Untold MP3 Benefits You Can Never Ignore – Remember That MP3 Is Not Dead Yet!

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If you want to have a playlist maded of hundred of songs for offline playback, Try mp3 music downloader. There are plenty of it for any device, everyone knows that one of the MP3 Benefits is offline music entertainment. That is key to mataining motivation when exercising and when working.

MP3 – Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), is a community of scientists and engineers around the world, who work to develop video and audio compression standards that device manufacturers would need to comply with. Without this team of experts, ensuring a standard that device manufacturers have to meet, possibly, your DVD won’t work in any player.


What Is An MP3 File?

An MP3 file is purely an “lossy” format audio file the uses an irreversible algorithm for file compression. There are lots of algorithms and techniques to compress and decompress audio, video and image data. But the irreversible MP3 compression methods greatly reduces the quality of the original audio data.

The lossy compression algorithm can convert a 30 mb wave audio file(wav) into about a 3 MB audio. This MP3 technology causes audio files to lose some quality of sound, especially when you’re converting from a lossless file format.


A Brief History of MP3

The MPEG’s standards came in parts and in layers. The very first compression standard they created was MPEG-1 Layer 3(MP3) which was used in Video CD and some early digital satellite television then. The technique was developed by the German multidisciplinary research institute -Fraunchofer Sociiety. This organization used a lossy method to compress and play back audio files.

The next standard was the MPEG-2 , an encoding technology used for DVD. Unfortunately, MPEG-3 never got any adoption to come to existence, but MPEG-4 got that chance be released. MPEG-4 is an encoding standard for video and that is what is recently widely used, in storage devices like Blu-Rays, YouTube, and generally over the Internet. You will often notice MPEG-4 video encoded files with .mp4 extension, while the MPEG-3 digital audio format files have .mp3 extension.

MP3 digital file encoding format helps to compress songs and music while retaining better sound quality. Besides holding you entire music collection, converting YouTube to MP3 has a lot reasons.


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What is your favorite or best youtube to mp3 music downloader and converters
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MP3 Benefits : Why Should I convert Youtube to MP3 file format anyway?

Great sound or audio quality is key to enhance a better users listening experience. Clarity and dynamics are some features in a sound quality that give listeners the ability to understand the dialogue and music in the lyrics. All these depends on how the audio file is formatted and stored.

MP3 is a common way for audio streaming and storage. It uses lossy data compression technology to exceptionally reduce the audio file size so it does take up much memory storage of the device.

Kilobits per second is used to describe serial data transmission devices. Moreover, when compressing, encoders will allow you to choose file quality.

The high the Kbps, the more Space it takes, and the better the quality. By sound quality here, I mean how clear it us to hear the most subtle of the background instruments, and the vocals, in various bitrates.

With the popular peer-to-peer application Napster, music lovers could exchange MP3 files so that they could get songs without paying for them.

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Advantages of using MP3

Here are the reasons why you should convert and download YouTube to MP3.


1. Large storage capacity

MP3 players , called portable digital audio players, like iPod are very common and have larger storage capacity to hold plenty of digital songs. If you are going for a long walk in the mountains, hiking far war from home, an MP3 player can hold your entire favorite playlist or song collection. This is better than using CDs which losses sound quality when re-writing and there is no jumping or skipping on playback.

Besides, MP3 players are portable and easy to transport. Any where you can connect them to docking station, auxiliary jack on fitness machines and can listen to you favorite tunes without headphones.


2. Smaller audio file size

The mp3 audio data compression ratio is not fixed, so you are absolutely free to compress the files to desired size. Know that less compression maintain better quality while too much compression will give poor audio quality. That means you can compress and pack hundreds of digital audio songs into one tiny space.
The Low data or smaller file size is a more reason why you can have thousands of song in one tiny chip or disc. YouTube is an endless world of video music and if you want to stay accompanied with best entertainment when working, or working out at the gym, you can download thousands of YouTube video to MP3 music collection.


3. Easy to copy and share

it is less costly in time, accessory and money to distribute digital MP3 music. The compression technique used for MP3 allows fast peer to peer File sharing over Internet, online sites, wireless connectivities like wifi, Bluetooth, and USB physical devices. All these make the distribution of MP3 music much less expensive than MP4.

