Is your Apple watch hot while Charging? ( 9 ways to fix the Apple watch overheating problem)

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I feel my Apple watch hot while Charging. Why so, & how can i resolve the overheating


Is your Apple Watch hot while charging? - Why is apple watch Overheating when charging - Check some quick Solution to Fixed this issues!

Do you feel Your apple watch hot while charging? Apple Watch owners have complained of the device becoming uncomfortably hot while charging. This article explores the causes behind this issue, as well as potential solutions. The Apple Watch is a powerful and popular device that can do a variety of things. But sometimes, it can become uncomfortably hot while charging.


Why Does your apple watch Get Hot while charging?

Let me say you have the newest apple watch 7 and it is getting hot when charging. What could the reasons for the apple watch overheating while charging? The power is coming out of the apple watch charger ranges from 5-12W and if its producing more heat, why could likely be the reason?

Reasons Apple Watch Becomes Hot While Charging

1. Bad chargers

If your apple watch gets hot when charging, a bad charger could be responsible. Something might just be wrong with the charging unit and which makes one component to heat up. A bad component might take excess power and get bad. This alone raises the electrical resistance of the circuit, and that can be one reason why you are seeing your apple watch getting hot while charging.

2. prolong hours of charging release heat.

Why is Apple Watch hot to touch after overnight charging? If you experienced your Apple Watch overheating every morning when it started charging at night, its normal for extensive use. Some users connect apple watch to charger at bedtime until 10am. That makes 7 hours of continuous usage and the warming is just heat dissipated from the long hour of charging. Its like a car running for several hours.

3. Older watch charger

If you had an apple watch since 3-5 years ago, it should really be old now. Using the older watch charger on your latest apple watch model might cause overheating. Older smartwatch chargers might not just be compatible in terms of current and voltage rating with new watches in the market. Sometimes you experience old apple watch charging very slowly and getting very hot as a result. Avoid using older Apple Watch (USB) chargers, It’s dangerous for your watch battery and make your apple watch overheating while charging.

4. Third party charger

Can a third-party charger overheat my apple watch? Yes, If apple watch heats up when charging, a 3rd party charger might not have the recommended wattage or current for your apple watch. So this might causing heat release while charging. It is ok if the 3-party charger is making your watch warms up it Is this normal to use such chargers. I don’t just trust every smartwatch charger, because too much resistances in its circuit may cause warming, damaging your Watch. Also, they might not have any overcurrent protections built in

5. Magnetic field

Magnetic charger can also be the reason why your apple watch 7 gets hot when charging. Magnetic or Wireless charging of smartwatch is never 100% effective, since some of the electric power is released as heat. In sciences, we say energy dissipated or heat lost. If your apple watch came with a magnetic charger, the heat of wireless charging can make the device hot.

6. Your apple watch battery

Is battery the issue? If your Apple Watch S6 is extremely hot after charging up and won’t turn on battery is less likely the cause. There can be an impending failure of the LI battery inside the watch, and that can be dramatic. What I know is that Li batteries don’t get hot. Overall – high resistance in charging circuits cause overheating effect. Whether its just warm or hot, heat from the charger itself is quite capable of damaging your device.

7. Lack of vent

Adequate ventilation is necessary to prevent apple watch hot when charging issues. The Watch’s charging circuits generates heat while the battery is filled. Charging your watch (as it is with phone) on a couch or bed will cause it to heat up even more since it lacks vent or opportunity to cold down.

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I do feel Apple watch hot while Charging? what should i do? I cant help but wonder why is my apple watch so hot when charging?
why is my apple watch 8 getting hot when charging?

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How to fix apple watch hot when charging

You have an apple watch getting overheated when charging it, what can you do about it? Here is how to stop apple watch from getting hot easily

1. Immediately Remove the watch from charger

If you notice excess heat while the apple watch charges, immediately remove the device from the charger. First, you need to unplug the magnetic charger cable from power source. Then let your smartwatch cool down in a dry atmosphere. When you don’t feel the heat, to restart the watch.

2. Use the Correct Charger

Use only the original charger and USB cable that came with the apple watch. Modern apple watches use magnetic chargers which fill the watch battery is best optimum condition. You can also use an Apple or MFi-certified USB power adapter or third-party accessory in conjunction with the Magnetic Charging Cable or Magnetic Charging Dock. If you are already doing so, try using another such cable and/or power adapter.

3. Close all smartwatch apps

Apple watches are advanced wearable devices, built with the latest technology. They are compatible with a lot of app. Besides, the apple watch itself comes with many natives and power hungry apps. If you don’t close these apps after very use, they will continue to operate at the background while you are charging the watch. Apps run and take up so much memory while charging, so this may generate a lot of heat on the watch battery or charger.

