Is Armitron A Good Watch Brand? [Are Armitron Watches Good Quality In 2023?]

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Armitron watches, a popular brand in the US which focuses on making affordable timepieces for everyone. They have a broad range of watch styles and designs, but is Armitron a good watch? It depends on what purpose you want the watch to serve. If you are looking for impressive business and Rolex-like dress watches, or something more rugged for outdoor like Garmin, you will, for sure, be disappointed with Armitron.


Know that Armitron actually produces nice looking watches that you won’t break a bank to own a piece. Some people wear their widely styled timepieces for everyday wear to the office, as well as for sporting activities on the weekend. But are Armitron watches good in quality? We will find out soon enough.


armitron company history
Img: Are Armiitron watches Good? Let us begin from the Armitron company history at a glance

History of Armitron Watch Company

Eugen Gluck, was a Jew. He escaped, after losing his entire family to the Holocaust, and moved into the United states after Second World War.

He and his wife owned a bakery business and also started the E. Gluck Corporation (then E. Gluck Trading Company) in the 1956, headquartered in Little Neck, New York, as a subsidiary of Armin Corporation.

Since the Armin corporation was a dealer in “electronics”, they founded a watch company Armitron from an amalgamation of “Armin” and “electronics”. This watch brand specialized in LED-powered digital watches with 5 functions hour, minutes, seconds, day and date.

Armitron watch cases came in from Switzerland, bracelets from Hong Kong, and the timepieces were built in their custom-built factory located in Arlington, Texas, United States of America.

Armitron’s main goal was to produce good quality watches at budget prices for an average wage earner. That is probably why Gluck got to Switzerland to study a bit about watches, and ended up focusing on quartz powered timepieces.

The mechanical and automatic watches were excessively expensive for an average person, which is one of the reasons why Rolex is extremely expensive, and affordable for few, most celebrities and wealthy guys.

By putting Armitron in quartz watchmaking business, Gluck and his team brave the latest technological advancements then. They shifted the less practical LED technology that was the staple of the Armitron brand and created one of the first LCD (liquid crystal display) watches in the world.

Armitron brand integrated Japanese quartz movement into the LCD, which made Armitron watches extremely accurate and durable.

Armitron grew and had a huge chunk of the watch market in USA. But issued rocked the alliance between the companies and by the end of the 1970s,  the Armin Corporation and E. Gluck Trading Company went their separate ways.

Luckily for Gluck, his privately held company (E. Gluck Corporation) retained ownership over the Armitron watch brand.

Although Armitron had financial setbacks and almost went bankrupt after refunding everyone that bought the LCD piece, they never stopped looking for a better way to enhance precise timekeeping. Armitron later included some advanced functionalities like alarms and chronographs.

By the 1980s, Armitron was up and growing in watchmaking business in USA. As it was the case with most American watch brands, Armitron partnered with professional athletes, including Jerry Rice, Darryl Strawberry, Boomer Esiason, Larry Bird, Dwight Gooden.

Armitron became an official sponsor of some major sports teams like the New York Yankees. Armitron is also an official timekeeper(original run) of American Gladiators.

Armitron was a clock sponsor at Yankee Stadium in 2021, which is evident that their role as a sports watch producer has not ceased. Today, Armitron has a wide collection of quartz and automatic movement timepieces for men and women.

They even manufacture fashion watches for brands like Anne Klien and Nine West. Compared to Timex, Casio, Seiko and Guess watch brands, Armitron stands as the fifth-largest brand according to according to market share.



Armitron watch design and styles
Img: Are Armitron watches good quality? Let us look at Armitron watch design and styles

Armitron watch design and styles

Armitron has a wide collection of timepieces whose designs and aesthetics are decidedly distinct. Some models of Armitron watches are quite eye-catching and colorful. Although not all Armitron watches have striking design, you won’t lack something to love in their collections.

Armitron watches collections have varied design including Sports, analog, Solar, and graffiti. A particularly interesting model is the graffiti collection with their youthful street design.

