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10 Digital Nursing Watches – Best Digital Watch For Nurses and Doctors

You want the best watch for nurses with digital display? You are in the right place. There are many best watches for nurses, this article specifically selected digital watches for nursing students and active nurses. In the effort to guide you pick the best digital watch for nurses, we made sure we included digital nursing watches with second hand and those with 24-hour military time.  It is not an easy task finding a suitable digital nurse watch but we did our best to analyze few best watches for nurses,with digital dials, for you.

When choosing a proper medical watch, first time nursing students, active nurses and doctors, sometimes find it difficult to make a suitable decision of picking the best digital watch for nurses.

With many good watches for nurses available in the market, some medical professional don’t know which one suits them best. While a smartwatch or analog nurse watch with second hand, are helpful nursing watches for medics, a digital watch designed for nurses, is the most easy to use, but often ignored timepiece.

Price, design, display readability and comfort are all important factors to consider when you purchase a watch for medical purposes.

When looking for  the best watches for nurses that are easy to read, then, medical watches for nurses with digital display, are great options to buy. They are very functional, designed to be friendly and easy to read. Some of them offer additional functionalities that can probably make a huge difference inn nursing school or at work(hospital).


Some Watches you may be interested in


Smartwatch, Analog  or Or Digital nurses watch?

The question of what type of watch is best suited for the nursing job is not an easy one. If you are confused of choosing a analog, digital or smartwatch, you need to ask yourself some questions about the particular features you expect from it.

Apart from some features such as quick glance, sweeping second hand, watch face customization and health tracking, all watches come with luminous backlighting of their kind. If you want a watch that will particularly help you in managing medical procedures and assist when you are attending to nurses,then, analog and digital watches are good choice for nurses.

If however, you want to keep track of your own health as a nurse,keep fit and stay strong and ready for your nursing daily routines, then, a medical smartwatch can assist you achieve all that you need.

If you feel your nurse watch can easily get lost, picking an inexpensive watch designed for nurses is pretty a cool decision. The smart watch for nurses can be pretty expensive, costing more hundred dollars than an analog or digital nursing watch under $100. Such cheap nurses watches have no hassle of replacing it every-time something happens to it.

While looking for the best watches for  nurses with digital display,  here are some simple things to consider for the kind of watch you want to buy:

You should pick an analog wrist watch for nurses if

  • You don’t need smart phone notifications- text messages, calls and emails
  • You want a nurse watch that’s lightweight
  • You , as an outdoor paramedic nurse or firefighter, frequently break your watch
  • You are tight on budget(like nursing students)
  • You don’t want a watch that demands regular charging
  • you want to take pulse,vital signs and respiratory rates

Go with a digital watch if:

  • You have hard times reading analog wrist watches for nursing
  • You want the lightest watch available
  • You want to buy cheap inexpensive watches – when you’re on budget
  • You fear you’ll frequently lose / damage the watch

Buy a smartwatch in case:

  • You want a cellular smartwatch that makes calls without phone
  • you love to be notified of emails, text messages and calls without pulling out your phone
  •  you love a smartwatch that plays music, podcasts and comes with bluetooth earbuds
  • you are in situation that require data syncing or sharing into online community, friends and family
  • of personalization pursposes, you want changeable watch faces
  • of smart satellite navigation for outdoor adventures – if you want to have an outdoor watch with accurate onboard GPS and Topo mappings
  • having smart connectivities like bluetooth, Wi-FI is a priority for you
  • you want an expandable watch – a smart watch with fitness and health(wellness) tracking apps,


Best Digital Watch For Nurses

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a list of digital nursing watches, all you need is pick the best digital watch for nurses  and you are good to improve in your healthcare, midwife or nursing  profession.


best digital watch for nurses - good digital  watches for nurses

Img: Digital nursing watches


Best Digital Watches for nurses, students and doctors Reviewed

Lets take a look at some best digital watches for nurses and the medical professionals. You can pick the best g-shock for nurses if you love something ruggedly constructed for outdoor medical use. If you are a man, you are going to find that timex makes – one of the best watches for male nurses with digital display.