It is Easy and quick download or upload online. because the file size is reduced significantly, it is fast to download and upload MP3 files online. You can even download MP3s through HTTP or FTP sites in only a few minutes!


4. Cheaper to promote music

The lossy compression technology of MP3 audio files has almost eliminated the need for recording studio. You can develop, mix and promote a sample of your music in MP3 format online. Artists and new music companies don’t need many resources to produce MP3.


5. Wide variety of MP3 players

MP3 players are very common everywhere and cheaper. Besides, many devices like CDplayers, Apple iPod, and softwares like Winamp, windows media players, QuickTime and Audacity an open and play MP3 music seamlessly.


5. Easy Customization

MP3 has ID3 tags which help stores the songs details including the artist name, the song title, the year, and the genre. The stunning advantage off using MP3 is that You can also easily create your own favorite playlists.

Easier to use In addition to having your entire MP3 collection of songs in one tiny device, it is even a lot faster, easier to sort and find audio tracks in a collection. Saving time is where MP3 player also have advantage over CD players. Besides, you can customize your album to facilitate access MP3 audio files.

Another good thing is you can make MP3 file Duplication freely. The digital format of MP3 files, can be copied without loss of audio quality. This is thanks to the use of technique serial duplication.

MP3 music are Easy to use as ringtones in phones. It is not a big deal to copy, rip, stream or download YouTube to MP3 ringtones, in your smartphones.

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Disadvantages of MP3

The MP3 technologies is not without drawbacks

  1. Low Audio quality. One of the main issues is the decreased bitrate(audio information produced every second). A high quality MP3 audio is defined by a higher bit rate (kbps -kilobits per second). The lossy MP3 compression algorithm cuts off some part of the audio file’s audible content (that you can hear), at higher and lower ends, when reducing the file size. Most experienced music lovers would have a harder time hearing it but some people don’t notice it at all.
  2. Too mush piracy. Violation of intellectual property is in a greater extent. It is cheaper and almost free to record, or duplicate audio clips from the Internet.
  3. MP3 data files are Corruptible
    The file content is susceptible to malware or virus attack from Windows computers, and poorly produced file-sharing softwares.
  4. MP3 is No longer being licenced and supported by the creators

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 Mp3 is not dead!

What is your favorite or best youtube to mp3 music downloader and converters
What is your favorite or best youtube video to mp3 audio file downloader and converters?


Fraunhofer owned the patents for encoding and playback. since they created MP3, The Fraunhofer Society charged licensing fees for other related businesses to integrate MP3 support. But the patents covering the MP3 format got expired by 2012 in the EU and April 2017 in US.

During this expiration, Fraunhofer Society issued a press release that they are no longer licensing MP3 patents because there are newer audio codecs which more efficient than MP3.

While MP3 is Officially Dead for support and licensing, it will live forever. The expiration of MP3 patents will cause even a wider adoption of MP3 in many platforms and systems for free(no license fee again). It is possible there can be an open source software projects to keep supporting the MP3 technology . In that case, lots of people will integrate MP3 software or hardware into free audio programs, now than before.

MP3 will become even more popular and powerful than you can imagine. So converting YouTube to MP3 is way to collect a lot of Audio songs currently.



Get mp3 from Youtube Media Platform

From documentaries, news, to music, Instagram feed, podcasts and audiobooks, video, and movies, YouTube has it all.

YouTube is a near infinite source that holds large quantity of music videos, podcasts, audio that everyone can listen to.

Wondering why some people don’t just like to use YouTube directly? YouTube, as a wide collection of entertainment, is one if the best apps for mush and video content, but it has some downside.

YouTube has its own playback resources for offline music listening. You can download YouTube media files but many people don’t find it convenient or get a good user experience.

Moreover, YouTube media content is online, and does not do much to provide easy access to listen to music and over again without Internet.

Consider iPhone users, YouTube music and videos cannot be played on the background on iPad, iPhone and some android. Besides, if you want to watch your videos on split screen, YouTube platform does not support good user experience but YouTube to MP3 online converters do.



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