A digital chronograph watch features lap time, alarm time, dual time, military time, back light functions, two zone LCD display, and more. Plus, some of the Armitron timepieces have water-resistant up to 100 meters. So are armitron watches good waterproof timepieces? Yes, with 50m water resistance, they can withstand splashes.

The budget brand also makes their watches have 5 functions – hour, minute, seconds, date, day of week. The Armitron day/date watches features classy, handsome designs, with striking looks, with luminous hands. These models are perfectly designed for wearing during formal occasions.

Some Armitron watches have hard stainless steel cases, with a sunburst dial and tachymeter. If you want a cheap, mid-range but highly fashionable Armitron, pick the Stainless Steel model.

Their sports models would remind you of the bulky case an and large bezel G-chock watches. Other models take their appearance after Timex timepieces. I can say that a sheer variety of Armitron watch designs are fairly derivative.

It is hard but not impossible to have a durable Armitron watch. Think of how to make budget-friendly watches. Cheap material input is the way out to sell at a lower cost.

Their watches are not scratched or chip-resistant, but some casual models have mineral crystal dials. The dial window material can be very vulnerable to scrapes in high-impact bangs. So, are Armitron watches good with weak dial window? NO.

The Armitron watch bands are not designed tougher than watches for Seiko, invicta and g-shocks. Some users have their bands come easily broken after a few months.

It is common to find nylon, plastic, acrylic crystal in some of the timepieces. Nevertheless, their Japanese quartz movements are really accurate for timekeeping.


Armitron watch collections

One distinguishing factor of Armitron is the wide range of watch collections, ranging from Swarovski stainless steel watch to highly rugged sports chronographs. These watches seem to appeal to everyone, poor or rich.

The most common armitron watch collection includes

  • Armitron Sport Watches
  • Armitron Night Out Watches
  • Armitron Graffiti Watches
  • Armitron Dress Watches
  • Armitron Travel Watches
  • Armitron Casual Watches
  • Armitron Pro Sport Digital watches



armitron watch qualities
Img: Is an armitron watch good quality?

Is Armitron watch good in quality?

Do armitron watches have good quality? Yes, and no. Armitron is a boutique watch brand that serves you with aesthetic and fashionable timekeepers, at giveaway price.

From their analog, quartz, digital, and some mechanical watches, you will discover luxury styled timepieces plus sport, retro styles, and casual models.

The truth is, the armitron watch building quality varies based on the model and style. If you consider Armitron sport watches, you will see the have pretty good quality to endure all kinds of sports environment.

With the robust construction borrowed from G-Shock, the resin case, and acrylic crystal dial, windows aren’t bad for outdoor sports. These features, including water resistance of up to 330 (100m) make armitron sport watches ready for rigorous activities.

Considering the build quality for their sport watch collections, you can’t go wrong since they can handle harsh environment. However, I can’t say for sure how long any armitron watch will last, but don’t expect 5 years if you are using it as an everyday watch.

All Armitron watches serve a purpose, but not all Armitron watch models are exactly good. A high-quality aesthetic you expect from Mid-range models is absent in Armitron, but most of their dress timepieces are high-style watches at really affordable price points.

Their wide collection means you can get lucky to pick a slightly good quality. Armitron watch value is nothing compared to Rolex, yet you can rely on the boutique watch brand for precision timekeeping.

 Armitron watches have good quality but they use cheaper materials, in the case, screen, and straps. So it’s really hard to argue the quality, since it is sold at an extremely low price.



armitron watch price - most expensive armitron watch price and cheapest armitron watch price
Img: Are Armitron watches good budget? Let us go find how much is armitron worth in dollars


Armitron watch Price

Is Armitron a good watch to buy? Armitron watches cost less than 1% the price of a modern Rolex watch. It’s hard to argue what Armitron watch price is, because they are so affordable for an average person.

Armitron produces a broad range of watches, all at a very affordable price for everyone. As a budget brand, it remains the go to option if you’re looking for cheapest timepieces that you’ll get without breaking the bank.

