Apple watch series 7 Review With Full Specifications- Is it worth Buying?

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Apple watch series 7 is one of the high-tech gadget, the newest of the apple watch series, which has a more adorable design, and colors. Nothing much has changed from apple watch series 6, except the stunning performance, faster charging time and bigger, brighter display.


Apple Watch Series 7 Reviewed

In the wearable industry, consumers now cherish smaller pieces, which are highly aesthetic, elegant and lightweight on the wrist. The general perception is that smaller size is usually better. That holds true for watches, but having a  larger screen smartwatch on your wrist comes in very handy than you can imagine.

Apple watch series 7 has a pretty bigger display screen, and the only apple watch you would truly enjoy testing messages on. It actually just feels like a mini phone with touchscreen display. Except you got awkwardly big fingers, typing a text message on the screen of the apple watch series 7 feels like on a smartphone.

Apple watches have pretty intuitive and attractive watch faces. Some are just awesomely attractive, and amazing on a larger display screen of the series 7. Comparatively, the screen size of series 7 is about 15-20% larger than the watch face of series 6. When you come to the large display with an older model like series 3, you’ll notice that huge display is seemingly about 35-50% the size of apple watch series 3.

Do you need the large screen series 7 on your wrist? In my case, I do, because a bigger screen smartwatch like series 7 would make you not to go at all-time, for your phone. Responding to messages on the apple watch series 7 is more easier and convenient than pulling out your phone.


Apple Watch series 7 Sizes

Apple watch series 7 models are available in 41mm and 45mm sizes

Apple watch series 7 sizes – 45mm

apple watch series 7 smartwatchapple watch series 7 - Apple watch series 7 Review With Full Specifications- Is it worth Buying?

Apple Watch Series 7 [GPS 45mm]

  •  Midnight Aluminum Case
  • Midnight Sport Band.
  • size : 45 millimeters


Apple watch series 7 size 41mm

 apple watch series 7 reviewapple watch series 7 - Apple watch series 7 Review With Full Specifications- Is it worth Buying?

Apple Watch Series 7 [GPS 41mm]

  • RED Aluminum Case with
  • RED Sport Band.
  • size : 41 millimeters


Apple Watch series 7 GPS + Cellular 41mm

apple watch series 7 specifications


apple watch series 7 - Apple watch series 7 Review With Full Specifications- Is it worth Buying?Apple Watch Series 7 [GPS + Cellular 41mm]

  •  Starlight Aluminum Case
  • Starlight Sport Band
  • size : 42 millimeters



Apple Watch series 7 Upgrade from older models

Looking inside the series 7, you will feel that it is more like the apple watch series 6, rather than a whole new generation of apple watch. I mean, inside the case, the functionalities of apple watch series 7 are really similar to features of Apple watch series 6.

The difference is in the design. The bigger screen of the series 7 watch  and its fast charging ability simple makes the wearable standout from other apple watches. The watch is also about 30-50 percent thicker than apple watch series 6. One of my friends has apple watch series 5, I would suggest they should only upgrade to series 7 for the sake of short charging time, and the wide text messaging screen.

Apple watch series 5 and series 6 and 7are very similar in functions. If you have but the older models of apple watches (up to series 4), you would greatly be missing on what apple watch series 7 has to offer. There is just a whole lot of features in this advanced apple watch 7 including always on display, ECG reader, advanced sports, fitness and health tracking.

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Apple Watch series 7 Texting experience

Apple watch series 7 design - larger display screen for easy typing

Apple surprisingly incorporated a full internal keyboard to the series 7, which is something that is purely lacking in older generations.

Just as in some advanced smartphones, you can swipe letters across the apple series 7 keyboard comes a lot easier with your finger. That is quite phone-like, when responding to short messages of just few words.

One interesting experience, is that Apple watch series 7 allows users to zoom or make the text a slightly bigger on the screen, for easy readability, than you will normally get in series 6.

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Apple Watch series 7 Readability.

The screen of the Apple watch series 7 is much brighter than you have in series 6. That is particularly when set on the always-on-display mode. I placed the two watches together, and noticed that I could read the time on series 7 more easily or at a glance, than on the Series 6 display screen.

Compared to the previous model, the new Apple Watch Series 7 does not actually have a new design as many people think. The more observable difference, is the  high resolution, brighter screen display which is about 20-25% larger than the screen area  for apple series 6 .

If you wear the watch indoors, you’ll notice the Always-On Retina display is about 75% brighter than for series 6. When doing your home fitness on a rower, you can  easily glance through to see the apple watch face on your wrists without having to pull back your arm.


Apple Watch series 7 Durability

There are some other changes in the way apple watches look in the series 7. Apple watch series 7 is the very first in the list of apple smartwatches to have an IP6X dirt resistance.

