11 Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Watches

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Looking for the best blood pressure monitor, watch for your wrist? We checked around and got you these best smart watches with blood pressure monitor. They are wrist blood pressure monitor watches, not upper arm inflatable cuffs like the Omron BP devices for home.


You don’t need to have hypertension before you check your blood pressure numbers. Even if you have a family without high blood pressure (BP) patients, it remains vital to still keep tabs on your blood pressure(BP) levels, just like you would regularly do with stress and heart rate.

Like heart rate, blood pressure measurement uncovers early signs of potential health problems like cardiac disease and stroke. Without a constant tracking of your blood pressure level, your dieting can raise your BP without you noticing it.  When your BP becomes undiagnosed and untreated, it will probably cause more sleep, kidney, sexual and optic nerve problems.

We have seen that upper arm blood pressure cuffs are more consumer-friendly and more accurate blood pressure monitors for home use. Unfortunately, those inflatable upper-arm cuffs are bulky, and uncomfortably not very portable to carry in backpacks or suitcases.

I Know you are probably wondering if wrist blood pressure watches are as accurate as medical arm-cuffs in a cardiologist’s office. Hard to tell, but let us go surprise ourselves.


best blood pressure monitor watch - Samsung, Apple, Omron, heart rate trackers - smartwatches that measure blood pressure
best blood pressure watch


How good is the smart watch blood pressure accuracy?

Healthcare dedicated blood pressure monitors like the Omron upper arm cuffs provide more accurate BP data than wrist -worn devices(AHA ). Just like water pressure in a tank relates to its depth or height, accurate blood pressure is the one taken at the heart level.

Being close to the heart is the reason why upper arm blood pressure cuffs are more accurate that finger, wrist and ankle BP monitoring wearables. Is the fitness watch blood pressure accuracy trustworthy or reliable?


How accurate is a blood pressure monitor watch?

The best way to test your BP watch’s accuracy is to wear your best blood pressure watch on your wrist, and also tie the upper-arm cuffs. You can also make an appointment and go to your cardiologist’s office.

While she is taking your BP with upper arm cuff or sphygmomanometer, wear your own blood pressure monitoring health watch and raise your wrist to your heart level. Then compare the two BP readings from cuffs to that of the health watch.

Blood pressure watches are less accurate and manufacturers, and health technologists recommend you raise and hold your wrist close to, at your heart level. This instruction is the better way to get the most accurate reading from a wrist-worn Blood pressure smartwatch.

We found some good BP watches that offer very close readings as the sphygmomanometer or the wrist cuff medical devices that give blood pressure readings in hospitals. So which should you choose a watch that detects blood pressure over the widely used traditional arm cuffs?

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Benefits of Blood pressure monitor watches

i know you are waiting to find the top rated blood pressure monitor watches we have selected. Yes, you’re just a step away to finding them out. Bu lets us see some advantages a watch that tracks your blood pressure offers you.

 cardiac catheterization is expensive

It is a costly procedure to perform a cardiac catheterization (inserting flexible tune into the larger artery, into coronary arteries in the heart) to determine pressure and blood flow in the heart.

Also, you know need to wait until you develop hypertension before checking your BP. Untreated hypertension can lead to congestive heart failure – a condition where the heart is unable to pump blood due to untreated high blood pressure and other infection.

regular blood pressure checks

Blood pressure monitor watches track BP and still issue alerts when you have high and low blood pressure values. With the best smart watch with blood pressure monitor, you can read your BP regularly. A constant blood pressure monitor watch can still be able to accurately track your health data including sleep, skin temperature, menstrual period, breathing rate, stress, and more.

reduces your frequent visit to cardiologist

One economic advantage of wrist blood pressure smartwatches is they reduce fuel expenditure to the hospital for BP check up. It is not practical to be driving miles away, every day, to see your cardiologist read your blood pressure just once in a day. Still, there is a possibility that patients can queue up or wait in line in front of the  doctor’s office.

patients become health conscious

As you grow older, you start living a sedentary lifestyle and there comes the need to frequently check blood pressure to uncover health complication lurking beneath the skin. With a wearable blood pressure monitoring on the wrist, patients can read blood pressure and only let doctors prescribe and adjust their medications, recommend diet, walking, yoga and other cardio exercises.

BP watches also track heart rate, oxygen, ECG

The wrist based BP devices also have capability to track blood oxygen levels, some have ECG scan, heart rate, pulse rate, calorie consumption, and have time and date function. Many smartwatches in the market claim to track blood pressure, some do track BP, others don’t and many don’t even have FDA-approval.

Wearable BP watch Can prevent hypertensive emergency.

A regular blood pressure check with BP watches can detect early signs of severe elevation of blood pressure, which may cause organ damage -brain damage, and kidney damage, in addition to heart attack, or heart failure.


Top smart watches with blood pressure monitor

We earnestly believe these watches we have selected can uncover early signs of hypertensive emergency so that you can alert your doctor earlier. Nobody wants to suffer hemorrhagic stroke, see protein in the urine, and experience arterial bleeding due to sudden high blood pressure or spikes.