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In case you like both digital and second hand medical watches, read through and you will find a digital analog watch with second hand, for nursing workers and students. It is had to find a digital watch with sweeping second hand nursing school and healthcare workers but we got two in the review.


Dakota Watch Company Digital Clip Mini Watch with Water Resistance

Dakota Watch Company Digital Clip Mini Watch with Water Resistance - it is one of the clip on watches with digital display - one of the best watches for medical students and nurses with clip design, hourly chimes
  • Display: Digital
  • special:stopwatch, alarm with optional hourly chime, countdown timer, and dual time
  • Moon glow electro luminescent dial light
  • Integrated carabiner clip
  • waterproof: 100 feet water resistant
  • Constructed: Stainless steel case back

Dakota Watch Company Digital Clip Mini Watch – a digital clip mini nurses, watch is designed for outdoor sport, and  as a traveler’s timepiece,

The Dakota digital clip-on watch for nurses isn’t a wristwatch but a dynamic style nursing watch which can be clipped to  clothes.It is a typical watch for medical personnel such as a nurse, nursing students, doctors, surgeons

Apart from being a digital display watch, it has some special features such as the alarm hourly chime, stopwatch, countdown timer, dual time, and El Dial Light.

Like other clip watches for nurses, this digital mini watch has waterproof features. At 100 meter water resistance, it is capable of withstanding sweat, bloody fluid and splashes of water. Suitable for swimming and diving.

It is one of the handy and easily carried ladies clip watches, without stress. It works well for activities such as measuring lap/split time. The watch has an appearance that’s appealing and alluring, with its moonglow electro luminescent dial light.

This dakota is one of the best watches for medical students that’s lightweight, durable and comes with an integrated carabiner clip design, so you can always have it close to check the time.

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Women Multi Function Digital FOB Watch – Female digital Nurse Watch

Amyto Brand - Women Multi Function Digital FOB Watch Nurse Watch - one of nurses fob watches for midwives - personalized colourfull fob watch for nurses - nurse lapel pin watch with digital display
  • Display Type Digital
  • Case diameter 4.50 centimeters
  • Band Material Silicone
  • Band Color Purple
  • Dial color Black
  • Special features :Light, Stop watch, Alarm clock
  • Movement Quartz

 Amyto Brand – Women Multi Function Digital FOB Watch For A Nurse 

If you are looking for easy to carry watches to ensure patients’ medications are given at the correct time intervals, then  personalized nurse watches are good for medical practitioners – like a nurse or midwife.

Since most of these silicone fob watches have much more purposes than just tell time, a purple silicon fob watch with a digital display like this one, is choicest for working nurses

Comes with night light and an easy read digital dial. Other features include, date, week, calendar, alarm and stop watch functions. For outdoor  use,this portable timepiece is also considered a suitable paramedic fob watch for everyday emergency use. The durable safety pins helps to protect you carefully.

This fob watch has a  more comfortable easy to clean strap, it is also dust-free.You can use 75% alcohol to clean the silicone. In my opinion, if you want a special gift for a midwife, or any female nurses, this watch is a beautiful medical tool watch with digital display, that you may want to consider.

If you love to have it different, know that this watch is designed in many colors and the blue version Grow0606 Digital Silicone Nurse Doctor Pocket Watch.

If you don’t know how to set your nurses fob watch for midwives up,you may want to follow this digital fob watch instructions to set time on your watch.

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Casio Women’s BG169R-7A “Baby-G” Watch – Ladies waterproof digital nurse watches

Best watches for nurses - women workers - Casio Women's BG169R-7A "Baby-G" White Resin Sport Watch -  best waterproof watches for nurses - waterproof watch for nurses
  • Dial window material type Mineral
  • Case material Resin
  • Case diameter 42.6 millimeters
  • Band :Material  white Resin, length womens, width 20 millimeters
  • Dial : colored,  Digital
  • Bezel: material Resin,  function
  • Special features: alarm-feature, Shock resistant, Water Resistant, Calendar Day-Date-Month
  • Movement Japanese Quartz
  • Water resistant depth 660 Feet(200m)

Casio Women’s BG169R-7A “Baby-G” White Resin Sport Watch is a multi-function white female nurse watch with shock resistance, alarm, stopwatch, and 12/24 hour  military time formats for a midwife and other medical practitioners .