The watch glass looks slightly thicker than the crystal for the previous model. That means, series 7 can ensure more crack(crack-resistant), bangs and bumps than the predecessor.

Another element of durability is that Apple watch series 7 is certified IP6X  dirt and dust-resistant in addition to the apple’s usual 50meters (WR50) water resistance ratings.  Like all other apple watches that go into beach or pool swimming, series 7 remains a good choice for swimming exercises because it will deliver just am impressive performances.


Apple Watch series 7 design Aesthetics

The design is aluminum as well as titanium. The Aluminum model of series 7 has a pretty new color. Apart from that, the elegance of older models and the structural design remains almost the same.

Apple watch 7 comes with a few nicer watch faces too–one is the contour watch face, which has numbers wrapped around the edges. In fact, they watch face display more information that it is with previous versions.

The two watch faces can show a lot of data on a single screen. This is a great improvement for outdoor navigation.

With Apple Watch Series 7, Apple brought three different finishing.

Aluminum Apple watch series 6 finishing and color

  • Green,
  • Blue;
  • Midnight;
  • Starlight;

Stainless Steel Apple watch series 7 finishing

  • Gold
  • Silver;
  • Graphite;

Stainless Steel Apple watch series 7 finishing

  • Space Black.
  • Natural;


Apple watch series 7 Sensors

Like the previous model apple watch series 6, series 7   has  same sensors  for smartwatch, health, and fitness features. Think of the usual optical heart rate sensor, the onboard GPS, built-in navigation compass, the digital crown with haptic feedback, the altimeter, the speakers, the microphone and the fall detectors. For health again, you have ECG sensor, too. There are more sensors, check ion the technical specs at the end of this review.


Apple Watch series 7 Charging

One excellent upgrade I won’t ignore, which is a wonderful shift from an older model of apple watches, is the quick charging. Apple watch series 7 chargers super faster–numerically, about 30% faster than the time it takes for series 6 smartwatch to charge. This rapid charging is much more advantageous and useful if you wanted to charge the watch and wear it to sleep.

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Apple Watch series 7 Health and Fitness Features

Apple watch series 7 fitness features and sport modes

Just like the older models, Apple watch 7 has the Always-on display, safety features like fall detection with emergency SOS, Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) which record the timing and the strength of electrical signals that empower your heart to beat.

Apple 7 and apple 6 are just similar as they are all health watches. Your doctor will use your ECG report from any of these models to get insights into your heart rhythm for irregularities. In addition to the ability to take ECG from your wrist, series 7, also check your blood O2 (oxygen) saturation level (pulse SpO2). SOme include

  • sleep tracking
  • stress monitor
  • blood pressure monitor
  • mentrual cycle tracker

Nonetheless, Apple watch 7 remains a more advanced activity tracker for every fitness enthusiast. The watch tracks a variety of workouts and can help you achieve your daily fitness goals. There are different workout types, including.

  • outdoor walks,
  • core training exercises,
  • high-intensity interval training(HIIT),
  • outdoor runs,
  • indoor and outdoor cycling
  • elliptical workouts
  • hiking
  • pilates
  • tai chi
  • and more other activities.

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Apple watch series 7 Performance – speed and OS

Processing Speed

The Apple S7 SiP processor speed has not changed much from that of series 6 which was 42.2/5.76 Mbps. The CPU type remains 64-bit dual-core processor,  with a 32GB of storage which is large enough to hold all your video, images, songs and any other media content.  Nonetheless, the processor is far much faster, than processors normally incorporated into apple watch SE and Apple watch series 4.

OS Platform and updates

Apple watch series 7 at the time of release, was powered by watchOS 8 which comes with some impressive functions.

  • New and better watch faces
  • Ability to filter noise and distraction
  • Mindfulness app
  • New fitness workouts like Pilates and Tai Chi
  • Find apple device feature, which helps when you lost or misplaced an item

After the day it came out and become available for purchase in stores, bug fixed have added some excellent features in subsequent watchOS versions, including

  • Apple Music voice plan
  • Apple Privacy report
  • third-party charging support

The more current watchOS version is watchOS 8.5 which :

  • Has new emoji
  • Supports American Siri voice commands
  • Has an Apple wallet that supports Covid-19 vaccination cards and EU Digital COVID Certificate
  • Features an improved ability to detect improve atrial fibrillation
  • Supports Fitness+ audio commentary when you’re working out


apple watch series 7 smartwatch reviewed with full specs

Pros – What can apple watch series 7 do?