We chose the best blood pressure watches here based on their reliability of their data. Bases on owners reviews, we selected the best watches to monitor blood pressure if they offer accurate or almost-accurate blood pressure reading.

Moreover, the reputation of the manufacturers played a part as they won’t just make an unfounded claim about their products. Choose your ideal wrist watch blood pressure monitor from this list below.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – android watch with blood pressure monitor

Apple Watch Series 6 – best apple watch blood pressure watch with ECG+EKG

Omron HeartGuide – FDA-Approved and most accurate blood pressure watch

MorePro Fitness tracker –  wearable vital signs monitor with Blood pressure

Yamay Fitness tracker with blood pressure monitor and heart rate

FitVII Smartwatch – Best budget blood pressure monitor watch


Let us review each of the BP watches shown here.



Best blood pressure monitor watches Reviewed

BP machines in the hospital offer the most accurate, consistent blood pressure results. Except for a smart watch designed specifically for the blood pressure monitoring purpose, it may not make sense to choose a smart watch with blood pressure monitor. Moreover, most of the wearables are fitness trackers with blood pressure tracking as an added feature.

Blood pressure checking watches can be very accurate in reading BP, but are not used on a larger scale like upper arm cuffs in cardiologists’ office. Wrist BP monitors still need more studies on their reliability of providing health data.

But if you want to have at least a gadget on your wrist that will tell time, and still help to read blood pressure monitor several times in a day, blood pressure monitor watches are the only option.

Again, if you love to check both your blood oxygen level, heartbeat, and blood pressure, choosing a fitness tracker or smart watch with blood pressure and heart rate monitor is the best choice.  We included fitness trackers and smart watches that check blood pressure and heart rate.




Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – Android WearOS watch for blood pressure check

Galaxy Watch 4 : One of the best android smartwatches that measure blood pressure, heart rate, sleep, pulse oximeter
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 44mm Smart Watch LTE :  android smartwatch that measure blood pressure

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Samsung Galaxy watch is a powerful smartwatch for fitness and health, aluminum built, 1.4 inch AMOLED, lighter and sporty in appearance. The wearOS -powered Galaxy watch 4  and monitors all standard health metrics including steps, calories burn , heart rate and sleep tracking.

But can Samsung watch monitor blood pressure? Yes, with its bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor (BIA) and PPG technology, Galaxy 4 is a full android smart watch that checks blood pressure accurately.

Samsung active blood pressure watch PPG sensor uses light to measure blood pressure in your arm.The sensor sends light that detects the pattern of movement of blood in your veins and arteries and uses the information to provide BP reading.

FDA does not approve of this blood pressure technology, which emits light into the human body and analysis the reflected light coming from the tissues using photodetectors.

The Samsung Galaxy 4 smartwatch pressure blood PPG sensor does not only track your blood pressure. The watch also reads your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. Samsung Galaxy 4 also has the capability to check your sleep, stress levels, women’s menstrual cycle and overall healthcare.

With the help of the bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor (BIA) which is a new addition, this galaxy watch blood pressure is more accurate than readings from the Samsung Galaxy watch active 2. Yet, both watches are Samsung smartwatches that checks your blood pressure and heart problems.

As the BIA sensor checks the resistance of current flow in your body, it uses it to calculate your body fat percentage and other health data. In fact, for a serious health focused user, Samsung Galaxy 4 is the best smartwatch with blood pressure and heart rate monitor to wear on wrist all times.

Reason to buy

  • Advanced navigation features, including GPS for exploring routes
  • Advanced fitness and sport watch that can take blood pressure while you exercise
  • Has a variety of advanced health tracking sensors
  • All metrics are available in a compatible Samsung blood pressure app
  • Best smartwatch with ECG and blood pressure tracking
  • Affordable, 50m waterproof and durable
  • Has lightweight, sleek design and comfortable to wear
  • Some models have LTE and NFC payments
  • Large memory 16GB, and big display 1.4” AMOLED

Why should you avoid?

Battery can’t even last 48 hours due to many energy hungry functions. 40 hours is battery life on normal conditions. Sometimes, it gets slow to be charged fully according to some users.



Apple Watch Series 6 – Best apple watch blood pressure monitor for iPhone

Apple watch series 6 : The most advanced smartwatch with a blood pressure monitor. You will be glad you bought this gadget as your best Smartwatch with Blood Pressure Monitor app.
Apple watch series 6 :  Smartwatch with Blood Pressure Monitor app.

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As Samsung Galaxy watch works best for Android, Apple watch series 6 is a compelling option for iPhone users. In the world of smart and high-tech wearables, Apple watches and some swiss smartwatches, are game changers.

Apple watches are designed with flawless aesthetics, style and best of all, a unisex design. Both for men and women, it looks fashionable, sporty and has a charming elegance on wrist.

There is a lot to tell about what apple watches can do, including making and taking calls without phone, sending and replying to text messages, streamlining and playing music on the go, tracking fitness and health.

But can apple watch measure blood pressure? Sad to say, Apple Watch Series 6 can’t measure blood pressure directly. It is the best smartwatch for heart problems, but it has no blood pressure tracker of its own.