Yes, Armitron’s offers are so nice, but how much is an Armitron watch price? A majority of Armitron watch models are priced between $20 to $100.

It’s too few options of Armitron watches with selling price over $100. As of the time of writing this article, Armitton Adventure AD/1003BKTIBK has the most expensive Armitron watch price but is still under $100.

Now you know Armitron makes extremely inexpensive watches, so no need to worry even about an armitron diamond quartz watch price. They are real bargain, so cheap and you won’t even worry about trying out one or buying several pieces of it.

The cheapest Armitron watch price is even under $20, like this Armitron 204604DBSVBK Dress Swarovski. Some armitron watch models, you’ll even find them for under $15 like the Armitron Sport 45/7053.

The most expensive Armitron watch price is till less than 1% the cost of purchasing a single modern Rolex timepiece.




best armitron watch collections
Img: Are Armitron watches good collection?

The Best Armitron watch collections


Armitron Men’s watch (model 204692BKTI)

Armitron Men's 204692BKTI Black Plated Stainless-Steel and Black Dial Dress Watch
Armitron Men’s 204692BKTI Black Plated Stainless-Steel and Black Dial Dress Watchare armitron watches good - Is Armitron A Good Watch Brand? [Are Armitron Watches Good Quality In 2023?]

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If you have been looking for an all-black sports watch that is tough enough, this men’s timepiece looks pretty rugged. The black stainless steel case and the metal bracelet are tough and durable.

It’s really slightly scarce to find an all-black dial dress watch like this one. The benefit is that the time features, – hands and numbers are clearly visible as compared to timepieces with white numerals.

This armitron’s men’s watch is designed with a smaller case diameter of 42millimeters, which is a kind of best fit for medium to small wrist guy. The black minimalist dial features a date function at 4 O’clock position.

The 50m waterproof ratings make it quite good for a shower, and swimming. On the price side, it costs slightly over $40, which makes it the most expensive armitron watch price we have had on this list.



Armitron Sport digital watch(model 408209BLK) – Armitron men’s watch with digital display

Armitron Sport Men's 408209BLK Digital Watch
Armitron Sport Men’s 408209BLK Digital Watchare armitron watches good - Is Armitron A Good Watch Brand? [Are Armitron Watches Good Quality In 2023?]

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One of the cheapest Armitron watches, under $15 price tag, is the Armitron Sport men’s watch. Its watch design features a chronograph, day-date function, 24-hour military time format, a luminous backlight, a and a lap timer. The piece looks relatively smaller, with 49mm watch face, and a compact case.

The lap timers make it best tool for timing sports events. Like GMT watches,  the dual time function in this piece allows a frequent traveler to check time in multiple time zones. This Armitron dual time watch comes with a stiff rubber strap, and a water resistance of up to 100 meters.



Armitron Men’s Digital Chronograph (model 40/8309)

Armitron Sport Men's 40/8309 Digital Chronograph Watch
Img: Armitron Sport Men’s  Digital Chronograph Watch 

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This is another Armitron digital watch, which is designed quite larger. The case and dial diameter is at 54mm which is really big for skinny to medium wrist-size guys. The black case and the blue dial are quite a contrast, so it commands a bit of attention.

Common with armitron watches, are the basic 5 function including hours, minutes, seconds, day of the week, and date functions. This flashy digital chronograph armitron men’s sports watch has them all, in addition to chronograph, lap timer, alarm, backlight, and 24-hour military time format.

Unfortunately, 100m waterproof rating is great feature to be proud of, since at the least, it offers pretty good protection against light rains or moisture.

With its dual time zone function, plus the cheap resin strap, the whole men’s digital chronograph armitron piece costs just under $20.


