BN0150-28E

  • Water resistance: 300 meters
  • Movement: Eco-Drive
  • Dial, Display: Mineral crystal, Analog
  • Case: 44mm Stainless steel
  • Band: 20mm, Black PolyUrethane strap(plastic)
  • Special: screw back case, screw-down crown, light operated

Citizen eco drive watchmakers crafted this promaster watch uniquely for professional divers. With the Eco-drive light technology that’s the unique feature of citizens brand watches, they made sure no diver keeps relying on a watch battery. In-fact promaster is an everyday best quartz diving watch for the money, for those who want zero battery replacement and zero maintenance.

Waterproof rated at 200 meters, this citizen timepiece is a tactical diving watch suitable to wear in the shower, in professional marine swimming , snorkeling, surface water sports, and for scuba diving.

The reliability in timekeeping is the excellent work of the japanese quartz movement this watch uses. The stainless steel watch, the analog time display  and the anti-reflective  mineral dial protection are some features why this promaster is rugged and tougher wearable diver.

This citizen ISO-Compliant dive watch also features luminous 3- hand display, one-way rotating bezel, strap with adjustable buckle closure.

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Its one of the best tool watch to get for the perfect EDC.

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Best Military Specs dive watch under 1000 Dollars

Marathon Swiss Military Diver’s Quartz Watch (36mm)

Marathon Swiss  Military Medium Diver’s Quartz Watch (36mm)

  • Water resistance: 300 meters
  • Movement: Swiss quartz
  • Dial, Display: Sapphire Crystal cover, Analog
  • Case: 36 mm stainless steel
  • Band: unisex, Rubber
  • Special: US Government Specs, Government Contracting, Multipurpose

This is a tactical dive watch with military specs. Constructed in accordance with US Government tactical Specifications, you will trust this timepiece is a no-nonsense divers watch for the combat soldiers and divers.

This watch dial, hour and minute hands glow, and self-illuminated by a durable tritium gas tube. This watch does not lose its ability to glow even under the seawater( low light situations) to ensure a scuba diver gets constant visibility with good brightness.

What more could be expected from this search and rescue diver’s watch? Any professional diver need not worry about this wet watch, because it is indestructible watch and its Submersibility is rated up to 300 meters or 1000 feet Water resistant. Not only that, its constructed from 316L surgical grade stainless steel.

With a 3mm thick scratch-resistant sapphire that covers the watch dial, you it remains scratch resistant, shock absorbing and can’t easily shatter when banged or crashed.

The Switzerland made diver’s medium watch used ETA F06 high-torque 3 jewels in its swiss quartz movement with EOL (End-of-Life) indicator.

This marathon dive certified timer is one of the best and toughest dive watches for skinny water sport athletes. It gives an brilliant and comfortable looks for people with smaller wrists.

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Best German dive watch under 1000

Muhle Glashutte Men’s SeaBataillon GMT Watch

best german dive watch - Muhle Glashutte Mühle Glashutte Men's M1-28-62-KB ' SeeBataillon GMT' Blue Dial Black Rubber Strap Automatic Watch

Muhle Glashutte Mühle Glashutte Men’s M1-28-62-KB ‘ SeeBataillon GMT’ Blue Dial Black Rubber band Automatic Watch

  • Water resistance: 300 meters/30ATM/1000 feet
  • Movement: Japanese Automatic
  • Dial, Display: High Double Domed Sapphire, Analog
  • Case: 44mm Bronze
  • Band: 22mm, Black Rubber Strap
  • Bezel : Bronze

Unlike ZELOS Midnight Blue Hammerhead 2 that’s rated 1000m water resistant, the 44mm Sea-Timer Black Motion features a thick double anti-glare sapphire crystal and a solid screw-down crown that offers extra protection against water leakage, into the watch(waterproof rated up to 300 meters).

The TiC coating on the watch case creates an extremely resistant layer thicknesses, and contributes to increased hardness of the stainless-steel case.

The diver watch comes with stylish domed crystal covering on the dial and a dark textile strap produced from water-resistant fibers and comfortable rubber band.

The dive watch dial has a beautiful matte black colored nickel-plated hands, coated with bright white Super-Luminova for under seawater illumination.

Additional to these chock resistant features, the divers timepiece is constructed with SW 200-1 automatic movement for accurate timekeeping.

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Best Seiko dive watch under 1000

It’s hard to find the best value dive watch for the money, for few hundred dollars. Seiko makes the most affordable, best budget watches and if you are tight up financially, seiko has got you covered. If you’re a seiko fan and you want to pick best seiko diver watch,  explore these top  seiko dive watches, we picked for you.