Rather, An Apple watch that tells your blood pressure has to pair with a separate BP device like QardioArm or Moron Evolve (bought separately). Since Apple watch 6 is not a wearable with blood pressure monitor sensor built in, you can only pair with the BP device and check your blood pressure via the health App.

The good thing is that the compatible blood pressure devices that Apple pairs to, are approved by the FDA. Despite lack of proprietary blood pressure tracker, Apple watch still has sensors for monitoring heart rate, SpO2 (blood oxygen), electrocardiogram (ECG + EKG), sleep, calories, fitness activities, and GPS.

The latest model is Apple watch series 7, with more upgrades. Both Apple watch 6 and Apple watch 7 are high-end smartwatch, iPhone blood pressure monitors, with a variety of hues, sedentary moods and more. The apple watch blood pressure monitor app works perfectly only for iPhone users, not for android owners.

Does apple watch track blood pressure? No, apple watch check blood pressure indirectly using separate medical BP devices paired to it.

Pros : Why should you buy?

  • most advanced smartwatch with a blood pressure monitor
  • comfortable to wear iPhone blood pressure monitor watch
  • You can swim with an apple watch. Apple watch 6 is waterproof.
  • Always-on- display is useful when biking or pounding a treadmill
  • Lightweight aluminium case and durable built
  • Many fitness activity trackers
  • So far, Apple is the best health monitor watch to own. It is close to being a medical watch.
  • Some models have Cellular capabilities with Sim card slot

Cons : Why you should avoid

  • Poor battery life : can serve for long with numerous power hungry apps
  • Expensive to buy as compared to a fitness tracker with blood pressure



Omron HeartGuide–the FDA-Approved & most accurate Blood Pressure watch

Most accurate best blood pressure monitor watch - OMRON - HeartGuide Smart Watch Blood Pressure Monitor with Sleep and Activity Tracker - Medium
img: Most accurate blood pressure monitor watch

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Some people have suddenly suffered serious damage to the blood vessels in their retina(back of the eye) due to high blood pressure spikes. Instead of Omron wrist/arm cuffs,  get this Omron Heart Guide smartwatch with blood pressure monitor . The wearable blood pressure watch can help you keep eyes on your BP level all the time before it is too late.

Omron Heart Guide is an FDA-cleared blood pressure monitor watch that uses inflatable cuffs housed inside the strap. The design mimics the usual upper arm cuffs technology to measure heart blood pressure.

The medical device is the best wearable alternative to most at-home Omron BP cuffs which gives pressure readings within 30 seconds. For easy syncing, the Heart-Advisor is Omron’s companion app that provides your BP information.

The app works to collect and save your health data graphically so that you can visualize trends over time, based on the kind of activity you do. SO far, HeartGuide is the most accurate among the best blood pressure watches.

You know some exercises, time of day, food(spices, herbs and meat) can raise BP, so Omron’s Heart-Advisor is where to know which activities causes pressure inside your blood to rise.

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Why buy it

  • HeartGuide has FDA-Clearance
  • Battery life is just better
  • Heartguide app is compatible with Android and Apple devices.
  • The medical watch offers fastest blood pressure monitoring
  • It is an accurate Blood pressure monitoring watch
  • Also tracks your sleep patterns and fitness goals
  • Display is friendly on your eyes
  • Has smart notifications including email, and texts
  • Offers good manufacturer’s warranty protection

Reason to avoid

  • This Omron’s blood pressure watch is not waterproof
  • Looks bulky on skinny wrists
  • Very expensive as compared to fitness trackers with BP



FitVII Smartwatch – best fitness tracker with blood pressure monitor and heart rate

best wearable heart rate and blood pressure monitor - FITVII Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker with 1.3" Touch Screen, IP68 Waterproof Pedometer Smartwatch with Sleep Monitor, Step Counter for Women and Men
Img: fitvii health & fitness smart watch – best wearable heart rate and blood pressure monitor

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blood pressure monitor watch - 11 Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor WatchesThere are many fitness trackers with blood pressure feature included. This FitVII is a smart watch with blood pressure monitor and heart rate tracker, which is relatively cheaper than HeartGuide.

The Fitvii health & fitness smart watch has gained the rust of most health-focused users as they claim it is very reliable in providing blood pressure reading. This is quite exceptional for an affordable health monitoring watch.

Apart from the BP monitor and heart rate sensor, the blood pressure watch also has a fatigue test and a wireless charging system. It also features an alarm in their alert system which tells when you have been in one position for long.

Read More on FitVII blood pressure fitness tracker reviews

Why purchase it

  • Tracks BP, heart rate and fatigue
  • It is IP68 Waterproof designed
  • It is an inexpensive blood pressure fitness tracker
  • Good aesthetics – many color bands, you won’t lack one that matches your outfit.
  • Supports cordless charging
  • Impressive battery life from 3-10 days
  • Strap is replaceable

Why avoid it

  • Small screen makes it hard to read
  • No product warranty is available
  • Not the most stylish



MorePro  – cheapest Fitness tracker watch for vitals and blood pressure

best smartwatch for vitals and blood pressure monitoring - MorePro Fitness Tracker Waterproof Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor, Color Screen Smart Bracelet with Sleep Tracking Calorie Counter, Pedometer Watch for Kids Women Men
MorePro wearable vitals monitor – best fitness smartwatch for vitals and blood pressure

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If you want to frequently check on your diastolic and systolic blood pressure on a tight budget plan, you would consider affordable blood pressure watches. MorePro is the best continuous blood pressure monitor and activity tracker on a small budget, which is luckily compatible with Android and Apple phones.

