The Average Wrist Size women Can’t Ignore For Accurate Bracelet Sizing

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Have you ever seen a small woman with big wrists – circumference above the average wrist size women have?  I have met an average-sized woman, she’s about 5’5″, and around 130 pounds. I quickly took noticed of her, because she got unusually large wrists (I guess they were into 6.5-7 inches). It immediately has me thinking that she is a gym goer, perhaps a lover of gymnastics.

I am having smaller wrists, comparatively tiny than her own. I felt like OMG; I look kiddy and weak near her. She must have been the girlfriends that find pleasure in sports that develop wrist strength. I was really envious of her.

I thought to myself, can she really wear average wrists size women’s bracelets? Guess her own category of bracelets could be manly, larger than usual sizes for most “normal” ladies’ bracelets. She is pretty short, but her wrists is that of a plus size lady. If she goes on shopping for a bracelet, I believe her right choice could be those leather styled men’s bracelets.

They exist in many styles, some are even unisex and charming. Her individuality really stunned me. I felt somehow a little awkward, but I appreciated the masculine looks in her. I love to be that way, but I fear I can get sick or worse, if I take the same physical activity or training she does.

The whole thing is, there can be a lot of smaller-medium size ladies–exceptional women with huge wrists. Sad to say, but what I’m still to ever see is a large woman with small wrists. If you use your muscles in the skinny wrists, they’ll grow bigger and stronger. I have to make a plan to build mine gradually.

Average wrists size women should know before shopping for bracelets and ladies watches. The average woman wrist size is 6.25 - 6.5 inches for bracelet circumference between 7 to 7.5 inches

You got skinny wrists?



The Average Women Wrist Sizes in Inches

  • Extra Small Average woman’s wrist size : 5 inches to 5.5 inches
  • Small average wrist size for women : 5.5 inches to 6.5 inches
  • Medium/Large Average woman wrist size : 6.6 inches to 7.5 inches
  • Extra large average wrist size for a woman : 7.6 in. to 8.5 in.


The average woman wrist size in centimeters(cm)

  • Extra small average woman wrist size : 12cm to 14 cm
  • Small average wrist size female : 14.1 cm to 17cm
  • Medium/large average wrist size woman: 1 cm to 19 cm
  • Extra large average wrist size :19.1 cm to 21 cm


The average wrist circumference for women in millimeters(mm)

  • Extra small average wrist size women: 120mm to 140mm
  • Small Large Average Women’s Wrist Sizes: 141 mm to 170mm
  • Medium/large Average Woman’s Wrist Size: 171mm to 190 mm
  • Extra large average female wrist size :191 mm to 210mm
What is the average wrist size women need for bracelets sizing
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average wrist size women - The Average Wrist Size women Can't Ignore For Accurate Bracelet Sizing

Average wrist size women want for bracelets

An average bracelet size for women won’t fit every lady, yes, but it is necessary to know the average size to gauge bracelet purchase. To be clear, there is no one-size fits all bracelet for a women. Each female person has to measure her own wrist size and check the number against the bangle or bracelet.

But where you don’t have the wrist size because you are shopping for another person, you would have to do some guess work. What then is the average wrist size of women with the corresponding bracelet length, which gives an average fit?

Average wrist size for women  and average bracelet size

Sizing a bracelet is no easy job, especially when she already got to the jewelry store. Moreover, if you want to find someone else’s bracelet size without wrist size, I will give you a quick bracelet sizing data for medium to large wrist ladies. Here is a table comparing average bracelet size and the average wrist size for a woman.