Armitron dress watch model 204309GYTT Two-Tone

Armitron Men's 204309GYTT Two-Tone Stainless Steel Round Dial Dress Watch
Armitron Men’s 204309GYTT Two-Tone Stainless Steel Round Dial Dress Watch

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You have seen that armitton sport watch collection are quite chunky. This model 204309GYTT is traditionally designed with a very compact 37millimeters case and watch face and well styled.

Although you can buy it for less than $50, the off-white sunburst dial and all-metal bracelet with two-tone strips makes it more classic and fashionable.

The day-date function at 3 o’clock, and the gold-toned bezel and the crown are captivating, and suits an all-day formal dress watch. Water resistance level is at 50 meters.


Men’s Armitron Dress Watch with Swarovski Crystals (20/4507DBTI )

Armitron Men's Genuine Crystal Accented Stainless Steel Watch
Img: Armitron Men’s Genuine Crystal Accented Stainless Steel Watch

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Here is a popular, affordable Armitron dress watch with a 33mm stainless steel case, which is also just 11mm thick.  It is not common, but this men’s Armitron watch is designed with a set of Swarovski crystals that beautifully decorate the mineral crystal protected dial.

A Japanese quartz movement runs the watch, and that is why this Armitron watch is good for accurate and reliable timekeeping. Moreover, the watch was durable with a 50m water resistance.

The black stainless steel plated bracelet looks solid and you can fasten it over a double push release clasp.  The silvered hands, and the contrasted bluish dial background, give it some classy touch that goes with formal dressing.

It is a nice piece if you don’t want to go with the traditional round face watches. This Armitron Sport Men’s Digital Watch similarly designed Armitron square face watch.



Armitron Men’s Day/Date watch (mode : 20/4935)

Armitron Men's 20/4935 Day/Date Function Dial Bracelet Watch
img: Armitron day/date mens watchare armitron watches good - Is Armitron A Good Watch Brand? [Are Armitron Watches Good Quality In 2023?]

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Here is an armitron watch with a down-sized case of 41 millimeters in diameter and 50 meters (165 feet) of water resistance. The day-date functionality makes it more sophisticated in design. The unit is all-metal built, with a mineral crystal glass protecting the blue sunray dial.

Not many armitron watches come with day of the week and date functions. Overall, the features depict a masculine aesthetics, but there is some feminine touch in its designs, so it’s not bad if I classify model as a unisex armitron watch.



Armitron Sport Mens Digital Chronograph Armitron watch ( model 40/8188)

Armitron Sport Men's 40/8188 Digital Chronograph Resin Strap Watch
img: digital chronograph watch Armitron

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Looking for a smaller sport watch? This Armitron’s sports digital chronograph is designed in approximately 49mm case and a 22mm strap. The piece is powered by a simple Japanese quartz movement, so expect nothing but high precision timekeeping.

Like most budget armitron’s collections styles, this chronograph features hour, seconds, minutes and day/date functions. That is not all, you also get a lap timer, a chronograph, a backlight for easy-night glance,  and a 100 meters water resistance.

This is not suitable diving, but can withstand shower, and pool swimming.

Shopping:  Sport men’s digital chronograph Armitron watches on Amazon.



Armitron Women’s Bracelet Watch, 75/3313– the best slim armitron watches for ladies

Armitron Women's Bracelet Watch, 75/3313 - armitron watch for laldies
Night Out Armitron Watch for ladies

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One of the Armitron timepieces I could think is best for women is the Armitron diamond woman’s watch and the deauville diamond Armitron quartz watch.

They are pretty gorgeous on a girlfriend’s wrists, but there is one that provides comfort and trendy feel –  the Night Out Armitron Watch.

Like a bangle and bracelets, the small watch is sleek, beautiful and best designed for those women who love to party and take night outs.

The classy, cool, and feminine design just makes it irresistible, one of the Armitron Night Out Watch Collection. If you want to impressive a loving mother, a wife and a girlfriend, that is the cheapest gift that is hard to guess the price.