If you want a durable shockproof woman’s watch for nursing students and nurses that has rugged construction, pick this one. This nurses watch resists shocks, wear and tear. This g-shock is a tougher timepiece made for women in nursing field.

the waterproof resistance of 200m makes it good for rescue diving. A great piece for outdoor marine nurses and EMT and Paramedics.

It is highly waterproof for any underwater adventures – snorkeling, deep sea diving,beach swimming and showering. In general, you can take it for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports, but not scuba diving.

The 43 mm resin women’s watch case comes with a mineral dial window, that protects the inner watch face from dust, water and fluids.

this nurses watch comes with LED backlight that illuminates brightly in poor light conditions.

The Band Material is made of Resin with  womens standard length and it’s easy to clean and sterilize of blood , body fluids and sweat.

If you want a baby g which has  both analog and digital displays, then check out this Casio womens rugged nurses watch – the best digital analog watch with second hand for nurses, doctors and medical experts.

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Timex Full-Size Ironman Sleek 50 Resin Strap Watch – digital military time watch for nurses

Timex Full-Size Ironman Sleek 50 Resin Strap Watch - Timex digital nursing watch - a digital military time watch for nurses - Lightweight Performance Design with Stainless Steel Top Ring Sports Stopwatch with 50 Lap Memory & Interval Training Timer
  • Lap memory recall 50, Lap counter 99
  • 24-hour countdown timer with ability to repeat up to 99 times
  • Dial window material type Acrylic,Gray color
  • Case: material Resin,  diameter 38 millimeters
  • Band Material 16mm black Resin,  length Mens Standard
  • Bezel material Resin,  function Stationary
  • Special features: Chronograph, Calendar Day-Date-Month,Indiglo Light-Up Watch Dial
  • Movement Quartz
  • Water resistant depth 328 Feet(100m)

Features of Timex Full-Size Ironman Sleek 50 Resin Strap Watch – digital military time watch

Are you  looking for a quality wristwatch that meets the requirement for a nurse watch in design and the display?. This timex nurse watch is the best pick as it  also comes with a lightweight design with a stainless steel top ring.

The integrated ergonomic black resin strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference, a good wrist size for young nursing students and women nurses

With 3 customizable alarms, students in nursing schools can waker up or attend medical lesson on time. The  24-hour military time mode is special and useful for medical time recoding and administration of medications.

The 38mm tough resin case, and the acrylic lens   are features that keep this digital nurse watch with military time, well equipped for medical experts in everyday battle to save peoples lives.

With a water resistant up  to 100m (330ft), the sporty style nursing watch is, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not diving.

Athletic nurses can also use this watch for some other activities such as running, swimming, cycling as it has special features such as stopwatch, 50 lap memory, and interval training timer. Other features include 100-hour chronograph with 50-lap memory; interval training timer; 24-hour countdown timer and the calender

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Like other glow in the dark watches, the medical digital wristwatch has an Indiglo light-up watch dial to help see the time even in the dark.

More suitable for a committed job like nursing is the fact that the watch doesn’t add any weight as it comes with breathable Co-molded resin strap with buckle closure that gives a snug fit on any wrist.

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Casio Men’s G-Shock Quartz Watch (Model: GWM5610-1)- watch for a nurse with solar power

Casio Men's G-Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap - One of the top waterproof watches for nurses.it is also a shock resistant digital nurse watch with quartz atomic timekeeping
  • Dial window material : Mineral
  • Case: material Resin, diameter 46.7 millimeters
  • Band: Material black 20mm Resin, length 8 Inches
  • Dial color Gray
  • Bezel material Resin, function Stationary
  • Special features Light, Chronograph, Shock resistant
  • Movement Quartz
  • Water resistant depth 660 Feet(200 meters)

This Casio Men’s G-Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, is a casual solar-powered watch with shock resistance and features multiple functions including multi-band atomic timekeeping,  EL backlight, and five daily alarms.

The 1/100-second stopwatch, countdown timer, full auto-calendar, battery indicator, and power-saving function are additional features to give users variety of option in timekeeping.