Average wrist size for women inchesAverage fit bracelet Circumference inches
6.25 – 6.5 inches (6 ¼ “– 6 ½”)7.5 in(7 ½”)
6.75 –  7.0 inches (6 ¾ – 7”)8 inches(8.0”)
7.25 – 7.5 inches (7 ¼ – 7 ½”)8.5 in (8 ½“)
7.75 – 8.0 inches (7 ¾ – 8”)9 inc(9.0”)
8.25 – 8.5 inches (8 ¼ – 8 ½”)9.25 inc. (9 ½“)


Women styles



Height based average female wrist size and bracelet circumference

average female wrist size for bracelets and watches

Small and short women : height 5”- 5ft.4” (152cm- 162cm)

Ladies with this kind of very slim wrists measurement 5.25 – 5.5 inches have bracelet circumference of just 6 inches. Will a chain bracelet look really petite, like a thin cuff? Almost, but what in know is that 6 inch small bracelet can fit even teenage girls.

Another category of petite women who have pretty normal arms of wrist sizes 5.75 – 6.0 inches can wear bracelets with circumference up to 6.5inches..

Short women : average wrists size for a woman is 5.25 -5.5 inches for bracelet length of 6 inches.


Average size woman : height 5’5” – 5’7″ (165cm – 171cm)

Average height women with very slender wrist between 5.75 – 6 inches can comfortably wear 6.5 inches bracelet. They can wear the same size bracelet as skinny women with medium wrists sizes.

But not all averagely tall ladies have skinny wrists. Some normal height adult females have wrists which measure 6.25 – 6.5 inches, which can fit averagely into a standard size bracelet of circumference as big as 7 inches. Expect to find women in this same height with curvy body size and who can wear even bigger bracelets.

A medium height average woman wrist size is 5.75 – 6 inches, for a bracelet size of 7 inches.


Really tall women: height 5ft 8″ – 6ft (173cm – 183cm)

Heavy and tall ladies will obviously have bigger wrists. Even the slimmest wrist in this taller women category looks chubby as compared to those of skinny women’s and young girls.

A tall woman with skinny wrists between 6.25 to 6.5 inches can wear an average fit bracelet of average bracelet size 7 inches. If you are lucky to have a slightly bigger wrist of size 6.75 to 7 inches, your bracelet length can be pretty longer–about 7.5 in.

A Tall woman or 5’8″ average wrist size female with big wrists between 6.25 to 6.5 inches, can wear a bracelet of 7.5 long.


Is your wrist is larger, than the average wrist size for women?

If you have an existing bracelet, you can make it larger by adding a larger clasp. Also, adding an extra ring to one end of the bracelet. Of-course, that really depends on the bracelet design and size.

Is your wrist smaller than the average woman’s wrists size?

If you are so skinny, and have bony wrists, an average size bracelet will look comically oversized on your arm. If you have some existing bracelets that hang down your wrist, you can shorten or made it smaller by replacing the clasp with a smaller one. Depending on the bracelet size and design style, you can also make the bracelet core to be smaller.

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Average wrists size women must know to pick the right size bracelet and watches

A woman’s wrist size and her body frame

Measuring the wrist can help a woman to get a rough idea of what a healthy weight range is for her body. Just imagine, you watch sports everyday, I mean all sorts of sport. There is no “right” body size for a sport, whether you play basketball, jockeys, and any women’s related sport activities.

Bodies for a man or a woman come in different beautiful sizes and shapes. Your unique wrist measurement can guide you to know how to determine your body frame size, which in turn will help you to set realistic goals or expectations about your health and fitness.

According to US national library of medicine, your wrist size, compared to your height, can help you calculate your body frame size. If you don’t know how to take accurate wrist circumference, check our guide on how to measure wrist size accurately at home.

Short women frame size (female height under 5.2 feet)

Short Woman’s wrist sizeShort Woman’s Body frame size
Wrist size under 5.5 inchesSmall frame
Wrist size 5.5 – 5.75 inchesMedium frame
Wrist size over 5.75 inchesLarge frame


Average wrist size female body frame (women who are 5.2 to 5.5 feet tall)

Woman’s wrist sizeWoman’s Body frame size
Wrist size under 6.o inchesSmall frame
Wrist size 6.0 – 6.25 inchesMedium frame
Wrist size over 6.25 inchesLarge frame


Tall women Frame size (ladies with height above 5.5 feet)

Tall Woman’s wrist sizeTall Woman’s Body frame size
Wrist size under 6.65 inchesSmall frame
Wrist size in 6.25 – 6.50 inchesMedium frame
Wrist size larger than 6.50 inchesLarge frame

Source of data : US national Library medicine (2018)

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Deducing Woman’s Average body frame size from average women wrist size

The average wrist size for women who are short, with a body height of 5ft-2″, is 5.25 inches (average wrist size for short women). Considering the table above, the average body frame size for those short ladies would be small frame with an average ideal weight of 106 pounds.