  • Press side button below digital crown, once
  • You will see app switcher or app card
  • Swipe to left to close the apps
  • Tap on the “X” to force close app app

4. Charge your apple watch in ventilated room

Ensure Proper Ventilation. Apple smartwatch has its operating temperature range (-4° and 113° F (-20° and 45° C). To make the charging performance optimum, charge the device in s pretty cool environment, where fresh, breathable air can push away any built up warm inside the device. Your apple watch will last over a long time if you maintain a good ventilated charging room. Apple watches works best within ambient temperatures 0° and 35° C or 32° to 95° F. So you should avoid charging your apple watch in direct sunlight, hot room or inside a hot car.


Why is apple watch getting hot while charging?
why does my apple watch get hot when charging?apple watch hot while charging - Is your Apple watch hot while Charging? ( 9 ways to fix the Apple watch overheating problem) 

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5. Do not use apple watch while charging

It is common experience with using my smartphone, that it gets super heated when I am playing games while its charging. The same goes for smartwatches. If you are running your GPS, Bluetooth or Wifi while also charging your apple watch, the battery will get extremely hot over time.

6. Restart apple watch

A restarting the device is one excellent ways how you can stop apple watch from getting hot easily. Please press on the apple watch side button until you see the Power Off slide appears on screen. That is how you can restart your Apple Watch. But before you do so, you must first unplug the watch from the charger or power outlet, allow it to cool down for 10-15 minutes. Then turn it off.

7.  Reset apple watch

If you restart your apple watch and the overheating while charging continuous, perhaps a complete reset is necessary. Reverting your apple watch to factory settings is the ultimate solution to stop overheating problem when charging.  To quickly reset and fix it, check how to reset your apple watch.

8. Contact apple for help

Take the watch to apple for assistance in troubleshooting and fix. To not void your warranty, bring overheating watch to AppleCare or Apple Authorized Service Provider and let apple figure out what might be causing the overheat. Although you may pay ridiculous cost for replacement of the charging system, you are doing so from the reputable source.

9 Change battery or charging unit

Heat might reduce your apple watch battery life. If battery is no longer holding any charge due to overheat, you need apple watch battle replacement. I would replace battery if overheating is due to battery problem. Visit any authorized apple store and you can get a genuine battery replacement.


Apple Watch 6 or SE: Overheating Issues (6 Solution to Fixed this issues!)

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Video showing Apple Watch 6 or SE: Overheating Issues (6 Solution to Fixed this issues!)


Some Good Apple watch chargers


Summary: How to Keep Your Apple Watch Cool During Charging

  • Ensure Proper Ventilation – Keep Apple Watch within acceptable operating temperatures
  • Use the Correct Charger
  • Use an External Battery
  • Do no use the watch when charging
  • Remove the Band
  • Restart apple watch
  • Use correct apple watch charging cable,


Trouble shooting why apple watch heats up when charging

Is it the charger or the watch

To verify if the watch is where the heating problem is. Remove the charger and use the same cable to charge another Apple Watch. If it charges it without any problems, sure, your apple watch is the culprit and the battery management system might likely be failing.

Warm or hot?

If it is hot, you get a Temperature warning : If the heating up send temperature warning multiple times, there is really a problem. There is a difference between warm and hot and what if you can’t touch it by hand. If it’s truly overheating to the point you cannot touch it, then definitely failure has occurred and you might need to see a local technician or call Apple about it

A charger that is making your watch hot during charging should be disposed of.

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apple watch charger
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apple watch hot while charging - Is your Apple watch hot while Charging? ( 9 ways to fix the Apple watch overheating problem)

Wrap up apple watch getting hot while charging

Charging your Apple Watch is an important part of keeping it in good condition and making sure it continues to give you the best performance.


Can heat damage an Apple Watch?

Your apple watch might be getting hot when charging but if you let the Apple Watch  sit unattended in direct heat for long periods it might harm the watch. Placing or Storing your apple watch outside the recommended temperature can shorten its battery life or reduce lifespan of the device.

Why does my Apple charger get so hot?

Chargers have transformer inside and heat is produced when more current gets into a transformer. That is why phone and watch chargers feel warm when plugged in for charging. It is ok it the charger gets warm, but it is serious issue if the device gets hot and you can’t readily touch it.

Does heat affect Apple Watch battery?

Avoid extreme ambient temperatures if you want your smartwatch battery to last longer or have good operating performance. If you mistakenly expose your apple watch and battery to ambient temperatures higher than 35° C (95° F), the heat can permanently damage battery capacity.

apple watch overheating and won’t turn on, why?

Is your apple watch getting hot and not turning on while charging? High temperatures lowers battery performance. So it is likely turning your watch on while it is still hot might not work.

Why is Cellular not available until Apple Watch cools down?

If your cellular apple smartwatch gets hot while charging, you might sew a notification displayed saying  “Cellular will not be available until Apple Watch cools down.” It is one of the apple watch’s safety tips to avoid too much demand on the battery.

When you see like that, wait 10-20 minutes for the watch to cool down or you place the watch near a fan under running water. Cellular communication is a resource intensity feature for watches and phones. Imagine how much demand it can put on a battery, which is quickly heating up and getting weaker.

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