The water resistant of 200 m (660 ft) makes this numeric watch suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports, but not scuba diving. Its one of the best waterproof nursing watches with digital dial.

Auto EL backlight helps in situations without light, especially useful for nurses and doctors working in the night shifts at the hospital. Unfortunately, the auto light feature won’t work when watch’s battery level gets low.

The battery life lasts about 10 months after full charge (without any other exposure to light). This is particularly one of the useful digital watches for nurses and other medical expert working in a combat field.

With the Tough Solar and Multi-band 6 Atomic Timekeeping technology, you can expect nothing apart from  accurate time telling from this slim profile digital  nurses watch. This mens rugged watch can also receives time calibration radio signals to sync  and display numeric time accurately.

If you want one of the best digital nursing watches for outdoor use, this mens digital watch comes with a Tough Solar Power and a large-capacity rechargeable battery to provide power to some energy-hungry functions.

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Timex Ironman Essential 30 Watch – one of best military time digital watches for nurses

Timex Ironman Essential 30 Watch - large displat digital watch for nurses - one of best digital nursing watches for men and women
  • Brand : Timex
  • Dial window material : Acrylic
  • Case :material Resin, diameter 42 millimeters
  • Band:Material is white Silicone,  length Mens Standard, unisex
  • Bezel material: Resin
  • Special features: Lap timer, Calendar Day-Date-Month
  • Movement Quartz
  • Water resistant depth: 100 Meters

If you are looking for a simple digital white nursing watch that is just the right size and easy to read in dark with Indiglo backlighting, this timex nurses watch is a good timepiece that doesn’t not get you blinded at night.

This white digital nurse watch comes with an adjustable white 18mm silicone strap that can fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference. Like most silicone watches for nurses, this white strap design makes it the best digital watch for nursing school. This  is particularly useful for female student and nurses with small wrists and some midsize wrist male professionals.

Featuring a nice large readable display that makes the watch dial undeniably readable without any eye strain, this time piece also has a 100-hour chronograph with 30-lap memory, a 24-hour countdown timer and 3 daily alarms.

That’s not all about this large display digital watch, that, but more importantly for nurses, is the 24-hour universal time system – a  military time format used for standard chronological measurement worldwide in hospitals.

Constructed with a black 42mm resin case and a acrylic lens featuring a gray digital display, the water resistance of up to 100m makes this white digital nursing watch suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not diving.

Timex Ironman Essential 30 Watch – large display digital watch for nurses, is one of best digital nursing watches for men and women.

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G-Shock GG-1000 Digital nurses watch – paramedic digital watch with second hand

G-Shock GG-1000 Digital nurses watch - overall construction and build quality is excellent - paramedic digital watch with second hand - one of the best watch with analog digital display - It is also the best rugged indestructible watch for Marin Nurses, EMT, Paramedics and firefighters
  • Dial window material : Mineral,color – beige
  • Display Type:Analog-Digital
  • Case: material Resin,  diameter 48 millimeters
  • Band: Material Stainless Steel, length 10.5 inches, width 27 millimeters
  • Bezel material Stainless steel,function Stationary
  • Special features: Shock resistant, Compass, World time, Timer, Stop watch
  • Outdoor use: compass, barometer, thermometer, altimeter
  • Movement Quartz
  • Water resistant depth 660 Feet (200 meters)

About This Watch

If you want a nearly indestructible nurse watch that can survive any terrain when you go outdoor, you have landed on the right one. And more important for health services, if you are a fan of nurse watches with sweeping second hand, this G-Shock is a rugged digital watch that comes with an analog second hand.

The rugged stainless steel bezel construction features an uncommon durability enhanced by its shock resistance, an ISO 764 Class Magnetic Resistance and a tough mineral glass cover.

This shockproof, tough and sturdy design, makes this abc watch an excellent timepiece for outdoor adventures, firefighters and if you think about medical field, this is a nicer timepiece for ambulance nurses, EMTs and paramedics.

Very suitable for hunting,hiking trails and water sports, this Casio ruggedly design analog digital watch comes with interchangeable bands. You can often swap the strap to fit your need and for nursing, a white band can pretty much be a good blend.