The average women’s wrist size for female adults 5.2 to 5.5 feet tall, is 6.125 inches(average woman’s wrist size with medium height). Considering the table above, the average body frame size for those normal height ladies would be medium body frame.

The average woman wrist size for women taller than 5.5 feet is 6.375 inches(average woman’s wrist size for tall females). Considering the table above, their average frame for the tall ladies will be large frame.

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Estimating average wrist size women ideal weight

Average woman’s wrist size and ideal weight

We have seen that your bone structure determines your height. You can use wrist measurement to calculate your ideal weight.

Group 1 : women from 5’ to 5’3” tall and with average female wrist size 5.5”

Here is how to compute the ideal weight for a woman in this group.


  • For the first 5 feet, give 100 pounds and for each inch that comes over 5’. Add 5 pounds.
  • If your female wrist size is bigger than 5.63” add 5 pounds to the total and if your wrist is smaller than 5.5” subtract 5 pounds from the total.

Group 2 : women from 5’25” to 5’5” tall and with average female wrist size 5.75”

If you are a woman with feminine wrist size 5 ¾ inches, and between 5ft ¼ “ to 5ft ½ “, follow these instructions.


  • If her height has the first 5 feet, allow 100 lbs. The add an extra 5 pounds for every additional inch above the 5 feet.
  • If her wrist circumference measures more than 5.80” add 5lb to the total weight and if her actual wrist size comes less than 5.75, minus 5 pounds.

Group 3 : Females over 5ft 6” tall and have average woman’s wrist size 6”

If you are a woman with feminine wrist size 5 ¾ inches, and between 5ft ¼ “ to 5ft ½ “, follow these instructions.


  • If she’s got at least 5 feet in height, allow 105 lbs. For every inch above the 5 feet, add a 5 pound weight.
  • If she measures her wrist size to be more than 6.25 inches, add 10 lb to the total weight and if subtract the 10 pounds if the lady’s actual wrist size measures less than 6 inches.


Calculation:  how to find a woman’s ideal body weight

Let us use this information to get an ideal weight for a young girl. She has a normal wrist size of 5.75” which is pretty more than the average wrist size women in her group have. She is roughly 5’2-1/2” tall.

She’s got the first 5 feet              :     +100 lb

Her height has extra 2.5 inches  :      +2.5*5 pounds = +12.5 pounds

Sher has oversize wrist size        :       +5 pounds

Her ideal weight                      :      117.5 pounds

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 Wrist circumference as a predictor of metabolic risk deterioration.

Research has shown that your wrist size can a role to play, in predicting metabolic risk deterioration. Your wrists size can tell or predict a transition from metabolically healthy to unhealthy phenotype in overweight persons and people with obesity.

In the report, it was found using women’s wrists circumference that the rate of transition from metabolically healthy overweight to a metabolically unhealthy, overweight individual was about 77% in females, slightly lower than 87% in men.

The reporter also found that wrist circumference is an independent predictor of the transition in obese females.

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What is your wrist size (below or above average wrist size for women)?

Ladies, your health is not solely determined by how big your wrist is. We have seen the average wrist size women have. Whether your wrist circumference is below or above the average woman’s wrist size, that is just a single measurement. That one score alone or size is not enough deciding factor for you staying active and healthy.

To women and girls, your wellness is a mix of a lot of parameters. Think of elements like mental health, physical wellbeing, and weight. If your waist size is normal shape, your weight or BMI is healthy and you got slender wrist, say 5.7”, increasing your wrist size will mean gaining more overall body weight. That may land you into serious overweight issues.