It is designed with a health app that would track, and display your activity levels as well as your vitals including blood pressure measurement. One of the excellent features in this wearable vitals monitor watch includes onboard GPS, SpO2 (blood oxygen level) readings, real-time heart rate, and pedometer.

Although this 24/7 hours blood pressure monitoring watch is at the low end of the fitness tracker price range, it holds impressive features like you would have in more expensive fitness trackers we have in the market.

Why buy it

  • Very cheap blood pressure tracker, costing less than $50
  • Has GPS for outdoor activity tracking
  • It’s the best activity tracker for overall health monitoring
  • Provides health information including sleep quality
  • Good warranty protection of about 6 months.
  • Slightly waterproof against sweat, moisture and little water splashes.
  • Battery life is up to 5 days
  • Issues Physiological Period Reminder

Reason to avoid

  • MorePro Activity Tracker has no FDA- approval
  • At that price, One can doubt if it offers accurate blood pressure measurement
  • Small screen display is strenuous to read


Yamay Smartwatch – budget Cardio watch and Fitness Tracker with blood pressure

 Smartwatch with period tracker and blood pressure - Yamay smart watch–one of the best watches for men women fitness tracker blood pressure monitor blood oxygen meter heart rate monitor.
img: YAMAY Smart Watch Smart watch blood pressure monitor for kids,  teen girls  and women

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Yamay smartwatch is another reliable fitness watch that can track your heart rate and blood oxygen. It will also measure your BP –  the force of blood against the walls of arteries when heart contracts and relaxes, in a very convenient way.

The lightweight design is pretty-friendly for people of all ages including kids,  teenage boys and girls. However, the period tracking features doubles it as a smart watch blood pressure monitor for women.

More like a health assistant, Yamay is truly less costly, but is filled with many amazing activity tracking features. It is a fitness tracker with 9 sport modes, including walking, running, hiking, cycling, treadmill, fitness, mountaineering, spinning, yoga.

Yamay also monitors and analyzes your sleep time and quality – deep, light and total sleep time. Away from its automatic sleep tracking,  Yamay offers long battery life of 7 days, syncs with Android and iOS devices, issues mobile phone alerts for calls, emails and text.

Its music control features allow users to play or pause music and switch songs without having to pull out their smartphone from the pocket.

Reason to buy

  • Best inexpensive health assistant watch
  • Smart notifications keep you informed
  • long lasting battery life (1 week on single charge)
  • IP68 waterproof design, and ideal for swimming
  • Available in many (5) different colors
  • Easy to glance and high-quality display
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Comes with menstrual period tracker
  • Inexpensive smart watch with blood pressure



PopGlory Smart Watch with blood pressure and oxygen

smart watch with blood pressure and oxygen - Smart Watch, Popglory Smartwatch with Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Monitor, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Full Touch Fitness Watch for Android & iOS for Men Women
img: PopGlory Smart watch blood pressure monitor – men and women blood pressure monitor watch - 11 Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Watches

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PopGlory is another watch that shows your heart’s blood pressure and blood oxygen readings, in addition to the many all-day activities. As a watch that does blood pressure, it also counts calories burned, steps taken, distance you’ve covered, and how you sleep.

Moreover, PopGlory is a cardio watch that measures heart rate,which is medically essential to detecting heart diseases, or abnormal heart rhythm.  The blood pressure tracker also allows you to switch between seven sports modes: cycling, skipping, running, walking, basketball, badminton and football.

Users can easily view the health data displayed in its HeroBandⅢ companion app. You can read the details in the full-touch screen with a good collection of styled watch faces and quick access to your blood pressure and workout data.

PopGlory Smart watch blood pressure monitor iPhone and android compatibility allows easy sharing of BP and activity reading, even through Bluetooth pairing. It also allows your mobile to send calls, texts, emails notification.

Reasons to purchase

  • The health watch is compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0
  • The smartwatch supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • Long battery life of up to 10 days and 30 days ion standby
  • has plenty sports modes
  • it is a touch screen blood pressure monitor with styled watch faces
  • Also supports weather, sedentary reminder, music control and Find My Phone



Halfsun Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure & Heart Rate & Sleep Monitoring

fitness tracker watch with blood pressure and heart rate and blood oxygen, Sleep Monitor, Calorie Counter, and Pedometer - HalfSun Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch
img: Halfsun fitness tracker for heart patients and people with hypertensionblood pressure monitor watch - 11 Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Watches

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Blood pressure, heart rate and  sleep are important insights about your health and wellbeing. Halfsun gadget is one of the best sport watches with heart rate monitor, which also detects blood pressure inside your veins and arteries.

The Halfsun Fitness watch tracks your real-time heart rate and blood pressure automatically & continuously and issues a report in the app. You just have to keep your wrist stable when testing blood pressure readings.