 Armitron Sport Analog-Digital Chronograph watch 20/5270BLK

Armitron Sport Men's Analog-Digital Chronograph Resin Strap Watch - armitron pro sport watch for men ( armitron all sport watch)
img : Best Armitron Sport Watch collection with ana-digi display

are armitron watches good - Is Armitron A Good Watch Brand? [Are Armitron Watches Good Quality In 2023?]
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One of the best Armitron watches for people with active lifestyle is the G-Shock styled Armitron Sport watch 20/5270BLK.

They look solid, tough, with adjustable resin straps that are sweat resistant. The sport watch features a chronograph, with analog-digital display, and a multi-function dial.

This larger, seemingly bulky watch is best for outdoor fitness and wellness activities. You can find the same model in varied colors and style.



Armitron Automatic Watch With Skeleton dial

Armitron watches reviews - armitron automatic watch - Armitron Men's 20/5170BLSV Automatic Silver-Tone Bracelet Watch
Armitron watches reviews –  automatic skeleton watch  are armitron watches good - Is Armitron A Good Watch Brand? [Are Armitron Watches Good Quality In 2023?]

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One of the best unique Armitron watch I have seen so far is this skeleton style self-winding automatic Armitron watch, which gets powered by the motion of your arm. The stainless steel case size is on the average with a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 13mm.

The stainless steel strap makes every bit of the watch all classic, manly and elegant. You will have to fasten it with a fold over double push release clasp.

You can see through the inner working gears of the automatic movement from the exhibition caseback. It is just so captivating, because you can lose the whole day just by observing the mechanism.

I am a serious fan of open heart watches, but this Armitron skeleton watch for men is extra affordable. You can get skeleton watches for under $300, but not this cheap as Armitron sells it.

Other amazing features of good quality include the hardened mineral crystal lens, 50m water resistance rating and the golden coloured hands and hour markers.



Armitron Men’s Stainless Steel Watch (20/4677BLSV)

armitron stainless steel watch - Armitron Men's Multi-Function Silver-Tone Bracelet Watch, 20/4677
armitron men’s stainless steel watchare armitron watches good - Is Armitron A Good Watch Brand? [Are Armitron Watches Good Quality In 2023?]

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Here is one of the stunning Armitron watches designed with masculine aesthetics. With a 42mm as the silvered stainless steel case diameter, plus a thickness of 10mm, the wrist watch would wear perfectly on medium wrist guys.

The deep blue color of the bezel and dial is a manly touch. And, the contrasting silvered hands and hour markers make it pretty easy to read. The 3 sub dials for 24 hour military timer, date and day of the week are excellent additions.

Other good features include the mineral crystal glass with good scratch and shatter resistance, the accurate and reliable quartz movement. With a 50m water resistance rating, this piece is a reliable Armitron waterproof watch.


Armitron All-Sport watch (Model  40-6623BLK)–An Armitron Instalite Watch for men

Armitron Sport Men's 40-6623BLK Chronograph watch - Armitron Instalite watch with Black Digital display
img: sporty, easy-to-read and easy-to-use digital watchare armitron watches good - Is Armitron A Good Watch Brand? [Are Armitron Watches Good Quality In 2023?]

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One of the cheapest chronograph watches on this list is the Armitron Instalite watch 40-6623BLK. While you can pick it from a sub-$20 price, that is not the only goodies from the timepiece.

The Armitron digital watch features an alarm, chronograph function, date and days of the week. In addition, you also have an hourly chime, mode , six-digit blue LCD display, and illuminating light.

Armitron offers style and performance, and that is why Armitron Pro Sport Watches stay on top of the game. The sporty aesthetics in this piece is further enhanced by the comfortable black nylon Velcro slip thru strap and an impressive 165 feet water resistance.

No worry if you want to go swimming and showering. Besides, the resin case is pretty small, with a diameter of 40mm. The down-sized watch case makes it a snug fit timepiece for skinny guys.



Armitron Men’s Diamond Dial Bracelet Watch(20/4952) – best armitron diamond watch

best armitron diamond watch for men - Armitron Men's 20/4952 Diamond Dial Bracelet Watch
img: best armitron diamond watch for menare armitron watches good - Is Armitron A Good Watch Brand? [Are Armitron Watches Good Quality In 2023?]