Now, you have a pretty thick wrist and a normal BMI. There’s absolutely no need to slim your pretty body because you want to get celebrity slimmer wrists and hands.  As an adult woman, let the tape measure around your wrist not drive you into a particular behavior.

The number for an average woman’s wrist size should serve as a guide. Comparing your wrist circumference to the average woman’s wrist size should help your outlook, dressing, personality, and healthy living.

Trust me, there are many female adults out there with excellent wrist size that you cherish, but these ladies are unhealthy. There are people with larger wrist who are very healthy, and there are many people with skinny wrists sizes, who are more active, smart and have overall body health.

More than I am glad to mention is that the wrist size for another woman or even your sister is not the wrist size for you. Don’t even compare yourself to those female celebrities, and models on the TV screen, movies and social media.

My dear friend, you know why I suggest you can admire, but should not wish to own someone else’s wrist shape? The obvious thing is, the wrist size for another woman may force you to enviously set unhealthy expectations. Never change your accurate wrist measurement based on how another female adult’s arm looks. If you do, you may feel ill, or worse, towards yourself.

Don’t feel frustrated if you don’t have a wrist shape near the average woman’s wrist size for watches, bracelets or bangles. It is just that nobody has made a watch, bracelet, and bangle specifically for your own size.

That is all that matters. You have gotten the average wrist size for women. Your actual wrist circumference, your body and your health and well-being are your own. Your individuality is perfect, unique and beautiful.

Whether you are still a little girl (daughter), adult woman, mother, or girlfriend, someone definitely and unconditionally loves you and is willing to appreciate you. Love your wrist, love your life.


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What does wrist size indicate?

For women with height measurement under 5 feet 2 inches, a small wrist under 5.25inches signifies a small body frame while a female wrist size over 5.75inches indicates a large body frame size.


What are the challenges of having small wrists?

If you got tiny wrists which you feel are-no good, check these small wrists questions and answers. But when you have really bony wrists, you to:

  • face difficulties finding the best watch for small wrists
  • not get the best smartwatch for small wrists that fits you
  • look too weak and powerless before your friends
  • bangles may come handing down your wrists like a kid
  • you get dressing challenges – baggy sleeves

There are many other challenges of having small wrists. If you want to do something about it, here is how to deal with those challenges of having skinny wrists.


Does wrist size determine muscle size?

Yes. If you’ve got a bigger wrist bone, you got a bigger body frame and so, there are more muscles. Your accurate wrists size is the bone and the tendons. There is just a little muscle in your wrists, but one thing is for sure, you can increase your wrists muscles slightly with wrists exercises. However, the muscle size (biceps and triceps) in your forearm can increase in size and density through physical training.


Does wrists size affect strength?

One of my favorite strength coach Christain Thibaudeau once said that having small wrists and hands can negatively impact your overall boxing and grip strength level. Having skinny wrist, and weak hands can incredibly get your wrist workout performance in Olympic lifts, deadlifts and chin-up exercises, greatly restricted. If you feel too weak due to slender wrists, I recommend these exercises that help to strengthen your wrists and forearms.


What does wrist girth and weight have in common?

There is so much rush to slim weight and get a healthier body shape these days. It is for both overweight men and women. But when you burn the waist fat and get skinny, your wrists size also reduces by a few millimeters. I have seen some people wonder why they have tiny wrists and hands after burning several pounds of fat around their belly. The truth is, reducing body mass also reduces your wrist circumference and, therefore, your overall wrist girth.


How to measure bracelet diameter

mens bracelet for women with huge wrists
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Do you want to measure your wrist diameter for a bracelet? That is a pretty very easy task you can do in few minutes. Divide your wrist size of circumference by 2 and that will give you the accurate information about the bracelet size that will fit the wrist and the way you see comfortable.
average wrist size women - The Average Wrist Size women Can't Ignore For Accurate Bracelet Sizing


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