One  feature that i admire with this watch is, in addition to the tough designs, its waterproofing capability rated at 200 m water resistance, makes it suitable for fishing, diving swimming and snorkeling. Nurses and Paramedics and use it for  marine(rescue diving) operations.

I honestly love this, it is the best digital watch for nurses and outdoorsmen. As precaution, if you get hazy condensation on the inside of your watch crystal, use these 5 simple steps to get moisture out of your watch quickly

G-Shock GG-1000 Digital nurses watch – overall construction and build quality is excellent – paramedic digital watch with second hand

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Armitron Sport Women’s Digital Watch – womens digital watch with military time

Armitron Sport Women's 45/7053 Digital Resin Strap and military time Watch - best digital military time watches for women and midwife
  • Dial window material :Acrylic
  • Case material Acrylic, diameter 36 millimeters
  • Band Material Resin, length Women’s Standard, width 19 millimeters
  • Dial color Gray
  • Bezel material Resin, function Stationary
  • Movement Quartz
  • Water resistant depth 330 Feet (100m)

It is common knowledge that not everyone likes analogue dials watches. When it comes to making a quick glance on a wrist watch during emergency situation in the hospital, a digital nurse watch makes it easier to read the hour.

Not common with analogue models of nursing watches, this digital sports watch comes with day of the week and the date, but not the month nor the year.The Armitron digital sports watch for nurses is also easy to read with an hour maker that glows in the dark as it has a button to turn on the light.

With its good water resistance, just like other waterproof watches for nurses, you can wear this Armitron slim watch while swimming as long as you don’t go deeper than 330 feet.

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For a comfortable fit on wrist, the watch band is made of resin and the closure is made of steel, so you’ve got no allergic issues. one other nice features this item has are its dual time zone, up to 3 alarms and lap timer.

Given its lightweight design, no nurse would feel bothered having this Armitron Sport Women’s 45/7053 Digital( a Resin Strap and military time Watch) on her wrist, especially as there are many band holes to help make the digital nursing watch as tight or as loose as possible.

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Timex Expedition Digital Watch – best male nurse watch with numeric display

Timex Expedition Digital Chrono Alarm Timer 33mm Watch - casual digital outdoor watch is designed to withstand the rigors - one of the best watches for male nurses - timex expedition is an elegant watch designed for male nurses
  •  Watch brand: Timex
  • Dial window material : Acrylic
  • Case: material Resin, diameter 33 millimeters
  • Band :Material Gray & Blue Nylon, length Women’s Standard, width 18 millimeters
  • Bezel: material Resin, function Stationary
  • Special features: alarm-feature, Water Resistant, Chronograph
  • Movement Quartz
  • Water resistant depth: 100 Meters

medical features

Timex Expedition Digital Chrono Alarm Timer 33mm Watch – is a casual digital outdoor watch that is designed to withstand the rigors.

The timex nurse watch  comes with adjustable gray & blue striped 16mm nylon  strap with  7.5-inch wrist circumference. It makes a good fit for small wrists men and women.

An expedition digital watch like this one is a rugged outdoor watch – a good companion to travel or conquer the highest mountain peaks. outdoor loving medical professionals who want to discover the freedom to explore  the outdoor can choose to pick this great outdoors watch.

The built-in chronograph  chronograph functionality of the Timex Expedition Digital collection  watch would help every nurse to to track personal bests.

Another amazing feature that can help in attending to patients at night is the Indiglo Backlight technology. this timex nursing watch  comes with a revolutionary Indiglo back-light technology, that provide illumination of during nightly active shifts.  in the dark.

For health assistance occupations, i recommend this timepiece as one of the best watches for male nurses. Not only than, it is one good mens watch for nurses with military time format.

The timepiece received much of the attentions, also thanks to its Unisex appeal (and variety of colors). I strongly and frankly believe this nurse digital watch will suit  most male and female nurses thanks to its aesthetic unisex preferences.

The watch construction features a lightweight , durable, comfortable and extremely easy to clean resin material.

The robust design in this digital  sports watch also include a stopwatch, built-in alarm, and a countdown timer. These features are very helpful for nursing school students and even committed active nurses in clinics and hospitals.