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Here is an armitron diamond quartz watch for men, at a giveaway price. It is a fashionable timepiece that fits all dressing styles and budgets.

The matter black dial windows feature a slightly tougher mineral crystal lens, and a genuine diamond located at 12 o’clock position. The gold-tone hands and markers add an eye-catching elegance; you would expect from a manly watch.

The adjustable link bracelet, the quartz movement, the case diameter, and the 50 m water resistance are some best values offers at near-zero price.



Armitron Solar Watch for Men (20/5289BKGP ) – With Date & Gold-Tone Bracelet

Armitron Men's 20/5289BKGP Solar Powered Date Function Gold-Tone Bracelet Watch
Img: Armitron Solar watch for menare armitron watches good - Is Armitron A Good Watch Brand? [Are Armitron Watches Good Quality In 2023?]

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Not all watches are environmentally friendlier, and few watch brands actually produce solar powered watches at affordable prices.

If Armitron wasn’t a good brand, they wouldn’t create this unique timepiece powered by the sun, at such an inexpensive rate.

With less than 100 dollars, you can get this solar-powered watch with a date function and a gold-tone bracelet.

Armitron is not throwing away value here, instead, Armitron is giving you great value at no fees. Come to think of the lots of features here.

The tachymeter, the black dial with date calendar window, the gold-tone luminous hands and markers, minute track, gold-tone adjustable link bracelet and the fold over clasp with safety.

Moreover, a solar cell is built into the dial and you can use the watch for up to 4 months when fully charged on any light source. The built-in solar battery eliminates the nuisance of replacing batteries every time.

Apart from the solar energy and impressive battery performance, the piece has a case diameter of 46mm and 50m waterproof rating. It is best suited for shower, recreational swims, but not snorkeling.

Here is another sun-powered timepiece–the Armitron women’s solar Watch (75/5632MPGPBN) with gold-tone and brown croco-grain leather strap.



Armitron Kids watch (80075NB) – A Character Batman Digital Watch

Armitron Kids' 80075NB Character Batman Armitron Kids watch with Digital display
img: Batman Armitron Kids watch with Digital displayare armitron watches good - Is Armitron A Good Watch Brand? [Are Armitron Watches Good Quality In 2023?]

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Armitron is the most budget brand of watches. At low prices, one would not doubt that Armitron can likely make kids watches, which it does.

Yet, it is still a big surprise when people discover dedicated children’s watches from Armitron. This Batman digital watch features a blue and black nylon band, a round face, red dial and some impressive batman graphics.

Armitron designed this 34mm kid’s watch with a digital display, date function and time. I guess, the numeric are just fun for children.

If your son or daughter does not love digital watches, perhaps smartwatches for kids could turn him or her on.



are armitron watches good or bad? Let us take a look at design, quality and pricing to determine if is armitron a good watch
Img: Are Armitron watches good? Compared to other affordable watches, Armitron is a good brand with variety of designs and styles,


Is Armitron a good watch brand?

Compared to other brands with cheap watches, Armitron is a good brand with an establish a market in the US. Back in 2005, Armitron brand was ranked one of the top 10 fashion watch brands in the United States. Armitron is a great competing brand with Fossil, Seiko, Timex, Movado, Casio and Bulova.

Moreover, Armitron also got endorsed by famous sports teams, and celebrity athletes such as former professional football player Jerry Rice and professional basketball player Larry Bird. Armitron is currently an official timekeeper for the New York Yankees baseball team.

Isn’t Armitron a good watch brand?



So are Armitron watches good?

Are Armitron watches good?  Whether Armitron is good or not, there is no objective way to qualify that. However, armitron brand is less costly but does serves a purpose and may hold an impressive piece of history behind it.