  • automatically calls emergency
  • has noise reduction – Noise app alerts when decibels reach
  • track health metrics and issue reports
  • make calls, receive calls , text messages, send emergency SOS
  • track many fitness workouts
  • stores and plays music, video and display images
  • issues weather alerts, alarms, notifications, and calendar
  • can work as phone camera control


Who is Apple watch series 7 for?

Series 7 is the best option for iPhone owners who are eager to make the most out of their apple watches. The smartwatch is really great if you want a health smartwatch that goes beyond just monitoring fitness activities.

If you care about having a smartwatch whose screen stays on, brightly while you run on your home treadmill or outdoor, go for the series 7. If you see that apple series 7 is more advanced than you need, then go for the basics, and in that case, apple watch series 5 or apple watch series 6 are just ok for you.


Should you buy or upgrade to Apple watch series 7?

Apple watch series 3 costs almost $200, which is almost a discontinued version. You would be better off buying series 7  for around $300 with everything you would ever need, than buying apple series 3 or Apple watch SE for $200. That is I incredible value at a cheaper price,  because it is more economical.

Think about this, the Apple watch series 3 and maybe, Apple watch SE are starting to feel more slow, in performance than current apple watches. There are many incompatibilities when installing updates on older apple watches like Series 3.

let us looks aat the general cost prices of Apple watch series 7 models. Note that the price of  Apple Watch Series 7 starts from $399.

45mm Apple watch series 7 model price

  • Titanium, 44mm, GPS + Cellular: expensive
  • Stainless steel, 44mm, GPS + Cellular: mid-range
  • Aluminum, 44m, GPS + Cellular: affordable

41mm Apple watch series 7 model price

  • Titanium, 40mm, GPS + Cellular: expensive
  • Stainless steel, 40mm, GPS + Cellular: moderate
  • Aluminum, 40mm, GPS + Cellular: cheaper

The aluminum versions are the cheapest of the Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular models. Titanium is super expensive and any other model. This is the result of material. Titanium is high grade watch material than stainless steel, than aluminum. See Stainles steel vs Titanium watch materials.


Refurbished Apple watch series 7 is budget-friendly

Apple has started to sell the refurbished models of Apple Watch Series 7 in Apple Refurbished online Store. If you are tight on budget, you can get  a refurbished Series 7 apple watch and save few bucks like $60-$100. That is better if you want to sacrifice some features you don’t need for a lower retail price.

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Wrap Up + FAQ + Specs

If you have older models of apple watches like series 5 and series 6, the bigger screen in apple watch 7 should not justify that you must buy the newer model. In terms of features, the three are almost the same. The really difference that would push you to make the necessary upgrade to Apple 7 smartwatch,  comes when you have old models like apple watch series 4. There is just a lot for apple fans to gain if they upgrade from apple watch series 3 to the newest model apple watch series 7. The advanced model has many functional features that are missing the older apple watches – faster performance, bright always on display, price location tracker and more.


is apple watch series 7 waterproof

Is the apple watch series 7 waterproof, really? NO. Are you surprised? No need, because Apple watch series 7 is an indispensable gadget for health and fitness. It has so much goodies that you won’t like to miss wearing the seventh generation watch.

But the question that goes in the minds of every apple watch fan is if the series 7 apple watch is waterproof? The sad  truth is, Apple watch series 7 isn’t completely waterproof, but it is water-resistant up to 50 meters (about 164 feet).

The good news is that it’s sufficiently resistant. It passed the international testing standard, which ensures that watches are water resistant without risk of condensation developing on the inside.

Here are the facts: Apple watch 7 series can:

  • Sustain pressure of at least 2 bar (approx. 30 psi) under water for few minutes.
  • Resist water droplet, damp cloths at 25° C in 60 seconds
  • Be immersed 10-12 cm inside water for up to 1 hour
  • Stay under 10-12 cm depth water for 5 minutes at a temperature of 40° C

Can you swim with apple watch series 7 then? Yes, The 50-meter water resistance rating offers some protection and you can shower or swim with apple watch 7 inside a pools and even the ocean.

Don’t take your apple watch series 7 into water or dive with it under high pressures, low temperatures. As concerns washing your hands, bathing, that is friendlier with apple watches.

How long can you wear apple watch 7 and stay inside water? Maximum 30 minutes in fresh water or ocean. But it would last an hour if you keep it less than 1/4 meter in water.

Sometimes, you can activate the water lock features to enable more protection. Enable the apple watch water lock feature and it will vibrate to expel any moisture or liquid condensation that might have gotten inside.


how to charge apple watch series 7

To use apple watch 7, you have to charge the battery. The standard hasn’t changed from the usual 18 hours battery life as apple claimed, but the watch usually last less than few hours. One of the improved features about apple watch 7 battery is the short charging time.