Seiko SRP639K1 Men’s Prospex Automatic Dive Watch SRP639

Seiko SRP639K1 Men’s Prospex Automatic Dive Stainless steel case & Strap 200M WR SRP639 

  • water resistance: 200m
  • Dial:Hardlex
  • Case:47mm, stainless steel
  • band: men standard, 20mm, Rubber
  • Movement:Automatic

Seiko’s known brand with high quality cheap watches. Dive watches from seiko are super quality, aesthetic and tough.

This ISO-certified seiko diver is heavily constructed with rustproof stainless steel grade 316L and with screw-down crown and gasket, it can withstand up to 200-meter depth or atmospheres of pressure. At this depth rating, the piece is choicest for recreational diving .

The Sapphire crystal cover on the dial is durable, scratch-resistant, and favorite for more rugged outdoor activities.

This prospex is high-end costing a couple of hundred dollars over 1000 but for a low priced version that costs under 500, Seiko Men’s Automatic Analogue Scuba dive Watch SKX007K.

Check more options of Seiko diving watches on Amazon

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Best Swiss dive watch under $1000

SQUALE 1521 Blue Blasted 50 Atmos Men’s Diver 500M Watch

SQUALE 1521 Blue Blasted 50 Atmos Men's Diver 500M Watch - Squale watch, Mens watch, divers watch, Swiss watch, blue watch, 50atmos,
  • water resistance: 500m/50 ATM
  • Dial window:Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • band: 20mm, brown leather
  • Power reserve : 38 to 40 Hours
  • Dial: Sapphire crystal
  • case: 42mm stainless steel, satin bead-blasted finish
  • luminousity: Superluminova applied on hands and markers
  • Movement: Swiss  automatic, ETA 2824, mechanical and self-winding
  • Special: Screw-down Crown signed with “VON” logo, Screw-down caseback

This watch is one of the best dive watches constructed in  recognition of sheer quality of watchmaking engineering and timeless design by Squale founder decades ago.

Featuring in the list of 1521 collection of Squale watches,  every diver would like to pick it for every diving activity be it recreational or professional. The famous “von Büren” watch case is steel made and Super luminova treated hands and markers.

This classic 500 meter professional diver  watch precision is powered by Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic, self-winding movement that is hand windable.

Its an awesome great watch for watch enthusiasts who want to experience great diving  challenges at  depth rating over 500 meters.This watch steel version is shock resistance and indestructible,  and practically perfect for every water sports.

Another swiss automatic professional  diver is the luxurous is the squale matic brown watch with leather strap but has a depth rating over 600 m(60ATM) but costs under $2000.

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Best Women dive watch under 1000

How a lady hits the water doesn’t matter any longer, if she wears a Torpedo Watch by Momentum. Momentum is one of the best dive watch brands with good products. Momentum designed and built this ladies dive watches with styles and functions and hard-to-find simplicity.

Very rugged and useful for all types of applications: women’s sports, woman’s luxury shows, female fashion and wedding occasions. Having this timepiece means the woman settles for many options and purposes.

Torpedo Pro Dive Women’s Sports Watch

Women’s Sports Watch | Torpedo Pro Dive Watch by Momentum | Stainless Steel Watches for Women | Analog Watch with Japanese Movement | Water Resistant (200M/660FT) Classic Watch - Black / 1M-DV45B0

Women’s Sports Watch | Torpedo Pro Dive Watch by Momentum Watches for Women – Classic, Black Model: 1M-DV45B0

  • water resistance:200 meters
  • movement: japanese quartz
  • case: 30 mm stainless steel
  • strap/band: women’s standard, 14 mm
  • bezel : stainless steel, uni-directional
  • dial, display: black, mineral crystal, Analog
  • special: Double Locking Foldover Clasp

For women who love water sports, here is an ultra-tough budget dive watch from momentum watches.

The high waterproof rating and the classic timeless design from anti-corrosive solid stainless steel, all done at a price point just below 200 dollars – a very budget-friendly price range for every beautiful wife or girl-friend.

This giveaway diver is pretty beautiful on slender wrist. Additionally, the tough versatile 22mm diving grade band ,and the watch case are waterproof-tested up to 200M / 660FT, which makes it completely water resistant

This is a high-performance women diver watch are packed with no-nonsense superfluous functions. The fashionable women dive watch come equipped with Japanese Quartz Movement for precise time keeping while the luminous watch dial is offers maximum legibility for underwater adventures

This beautiful watch makes a lovable gift watch for her birthday, an anniversary or a special occasion. One best inexpensive dive watch we have in our review.