If you were in high school and your grandmother offered you one Armitron watch for good grades. Decades after your loving grandmother is long gone, in remembrance of her, your armitron watch will hold incredible value even when it is worth just a few dollars.

Armitron watches serve a purpose, provide accurate timekeeping, have attractive prices, and could be exactly good if it tells you a lasting or unforgettable story.

Yes,  at a sub-$50 price range, Armitron watches run on accurate Japanese quartz movements, so their build quality is reliable and accurate.


Armitron watch Pros: Reasons to buy

What we love in Armitron watches:

  • Good timekeeping functionality hours, minutes, seconds, day, and date
  • Offers best value to customers, Japanese quartz watch brand with alarms, countdown timers, perpetual calendars
  • Armitron watches are readily available for any person with any budget. With under $20, a student can buy an Armitron watch.
  • Wide range of choices, including a collection for Dress, Travel, Casual, Sports, and Night Out watches
  • With the lower-end price point, you can purchase multiple watches for any outfit.
  • Perfect for a gift to encourage kids at school
  • Available in many retail or department stores
  • Armitron are the best watches for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Some models provide multiple time zone (plus 24-hour military time) for frequent travelers.
  • It could be the most sentimental piece if you receive as a gift from family


Armitron Watch Cons: Reasons to avoid

  • Cheap means cheap material–screen, strap
  • Armitron watches look too flashy, and not really best for many outfits
  • They look larger for most wrists. Their enormous cases look like the G-Shocks.
  • Apart from alarm, and stopwatch, Armitron is far from being a tool watch




Armitron vs timex which brand is better?
Img:  Armitron versus timex  – Are Armitron watches good timepieces than Timex?

Armitron vs Timex, which brand is better?

Armitron and Timex are two classic American watch brands with their own unique appeal and charm. Armitron makes sports watches, with digital or ana-digi displays, resin cases, acrylic dial window and a nylion /plastic bands. Yet, some Armitron sports watches have up to 100m water rsistance.

Armitron dress watches have traditional design, stainless steel cases and mineral cystal dial window. Moreover, you will find them with 50m water resistance.

Timex watches, on the other hand, have a varying design. The Ironman watch collection has resin cases, acrylic dial window and plastic bands. They, however, show a good durability with a water resistance of 200 meters.

Another Timex collection is the expedition series features acrylic dial. Leather strap designed for more rugged outdoor use. Most timex watches use brass, mineral crystal dial window and 30 to 100 meters waterproof rating.

Verdict on Armitron versus Timex : Looking at the build quality, Armitron and Timex come close but Timex has an overall edge.



Armitron vs casio which brand is better?
Img: Armitron versus Casio : Are Armitron watches good timepieces than Casio?

Armitron vs casio, which is the best brand?

When you check Armitron price, and Casio prices, there’s no beat down on Armitron because it is the best budget brand. Yes, Armitron brand winds on price over casio, but Casio G-Shock watches have impressive and superior quality.

A large number of Armitron’s sport watches have acrylic dial windows which is weaker and proned to scratches than the Casio’s G-Shock mineral crystal glass.

Moreover, Armitron sports watches have a water resistance depth rating of maximum 165 feet, which is four times less than the Casio G-Shock’s 660 feet water resistance.

The least durable casio comes with a water resistant at least 100 feet(30m) whereas there are lots of Armitron has watches with no water resistance at all.

My verdict on Armitron and Casio build quality puts Casio up as a winning brand.



Armitron Diamond Dress Watch Review

Take a closer look at an Amritron diamond watch review. It looks very elegant, with impressive 165 feet water resistance, slightly summed crystal, and genuine diamond accentuation.

YouTube player




how much is a armitron watch worth?

From less than $20 to not more than $100. Armitron brand value is in the price, which is greatest benefit for everyone, teenagers, and students. Can you imagine at that low price range, you can get a fully-functioning and decent value armitron sports watch with 100 meters of water resistance? Unbelievable!

Are armitron watches waterproof designed?