One other thing in this heart health watch is the ability to accurately monitor sleep. Halfsun fitness tracker is an honorable mention BP measuring watch that also automatically analyzes and keeps tabs on your sleep quality at all times.

Halfsun sport watch all-day activity trackers also include steps count, distance calculator, calories burned monitor, and active minutes tracker. You will see most of this fitness and wellness metrics in  its high resolution, large and color 1.3 inch IPS HD screen.

If you walk and run constantly, you need built-in GPS. Unfortunately, this Halfsun fitness watch that does blood pressure does not have onboard GPS. It will wirelessly depend on your Phones GPS to track your run stats like distance, pace, and route map.

More importantly for ladies, this Halfsun is a suitable blood pressure monitor women can’t ignore since it can track their menstruation period and also help in pregnancy planning.

Besides, this Halfsun wearable fitness tracker for heart patients is lightweight built and comfortable to wear on wrist all-day.

Reason to order one

  • It is the best smartwatch to measure heart health and take blood pressure values
  • Has camera – you just turn wrist to take photos
  • Skin friendly and comfortable Lithe made strap
  • IP67 waterproof designed
  • syncs with its dedicated mobile app automatically
  • Full color and easy to read HD screen

Reason to avoid

  •  connects with smartphone via the App ”H Band” but has no Bluetooth
  • It tracks pace, distance and provide a map of your workout, but has no built-in GPS.



AIKELA Smart Watch – blood pressure monitor and heart rate Tracker

Ladies Blood pressure watch - AIKELA Smart Watch Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch with Blood Pressure and heart rate
Img: Aikela Waterproof Fitness Watch for women – with blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygenblood pressure monitor watch - 11 Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Watches measurement

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Aikela is another blood pressure watch designed waterproof and equipped with TFT-LCD full touch screen of 1.3 inches plus stylish clock faces. The Aikela is a smart watch that shows heart rate and blood pressure and displays your health data clearly.

Apart from being one of the best fitness trackers with heart rate and blood pressure monitors, Aikela watch also tracks blood oxygen saturation levels. Holding the 3 human body indicators (blood oxygen meter, heart rate and BP) means Aikela can be considered the best wearable to check and maintain overall body health.

Aikela blood pressure tracker and heart rate watch comes with a nine sport modes such as riding, running, walking, fitness, and swimming. In addition, you also enjoy tracking steps, sleep, and all day activities.

The Aikela cardio watch and blood pressure tracker has a water resistance of 50meters(5ATM or 165 feet. This meets the swimming waterproof requirements, so you don’t need to get any more worries when washing hands or pool swimming. Avoid diving  with it!

The device works only with phones, not PC, iPad, or tablet. The smartphone compatibility allows the Aikele blood pressure tracker to receive and read texts from various apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

Pros: Reason to buy

  • helps you to better understand your health(not medical-grade tested)
  • great for checking Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen Monitor (SpO2)
  • waterproof and durable
  • impressive battery life 7-9 days on full charge
  • works or syncs with VeryFitPro application where to view the stats
  • heart rate and blood pressure monitor watch
  • watch that shows heart rate and blood pressure
  • Android Os 4.4+ and iPhone 8+ compatible smart blood pressure watch
  • Issues smart notification for call & social media Message

Cons: Reasons to avoid

  • suitable for smartphones only and not PC, iPad or tablet


ThinkBand Mini smart watch – with blood pressure and oxygen plus Heart Rate

ThinkBand Mini smart watch - with blood pressure and oxygen plus Heart Rate
ThinkBand  smart watch with blood pressure and blood oxygen plus Heart Rate

ThinkBand is a pretty small 0.66-inch OLED screen smartwatch that can tell your ambulatory blood pressure,  blood oxygen and heart rate anytime, anywhere. We have seen a smart watch with blood pressure and oxygen already, but ThinkBand is mini designed in gold and black and highly sensitive.

Loaded with MPU6500 6-axis sensor, and supports Bluetooth 4.0 connection, ThinkBand smartwatch features state-of-the-art photo-plethysmography technology. It measures a patient’s systolic and diastolic blood pressure using green LED lights paired with light-sensitive photodiode.

This mini heart pressure monitor smartwatch intuitively calculates the difference in blood pressure between heart contraction and relaxation. It uses the changes to determine how much force is inside against the walls of your blood vessels (arteries and veins).

The ThinkBand smartwatch with blood pressure also vibrate to notify your incoming calls, SMS, and messages. In addition, it checks your sleep quality and physical activity, and issues weather alerts( from an internal heat-and-humidity-detection app).

ThinkBand is a perfect wrist blood pressure watch for seniors with its sedentary reminders.