Finally and more essentially for any medical professional looking for a mens nursing watch that’s good for punctual timekeeping, this timex nurses military time watch is a highly recommended choice for male nurses.

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Casio Women’s Classic Quartz Watch (Model: LA-11WL-7ACF)– best white watch for nursing school students with digital dial

Casio Women's Classic Quartz Watch with Leather-Synthetic Strap, White, 14.8 (Model: LA-11WL-7ACF) - digital white watches for nurses - this CASIO is a good white nurses watch that blends with white medical clothings
  • Dial window material type Glass
  • Case :material Resin, diameter 25.5 millimeters
  • Band : material artificial leather,  length Women’s Standard, width 14.8 millimeters
  • Band Color White
  • Bezel material Resin, function Stationary
  • Special features Stop watch
  • Accuracy at normal temperature: +_ 30 seconds per month.
  • Movement Quartz

Nursing features

Casio Women’s Classic Quartz Watch  is another nurse watch for women, durably constructed with resin for watch case and bezel material and a white leather strap.

The leather band is white colored and mid-sized for ladies in the medical profession. Even skinny male doctors and nurses can find this watch very comfortable on their wrist.

other features include the resin glass cover, a 1/10-second stopwatch for fast event timing, a countdown timer, a wake up daily alarm for students and active medical personnels.

The hourly time signal(chimes) is very useful in emergency situations to keep the medical practitioners informed of the top-of-the-hour time, especially in surgery, when there’s isn’t enough time to take a glance on the wrist watch to read time.

in addition to  the auto-calendar and regular timekeeping, this beautiful women’s watch for a nurse comes with a battery life that lasts up to 2 years.

Whether you want to use this digital white watch for  sports or nursing, the fact remains that it is a casual classic ladies watch fitted with leather strap to own. This white nursing watch can make an unforgettable gift for a midwife, girl-friend or student nurse during a grand occasion .

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Casio Women’s  Baby-G Watch – best digital analog watch with second hand for female nurses

Casio Women's BA-111-1ACR Baby-G Analog-Digital Display Quartz Black Watch - digital analog watch with second hand - CASIO Baby g is an analog digital watch with second hand
  • Dial window material type Mineral
  • Display Type: Analog-Digital
  • Case: material Resin,  diameter 46.3 millimeters
  • Band : Material Resin,  length Womens-Standard,  width 43.4 millimeters
  • Dial color Black
  • Bezel material Resin,  function GMT
  • Special features Timer, Chronograph, Stop watch
  • Movement : Quartz movement with analog and digital display
  • Water resistant ratings:  330 Feet (100m)

About this female nurses watch

This Casio Women’s BA-111-1ACR Baby-G  is another shock-resistant watch we have got in this review. Its is our best digital watch for nurses with both analog and digital display.

With its amazingly tough round watch, this watch is made for women who can step outdoor for sports, adventures or to perform tough tasks like EMT/EMS emergency rescue, firefighting and police.

Being shockproof watch, this watch can survive bangs and crashes against ambulance(or firefighter ) vehicle without breaking.

Featuring an uncommon design, the display is both analog and digital. The analog display comes with a sweeping second hand that is very useful for taking patients vital signs, respiratory rates, pulse and heart rates.

The digital display offers quick glance easy readability, especially with the LED backlight that brightly glows during the night or in dark rooms. The 46mm nurse watch resin case seems bigger for women, but you can always change the strap to a comfortable and fitting one.

The water resistance of up to 100 m (330 ft) makes this quartz black watch suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not scuba diving

Other important features in this baby-g analog-digital display watch, that’s required in good nursing watches include daylight savings on/off, stopwatch, full auto calendar programmed until 2099, 12 and 24 hour military time formats and five daily alarms.

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Wrap Up

Finally, we hope you got the best suitable digital nurses watch for yourself. If you are still confused about the best watches for medical students and nurses, that is suitable for you, i recommend you pick one of these smart watches for nurses.

However, If you didn’t pick any from our list of best watches for nurses, students or doctor, u se the form below to tell us features you want to have in your ideal digital watch for nurses. We will gladly respond to your email with beautiful suggested digital medical watches that suit your needs.


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