YES. Some Armitron Sport watches have water resistance up to 330 feet (100 meters), most at 50m. You can swim with such a waterproof timepiece since its durable and moisture resistant. But beware, armitron  quartz movement watches are cheap, with cheap material, so expect possible water ingress under a prolong shower.

Some 50m waterproof armitron watches

  • Men’s Armitron Dress Watch with Swarovski Crystals
  • Armitron Men’s Stainless Steel Watch
  • Armitron Skeleton Automatic Watch

Some 100m waterproof armitron watches

  • Armitron Sport digital watch


Are armitron watches expensive?

No, Armitron watches are not expensive. They are stylish, and very affordable for everyone. Their only expensive watch costs under $100 while a majoority of the armitron timepieces, chronographs, sports, cost averagely $30. You will find many for few buck under $20.


Are armitron watches real gold?

Not really. If they were pure gold, they won’t be cheap. Take a look at the Armitron Women’s Mother of Pearl and Gold-Tone Genuine  Crystal Accented Gold-Tone mens Watch. Their Armitron gold-plated band and dial look attractive,  and adds a hint of refinement to your wardrobe.

Although not real gold, the Gold-plated bands are resistant to corrosion, so your Armitron watches won’t rust in winter.  The Armitron Men’s 20/4991CHGP Multi-Function Gold-tone watch has a fashionable style, which adds a chic touch to wearer’s wardrobe.


Are armitron watches made in USA?

Is Armitron American made? YES. Gluck Corporation is an American based watch company with headquarter in Little Neck, New York. Since birth in 1956 by Eugen Gluck, the Corporation has been manufacturing watches under two flagship proprietary brands, the Armitron and Torgoen. Components may come from other countries, but ther armitron watches are truly american made.


Are armitron watches made in china?

Some modern Armitron watch come with various quartz digital and analogue movements.  Althougu assembled in United States, some components are made in China. The armitron watch braceletes are shipped in from Hong Kong.


Who makes Armitron?

The E. Gluck Corporation is the owner of Armitron. The Corporation was founded in 1950s, with headquarter in Little Neck, New York.


Where is armitron watch made in United states?

Where is Armitron watches made inside the United states? Their custom-designed factory in  Arlington, Texas.  However, the case component is imported from Switzerland and the bracelets from Hong Kong.


Are armitron watches reliable in timekeeping?

Armitron watches are powered by japansese quartz movement. Quartz movement are more accurate than mechanical movement, so Armitron quartz are precise, accurate and reliable in telling time.


Is Armitron good watch brand?

YES. Armitron makes plent styled watches and have been in business since 1950s. They have bben official sponsors of the Yankees in New York and pother big sports teams. Not all Armitron watches look attractive but they all serve a great purpose. At low price, armitron is a good entry level brands for budget-concious watch enthusiasts.


Are armitron watch bands good?

vintage Armitron wristwatch with real diamonds. Armitron watch bands look stylish and good, unfortunately, they don’t last longer. Since armitron watches are inexpensive, the armitron replacement straps and bracelets are also very affordable. If the band is broken, you can pick a armitron watch band replacements on Amazon.


Are Armitron diamonds real?

Yes, Armitron diamonds are genuine. Armitron features real diamonds in some of their pieces. This Armitron Women’s Genuine Diamond Dial Bracelet Watch, 75/5769  features a sapphire blue sunray dial, and a genuine diamond at 12 o’clock position.  Another one, Armitron Mens dial diamond bracelet watch features a mineral crustal lens, a  Gold-tone bracelet and indices plus a genuine diamond at twelve o’clock.


How long do Armitron watches last?

Armitron watches do not last, and if they do, you can’t expect them last for up to 3-5 years. Yes, no armitron watch would not last forever, but you won’t feel any loss if it breaks and you replace it with another one for 10-20 dollars.


How to set time on armitron watch?

If you want to set up, a djust or change time day or date on your Armitron watch, we have created a step by step instructions how to change time on your Armitron watch. You can also use the Armitron watch manual or instructions.


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