Blood pressure tracker benefits

  • Built-in 80mAh rechargeable battery, with7 days standby life.
  • TPU wrist strap is adjustable and comfortable to wear
  • Supports Bluetooth 8.0+ connectivity
  • smart watch with blood pressure and oxygen plus heart rate
  • Activity tracking included – Pedometer, calorie counting, Sleep monitor
  • Excellent features Find my device, alarm clock, Remote camera.
  • It is compatible with at least iOS 8.0 or above, Android 4.4
  • Comes with ThinkBand blood pressure smart watch manual




Amazfit GTS 2 – Fitness Sports Watch with blood pressure

best sport watch with blood pressure monitor - Amazfit GT@ 2 Fitness Sports Watch for Men Women
Amazfit GTS 2 Smart Watch for Android and iPhone,blood pressure monitor watch - 11 Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Watches

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Amazfit GTS 2 is another smart watch that can measure heart rate and also tracks blood pressure fairly accurate like a certified BP apparatus. The smartwatch is equipped with an advanced PumpBeats – a technology similar to Samsung’s PPG, that helps to measure blood pressure with an optical heart rate sensor.

Amazfit GTS 2 watch gives circulatory blood pressure reading, but that is not the only health metric it tracks. Its blood oxygen sensor keeps checks on how much your blood is oxygenated as it passes through your lungs.

The PAI health assessment sensor tirelessly records your daily activities and makes a score. Most fitness centered users use this information to improve on their daily fitness performance.

In terms of aesthetics, Amazfit GTS 2 is premium designed. The 3D curved high definition AMOLED display is 1.65 inches large. Checking your systolic and diastolic BP readings is going to be any problem, even under intense sunlight.

Aluminum is a lightweight but tough watch material. GTS 2 comes with aluminum finishing touch, a mark of durability, comfort and luxury, even for outdoor activity monitoring.

Moisture durability is average. The 50m water resistance is just suitable to wear it for pool, swim, and shower. Furthermore, the seven-days battery life is pretty a long period as compared to how long apple battery serve.

For outdoors, Amazfit is a fitness sport watch built with an intelligent recognition of 6 sports modes. There is no manual selection of sport modes and the long-lasting battery life is just great for long outdoor journeys.

Other additions include bluetooth phone calls, Alexa gps built-in, 24-hour heart rate and sleep tracker. Amazfit blood pressure monitor watch comes at a very reasonable price and a good bargain if you have a tight or strict budget plan.


Reasons to consider

  • Built-in GPS tracks daily steps, distance, and calories burned
  • Amazfit allows you to check the weather, and control your smart home device
  • Has a better screen with crystal-clear 341ppi pixel density
  • Well equipped with media playing features–mic, speaker, 3GB storage
  • Allows you to take calls and rely to text directly from your wrist
  • It has a powerful 246mah battery that can last 7 days
  • Excellent Health tracking sensor – Huami-developed PPG bio-tracking optical sensor
  • The aluminum alloy watch body makes GTS 2 pretty lightweight to wear
  • Offers blood-oxygen saturation measurement, sleep and stress monitoring

Reason not to  buy

  • Not very accurate

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Before purchasing a blood pressure watch!

The smart wearable market is huge and not all devices can tell your blood pressure levels. For the few that can read your blood pressure, are they accurate? Let us establish some key features we want to check in an ideal blood pressure smartwatch before we go shopping.


FDA Approved or Cleared Wearable BP watch

There are not many FSD-approved wearable blood pressure monitor watches in the market. Do you want a BP tracker that simply keeps time, or you want a fitness tracker that offers blood pressure readings? Whatever you are looking for, you may want to purchase a smart watch with blood pressure monitor that is FDA approved.


BP Health watch Design

Gone are the days when big was best. You will find Blood pressure watches in various designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. We know that we are looking for a device to monitor your BP readings, but you also want to consider the aesthetics and how it matches your everyday outfit.

Choose BP watches with straps that blend with your everyday attire and make sure you find one that is swappable. Also, avoid any bulky design, or something that would compromise elegance, lightweight feel and comfortable wear on your wrist.


Durability -Waterproof

Will the device fit your lifestyle perfectly? If you are a frequent outdoors man, you wanna get a wearable blood pressure monitor watch that is waterproof, with at least water resistance of 50 meters.

You may not want to be all-the-time water-conscious about your BP smartwatch. It would serve greater purpose if just have the best smart watch to monitor blood pressure that you can wear while swimming or showering.

What about rainy days? A water-resistant blood pressure watch is protected and won’t get damage if you go walking, jogging or running under rains.


Long-lasting battery

Away from the bathroom splashes, you should also consider having a long battery life blood pressure tracker. Even the best smartwatch is no good without a good battery or if you are charging the device over and over again all nights .

If the battery in the smart watch blood pressure monitor lasts long, say over 5 days, it would be always ready for outdoor use, without need to get it charged quite often. Look around in our list for a long-lasting battery life blood pressure monitor smart watch.


Easy to read device display

How your apple watch blood pressure monitor displays the BP readings makes all the difference. A good wrist watch blood pressure monitor would have an easy-to-read screen–easy to glance display, with large text.

A blood pressure watch with not too small to read text or screen is bad for the eyes. If you need one that requires you to navigate the menu before you check blood pressure values, that will be really inconvenient when you are running down the road.

A square face blood pressure monitor watch displays text like a phone. If you need a round face smart watch with blood pressure monitor, the screen should really be bigger.