In the product delivery box, your apple watch comes with a charger, which has a cradle, a  charging cable. All you need is to place the watch in the cradle. When it is correctly positioned, you get a chime sound and the charging indicator will show on the screen.  If the indicator turns red, that apple watch is fast losing battery juice and needs urgent power or recharge.

You can also get your apple watch series 7 smartwatch charged without the original charger. Cable-crossing here and there is just disturbance. To avoid many cables, use a wireless magnetic charging dock. The charging cable is different from that you have for older generation apple Watches – Series 6, series 5, seires4 and Apple Watch SE.

The experience is, apple watch series 7 can get from 0 to 80% charge in around 45 minutes. This means you can charge the Series up to 7 33% faster. The apple watch series 7 charge won’t charge old apple watches at that same speed.

Shop for the Apple Watch Series 7 charging stands

  • Mophie 3-in-1 stand
  • Belkin Boost Charge Pro
  • Veho DS-2

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How much is an apple watch series 7?

how much is apple watch series 7 smartwatch ? The 41mm apple watch series 7 price ranges between $300 and $400. That is exactly $399 or $16.62/mo at the Apple website.  But how much is the apple watch series 7 bigger models which is 45mm? The 45mm men’s size apple watch series 7 costs from $400 to 500 dollars.


when was apple watch series 7 release date?

Before its release, many apple fans had been asking when apple watch series 7 release was  scheduled. So When did the Apple Watch Series 7 come out? Apple watch series 7 started being available to order, beginning Friday, October 8, at 5 a.m. PDT in 2021. The Apple Watch Series 7 was finally announced during Apple’s “California Streaming” event with a larger and more durable display followed by its release in October of 2021.


Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch 6

Between Apple watch series 7 and apple watch series 6, which one should you buy?  The two watches are almost 80 similar in features and design, but there is slight difference between them.

  • Apple watch 7 comes with the Apple’s gorgeous new Contour watch face, not available in series 6
  • Apple watch 7 series Has 20-25% larger display than series 6
  • Series 7 apple watch charges faster than series 6
  • Series 7 Supports more sports modes like Tai Chi, Pilates than series 6
  • Apple watch series 7 has brighter always-on display than series 6


how to use apple watch series 7

How do you use the Series 7 smartwatch? There are many things apple watch 7 can do. The video below will teach you how to connect your apple watch 7 to your iPhone, how to charge the apple watch 7 and how to set notifications and wireless Wi-Fi. You’ll also learn how to add digital crown, add a watch face, themes and other complications, in addition to installing app on your apple watch 7

YouTube player


Apple watch series 7 Full Specifications table

Announced on 2021, September 14 and released on the 2021, October 15. Many models are available :

  • GPS + Cellular versions: A2476 41mm, A2478 45mm (International); A2475 41mm, A2477 45mm.
  • GPS ONLY versions: A2473 41mm, A2474 45mm (Global)


Screen Size1.9 inches
Display TypeRetina LTPO OLED, 1000 nits (peak)
Resolution484 x 396 pixels (~326 ppi density)


Shape/Form factorrectangular
Dimensions45 x 38 x 10.7 mm (1.77 x 1.50 x 0.42 in)
Item Weight32 g (41mm), 38.8 g (45mm) (1.13 oz)
Case Diameter41mm / 45mm
Case Thickness10.7 mm
Band Size

Watch Aesthetics

BuildGlass front, ceramic/sapphire crystal back, aluminum frame
Case MaterialAluminium. Titanium,
Band colorsStarlight, Midnight, Blue, Green, Red
Watch faces –

Watch Protection

Water resistanceIP6X certified, 50meters
Dial ProtectionIon-X strengthened glass
Always-on display

Operating System

OS PlatformwatchOS 8.0, upgradable to 8.6

Internal Processor

CPU TypeDual-core, Apple S7, PowerVR
CPU SpeedHSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps, LTE

Smartwatch Connectivity

LTE/Cellular2G/3G/4G network
Bluetooth5.0, A2DP, LE
WIFIWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, dual-band
SIM SLOTNon, but uses ESIM

Smartwatch Features

Health Features  heart rate,  SpO2, VO2max, ECG/EKG certified, Menses tracking,
Fitness FeaturesAccelerometer, gyro, barometer, always-on altimeter, compass,

Navigation Tool



Built-in SensorsAltimeter, Barometer, Compass, Heart rate, Accelerometer, Ambient Light

Smartwatch Battery

battery typeLi-Ion non-removable
battery capacity 309mAh(1.19Wh)
battery Chargingwireless
Battery Life calimed 18 hours

Media Features

AccessoriesMedia File

Device Memory


Device Compatibility

CompatibilityAndroid, iOS


Camera sizeno camera, radio, usb

What’s Inside The Packaging?

Accessorieswatch, charger


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