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Best Deep Blue dive watch under 1000

Master 1000 Automatic Diver Blue/RED Bezel Watch

best deep blue divers watch - Master 1000 Automatic Diver Blue/RED Bezel -Blue DIAL 20/30/40/50 Bezel

Master 1000 Automatic Diver Blue/RED Bezel -Blue DIAL 20/30/40/50 Bezel

  • water resistance: 300m
  • band/strap: 22mm blue silicone
  • case: 44mm stainless steel
  • Movement: automatic
  • Special: Date, Hour, Minute, Second and Stainless Steel with a Blue and Red (Pepsi) Ring

Master 1000 Automatic Diver watch is another great under water timepiece that’s looks elegant,  enhanced by its luminous grey hands. Bang this watch around, and it would survive without breaking.

Its silver-tone 316l stainless steel case, the strong and protective sapphire cover on the dial and the blue silicone band are toughly fitted together. This watch for diving is ready for any rough beatings under pressure.

The water colored dive watch is designed with an automatic movement and a one-directional bezel, it can support atmospheres of pressure up to 300 meters (1000) feet water resistance. The presence of the solid caseback and a screw down crown keeps it water-tight and leak-proof in water.

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Best luxury-looking dive watch under 1000 dollars

There are several watches for men just under $50, but can one really dive with a watch that cost him several thousand bucks?

Many professional and iconic water sports athletes go for luxury, not low profile diving watch brands. You’ill often find them choose from Rolex seadweller deepsea blue dial watch to rolex Submariner and to Omega Seamaster Diver.

However, Hamilton khaki navy frogman cost about $1000, yet it has appealing looks like one of the best luxury dive watches, expensive for diving.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Automatic Watch

Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Automatic Black Dial Mens Watch H77605135

  • water resistance:1000 meters
  • movement: Swiss automatic
  • case: 42 mm stainless steel
  • strap/band: 20 mm silver
  • bezel : uni-directional rotating
  • dial, display: black, sapphire crystal, Analog
  • special: Date, Hour, minute, Second

Here is a luxury boutique watch with black dial enhanced by luminous silver-tone arrow-shaped hands. Costing just about 1000 dollars, this watch is lustrous, with classy, fashionable appearance of men’s  rolex and the omega  high grail watches.

This homage watch has a tougher construction from its  silver-tone stainless steel case, the corrosion resistant band , the scratch resistant shock-proof sapphire. And with the well positioned gasket crown,  this boutique lux watch endures high pressures conditions under the ocean, up to a  depth rating of 300 meters.

For an excellent precision in ocean timekeeping, the watchmakers used automatic movement. This Hamilton H77605135 Khaki Navy Frogman automatic watch features uni-directional Rotating bezel, a solid caseback and a fold over clasp.

Hamilton Khaki Navy frogman 42mm watch is our best  high-end boutique dive watch under 1000(one thousand) dollars for every pro diver.

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Best 1000m professional diver’s watch under $1000

Pantor Seahorse 1000m Pro Automatic Dive Watch with Helium Release Valve

best professional diver's watch - Pantor Seahorse 1000m Big Size 45mm Pro Automatic Dive Watch with Helium Valve Rotating Bezel Sapphire Extension Buckles

Pantor Seahorse 1000m Big Size 45mm Pro Automatic Dive Watch with Helium Valve Rotating Bezel Sapphire Extension Buckles

  •  Case : 315L stainless steel,
  •  Water resistant: 1000m/3300ft Professional diver watches.
  •  Bezels: Stainless steel with Aluminum inlays
  •  Dial : Sapphire crystal cover on dial
  •  Illumination: Swiss C3 Super LumiNova
  •  Special : Automatic Helium Valve at 9H, Screw down crown
  • Bracelet:24mm, stainless steel,
  • movement: miyota 9015

At 1000 meters water resistance, Pantor Seahorse is the best professional diver’s watch with helium valve, a rotating bezel, sapphire dial cover, and  stainless steel bracelet fitted with extension buckle .

This automatic dive watch is built-specific for mens whose wrists fit perfectly in a 40 mm – 48mm diameter wrists watches.

This 46mm sea horse watch is one of the best waterproof watches under 1000 dollars for diving, with high quality finishing,

To help divers challenge the ocean exploration, Pantor innovatively constructed this seahorse timepiece and equipped it with a stable Miyota 9015 movement.

The automatic 100 ATM (1000 meters or 3300 feet) water resistance makes this pro dive watch, gain an unlimited practicality for daily life, marine diving and outdoor sport. It also looks aesthetic and blends with men’s causal wear and wardrobe for an occasion.