Calorie counter and sleep monitors

Sleep is essential to burning more calories and losing weight.  A calorie counting watch that also checks pressure of blood flow in veins and arteries is more suitable for people with primary or essential hypertension – high BP associated with being overweight, obesity or diet.

If you know you are heavyweight or have unhealthily high BMI index, choose a fitness tracker or smart watch that does blood pressure measurement and also monitors your daily sleep and calorie intake.

High blood people weighing over 200 pounds shouldn’t only track Blood pressure and forget weight management. They have to pick a fitness tracker with blood pressure and calorie burned for a complete health management.


Compatible sync devices

Check mobile phone, tablet, laptop, smartphone compatibility of your BP smart watch before you buy it. Some blood pressure trackers are compatible only with Apple devices, other are compatible with Android and most are compatible with both iOS and Android.

Pick the best blood pressure monitor watch compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Know that the best blood pressure watches connect wirelessly through Bluetooth.

They also automatically download health-related data and sync with your paired device on their dedicated Android/iOS app.

A smart gadget or a device compatible watch that can monitor blood pressure, also can notify you of messages, read texts and answer calls directly from your wrist.


Price – are you willing to pay for the value

Wrist based blood pressure monitor watches range significantly in price, with a majority of low quality BP gadgets having prices under $50.

You have to be ready to find smart watches with blood pressure monitor and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance significantly more expensive than blood pressure fitness trackers.

Because of the irresistible convenience of the wrist based, easy to wear wearable blood pressure monitors, they come more expensive than at-home monitors like Omron upper arm cuffs.

When you are shopping around, you would find that fitness trackers are typically less expensive than at-home monitors. Some BP monitors are excruciatingly expensive and require up-front costs.

If you can pay for a monthly service plan to keep it active, that is great. All is that you suck the value out of it for your good.


Blood pressure watch or cuffs?

Human blood pressure fluctuates, depending on the time of the day and seasons. A wrist based BP monitor is the only best way to frequently keep tabs on the blood pressure levels day and night. This is better than getting accurate blood pressure readings once a week from your doctor’s office, with an arm or wrist cuff sphygmomanometer.


Warranty Protection

A blood pressure monitoring watch is almost a medical device and has to get warranty protection. Is your blood pressure monitor watch purchase protected?

The things to look for in protecting your wrist wearable smart watch blood pressure monitor is getting a manufacturer that offers at least a 1-year warranty, and at least a 30-day free return policy.

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FDA cleared vs. FDA approved Blood pressure monitors

FDA-approval is not the same as FDA-clearance. I want to make this clear so that you understand what blood pressure monitor watches with the approval means.

If your wearable is FDA-approved, it can sustain and support life, like dedicated medical devices. And if you find your best watch to monitor blood pressure without FDA-approval, it doesn’t mean it is not helpful.

Wrist monitors like blood pressure watches are low risk medical devices, which don’t really require FDA approval before they get marketed. In addition, wearing an FDA-approved wrist watch blood pressure monitor does not guarantee you get the best results for what you buy.

Still, a wrist wearable watch can be FDA-cleared but not FDA-approved, so they have some benefits on the information they provide. smartwatches with blood pressure monitors can uncover valuable health information like high blood pressure during pregnancy, after meal or after exercises.

Although you are not recommended to depend on the wrist wearables as your sole medical blood pressure monitoring devices, they can alert potential hypertension (high blood pressure) or hypotension (low blood pressure) that needs urgent medication.

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Understanding blood pressure readings

What you need to know when using a blood pressure watch -fitness tracker and smartwatch - What do the numbers mean from blood pressure?
What do the numbers from the blood pressure watch display mean?

Understanding blood pressure reading is pretty straightforward.


How do you read a blood pressure reading?

Blood pressure is measured using two numbers: The highest number is always the systolic pressure in your arteries when your heart beats and it’s always given first, the second is diastolic pressure.

The normal ways blood pressure information is displayed is in the form XX / YY, where

  • XX is the highest blood pressure value –  the biggest force that blood is exerting on the walls of your arteries when the heart contracts. Experts call systolic blood pressure.
  • YY is the smallest of the BP numbers, which signifies how much pressure is in the blood vessels when the heart relaxes. It is also called diastolic blood pressure.

Example, if you take your blood pressure reading and got 120/80mmHg, 120mmHg is systolic pressure when heart contracts to pump blood and 80mmHg is diastolic pressure when heart relaxes.


What’s considered a normal blood pressure reading?

According to American Heart Association(AHA), a systolic pressure that’s above 90 mm Hg and less than 120 mm Hg, and
a diastolic pressure that’s between 60 mm Hg and less than 80 mm Hg are considered normal BP reading.

In this normal range, no medical intervention is needed, but you have to check your lifestyle to ensure you maintain a healthy diet, habit and moderate weight to help prevent development of high blood pressure.

Normal Blood Pressure range : A normal blood pressure reading for an adult is blood pressure that is above 90/60 mm Hg but under 120/80 mm Hg


What’s considered elevated blood pressure?

If you read your blood pressure from your watch and find that it comes higher than 120/80 mm Hg, its a serious warning sign of bad things or deteriorating health to come. If your blood pressure data reads far above this number, it is considered high blood pressure(hypertension)

of course, any reasonable and health focused person would pay serious attention when the fitness tracker shows elevated blood pressure (BP close to 120/80 mm Hg).

Elevated blood pressure range

Systolic BP is 120 – 130 mmHg and diastolic is under 80mmHg

Beware, in Elevated BP range, no medications are necessary but it can may turn into high blood pressure. In that close-to-danger health status, health experts recommend importance of a healthy lifestyle.  You can start doing regular exercise, eating a healthy and balanced diet, and most of all, actively manage your body weight. If you are already overweight, consider shedding a little pound od weight.


What is Stage 1 hypertension blood pressure?

Stage 1 hypertension occurs when your BP readings include. systolic blood pressure between 130 and 139 mm Hg, and/or diastolic blood pressure  between 80 and 89 mm Hg.

If a nurse checks your vitals and you receive a diagnosis with stage 1 hypertension, your doctor may  follow up in 2 to 6 months. If you are a senior person or adult of 65 years or older, a serious doctor will suggest you start serious treatment and lifestyle changes.

Stage 1 hypertension Blood pressure range : your systolic blood pressure is 130 to 139 mm Hg or your diastolic blood pressure is 80 to 89 mm Hg.


What’s Stage 2 hypertension blood pressure range?

Stage 2 hypertension is a serious health condition. The BP readings under this stage include:  systolic blood pressure is 140 mm Hg or higher, or  diastolic blood pressure is 90 mm Hg or higher.

Stage 2 hypertension

systolic blood pressure is 140 mm Hg or above or your diastolic blood pressure is 90 mm Hg or higher

At this stage, medication is mandatory. Again, medications may not be the only treatment you will receive at this stage.


You got hypertensive crisis?

You got hypertensive crisis if your smartwatch shows a blood pressure reading above 180/120 mm Hg. This stage requires urgent treatment. If you doubt when you see this kind of results from your blood pressure monitor, there are signs to confirm a hypertensive crisis.

Hypertension crisis

Your Blood pressure readings are as high as 180/120mmHg

These symptoms will indicate if you need emergency medical attention and treatment

  • mild to serious chest pain
  • breathing problem like shortness of breath
  • visual changes
  • signs of stroke – paralysis or a loss of muscle control
  • Appearance of blood in your urine
  • dizziness and headache


How to control your high blood pressure

Strive to get or maintain a healthy weight. You can try these steps to get skinny and get your body mass index (BMI) between 18.5 and 24.9 which is best.

Eat healthier food – like lots of fruit, vegetables and low-fat dairy, and less saturated fat. Limit meals that promote high blood pressure.

Reduce your sodium intake to under 1,500 mg a day. Reduce your alcohol consumption too, as well as caffeine.

Immediately quit food or medications that raise blood pressure, and fitness activities that increase your blood pressure.

Manage your stress level every day. A massage chair for home is an excellent and efficient stress management tool most cardiac and blood patients people prefer.

Exercise to stay active.  CDC recommends 150 minutes of aerobic/resistance per week.

Meet your health professional to issue prescription medication that lowers your blood pressure.

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What is normal blood pressure by age?

Male Adults Normal Blood Pressure readings by age

Man’s AgeSystolic BPDiastolic BP

Female Adults Blood Pressure readings by Age

Woman’s AgeSystolic BPDiastolic BP

Download the Blood Pressure Chart : What is normal blood pressure by age.pdf


Will Medicare Pay for a Home Blood Pressure Monitor?

Medicare, under rare circumstances, will pay for at-home blood pressure monitors to control hypertension, talk less of wrist-worn blood pressure watches.

However, the Medicare can pay for ambulatory blood pressure monitors once per year, only if the doctors recommends. If your cardiologist thinks you got the white coat syndrome, Medicare will likely pay to rent an ABPM once a year. The condition is that your average systolic BP must fall between 130 mm Hg and 160 mm Hg or your diastolic blood pressure reads from 80 mm Hg to 100 mm Hg at two separate health check visits.

Hypertension causes kidney diseases. That is why there are lots of people who have kidneys that have lost the ability to filter toxins from the body. At-home dialysis needs a constant check on BP. Medicare will pay for your blood pressure device if you are involved in the renal dialysis at home. In that case, the Medicare will pay about 80% of the cost of a blood pressure cuff and a stethoscope.

You still need to talk to your health insurance provider if your coverage includes blood pressure cuff device. If you must check your blood pressure regularly, because it’s recommended by your cardiologist, you must have to buy one BP device. Actually, Medicare Part A and Part B pay for blood pressure devices in limited situations.

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Wrap Up

My recommendation if you suffer from hypertension is that you shouldn’t just rely on wrist blood pressure monitor watches exclusively to provide your BP readings. Wrist wearable BP tracking watches will never really replace dedicated blood pressure medical devices used by healthcare professionals.

Start tracking your BP today. If you wait until you are diagnosed with high blood pressure before you start checking it, you’re in deep shit. Like brushing your teeth, if you make it a routine to track your health and daily activities, including biometric blood pressure, you are sure to live an active,  healthy and long life.


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