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best microbrand dive watch under 1000

Phoibos PX005B Men Diver Watch Swiss Quartz Blue

best microbrand dive watch under 1000 - Phoibos PX005B Men Diver Watch Swiss Quartz Blue

Phoibos PX005B Men Diver Watch Swiss Quartz Blue

  • Movement: Swiss Quartz Ronda 515 (battery operated)
  • Case diameter : Brushed stainless steel, 43mm
  • Back: Screw-in back
  • Crystal: Scratch Resistant Sapphire
  • Band: Rubber dive strap. 22mm lug
  • Water Resistant: 1000 meters

This is one of the deep most waterproof watches in our list, featuring a helium release valve  at 2 o’clock position, and grade 316L rust-proof stainless steel case construction.

This micro-brand dive watch comes with a screw down crown and can support many atmospheres of pressure during wreck diving. This watch could have been used for search and rescue of Titanic Ship wreck several decades ago.

Being water leap-proof at 100 ATM/ 1000 Meters/ 3300ft means,  it’s the best suitable ocean tool watch for swimming & snorkeling & scuba diving. Durable and scratch resistant, so the watch is pretty reliable for rugged water sports.

Made by experts hands. PHOIBOS microbrand dive watches are built to resist the most demanding condition for a very long time. This micro brand dive watch is a wonderful opportunity for guys on tight budget to become professional divers. This diving watch is worth more than $200.

Because the timepiece costs cheapest , fairly priced less than 200 dollars, I recommend it as the  best value dive watch no professional divers would believe it got a price tag far under 1000 USD.

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Alternatives To Dive Watches Under 1000 USD

Dive computers

Watches may not be appealing to every diver. If you’re one of those experienced divers who want to get into the jungle of seaweed with a tech wearable equipment much more than a watch, diving computers are for you.

There are powerful tools that can handle divers needs much more than a wrists watch, but are bulky to carry. Here are best divers wrist computer you may look at, alternatively.

  1. Oceanic Geo 4 Wirst Dive Computer – stylish watch for sporty diver with bluetooth connectivity and crisper digital numbers
  2. Shearwood Scuba Sage OLED – Air integrated Dive computer with bluetooth compatibility for iPhone/Android through App Divelog.
  3. Cressi Leonardo Underwater Diving Computer, Created in Italy, Quality Since 1946
  4. SUUNTO Zoop Novo Wrist Scuba Diving Computer – Programmable for 21% to 50% oxygen mixtures


Professional Luxury Dive Watches

Where budget is not an obstacle, rich professional and recreational divers go for the high-end, luxurous dive watches, ones with exceptional built styling. We have completed the task of finding the best  luxury dive watches over 5000 dollars for you.

  1. AP Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver  Watch with White Dial and stainless steel construction. It’s one of the best luxury diver watch which is waterproof rated at 300 meters.
  2. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch – 300 m water resistant glossy and overblown tool watch for authentic divers.
  3. Omega Men’s Seamaster Diver –  300m Co-Axial Automatic Swiss Automatic Silver-Tone Watch
  4.  Glashutte Men’s SeeBataillon GMT’ Blue Dial watch – German watch with Black Rubber Strap Automatic Watch
  5. Rolex New Sea-Dweller (116600 Stainless Steel) is a swiss made chronograph watch for diving with 3900 Meters (12800 Feet) water resistance unlike this Rolex Yacht-Master


Best Budget 200 meters Dive Watch under $100

What are the best inexpensive dive homage watches for wet water sports? most people don’t believe that for under $100, you’ll get a great deal of a good looking and functional dive watch. Here are some best affordable dive watches to look at.

  1. Vostok Amphibian  Russian Military Watch Auto Divers New 120509 / 2416b  – waterproof at 200m depth for recreational diving, just like this Scuba Blue watch
  2. Casio Men’s Diver Inspired  Casual Watch – ultra affordable dive watch made of stainless steel and quartz resin strap,  submersible down to 200m(660 feet)
  3. Momentum Torpedo Pro Dive Watch – best cheap dive watch for women


How to use Diver Watch Bezel

It is absolutely a very important part of diving expedition to know how to use the bezel for accuracy.



How to Maintain a Dive Watch

Keep servicing you dive watch and it would amazingly score you several years. You don’t need to hand over the diver watch to local repairman all times, that would get too costly. All that’s there is, you do general cleaning and replacements at basically no cost.


Wrap Up

You don’t really need a James Bond movie dive watch for the money, before you go snorkeling and diving. An optimal dive watch is one that suits and fulfills your diving needs. Dive watches for hardcore professional, divers comes with different specs from watches for hubby or recreational divers. However, you can choose to own the best value professional diving watch as recreational water enthusiast.

If you find it hard to make your purchasing decision, writes us below stating what you want your ideal dive watch to look and the watch brands that you love. We will send you an email in 5 business days, with the best divers watch options we analyzed and picked based on your need.

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